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    Gotham 3rd Rnd / Pick 8 - Gotham Gashslayers select *Josh Jacobs - RB - Alabama 4th Rnd / Pick 8 - Gotham Gashslayers select *Jachai Polite - OLB - Florida 5th Rnd / Pick 8 - Gotham Gashslayers select Kaleb McGary - OT - Washington 6th Rnd / Pick 8 - Gotham Gashslayers select Germaine Pratt - OLB - North Carolina State 7th Rnd / Pick 8 - Gotham Gashslayers select *Bobby Evans - OG - Oklahoma Summary: The biggest get of this draft class for Gotham was WR Tyreek Hill who brings a dynamic threat to their offense. I wonder in a mulligan if Gotham would choose to be more aggressive in the earlier rounds as their draft class feels a little underwhelming and they missed out on some of the top OL prospects where I think they had their greatest need. The guys that they took should provide good depth though they may want to flip McGary and Evans’ designations. Favourite Pick: Josh Jacobs (3.8) – Jacobs probably ends up the only valuable starter from this class, although Polite will be a nice bench threat as a pass rush specialist. Least Liked Pick: Germaine Pratt (6.8) – I don’t HATE any pick but of them all I think Pratt has the least chance to contribute due to his lack of football awareness which seems a bad trait for a LB. Grade:
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    I knew Aniebonam sounded familiar. I watched a bunch of him last summer and then kind of forgot about him. The one thing I couldn't forget was one of the most epic/unusual intros to any highlight video I've ever seen.
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    Quite honestly, he still might be underpaid. He’s a stud and one of the most under appreciated players today. There is still a good percentage of football fans who think that Diggs is better. It’s bonkers. There is also a large percentage that wouldn’t have I’m as a top 10 WR...which is also bonkers.
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    Allow me to explain, Zeke was suspended under the DV policy and therefore was subject to the COLLECTIVELY BARGAINED punishment for first time offense, 6 game suspension. Foster was fined by the NFL under the conduct detrimental policy for being a moron who continues to mess around with a girl who has not only falsely accused him of assault previously, but had a history of making false accusations prior to their relationship, and was told by the team to stay away from her. That's why the 2 punishments are vastly different. One guy was determined to commit dv based on the preponderance of the evidence, the other was determined to be an idiot falsely accused twice by the same woman, or also known as not committing dv. It's not that difficult to understand
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    The only game I won on this forum I died in... because a dragon sat on me. 10/10.
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    So, in another thread, the other day, it had been brought to my attention what a fantastic statistic ANY/A actually is. I looked into it, and the assertion is most definitely well-founded. Of the conventional statistics, it is the best predictor of offensive production and winning. Passer rating is a great stat, but ANY/A has the advantage of actually taking into account sacks, and weighing interceptions more heavily. I sort of just added using ANY/A to the analysis I was already doing of the modern era QBs and their stats during that era, but even within the context of the post 04' era, there's still a huge amount of variation in passing stats league-wide, and how pass friendly the league has felt since 2004. So then, of all of these modern quarterbacks, I tried to adjust for any possibly "inflated stats." I found the average ANY/A for the respective seasons they played in, and subtracted that from the value they had themselves, to find the differential between them and the average in their era. But then, I realized this was a fairly easy