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    Can't wait for the Sam Bradford 30 for 30/Football Life...
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    But they ARE in the NFL. A game that is very violent and takes it toll on a human body. You cannot compare a person who has spent his life taking shots to the head to that of a casual. No matter the circumstances. Are we're just going to ignore this https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/07/25/sports/football/nfl-cte.html I'm gonna put a little bit of my personal life out there (which I NEVER do) just to prove a serious point here.. As a middle-aged man now who has suffered NUMEROUS head injuries over the years....I can't tell you how far from the truth this is. See the end of this post for reasons. I REALLY wanna get into more detail in this but I'll try an keep it short. In my pre-teen years...all the way through my early 20's (decades ago) I lived a life-style that made me believe that I needed to fight at any opportunity that presented itself. I used to go looking for fights even though I had enough on my plate as it was dealing my life-style itself. I was getting into so many fights that It got so bad that I literally, on new years one year, made it point to start counting each and every fight that I got into and tally each of those on the wall of "my boys" house's basement wall. In just one year, that total was 76. I would fight sometime twice a day. Mind you, I also played football, boxing and baseball(getting hit in the head with a bat unintentionally when a bat slipped out of someone's hand while practice swinging)....... Between all of this above....you know how many hits that I had taken to the head at such an early age? Fast forward, years later......my life changed and I calmed down and started to think straight. Fast forward even further. 2011. I was obviously grown and much wiser then. I was a decade removed from the BS, I stopped going out, cut people off who were determinant, had changed my life-style completely, got married to my high-school sweetheart and all that. No more fighting or nothing. I made it a point ot avoid it at all cost. Until one day I let my pride get to me once again over something so stupid and bring out the old me. Late night I was leaving a place on a side street with only my wife in the car and I almost pulled out in front of on-coming car by accident but didn't hit him or anything I hit the breaks. (I looked both ways--I think he was speeding--so did everyone else from stories). So he gets out the car in a rage until he realizes that the car behind me was full of my people after they immediately they got out the car. We were heading to a restaurant and the spot were at at the time we could get too by either taking a left or right. Well I went left (direction the car was heading --no relation) and my people went right. We came to stopped sign a couple blocks away and I looked left and saw this same dude with 2 of his boys running up. This is where my pride got to me. I thought it would be a normal fist fight that I was used too and I knew I would get my *** beat with 3 vs 1 but I never cared about taking ***-beating. What I didn't expect was what happened next. Dude ran up on me and hit me with something in the right part of my head with something and I blacked-out after that. I don't remember the rest of the night but I KNOW for a FACT it was a gun that I saw under the street light that night. I've been around enough guns to know what a 380 looks like. I woke up the next morning acting strange I guess and my wife tried to tell me to let her take me to the hospital and I wouldn't go (he words, not mine. I don't remember this). So she called my niece who lived a bloc a way to come over and get here opinion......she couldn't convince me.......so they called my old man. He takes me to the hospital (that I do remember) and the receptionist ask me how did I hurt my head (still bleeding) and I interrupted and said sarcastically "I fell" (I knew they would call the cops if I told them). The last thing I remember after that was a doc coming in and asking a few question.....after that.......nothing but a few visual memories, for atleast , a few days straight. I was asleep. And it was like that for I don;t know how long. When I "woke up" periodically it was very rare. I remember waking up for about a minute and I heard a doc telling my family "I may be here for a 3 weeks"...I responded "sh!t...to hell I am". Anyhow, I had to go through all kinds of therapy and crap (wasn't even allowed to take a shower alone without someone standing in the same room (cool therapist---he respected the privacy and only doing his job). (this is kind of a blur to me) Every day the doc ***'t would come in and ask me simple questions like; who is the name of your name kids? Who is the name of the president?......csimple stuff like that. Well, I couldn't answer any of them, tbh. But I kept telling them that I did see myself remembering more and more as each day went on and that I would be okay. Anyhow, To make a long story even shorter, the doc had ask my wife some questions throughout this ordeal and had told her that she may have to take care of me for the rest of her life because my head injury was so severe. They even told here that if I were to pull through okay (which I did--to an extent) that there is very good chance that she would see heightened increase in my temper, memory, I would become more irritable alot easier than before and many more things. And all of those things that I wrote off as BS just 1 year later in 2012 has come to fruition since then --ten fold. I'm not as cool and collective as I used to be. I get sudden severe head pains(NOT headaches) out of nowhere that last anywhere from 15-45 minutes. I can't remember certain things on the fly anymore--forget what I was going to sya or forget a word on the fly--which is weird because I literally remember EVERYTHING and those around me know that. It's got so bad for me that just last (feb or Mar) I went back to the hospital and pulled my records just because I needed to know what the hell happened and now I'm currently at the point of concern and am now looking for 2nd doctor who can read the print and explain it to me in lamens terms. Point is, I don't care what you or anyone else's "clinical established diagnosis" are. What I do know, from personal experience, is that people writing off CTE or any other mental illness are coming from those who have NEVER once in their lives been through it to any extent.
