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    you should do like us. Nobody voted Sanchez, and yet we got him out
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    Did you know Tony Gonzalez played college basketball at Cal?
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    Donald or the best young LT in the game. If it was any player in the league including QB I’d vote Darnold. (Stirs pot)
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    Did you also know Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard?
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    I don’t know man, as long as Peyton Manning is in Indianapolis they have a shot.
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    All fair points. Agreed. Cheers Krauser, I wish arguments/discussions on this site were more civil like this.
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    another KO for Dan Hooker!!! what a fight! Burns has serious power, but he took his shots like they were nothing, and knocked out a guy who's never been KOed before. Hooker's on a tear right now. 4 in a row, all finishes. New Zealand MMA's taking over. Adesanya last night, Hooker tonight.
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    Its curious the PML was accused for being too concerned with the mechanics and not concerned with scum hunting, then he immediately starts pushing some wild theory and won't be backed off of it.
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    @domepatrol91 and @gopherwrestler are about as useful as **** on a bull, yet both of them are still here and two useful players in @MookieMonster and @utley4568 are bounced. Maddening, just maddening.
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    Given their injury history everything has been breaking, thats the problem
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    Well no kidding. 95% of all teams ever are out of contention if their starting QB goes down.
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    Well I am naive. I've never been an NFL agent, nor have I worked in personnel for an NFL team. On top of that I've never met Gute, let alone have a direct line of communication with him. Or to Jordy. Or to his agent. I am naive to the actual facts of this transaction; I can only go on what's reported- and that's often biased, info. Especially in the case of the Packers front office who are very tight- lipped I come at this from the point of view that the Packers decided they didn't want Jordy going forward - and then the next decision is how to handle that The Packers under Brandt, then TT & Ball were very well regarded around the NFL for crafting fair and reasonable contracts. The agents often commented that the Packers were well-prepared and talented negotiators. I suspect that continues under Gute/Ball. These guys know what they are doing. Given that, its a fair guess that they were aware of Jordy's value and so was Jordy's agent. Yet the Packers low-balled the number. Why ? Were they interested in sticking it to Jordy ? Unlikely. Were they unaware of his value around the league and comparable deals for WRs ? Again unlikely Did they want to eff with Rodgers ? Also unlikely. So given all of that, one could surmise that the Packers made the offer they did knowing he wouldn't take it. They made him an offer he couldn't possibly accept. Which was in line with their football decision that Jordy can't do it for 20 more games/ season. Your premise is based on the assumption that he can. If we come at it from your point of view - that the Packers really wanted Jordy back- then you have to go through all kinds of flips and twists and bungling to explain how it all went down. You noted that the Packers didn't have to move Jordy in March, they could have waited ( and paid bonuses) until May or August. IF the Packers actually wanted Nelson in 2018, he'd still be a Packer ! It would have been a simple negotiation completed in a couple of hours. The Packers had the money, the player wanted to be here....easy-peasy stuff. So why did they move him in March ? Because they had already decided to move on and there was simply no value in waiting. The Packers didn't get torched, there is no negative impact from their moves. Jordy is gone, the cap space was realized and both parties move on. Reading the tea leaves is all I can do as a naive fan on a message board - but it appears to me they had no interest in his services for 2018 and beyond. And when you look at it in that light, the Packers didn't "handle it poorly" or "weave in and out of traffic" They were 100% consistent with their football assessments and offseason plans. Occam's Razor in action: no bungling, no weaving, no imaginary FA they were chasing, no brainfart offer that was completely out of line with reality.
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    In what world are we torched? We have 3 receiving targets of Adams, Cobb, Graham which is equal to the trip we had last year. We drafted 3 rookies that all profile as potential high level athletes and we're sitting here today with the ability to add Dez Bryant, Jeremy Maclin or Eric Decker with minimal financial commitment if we choose. Nothing about that says "torched." I have a feeling this move is going to turn out like the Sitton move where have the fanbase says " I probably overreacted there" when the seasons over.
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    That a QB wins Super Bowls. Here is a list of DEFENSIVE points allowed in the playoffs by Super Bowl winning teams: Eagles - 16.6 Patriots - 18.0 Broncos - 14.6 Patriots - 18.3 Seahawks - 13.3 Ravens - 18.0 Giants - 14.0 Packers - 19.0 Saints - 19.6 Steelers - 19.6 Giants - 16.3 Colts - 12.75 (You think any QB is winning a Super Bowl throwing 3 TD/7INT in 4 games without that defense?) Steelers - 15.5 Patriots - 17.0 Patriots - 19.0 Buccaneers - 12.3 Patriots - 15.6 Ravens - 5.7 Rams - 19.6 Broncos - 10.6 That's the past 20 Super Bowl winners. Not a single team has won a Super Bowl while their defense allowed more than 19.7 points per game in the postseason. The average points allowed for Super Bowl winners in postseason games has been 15.8 points.
