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    The talk was always that Moore had Manning level football intelligence but Colt Brennan level physical talent. PLUS he still looks like he is 12
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    Add them chips on his shoulder....
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    So I’ve watched all I’m going to watch of Jachai Polite. Georgia. Vandy. LSU. Alabama. Michigan. Tennessee. Strengths: Constantly has his head up looking for the ball. Plays the read option correctly, consistently. Knows which gap is the right one to attack. Keeps contain appropriately. Gets his hands in pass lanes when beaten. Burst is capable of getting around Tackles with bad movement skill. Knows how to slash at QBs as he runs his arch, resulting in fumbles. Dips his shoulder effectively. Will flash a spin move as a counter. Smart player. Weaknesses: Lack of size frequently shows up. He’s pushed back off the snap fairly often in run situations. Once blocked, stays blocked too often in pass rush rather than going to a counter move. Can go quiet for long periods. Not someone you count on for hussle. Short sighted in coverage. Overall, I’m not really understanding why anyone would consider Polite at 12th overall. I don’t see a player who’s going to be regularly effective in pass rush at the NFL level. I see a guy with a burst that can beat lesser athletes and eyes to follow the ball but otherwise lacks a clear trait that will lead to success in the NFL. Power is average. Speed is above average. CoD is above average. Doesn’t lumber in coverage but QBs can move him where they want with their eyes. Combine numbers will decide whether he falls in the category of 2nd or 3rd round for me, as Polite’s ceiling is a 2nd fiddle pass rusher but his floor is a bust for me.
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    TOP PRIORITY FREE AGENT Rodney Gunter - DT Arizona Cardinals Will have familiarity with multiple coaches on the Browns and had 8.5 sacks from the 3-tech spot. 27 years old and won’t cost a ton. Has to be someone the Browns sign.
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    WTF is a Pepsi Rookie of the Year award and why is this a thing???? Who won the Sprite Rookie of the Year or the Coca Cola Rookie of the Year????
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    Ah yes because how good someone was as a player has tons to do with how they are thought of as a coach. Some of you do realize that sometimes maybe less talented players end up being far better coaches or don't even coach the position they played a lot of the time? Or I guess the bigger point is some of you I don't think understand how coaches get their start. It's not like every single coach ever hired is some hidden gem, coaches get hired because of networking and recommendations. If you really think Kyle Shanahan was a massive miss by Elway then why is it such a bad thing when we hired 2 coaches from his staff he clearly thought highly enough of. Nepotism is an overrated term in the NFL, it is around every single franchise on every single level.
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    Next year is the year. The Super Bowl is, once again, returning to Miami. 2 of the last 3 times it's been held in Miami were after the 1998 season and after the 2009 season. And also, the Super Bowl was held in Miami after the Hail Mary. It's time for Karmic payback.
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    You had $1 more to go to get Barry ******* Bonds and spent $4 on a closer. Evaluate yourself.
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    There's some days you read McGinn and think some kid must've walked across his lawn that morning, then there are other days where it seems like a kindergarten class took a field trip to it.
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    Man so the energy company for most of Michigan had their plant blow up from the extreme cold and all the customers risked having their power shut off from it. The company sent out a mass warning to all Michiganders to turn their thermostat to 65° to ensure that didn’t happen and it made me think of @Outpost31 survivor game where you choose to confess on your teammates or stay silent. How many people are gonna drop it and how many are gonna say their usage won’t send it over and will keep it at the higher temp
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    The knicks might be the dumbest franchise in sports.
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    The Laker needs to trades for Anthony Davises
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    Kellen Moore and Jon Kitna name a more iconic duo
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    So then why would you agree to it via pm? You know most people who don't want a trade don't tell someone to post it, they usually just say "no". So now I see you are the awesome kind of guy that just likes to agree to a trade to make someone look like an *******. Fun. Now I know not to waste my time with you anymore.
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    Is this some sort of reverse psychology bit? Because I was starting to come around on Lock now I don't know what to think.
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    In 2011, our number 4 WR was Emmanuel Sanders. Our number 5 was Jerricho Cotchery, and even he wouldve been a good number 4. Our depth chart that year.... Mike Wallace Hines Ward (hurt most of the year, but still technically a starter) Antonio Brown (stole the spotlight from Emmanuel Sanders) Emmanuel Sanders (good, but never took the next step until he left here) Jerricho Cotchery (solid player...usually delivered when we needed him to)
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    I think this could be a funny topic. I really do. But I don't trust a single person here to not escalate this in the wrong direction. So...
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    N'Keal Harry is so physical it's hard not to like him, especially as that limitations of that offense seems to be working against him most of the time. He's just a bully and he seems to find several extra gears when the ball is in his hands. It's the opposite of quicker than fast, he speeds up after the ball arrives. I think he's a first round receiver in a very good class.
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    Been away pretty the last two days and didn’t check this much because my picks were all done. I thought the draft ran very smoothly for how many rounds we had to get done. Tbh that was the best on forum and dynasty league draft I’ve been a part off. Good luck this season fellas and hope this league is going for many years to come
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    Easy buddy boy. You're getting awfully comfortable with someone who has used his 47 draft picks as an NFL GM on only 1 Ohio State Buckeye.
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    Free agency doesn't start until March 13. Seems like a long way away.
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    NACHO SIMULATION FOOTBALL LEAGUE DRAFT Draft Rules & Info This thread is for making picks only (although explaining your picks is also permissible). Please keep all other discussion in the main thread, here, thanks!. Welcome to the NSFL Season 17 draft! In this draft, you will be drafting to fill your teams after determining keepers from last season. As this is a Winter season, you will be drafting from a player pool of released veterans and coaches, but not incoming rookies. You may draft ANY current NFL player, the list is meant to act as only a reminder of who is left. When you draft a player/coach, please also list the position you are drafting them as. If you do not, I'll put them at my best guess (you can change this at any time, however). Teams are required to draft one Quarterback, two Halfbacks, one Fullback, one Tight End, two Offensive tackles, two Offensive guards, one Center, three Wide Receivers, two Defensive ends, two Defensive tackles (or one Nose Tackle for 3-4s), two Outside Linebackers, one Middle Linebacker (or two Inside Linebackers for 3-4s), two Cornerbacks, two Safeties, one Kicker, and one Punter. Teams also draft four coaches: A Head Coach, an Offensive Coordinator, a Defensive Coordinator, and