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    Anyone who claims someone has a good heart and doesn’t actually know the person in the capacity to really make a statement as such is just selling BS.
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    I have a hard time saying that years 1 and 2 are a complete tear down. Yes we did get rid of bad contracts, and we opened up a ton of salary cap. That being said no one is complaining about having Ogbah, Schobert, Kindred, DeValve, Drango, Higgins, Garrett, Peppers, Njoku, Ogunjobi, Brantley, or Gonzalez on the team. That's possibly 9 starting caliber players in 2 years. Most teams would dream of that kind of output. Also I don't hear many complaints about locking up Kirksey and Bitonio, about trading for Jamie Collins and extending him. About signing Kevin Zeitler or JC Tretter instead of Cam Erving. Our roster was a mess, we weren't going to be competing long term with Tremon Williams, Donte Whitner, Carlos Dansby, Randy Starks, Desmond Bryant, Paul Kruger all starting on Defense. On offense we had Johnny Manziel, Brian Hartline? often injured Jordan Cameron, Cam Erving. We had years of bad decision making and constant turnover. We needed to get rid of the spare parts (which we virtually did in one year), the problem for fans was Sashi wasn't willing to bring in random people to compete here and take time and learning experience away from the young guys he wanted to build the team around. But its not like we weren't trying to bring in guys, if you remember we offered Tony Jefferson more than Baltimore did, he just didn't want to come to this organization. But just because he wasn't willing to bring a ton of guys in to bad contracts just to try and gain more wins right away didn't mean that we weren't building this team. But make no mistake about it, we have been building since the day Sashi took over. Now we are just throwing everything we can at trying to win some now because fans and more importantly ownership is getting restless. EJ Gaines, Michael Kendricks, Tyrod Taylor, Carlos Hyde, How many of these guys are going to be here next year? I give Dorsey a LOT of credit, he has done a great job seemingly making Cleveland look like a better destination, and signing guys to team friendly contracts so if we decide we don't have a need for Chris Hubbard, Chris Smith, Terrence Mitchell, TJ Carrie, etc, we can cut and run from them and look to build elsewhere. It was always going to take a long time to go from a dysfunctional franchise with what was one of the worst drafting GM's in our recent history (Farmer), that doesn't mean we started recovering just this year though...
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    Whatever his little fued is with Cam, at least Cam was man enough to come up and say hey. Benjamin wouldn't even look him in the eyes. Looks super weak on his end.
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    Aaron Ripkowski. Now here's a guy that's 6-1 246 and he just plows people over in short yardage situations and when he doesn't have the ball, man I tell you what, he is blocker-r-us *chuckle chuckle* I mean I don't wanna be the guy on the receiving end of one of those blocks!
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    I think you mean torches. We will just bring the pitchforks along. If I can ignite a pitchfork it's game over. The issue is, he's in training camp and out at 3:00 AM? Just why??
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    Huh? He is a QB with above average arm strength, excellent accuracy, literally can make every throw, smart decision maker, but not all that mobile after the injuries....... he’s a below average QB? He’s a top 5 thrower of the football in the NFL right now. I’ll stand behind that every day. He’s far from a below average QB.
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    I work around so many. I can’t believe they passed on Darnold
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    Jordy was clearly holding Hundley back.
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    Even dumb people know right from wrong.
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    So we're keeping Kumerow, ESB, Allison, MVS, and Moore. Sorry Tae and Randall.
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    That'd be all well and good if said player wasn't the one who initiated the off-the-field to begin with. If you can't stand behind your words when you're face-to-face with someone versus behind a camera, you ought to just keep your mouth shut and not say anything. It's a punk move.
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    When is the last time you were in Florida?
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    Nobody @Humble_Beast, Peppers for Mack, Conley and a 3rd?
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    I really, really, really dislike this new helmet rule so far. In the Rams/Ravens game, we just had it called where both the WR and S lowered their helmets and both initiated contact, but the defense was called for it. I don't understand.
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    Trevor Davis is out because he is busy building bombs in his workshop.
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    There's nobody named LeBron on this team.
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    Jesus you guys and the refs need to chill out.... it’s football people jaw at each other
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    People keep talking about the Tyrod to Landry connection, but I guarantee that Njoku has the most TDs on offense this year. Tyrod loves the TE safety net.
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    I don't think we'd be on page 18 if the Raiders weren't seriously considering trading him to Green Bay
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    Doesn’t really worry me as I never liked the pick, but upsets me that we keep wasting early picks. Obi, Ward, Watson, Hayden, Calhoun, Waldord etc plus it hasn’t been a good start for Conley or Vanderdoes either. Outside of 2014 our drafts have been pretty much garbage. I like Reggie outside of our drafts, but I do not like his drafts much at all.
