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    The belief that McMurpjy accurately reported this saga as a journalist is comedic. If you want to say Urban is a loser and should be fired, that’s fine. But if you’re going to toot Brett McMurphy’s horn then you just lose every ounce of credibility. Here’s a guy who presented a false narrative, ran with it, edited out the lies/misfacts that created an early narrative, with no retraction. And, opted to only report one side of the narrative without any conflicting accounts or exculpatory information that makes things an intelligent conversation. I’m all about a logical argument. I don’t even care what side people fall on, truly. What bothers me is a clear agenda-based narrative like McMurphy’s. I’d like to think there’s a time that reporters job was to present a neutral, fact-based story. That guy is a gossip columnist and nothing more. One more thing though. If Courtney Smith called the police 66 times over a relatively short time span, and charges weren’t filed one time, there are only two logical conclusions: either the police is corrupt and in cahoots with TOSU, or Courtney Smith is as crazy as a shaken up jar of fireflies set loose. As someone experienced in the LEO line of work, my assumption is that Meyer did know that Courtney was a crazy lady with an alcohol problem and didn’t believe any of what she was selling. In the end, he had a blind spot for Smith, and that’s his fault. Zach is as big of a mess as his ex, and in many ways likely worse. The narrative or Courtney as some put together victim though is interesting and seems to lack a general knowledge of what these situations look like. Ultimately though, I am less than happy with the way that our head coach handled the situation as a whole. Although I think there is a lots of blame to go around, I don’t really feel sorry for Meyer one bit.
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    Controversy breeds clicks/discussions/complaints.
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    Guillain-Barre syndrome is usually a one-time thing, not a persisting or recurring problem. It's a disease where the immune system attacks the peripheral nerves (and nerve roots). That attack is thought to be triggered by a recent infection or vaccine, but in many cases there's no obvious cause for it. GBS usually presents as an acute or subacutely progressive (onset within a few days to a few weeks) pattern of weakness and numbness that starts in the feet/toes and/or fingers and then moves up the limbs. At its most severe, the disease can weaken the facial and throat muscles and the diaphragm, impairing swallowing and breathing, which can require intubation and a stay in ICU. That's a worst case scenario that doesn't usually happen. The 2 treatments Frederick has received are probably IVIG (IV immune globulin). IVIG helps stop the autoimmune attack on the nerves, which can then start to heal. It can take weeks to months for the nerves to repair themselves and/or regrow, depending on the severity of the damage. The fact that his weakness was subtle enough that the diagnosis wasn't made initially, that he says in the note that the disease was caught early, and that no mention is made of an ICU stay are all good signs. If the disease was mild in his case, he may recover to a normal level of function quickly. Not sure how long it would take him to play football again, he might be out anywhere from several weeks to a year or more.
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    It's been very quiet from the guy.... The guy says that Evans is dealing with a hamstring. Team is really handling injuries a lot different from years past and even people inside the building aren't really sure what's going on with some of the "injured" players. For those guys that are looked to be counted on in the regular season, there are no chances being taken. Feels that if season was tomorrow, we'd see majority of these players suiting up. The culture is really about respecting players and apparently the players are loving it. They feel like the coach really has their back, not that they didn't under Murlakey, but the actions of Vrabel and staff really hammer that home.
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    I do love the Brownies though, I don’t know why, but I do. You guys in here have a lot to do with it. 11 years of cultivated madness. When we do finally win, it’s going to be something else.
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    Add this case to the list of reasons why DV victims are scared to come forward.
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    1. The Bruce Arians offense is good. No need to change it much over the last 15 years. 3. Wilcots. 4. The first commercial on the broadcast featured a convicted pedophile. 5. They did, for the Texans. 1. Anyone who ever thought Tim Couch was a bust is an idiot. There are some top shelf throws in this game. There are also numerous plays where offensive linemen in front of him fall on their faces missing their blocks. The main reason Tim Couch never became a franchise QB? Take a look at the tomato cans Couch dragged into the playoffs.
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    If they force this Rob Kelley crap it’s going to cost Jay his job. Guice was clearly better in the few carries he got and AP is way better as well. Just play the better guy and not your favorite.
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    I like both the signings. The amount of hate Vince gets on here is ridiculous.
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    At first glance I thought it was a thread about Richard Rodgers vs. James Jones.
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    We'll be sure to give our cheerleaders helmets.
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    Significant level of unintended irony here.
