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    If Gerald McCoy gets cut, he's immediately in my top 5-6 FA targets along with an edge like Clark/Lawrence and Jarrett in the middle.
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    I sent @Counselor my 2 person big board as I am headed out for the evening and don't want to hold anything up.
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    Just so you're all aware... I'm training my own personal army:
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    @ReggieCamp I was about to come in here freaking out/guns blazing after seeing this thread bumped, assuming that he'd been incapable last even 2 months into the offseason without making a catastrophic decision. Never happier to have been wrong!
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    So you're admitting you're letting your emotional attachments supersede logical thinking and decision making? That method of thinking wouldn't keep you hired for very long if you were a GM. But hey, you do you.
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    I like marriage. So much that I've done it three times. Congrats!
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    I really really liked Stanley Morgan and Greg Dortch as two polished route runners who can win from the slot. Morgan is much bigger and a really fluid mover with some inside/out ability. He's so smooth in and out of his breaks, constantly keeping defenders off balance. He might be the best route runner I've seen in this class. There's a lot of balls not heading his way that should be if his quarterback wasn't running for his life on 90% of their passing downs. Dortch is small and strictly an inside guy (plays like Jamison Crowder) who consistently wins early and has great hands. I want to see how he tests. I really have no room to like any more receivers though, this is getting ridiculous.
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    Is everyone ignoring the Chargers because it's too obvious an answer?
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    I’ll take it a step further, and in a way that basically obliterates Joel Corry’s argument: If a QB is taken outside the top 12-15 picks, the odds are staggeringly high that he won’t ever be good enough to lead a team to a SB on his own merits. In fact, the odds are very very good that he won’t ever become even an average starter. Corry is lumping late 1st round picks together with the true elite talents, which is distorting the picture. They are two categories of QBs that, in my opinion, have no business being grouped together. In this day and age — with all the advanced stats and expanded scouting staffs and increased visibility/insight into players’ intangibles and immediate access to every piece of film and every piece of data imaginable — elite QB talents just aren’t slipping through the cracks anymore. If a QB prospect makes it through the first half of the 1st round, at which point every team in the league has had either the chance to draft him or a reasonable opportunity to trade up for him, there’s almost certainly a good reason why he’s gone unclaimed. Capable young QBs are the most valuable asset in the NFL (probably in all of sports), and not one team thought the player was worth the investment? The flaws are probably fatal. Russell Wilson is the one clear exception, and his fall was mostly due to an obvious lingering inefficiency in the evaluation process (height) that has since been largely corrected. Aside from him, what QB drafted outside the top 15 picks in the last decade is considered a SB-contending franchise guy? Even the guys who are considered successful post-Round 1 draft picks (Dalton, Cousins, Prescott, etc) are fool’s gold franchise QBs. They’re good enough to remain your starter for 10 years but not good enough to meaningfully challenge for the throne. All the relatively recently drafted guys who are at the top of the QB food chain and seem likely to remain there — Mahomes, Wentz, Goff, Luck, Ryan, Newton, and perhaps Trubisky or Mayfield or Watson joining them — were drafted in the top half of the 1st round Most in the top 5. And that’s without even taking into account guys like Mariota, Winston, and Darnold who I think still have at least some possibility of breaking out in the right circumstances. The point is, you don’t go cheap or try to get cute with the QB position. If you don’t think the player is worth the highest investment (a very high draft pick or a trade up), then he’s almost certainly never going to be The Guy™️. And if you’re taking a QB after the “lottery picks,” if you will, then make your peace with the fact that you’re almost certainly drafting a guy whose ceiling is middling starter and whose likely outcome is viable backup.
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    A player meeting with an owner, and then the player stating that he and the owner both agree that it’s time to move on is a bogus rumor?
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    What about Wilson for Barkley straight up? I know it'd be risky for the Giants considering running backs are so hard to find in this league.
