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    I've been in contact with him, no moves as of yet.
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    The Warriors go to their reserve All-star to get 7 points in a minute.
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    So good. Maybe the supposed interest in Martin Mayhew is real as well. Let's put together a front office if Farmer-Savage-Mayhew with Coach Putin. Tayne is slowly becoming Jets secondary-fan. Also, conversely, hiring @NateDawg would be neat in one of those Disney's, "Blank Check" kinda ways. *puts on 2018 NFL draft goggles* Your excuse as to why skinny Chris Farley is going to bust but that it's not his fault but what could have been amirite is right there, though. Seize it! *carefully places goggles back in drawer*
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    Trent Williams is arguably the best LT in football today. If the Vikings could swing that trade with Rudolph,Reiff and maybe a future 2nd round pick, the price would be worth it. If Elflein could rely on Bradbury to his right and Williams to his left he has a chance at being a pretty decent LG. This would also end the argument of moving O'Brian to LT for the foreseeable future. He is developing into a pretty decent RT. If Klein then holds his own at RG the offensive line is suddenly no longer a liability. How refreshing would that be to Viking fans??
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    He’s missed a few games every year. No more than 6 in a single season, total of 16 games missed in 5 years. Reiff has only played one full season since 2013, and has missed 7 games in 5 years. Williams has been to 7 consecutive Pro Bowls, and was a 1st team All Pro twice, and 2nd team once more. He is an athletic freak (4.81 40 and 34” vert at 315 pounds at the combine). Reiff is a mediocre athlete for the position and has never won an award. They’re the same age, turning 31 this year (Reiff is 5 months younger). Reiff is under contract for 3 more years, though the Vikings can fairly easily get out of that deal starting next year. Williams in this scenario would be signed for 5 years, 3 of them more or less guaranteed by the contract structure. Tackles are often good into their mid-30s. I’m not sure what Williams’ medical history is, but if there are no long-term issues, it’d be hard to pass up the chance of acquiring a tackle who’s as good as anyone in the league, and may continue to be for several more years.
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    He will when JB gets his hands on him.
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    Marcus has to stay healthy. Marcus has to make better decisions. But as I've said a million times, you actually have to let your QB throw the ball to give your passing offense the opportunity to succeed. Not just on 3rd and longs.
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    Yeah and Pennington, who had enough attempts to qualify, led the league in passer rating, completion percentage and TD percentage in his third year. I like the number 405 as a qualifier though so neither of them are eligible because of whatever.
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    Average team is playing average ball right now. Above average arms pre-injury. The way the pitching has been decimated, if we're getting average pitching, we're doing pretty good. Some horrible bats and a couple guys (Santana and Lindor) that are mashing. All in all, if we get average offensive production with what we have out there, we're doing alright there also. Expecting this roster to be in 1st right now, considering injuries, is highly unrealistic.
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    I truly believe if you take hue Jackson off of the 0-16 browns, they win at least 1 game.
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    Raptor fans shouldn't have cheered when KD got hurt, karma got em.
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    Lets gang up on people because it makes us right! 😂
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    Props to KD for give it a go. Hopefully this won’t make things worse.
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    It's clear as day that Woj is David Griffin's mouthpiece while Shams is Rich Paul's/Klutch.
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    havent been reading up. out of revenge. ....how did you know it was for revenge? if you did know that already, why was your vote on pickle instead of matts?
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    I just want one of them to make the roster first. I think that's going to be Mitchell. Wes Welker was a slot only guy. Same with Amendola and Agholor. Why can't Beebe do it too?
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    I don’t do that any more. I only drink when I’m over there and refer to myself as a “purist” when she asks why I don’t eat.
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    dude must be wicked smaht...he looks like Beaker of Muppets fame
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    Burnett spent time there last year too.
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    10 games. But I was thinking long term with PEDerson. Combine him into my secondary with my defensive line...
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    See, this is one of the key things to me. Most of Sony and Nintendo's exclusives are single player games. For whatever reason, Microsoft cannot make a quality triple A single player exclusive, if they're lives depended on it. It's actually the flip side for Sony when it comes to multiplayer exclusive games. They've tried in the past with the Killzone franchise and other titles, but they have never came close to making an exclusive multiplayer titlecomes close to Gears or Halo. So even at this point in the game, both companies offer different things. The fact that Microsoft games are also on PC pretty much kills Xbox for me, though. Having one is not necessary and the 'console war' is all but over. The PS5 will be the console that is worth getting. Microsoft seems more about software and everything else outside of making new games. As far as Nintendo goes... They actually have a multiplayer game called Splatoon 2 and it lowkey might be the best console exclusive multiplayer game out right now. The biggest issue with that game is.... the online connectivity sucks, which is obviously a massive deal when you're talking about a game that is pretty much multiplayer only.
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    As to not get this confused I'm leaving the western out of it. The people who were actually nominated for votes were Pickle and Matts. KOTN, Untouch, Woz, and myself were all put in the Duel because of inactivity and MWil was thrown in due to some ability. Matts got early votes because of the lulz but I think it's very telling the Pickle the other actual nominee did not garner any votes after Matts claimed. With everyone but the inactives already throwing votes out there that seems like an active "avoidance" for voting pickle and it wouldn't have ever happened if Dome didn't include inactives in the duel.