a Special Teams Coordinator. In addition to this, teams may have a five-player practice squad to keep players they want exclusive rights over who can be kept for cheap between seasons. Also, a team will have a Kick/Punt Returner, which can be any starting player or practice squad player. The NSFL Draft will begin Wednesday, February 6th at 8am, and run every day thereafter from 8am to 11pm until every team has their roster filled. Times are listed in ET. Timeslots are 45 minutes long so that each Round will be one day. Order was determined by last season, and the draft will NOT snake. For the first 10 rounds, teams will select one player or coach each round. For every round thereafter, teams will select two. For your own sake, try to make your picks on time. Not making any of your selections for a 5-day period is grounds for you to be declared inactive and you may be replaced as an owner. At the very least, let me know if you need to go for a period of time. Also, picks are that over two days old will be auto-selected by myself, using the previous season's draft as a draft board. Since teams draft on the same time each day except traded picks, I am sorry to those who has a draft spot that doesn't work for them. If you know you cannot make your pick on time, you may send me (TheKillerNacho) a draft board, and I will try to select for you. Also, if the team ahead of you has already selected, you may make your selection early. Feel free to PM the person after you to tell them they are OTC. This year's draft order (determined by last season's standings): 1. Phoenix Rattlers (2-14) 2. Hanoi Viet Kongs (3-13) 3. Freiburg Venom (4-12) 4. Breckenridge Cannibals (5-11) 5. Southview Saints (6-10) 6. Richmond Flying Squirrels (6-10) 7. Reykjavík Direwolves (6-9-1) 8. Kansas City Knights (7-9) 9. Seattle Sonics (7-9) 10. Indianapolis Predators (8-8) 11. Tacoma Thunder (8-8) 12. Rocket City Trash Pandas (10-6) 13. Rio de Janeiro Pirates (9-7) 14. Miami Sharks (10-6) 15. South Africa Woolly Mammoths (10-5-1) 16. Egypt Starfalls (11-5) 17. Chicago Fire (12-4) 18. Iowa Jagwads (12-4) 19. Little Rock Uni Royals (12-4) 20. Scranton Papermakers (11-5) Selections ROUND 1 (Wed, Feb 6) Reykjavík Direwolves (8:00 AM) [From PHO] - Darius Leonard, OLB (IND) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - Kenny Golladay, WR (DET) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Byron Jones, CB (DAL) Breckenridge Cannibals (10:15 AM) - Anthony Barr, OLB (MIN) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Trent Williams, OT (WAS) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Damon Harrison, DT (DET) Rocket City Trash Pandas (12:30 PM) [From REY] - Terron Armstead, OT (NO) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Chris Carson, RB (SEA) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Amari Cooper, WR (DAL) Phoenix Rattlers (2:45 PM) [From IND] - Xavien Howard, CB (MIA) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Larry Fitzgerald, WR (ARI) Breckenridge Cannibals (4:15 PM) [From RC] - Emmanuel Sanders, WR (DEN) Little Rock Uni Royals (5:00 PM) [From RJ] - Aqib Talib, CB (LAR) Egypt Starfalls (5:45 PM) [From MIA] - Janoris Jenkins, CB (NYG) Richmond Flying Squirrels (6:30 PM) [From SA] - Kenny Clark, DT (GB) Phoenix Rattlers (7:15 PM) [From EGY] - James Conner, RB (PIT) Egypt Starfalls (8:00 PM) [From CHI] - Andrew Whitworth, OT (LAR) Rocket City Trash Pandas (8:45 PM) [From IOW] - Jarran Reed, DT (SEA) Scranton Papermakers (9:30 PM) [From LR] - Jaylon Smith, ILB (DAL) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - Stephon Tuitt, DE (PIT) ROUND 2 (Thu, Feb 7) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (8:00 AM) [From PHO] - Mark Ingram, RB (NO) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - Lavonte David, OLB (TB) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Phillip Lindsay, RB (DEN) Little Rock Uni Royals (10:15 AM) [From BRE] - C.J. Mosley, ILB (BAL) Iowa Jagwads (11:00 AM) [From SOU] - Jordan Howard, RB (CHI) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Aaron Jones, RB (GB) Breckenridge Cannibals (12:30 PM) [From REY] - Eddie Goldman, DT (CHI) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (1:15 PM) [From KC] - Trumaine Johnson, CB (NYJ) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Alshon Jeffery, WR (PHI) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Doug Baldwin, WR (SEA) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Reshad Jones, FS (MIA) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - Kendall Fuller, CB (KC) Iowa Jagwads (5:00 PM) [From RJ] - Leonard Williams, DT (NYJ) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Carlos Dunlap, DE (CIN) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) - Julian Edelman, WR (NE) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Duane Brown, OT (SEA) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (8:00 PM) [From CHI] - Mitchell Schwartz, OT (KC) Egypt Starfalls (8:45 PM) [From IOW] - Tyler Boyd, WR (CIN) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (9:30 PM) [From LR] - Julius Peppers, DE (CAR) Freiburg Venom (10:15 PM) [From SCR] - Brandon Brooks, OG (PHI) ROUND 3 (Fri, Feb 8) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (8:00 AM) [From PHO] - Jason Peters, OT (PHI) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - Telvin Smith, OLB (JAX) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - DeSean Jackson, WR (TB) Chicago Fire (10:15 AM) [From BRE] - Jason Kelce, C (PHI) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Keanu Neal, SS (ATL) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Myles Jack, ILB (JAX) Chicago Fire (12:30 PM) [From REY] - Brandon Carr, CB (BAL) Chicago Fire (1:15 PM) [From KC] - Robert Quinn, DE (MIA) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Rodney Hudson, C (OAK) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Travis Frederick, C (DAL) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Jonathan Allen, DE (WAS) Reykjaví­k Direwolves (4:15 PM) [From RC] - Malik Jackson, DT (JAX) Scranton Papermakers (5:00 PM) [From RJ] - Johnathan Joseph, CB (HOU) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Golden Tate, WR (PHI) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) - Joel Bitonio, OG (CLE) Little Rock Uni Royals (7:15 PM) [From EGY] - Linval Joseph, DT (MIN) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Adrian Peterson, RB (WAS) Egypt Starfalls (8:45 PM) [From IOW] - Mike Williams, WR (LAC) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - Rob Havenstein, OT (LAR) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - Brandon J. Williams, DT (BAL) ROUND 4 (Sat, Feb 9) Reykjaví­k Direwolves (8:00 AM) [From PHO] - Kareem Jackson, SS (HOU) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - Alex Smith, QB (WAS) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Blake Martinez, ILB (GB) Breckenridge Cannibals (10:15 AM) - Matt Paradis, C (DEN) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Taylor Lewan, OT (TEN) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Jake Matthews, OT (ATL) Phoenix Rattlers (12:30 PM) [From REY] - Demaryius Thomas, WR (HOU) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (1:15 PM) [From KC] - Malik Hooker, FS (IND) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Jared Cook, TE (OAK) Hanoi Viet Kongs (2:45 PM) [From IND] - Ronnie Stanley, OT (BAL) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Zach Brown, ILB (WAS) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - Joe Haden, CB (PIT) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Marvin Jones, WR (DET) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Maurkice Pouncey, C (PIT) Hanoi Viet Kongs (6:30 PM) [From SA] - Allen Robinson, WR (CHI) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Eric Ebron, TE (IND) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Kevin Zeitler, OG (CLE) Reykjaví­k Direwolves (8:45 PM) [From IOW] - Alejandro Villanueva, OT (PIT) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - Ali Marpet, OG (TB) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - Anthony Castonzo, OT (IND) ROUND 5 (Sun, Feb 10) Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Marcus Davenport, DE (NO) Phoenix Rattlers (8:45 AM) [From HAN] - Vita Vea, DT (TB) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Prince Amukamara, CB (CHI) Freiburg Venom (10:15 AM) [From