way to attempt to standize player's careers according to era, so I started doing it to conventionally considered great quarterbacks across history and came up with the a list, but before I give it, I want to clarify some conditions I put on the years that were included. I didn't include anybody's rookie years. Nobody cares how badly you sucked as a rookie. I didn't include the initial years in a player's career before they were a starter. Nobody cares how bad you sucked coming off the bench, nor would it help as a way to standardize your era. For example, Rodger's 06 and 07 seasons were not included, and Young's years before he was the starter were not included. I didn't include seasons where players did not play for basically the entirety of the season in the calculations of the average of their era. For example, I did not include Brady's 07' season and Peyton's 11' season in the calculation. For example, in Brady's career, the average from the time was 5.72, and he had an ANY/A of 7.13, so the differential was +1.41. The average during Russel Wilson's career was 6.12, and he had an ANY/A of 6.95 so he had a differential of +0.83. So here's the list: Steve Young: +2.13 Peyton Manning: +1.76 Roger Staubach: +1.71 Joe Montana: +1.56 Dan Fouts: +1.47 Aaron Rodgers: 1.44 Tom Brady: +1.41 Dan Marino: +1.38 Drew Brees: +1.23 Tony Romo: +1.22 Philip Rivers: +1.13 Ken Anderson: +1.08 Russel Wilson: +.83 Matt Ryan: +0.83 Ben Roethlisberger: +.81 Terry Bradshaw: +0.71 Jim Kelly: +0.71 Ken Stabler: +0.69 Donovan Mcnabb: +0.64 Troy Aikman: +0.62 Andrew Luck: +0.58 John Elway: 0.56 Warren Moon: 0.55 Andy Dalton: +0.16 Eli Manning: +0.08 Joe Flacco: -0.05 Cam Newton: -0.1 Archie Manning: -0.15 A couple things of note I was surprised that Dan Fouts was so high up the list, because I don't normally think all that highly of him, but his stats relative to his era are absolutely insane. Archie Manning, Cam Newton, and Joe Flacco REALLY suck. They managed to all be worse than the average across their era, hence the negative value. I find it interesting that this method gives placements with McNabb, Stabler, Aikman, and Andrew Luck in the same sort of tier despite all of them playing in entirely different eras, none of thier careers overlap with each other, with the exception of 2 years with McNabb and Aikman overlapping. Even while trying to adjust for era, I still ended up with a disproportionate number of modern quarterbacks towards the top. Either: 1) There's genuinely better top quarterbacks these days than ever before. 2) I need to use a standard deviation instead of a straight linear value to make the differentials. 3) This was completely useless and doesn't serve to adjust for era at all. My intuition that players like John Elway and Troy Aikman are overrated are reflected here in this statistic. ANY/A adjusts for Sack %, and despite Young's huge Sack %, he managed to still top the list by far because his numbers were so insane for his era. Peyton's season in 2015 when he played without a functional body, was so amazingly awful it dropped his career mark from 2.11 to 1.76 with it's inclusion. Rivers completely blows away his colleagues from the 04' draft, and that definitely surprises me. standardized efficiency wise, Dalton and Newton both suck, but Dalton appears to be the superior from 2012 at least strictly from a passing perspective. (Obviously Newton is worlds ahead as a runner) I hope you guys find this interesting.
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    That boy scared the **** out of me in the end lol
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    Why the hell anyone would watch golf is beyond me.
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    No more Notre Dame prospect crushes for you @brownie man. Just like that, my optimism with Love is on a downward trajectory...
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    He’d be a beast in zone coverage. I get a Ronde Barber vibe from Julian Love.
