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    I was skeptical until you said "Book it." Now I'm sold.
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    Sendejo is very replaceable. Ant Harris might be ready to start this year. He's at the same stage of development/experience as Sendejo was when he was promoted to starter in 2013 (2010 UDFA, took over as starter in his 4th year, age 26). They can let him finish his deal, but maybe he reworks it to drop the cap hit, with the expectation that Harris will take some of his playing time. Remmers is only expendable if O'Neill and one of the younger guards pans out. Rudolph has no replacement in sight, unless Conklin is way better than I expect. ... The problem with being so tight to the cap isn't that Diggs and Barr can't fit under the cap, it's that the team won't have much flexibility to add anything else if and when something changes or an opportunity arises (like a veteran injury replacement). I think fans worry too much about the numbers (spoken as a numbers guy, there are always ways to rework the numbers). The main goal should always be to find and keep as many of the best players as possible. The question isn't if Barr or Diggs makes too much, it's do they make the team better (than spending that much money in other ways). I've made this point before but the Moneyball model doesn't really apply to the NFL, with revenue sharing and a cap ceiling (and floor). It's not the A's vs the Yankees. Saving cap space isn't an end to itself -- it's only helpful if the cap space saved is later/otherwise deployed to make the team better, which means you have to spend the money sooner or later. Under the current CBA, players on rookie deals are a bargain, so as long as a team can maintain good depth mainly from younger talent, and even find a few starters and occasional stars on their rookie deals, there's nothing stopping them from paying market prices for higher quality veteran talent. The rising cap and the tendency for player contracts to be fairly flat over 4-5 years with little or no guaranteed money or cap implications by the last 2-3 years of the deal also creates a ton of flexibility. The anchor contracts seen for instance in the NHL (where all deals are fully guaranteed) can be cut or reworked in the NFL on a year's notice, in almost all cases. Only very rarely do we see true cap troubles (the Saints were there a couple of years ago, and the Ravens regret Flacco's deal, but there's not much more) -- not meaning just a contract that the player doesn't live up to, but a contract that prevents the team from doing what it otherwise would do to get better. It's weird to think, but the main reasons the Vikings current roster might never win it all have nothing much to do with cost but more to do with the usual kinds of bad luck: injuries, aging, other performance drop offs, performance lacking in the first place (cough, OL, cough), or the team just being very good but not quite good enough to get over the hump in any given year. In other words, the main challenge is finding players who are good enough to play well enough to win when it matters most. How much they make in any given year (within reason) isn't that big a deal. I'm very happy with Hunter as a player, very happy with this contract extension keeping him in Minnesota for 5 more years, and very happy with where the Vikings roster is right now. Hope they keep Diggs and Barr (assuming his next contract is as a 4-3 OLB not an edge rusher), and continue adding as much talent as they can every year.
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    Thanks again for everyone playing. I enjoyed hosting.
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    When it comes to Robinhood, it's hard to top perfection.
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    Unknown until you come back. Except for me and God. I know when the next Redemption Island player is coming back. You don't. Tough tytys. LOLOLOLOL
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    We complained, but once we saw the PM and your riddle, we withdrew it. It was a shrewed play, I'll give you that. Granted, I do think that the standard civ PM should be open knowledge, but I understand why @Slappy Mc didn't share it - he doesn't want mafia to know that Civs could get single shot powers. My only complaint is that it seems like everything is my "scum" game. I talk a lot: It's my scum game. I don't talk: It's my scum game. I kinda talk: It's my scum game. I seriously think I need a burner account strictly for mafia. ***If it wasn't against forum rules, I'd probably set one up. *** It IS against forum rules. You WILL be permabanned. Do not get any ideas, @LetTheBallFly.
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    Jay Gruden doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves for developing Kirk Cousins. I'm excited about him teaming up with Alex Smith. It's the first starting QB that he didn't inherit.
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    Random thing I just did......As some of you know I've worked in the IT field since I been posting in here. One of my tasks is setting up Development and Testing labs for Software based solutions....I am working with this one Department in particular who always thinks their needs trumps everyone else's......Well the manager just requested that we add full names to some of our test users in one of our AD OU's....The names Added were to these test users...which managers and the client will see on their Demo/Test Reports are as follows: Joe Thomas, Josh Gordon, Myles Garrett, Jarvis Landry, Jamie Collins, Baker Mayfield, Duke Johnson and Jabril Peppers.....
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    Daddy??? Proud??? Twenty-seven years. That’s how long it took.
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    Sneeze into your elbow, cretin. *spits*
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    That's fair. I preferred the ageless "alligator in the shower" trick. I mean, who hasn't done that, right? Hey now, that's not unprecedented.
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    Of course they're going to make the playoffs. Has a team ever missed the playoffs with a 2,000 yd Rusher? It's a foregone conclusion now that Guice is there.
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    ****, no. I hate silences.
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    I gave bucs way too much credit in this game.
