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    Jerry Richardson rolling over in his grave. Yes, I know he's still alive. Don't ruin my joke...
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    Wanted the Packers to sign him. Wouldn't have cared if he worm danced during the anthem.
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    There was no reason for him to not be signed. Glad he's on a team.
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    What an absolute moron you are if you think Reid is a clown. As for the signing? Nice signing for the Panthers. Going to be rooting for you guys now.
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    When someone says that line and it actually means the good old days for your franchise...
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    But you do care enough to post false information saying the Seahawks gave him a deal. If you don't care, then don't post about it. You posted about it because you do care. And since you care, get it right.
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    Yet you cared enough to comment about him in here and did some sort of google search.
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    I can’t help but shake the feeling Green would be an absolute monster playing in the Saints offense.
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    TIME: 12:00 TV: FOX Detroit beat NE last week for Patricia the Dancing Bear's 1st victory. Rank top 10 both sides of ball. Dallas looked amazing last week in a close lose to Seattle. Prescott was a crisp 19 of 34 for an whooping 168 yds. He did throw 2 inadvertent INTs and accidentally killed a cricket when he threw a 4yd pass on a 6yd curl. Garrett said it was part of the process. Linehan licked the window. Go Cowboys.
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    Lol trade 6 or 9 starters for one player and then just UDFAs off the street. Then give up 50 a game. But at least we have a big name and made a tradezzzz
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    man I thought I clicked into the Relationship thread and got REALLY confused.
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    Reid is a clown because he kneeled during the national anthem?
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    ICBR's leaked upcoming gameplan:
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    Can you guys imagine how much greater this offense could be if they had stuck with Jeff Fisher and given him time?
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    I work in the mental health field. This is a very well thought out post. Thanks for sharing VV.
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    I will be in the stands for this game!!
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    I seriously can't stand him. They won't throw Matthews under the bus so he's angry about it because it doesn't give him a news story. They have chosen not to let it be a distraction in their locker room. They made the professional choice. Paul Kuharsky is a bitchy little baby.
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    I’ve been saying for years that this forum is the most fickle thing I’ve ever seen. ? I like our chances this game, but I definitely don’t think it’s a lock that we win. Oakland barely lost their past two games and will be hungry for a win. And knowing this forum, they’ll be calling for Baker to be benched if we lose.
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    Its official....James Harrison is a complete POS.
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    I've got to assume that he's thinking New England.
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    Just an outsider's opinion here, I don't think you can jump on Cousins. Yes, he fumbled. I have that fear every time a defender gets near Goff. He also has a tendency to get stripped on sacks. Reality is that Cousins was marvelous tonight. Goff was simply better. This is the best I've ever seen Goff play. Not much Cousins can do. Y'all are really missing Everson Griffin. Having Hunter coming off one edge and Griffen coming off the other would have changed the game tonight.
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    Damn this defense for ruining how fun it is to watch Cousins.
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    He should have signed somewhere that had a good defense.
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    agree best qbing ive seen this year so far. mahomes wishes he had the stuff that goff has
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    Now THIS is how you troll kids.
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    Yes. Half time is coming up soon
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    Crackers for bread we talking about a got damn lunchable
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    https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/teamdef oak has one of the worst defenses in the game with a terrible pass rush cle has one of the best defenses in the league and has been holding teams to 14 pts less than their avg if antonio brown and michael thomas didnt absolutely cripple us, im not entirely too worried about amari cooper. its been about our qb for the last three years. if you cant pass they dont have to respect it so they stop the run. baker instantly takes this away due to the fact that he's accurate, makes quick reads and throws to the middle of the field. carlos hyde showed just how monstrous he can be with some space. if oak cant slow baker down (3 in 3 games) they're screwed unless baker messes up. i dont think he will.
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    Nobody is using it to be outraged. It's been meme'd, because it's funny at how utterly and incomprehensibly tone deaf they are. -10 points for unironic use of SJW.
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    One of the reporters made the comment "Welcome Back" first for context. Yeah, I m not really sure the issue when he is directly looking and responding to the reporter with his response. He wasn t making a general response to the nation. ?