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    Hawaii 2nd Rnd / Pick 14 - Hawaii Nightmarchers select Nassir Adderley - FS - Delaware 7th Rnd / Pick 16 - Hawaii Nightmarchers select *Diontae Johnson - WR - Toledo Gains: 2020 1st(WIL) ; 2020 5th(WIL) Summary: I helped Hawaii again this draft so obviously I see it as a good draft. The primary aim was to get out of the 1stround and into the 1stnext year and the trade value for the 1.16 pick was fantastic. I love Adderley and am delighted Hockey took him as I think hes going to be very, very good. Favourite Pick: Diontae Johnson (7.16) – Johnson became a late round favourite of mine. He carries a lot of risk in that he needs to go to a situation where he gets a chance to perform but this is the last pick of the draft. Everyone needs ‘the right situation’ at this point. Least Liked Pick: Bringing in a Brit for advice – The mood we are in at the minute we’ll have Hawaii trying to break away and form its own league #Hexit Grade:
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    Carolina 1st Rnd / Pick 11 - Carolina Intimidators select *Clelin Ferrell - DE - Clemson 2nd Rnd / Pick 4 - Carolina Intimidators select Christian Wilkins - DT - Clemson 3rd Rnd / Pick 14 - Carolina Intimidators select *Taylor Rapp - SS - Washington 3rd Rnd / Pick 16 - Carolina Intimidators select Johnathan Abram - SS - Mississippi State 4th Rnd / Pick 3 - Carolina Intimidators select *Jace Sternberger - TE - Texas AM 5th Rnd / Pick 13 - Carolina Intimidators select *Kelvin Harmon - WR - North Carolina State 5th Rnd / Pick 14 - Carolina Intimidators select *Anthony Nelson - DE - Iowa 6th Rnd / Pick 4 - Carolina Intimidators select *Miles Sanders - RB - Penn State 6th Rnd / Pick 14 - Carolina Intimidators select Yodny Cajuste - OT - West Virginia 7th Rnd / Pick 13 - Carolina Intimidators select Terrill Hanks - OLB - New Mexico State 7th Rnd / Pick 15 - Carolina Intimidators select Will Grier - QB - West Virginia Gains: S Barry Church Summary: Carolina came into the draft obviously seeing defense as their greatest weakness, spending most of their premium picks on that side of the ball. The Ferrell pick is a little surprising given that Carolina already looked pretty set on the edge. Big contract decisions will need to be made in the next couple of years so Carolina is perhaps looking to offset the big incoming Bosa deal with a more cost controlled contract opposite him. Overall this class feels like it is full of solid but uninspiring picks. Favourite Pick: Both SSs (3.14 & 3.16) – In the middle of a run on safeties these were solid picks. All of the Carolina Ss are FAs next year and not all can be kept so these picks are good insurance policies. Least Liked Pick: Will Grier (7.15) – A complete waste of a pick as backup QBs have no value in BDL while PFA picks are arguably more valuable than any 7thround picks as you can pick players knowing their situations. Grade:
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    Camden 1st Rnd / Pick 9 - Camden Hood Rats select Montez Sweat - DE - Mississippi State 1st Rnd / Pick 13 - Camden Hood Rats select *Greedy Williams - CB - LSU 2nd Rnd / Pick 3 - Camden Hood Rats select *A.J. Brown - WR - Mississippi 2nd Rnd / Pick 13 - Camden Hood Rats select *Dexter Lawrence - DT - Clemson 3rd Rnd / Pick 12 - Camden Hood Rats select *Mack Wilson - ILB - Alabama 4th Rnd / Pick 4 - Camden Hood Rats select *Hakeem Butler - WR - Iowa State 4th Rnd / Pick 14 - Camden Hood Rats select Tytus Howard - OT - Alabama State 5th Rnd / Pick 4 - Camden Hood Rats select *Amani Hooker - SS - Iowa 5th Rnd / Pick 6 - Camden Hood Rats select *David Montgomery - RB - Iowa State 5th Rnd / Pick 16 - Camden Hood Rats select Damien Harris - RB - Alabama 6th Rnd / Pick 13 - Camden Hood Rats select *Kahale Warring - TE - San Diego State 7th Rnd / Pick 6 - Camden Hood Rats select Jalen Hurd - WR - Baylor Lost: 