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    I think Plaxico Burress has an argument for being the biggest one shot wonder.
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    Nick Foles is a 2 shot wonder though? 2013 and 2017.
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    Uncomfortable ? How about embarrassed and ashamed ? I still think the NFL covered their azzes because that play, just like the Seattle debacle, directly affected a W-L. Had they admitted an error, the outrage would have been non-stop
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    Packer fan here, but I will be praying for this kids mental well being. I hope they can diagnose this and get him treated. Mental illness is not something we like to deal with as a society, but hopefully he can get help and speak out about it troubles and the help he hopefully gets.
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    All I know is it's BS. "Protecting" Alex Smith from that Matthews hit and not "protecting" Rodgers from that Payne bodyslam just feels like legalized betting is already impacting games. It's a penalty that can be thrown indiscriminately at any time in any game to majorly impact the outcome, and that's a step towards me being able to do what I did to the NBA to the NFL.
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    It won’t be the first time he will have defied the odds.
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    So I'm gonna take a different angle here. Ugly: We are 0-3 with more than enough issues to work out. Bad: But we've been "mostly" competitive in all 3, with a new scheme and turmoil. It's not pretty, but there are certainly worse teams. We've just got to close games. Good: We're only 1 game behind New England, so I'm staying blissfully ignorant and saying that a WC spot isn't out of the question yet. Truth is, we are 0-3, but Miami and LA both appear pretty good and Denver's D isn't terrible either. And it's not unfair to say we "should" have won all 3. It's not too late to get into a groove, especially when looking at the entire league and how inconsistent some teams have been. We need a better punter and Nelson doesn't need to be starting. But some tweaks can still be made. Carr has been a Jekyll and Hyde QB thus far, but I'm not terribly sour on him yet. Growing pains were expected after all. But Gruden has to make adjustments and prove his worth as we're clearly capable of competing with some of the best in the league in spite of our flaws. Maybe a glass half full way of seeing it, but it hasn't been all bad despite the letdown start.
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    No no no. You don't let him go. Not right now, at least. You're basically saying you're washing your hands of him if you release him. That's the absolute LAST thing you do to him right now.
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    because of the new roughing the passer rules, football sucks now amd im never watching again
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    Raiders fans right now: Browns fans right now: The object of their anger: The object of our affection: It's Week 4, and our game matters! We might even talk football. Chucky is 0-3, and Baker is undefeated.
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    The wait is over and our beautiful baby boy, the Ginger Jesus himself, Carson Wentz is back. Here is file footage of all the jorts I went through on Sunday Now could this be the week that Wentz's #1 target returns to the lineup? And from the "How the hell is this team 2-1" files comes out opponent THE TENNESSEE TITANS They are a team with 1 QB with a broken head and another with a noodle arm, but since the Eagles' defense takes road games off they will somehow score 30 points in a game that we hope they can magically pull out at the last second. Let's go!
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    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24792942/competition-committee-look-roughing-passer-penalties After some rather embarrassing flags on pure football plays, the NFL's competition committee has realized they went too far with emphasizing the rule that has apparently been around since 1995 (per link to the article) but only became an issue after Aaron Rodgers couldn't take a hit. It appears that no official change to the rule is likely during the season, but with the discussions ongoing and bringing officials in, it seems rather clear that they will tell the refs to throw flags on actual penalties and not tough but legal hits.
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    Elite pass rushers mean nothing! QBs are walking around with one leg surviving elite pass rushes in this leauge. I do not have awful QB luck. Vastly different situation.
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    Mental illnesses are terrifying since we still struggle to diagnose and treat them correctly. I sincerely hope Griffen can get back to the field but at a minimum hope he can get back to normal outside of it. He's always seemed like a fun guy to be around (unless your lined up on the opposite side of him before the snap of course). You guys are spot on with this being far greater than football - get well soon Griffen.
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    EXCELLENT break down of Mariota, Taywan, and Jonnu in this article. Highly recommend the read for those of you interested in seeing the game broken down. Vrabels got these boys playing some sound football.