BRE] - Matt Judon, OLB (BAL) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Mike Daniels, DE (GB) Hanoi Viet Kongs (11:45 AM) [From RIC] - Russell Okung, OT (LAC) Reykjaví­k Direwolves (12:30 PM) - Lorenzo Alexander, OLB (BUF) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Randall Cobb, WR (GB) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Charles Leno, OT (CHI) Phoenix Rattlers (2:45 PM) [From IND] - Corey Davis, WR (TEN) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Jimmy Smith, CB (BAL) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - K.J. Wright, OLB (SEA) Scranton Papermakers (5:00 PM) [From RJ] - Brandon Scherff, OG (WAS) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Leonard Fournette, RB (JAX) Rocket City Trash Pandas (6:30 PM) [From SA] - Andrew Norwell, OG (JAX) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Kam Chancellor, SS (SEA) Reykjaví­k Direwolves (8:00 PM) [From CHI] - Lawrence Guy, DT (NE) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Joe Schobert, OLB (CLE) Iowa Jagwads (9:30 PM) [From LR] - Jamie Collins, OLB (CLE) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (10:15 PM) [From SCR] - Devonta Freeman, RB (ATL) ROUND 6 (Mon, Feb 11) Reykjaví­k Direwolves (8:00 AM) [From PHO] - Bryce Callahan, CB (CHI) Phoenix Rattlers (8:45 AM) [From HAN] - Lamar Miller, RB (HOU) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - J.C. Tretter, C (CLE) Breckenridge Cannibals (10:15 AM) - Mike McGlinchey, OT (SF) Scranton Papermakers (11:00 AM) [From SOU] - Daryl Williams, OT (CAR) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Lamarcus Joyner, SS (LAR) Tacoma Thunder (12:30 PM) [From REY] - Max Unger, C (NO) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Malcolm Butler, CB (TEN) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Joe Thuney, OG (NE) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - O.J. Howard, TE (TB) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Sheldon Richardson, DT (MIN) Indianapolis Predators (4:15 PM) [From RC] - Marcell Dareus, DT (JAX) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Robby Anderson, WR (NYJ) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Denzel Perryman, ILB (LAC) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) - Brandon Linder, C (JAX) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Da'Ron Payne, DT (WAS) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Ezekiel Ansah, DE (DET) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Michael Crabtree, WR (BAL) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - Bill Belichick, HC (NE) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - Trey Burton, TE (CHI) ROUND 7 (Tue, Feb 12) Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Evan Engram, TE (NYG) Breckenridge Cannibals (8:45 AM) [From HAN] - Tyrone Crawford, DE (DAL) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Chris Godwin, WR (TB) Hanoi Viet Kongs (10:15 AM) [From BRE] - Kelechi Osemele, OG (OAK) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Jimmy Graham, TE (GB) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Sammy Watkins, WR (KC) Reykjavík Direwolves (12:30 PM) - Marcus Cannon, OT (NE) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (1:15 PM) [From KC] - Sean Payton, HC (NO) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Sterling Shepard, WR (NYG) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Sean McVay, HC (LAR) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Mike Pouncey, C (LAC) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - Javon Hargrave, DT (PIT) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Trai Turner, OG (CAR) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - David Njoku, TE (CLE) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) - Andy Reid, OC (KC) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Kyler Fackrell, OLB (GB) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Rodger Saffold, OG (LAR) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Damontae Kazee, SS (ATL) Iowa Jagwads (9:30 PM) [From LR] - Jessie Bates, FS (CIN) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - T.J. Lang, OG (DET) ROUND 8 (Wed, Feb 13) Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Clay Matthews, OLB (GB) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - Sean Lee, OLB (DAL) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Demar Dotson, OT (TB) Breckenridge Cannibals (10:15 AM) - Matt Nagy, HC (CHI) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Dont'a Hightower, ILB (NE) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Bruce Irvin, OLB (ATL) Reykjaví­k Direwolves (12:30 PM) - Jayon Brown, ILB (TEN) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Jordan Hicks, ILB (PHI) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Larry Warford, OG (NO) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Kwon Alexander, ILB (TB) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Bryan Bulaga, OT (GB) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (4:15 PM) [From RC] - Jason McCourty, CB (NE) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Cordy Glenn, OT (CIN) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Kiko Alonso, OLB (MIA) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) - Demario Davis, OLB (NO) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Thomas Davis, OLB (CAR) Reykjaví­k Direwolves (8:00 PM) [From CHI] - Courtland Sutton, WR (DEN) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Kyle Van Noy, OLB (NE) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - Donald Penn, OT (OAK) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (10:15 PM) [From SCR] - Pete Carroll, HC (SEA) ROUND 9 (Thu, Feb 14) Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Jabaal Sheard, DE (IND) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - Mike Tomlin, HC (PIT) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Zach Cunningham, ILB (HOU) Phoenix Rattlers (10:15 AM) [From BRE] - Bradley McDougald, SS (SEA) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Muhammad Wilkerson, DE (GB) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Dalvin Cook, RB (MIN) Reykjaví­k Direwolves (12:30 PM) - Laremy Tunsil, OT (MIA) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Josh Kline, OG (TEN) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Michael Brockers, DE (LAR) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Brent Grimes, CB (TB) Seattle Sonics (3:30 PM) [From TAC] - LeSean McCoy, RB (BUF) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - Doug Pederson, HC (PHI) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Eric Fisher, OT (KC) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Tre Boston, SS (ARI) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) - Patrick Chung, SS (NE) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Brian Orakpo, OLB (TEN) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Danny Trevathan, ILB (CHI) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Christian Kirksey, ILB (CLE) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - NaVorro Bowman, ILB (FA) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - Chris Long, DE (PHI) ROUND 10 (Fri, Feb 15) Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Kyle Williams, DT (BUF) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - Delanie Walker, TE (TEN) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Jameis Winston, QB (TB) Breckenridge Cannibals (10:15 AM) - La'el Collins, OT (DAL) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Ramon Foster, OG (PIT) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Adoree Jackson, CB (TEN) Reykjaví­k Direwolves (12:30 PM) - Kyle Rudolph, TE (MIN) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Ryan Kelly, C (IND) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Damarious Randall, FS (CLE) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Tarik Cohen, RB (CHI) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Gus Edwards, RB (BAL) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - Marlon Mack, RB (IND) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Frank Gore, RB (MIA) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Morgan Moses, OT (WAS) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) - Greg Olsen, TE (CAR) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Alec Ogletree, ILB (NYG) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Isaiah Crowell, RB (NYJ) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - David Andrews, C (NE) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - Jared Veldheer, OT (DEN) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - John Harbaugh, HC (BAL) ROUND 11 (Sat, Feb 16) [SELECT TWO!] Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - A'Shawn Robinson, DT (DET) and Avery Williamson, ILB (NYJ) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - Dalvin Tomlinson, DE (NYG) and Kyle Juszczyk, FB (SF) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Vic Fangio, DC (CHI) and Tashaun Gipson, FS (JAX) Breckenridge Cannibals (10:15 AM) - Tevin Coleman, RB (ATL) and Mohamed Sanu, WR (ATL) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Ryan Kalil, C (CAR) and Greg Zuerlein, K (LAR) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Ryan Tannehill, QB (MIA) and Patrick DiMarco, FB (BUF) Reykjaví­­k Direwolves (12:30 PM) - Anthony Lynn, HC (LAC) and Robbie Gould, K (SF) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (1:15 PM) [From KC] - Cory Littleton, ILB (LAR) and Matthew Ioannidis, DE (WAS) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - James Bradberry, CB (CAR) and Wesley Woodyard, ILB (TEN) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (2:45 PM) [From IND] - Ryan Shazier, ILB (PIT) and Wil Lutz, K (NO) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Dez Bryant, WR (NO) and Johnathan Hankins, DT (OAK) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - Jabrill Peppers, SS (CLE) and Mitch Morse, C (KC) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Anthony Sherman, FB (KC) and Adam Vinatieri, K (IND) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Nate Solder, OT (NYG) and Kyle Shanahan, HC (SF) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) - Trent Brown, OT (NE) and Jakeem Grant, WR (MIA) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Mike Zimmer, HC (MIN) and Matt Breida, RB (SF) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Jim Harbaugh, HC (FA) and Brandon M. Marshall, ILB (DEN) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Riley Reiff, OT (MIN) and Ricky Wagner, OT (DET) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - Corey Linsley, C (GB) and Wade Phillips, DC (LAR) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - Reuben Foster, ILB (WAS) and Jay Ajayi, RB (PHI) ROUND 12 (Sun, Feb 17) [SELECT TWO!] Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Cordarrelle Patterson, WR (NE) and Cody Whitehair, C (CHI) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - Rodney McLeod, FS (PHI) and Ronald Darby, CB (PHI) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Star Lotulelei, DT (BUF) and Josh Gordon, WR (NE) Breckenridge Cannibals (10:15 AM) - Will Hernandez, OG (NYG) and Matt Bryant, K (ATL) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Bruce Arians, HC (FA) and Trae Waynes, CB (MIN) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Tyrell Williams, WR (LAC) and Dan Quinn, HC (ATL) Reykjaví­­k Direwolves (12:30 PM) - James White, RB (NE) and Pete Carmichael, OC (NO) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Ron Rivera, HC (CAR) and Hunter Henry, TE (LAC) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Tahir Whitehead, OLB (OAK) and Frank Reich, HC (IND) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Eric Reid, SS (CAR) and Jason Verrett, CB (LAC) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Taylor Decker, OT (DET) and Bill O'Brien, HC (HOU) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - Darron Lee, ILB (NYJ) and Kyle Long, OG (CHI) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Nelson Agholor, WR (PHI) and Ben Jones, C (TEN) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Andy Levitre, OG (ATL) and Stephen Gostkowski, K (NE) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) - Austin Ekeler, RB (LAC) and Teddy Bridgewater, QB (NO) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Mike Iupati, OG (ARI) and Aldrick Rosas, K (NYG) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Austin Hooper, TE (ATL) and Todd Davis, ILB (DEN) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Taylor Moton, OG (CAR) and Austin Blythe, OG (LAR) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - Mark Glowinski, OG (IND) and Nick Perry, OLB (GB) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - Devin Funchess, WR (CAR) and Todd Bowles, DC (NYJ) ROUND 13 (Mon, Feb 18) [SELECT TWO!] Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Matt Prater, K (DET) and Dion Dawkins, OT (BUF) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - John Sullivan, C (LAR) and Marshawn Lynch, RB (OAK) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Josh McDaniels, OC (NE) and Harold Landry, DE (TEN) Breckenridge Cannibals (10:15 AM) - Antonio Gates, TE (LAC) and Jack Crawford, DT (ATL) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Dontari Poe, DT (CAR) and Romeo Crennel, DC (HOU) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Gus Bradley, DC (LAC) and Dave Toub, STC (KC) Reykjaví­­k Direwolves (12:30 PM) - Andy Lee, P (ARI) and Braden Smith, OG (IND) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Malcom Brown, DT (NE) and Leonard Floyd, OLB (CHI) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Shawn Williams, SS (CIN) and Derek Wolfe, DE (DEN) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Will Fuller, WR (HOU) and Jack Conklin, OT (TEN) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Harrison Butker, K (KC) and Adam Humphries, WR (TB) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - John Brown, WR (BAL) and Derek Barnett, DE (PHI) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Larry Ogunjobi, DT (CLE) and Karl Joseph, SS (OAK) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Gregg Williams, DC (CLE) and Jon Bostic, ILB (PIT) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) - Thomas Morstead, P (NO) and James Develin, FB (NE) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Don Martindale, DC (BAL) and Dirk Koetter, OC (TB) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Garett Bolles, OT (DEN) and Bobby Massie, OT (CHI) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Dede Westbrook, WR (JAX) and Curtis Samuel, WR (CAR) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - Jordan Reed, TE (WAS) and Johnny Hekker, P (LAR) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - Ka'Imi Fairbairn, K (HOU) and Vic Beasley, DE (ATL) ROUND 14 (Tue, Feb 19) [SELECT TWO!] Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Ja'Wuan James, OT (MIA) and Stefen Wisniewski, C (PHI) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - Adam Gase, OC (MIA) and Sebastian Janikowski, K (SEA) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Michael Dickson, P (SEA) and Darren Rizzi, STC (MIA) Hanoi Viet Kongs (10:15 AM) [From BRE] - Jordy Nelson, WR (FA) and Sean McDermott, DC (BUF) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Antoine Bethea, FS (ARI) and Mike McCarthy, OC (FA) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Ryan Succop, K (TEN) and Clint Boling, OG (CIN) Reykjaví­k Direwolves (12:30 PM) - Jerry Rosburg, STC (BAL) and George Edwards, DC (MIN) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Abry Jones, DT (JAX) and Derrick Morgan, OLB (TEN) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Jack Doyle, TE (IND) and Graham Gano, K (CAR) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Mike Badgley, K (LAC) and Cameron Johnston, P (PHI) Little Rock Uni Royals (3:30 PM) [From TAC] - Shelby Harris, DE (DEN) and Cole Beasley, WR (DAL) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - Donte Jackson, CB (CAR) and Jake Elliott, K (PHI) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Dean Pees, DC (TEN) and Brett Kern, P (TEN) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Norv Turner, OC (CAR) and Marquise Goodwin, WR (SF) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) - Brian Flores, DC (NE) and Joe DeCamillis, STC (JAX) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - John Fassel, STC (LAR) and Dante Pettis, WR (SF) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Josh Lambo, K (JAX) and Ted Ginn Jr., WR (NO) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Derek Watt, FB (LAC) and Adrian Clayborn, DE (NE) Tacoma Thunder (9:30 PM) [From LR] - Rick Dennison, OC (FA) and Za'Darius Smith, OLB (BAL) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - Eric Bieniemy, OC (KC) and James Daniels, C (CHI) ROUND 15 (Wed, Feb 20) [SELECT TWO!] Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Marcus Gilbert, OT (PIT) and C.J. Anderson, RB (LAR) Breckenridge Cannibals (8:45 AM) [From HAN] - Andy Janovich, FB (DEN) and Nickell Robey-Coleman, CB (LAR) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Patrick Ricard, FB (BAL) and Dustin Hopkins, K (WAS) Breckenridge Cannibals (10:15 AM) - Ken Whisenhunt, OC (LAC) and Jim Schwartz, DC (PHI) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Roosevelt Nix, FB (PIT) and Duke Johnson, RB (CLE) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Ronald Leary, OG (DEN) and Cameron Brate, TE (TB) Reykjavík Direwolves (12:30 PM) - Greg Mancz, C (HOU) and Zach Line, FB (NO) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Andre Smith, OT (CIN) and Matt Slauson, OG (IND) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Matt LaFleur, OC (TEN) and Matt Eberflus, DC (IND) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Vontaze Burfict, OLB (CIN) and Reggie Ragland, ILB (KC) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Brant Boyer, STC (NYJ) and Vance Joseph, DC (DEN) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - Justin Simmons, FS (DEN) and Jaylen Samuels, FB (PIT) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Dave Fipp, STC (PHI) and Pat Shurmur, OC (NYG) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Cameron Erving, OG (KC) and Dante Fowler Jr., OLB (LAR) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) - Da'Shawn Hand, DT (DET) and J.C. Jackson, CB (NE) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - John Ross, WR (CIN) and Rashaad Penny, RB (SEA) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Britton Colquitt, P (CLE) and Nick Saban, DC (FA) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Mason Crosby, K (GB) and Bryan Anger, P (TB) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - Anthony Harris, FS (MIN) and Marcus Maye, FS (NYJ) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - Mike Tolbert, FB (FA) and Marcus Mariota, QB (TEN) Rounds after Round 15 cannot be traded, as they are considered compensatory. ROUND 16 (Thu, Feb 21) [SELECT TWO!] Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Kliff Kingsbury, OC (FA) and Kris Richard, DC (FA) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - Dwayne Harris, WR (OAK) and Sam Koch, P (BAL) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) - Mike Vrabel, HC (TEN) and Mark Andrews, TE (BAL) Breckenridge Cannibals (10:15 AM) - Joe Judge, STC (NE) and Lachlan Edwards, P (NYJ) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Chris Hogan, WR (NE) and Latavius Murray, RB (MIN) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Freddie Kitchens, OC (CLE) and Matt Bosher, P (ATL) Reykjavík Direwolves (12:30 PM) - Denico Autry, DT (IND) and Corey Graham, FS (PHI) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Derrius Guice, RB (WAS) and DeVante Parker, WR (MIA) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Kenny Stills, WR (MIA) and Logan Ryan, CB (TEN) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Orlando Brown Jr., OT (BAL) and Andrus Peat, OG (NO) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - John Kuhn, FB (FA) and Donnie Jones, P (LAC) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - Aaron Kromer, OC (LAR) and Dennis Allen, DC (NO) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Nick Foles, QB (PHI) and Case Keenum, QB (DEN) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Jerick McKinnon, RB (SF) and Vonn Bell, SS (NO) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (6:30 PM) [SELECT ONE!] - Christian Kirk, WR (ARI) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Jarrad Davis, ILB (DET) and Bradley Pinion, P (SF) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Todd Wash, DC (JAX) and Brad Seely, STC (HOU) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Dabo Swinney, HC (FA) and Lincoln Riley, OC (FA) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - Urban Meyer, OC (FA) and David Shaw, STC (FA) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - Jon Ryan, P (FA) and Tyler Eifert, TE (CIN) ROUND 17 (Fri, Feb 22) [SELECT TWO!] Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Tress Way, P (WAS) and Keith Armstrong, STC (ATL) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) - Justin Reid, SS (HOU) and Justin Pugh, OG (ARI) Freiburg Venom (9:30 AM) [SELECT ONE!] - Darius Jennings, WR (TEN) Breckenridge Cannibals (10:15 AM) - Kenyan Drake, RB (MIA) and Kenny Vaccaro, SS (TEN) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Cam Robinson, OT (JAX) and Vince Williams, ILB (PIT) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - Royce Freeman, RB (DEN) and Shaq Thompson, OLB (CAR) Reykjavík Direwolves (12:30 PM) [SELECT ONE!] - Duron Harmon, SS (NE) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Rod Marinelli, DC (DAL) and Mike McDaniel, OC (SF) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Chris Jones, P (DAL) and De'Vondre Campbell, OLB (ATL) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Frank Ragnow, OG (DET) and Greg Schiano, DC (FA) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Brandon Mebane, DT (LAC) and Brandon Marshall, WR (FA) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - Joe Flacco, QB (BAL) and Jamison Crowder, WR (WAS) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) - Taysom Hill, QB (NO) and Andy Dalton, QB (CIN) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Carlos Hyde, RB (JAX) and Duke Riley, ILB (ATL) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) - Michael Gallup, WR (DAL) and Budda Baker, SS (ARI) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Jesse James, TE (PIT) and Pierre Desir, CB (IND) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Matt Milano, OLB (BUF) and Taven Bryan, DT (JAX) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - Doug Martin, RB (OAK) and Vernon Davis, TE (WAS) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) - Chase Roullier, C (WAS) and Ron Zook, STC (GB) ROUND 18 (Sat, Feb 23) [SELECT TWO!] Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Charles Clay, FB (BUF) and Jim Caldwell, HC (FA) Hanoi Viet Kongs (8:45 AM) [SELECT ONE!] - Mike Priefer, STC (MIN) Breckenridge Cannibals (10:15 AM) [SELECT ONE!] - Lane Taylor, OG (GB) Southview Saints (11:00 AM) - Kevin Huber, P (CIN) and Morris Claiborne, CB (NYJ) Richmond Flying Squirrels (11:45 AM) - B.J. Hill, DT (NYG) and Ryan Schraeder, OT (ATL) Kansas City Knights (1:15 PM) - Phillip Dorsett, WR (NE) and George Stewart, STC (LAC) Seattle Sonics (2:00 PM) - Chris Tabor, STC (CHI) and Terrell Edmunds, FS (PIT) Indianapolis Predators (2:45 PM) - Tommy Bohanon, FB (JAX) and Zac Taylor, OC (FA) Tacoma Thunder (3:30 PM) - Andre Roberts, WR (NYJ) and Steven Nelson, CB (KC) Rocket City Trash Pandas (4:15 PM) - Dustin Colquitt, P (KC) and Chase Blackburn, STC (CAR) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (5:00 PM) [SELECT ONE!] - Pharoh Cooper, WR (ARI) Miami Sharks (5:45 PM) - Taylor Gabriel, WR (CHI) and Trent Murphy, OLB (BUF) Egypt Starfalls (7:15 PM) [SELECT ONE!] - Fred Warner, ILB (SF) Chicago Fire (8:00 PM) - Domata Peko, DT (DEN) and D.J. Humphries, OT (ARI) Iowa Jagwads (8:45 PM) - Thomas McGaughey, STC (NYG) and Josey Jewell, ILB (DEN) Little Rock Uni Royals (9:30 PM) - Dennis Kelly, OG (TEN) and Le'Raven Clark, OT (IND) Scranton Papermakers (10:15 PM) [SELECT ONE!] - Nate Sudfeld, QB (PHI) COMPENSATORY ROUND (Sun, Feb 24) [SELECT TWO!] Phoenix Rattlers (8:00 AM) - Peyton Barber, RB (TB) and Justin Evans, SS (TB) Southview Saints (8:45 AM) - Danny Smith, STC (PIT) and Haloti Ngata, DT (PHI) Kansas City Knights (9:30 AM) - Ricky Ortiz, FB (ATL) and Ryan Allen, P (NE) Indianapolis Predators (10:15 AM) - Ben Kotwica, STC (WAS) and Bud Dupree, OLB (PIT) Miami Sharks (11:45 AM) - Rigoberto Sanchez, P (IND) and Brian Schneider, STC (SEA) Chicago Fire (12:30 PM) - Marqise Lee, WR (JAX) and Michael Thomas, SS (NYG) Iowa Jagwads (1:15 PM) - Kirby Smart, DC (FA) and Quandre Diggs, SS (DET) Phoenix Rattlers (2:00 PM) [SELECT ONE!] - Donovan Smith, OT (TB) Kansas City Knights (2:45 PM) - Chris Boswell, K (PIT) and Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB (TB) Indianapolis Predators (3:30 PM) - Tre'Quan Smith, WR (NO) and Austin Corbett, OG (CLE) Kansas City Knights (4:15 PM) - Antonio Callaway, WR (CLE) and Taco Charlton, DE (DAL) Indianapolis Predators (5:00 PM) [SELECT ONE!] - Colin Kaepernick, QB (FA) Kansas City Knights (5:45 PM) - Quinton Dunbar, CB (WAS) and Ryan Anderson, OLB (WAS) Drafted Rosters Reykjavík Direwolves (Owner: Tk3) QB: Andrew Luck (IND) RB: Saquon Barkley (NYG), James White (NE) FB: Zach Line (NO) TE: Kyle Rudolph (MIN) WR: T.Y. Hilton (IND), Adam Thielen (MIN), Courtland Sutton (DEN) OT: Alejandro Villanueva (PIT), Rob Havenstein (LAR) OG: Marcus Cannon (NE), Laremy Tunsil (MIA) C: Greg Mancz (HOU) DE: Bradley Chubb (DEN), Lorenzo Alexander (BUF) DT: Malik Jackson (JAX), Lawrence Guy (NE) OLB: Darius Leonard (IND), Jayon Brown (TEN) MLB: Eric Kendricks (MIN) CB: Patrick Peterson (ARI)*, Bryce Callahan (CHI) SS: Kareem Jackson (HOU) FS: Earl Thomas (SEA) K: Robbie Gould (SF) P: Andy Lee (ARI) HC: Anthony Lynn (LAC) OC: Pete Carmichael (NO) DC: George Edwards (MIN) STC: Jerry Rosburg (BAL) PS: Lamar Jackson (BAL), Braden Smith (IND), Denico Autry (IND), Corey Graham (PHI), Duron Harmon (NE) South Africa Woolly Mammoths (Owner: MookieMonstah) QB: Tom Brady (NE) RB: Mark Ingram (NO), Austin Ekeler (LAC) FB: James Develin (NE) TE: Greg Olsen (CAR) WR: Keenan Allen (LAC), Julian Edelman (NE), Calvin Ridley (ATL) OT: Mitchell Schwartz (KC), Jason Peters (PHI) OG: Joel Bitonio (CLE), Trent Brown (NE) C: Brandon Linder (JAX) DE: Cameron Wake (MIA), Julius Peppers (CAR) DT: Calais Campbell (JAX), Matthew Ioannidis (WAS) OLB: Demario Davis (NO), Ryan Shazier (PIT) MLB: Cory Littleton (LAR) CB: Stephon Gilmore (NE), Jason McCourty (NE) SS: Patrick Chung (NE) FS: Eric Weddle (BAL) K: Wil Lutz (NO) P: Thomas Morstead (NO) HC: Sean Payton (NO) OC: Andy Reid (KC) DC: Brian Flores (NE) STC: Joe DeCamillis (JAX) PS: Jakeem Grant (MIA)*, Teddy Bridgewater (NO), Da'Shawn Hand (DET), J.C. Jackson (NE), Christian Kirk (ARI) Rio de Janeiro Pirates (Owner: RuskieTitan) QB: Patrick Mahomes (KC) RB: Devonta Freeman (ATL), Frank Gore (MIA) FB: Anthony Sherman (KC) TE: Rob Gronkowski (NE) WR: Marvin Jones (DET), Robby Anderson (NYJ), Nelson Agholor (PHI) OT: Cordy Glenn (CIN), Eric Fisher (KC) OG: Zack Martin (DAL), Trai Turner (CAR) C: Ben Jones (TEN) DE: Ndamukong Suh (LAR), Jurrell Casey (TEN) NT: Larry Ogunjobi (CLE) OLB: Terrell Suggs (BAL), Justin Houston (KC) ILB: Luke Kuechly (CAR), Leighton Vander Esch (DAL) CB: Josh Norman (WAS), Trumaine Johnson (NYJ) SS: Karl Joseph (OAK) FS: Malik Hooker (IND) K: Adam Vinatieri (IND) P: Brett Kern (TEN) HC: Pete Carroll (SEA) OC: Pat Shurmur (NYG) DC: Dean Pees (TEN) STC: Dave Fipp (PHI) PS: Nick Foles (PHI), Case Keenum (DEN), Taysom Hill (NO), Andy Dalton (CIN), Pharoh Cooper (ARI)* Hanoi Viet Kongs (Owner: ravens5520) QB: Alex Smith (WAS) RB: David Johnson (ARI), Marshawn Lynch (OAK) FB: Kyle Juszczyk (SF) TE: Delanie Walker (TEN) WR: DeAndre Hopkins (HOU), Kenny Golladay (DET), Allen Robinson (CHI) OT: Ronnie Stanley (BAL), Russell Okung (LAC) OG: Marshal Yanda (BAL), Kelechi Osemele (OAK) C: John Sullivan (LAR) DE: Melvin Ingram (LAC), Cameron Jordan (NO) DT: Christopher Jones (KC), Dalvin Tomlinson (NYG) OLB: Lavonte David (TB), Telvin Smith (JAX) MLB: Sean Lee (DAL) CB: Xavier Rhodes (MIN), Ronald Darby (PHI) SS: Micah Hyde (BUF) FS: Rodney McLeod (PHI) K: Sebastian Janikowski (SEA) P: Sam Koch (BAL) HC: Mike Tomlin (PIT) OC: Adam Gase (MIA) DC: Sean McDermott (BUF) STC: Mike Priefer (MIN) PS: Mitchell Trubisky (CHI), Jordy Nelson (FA), Dwayne Harris (OAK)*, Justin Reid (HOU), Justin Pugh (ARI) Seattle Sonics (Owner: Whicker) QB: Philip Rivers (LAC) RB: LeSean McCoy (BUF), Kerryon Johnson (DET) FB: Jack Doyle (IND) TE: Jared Cook (OAK) WR: Amari Cooper (DAL), Alshon Jeffery (PHI), Sterling Shepard (NYG) OT: David Bakhtiari (GB), Charles Leno (CHI) OG: Joe Thuney (NE), Larry Warford (NO) C: Rodney Hudson (OAK) DE: Akiem Hicks (CHI), Derek Wolfe (DEN) NT: Michael Brockers (LAR) OLB: Brandon Graham (PHI), Danielle Hunter (MIN) ILB: Wesley Woodyard (TEN), Tahir Whitehead (OAK) CB: William Jackson III (CIN), James Bradberry (CAR) SS: Shawn Williams (CIN) FS: Damarious Randall (CLE) K: Graham Gano (CAR) P: Chris Jones (DAL) HC: Frank Reich (IND) OC: Matt LaFleur (TEN) DC: Matt Eberflus (IND) STC: Chris Tabor (CHI) PS: Sam Darnold (NYJ), Kenny Stills (MIA)*, Logan Ryan (TEN), De'Vondre Campbell (ATL), Terrell Edmunds (PIT) Breckenridge Cannibals (Owner: Malfatron) QB: Cam Newton (CAR) RB: Alvin Kamara (NO), Tevin Coleman (ATL) FB: Andy Janovich (DEN) TE: Antonio Gates (LAC) WR: Jarvis Landry (CLE), Emmanuel Sanders (DEN), Mohamed Sanu (ATL) OT: Mike McGlinchey (SF), La'el Collins (DAL) OG: Quenton Nelson (IND), Will Hernandez (NYG) C: Matt Paradis (DEN) DE: Everson Griffen (MIN), Tyrone Crawford (DAL) DT: Eddie Goldman (CHI), Jack Crawford (ATL) OLB: Anthony Barr (MIN), Bobby Wagner (SEA) MLB: Benardrick McKinney (HOU) CB: Kyle Fuller (CHI), Mike Hughes (MIN) SS: John Johnson (LAR) FS: Kevin Byard (TEN) K: Matt Bryant (ATL) P: Lachlan Edwards (NYJ) HC: Matt Nagy (CHI) OC: Ken Whisenhunt (LAC) DC: Jim Schwartz (PHI) STC: Joe Judge (NE) PS: Dak Prescott (DAL), Nickell Robey-Coleman (LAR), Kenyan Drake (MIA)*, Kenny Vaccaro (TEN), Lane Taylor (GB) Chicago Fire (Owner: pwny) QB: Jared Goff (LAR) RB: Adrian Peterson (WAS), Isaiah Crowell (NYJ) FB: Jesse James (PIT) TE: Austin Hooper (ATL) WR: Julio Jones (ATL), Michael Thomas Jr. (NO), Ted Ginn Jr. (NO)* OT: Garett Bolles (DEN), Bobby Massie (CHI) OG: Kevin Zeitler (CLE), Rodger Saffold (LAR) C: Jason Kelce (PHI) DE: Robert Quinn (MIA), Ezekiel Ansah (DET) DT: Michael Pierce (BAL), Sheldon Rankins (NO) OLB: Brandon M. Marshall (DEN), Todd Davis (DEN) MLB: Danny Trevathan (CHI) CB: Darius Slay (DET), Brandon Carr (BAL) SS: Harrison Smith (MIN) FS: Tyrann Mathieu (ARI) K: Josh Lambo (JAX) P: Britton Colquitt (CLE) HC: Nick Saban (FA) OC: Jim Harbaugh (FA) DC: Todd Wash (JAX) STC: Brad Seely (HOU) PS: Michael Thomas (NYG), Pierre Desir (IND), Domata Peko (DEN), D.J. Humphries (ARI), Marqise Lee (JAX) Little Rock Uni Royals (Owner: Glen) QB: Matthew Stafford (DET) RB: Melvin Gordon (LAC), Kareem Hunt (FA) FB: Doug Martin (OAK) TE: Jordan Reed (WAS) WR: Antonio Brown (PIT), JuJu Smith-Schuster (PIT), Cole Beasley (DAL)* OT: Donald Penn (OAK), Jared Veldheer (DEN) OG: Ali Marpet (TB), Mark Glowinski (IND) C: Corey Linsley (GB) DE: Fletcher Cox (PHI), Shelby Harris (DEN) NT: Linval Joseph (MIN) OLB: Olivier Vernon (NYG), Ryan Kerrigan (WAS) ILB: C.J. Mosley (BAL), NaVorro Bowman (FA) CB: Chris Harris Jr. (DEN), Aqib Talib (LAR) SS: HaHa Clinton-Dix (WAS) FS: Anthony Harris (MIN) K: Justin Tucker (BAL) P: Johnny Hekker (LAR) HC: Bill Belichick (NE) OC: Urban Meyer (FA) DC: Wade Phillips (LAR) STC: David Shaw (FA) PS: Nick Perry (GB), Marcus Maye (NYJ), Vernon Davis (WAS), Dennis Kelly (TEN), Le'Raven Clark (IND) Kansas City Knights (Owner: PSID412) QB: Derek Carr (OAK) RB: Chris Carson (SEA), Derrius Guice (WAS) FB: Ricky Ortiz (ATL) TE: Hunter Henry (LAC) WR: Randall Cobb (GB), DeVante Parker (MIA), Phillip Dorsett (NE)* OT: Tyron Smith (DAL), Andre Smith (CIN) OG: Josh Kline (TEN), Matt Slauson (IND) C: Ryan Kelly (IND) DE: Michael Bennett (PHI), Jerry Hughes (BUF) DT: Malcom Brown (NE), Abry Jones (JAX) OLB: Leonard Floyd (CHI), Derrick Morgan (TEN) MLB: Jordan Hicks (PHI) CB: Casey Hayward (LAC), Malcolm Butler (TEN) SS: Malcolm Jenkins (PHI) FS: Devin McCourty (NE) K: Chris Boswell (PIT) P: Ryan Allen (NE) HC: Ron Rivera (CAR) OC: Mike McDaniel (SF) DC: Rod Marinelli (DAL) STC: George Stewart (LAC) PS: Ryan Fitzpatrick (TB), Antonio Callaway (CLE), Taco Charlton (DAL), Quinton Dunbar (WAS), Ryan Anderson (WAS) Tacoma Thunder (Owner: khodder) QB: Aaron Rodgers (GB) RB: Nick Chubb (CLE), Gus Edwards (BAL) FB: John Kuhn (FA) TE: Travis Kelce (KC) WR: Larry Fitzgerald (ARI), Dez Bryant (NO), Adam Humphries (TB) OT: Bryan Bulaga (GB), Taylor Decker (DET) OG: Shaq Mason (NE), Mike Pouncey (LAC) C: Max Unger (NO) DE: Jonathan Allen (WAS), Sheldon Richardson (MIN) NT: Johnathan Hankins (OAK) OLB: Chandler Jones (ARI), Preston Smith (WAS) ILB: Tremaine Edmunds (BUF), Zach Brown (WAS) CB: A.J. Bouye (JAX), Jimmy Smith (BAL) SS: D.J. Swearinger (ARI) FS: Reshad Jones (MIA) K: Harrison Butker (KC) P: Donnie Jones (LAC) HC: Bill O'Brien (HOU) OC: Rick Dennison (FA) DC: Vance Joseph (DEN) STC: Brant Boyer (NYJ) PS: Za'Darius Smith (BAL), Brandon Mebane (LAC), Brandon Marshall (FA), Andre Roberts (NYJ)*, Steven Nelson (KC) Iowa Jagwads (Owner: Adrenaline_Flux) QB: Drew Brees (NO) RB: Jordan Howard (CHI), Curtis Samuel (CAR) FB: Derek Watt (LAC) TE: George Kittle (SF) WR: Tyreek Hill (KC), Michael Crabtree (BAL), Dede Westbrook (JAX)* OT: Riley Reiff (MIN), Ricky Wagner (DET) OG: Taylor Moton (CAR), Austin Blythe (LAR) C: David Andrews (NE) DE: Yannick Ngakoue (JAX), Jamie Collins (CLE) DT: Kawann Short (CAR), Leonard Williams (NYJ) OLB: Kyle Van Noy (NE), Christian Kirksey (CLE) MLB: Joe Schobert (CLE) CB: Tre'Davious White (BUF), Desmond King (LAC) SS: Damontae Kazee (ATL) FS: Jessie Bates (CIN) K: Mason Crosby (GB) P: Bryan Anger (TB) HC: Dabo Swinney (FA) OC: Lincoln Riley (FA) DC: Kirby Smart (FA) STC: Thomas McGaughey (NYG) PS: Adrian Clayborn (NE), Matt Milano (BUF), Taven Bryan (JAX), Josey Jewell (DEN), Quandre Diggs (DET) Miami Sharks (Owner: YoungBucs15) QB: Russell Wilson (SEA) RB: Leonard Fournette (JAX), Jerick McKinnon (SF) FB: Carlos Hyde (JAX) TE: David Njoku (CLE) WR: Mike Evans (TB), Golden Tate (PHI), Marquise Goodwin (SF) OT: Morgan Moses (WAS), Nate Solder (NYG) OG: Andy Levitre (ATL), Cameron Erving (KC) C: Maurkice Pouncey (PIT) DE: Carlos Dunlap (CIN), Jason Pierre-Paul (TB) DT: Gerald McCoy (TB), J.J. Watt (HOU) OLB: Denzel Perryman (LAC), Kiko Alonso (MIA) MLB: Jon Bostic (PIT) CB: Richard Sherman (SF), Marshon Lattimore (NO) SS: Tre Boston (ARI) FS: Minkah Fitzpatrick (MIA) K: Stephen Gostkowski (NE) P: Rigoberto Sanchez (IND) HC: Kyle Shanahan (SF) OC: Norv Turner (CAR) DC: Gregg Williams (CLE) STC: Brian Schneider (SEA) PS: Vonn Bell (NO), Duke Riley (ATL), Taylor Gabriel (CHI)*, Trent Murphy (BUF), Dante Fowler Jr. (LAR) Richmond Flying Squirrels (Owner: swoosh) QB: Ryan Tannehill (MIA) RB: Aaron Jones (GB), Dalvin Cook (MIN) FB: Patrick DiMarco (BUF) TE: Cameron Brate (TB) WR: A.J. Green (CIN), Sammy Watkins (KC), Tyrell Williams (LAC) OT: Joe Staley (SF), Jake Matthews (ATL) OG: Clint Boling (CIN), Ronald Leary (DEN) C: Alex Mack (ATL) DE: Joey Bosa (LAC), Frank Clark (SEA) DT: Damon Harrison (DET), Kenny Clark (GB) OLB: Myles Jack (JAX), Bruce Irvin (ATL) MLB: Deion Jones (ATL) CB: Marcus Peters (LAR), Adoree Jackson (TEN)* SS: Adrian Amos (CHI) FS: Lamarcus Joyner (LAR) K: Ryan Succop (TEN) P: Matt Bosher (ATL) HC: Dan Quinn (ATL) OC: Freddie Kitchens (CLE) DC: Gus Bradley (LAC) STC: Dave Toub (KC) PS: Josh Allen (BUF), Royce Freeman (DEN), Shaq Thompson (CAR), B.J. Hill (NYG), Ryan Schraeder (ATL) Scranton Papermakers (Owner: Scalamania) QB: Deshaun Watson (HOU) RB: Ezekiel Elliott (DAL), Jay Ajayi (PHI) FB: Mike Tolbert (FA) TE: Trey Burton (CHI) WR: Brandin Cooks (LAR), Tyler Lockett (SEA)*, Devin Funchess (CAR) OT: Anthony Castonzo (IND), Daryl Williams (CAR) OG: Brandon Scherff (WAS), T.J. Lang (DET) C: James Daniels (CHI) DE: Cameron Heyward (PIT), Stephon Tuitt (PIT) NT: Brandon J. Williams (BAL) OLB: Jadeveon Clowney (HOU), Chris Long (PHI) ILB: Jaylon Smith (DAL), Reuben Foster (WAS) CB: Desmond Trufant (ATL), Johnathan Joseph (HOU) SS: Jamal Adams (NYJ) FS: Marcus A. Williams (NO) K: Ka'Imi Fairbairn (HOU) P: Jon Ryan (FA) HC: John Harbaugh (BAL) OC: Eric Bieniemy (KC) DC: Todd Bowles (NYJ) STC: Ron Zook (GB) PS: Vic Beasley (ATL), Marcus Mariota (TEN), Tyler Eifert (CIN), Chase Roullier (WAS), Nate Sudfeld (PHI) Phoenix Rattlers (Owner: bucsfan333) QB: Kirk Cousins (MIN) RB: Lamar Miller (HOU), C.J. Anderson (LAR) FB: Charles Clay (BUF) TE: Evan Engram (NYG) WR: Stefon Diggs (MIN), Demaryius Thomas (HOU), Corey Davis (TEN) OT: Dion Dawkins (BUF), Ja'Wuan James (MIA) OG: Stefen Wisniewski (PHI), Marcus Gilbert (PIT) C: Cody Whitehair (CHI) DE: Kyle Williams (BUF), A'Shawn Robinson (DET) NT: Vita Vea (TB) OLB: Marcus Davenport (NO), Jabaal Sheard (IND) ILB: Clay Matthews (GB), Avery Williamson (NYJ) CB: Xavien Howard (MIA), Marlon Humphrey (BAL) SS: Bradley McDougald (SEA) FS: Jordan Poyer (BUF) K: Matt Prater (DET) P: Tress Way (WAS) HC: Jim Caldwell (FA) OC: Kliff Kingsbury (FA) DC: Kris Richard (FA) STC: Keith Armstrong (ATL) PS: James Conner (PIT), Cordarrelle Patterson (NE)*, Peyton Barber (TB), Justin Evans (TB), Donovan Smith (TB) Rocket City Trash Pandas (Owner: EaglesPeteC, GM: Counselor) QB: Jimmy Garoppolo (SF) RB: Christian McCaffrey (CAR), Marlon Mack (IND) FB: Jaylen Samuels (PIT) TE: Zach Ertz (PHI) WR: Davante Adams (GB), D.J. Moore (CAR), John Brown (BAL) OT: Terron Armstead (NO), Lane Johnson (PHI) OG: Andrew Norwell (JAX), Kyle Long (CHI) C: Mitch Morse (KC) DE: Mario Addison (CAR), Trey Flowers (NE) DT: Jarran Reed (SEA), Javon Hargrave (PIT) OLB: Nigel Bradham (PHI), K.J. Wright (SEA) MLB: Darron Lee (NYJ) CB: Kendall Fuller (KC), Joe Haden (PIT) SS: Jabrill Peppers (CLE)* FS: Eddie Jackson (CHI) K: Jake Elliott (PHI) P: Dustin Colquitt (KC) HC: Doug Pederson (PHI) OC: Aaron Kromer (LAR) DC: Dennis Allen (NO) STC: Chase Blackburn (CAR) PS: Derek Barnett (PHI), Donte Jackson (CAR), Justin Simmons (DEN), Joe Flacco (BAL), Jamison Crowder (WAS) Southview Saints (Owner: waffles7) QB: Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) RB: Le'Veon Bell (PIT), Duke Johnson (CLE) FB: Roosevelt Nix (PIT) TE: Jimmy Graham (GB) WR: Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG), Robert Woods (LAR), Chris Hogan (NE)* OT: Trent Williams (WAS), Taylor Lewan (TEN) OG: Ramon Foster (PIT), Cam Robinson (JAX) C: Ryan Kalil (CAR) DE: Mike Daniels (GB), Muhammad Wilkerson (GB) NT: Dontari Poe (CAR) OLB: Von Miller (DEN), T.J. Watt (PIT) ILB: Roquan Smith (CHI), Dont'a Hightower (NE) CB: Jalen Ramsey (JAX), Trae Waynes (MIN) SS: Keanu Neal (ATL) FS: Antoine Bethea (ARI) K: Greg Zuerlein (LAR) P: Kevin Huber (CIN) HC: Bruce Arians (FA) OC: Mike McCarthy (FA) DC: Romeo Crennel (HOU) STC: Danny Smith (PIT) PS: Baker Mayfield (CLE), Latavius Murray (MIN), Vince Williams (PIT), Morris Claiborne (NYJ), Haloti Ngata (PHI) Indianapolis Predators (Owner: RandyMossIsBoss) QB: Matt Ryan (ATL) RB: Joe Mixon (CIN), Tarik Cohen (CHI) FB: Tommy Bohanon (JAX) TE: O.J. Howard (TB) WR: Cooper Kupp (LAR)*, Doug Baldwin (SEA), Will Fuller (HOU) OT: Jack Conklin (TEN), Orlando Brown Jr. (BAL) OG: Andrus Peat (NO), Frank Ragnow (DET) C: Travis Frederick (DAL) DE: Khalil Mack (CHI), Myles Garrett (CLE) DT: DeForest Buckner (SF), Marcell Dareus (JAX) OLB: Vontaze Burfict (CIN), Kwon Alexander (TB) MLB: Reggie Ragland (KC) CB: Denzel Ward (CLE), Brent Grimes (TB) SS: Eric Reid (CAR) FS: Eric Berry (KC) K: Mike Badgley (LAC) P: Cameron Johnston (PHI) HC: Sean McVay (LAR) OC: Zac Taylor (FA) DC: Greg Schiano (FA) STC: Ben Kotwica (WAS) PS: Jason Verrett (LAC), Bud Dupree (PIT), Tre'Quan Smith (NO), Austin Corbett (CLE), Colin Kaepernick (FA) Freiburg Venom (Owner: SirA1) QB: Jameis Winston (TB) RB: Derrick Henry (TEN), Sony Michel (NE) FB: Patrick Ricard (BAL) TE: Mark Andrews (BAL) WR: Josh Gordon (NE), DeSean Jackson (TB), Chris Godwin (TB) OT: Ryan Ramczyk (NO), Demar Dotson (TB) OG: David DeCastro (PIT), Brandon Brooks (PHI) C: J.C. Tretter (CLE) DE: Geno Atkins (CIN), Grady Jarrett (ATL) NT: Star Lotulelei (BUF) OLB: Dee Ford (KC), Matt Judon (BAL) ILB: Blake Martinez (GB), Zach Cunningham (HOU) CB: Byron Jones (DAL), Prince Amukamara (CHI) SS: Landon Collins (NYG) FS: Tashaun Gipson (JAX) K: Dustin Hopkins (WAS) P: Michael Dickson (SEA) HC: Mike Vrabel (TEN) OC: Josh McDaniels (NE) DC: Vic Fangio (CHI) STC: Darren Rizzi (MIA) PS: Phillip Lindsay (DEN), Josh Rosen (ARI), Anthony Miller (CHI), Harold Landry (TEN), Darius Jennings (TEN)* Egypt Starfalls (Owner: El ramster) QB: Carson Wentz (PHI) RB: Todd Gurley (LAR), Matt Breida (SF) FB: Rashaad Penny (SEA) TE: Eric Ebron (IND) WR: Tyler Boyd (CIN), Mike Williams (LAC), Dante Pettis (SF) OT: Andrew Whitworth (LAR), Duane Brown (SEA) OG: Gabe Jackson (OAK), Josh Sitton (MIA) C: Mike Iupati (ARI) DE: Demarcus Lawrence (DAL), Kyler Fackrell (GB) DT: Aaron Donald (LAR), Da'Ron Payne (WAS) OLB: Thomas Davis (CAR), Brian Orakpo (TEN) MLB: Alec Ogletree (NYG) CB: Janoris Jenkins (NYG), Jaire Alexander (GB) SS: Derwin James (LAC) FS: Kam Chancellor (SEA) K: Aldrick Rosas (NYG) P: Bradley Pinion (SF) HC: Mike Zimmer (MIN) OC: Dirk Koetter (TB) DC: Don Martindale (BAL) STC: John Fassel (LAR) PS: John Ross (CIN)*, Jarrad Davis (DET), Michael Gallup (DAL), Budda