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    The kings aren’t trolling anyone. They’re just stupid.
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    I guess it’s not for everyone but as far as musicals go, I think this one would be very enjoyable to non musical fans because of the type of music. I’d watch a lot of CSPAN if congressional debates were done as rap battles.
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    Xmad is eerily coherent and JFin has interestingly been active
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    interesting, cos he is fatter than most.
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    Yes, Tragic- get well Barry. The NFL needs to do a lot more to help the men successfully transition from player to former player. Pain Addiction combined with moving away from a career that defined their Life is very very tough. Let’s hope the NFL will focus on this important issue instead of the stupid stuff like on field demonstration rules that divide and distract the players and fans.
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    jerian isn't very good. but yeah im cool w/ just getting him on 2.7m cap hit and then having rights for him.
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    Oh there’s been a few of them in my day but I’ve also played mafia for a good number of years.
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    I said he was "arguably a top 10-15" WR. And it is a reasonable argument to make, even if you disagree. It's not only my opinion. Several film evaluators have ranked him that high -- he's not only a top 10 WR for PFF, he was the 7th highest rated outside WR in the NFL 1000 project: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2752678-nfl1000-ranking-the-top-outside-wide-receivers-of-2017-season#slide24 . Obviously the NFL 100 poll isn't a systematic evaluation but it does give a sense of a player's reputation around the league. Of course Cooper would've had a good argument to be in the top 10-15 WRs as of last year, with back-to-back 1000 yard seasons at the age of 22. He probably still is in the discussion, though I gather he had a lot of trouble with drops last year and a bit of a weirdly bad season so I guess most people would consider Diggs at least comparable overall, maybe even ahead of him. For the rest of your list, I think most of those guys could be in the discussion for the top 10-15 WRs in the league, though I think a few of them aren't really on that level (Crabtree for one, with his TE-like 6.5 yards per target last year), and I wouldn't be giving Josh Gordon credit for potential at this point. I think you've left off some names that I'd include, particularly Davante Adams and Pierre Garcon. So we could combine our lists, come up with about 20 names, and argue over who among them makes the top 10, or falls outside the top 15. As far as Diggs is concerned, the point is just that it's reasonable for him to get an extension for a comparable amount to Adams ($14-15M). Compared to the cap at the time of the first year of the deal, that would pay Diggs around 8% of the cap in 2019, which would represent roughly a top 12-15 WR contract. That amount would be less (cap-adjusted) than the WRs who by consensus were better than Diggs has been at the time they signed (Brown, Jones, Green, Evans, Hopkins, OBJ once he signs, Fitzgerald, Demaryius Thomas). It'll be more than WRs with comparable talents whose deals were limited by various factors (Thielen signed as a RFA, Tate and Baldwin are primary slot WRs, Keenan Allen was coming off injury, Pierre Garcon was already 30) or who are still on rookie deals (Michael Thomas, Cooks, Hill). It'll be comparable (cap-adjusted) to comparably talented and accomplished WRs of a similar age (Landry, Adams, Hilton, Jeffery, Watkins). I think that'd be a fair contract for Diggs, and if I'm the Vikings, I'm making that offer this summer, before he gets a chance to play with Cousins, and hopefully avoid the muscle strain injuries that limited him at points the last couple of years. If Diggs puts up 1200+ yards and establishes himself as a bona fide star, he'll end up costing them even more.
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    I'd lean town for pml bc I just can't see anyone being this careless as mafia d1. He us putting himself at the center of attention, he pushes very hard on TK3 based on very shaky logic, he overreacts to the pressure of the vote on him despite having only half the votes. Do you really think if he was mafia he would do all of that.... I strongly feel this is a similar situation to my game when civs argued amongst themselves and mafia just sat back and watched. So for me I'd strongly look at gopher, mookie, jfin, whicker, or anyone else that has stayed out of the thread during the conversations about pml and game mechanics etc. I'm sure there is probably 1 mafia in there but I feel a couple of them laid back. Gopher to me has had the most red flags of anyone out there.