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    Seriously? I'm part of the "lynch mob" apparently, and here's what I wrote the day they suspended him indefinitely: If they had run a complete investigation and were able to show that Urban Meyer actually didn't know or reported what he knew and did his job, then of course he should keep his job. Lying to the media about DV is a stain on the program, but at least internally stuff would have been handled appropriately. That's not what they found. What they found was that he knew, he didn't report it, he lied repeatedly about it, and when the media raised the possibility of an investigation, his response was to immediately deleted his phone records. Ohio State's position is "yeah he failed to do what his contract said and all his actions point to enabling DV, but he didn't mean what his clear pattern of behavior would make you think he meant". That's BS and everyone here knows it. Acting like we'd treat this any differently for any other school is an admission that you're treating this differently because it's your school.
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    Name: AndrewAge: 24Family: 2 Brothers, 28 and 23State you were born in/state you live in now: WI/WIOccupation or area of study: Custodian at UW-Madison, 3rd shiftInterests besides football: Behavioral Psychology, Philosophy, Cooking (Grilling mainly)Favorite current Vike player: Harrison SmithFavorite all-time Vike: Randy MossHow many Viking games have you attended: 0What one current player from any team would you like on the Vikings right now: Aaron RodgersWhat one player from all time from any team would you like on the team right now: Ken Stabler Briefly had a profile on the old site before i forgot the password glad to be back.
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    Agreed. This whole situation was handled terribly. Stunning that for the past few weeks, OSU websites, homers, and blogs have been stewing with victim-blaming, reporter discrediting, and so much more. And after the press conference, literally all of it is corroborated including the report of Zach’s grandfather talking Courtney out of pressing charges. Very concerning.
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    This is literally all from the report.
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    They (drake by all accounts, as the board apparently was all in agreement with no additional punishment, according to an earlier tweeter) screwed the pooch there should have been no middle ground / gray area if he did something wrong...he should have been fired. if he reported to gene, and it stopped at gene....gene should have been fired. if they found/determined he did no wrong...time served suspension simple says one of these they don’t want to pay him $40m to go away they think a suspension will quiet the mob and media. They chose the cowardly option...and didn’t pick a side, and go all in. It’s plain as day that they needed to unanimously stand with him, or unanimously declare him the enemy and prepare for a court battle on if they had “cause” for termination....the decided to stand directly on the 50yard line and pee in both directions, and hope that some new news story were to take more precedence. One things for certain...Gene one smith has to be gone within the year, no matter what
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    This is a disgusting mindset tbh. Cars are dangerous and people with your mindset, is what kills people.
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    BBC should be our starting NCB. Mitchell and Ward on the outside.
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    Hey, did Alshon, Agholor, Sproles, Clement, Ajayi, and Peters play in week 3 of the preseason with Foles?
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    This is an excellent article that was written last year, really an in depth look at the work of NFL Scouts This section talks about what happens at cut down time in August - especially for the Pro Personnel staff. But its an in depth article and covers a ton of info on the unheralded work that happens behind the scenes to get to the 53 man roster and keep it stocked all year long https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2017/8/24/16195480/life-of-pro-scouts The Unheralded Work of Pro NFL Scouts Exploit Roster Cutdowns “The month of August is a grind,” McCartney said. That’s the time of year when teams are playing preseason games, scouts are evaluating backups and back-of-roster guys, and clubs are trying to decide who to cut and who to keep when final roster cuts are due. “This year is different because teams will go from 90 to 53 in a day,” he said. That’s a big change from previous years, when teams were required to cut down to 75 players after the third preseason game. Now franchises have to cut a whopping 37 players after the fourth game. “So, that puts a tremendous amount of stress on the pro department because they’ll have about 1,200 players available all at once. So they have had to prepare and have strong opinions on many potential players that are on that list. They’ll be constantly debating, working with the coaching staff and other scouts, ‘Is Player A an upgrade on what we have on our current roster?’ And, injuries are always playing a part.” To laser in on a list of candidates for trades or waiver-wire claims, pro scouts are tasked with identifying players worth claiming, while at the same time limiting that list to players who stand a chance of getting cut. “The pro department is responsible for providing the decision-makers with a best guess of which players we think will be available,” Hatman said. “Say I don’t have a fifth corner I like [on my team]. We already have paid attention to all the teams that have seven corners on their roster that we think are worthy, because very few teams can carry seven corners on their 53-man roster. So we’re going to be paying attention to that, and have already vetted all those players, and maybe we call about a trade and just say, ‘Hey, we think you might cut one. Would you want to just trade one?’” Sometimes, well-established pro personnel departments look to take advantage of the turmoil a regime change creates for another franchise. “I know when we were at the Eagles, we always put extra attention on new staff,” McCartney said. “New coaching staffs — sometimes they’re making their full evaluation on their 53-man roster without seeing their team play a true game. So, new staffs can make mistakes with existing players that get off to a slow start with the new scheme or whatever. So, we put a little bit of extra attention on teams with new staffs.” The scouts’ best guesses on final 53-man rosters come primarily from their own evaluations, but they also scour media predictions for a little bit of help as well. “If we think it’s a qualified opinion, we’re going to listen,” Hatman said. “Now, how much that gets weighed in, that depends, but we’ll look at the six beat writers, here’s all their on-or-off lists, and if five of the six think this guy is going to be available, we’re going to go ahead and leverage that.”