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    But Gute is Ted!!! What conspiracy can I have now?
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    Honestly, if he plays well I move on from Tramon and pay breeland ( 26 years old)
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    Great fit if the medical came back clean. That said, many of you know how I feel about foot medical RED at the skills.
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    @Danger @James @johndeere1707 @EaglesPeteC @DoleINGout @Hunter2_1 @Superman(DH23) @SBLIII @Nozizaki @TankWilliams @Bolts223 @AlNFL19 @evil flamingo @SmittyBacall @Yibbyl @megatechpc
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    Just because you copied what Nate said and then posted doesn't make your mind great you cheating sob.
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    Welcome to the Dirty Dozen. Tiebreaker status (cannot believe I had to calculate this in week 3): @Shady Slim = 4-4-1 (tied for 2nd) @Longhorns90 = 5-4 (tied for 2nd) @Lurker = 4-3-2 (tied for 4th) @Mega Ron = 5-2-2 (tied for 4th) @Packer_ESP = 6-3 (tied for 4th) @Johnthejetsfan = 6-3 (tied for 7th) @DreamKid = 7-2 (tied for 7th) @blkwdw13 = 7-2 (tied for 7th) @roysmyboy31 = 7-2 (tied for 7th) @MikeT14 = 7-2 (tied for 11th) @SWATcha = 7-1-1 (tied for 11th) @FrankRizzo = 7-1-1
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    The issue is, I think the refs are calling the rule as best they can, but it's just a really bad rule. Some of the penalties thrown for hits on Ben last night were absurd, if you don't bring him down shoulder to body like that, how are you supposed to bring him down, he's huge.
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    They just need to change the rules. The most exciting play on defense outside of the pick 6 and safety, is the QB sack. The NFL by catering to the QB too much is ruining the excitement of great defense and thus the product itself. Adding the extra controversy is a bad idea. Because it’ll only buy the NFL time to keep this rule in play just with a slightly different enforcement. Whereas if fans continue to be in uproar over this rule, there is a chance (however slight) that the NFL will be forced to adjust the verbiage of the rule to something that isn’t so heavily enforced.
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    Not only does he have Enough Arm Strength.....something different I notice about the ball he throws.....that I think will help in Cleveland. Look at all the passes he threw when he was setting his feet...the balls comes out in an ULTRA tight spiral. Which I think will help him a LOT when the weather gets bad, the tighter the spiral the less wind gusts and precipitation will affect the pass. I think it also "evens" out things a bit, for instance...Josh Allen throws a football more MPH's than Baker, but Baker throws a football with more RPM's than he does. I think both are a function of being able to play in bad weather games, so while baker may not throw a pass that moves as fast as Allen, I think Mayfield throw's a pass that will be less affected by the elements.... Just my Humble Opinion. Sonny Weaver Jr. had "Baker Mayfield No matter What" on that piece of paper in Draft Day 2 LOL
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    Shouldn't this read "Who will Sam Bradford steal from next?" attached with poll options?
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    Wow, tough crowd. Note to self - do not draw comparisons unless situations are identical.
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    Goat: Northern Illinois, getting upset by a seemingly outmatched FSU.
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    Army for competing against OU and leaving the locker room immaculate.
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    Your insider info game has increased exponentially since the urinal event. well done sir.
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    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/new-findings-on-former-nfl-players-and-suicide-risk/ You didn't tell me where you got your numbers from so I had to go looking. 30 seconds on google makes me think you've got uncredible sources.
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    Most people are woefully ignorant about the prevalence of mental illness
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    Football becomes secondary. Griffen needs to focus on himself.
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    The Patriots are 1-2. The Steelers are 1-1-1. The Vikings are 1-1-1 and should be 1-2. The Falcons are 1-2 and have lost three of their defensive stars to IR. The Saints are 2-1 but could easily be 0-3. This season has NOT started the way we want, but it's way too early for this kind of existential dread.
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    Absolutely. The other two guys are largely stashes...Stills is a bona fide wr bye week filler in a 12 team league along with a low end flex play for me on most weeks. His value is way higher.
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    RoJo got hit at or behind the LOS on almost every carry. I mean it’s time to give him a shot. Baber is ok but we need a legit RB1 who keeps teams honest. Maybe it’s RoJo, maybe it’s not, but it’s time to find out. Do some read option with him, whatever. Just try and get a running game.
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    When I saw this thread pop up, I just knew Frankie would be in here going H.A.M lol
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    You mean 41-21 = 20 17-20 = -3 browns 23 raiders -3
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    then we will all say gruden was a genious
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