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    Because if we have 5 players left, and 3 of them have been nommed (and all civ), then everyone will just post their stuff, everything will be right, and there will be nothing for anyone to CC. However, the fact that there are no CCs doesn't mean the claims are accurate, because the true CC may not know their role.... which is the whole reason I am anti nomming/claiming However, if a mafia is nommed, they will have NO good information on the claim. They will have to guess. Therefore a CC is possible. However, the issue is STILL that there are likely to be enough roles open for mafia to hide. The stars have to really line up for it to be useful.
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    No, the opposite. I reversed them when I quoted them to show how they were related. It's on page 7 if you want to look.
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    Antonio Brown or a Left Tackle. Having a hard time deciding which way to lean
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    I thought this was a terrible pick, but I loved the rest of your draft. I think Mark Andrews and Orlando Brown were top 32 talents. They were on my board.
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    Cam Newton. Newton is a better passer, protects the ball better, and any threat of Vick's speed is minimized by Cam's mix of speed and strength that makes him just as or more difficult to stop from running.
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    Well... kinda? Country girl (town of well under 1000 people, graduating class of like 20 lol) who also had friends who listened to Jay Z, Eminem, Dr Dre, Missy Elliot, etc. She's backwoods ghetto. As for PoM. I went to Pointfest in STL about 10 years ago. Lineup was Modern Day Zero, Puddle of Mudd, Breaking Benjamin, and Three Days Grace. The concert was amazing, and each did a cover. Puddle of Mudd did Summer Lovin' from the movie Grease since his brother just went through a bad break up I think. Never seen so many people in black/dressed emo sing a song from Grease before. Trippy AF.
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    4.68 for Donald. http://www.nfl.com/player/aarondonald/2543485/combine
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    Izzy looking amazing!!!
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    I'd assumeyou were in prison. And in precisely 3.734 years of overtake you in likes here. "I'm the captain now." Lol
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    i think the skins moves this offseason are being underrated because they have the stink of "the redskins did it so it must be bad given they're an inept organisation" and while that's generally true, i think that this year they could well surprise people... but they'll still miss a playoff spot because of how deep the nfc is imho
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    Saw Hamilton tonight, loved it.
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    Guys, for future reference you are not allowed to ask legitimate questions. I literally asked one question, got the response “to make it go quicker” and asked a follow up question. i apologize that how it was ran made no sense whatsoever and I had questions.
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    Why didn't anyone tell me about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?
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    Not first ballot, but I think his chances may be slimmer than some.
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    Who remembers when the Raiders made it to the Super Bowl. I know a little off topic but that was also one of the greatest nights of football I can remember. I was actually watching the game with a good friend who happens to be a die hard Raiders fan, I think he lasted until a little past halftime before kicking me out for laughing. There was a point I actually felt bad for him they were getting beat so bad and I still cant believe they welcomed Chucky back with open arms after that, I wonder if he is allowed to wear the ring at work.
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    I'm calling it right now: The Browns don't put in a 3rd or better on Beal or Alexander. I'd love to see them do it, but they seem content with their CB room right now. All of the guys they've brought in seem to have definitive roles right now. I don't think we're set at CB, but I have a feeling our GM is happy with the room based on how much he gave the players he brought in here. #1 CB: Denzel Ward #2 CB: EJ Gaines #3 Nickle CB: TJ Carrie #4 CB: Briean Boddy-Calhoun #5 CB: Terrence Mitchell #6 CB/Project: Simeon Thomas That's not a bad group. The need at cornerback for the Browns is not severe. My guess is the Colts snag him for a 2nd round pick. Their CB situation literally makes me sick. I'm fairly certain that there are corpses that could perform the duties of a CB better than their projected starters right now. Freaking Pierre Desir is starting for them. The Colts CB room makes me feel good about myself as an NFL prospect as a 30 year old, short, white, fat, unathletic man. If I lost like 10 more pounds I could probably make the team. Sam Beal makes all the sense in the world for them. They have by far the worst CB situation out of any team in the NFL right now.
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    As it stands right now, no you're probably right. But if we had a great young nucleus and appeared to be a piece away from contending, we absolutely could. What big-name free agents were signing in Golden State before they got Klay, Draymond, and Steph?
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    This post will be how I remember you.
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    With Diggs and Thielen in the fold I doubt it. He’s a guy who only had two 100 yard games in a 7 year career. I don’t see that changing overnight with Cousins.
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