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    You’re in the middle of nowhere Texas. You should know that any dead animal is considered dinner by most standards.
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1033367598497517568 hes for real back back
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    I'm a multi-thousandaire and $2 thousand still seems like a lot to me
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    Don't put this evil/jinx on the Browns please...just don't. If only they had Josh Dobbs as their QB.
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    So you didn't stay up to watch the game? Well some of us did. Stock UP: Kenny Clark absolutely dominated the run game. He crapped on them. Down after down. Jaire Alexander had a highlight INT after getting beat by Carr/Cooper for 49 to open the game. He also ran a flawless game as a PR, including blocking the first man down when he wanted the ball to enter the end zone, and leaning into what the back judge flagged as fair catch interference before someone with a lesser view decided it wasn't. Josh Jackson had a pick-6 where he undercut the route and otherwise looked tight in coverage. Reggie Gilbert again looked like the teams 3rd best pass rusher, causing a fumble/sack when Donald Penn decided to take the play off and put skates on. Vince Biegel made more plays in the 2nd half than he has in his entire time in GB, setting the edge against G/FB combos, squared up EJ Manuel and stopped him dead 1v1 open field, had a couple tackles. J'Mon Moore caught 4/4 passes (62 yards) in a game that saw every other skill player on offense mightily struggle. If you were waiting for him to show up, he definitely did, including taking a shot late and holding on. Adam Pankey was moved from RG to RT after Kyle Murphy was pulled and brought some stability. Definitely pleased his coaches there. Emmanuel Byrd caught a few balls from Kizer and moved us inside the 10 on a drive that resulted in 3 pts. Stock DOWN: Kyle Murphy was dreadful at RT, think Allen Barbre vs Cincinnati. He got pulled after about an entire half of absolutely ruining our offense in concert with the other 2nd string OL (none of the starters played on O). He doesn't have the athleticism to play RT. It was a mess. Brett Hundley continued to hold the ball too long, turn his three step drops into four step drops when he should be stepping into his throws. The offense was 1-6 on third downs and 0-1 on fourth downs with Hundley. I can't make excuses for Hundley, but his OL was shook. Deshone Kizer looked like the exact same guy we saw in Cleveland last year. A couple good throws, then some bum throws that should've been intercepted. Jason Spriggs had some struggles at LT early on, but seemed to put some respectable play as the game went on. Any OL Not Previously Mentioned other than Lucas Patrick stunk. Bad. Lance Kendricks dropped a TD pass that was behind him but completely catchable. Kyler Fackrell failed to hold the edge multiple times, and never produced a pressure, either. Quentin Rollins was demoted to garbage time. JK Scott had a bad punt, although the rest of the night was solid. Nothing else happened to the WR battle. The OL + QB combo was so bad no one could do anything.
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    I'm pretty sure half the guys in the HOF are dead. Only plausible explanation as to why they don't post anymore. Why would anyone leave this lovely and strange forum?
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    I’ve bewn cautiously optimistic about Wims given the annual overestimation of at least one late-round or UDFA received, but the key here is Wims went up against KC’s 1s and it didn’t look too big for him. As long as he can play on a few of the ST units and isn’t a liability, he should be the WR5 or 6. In last weeks GDT I said that I trust Cunningham if he has to take significant RB2 reps, and I think he showed that today. Better vision and more decisive of a runner compared to the other preseason RBs. Other thoughts: Chase Daniel showed a lot of poise. He could have been an underrated get as the QB2. Today was Kevin White’s first touchdown in a game since December 29, 2014 (1,335 days). Fangio showed his hand a little by dialing up a bunch of ILB blitzes. This wasn’t really unexpected, but I didn’t expect it until week 1.
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    Sure, I won't be at the game but I can send you my paypal info. I'm guessing that you are expecting that will be our first win and the beer will be free anyway.
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    Thought you guys might appreciate a visual representation of why it’s so easy for Mega Ron and I to love the Browns...
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    Packers backup OL gonna make Oakland think they have a dominant pass rush which will convince them that they don't need Mack Brilliant gameplan tonight
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    i’mma keep it real with you anthony lynn stop trying to make cardale jones a thing
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    Delete this homie. No one needs to know this.
