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    Wasn’t sure where to put this, but this is inspiring. I had no idea he was going through this.
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    Sony is pretty popular. I know a lot of people with Sony in their house. TV, Playstation, sound bars. You name it
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    This was a fun one to watch and host. Thanks, everyone, for playing. I'm really surprised at the activity with so many folks not having moves. Y'all are awesome.
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    Yeah. I'm not sure what LTBF's plan was. But it was certainly entertaining. ?
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    Bell gets thrown down and he gets the foul lol.
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    It didn’t work because it’s a horrible play. It literally is the worst possible thing you can do in that scenario.
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    I can't believe mafia hit @Whicker N1 and figured out who he was. He was lynched and pardoned. Then he outright claimed and survived all the way to the end for the win. ???
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    Great game everyone...thanks for Hosting @bucsfan333!!!!
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    Yeah my bad, normally I’m not late during drafts. Been on a vacation for the past week and trust me the rum didn’t help with me remembering to get on here ??‍♂️
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    And leave it to hack reporter extraordinare MKC to "confirm" the report like she actually had a source and didn't just jump on board to keep her name out there. Her source was the Rapoport tweet. What a coincidence, that's my source too. Maybe I should be working her job.
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    Everything about the Colts botched 4th Down attempt vs the Patriots. That’s one of the dumbest things iv ever watched in sports.
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    I think this is a very good point, and often forgotten in the emphasis on edge rushers. Eric Walden was a street free agent when he was signed late in October, but was the defensive player of the week 2 weeks later- not because he was a previously undiscovered superstar, but because the rest of the defense played so well that it created opportunities for him. I can't help but think that we will play a lot of 4-3 under with Clark as the 1 technique, Daniels as the 3, and Wilkerson as the 5. Perry will be the open side rush backer. Matthews can play any of the 4 linebacker spots and can be moved around. In this set, the interplay of the closed side backer and the 5 technique creates a need for a different skill set than what a Capers style 3-4 needed, and a guy like Fackrell and his ability to play in space now becomes a viable entity on that side, and Wilkerson becomes the sought after help for the pass rush. If however, you put Matthews as the closed side backer combined with Wilkerson next to him, I would think that front will be hard for offenses to block as they can overload either side without tipping their hand and still play the run aggressively. This front puts 5 players in position to rush from the standard set, and allows the defense to disguise who the 4 rushers will be even without advertising a blitz, something that Capers lost with his need to play the 2-4-5 sub package all the time. The sub packages can then sub at the 2 ILB positions and preserve the strength of the front. If the secondary can hold up their end, which may be subject to growing pains with the young players, I think this defense could be very good.
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    Fake news. Chad Kroeger highest paid nickelback. 60M net worth. Eat it.
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    This is one of the battles i'm intrigued by. Does Blair Brown just get the snaps by default as the "incumbent"? Can someone like Leon Jacobs learn the defense quickly enough to challenge? Or a guy like Donald Payne who has been sorta hanging around for a while? How many, and which LBers are we even going to end up keeping overall? Will Poz come back out of retirement if they realize nobody is taking the bull by the horns? Haven't really heard much out of OTAs about it, other than Blair Brown being "fine" basically.
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    I think Josh Rosen becomes the best QB of this draft by a good long shot
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    Only winner is me for not watching this.
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    What do you expect? Boston taught him how to be that way perfectly!!!
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    ltbfs antics and darth pardoning 2 nontown in the game were pretty rich. yeah, i thought ltbf was softclaiming gov.
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    Has there ever been a game with 3 more undeserving parties? Hahaha
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    Hahahahaha. Funniest town ever. Also laziest scum group ever. We did very little. Theres zero reason we shouldnt have all been nailed by D2.
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    I'm so shocked that we came as close as we did tbh It was a comedy of errors
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    Just a friendly reminder to FF posters... Don't get fooled by the imposters like Rapoport or Schefter Nothing is done.... until 49erurtaza posts it.
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    sorry for being so abrasive tonight. just frustrated
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    I love the level of internal competition we have added this year. Make plays or sit down
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    I had a quinoa and beet salad for lunch and I'm a Bengals fan. Really not in a place in my life right now where I can make fun of others...