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    I’m rooting for the Browns this year, heck at work they always have Redzone and we were all going nuts during the Saints and Steelers games. However.. I’ve never seen a forum go from super humble to super cocky in the span of a few weeks. I see most are calling this a lock and also predicting Browns by two scores. It’s hard to beat any team by two scores on the road.. even for a playoff caliber team. I also think you guys are underestimating Oakland. Sure, they are nothing special this year, but they are still probably a seven win football team who can compete any given Sunday. We lost at home to the best team in football, the Rams. On the road to Denver last second who have been virtually unbeatable at home in September the past 15 years or so. And on the road to Miami in the final minute who are the 3-0 and looking like a possible 10 win team this year. I’ll stand by my Raider 24-21 prediction and 50/50 game. I wish you guys the best of luck, no injuries, and really looking forward to watching Baker Mayfield. Looks like a real special talent so far.
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    Yeah, it's more like 800/1300 in Kamaras case. Which puts him in an odd category for HBs.
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    He's had 2 or 3 offers and turned them down. Kap is done in the NFL.
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    Agreed. Considering how much Baker looked for Andrews a ton OSU, I’d imagine Njoku has to be licking his chops right now.
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    I mean. At full speed, that's a bang bang play. It's easy to dissect it after the play's over, looking at it in slow motion. But refs don't get to dwell on it and analyze it after the fact. And QBs don't get the same protection outside the pocket.
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    You really dont need to watch the original trilogy of films. You definitely dont need to watch Wolverine Origins (for the love of god dont do it). The Wolverine is good, but again unnecessary. If you want to include it, watch that first and then the new movies in order: First Class Days of Future Past Apocalypse
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    Boom or bust meaning he either hits a long run or gets little to nothing or even lose yards on his runs. There isn’t consistency on his runs. I feel like if you put Kamara on the Giants he would be looking like Barkley where he will fighting a lot of times just to get back to the LOS. If you put Barkley on the Saints people will be having this same conversation of “is Barkley the best back in the league” based on his production with Brees and Payton. That’s all I’m saying.
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    (link to 1st Quarter notes above) 2nd Quarter Notes - If it’s 1st down we are in our base or Nickel, we’re playing Cover 1. Way too predictable at this point, considering we don’t have the talent to just ‘line up and play’. Who the Cover 1 Safety is changes at least … - 1st play of the 2nd Q shows the Ravens in a 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB set and we actually put CHJ out wide with John Brown rather than the slot vs Snead (Roby plays the slot, Yiadom outside). Good job Brown is the read and not Crabtree, who smoked Yiadom off the LOS - More snaps for Shane Ray at DT on 3rd and long - Kenny Young, the Ravens ILB really jumps off the film. Quick processor, and shoots the gap excellently - Three 2 and a bit games of watching us on All 22 I really question how much ability Case has to read a Defense presnap. We run a formation that sees Booker outside, with Janovich in the slot to the same side. Suggs is lined up over Janovich, but the Ravens keep their RCB (Carr) over Booker. The Ravens are in their base 3-4 which resulted in their FS (Tony Jefferson) coming down and covering Sanders. Case HAS to see this and look straight to it. I get that Suggs can’t cover Janovich, but the route concept sees Janovich run a quick out and Booker run a slant over the top of it. Weddle, from his Cover 1 spot, sees it and closes on Booker to disrupt the play for an incompletion. Look at Sanders in the slot ………. - Ron Leary gets beat by a blitzing ILB too quickly for the 3rd down conversion to have even a chance. Bolles beaten by an inside move too - Marquette King’s first couple of punts have been shambolic, at very best - Josey Jewell isn’t taking any Nickel snaps. Clearly don’t trust him in coverage - Shelby Harris excellent in the run game thus far - Bradley Roby has played almost exclusively in off coverage in this game and the previous 2, yet he chooses 3rd and 10 with no Safety help as the time to get up at the LOS … Honestly – where is the Coaching here? We’re bringing 5 man pressure, so you have to play as if the ball is coming out quick. Just play 8 yards off, plant your feet and drive if it’s a short route (out, slant, etc). Roby plays bump and run, gets turned around straight away and then Flacco throws a back shoulder for a 1st down. Incredibly incompetent. It’s a very good throw, but it can’t be completed if Roby is lined up properly - I’ve not a clue what Von is doing for the Buck Allen TD reception. RB is clearly his responsibility, yet he plays it as if he’s in Zone coverage. Easiest score Ravens can ask for - DT running his depth wrong on the 