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    Exactly. We're not talking about a member being inducted after passing away. There is no obligation to show a montage for a player actively deciding not to attend. It's not petty, it's appropriate. If He wanted recognition, he should of attended. Instead he's getting exactly what he wanted all along. The Conversation all about "Him" and not the actual "Class of 18". Which is unfortunate for the rest.
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    The second best running back in Eagles history behind Frank Gore. He was an absolute monster during his time in Philly and certainly earned every cent of that paycheck.
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    I wanted to take a closer look at what the pass rush looked like last year and I thought the analysis would be interesting to everyone here. Be warned, it's not encouraging. The Packers recorded 37 sacks last year. The first thing I wanted to look at was how our sacks looked when comparing our usage of the dime package vs standard downs. I started by comparing our sacks and sorting them by down. 1st down: 14 2nd down: 4 3rd down: 19 4th down: 0 We really struggled on 2nd down, and part of tht is caused by teams running more on second down, and teams throwing on favorble down and distances on second down to our defense being very bad on first down, but looking at those numbers was really discourging. We basically needed a team to have it's back against the wall to be able to get consistent pressure. Of the four sacks that we had on second down, they came from distances of 5 yards, 6 yards, 10 yards, and 17 yards. Half of our second down sacks came on dime downs. Ugly. +++ Next I wanted to look at the sacks by personnel groupings. I counted Morgan Burnett as a defensive back. I know some will argue that's not a proper way of evaluating it, but I'm not going to change a man's position distinction after forever with the team. Regardless it paints a rough picture. Base: 8 Nickel: 8 Dime: 21 This defense could not finish without six defensive backs on the field, almost exclusively in coverage. They could not win without being able to pin their ears back and go. Somebody on this team needs to be able to play the run while getting to the QB. In fairness, the defense did average 5.21 DBs per play, so they played a lot of dime defense, but nowhere near enough to make the lack of pressure and sacks on standard downs acceptable. +++ When you break down the sacks by player you get: Clay: 8 Perry: 7 Daniels: 5 Clark: 4 Fackrell: 3 Lowry: 2 Jones: 2 Brooks: 2 Ryan: 2 House: 1 Burnett: 1 Martinez: 1 Thomas: 1 Gilbert: 1 Biegel: 1 24 sacks out of the starting front four isn't bad, but it isn't great. We need Clay and Perry to step it up next year. The biggest issue we have with the sacks is the lack of production from Fackrell and Lowry. You can't have yoru 3rd OLB and 3rd DL combining for 5 sacks. That's just unacceptable, you need more out of those two spots. Both guys had most of their production out of free runs anyway. Tht can't be how it works. They need to be able to win. +++ Most of these probably didn't upload to imgur, but I captioned the ones I had. +++ The Bears come out in a 12 Personnel here, and the Packers respond with their base 30 front. Because the Bears are a bad football team, they decide that rather than block Kenny Clark with just their Center, they’re going to bring a double team down, leaving Clay Matthews isolated against the Tight End. This has predictable results as Clay eats the Tight End for lunch causing the sack fumble. Jake Ryan is reading the Tight End waiting for him to go out and run a route. When he sees that the Tight End is actually going to stay in and block he shoots the gap and scoops up the loose fumble. Play +++ The Bears come out in their 21 personel here. The Packers respond with their base 40 front. The Bears are trying to sell a play action power lead play here and they do a great job of it. The receiver playing the wingback role shoots across the formation at the snap and Perry comes off his line to pressure Trubisky. If Trubisky isn’t one of the worst QBs in the NFL, he dumps it down to his primary option and gets the first down here. Lucky for the Packers, Trubisky wastes precious half-seconds spying the rush and instead chooses to eat the sack. Again, because the Bears are terrible. Play +++ The Bears come out in the 10 personnel, and the Packers come with their coverage dime look. rookie Running Backs make mistakes blocking and rookie QBs make mistakes in reading blitzes. The Packer brought an overload blitz from the right side of the offense. Either the Tackle or the Running Back need to come off of the first man through in Josh Jones and pickup Davon House. Neither do, Trubisky doesn’t release the ball to the side where 2 DBs evacuated and the result is a sack. Play +++ The Bears come out in their 11 personnel look and the Packers come out in their dime coverage look again. Nick Perry and Mike Daniels are well blocked here, but the Bears do a poor job of working the stunt pulled off by Clay Matthews and Ahmad Brooks. Trubisky checks the one read that he’s capable of checking per play, sees the