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    Trent Dilfer said (if his opinion matters) that he has been forced into offenses, in summary. Saying they have been trying to make him a "whole field" reader. When he excels in half field. Said there are less than a handful of QBs in the league who truly are full field read QBs. (I'm guessing Brady, Brees, Rodgers). Not saying he can't make full field reads, but it isn't his strength. He said there is no shame in being half field read QB. Said McNabb was a half-field read QB. Said it is going to take the right OC to realize what he is good at and ask him to do that. Rather than try to make him be something that doesn't come natural. Said the best way to coach a QB is to allow them to do what they are good at. Simple but real. Do what he is good at more often and less of what he struggles with....and then hope in time he evolves and is able to add to his arsenal.
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    Honestly what’s the point. It’s like trying to give CPR to a corpse. They dont listen to me and I dont even recognize this team anymore. The team I fell in love with as a young child is not the Yankees of 2019. If we aren’t the evil empires what’s the point. Winning a World Series every 10-15 years with home grown players and a responsible budget is absolutely horrifying and despicable. We used to live the bachelor lifestyle and now we’re married with children banging our wife 3 times a year. Pathetic.
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    Big day at the Bucketheadsdad household. Buckethead is commissioning in May as an Ensign in the Navy, and tomrrow he will be selecting his first duty station (large grey [for our British and New Zealand Browns fans] boat, designed to blow stuff up from long distances). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWddbSZ3rRE <-- Reminder link on youtube. If anyone is interested, Buckethead will be picking his ship between noon and 1 p.m. tomorrow, on youtube. He attends Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), so if you decide to watch, listen up for those letters, and you might see how I got my name. Damned proud of that kid. Pretty sure he is going to end up an east coast sailor. (Full disclosure: I'm damned proud of his sister as well.)
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    I don't really know how they can afford him when they have contracts looming for Dak / Zeke & Amari and somehow manage to have interest in Earl Thomas while still needing to sign Lawrence. One of these will not be a Cowboy.
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    I think that would be great. I'd even be willing to bet on a little more and a little longer. Maybe, 3/36. It is free agency and a marquee position after all.
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    Completely agree. Forcing a QB pick is the worst mistake a franchise can make. You can’t make a true potential star QB be available for you, and reaching on a flawed prospect generally sets you back 3-4 years (instead of just the one year you’d lose by waiting). In this draft, I think Haskins is probably the best bet to be a franchise guy. But I don’t love him enough to trade up. Murray is the #2 guy for me, but he has too many question marks for a snakebit franchise to roll the dice on, in my opinion. Lock is the only other one I think could possibly be in consideration for a top 15 pick for me, and he does intrigue me to some degree, but a 56.9% career completion rate in today’s college game? That’s the reddest of red flags. The rest of them, no real interest. My approach would be to take a guy they like in rounds 5-7 this year and develop him as a backup. If he gets on the field year one, so be it. But don’t even think of him as a possible long-term starter, you’re just looking for depth. Then I’d go with the Mini-Tank approach by playing McCoy/Johnson/rookie at QB next season and be looking at a likely top 10 pick in the 2020 draft. I think that’s where we want to be.
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    Why can't there be middle ground? Instead of apologists vs bashers.... The smart choice is to ride with Carr while we build the roster, for at least one year. The worst two things we can do are assume that Carr is the QBoTF or to draft any QB to this roster right now.
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    Harry is more explosive than Crabtree. Harmon is the WR that compares most to Crabtree in this draft. Deebo is good, but not the player Harry is. Campbell isn't even a day 2 prospect. He's a guy who projects to special teams that didn't even play on special teams. His hype is way too high.
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    I know the consensus is never draft a RB early or even the 1st and it seems that the more you neglect the position the more knowledgeable you are. But I for one won´t be mad if we go Josh Jacobs with our 1st round pick. Last year was the perfect time to go for a RB with our 1st our 2nd round. We´ve stretched the notion that RBs are a dime a dozen to extreme lengths to the point that we don´t even have a good player. Granted Ajayi´s injury sent our talent pool at the position down the drain. But I would like us to have a guy Carson can lean on, or at least that defenses have to account and game plan for. So go ahead and make the ¨dumb¨ pick and fill the position already, it´s been way too long.