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    vote for your favourites lads if you don’t then you’re a communist, but not the cool mccarthy era type
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    What is your sudden obsession with replacing Caleb Brantley who is a 2nd year DT with upside? Did he wink at your wife or something? I'd love to add another DT, not to replace anyone, but rather add to the pile.
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    Jay Gruden isn’t long for head coaching. This will be his last season here. And the sad thing is I actually like the guy but I’ve seen enough to realize this isn’t going anywhere. They prolonged this by one year too many and compounded that mistake by trading for Smith. Oh well.
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    Correct me if I"m wrong, but the list he's on would give us a 2 or 3 week window if he did report then we'd either have to activate him to the 53 or cut him. If that is incorrect then I stand corrected. If I'm correct then put him on a list to end his year and give the kid a fresh start next year. There is no chance in HELL he'll be NFL ready in 2, 3 weeks as a rookie with all the time he's missed. His rookie year is toast IMO.
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    The lack of Pokemon GIFs was noted.
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    You have to shift your thinking. The experience of going to games does not come from the food and beer in the stadium. The experience you are paying for is something else. Buying food and beer in the stadium is a desperation play that exhibits a lack of planning ahead. Who amongst us can't go four hours without filling our pie hole? That is what tailgating is for. I think the state of tailgating is the larger problem. I sure wish the team didn't have to build the stadium downtown where tailgating can't be as good as it could be. Tailgating is part of the experience of going to games that is ruined. So, I have to shift my thinking. The experience of going to games does not come from tailgating. Ergo, the entertainment of going to games doesn't last as long and isn't as good. It isn't worth driving to the cities for a three hour game and the headaches of the crowd. No longer do I spend a couple hundred bucks to go to games. Instead, I sink maybe three-quarters of that into hosting a group of friends. We can "tailgate" before the game as much as we want and fill our pie holes to our hearts desire during the game. The fun starts two days before the game when I get the brisket started and plan what else I want to throw in the smoker while it is doing its thing. If you smoke it, that will come. Your gameday experience will be greatly enhanced.
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    Adoree Jackson should not be returning punts in the second quarter of a preseason game.
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    No @NudeTayne This is a sham Russians Colluding against GOAT
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    Yeah Cole Madison has to go because I'm mad at how bad Kyle Murphy was
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    If it it says more about the Bears or the chiefs, but the Bears 2s are kicking the trap out of the chiefs 1s man for man. I think we have some depth, guys.
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    Which always makes me laugh when people say do away with the preseason. Week ones are already pretty wacky with preseason. Imagine them (and the first few weeks of the season) without them.
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    Cousins was decent but inaccurate on a few passes that hurt the offense, especially the comeback to Thielen that he threw behind him and the stop and go to Thielen down the sideline that should’ve been an explosive play. Placement was also poor on the long pass to Diggs at the goalline that bounced off Griffin’s helmet — if it was an over the shoulder throw it was left way too short, if it was a back shoulder it was too far inside. He’s been checking down a lot, even on 3rd and long when he seems to have time to extend the play and try to make something happen downfield. I’m not super impressed. Siemian was absolutely terrible, simply refused to stand in the pocket and throw the ball. I don’t know how you can evaluate the 2nd team WRs with that kind of QB play. Sloter was good: ball came out on time and he threw accurately. The TD to Beebe was a great play. I’d rather see him as QB2. I don’t know why Siemian makes the team unless he plays well in the 4th game. The RBs were good, the run game was limited by the blocking. Boone should be the RB3 but his pass protection is pretty bad. They should have no trouble getting Thomas to the PS. Ham is very good. Diggs, Treadwell and Beebe were good, especially Diggs on the back shoulder throw. Thielen got open but Cousins missed him. Can’t say anything about the 2nd string WRs who got no service from Siemian. The TEs similarly had few targets. Pass blocking was generally OK but run blocking was bad. Edison was good. Hill and Compton weren’t great. The failure to pick up the blitz by Wagner was either on Compton or Edison, I guess Compton. Collins was a weak spot, again. Isidora had a couple of whiffs in pass pro. O’Neill gave up a sack but it looked like he