3rd down that fell a yard short is just not acceptable for a team of our talent level. Those details matter. Suggs comes untouched due to a breakdown in the backfield between Janovich and Heuerman. Case did well just to give the play a chance - Ravens just running Cover 1 beaters on 1st down now. Flacco looks the single high Safety off to his left, then looks back to the right for a Corner route (Brown vs Yiadom) with no help over the top. 40 yard completion. It’s another great throw, but you can’t just leave your rookie CB in his first game out there in isolation with no scheme disguise. - We go with the EXACT same call the next play. Base 3-4, Cover 1. Flacco goes back to the well – Yiadom outside with no help, go route by Crabtree. Solid coverage by Yiadom, incomplete - 3rd play in a run – base 3-4, Cover 1. Unbelievable. 1 yard loss on a run play. Todd Davis has had an excellent half thus far. Gotsis in on the play too - The push in the back penalty on Peko is an awful one, but WHY even put your hands on him? It’s a 320lbs Center who is 20 yards behind the play. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb - The 8 yard run by Lindsay the following play had some lovely blocks. Look below at Paradis nearly taking his guy to the sideline, but more impressively look at the extension of Heuerman’s block. Gets his hips parallel to create the hole and keeps the extension. Textbook - There is 3.30 left in the 2nd and honestly, we are right in this game. Just slight bits of sloppiness but nowhere near the trainwreck that we know ensues … 2 great runs for a total of 18 yards to start this particular drive - Garrett Bolles has no clue whatsoever what he’s doing on that fake end around that lead to a) a massive loss after the sack/fumble and b) Lindsay getting ejected. He just let Suggs go totally untouched after half a second … - I like McGovern, especially for his price tag, but like Veldheer he plays too high and it really shows vs inside moves. Needs to work on that - Roby basically gifted the Ravens 20 yards on this play. Snead comes in motion from the left side of the formation to the right, with him being the only receiver on that side. Yes, it’s a lot of space for Roby to cover in Cover 1 (shock) but you can’t play with 3-4 yards outside leverage when you don’t have definite help inside. If anything, use the sideline as a defender and use inside leverage. I bet all of this forum could make this throw. He misses the tackle, too - Still seeing absolutely nothing from Derek Wolfe as a pass rusher. Especially in this 2 minute drill. Gotsis far outperforming him this season - I honestly think I’ve just watched the two most important plays of this game. First, the (ridiculous) end around call that Bolles messed up, and then Shaq Barrett’s total fail at trying to recover the sack fumble by Shane Ray (lovely swim move from a DT alignment, too). If Barrett falls on that, we’re at the Ravens 35 yard line with a minute on the clock. Instead, we’re at our own 13 yard line - The playcalling to end the half was ridiculous. 1st down, we call a run play. 2nd down, we call a play that has one player even remotely close to the sideline when we’ve got no timeouts. Play results in a sack because Keenum doesn’t want to throw to an open Sanders 6 yards downfield because he’s got no chance of getting out of bounds – a totally sound decision. This sack is definitely not on the OL; it was blocked well. Terrible playcall.
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    If those 3 trends continue, it is an easy win for the mighty cleveland browns.
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    So you guys think you know more than Cris Collinsville now huh??! Lol HHCD, another guy we would be dying to trade for if he was on another team and we needed a safety but we don't like. And that score would be everywhere as why he's good.
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    This is amazing news. Eric Reid isn't Eric Berry or anything, but he's a solid player and fits in extremely well with our defense skill-set wise. We've been able to get productive seasons out of average safeties before in Rivera's defense - Mitchell, Coleman, old man Adams, old man Mikell, etc. Reid is the most talented guy we've had at the position in Rivera's tenure here though. This also for the first time in what feels like forever makes me feel like the secondary is a strength on this team. Bradberry has been shadowing the #1 WR all year and did an excellent job vs Jones/Green, Jackson has been outstanding, and Adams is consistent in run support. Munnerlyn is whatever, but if Reid can step in and produce, our defense should see a noticeable improvement. Plus, anything to get Colin Jones off the field is a +. Good special teamer and nothing wrong with that, seems like a good dude, but he shouldn't be a starter. Also just try to keep it to football.
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    smart of cousins not to throw it near treadwells hands. the last thing they need is a tip pick
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    baker mania runnin wild all over everyone
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    Also, Richardsonless Panthers are the best Panthers.
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    On planet namek they call him the destroyer of Vikings.
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