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    I’m not changing time slots. If y’all want changes go make your own Gm mock. I have a busy life
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    Fun fact: I was at Wisconsin the year Russell Wilson was there. I knew some guys on the football team, but never anyone who hung out with him, he took all remote classes, apparently lived way off campus, and the only time I ever heard of anyone actually seeing him outside the stadium was when he went to the tech store because he was having computer troubles. So every time Russell Wilson talks about Wisconsin and how great the experience was, he's completely full of crap since he never actually spent any time in Madison. What I'm trying to say here is that he'd be a great fit for the New York Giants, since they don't spend any time in New York.
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    I tried to keep the attention on the experienced players. Figured it was a good teaching tool for the new players to get as much game time as possible @Dome great game!!!! Hopefully all the new people will play in future games
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    No, that's what I'm saying. The people he would have the 100% roleblock on are town.
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    Really like this one. I might try and turn Humphries money into a veteran guard would be my only alteration. I think Ferrell is such an obvious pick at this point that people are rebelling against the idea.
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    Good ole Texas using the wrong "your." You idiots really JFin'd that one.
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    We don’t talk about that ruins the board for GMs. Gms wouldn’t share that info with each other in real life let’s treat this as such please. It’s unwritten GM mocking code
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    Agree, I really like this class. Not sure I see a ton of stars, but there are so many potential starters here
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    I don't think anyone here is really banging the table ( Palmy please come back soon) for White at 12 or saying he's generational or whatever. They're just saying if the board was crap for GB, they'd consider White because he's a hell of a player.
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    I’m channeling my inner Howie Roseman here with the 25th pick the Philadelphia Eagles select Brian Burns DE FSU Yes. I have a loaded DE group, but the Eagles beleive in rotating DE’s and pressure is king. Michael Bennett, Chris Long and Brandon Graham are all older. Pairing Brian Burns with Derek Barnett keeps DE a strength for years to come @IDOG_det otc
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    “This is the best thread you’ve ever started @Kiwibrown“
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    I wouldn't trade Mahomes for that either. QB is the most important position and if you have a young guy or a guy in their prime you don't deal them. I guess I don't know why you'd deal Wilson for straight picks. Best case scenario you land someone who becomes as good as Wilson currently is and you go to rebuild mode.
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    I'd off a 6th this year and a conditional pick in 2020 for Brown. Let's say it ranges from a 4th up to a 1st if Brown is an All Pro and we win the SB (Favre had similar escalators in his deal with the NYJ). If Brown doesn't report to camp the 2020 pick is waived. Then I tell Brown, your deal is what we're going to pay you. You want to put up huge numbers with AR12, compete for a ring and solidify your case as a HOF top 5 WR of all time? we'll see you at camp. If you want a guaranteed deal, we're going to cut you and you can sign with a bottom feeder who'll use you for ticket sales until you're old and forgotten. Worth the gamble on the 6th, big question is would Pitt accept a potentially greater draft pick payoff in 2020 for our security of Brown not being a head case? Otherwise they'll get a 3-4 rounder this year from a bad team that will pay a guy to sell tickets, (Miami, ARI, NYJ, Buf) paying Brown would be dumb.
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    If we're going QB this year I'd prefer a guy like Will Grier in the middle rounds. Don't think he's a franchise guy but could be a great career backup here.
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    I hate you @ReggieCamp I thought this was a new thread at first. You evil, evil man.
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    If I'm Zion Williamson, I'm suing Nike and hiring an agent so I don't have to play another College Basketball game again.
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    I also think it was much more enjoyable than this game was. Watching that Seattle defense put on that clinic was incredible, imo. That's what enjoyable defense looks like.
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