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    She returned my call... ...well, her lawyer did. With a restraining order.
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    I agree Malf. With the way they've done nomination reveals the past few seasons, the drama has been taken out of it. Turning the keys was SO much better.
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    i like the old way with the keys better. lol, they put her robot face on the screen
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    Steve has no problem falling a million times during the competition, but jump down willingly after you've been eliminated? Too much.
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    They're not going to cut Rudolph and plan to start a rookie in his place. TEs usually aren't very good as rookies. Rudolph isn't a world beater but he's 4th in TDs scored by TEs since 2011, and 15th in receiving yards. Not bad considering the offenses/QBs he's been playing with. Rudolph's had a 9 TD season and an 8 TD season. TEs with 10+ TDs in a single season, since 2011: Gronk: 4 times -- 17, 12, 11, 11 Graham: 4 times -- 16, 11, 10, 10 Thomas: twice -- 12, 12 Davis (13), Eifert (13), Gates (12), Reed (11): once each Peyton, Brees, Brady and Wilson were the QBs for 10 of the 14 TE seasons with that level of production. Only 4 other TE seasons in 7 years have met or broken that threshold. Not realistic to use Rudolph failing to join that club as a reason to release him.
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    He’d be gone by now I think. The Bucs have presumably had a week to make a decision given when the leak occurred. As for how we start the season, if our Dline is as advertised and we can actually run the ball, we’ve got a chance. I find it hilarious that the people who claim Winston is trash are the same people who say he’s ruined the start of our season. Try not arguing both sides of the same coin...
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    Yup, was about to say @stallyns. First Colt fan to join...and also the last Colt fan to join. One is the loneliest number...
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    Great game everybody! I had a ton of fun. Hopefully the PM fiasco didn't frustrate the mafia too much. A few thoughts: 1. Slappy was a great host. Regular vote counts, timely night time write ups, great communication. The only problem I saw was getting a little too involved during the PM fiasco which helped confirm that the mafia didn't know about the "code" LTBF was exploiting. It was a really tough spot though and I don't know what he should have done differently 2. Now that we are outside the game and people aren't trying to figure out if I'm mafia: I really think the culture surrounding role claiming is in a weird place. In "mafia" games outside of these forums claiming roles is a far more important game mechanic than picking apart posts and play styles. In my opinion, if the game is set up in a way that can be exploited to find mafia then that's how it should be played. It's on the hosts to design around that. One thing that i think every game should feature is openly sharing the normal civ PM. I know Slappy wanted to give everybody a little bonus which made that hard, but a mafioso should always be able to claim normal civ without giving themselves away. 3. I really like this crowd. THere's a great balance of play styles and personalities. I probably won't play much when school starts up but I got a few more in me before that
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    This was a fun game, you were an excellent host Slappy. I'm still amazed Rags is alive at the end after killing him twice but I guess you can't keep him down.
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    IMO, for what s it worth as a fan which isn t much is all sides- league, organization, Winston, and NFLPA are treading in this murky water of PR and what is legal with state and federal laws. I dont think it is a big secret major college and professional sports has a lot of grey most times dark corners. We ll never know why the NFL didnt suspend Winston 6 games. I just don t choose to get that upset about it because of what I wrote above. I think the Bucs won t cut him. If other people want to get upset, I m not going to try and change their opinion. I just expect the same courtesy if someone doesnt agree with me. Certainly @Buc Ball I have respected your opinion and responses.
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    The town all gathers round and prepares to go into the town hall. Instead a few members of the town scream out, "Just lynch Bucs." Most the town was in agreement and @bucsfan333 was like, "yea, whatever works." So they all walked over to the dangling rope and Bucs put his own head inside the noose. "The time has come for you to see me for who I really am." The crowd sat there with a bewildered look on their faces. They shrugged and watched in awe as Bucs threw the switch on himself and he dangled until his heart quit beating. @bucsfan333 is dead. He was Veronica the Mafia Roleblocker - Mafia Aligned. It was at this very moment every townsperson held hands and rejoiced as the Mafia members had finally been eliminated. The town was now safe again. Final ratio 8-0. CIVILIANS WIN!!! (meanwhile in a far away place, the Mayor is fulfilling his message to each of the mafia members) Thank you all for playing.
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    TBF to James Milner, I'm 100% positive he'd be doing a better job in the midfield than Delph.
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    The sound you hear is a collective... “duh” thanks for the usual, hard hitting, journalism SI
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    Now that that's out of the way, onto the main course! #itscominghome
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    That is a really good article. Just shows how much we don't know as fans.
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    Finally you got @bcb1213 sending EVERYONE to hell!!! THE PHENOM!!!
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    There's also video of @LetTheBallFly during the most recent challenge: That suppressed rage and Purginol really popped... Tony Toni Tone also played a big role in his dominance.
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    Hey everyone (mostly @MathMan): I found video of @11sanchez11 during the last comp. Boy was a beast! I think it's coaching - I mean, when you go from Malfatron to Texas Daddy, you're basically going from Jim Tomsula to Tom Landry, so the uptick in performance is expected...