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    For me the biggest difference is experience and NFL readiness. Randall and Rollins, for all their potential and rookie season excitement, were both still relatively new to the position. Whereas Josh and Jaire were both EXCELLENT college corners who seem capable of stepping right into NFL competition.
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    that's probably being a bit generous. if we want to play math games , I'm betting the average draft position of that data set is the middle of each round, so it's more like 27% for mid-4th-round picks, 17% for mid-5th, 7% for mid-6th. Moore, MVS, and EQ were all picked at or near the end of their rounds, so it's more like Moore is halfway between your 4th & 5th, MVS halfway between your 5th & 6th, etc. So using those numbers, the chance that at least 1 meets the 20 catches is ~36%
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    Should have titled it "Eli traded to Lions"
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    LOL, don’t try to pretend you didn’t misread my post. You tried to nitpick it as inaccurate and out of date (“not sure what practices you’re watching, some of your news is old too”), without mentioning that what you were calling “old news” was current at the time the post was written. You didn’t write to update and inform, but to whine — as usual — that the Packers weren’t being discussed in this thread in as unreservedly optimistic terms as you’d like.
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    Well, the post you’re replying to was written on Friday August 17, and time does pass. I didn’t say MVS looked bad, I said he looked good. I also said Kumerow was making plays. I didn’t mention EQ. Moore having “trouble catching it” is the “miss” in “hit and miss”. Reading comprehension, Arthur. Rodgers praising them all this week is nice, but the post was written last Friday, so I’m not actually remiss for failing to mention that. Jones hasn’t played a snap in the preseason yet, because of injuries. He only returned to practice this week. Williams got hurt the day before I wrote the post you were replying to, and only returned to practice this week. Again, I wrote the post you replied to last week. Last week happened before this week. Pro tip: most computers and devices have an electronic calendar that you can use to look up how many days have passed since something happened, if you’re having trouble doing the math in your head.
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    That may have been their attempt but I tend to this actually makes more damage. 1. These are now being thrown out and their veracity questioned with no opportunity for rebuttal. 2. Now they will have to answer these questions later and this will linger even longer 3. Reporters now have even more time to digest and research these findings to ask better, more pointed questions with previous claims/findings to counter explanations. Terrible move I think from the PR people.
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    You’re a silly fella but I value you
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    He didn't even get hit. You can't blame that on anything but a freak accident.
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    I had a george foreman too, but now regret it. Ended up giving it away later when i actually learned how to cook. The better investment is a $20 cast iron skillet. Lasts forever and makes infinitely better food.
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    I mean, any team coached by a person who suffers from chronic memory loss might be in trouble...
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    He’s a 30+ corner coming off an Achilles. I wasn’t expecting much from him. If Humphrey, Young, and Carr look good we should trade him as soon as the suspension ends. The amount of money we’ve given him over the years for the amount of time he’s actually been on the field is insane
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    Too many of you are acting like children and clearly are more interested in attacking opposing fanbases rather than talking about the topic, so I'm just going to lock this again. It's a shame we can't make it 24 hours without such garbage posts overrunning a thread.
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    No you weren't. If you actually were, and the only opinion that matters was what the Ohio State investigation found, you wouldn't have been digging up every OSU cesspool on the internet looking to discredit Courtney Smith. You wouldn't be posting blatant lies like "women lie all the time". Like I said in the Ohio State thread when you tried to spout off nonsense about the Wisconsin situation - the nicest way I can put this is that you have no idea what you're talking about.
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    As an aside, it's a damn shame this thread was on lock down when the Zack Smith **** pick/sex toy story broke. There was some real comedic potential there.
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