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    I hate them Monday-Wednesday as well...
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    Dude has some reach. I dont even live near water. First off, @jrry32 Satan is a skinemax guy. Second of all, it's not Poseidon. It's god telling you to watch, or rewatch, Game of Thrones.
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    When it’s all said and done, this spectacle with Urban will go down as the most overblown, silly overreaction and misappropriation of blame in college football history. No legal issues with Meyer. No NCAA issues with the program. Everything seemingly gone through the proper channels. Let me know when lying to the media becomes a fireable offense. There won’t be a HC left in CFB. Meyer blew it at Big Ten Media Day. Him lying to the media is literally the only reason this is a huge thing that’s lasted more than two days. I guess our HC is supposed to go above the police with weighing guilt and innocence. Completely mishandled situation on all ends. Putting Meyer on paid leave only fanned the torches. Failed leadership by a failure of an Athletic Director. Time to get the ship rolling again and to tell the mob to go away. When things broke the first day and the speculation began, I fully understood the potential for anger, disgust, and acceptance of a possible new HC. After the facts have begun to come out though, this is the silliest thing ever. Even a small suspension would be wrongfully placing blame.
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    With guns. And stolen credit cards. Which he uses to buy stuff. Illegally.
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    He's a "fundamentally good kid" who constantly finds himself in trouble with the law or in the wrong places with the wrong people.
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    The Indians need to lock up Francisco Lindor long term bad. Peace!!!
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    I don't think some of us are ignoring or not comprehending anything. We know exactly what we'd give up with Mack's deal and the picks and saying "where do we sign up?" It's the best defensive player in the NFL people (2nd best depending on how you view Donald), this is the guy who over a 4 year sample size has more pressures than Von, Donald, Houston, Beasley, etc. This is a guy that when the calendar rolls to a Monday morning the OC of our opponent says "We've got the Packers this week, how are we going to stop Khalil Mack?" There's not a single player even close to that level currently on our D. All those late drives over Rodgers career where the D is on the field and the announcers say "one big play could end it" this is the guy that makes the play. You can live in the world where those 2 first round picks will come in and be studs under rookie control and we spread that 20m out to heady FA signings and that's fine, realistically that's the world we'll all be in come week 1 when Mack has a new deal with Oak. However if they did offer him up, the price of our picks and a new deal is more than fair to acquire a talent as special as Khalil Mack. You're talking about the makings of a HOF pass rusher here.
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    Should have already been enshrined.
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    Sure, and everyone has different priorities and preferences, but for me, housing is like food. You can survive just fine on cheap stuff, but I would much rather spend the money for the good stuff. It is an investment in happiness and quality of life, not a fiscal decision. Nothing wrong with either viewpoint, that is just mine
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    Taking a guard in the 1st round would be to sit behind Easton or Remmers, so it would have been depth, and future starter, most likely just like Hughes. What guard would we have took that was a system fit. True system fit round 1 that was available. I like Daniels as much as everyone, but almost all reports have been he needs to stay at center. Like I said, you don’t draft a need to just draft a need. You draft the best available player at a position of need.
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    BTW, my football IQ is just fine and you didn't need to be a football genius to see Rollins is out of his depth in the NFL.
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    It was mentioned that Easton was out for the season like 5 posts above yours, read the thread. Remmers is at RG, the Easton injury opens up a spot at LG. I imagine we'll likely have Reiff-???-Elflein-Remmers-Hill as the starters. I don't think they would move Remmers over to LG when he comes back from his sprained ankle, which is not serious. There was a tweet earlier in the thread that was saying that Collins' has looked vastly improved going against the 1st and 2nd defensive units. Agreed that this injury hurts the depth.
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    So let me get this correct.....you want us to trade you a budding superstar (or two with Ogbah (vs the 3rd rounder) and a 2nd round pick...I had to audibly laugh when I typed that. You are aware that Garrett has looked more dominant than Mack when healthy as this point in their careers? Mack is 5 years older than Garrett..not to mention, smaller, weaker and less and explosive than Myles Garret.... http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/khalil-mack?id=2543463 http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/myles-garrett?id=2557965 WOW, Just WOW.......I think I just found the inspirational picture of how this trade suggestion came up.
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    I'm hoping rojo is the real deal. he can take this offense to the next level with his explosivness.
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    This. If Janis can’t make plays with ARod chucking him the ball....
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    Can keep up to four players. It really is pretty impressive for a bunch of guys that only know each other on a football forum.
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