rush and scoots forward to try and get some more yards. Perry cleans it up and earns himself a hustle sack. Play +++ If the first half of the season had any kind of pattern to it pass rushing wise, it was that the Packers were basically incapable of getting any kind of pressure out of their standard looks without multiple screw ups by the opponent. The pressure/coverage packages however were productive. Josh Jones has his best play of the year here and shows some good rush skills. The way he subtly sells up field and then comes back in to beat Tyler Kroft is encouraging, even if Tyler Kroft is terrible. Play +++ Ahmad Brooks does a nice job of selling this. He looks like he’s going to blow into the Bengals Right Tackle (Jake Fihser) before cutting it and giving Josh Jones space to run by. Jones comes in completely untouched as does Burnett from the other side. Somehow neither of the Bengals Tackles blocked a man despite two exterior blitzers meeting at the QB. Dreadful offensive line communication by the Bengals. Play +++ Ahmad Brooks has his best play of the season here. Jake Fisher is entirely overmanned at Tackle and it shows with some really terrible pass pro technique here. Brooks just loops right around him and gets the sack on Dalton. This is the sort of dreadful technique coaches should be getting on Varsity high school tackles about, yuck. Play +++ Kyler Fackrell gets a clean up sack here blitzing from the Inside Linebacker role in the dime group. The coverage was outstanding on the Browns intramural quality wide receiving group and Josh Gordon here. Clay manages to flush Deshon Kizer from the pocket. Mike Daniels keeps him contained and Kyler Fackrell manages to fall on him. Play +++ Kenny Clark starts this play double teamed by the Center and the Right Guard. The Right Guard sees Dean Lowry angling into the B gap and leaves Clark thinking that the Center has him controlled. The Center sees Ryan blitzing and comes off Clark to block Ryan. Clark takes advantage of being blocked by nobody and gets after Jameis Winston who (in typical Jameis Winston fashion) threw the ball backwards into the hands of a defender leading to a score. https://i.imgur.com/kM80MxG.gif +++ Caleb Benenoch is a mediocre Guard and an absolutely terrible Tackle who was asked to play Right Tackle against the Packers because of injury. Clay Matthews ate his lunch. https://i.imgur.com/LqohCKM.gif +++ Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark simply moved three offensive linemen into the backfield forcing Jameis Winston to tuck the ball and start looking for an escape plan. Clay slid off of Benenoch before he found it and cleaned up for the sack. It’s nice seeing a defensive line with some serious juice even if it is against the dreadful Bucs offensive line. Daniels especially here made a play. https://i.imgur.com/hsr0vKh.gif +++ Tyron Smith was a wreck with injuries in 2017 but Nick Perry made him look dumb here scoring the strip sack. When Perry uses his hands to rip through, his speed rush counter can be effective. It’s just not a primary move. https://i.imgur.com/pUWaYyg.gif +++ Devonta Freeman completely missed the call here letting Blake Martinez blitz completely untouched. https://i.imgur.com/ABtic38.gif +++ In what was probably the only instance of good coverage the Packers had all night, Matt Ryan couldn’t find a target and the Falcons handled the Packers stunt along the right side very poorly. Clay gets essentially a free lane to the QB here. https://i.imgur.com/SmvaZxc.gif +++ Nick Perry and Dean Lowry team up on a sack on a busted flea-flicker. https://i.imgur.com/1Nv5sPD.gif +++ Vince Biegel and Mike Daniels show some very poor timing on this stunt look here, but Mike Daniels is able to beat his man even without the element of surprise. Good coverage on the back end kept this play in the pocket, a braver QB may have cut this loose. https://i.imgur.com/EdvdySo.gif +++ Kenny Clark gets the sack here, but Vince Biegel deserves some credit here. The way he sets the outside spin move up with the inside jab step is good stuff. That’s a veteran move. He flushes Cam up, and Clay is working inside leaving Cam with only one space to go and Clark stays active. Clark’s most underrated skillset is his awareness of the pocket. He is really really good at knowing where the QB is while he’s fighting with guys. https://i.imgur.com/tyxtEIK.gif +++ Vince Biegel gets a free rush to the pocket here and sends Alex Collins flying when the back tries to stop him. Dean Lowry has a nice rush here. He gets the Austin Howard (Right Tackle) on skates and drives him backwards. The Right Tackles feet get tangled up with the Right Guard and both guts meet at the QB. This was Lowry’s best play of the season. https://i.imgur.com/zrFavKj.gif +++ Austin Howard is a terrible Tackle, but Kyler Fackrell does an actual NFL pass rusher thing. Maybe, just maybe? https://i.imgur.com/6tVwmzm.gif +++ It’s never good when a bad guard is forced into playing Left Tackle and that’s what happens here. Clay whips James Hurst for the sack and Ahmad Brooks isn’t far behind on beating Austin Howard. This Ravens offensive line was beat to hell with injuries. https://i.imgur.com/6hSCHFo.gif +++ The “Nick Perry bulrushes his man into the feet of the man blocking Mike Daniels” pass rush strategy is one of my favorite things the Packers did this year. It lead to three sacks on the year, though one was not counted due to a holding call. It’s good to see a Packer hit a QB hard. https://i.imgur.com/RWLf48v.gif +++ Mike Daniels is a bad man and he shows it here. He didn’t need Nick Perry to clean it up, but he got it anyway. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Packer defender dominate a game as thoroughly as Daniels did against the Seahawks, https://i.imgur.com/AOX53jl.gif +++ Here we see another example of Nick Perry bullrushing his man into the feet of the man blocking Mike Daniels. There’s something to be said for having your two best rushers on the same side of the line so they can play off of each other. https://i.imgur.com/AnCBp4U.gif +++ Mike Daniels https://i.imgur.com/5VDROeh.gif +++ Straight coverage sack here. Well blocked by the Steelers, Daniels eventually tracks it down and gets the hustle sack. https://i.imgur.com/UoFbo9c.gif +++ I love Kenny Clark’s awareness. He deserves the stat on this one. He sniffs out the screen, keeps it contained and then breaks off to keep Keenum inbounds. Great heads up play by Clark. He is everything you could ask for in a young Big. https://i.imgur.com/UUFwc7s.gif +++ Case Keenum turned the wrong way on playaction, (and still half our team fell for it, jesus) Fackrell read it right and contained the outside on the bootleg. Blake Martinez got through on his middle blitz and the two managed to bring Keenum down. https://i.imgur.com/5sJfPVS.gif +++ Really good coverage here. Reggie Gilbert and Kyler Fackrell collapse the pocket and Kenny Clark gets the hustle sack as he ran all the way around the pocket. Fackrell and Gilbert playing the same snap on a regular down is nauseating even while tanking. https://i.imgur.com/6xhkyvY.gif
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    Sorry LeSean, didn't mean to implicate you in a horrible crime and drag your name through the mud on social media. I'll just continue to ignore your eviction process and keep living at your house. We cool?
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    I'm going with the Bills. They'll most likely have the worst QB play with a horrid offensive line. They also had a number of things swing their way to make the playoffs last year so they're due for some kind of regression/unlucky streak. With the Jets & Cards, Darnold/Rosen are a lot more polished than a guy like Allen where there's a small window of opportunity of either of these teams making some sort of run to a playoff spot. Another team that could be in this spot is Seattle. They just lost a ton of key veterans and important talent at some positions. They made some effort in the offensive line but god forbid a miss block happens and Russell Wilson misses some time, this could be a disaster of epic proportions. Tampa is also a strong candidate here. Just like Seattle, they could easily surprise and make a run but with the Jameis , Tampa's got to question their future state at QB. It's a volatile situation and the coaching is on the hot seat here. Someone mentioned Miami here. A few months ago when I started looking at football, I thought they'd be a good candidate but looking at them more, I just don't see it and think they could actually surprise. They won six games last year under some of the most brutal and unlucky circumstances coupled with distractions. Like most disaster seasons, they lose their starting QB before the season starts. They trade their top starting RB because he's a malcontent. They had one of their players quit and leave the team on them in Week 2 including a coach who got canned for doing drugs, corpses that they trot out for their TE and lastly not playing their first home game until Week 5 due to an unpredicted hurricane which had them flying across the country to LA in Week 2, to NY in Week 3 and off to London in Week 4. I'm not going to mention some of the other bad locker room influences that might've helped on the field but clearly disrupted team chemistry. And after all that turmoil, they ended up winning six games. As for 2018, Miami only travels as far as Minneapolis, brings in an interesting group of veterans and some key pieces from the draft.
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    Anyone pointing to people as lurking or being lazy scum are tops of my people who are likely red team Green team wants votes, why in the hell would we go silent as red members and be put in the background. Literally would be the most counterproductive move ever
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    Situational awareness. I dont really have a horse in this race but there's a pretty big difference between those situations and when he got hurt extending plays. A 4th down with the playoffs on the line and 10 seconds left in a tied playoff game are times you extend the play at any risk. No one is going to argue that. A random second down play and a third down play in field goal range in September not so much. There's 1000+ snaps in a year. You don't have to put yourself at risk to win every one. That seems to be a reasonable stance to me.