2020 1st; 2020 2nd; 2020 3rd Summary: Camden is a team I really like to stick around for the long term with a lot of great young talent locked down on team friendly deals for multiple years. In a weak draft it is very risky to be trading premium future picks, however they have picked up good value where they have picked. AJ Brown going nearly a full round behind his inferior teammate is fantastic value among a wealth of skill position players brought in in this draft by Camden. Favourite Pick: Both RBs (5.6 & 5.16) – Brown runs this close but I really like the idea and value of picking multiple RBs in the middle of the draft and letting the depth chart sort itself out at the position. Least Liked Pick: Greedy Williams (1.13) – A mercurial talent during his time in college, Williams will have highs and lows which is always a headache for a BDL owner with no influence over the situation. Grade:
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    Anchorage 1st Rnd / Pick 6 - Anchorage Wolves select *Ed Oliver - DT – Houston 1st Rnd / Pick 8 - Anchorage Wolves select *Dwayne Haskins Jr. - QB - Ohio State 2nd Rnd / Pick 10 - Anchorage Wolves select Garrett Bradbury - C - NC State 2nd Rnd / Pick 12 - Anchorage Wolves select *Noah Fant - TE – Iowa 3rd Rnd / Pick 3 - Anchorage Wolves select *NKeal Harry - WR - Arizona State 3rd Rnd / Pick 4 - Anchorage Wolves select Dalton Risner - OT - Kansas State 3rd Rnd / Pick 11 - Anchorage Wolves select *Chauncey Gardner-Johnson - FS - Florida 3rd Rnd / Pick 15 - Anchorage Wolves select *Justin Layne - CB - Michigan State 5th Rnd / Pick 9 - Anchorage Wolves select *Julian Love - CB - Notre Dame 5th Rnd / Pick 10 - Anchorage Wolves select Christian Miller - OLB - Alabama 5th Rnd / Pick 11 - Anchorage Wolves select *Sean Bunting - CB - Central Michigan 7th Rnd / Pick 4 - Anchorage Wolves select *Joe Jackson - DE - Miami (FL) 7th Rnd / Pick 9 - Anchorage Wolves select Dru Samia - OG - Oklahoma 7th Rnd / Pick 11 - Anchorage Wolves select Ben Burr-Kirven - ILB - Washington 7th Rnd / Pick 12 - Anchorage Wolves select *Dawson Knox - TE - Mississippi Gains: 2020 2nd(WIL) ; 2020 4th; 2020 5th(OKC) ; 2020 7th(LOU) Lost: DT Taven Bryan ; 2020 2nd; 2020 3rd Summary; Anchorage clearly took a liking to this draft, manoeuvring their way to 15 picks! Somehow the net pick gains and losses really cancel each other out so Anchorage did a very nice job getting guys they wanted without mortgaging the future. Defensive line was this team’s strength but value was too tempting to pass up early in the draft as they snapped up uber-talented Oliver #6. It looked like the draft was about to get some much needed focus on offense with a run of 5 straight picks on that side of the ball. The only surprise is that given the number of picks another WR or interior OL was not selected over the 4 DB picks in rounds 3-5. Favourite Pick: N’Keal Harry (3.3) – My WR1 is the 5thto come off the board. Least Liked Pick: Dwayne Haskins (1.8) – Gave up a promising young player and used a very high pick on a QB with one year of production in a QB friendly system. Grade:
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    I appreciate you taking this over, man
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    Look at the man, for crying out loud. If ever someone was going to be a person to go into heavy detail on food...
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    I liked when Hound said "You left me to die." And Arya fired back, "But first I robbed you."
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    While the games are simmed, I simply don't have the energy right now to post them. Tommorrow morning!
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    Some of my best afternoon naps have been to Jim Nance’s gentle narration.
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    RIP this discussion. Good job sanchez.