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    I’m guessing it’s referring to Dolores and Bernard being similar to non-humans now set up to be perpetual foes - who actually started as allies / friends and who still identify with each other’s plight (but have chosen to take the opposing side in the overall conflict, one defending humans and one seeking their downfall). Unlike say Mr. Glass & David Dunn in Unbreakable, where no prior direct relationship existed prior to Glass’ unveiling.
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    Don't say it's over until it's over! Here's Week 4! Miami Sharks @ Tacoma Thunder: https://youtu.be/JZkchlZ2gVs Reykjavík Direwolves @ South Africa Woolly Mammoths: https://youtu.be/gy2ACdZtv_c Rhein Fire @ Southview Saints: https://youtu.be/EI_q3OiIwis Rio de Janeiro Pirates @ Motor City Machine Gunners: https://youtu.be/XuYrF4zAM4M Baltimore Ravens @ Seattle Sonics: https://youtu.be/WlM1TX2Ilvw Kansas City Knights @ Scranton Papermakers: https://youtu.be/hWxB4YLtiHE Chicago Bullets @ Little Rock Uni Royals: https://youtu.be/PoSHSt0RNoQ Richmond Flying Squirrels @ Bikini Atoll Dungeness Krabs: https://youtu.be/5XH_yGZxrDQ Egypt Starfalls @ Phoenix Rattlers: https://youtu.be/9mM3lEM7xhk Indianapolis Predators @ Iowa Jagwads: https://youtu.be/W_UxBMwqX0I GameDocs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Exp6OxK-VEK3itUzWkAaOSaXnx5o3-tx?usp=sharing Updated stats: http://thekillernacho.blogspot.com/2018/06/nsfl-season-16-detailed-statistics.html ALSO: So I don't forget this season, sign-ups for the two Season 16 International games are now open! The chosen locations will be the two locations that recently lost an NSFL team - Melbourne, Australia and Providence, Rhode Island. As always, you can sign up for one but not both of these opportunities, and one random team among those who sign up in each will get selected. The Melbourne game will replace your first non-divisional home game after Week 5. The Rhode Island game will replace your second-to-last non-divisional home game. Additionally, these two cities have made it clear to the NSFL front office that they are still somewhat salty about the moves - thus, @Gmen4ev 's Little Rock Uni Royals are banned from signing up for the Melbourne game, and @SirA1 's Rhein Fire is banned from signing up to the Rhode Island game. As always, compensation for giving up a home game will be one additional Season 17 keeper tag to spend. Choose wisely! Melbourne Sign-ups: Richmond Flying Squirrels Chicago Bullets South Africa Woolly Mammoths Rhein Fire Phoenix Rattlers Scranton Papermakers Bikini Atoll Dungeness Krabs Providence Sign-ups: Little Rock Uni Royals Rio de Janeiro Pirates Egypt Starfalls Seattle Sonics Reykjavík Direwolves Iowa Jagwads
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    Is this footage of Rags during their team meeting
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    This was an obvious one, but as a Bears fan this is crap news. I don't remember him getting sacks against us this year, but he was seemingly always in our backfield.
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    I can't find a single major source that lists Hunter at 260. Also your ordering of largest to smallest is....confusing, to say the least. A 6'3" 273 pound player is much bigger in this sense of size than a 6'5" 250 pound player. The latter has a much thinner frame than the former, due to being both taller and lighter. Hunter is definitely on the lighter side by DE standards in terms of weight. Every major source I can find (NFL.com, Wikipedia, the Vikings own roster page, ESPN, etc.) all list him at 6'5" 252 pounds. Which is a bit lean for a 4-3 DE. He's taller than most DEs, but also lighter than most DEs, which can kind of doubly translate to being easier to push around (less weight across more space.) Now he isn't like....Robert Mathis levels of undersized. But he's more the size you'd look for to run a wide 9 or an old Tampa 2, not the size you'd look for to anchor in the run game. Though strength can offset that (Khalil Mack is a bit light for the role he plays in Oakland, but he's so damn strong it doesn't really matter.) So Hunter may be strong enough to make the weight not matter as much. I don't know, personally. Won't pretend to know. Just saying the weight is indeed below average.
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    Camila Cabello is a great artist. Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.
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    The Tyreke Evans one is more confusing...
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    Super Bowl wins: Patriots: 5 Cowboys: 5 Niners: 5 Super Bowl Appearances: Patriots: 10 Cowboys: 8 Niners: 6 Conference Championship Appearances: Patriots 14 Cowboys 14 Niners: 15 Playoff Wins Patriots: 34 Cowboys: 34 Niners: 31 Division Titles: Patriots 20 Cowboys: 22 Niners: 19 Playoff record: Patriots: 34-20 (.629) Cowboys: 34-27 (.557) Niners: 31-21 (.596)
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