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    Feet in general are just nasty.
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    You're thinking of the wrong Lopez. The Bulls have Robin Lopez. Brook Lopez is on the Bucks.
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    short user name = short temper
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    Your worst possible scenario is they win the NFCW? And the only way that happens is through injury?
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    A part of me is actually smiling that we won't have to endure Green Ranger being girlwashed into Tomi in the potential sequel since we now know it ain't happenin'.
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    I've wanted to get a pedicure for a while, but I don't think there's a person on this planet deserving of the horror that is my feet.
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    good relations with a current nba player and an agent. if it wasn't going to work, i don't see the massive problem here like some are. if we don't do that, bulls might not even offer and we have a PO'd parker on a qualifying offer next year. think people are just grossly exaggerating how much of an asset he was. i honestly can't believe the bulls are paying him $20 mil, even for one year.
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    All do respect, doesn't this apply to your Colts who are playing without a Fitz and DJ type player. Your entire season depends on the Health of a QB who hasn't played and or barely thrown a football since 2016. Only reason the odds for Indy are 70-1 is in "hopes" Andrew Luck stays healthy. Without him, they too are (200-1) and in the mix for the #1 pick. I went Indy since I think that OL will get Luck killed.
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    Has any dude here been to the nail salon to get their feet and toenails clean/cut? Did it for the first time today. My feet looked so terrible and now they look and feel awesome. They also massaged my feet and calves for $8 extra and put some extra scrub on them. I might do this once every 3 months or so.
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    Man, I have never seen a post critiquing the Rams by stl4life07 since I’ve been on here, lol.
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    Nintendo Switch, I believe.
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    Jeffnaz would get your name right.
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    I’d describe a fast guy as fast, regardless of whether or not he was the fastest one on the field. But alas monsieur (madam?), you cannot successfully move the goal posts on me. You said they guys like Green, Moss, and Julio lacked sudden quickness in their COD ability - your *ahem* “reasoning” behind that is that there are guys even more sudden than them. True statement, but that doesn’t mean they lack any suddenness, simply because they’re not in the elite category. Oh, and you can add Jalen Ramsey into the slugs over 6’1 too! I also find it comical how you tell me what I mean when I describe somebody. You may be the self proclaimed NFL Expert, but you are not the Ying-Yang expert (nor human anatomy expert, might I add). But you do know your potatoes, you should keep up with an aspiring career in those (I have no choice but to assume you are some sort of potato agriculturalist at this point, since you refuse to answer my questions and only a true potato head would be able to diagnose me through a few exchanges over a message board).
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    if @Tyty did it, it's not bad form.
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    ...and there it is. The "I know a guy," argument.
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    He will always be a HOF to us Eagles fans.
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    imma nom some of the bball forum brethren w/ my 5: @utley4568 @IrishGreen @champ11 @KhanYouDigIt @El ramster
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    I thought TO was supposed to be the petty one.
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    Try as you might, none of you will be taking my memberoff. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.
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    Exactly what was Rachel trying to add?
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    poor innocent Cyborg, lol
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    This is not a landlord/tenant rental property situation. This woman is a squatter. She does not have leasee rights. McCoy has every legal right to collect his belongings either himself, or thru a representative. Now if McCoy told his representative to beat her up, that would be conspiracy. If he told the representative what to collect and where to find it, and the representative assaulted her on his own, McCoy has no culpability. I would say at this point there really is zero risk to McCoy unless there is a recording somewhere of him telling the guy to beat her up.