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    poor Adam Thielen.... accomplishes so much when no one expected him to, and can't even get guys to talk about him in a thread with his name on it... lol
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    Cuba 2nd Rnd / Pick 7 - Cuba Smugglers select *Rashan Gary - DE - Michigan 3rd Rnd / Pick 7 - Cuba Smugglers select Elgton Jenkins - C - Mississippi State 4th Rnd / Pick 16 - Cuba Smugglers select *Justice Hill - RB - Oklahoma State 5th Rnd / Pick 2 - Cuba Smugglers select *David Long - CB - Michigan 5th Rnd / Pick 7 - Cuba Smugglers select *Michael Jordan - OG - Ohio State 6th Rnd / Pick 5 - Cuba Smugglers select *JoeJuan Williams - CB - Vanderbilt 7th Rnd / Pick 10 - Cuba Smugglers select Max Scharping - OT - Northern Illinois 7th Rnd / Pick 14 - Cuba Smugglers select Josh Oliver - TE - San Jose State Gains: 2020 1st(CAM) Lost: 2020 5th; 2020 7th(LOU) Summary: Cuba’s move to turn a 2ndthis year into a 1 next should really pay off in the future. There is clearly a type of player that Cuba likes early in the draft which is seen looking at the picks above and their roster. The strategy of taking uber-athletic players for their positions definitely has high upside but also comes with a level of risk. Cuba seemed to deviate from the strategy a little once they got to the end of the draft, before going back to it for their last pick. I don’t think Cuba is going to get a lot of future contributions from this group but then in this class I’m not sure they ever expected to. Favourite Pick: Max Scharping (7.10) – Athletically he isn’t wowing anyone but hes big, powerful and consistent enough to do a job at RT although hes never going to be a start at his position. Least Liked Pick: Rashan Gary (2.7) – This is a high pick to use on a classic underachiever who is going to need an innovative and flexible coaching staff to get the best out of him. If he ends up somewhere like Seattle this will look terrible but there is a big risk right now he ends up in a bad spot. Grade:
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    Berlin 1st Rnd / Pick 2 - Berlin Blitzkrieg select *Quinnen Williams - DT - Alabama 1st Rnd / Pick 12 - Berlin Blitzkrieg select *Byron Murphy - CB - Washington 2nd Rnd / Pick 2 - Berlin Blitzkrieg select DeAndre Baker - CB - Georgia 2nd Rnd / Pick 6 - Berlin Blitzkrieg select *Marquise Brown - WR - Oklahoma 2nd Rnd / Pick 16 - Berlin Blitzkrieg select *Irv Smith Jr. - TE - Alabama 3rd Rnd / Pick 5 - Berlin Blitzkrieg select Juan Thornhill - SS - Virginia 3rd Rnd / Pick 9 - Berlin Blitzkrieg select Rock Ya-Sin - CB - Temple 6th Rnd / Pick 1 - Berlin Blitzkrieg select Blake Cashman - OLB - Minnesota 7th Rnd / Pick 2 - Berlin Blitzkrieg select Trey Pipkins - OT - Sioux Falls Gains: DT Taven Bryan ; DT Leonard Williams ; 2020 4th(ANC) Lost: LB Kiko Alonso ; 2020 4th; 2020 4th(ANC) Summary: Berlin signalled their intent this season early in trading for Tom Brady and that aggressiveness to improve quickly has carried into the draft. The interior of the defense is now set long term with the 'Williams Wall'. Defense was clearly the focus coming into the draft and it is unsurprising that 4 DBs were selected. It was also an astute move of Rags to let Tyreek Hill go for pick 1.8 (avoiding that 17k/yr cap hit) and picking up Marquise Brown at 2.6. It is unrealistic to expect Brown to be a like-for-like replacement but the offense keeps its speed threat while freeing up approximately $14.5k less per year. Favourite Pick: Quinnen Williams (1.2) – Murphy and Brown came close but any time you pick up the best player in the draft it is my favourite pick. Least Liked Pick: Rock Ya-Sin (3.9) – DB was a need coming into the draft so I don’t disagree with focussing on the position but Ya-Sin is such a similar type of player to the previous 2 CBs this pick feels a little redundant. Grade:
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    I have never hated a game or the people playing the game more than this one. I was team death and had no idea the entire time, lol. Whicker's no lynch strategy was ******* stupid. It was clearly three factions, so the dead vs alive idea was hogwash from the beginning. I feel like I was slaughtered because I didn't buy into the stupid ideas you were all trying to pitch. **** you all.