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    2020 NBA Draft As always, here are the top 10 prospects again for a reminder. TOP 10 DRAFT PROSPECTS RANK POS NAME AGE HT WS WT SCHOOL OVR Potential 1 PG TIMMY CHAPMAN 22 6002 6005 171 WYOMING 72 A 2 PG ALEXEY JENNINGS 23 6002 6008 180 N CAROLINA 79 A+ 3 PG GABRIEL EISLEY 23 6004 6007 199 FLORIDA 71 B 4 PG KRIS BULLARD 19 6006 6008 211 MICH STATE 75 A- 5 SF JEROME MULLIN 20 6009 6011 249 GEORGIA TECH 68 A+ 6 C PATRICK DAME 20 7000 7005 285 TEXAS TECH 69 A 7 PG RODNEY LOGAN 21 6002 6006 149 VIRGINIA TECH 73 B- 8 SG OSCAR HUNTER 20 6007 7001 221 INDIANA 72 B 9 PG CASEY GATENS 23 6004 6010 214 GEORGE WASH 66 A 10 SF WIL JAMESON 23 6009 7001 236 VILLANOVA 72 B- I have the first pick, and really this pick is down to two players. 4 PG KRIS BULLARD 19 6006 6008 211 MICH STATE 75 A- 6 C PATRICK DAME 20 7000 7005 285 TEXAS TECH 69 A Bullard is clearly the best PG in my eyes. He has 90 speed which is the lowest of the 6 point guards in the top 10, and he's tied for the lowest playmaking score, but he has the size and shooting I want from my 1. He's also only 19 which means he has plenty of time to grow in the areas he needs work in. Then there's Pat Dame. He is the prototypical size for a center with a long wingspan. He is actually a pretty weak defender, but again he's only 20. I know I can't go wrong with either of these guys, but in the end.. RAPTORS SELECTION RANK POS NAME AGE HT WS WT SCHOOL OVR Potential 4 PG KRIS BULLARD 19 6006 6008 211 MICH STATE 75 A- I can't resist taking the point guard. It's my favourite position to user so I really want a guy who fits my requirements, and this year I had a crop to choose from. There are 2 players with A+ dev so if Dame makes it to 4, I will try to move up for him. And Dame goes 2 to the Blazers. boooooo At 3 the Hawks take Alexey Jennings, which was what I expected. Now, I am not interested in moving up for the other A+ prospect, Jerome Mullin. Even though he fits a position of need, he is slow, he is a mediocre shooter, he has poor shot IQ, and he is poor at defense. He has all the potential in the world, but the groundwork isn't there for me. If he was faster I would definitely consider it, but in the end I don't want someone at the 3 with sub 70 speed, and he doesnt have the interior game to play him at the 4. SG Oscar Hunter would be a great scorer off the bench, but again, he has 62 speed. He is a statue. I would consider him at 10, but I assume he will be gone by then. I am going to stay put and see what comes to me. The Kings stay at 4 and take Oscar Hunter. Okay, enjoy PG Timmy Chapman goes to the Blazers at 5. They are going to have a really deep program really soon. The Kings just traded up to pick again at 6... it has to be for Mullis I would think... and it is. The Blazers at 7 select PF Rudolph Patterson. He's not on the board, but someone I was considering at 10. C Bullard goes 9 to the Celtics.. honestly a blessing. I was leaning taking him at 10, but drafting two players from the same draft class with the same last name would have been a nightmare. He is a raw prospect with good potential and size. The Bulls take PG Gabriel Eisley at 9, and I'm on the clock. I'm going to review the trade offers I have, but likely pick. Well... I have a VERY intriguing trade offer from the Clippers. They are offering me Center Fred Coleman, 72 ovr, who they drafted last year 1.6 and a 2021 2nd (who cares) for my pick 1.10. I have been mulling this one for 5 minutes. Coleman has very good potential [89] and the size I want [7']. He needs some work, but with that potential and at 23 years old, this is a tough decision. He was an All-Rookie 1st Team this year. Here are the prospects I would consider taking instead of making this trade I'm not even going to list the PGs because I'm not taking a second one in the top 10. That doesn't leave much. 10 SF WIL JAMESON 24 6009 7001 236 VILLANOVA 72 B- 16 PF STAN HICKS 21 6010 6010 247 GONZAGA 69 B 23 SG NATE GREEN 21 6007 7002 218 LOYOLA 70 B I would probably take Jemeson if he wasn't 24. He's got a decent offensive game, but with the low potential and his age he doesn't have a ton of room to grow. Hicks is kind of raw and he pretty much a defense only prospect. Green is interesting. The guy is pretty slow, but he has the best shot left that I can see. He would be a solid bench player down the road. In the end, I think my best bet here is taking the trade from the Clippers. It gives me a big that I need for this rebuild and I didn't have to trade up for him. TRADE RAPTORS RECEIVE CLIPPERS RECEIVE 2021 2nd 1.10 C FRED COLEMAN 72 $1/$4.5M I still want to have a shot at Nate Green, so I will see if I can move up to the mid teens for him. TRADE RAPTORS RECEIVE PACERS RECEIVE 1.15 1.20 1.24 I kinda spoiled this, but: RAPTORS SELECTION RANK POS NAME AGE HT WS WT SCHOOL OVR Potential 23 SG NATE GREEN 21 6007 7002 218 LOYOLA 70 B This was my last pick. Let's sim to the end. EDIT: Bullard actually has A potential, and Nate Green has B.