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    My expectation for this year is 10 wins and us being in the hunt for a division title and worst case a wild card slot. I will explain on the field positions below but the play calling of Gruden on O and and Gunther on D will be massive improvements over what we have seen for the last few years. QB: Our QB situation has not changed in terms of personnel but the addition of Gruden and his play calling along with our much improved WR core and D should allow Carr to have his best statical season to date. I feel like Carr will make an MVP push and legitimizes himself as a top 7 QB in the league. RB: Once again a stronger unit than last year with the additions of Martin and Smith. I am not sure what to expect from Martin but if he still has something left in the tank he will form a nice 1/2 punch with Lynch. If he still can preform he will be an asset in the passing game out of the backfield. WR: Everyone knows how much I love the addition of Bryant. He is a prototypical "split end" or "X WR" that will take our opponents top CB with him. His addition is huge and will make all of the players around him better because of the attention he will command being 6'4, having 4.4 speed, good hands and a massive catch radius. I was first opposed to the addition of Nelson based on his age but after the addition of Bryant this move makes perfect sense. He can teach both MB and AC how to take their games to the next level and even if he has lost a step his hands are fantastic and will be a threat in the red zone. Cooper will have his best statical year to date as he will see most of his snaps from the slot. He can thank MB and JN for that for his statistical improvement because he will finally be lining up in the slot which is ideal for his skillset . He clearly cant cut it as a number 1 but will flourish against nickel backs. I am not sure how Switzer will be utilized but he will be useful on ST and I feel when he is on the field he will make an impact. WR upgrade over Patterson for sure. I'm not a fan of Roberts and could care less if he is traded. TE: Hasn't changed much. I'm not a huge Cook fan but he is very athletic and gets the job done. OL: Same unit as last year except RT. I believe that Miller starts at RT day one and is an improvement over Newhouse. I find it hard to believe he could be any worse. The unit is as solid as their is in the NFL. DL: Mack is a beast, nothing more needs to be said than that. I feel like he has the most sacks of his career this season and that is because of the addition of Gunther and the improved talent around him. I'm interested to see how Irvin transitions to DE. If the rest of the players play like I think they will he should do just fine. NT is pretty much unchanged with Jelly and EVD when he returns. They can eat space and are good against the run. I'm fascinated to see how Hurst and PJ pan out as our 3T as both have tremendous potential. I see Hurst starting day 1 and the combo of those two adding a pass rush up the middle which this team has lacked for as long as I can remember. If either of these 2 become beasts as generating pressure up the middle this D takes a leap into the top 15 this year. I like the Key pick as he is boom or bust player but if he can remain focused and strives to take his game to the next level he will be a steal in the 3rd. LB: Our weakest unit for sure. I like the addition of Whitehead, he is a solid player who will strengthen the unit because of his addition. I like the DJ signing but realistically he is 36 years old and has major injury concerns. When he is on the field he is an upgrade over Bowman in pass coverage and is as crafty as they come. Solid player and smart pick up but I don't expect him to last the season and if we lose him that puts a glaring hole right in the middle of our D. I'm not sure who starts at WLB nor how they will preform. DB: Another vastly improved unit. Conley has the makings of being a lock down number 1 CB. He flashed it last year in his limited time on the field and this year I see him playing very well. Melvin is also a very nice addition. He was the best CB on a terrible Indy D that was on the field a ton last year and keep in mind he shut down some of the best WR's in the game. He is a late bloomer at 28, which is a cause for concern but I think he is a legit NFL starter and shows it again this season. I also like the signing of Worley, who has had some off the field issues but has preformed well when on the field. I expect him to see the most snaps as a nickel back and will spell GC and RM when needed. I liked the signing of Gilcrest as he is versatile, can play all over the secondary and should see some time at nickel as well. Nick Nelson was a draft pick who slipped due to injury. If he is healthy and as good as advertised he could have a role in this secondary as a rookie. I think KJ has his best year to date. I really hope Obi is more than just an athlete and becomes a solid starter because I am sick of seeing RN get torched. I am not sure what to make of Obi as I will need to see more of him to give a proper evaluation. ST: Pinero should be an improvement over GT and although King was a good punter he commanded too much money and was a headache. I like the move to a rookie and Townsand comes highly regarded. Overall this is the most optimistic I have been in years and I think our improvements this offseason will translate into wins during the year. Anything less than 10 wins this season is a disappointment as far as I am concerned.
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    Eagles Vikings (two best teams in football) Pats Broncos
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    Yeah it's still questionable who that was. I only feel safe in saying that it wasn't the Browns.
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    I've been pretty clear I think this team is closer to the 2016 vintage than the 2017 in terms of real talent level and that the difference was coaching, scheming and perhaps a little good fortune. I don't think we're as good as the 2016 team perhaps suggested but with all the investment being made if we didn't get to 10-6 and get at least a playoff berth via wildcard I'd think it was under performance. With that said, what I'd like to see would be: i) Carr looking more composed and less jittery, playing within the system and not trying to over play and take panic shots - this for me, is the most important thing ii) At least a moderate defence, a step up in coaching I think can make the difference here, especially in coverages and accentuating players' skill sets iii) Improved pass rush, I'm optimistic we can achieve this with well schemed blitzes and a little interior penetration and support for Mack (I don't expect us to be top 5 in sacks though nor should we need it to be effective) iv) Balance on offence with a varied passing game to suit the down and distance (which we were awful at last year) and a robust running game with Lynch leading the charge (I think he'll have a good year) v) I don't think there's an outstanding team in the AFC West and all teams have serious flaws so there's no reason in my book why we shouldn't be challenging for the title
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