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    I mopped up the identities of 3 people, I deserve a little credit, but yeah you are right Dead Dingo for MVP!!!! Let's scrape him off the dragons ***
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    You were definitely our teams MVP, so there's that. Ironically, you were also the MVP for my last win, but in a bad way
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    I'm sincerely rooting for the Night King in season 8
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    So here goes... Counselor was dangling by his neck when a man clad in a fur coat sliced the rope...grabbed Counselor and ran away Forge is Dead he was Euron Greyjoy Forge has been revived...he is alive. Made of steel after all death Malf Pickle TK3 Dingo Squire Forge Whicker north Pwny BCB Nacho Counselor south ET80 Flacco Dome other And the winner even without knowing @VikeManDan or @SwAg is....... Welcome to you iron throne the Night King Following the days events a man who looked like a Dingo was taking a crap in @ET80s yard when a dragon sat on him. He just starting laughing and said @DingoLadd times up ***** The original gangster dragon now rules all the land @DingoLadd is dead...all is right in the kingdom....for now....
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    Dingo has implied that you have been revived as Team Death (I can revive a total of 2 Team Death's kills to be wights.)
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    All the guy had to do was hit Mills with a stutter step. Would’ve completely changed the outcome of the fight
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    "NFL Not Expected To Not Not Suspend LB Washington Foster, Reuben LB Redskins"
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    Ok. To the poster I'm responding too as well as the Cowboy haters liking it and anyone else who doesn't know the Zeke situation. Zeke was accused of DV against his GF who posted pics online of bruises she supposedly incurred from him yanking her out of her car. The difference between the two situatiuons is that Goodell went out of his way to make a statement by punishing Zeke. The statement was not needed for Foster because the bad press had passed by this point. Even after charges had been dropped by the police because of conflicting statements not to mention the bruising itself seemed to be self inflicted because of constant contact from Thompson to Zeke threatening blackmail and even selling a sextape which Zeke was able to prove to the NFL from his phone (something even Brady didn't hand over). The reason you can assume self inflicted based on that statemetn because women who try to leave abusive relationships don't go stalking their abusers and threaten over a several month period of time, including dating one of their teammates to send messages to them detailing it just to piss them off. Lisa Friel who headed the investigation even admitted Thompson gave misleading information about the incidents (she lied basically). She also stonewalled the Lead Investigator Kia Roberts from presenting evidence that she claimed would have exonerated Zeke and claimed he should serve no suspension. Roberts who suggested no suspension was essentially fired 6 months after the NFL made it's decision. Now if a detective says there is no crime for murder but the judge still sentence's the man for murder, would you still use the word preponderance in regards to the evidence? Zeke who before this woman had never been in trouble in his life is guilty as sin by Goodell. Foster who hasn't had problems with just his GF got kicked out of the combine because of weed and a verbal altercation with the medical staff and was originally charged with having an assult weapon before pleading down has had a few encounters with the law. Now the guy isn't Rae Curruth. But don't bash Zeke when it was essentially the same situation of BS coming from spiteful money grabbers.
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    @MWil23 you’re being stubborn... Look at what you’ve been writing ...
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    What team they get drafted by is way more important than when they go.
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    Seumalo is starting at LG next year just let it go already. I know you know its true.
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    Everybody better be in front of their god damn TVs LFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bosa's politics don't bother me at all. They're his business and as long as they don't affect his game they shouldn't bother the team that drafts him either.
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    I may set this as my new Sig. @Malfatron
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    It shouldn't have made sense for anyone not Team Death though - yet my point of every faction being both mafia / town (everyone is an equal enemy to everyone else) picked up no steam whatsoever despite me hammering it multiple times. Good game I guess?
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    Call it a tie and have double interim champs and Khabib as the real champ. Makes sense for MMA in 2019.
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    There's 15 people right? With like 2-3 wights killing people tonight and Malf using his ressurect power that SHOULD seal it for us. Welcome to the winning team.
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    Goodell owes a freaking apology to Zeke. What a PoS.
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    Clelin Ferrell is better than Brian Burns, Montez Sweat, Nick Bosa, and Rashan Gary Amani Orwuariye is better than Greedy Williams, Bryan Murphy, and Deandre Baker AJ Brown and DK Metcalf rival Landy+OBJ as best WR college duo to come out together
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