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    62 catches, 1,169 yards, 9 TD's, saves 4 kids from a burning building, adopts 6 cats and 4 dogs, runs a successful campaign for MN Governor, extends the light rail to Duluth and Moorhead, brokers a Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour, and builds the Wall (between Minnesota and Canada). Then we can declare him not a bust. Anything less, and Spielman must lose his job.
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    Johnny put Miguel up to doing it to mock and anger Daniel....hence why Johnny looked over at Daniel and smiled after it happened.... Yea your not supposed to like that he did it lol
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    For the Steelers, probably Morgan Burnett... Not so much because of him, but more so because he isn't Mike Mitchell.
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    Last year, people were bitching and moaning about our RB position and look how that turned out. Now, I'm not saying that we're going to have a repeat of that, but we've got people who are ready to throw out our young, promising WRs because they haven't shown anything. I mean, I get wanting to feel comfortable with the position but as we've seen with Gute he's willing to go out and sign a FA to help shore out a position. We just signed Byron Bell to help take care of our RT position given the uncertainty with Bryan Bulaga. We signed Marcedes Lewis even after signing Jimmy Graham, because the Packers didn't really have an in-line blocking TE. At this point, Gute deserves our trust. If we get into camp and our young WRs look bad and Gute doesn't sign any WRs, we can bring this back up for discussion. But we've got bigger needs than our #3 WR.
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    More recently, Saints missing tackle on Stefon Diggs in NFC Divisonal Round. Prior to that the Seahawks passing from the 1 yardline after driving up the field primarily with Marshawn Lynch.
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    Because...Gurley doesn’t fit the criteria for thread? Should I enter a “top 5 QB of all time” discussion and turn it into “Wentz could really be here down the road, guys” discussion? I guess so, because the discussion beforehand was too boring. FWIW, I go through this thread because I like hearing some of the old heads talk about players I haven’t seen or don’t remember. But the website has the word “future” in it so there must be some backdoor licensing agreement where we’re liable to bring up the potential of a player in a thread that pretty obviously has the word “history” written all over it.
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    So instead of ignoring the boring discussion about other backs that has been going on (and there has been plenty) and derailing this thread, you could make a thread talking about that guy on your team. Makes more sense to do that rather than go into a thread, declare it boring, and try to change the topic. Shrug.
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    Yeah, except that isn’t the thread. Last time I checked, someone can’t “was” be the most complete back in NFL history. Nor can a potential future be a part of actual, current recorded history. Just because the entire website is called “football’s future”, doesn’t mean every post and every thread has to talk about it. You know that, you’re just choosing to fight on this lame hill to pimp your guy some more. We’ve all been there.
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    With his issues, I doubt it would take a 3rd. Probably more like a 4th/5th.