Baker (ARI), Fred Warner (SF) Remaining Players List This post is dedicated as a list of players currently available to be drafted. Keep in mind this list is only to give you a rough idea of who is available. You can draft any active player, even if he is not on this list (please check however if this player isn't already picked or was used as a keeper... Use CTRL+F to find certain players, best to use their last name). Further, you can draft a player at a different position than he is listed here (for example, you can choose to play OLB Connor Barwin at DE if you wish). Simply specify when you make the selection which position you'd like him assigned. Also, sometimes I've noticed I forget to remove players who get drafted. I'm not perfect, but I do the best I can. Please double-check before making your selection. Using a simple CTRL + F to search the first post to see of a player is already on a roster will suffice. Also, please tell me of any errors in this list via PM if you can. Thanks! Quarterback: Eli Manning (NYG) Colt McCoy (WAS) Matt Schaub (ATL) Trevor Siemian (MIN) Chase Daniel (CHI) DeShone Kizer (GB) Matt Cassel (DET) Connor Cook (DET) Mike Glennon (ARI) C.J. Beathard (SF) Nick Mullens (SF) Brett Hundley (SEA) Geno Smith (LAC) Cardale Jones (LAC) A.J. McCarron (OAK) Chad Henne (KC) Mason Rudolph (PIT) Robert Griffin III (BAL) Jeff Driskel (CIN) Tyrod Taylor (CLE) Drew Stanton (CLE) Brock Osweiler (MIA) Brian Hoyer (NE) Josh McCown (NYJ) Matt Barkley (BUF) Derek Anderson (BUF) Blaine Gabbert (TEN) Jacoby Brissett (IND) Brandon Weeden (HOU) Blake Bortles (JAX) Cody Kessler (JAX) Chad Kelly (FA) Christian Hackenberg (FA) E.J. Manuel (FA) Johnny Manziel (FA) Landry Jones (FA) Mark Sanchez (FA) Matt Moore (FA) Nathan Peterman (FA) Paxton Lynch (FA) Sam Bradford (FA) Runningback: Jonathan Stewart (NYG) Wayne Gallman (NYG) Darren Sproles (PHI) Josh Adams (PHI) Wendell Smallwood (PHI) Corey Clement (PHI) Rod Smith (DAL) Chris Thompson (WAS) Rob Kelley (WAS) Samaje Perine (WAS) Cameron Artis-Payne (CAR) Ito Smith (ATL) Jacquizz Rodgers (TB) Ronald Jones (TB) Benny Cunningham (CHI) Jamaal Williams (GB) LeGarrette Blount (DET) Theo Riddick (DET) Zach Zenner (DET) Chase Edmonds (ARI) Alfred Morris (SF) C.J. Prosise (SEA) Mike Davis (SEA) Malcolm Brown (LAR) Devontae Booker (DEN) Spencer Ware (KC) Damien Williams (KC) Stevan Ridley (PIT) Alex Collins (BAL) Javorius Allen (BAL) Ty Montgomery (BAL) Giovani Bernard (CIN) Brandon Bolden (MIA) Kalen Ballage (MIA) Jeremy Hill (NE) Rex Burkhead (NE) Bilal Powell (NYJ) Chris Ivory (BUF) Taiwan A. Jones (BUF) Dion Lewis (TEN) Jordan Wilkins (IND) Nyheim Hines (IND) D'Onta Foreman (HOU) Alfred Blue (HOU) T.J. Yeldon (JAX) Ameer Abdullah (FA) Andre Ellington (FA) Bishop Sankey (FA) C.J. Spiller (FA) Charcandrick West (FA) Christine Michael (FA) Eddie Lacy (FA) Jamaal Charles (FA) Jeremy Langford (FA) Marcus Thigpen (FA) Mike Gillislee (FA) Orleans Darkwa (FA) Paul Perkins (FA) Robert Turbin (FA) Thomas Rawls (FA) Fullback: Jamize Olawale (DAL) Alex Armah (CAR) C.J. Ham (MIN) Michael Burton (CHI) Derrick Coleman (ARI) Tre Madden (SEA) Keith Smith (OAK) Aaron Ripkowski (FA) Dan Vitale (FA) Glenn Gronkowski (FA) Jalston Fowler (FA) Jay Prosch (FA) Sam Rogers (FA) Tight End: Rhett Ellison (NYG) Dallas Goedert (PHI) Geoff Swaim (DAL) Logan Paulsen (ATL) Benjamin Watson (NO) David Morgan II (MIN) Dion Sims (CHI) Adam Shaheen (CHI) Lance Kendricks (GB) Marcedes Lewis (GB) Luke Willson (DET) Ricky Seals-Jones (ARI) Jermaine Gresham (ARI) Garrett Celek (SF) Ed Dickson (SEA) Gerald Everett (LAR) Tyler Higbee (LAR) Virgil Green (LAC) Jeff Heuerman (DEN) Jake Butt (DEN) Vance McDonald (PIT) Xavier Grimble (PIT) Hayden Hurst (BAL) Maxx Williams (BAL) Nick Boyle (BAL) Tyler Kroft (CIN) C.J. Uzomah (CIN) Darren Fells (CLE) Mike Gesicki (MIA) MarQueis Gray (MIA) Nick O'Leary (MIA) Dwayne Allen (NE) Eric Tomlinson (NYJ) Chris Herndon (NYJ) Jordan Leggett (NYJ) Jason Croom (BUF) Luke Stocker (TEN) Jonnu Smith (TEN) Ryan Griffin (HOU) Jordan Akins (HOU) Austin Seferian-Jenkins (JAX) James O'Shaughnessy (JAX) Anthony Fasano (FA) Brandon Pettigrew (FA) Crockett Gillmore (FA) Erik Swoope (FA) Jace Amaro (FA) Julius Thomas (FA) Ladarius Green (FA) Nick Vannett (FA) Niles Paul (FA) Wide Receiver: Cody Latimer (NYG) Russell Shepard (NYG) Mike Wallace (PHI) Allen Hurns (DAL) Terrance Williams (DAL) Tavon Austin (DAL) Paul Richardson (WAS) Josh Doctson (WAS) Torrey Smith (CAR) Justin Hardy (ATL) Cameron Meredith (NO) Laquon Treadwell (MIN) Kevin White (CHI) Geronimo Allison (GB) Equanimeous St. Brown (GB) T.J. 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  26. 2 points
    That might be the dumbest good-sounding superhero name I've ever heard
  27. 2 points
    He can be worse than Linehan. This feels like a Jeff Fisher move. I disagree that you go with inexperience over retreads. Give me a solid retread over a guy who doesn't have the ability. If you believe in the guy's ability, that's one thing. But I watched Fisher lose a mediocre OC (Schotty), then hire an inexperienced guy who ended up being significantly worse, and then replace the inexperienced guy with another inexperienced guy who actually managed to be worse than his predecessor.
  28. 2 points
    He was literally the worst OT in pass protection and run blocking in the league last year. As I said earlier I really don't think the staff or front office is married to him being the LT of the future, if we find a better option this offseason we should move him to RT.
  29. 2 points
    Something that people need to get straight about Rashan Gary is that he has good tape.
  30. 2 points
    No, I was insinuating that Dome almost definitely gave Mafia something innocuous to allow them to fit in.
  31. 2 points
    One more day and ill be back home. Been a long week. Appreciate you guys filling in.
  32. 2 points
    I'd rather not trade a 1st next year for the #32 pick. We would have to win the Super Bowl to recuperate the value. I'd rather just suck it up. I love all of the picks made though with the exception of Caleb Wilson. There are better TE's in this draft IMO. I'd target Josh Oliver from SDSU with our 3rd round pick if we elect to upgrade TE (we probs should).
  33. 2 points
  34. 2 points
  35. 2 points
    Alright man, these guys got something lined up. Someone has already given them their word.
  36. 2 points
    Why do you say this? Gabbert sucked because he crumbled in the face of pressure. That's literally Daniel Jones' best trait. He stands in and takes wicked hits while delivering strikes all game long. I'd go back and watch how tough Jones hangs in the pocket. He seriously got mauled in 2-3 seconds on almost every snap and didn't panic or lose accuracy.
  37. 2 points
    I'm all for better options at Center. Especially if Elflein has the potential to compete at LG.
  38. 2 points
    Crazy part was Barkley never won a Pepsi rookie of the week award all season
  39. 2 points
    imagine holding up the draft because you thought you had pulled off the heist of the century
  40. 2 points
  41. 2 points
    Can't ask for too much more out of an UDFA rook. Pleasantly surprised all of us and will be a solid backup/rotational player behind KC.
  42. 2 points
    Former first round pick whos been considered a bust sounds like he’s right up Dorsey’s alley
  43. 2 points
    Man, I hope the injuries haven't killed Rodney Anderson. His 2017 tape is really, really good.
  44. 2 points
  45. 2 points
    I really want to like Gary, but I just dont. He looks like a guy thats a very good athlete but it doesnt match up on the actual field. He seems very fast and has good burst, but he doesnt have the fastest get off IMO and he doesnt have much bend at all. I actually think his best shot at success is to kick inside the majority of passing downs. He can set the edge at DE in bigger packages for sure, but he'll make his money rushing the passer from inside IMO. And if im drafting him to do that I'm taking Oliver or Quinnen over him. This is my take for Gary at 4, if we trade down to 8-10 or later I would like the pick a lot more, I have him 10th on my big board.
  46. 2 points
    It's his mock. He can do what he wants. Why don't you go post a mock? I'd love to tear it to shreds.
  47. 2 points
    Why does everybody want to trade back for a Guard and Tight End?
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