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    He reckons ol Cannon being put up by a buncha folks and not getting any tallies in his column is mighty suspect.
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    Really!? Who thought this, other than maybe Florio? The fact that the Vikings have never referred to Bradbury as anything other than a center should have been his first obvious clue.
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    CDix is faster, has better range and hands. He makes plays on ball way better. Amos is a better tackler. CDix played without a pass rush and without good secondary last season in both Washington and GB. He mostly played way deep in center of field and his job was to prevent big plays. That is really, really hard without help from pass rush and other secondary players. At any level of football you cannot deal with talented offensive players coming at you again and again with lots of space between you and them with ball in their hand. That is situation he was in again and again and Packers fans are ripping him for not being better at it. He was mostly good with a handful of bad moments. Jackson was best safety in football last year and he had to do that in Miami game once front seven gassed and he didnt do well at it either. It's hard.
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    Freeze can't be that tainted. All it would take is to pull back 25% on what needs to happen. Hell, the liberal portion of the audience would die of masturbatory induced dehydration if the reason he had to freeze his wife was that he couldn't afford her medication, and his inability to afford the 10k per pill costs was what drove him to start robbing banks in the first place. That motivation alone starts you at 3 stars in most of the biggest professional review places. Just don't lament the loss of Obamacare by name and you won't piss off anybody on the conservative side either. Sky high prices on medical treatments is a universally lamented problem. Freeze as the out of control maniac trying to freeze everything for the sake of freezing everything and making ice based puns has never been the best version of that character. Freeze as the reluctant villain just trying to save his wife in an unjust world, facing off against Batman, the rich boy hero with a religious zealotry, is what makes the entire dichotomy of the story worth telling in the first place.
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    Cavaliers trade down to # 8 and Culver and Hunter are gone who then would you have the Cavs pick?? Coby White? Someone else? It's not that Reddish is a home run pick, it's just that in a group of uncertain gambles his selection by far has the potential for biggest payoff, and in my assessment is as likely to payoff as any other of the players not named Zion, Ja, or RJ, This is the NBA not the NFL so there isn't ready-made difference makers at various positions throughout the first round. If a team doesn't get a ready made transcendent talent at the top of the draft it's all a gamble on player development. Player development is everything. The question remaining is who has the best skill base, natural ability, work ethic, and feel for the game to develop off of during a 3-4 year time course. And that goes beyond box-score scouting. Work ethic and commitment to improvement are everything in the player development game. Picks in the NBA Draft aren't often picks to celebrate on draft day as projection, time, and development are quintessential. Reddish contrary to public perception has the work ethic and commitment. He has the easiest best mechanical jump shot form with easy deep ball range, the ball handling skill of an elite combo guard stemming from his role as a PG, the ability to create for himself and others off the dribble stem, size, length, and foot quickness to be a force on defense. Simply put: He has the best skill base of the remaining likely available players. Coby White has all the energy, intangibles, and feel for the game one could want, but lacks the length and size to be a factor on defense or be able to finish at the rim. Reddish shined more when not relegated to the late shot clock 3pt shooter role after RJ pounded the air out the ball or a Zion iso or post-up, as well as when he didnt take mind numbing deep one step in 2pt shots. Beilein and co. developing reddish is a worthwhile gamble amongst gambles imo. --------------------------------------------
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    Reports are now that he's stable and out of surgery.
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    One of the guys on 610 is calling this a power play by Jack Easterby, and the timeline kind of makes sense: On Thursday, the Patriots had their ring ceremony - as a member of the Pats last season, Easterby was there. It's being reported he was with Nick Caserio for the majority of the event, chatting him up. The very next day, Gaine is fired, and it's also being reported that Easterby will have "a significant voice" in the search for a new GM. Did Easterby get a verbal commitment that Caserio would take the job if it opened up, thereby setting the wheels in motion for everything going down now?
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    McKellen, Stewart, Fassbender, and McCoy. That’s having lightning strike twice. Both castings were phenomenal.
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    More on # 21 Natrell Jamerson practicing at Safety: Jamerson was an All-Big Ten pick at safety as a senior. While the New Orleans Saints drafted him to be a cornerback, and he eventually played in 10 games at cornerback for the Houston Texans in 2018, the safety position isn’t foreign to the former Badger. He also has a nice combination of speed (4.4) and size (5-11, 201). Keep an eye on Jamerson this summer. He figures to have the easier transition, given his history of playing both cornerback and safety. He was also a sure tackler and a standout special teams player at Wisconsin. Training camp could provide a real opportunity for Jamerson to nail down a roster spot as one of the Packers’ backup safeties. Jamerson played Safety for Coach Jim Leonard at WI and Leonard was a Safety in BAL and NYJ when Pettine was there
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    Yeah, and Blake Bortles is better than Aaron Rodgers.
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