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    2019 Draft Before we start, here's a reminder of the top 10 prospects. TOP 10 DRAFT PROSPECTS RANK POS NAME AGE HT WS WT SCHOOL OVR Potential 1 PG JACK KING 21 6060 7030 210 OKLAHOMA 82 A 2 PF LEROY PERKINSON 20 6011 6011 257 RUTGERS 77 B+ 3 PF JACOB KELLY 23 6090 6080 248 N. CAROLINA 74 A 4 SF ALFRED GENTRY 22 6080 6010 253 XAVIER 70 A+ 5 SG DONELL MCKNIGHT 21 6040 6050 190 MARQUETTE 74 B- 6 SG DARIN GATSON 21 6020 6020 181 IOWA STATE 70 B+ 7 SF TAYLOR EWING 21 6070 6060 212 PROVIDENCE 68 A+ 8 SG JULIAN GARRISON 23 6050 6080 189 MISSOURI STATE 72 B- 9 SF MAGNUS SVENSSON 20 6070 6080 199 SWEDEN 71 B- 10 SF OJ PAUL 19 6080 6011 238 S.CAROLINA 70 A+ Well, I couldn't find anyone in the top 6 who was willing to trade, so I will sit tight and see if there's someone at 7 worth trading up for. Otherwise I'll pick at 9 and 13. The Suns take Jack King #1, which isn't very surprising. He is going to be a top 5 player in the league as long as they don't screw him up. The dude is a physical freak. The Jazz traded up to 2 to take.... Leroy Perkinson. That is actually pretty surprising! He's not one of the four A+ guys. Just need one more of them to slide out of the next 4 picks The Clippers, who pick 6, traded Deandre Jordan and Austin Rivers to the Nets straight up for 3, so now they have 2 of the next 4 picks. They use the first one on Alfred Gentry, who was low key my favourite of the guys left. He is a sharpshooting 3. The Mavs take the 19 year old OJ Paul at 4, great pick. I liked him a lot too. The Lakers stay at 5 and take Jacob Kelly. The Clips take Fred Coleman, one of the final two A+ guys left, and really the only one I wanted. I've decided that the only A+ dev guy left isn't worth trading up for. His 67 speed at SF, only being 6'7 which means I would have a hard time playing him at the 4... not loving it. If he's there at 9 I might grab him, but lets see the next 2 picks. The Celtics traded up for SF Darin Gatson. And the Bulls take the final A+ guy, Taylor Ewing, at 8. I'm kind of relieved because I don't think I would have enjoyed playing with him. I'm OTC at pick 9, and here's who's available: 5 SG DONELL MCKNIGHT 22 6040 6050 190 MARQUETTE 74 B- 8 SG JULIAN GARRISON 24 6050 6080 189 MISSOURI STATE 72 B- 9 SF MAGNUS SVENSSON 21 6070 6080 199 SWEDEN 71 B- 15 PF VICTOR TRENT 20 6090 7001 248 ARIZONA 73 B- Let me just say I'm not enamoured with these choices. Let's go through them one by one. McKnight can score better than the other 3. He has a decent mid range and 3 game, has 91 speed, and 93 shot IQ. However he will be a defensive liability. SG is the only position where I'm ok with that though. Julian Garrison is not really good at anything and is already 24, hard pass. Magnus Svensson is interesting. He's a thin 6'7, he can shoot and play defense. But he has 57 speed and that just kills it for me. Victor Trent is the other one I am interested in. Very interested. He is my kind of PF... undersized, can shoot mid range, has ok speed for a PF at 74, and he's only 20 so we can work on him. This is between McKnight and Trent, but I think at this point I need to add someone who can score. RAPTORS SELECTION RANK POS NAME AGE HT WS WT SCHOOL OVR POT 5 SG DONELL MCKNIGHT 21 6040 6050 190 MARQUETTE 74 B- I'm happy with this pick. He's definitely not one of the studs at the top of the draft, but it's a step in the right direction. Let's see who goes before my next pick at 13. Center Sammy McCoy goes at 10, SG Julian Garrison at 11, and SF Darren Nelson at 12. I think I was pretty clear who the 2nd option was at the first pick, so this one is quick. RAPTORS SELECTION RANK POS NAME AGE HT WS WT SCHOOL OVR POT 15 PF VICTOR TRENT 20 6090 7001 248 ARIZONA 73 B- Happy with this too. I think Trent will be a solid bench contributor after a little bit of time in the league. Let's sim to the end of this one. EDIT: McKnight is actually 76 ovr and B+ potential, neat. Taylor Ewing, the guy I almost traded up for, is not that good. Glad I didn't make that call
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    Thanks to all for letting me join in!!! Short lived, but fun and productive 46 hours in the game. Special thanks to @bucsfan333 for allowing me to fill in for ipwn
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    I was thinking a third would be acceptable for me. We did just draft two guys fairly high this year to play in our defensive backfield, but it sounds like Reed is getting some run at FS and Moore could take a little time before he’s ready to fully contribute. Alexander fits what we want in our corners almost perfectly. I wouldn’t be opposed to giving him a shot, especially if we could land him for a third.
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