expected a chip from the the RB (Boone IIRC) that didn’t come, and even then he pushed the DE 10 yards deep, but Siemian didn’t climb the pocket. Otherwise he was good pass blocking, bad run blocking. Richardson was the main problem with the first team DL giving up run plays up the middle. Hunter was very good. Robison was invisible and got manhandled by a TE on one outside run to his edge, pushed back 6-7 yards and turned around backwards. Bower looks awesome, he should be playing ahead of Robison. I’ve been a Weatherly skeptic but he was very good for the second game in a row. Parry was good. Holmes and Johnson were just OK. Odenigbo didn’t get anywhere playing DE, think he ends up back on the PS and makes the team in 2019. Barr got to rush off the edge a couple of times and got nowhere. He just isn’t very good at it, never has been. Kendricks was great on the pass coverage play but couldn’t shut down Carson in the open field and gave up a big RAC play. Wilson looks great. The other LBs didn’t impress me but Cliett and Williams were OK. Looked like Brothers might’ve got a concussion on Harris’ pick. Rhodes got bossed a couple of times by Marshall, just like the old days in Chicago. Waynes was good. Newman hasn’t made a play yet this preseason, I hope they don’t have to play him. Sherels had great coverage on his targets, hope his hamstring isn’t too bad. Mathis got burned a couple of times. Hill was OK but still hasn’t shown anything that warrants a roster spot. I think they aim to get him to the PS. Iloka was great on the INT. Looks like a boss out there. Harris and Kearse made a couple of plays. Carlson’s misses were both just wide, the PAT he made was just inside. The first FG attempt in particular looked like it was going in, just hooked at the last second. Quigley and the punt coverage team were unimpressive.
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    Because Bortles only plays us once this year
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    We better not move Collins. He’s our second best defensive player. Just needs to be used correctly.
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    I’m sorry we’re in this situation.
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    If the Packers don't find their ILB on the street, the name to keep in mind is Kendricks. He just signed a month ago with Cleveland, but I've watched a lot of Cleveland preseason football (being in Cleveland) and Kendricks appears to be set for 2nd string at best and therefore may be expendable. The Browns are set with Collins, Kirksey and Schobert as their starting ILBs and James Burgess is a solid young backup in the middle. Kendricks has basically been playing with the 2nd unit, and with that kind of depth, the Packers (a) could wait to see if he maybe gets cut, (b) throw the Browns a conditional pick to snag him.
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    POSITIVE: Our back up offensive tackles were so bad it makes the Raiders pass rushers look like they can afford to trade Mack to us!
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    Really this game means nothing and agree we shouldn’t read too much into this old man Peterson looked good but the key to him is can he do it a few weeks or a season. He’s old and been battered but he’s so much better than anything else we have there now, lauvao is terrible, Smith is a coach killer, Nancy is still Nancy, Anderson is at best a third teamer, swearinger is no where near as good as he says he is, Norman is not a lock down corner- he needs a strong pass rush, Davis is the second worst blocking TE in nfl- reed is the worst, our coaches can’t get plays in on time, colt is the toughest redskin, we have a bunch of young guys who need development especially on defense the team was clearly not properly motivated or prepared to play. To me, this looked very much like every other preseason under Gruden- poor preparation, little to no effort, poor tackling, can’t get plays in, penalties= all attributes of a poorly coached team. But I’m done beating my head against the wall and demanding Gruden be fired. Danny is either or both uncaring and or incompetent for keeping Allen and Gruden. Expecting anything different is foolish ” We are what we repeatedly do” Aristotle
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    Rollins has been relgated to 4th quarter preseason CB.
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    Well, how about that one? For the second year in a row we've won a preseason game on a last-minute touchdown and two-point conversion. Beating up on Seattle is always a good thing, even if it's mostly their second and third-stringers. Great job by everyone, especially Sloter and Wieneke.
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    No, I mean I am pulling a Blue at this point. That is, if footsy continues to be a part of this league, I will not.
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    Every O-Lineman having to change their stance would break offenses.
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    Most of us here are either from Cleveland or have a connection to the city, thus why we're Browns fans. You guys must be straight up masochists to love the Browns without having any connection to the city. But I respect it.
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