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    You could have saved a few paragraphs and just posted "Hey everyone, Im a huge PoS."
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    Someone pass me the eye bleach please
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    The story I should have started this thread out with was what Browns' HOF Offensive Tackle, Joe Thomas did for one of our own. Check out the Crakburn thread at the top of the Browns Forum if you aren't familiar with the story. It was very cool what he did for Crakburn on one of his final days.
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    hope its not what I think it is
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    The Carr apologists just need to take a day off. We've been patient here. Carr isn't it. He's a below average starter at best. No urgency today. No fire. Doesn't inspire anything in the offense. He can be good in spots, win games but the stats don't lie. He wants to play conservative, check down doesn't want to use his feet. Still struggles with the same issues he had in college. This franchise isn't going anywhere with him.
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    They're playing the Jets.
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    I usually just give MD$L $10 and he hits the Colonel for a bucket. Works for everyone.
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    For real, this guy just set his entire career on fire. As reality starts to sink in he's lost tens of millions of dollars and his career prospects look bleak, you have to worry about self-harm. I hope someone is able to get through to him before this spirals. I may enjoy seeing some karmic comeuppance for him, but I'd prefer it ended with him learning something and eventually returning to the field as an improved person. That may be wishful thinking, but I'd at least prefer his kids grow up with a father.
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    That was a tough, gritty win. The games the old Saints would always lose, Kamara/defense/ST carried us. MVP of the game after Kamara was Morstead. Teddy didn't stand out, but it's good that he didn't stand out in a bad way either. If we can win in Seattle with him game managing then we can definitely stay afloat til Brees gets back. What a change from the days where we'd go 7-9 even with Brees.
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    It annoys me that the front office and coaches will essentially be given a Mulligan this year because we are missing Ben.
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    This is the Nfl,. Guys aren't gonna be running down the field wide open all day long. Good Qb's throw their guys open after locating the favorable one-one matchup, or throwing into the windows of the recognized zone coverages. Carr's deep balls are not good. He literally throws up 50-50 balls. In the NFL, you win those when you have an accurate QB. There is no defending the perfect pass. What needs to be recognized is Carr is missing guys. He isn't throwing the ball to the right spot. His receivers half to adjust or wait to simply catch the ball. He doesn't hit guys in stride or on time so his playmakers are not in a position to run after the catch. He is suppose to at least be exceptionally accurate in the short passing game. Today, he was not. That's not a protection problem or a receiver problem. That is all on Carr. Watch his throws today. Even on completions, he was often off target.
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    Carr was terrible today. It really is as simple as that. We can get a young stud in the draft. That needs to happen. Its a results oriented business. Carr has the occasional good game. He would be a great back up. The Carr era is rapidly coming to an end with every loss. Stats don't tell the story completely. His turnovers are horrible. He has terrible pocket awareness. His confidence is fragile.
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    It's a shame, really. His excellent vision and decision making really keep him from being an elite QB throwing to covered defenders.
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    Football fans fallout a lot. The Jets hate the Patriots. The Vikings hate the Packers. Everyone hates the Cowboys. Old school guys hate the new game, young guys think defense is boring. Manning and Brady supporters will argue til they're spitting blood. But one thing we all know, can all agree on, that unites every fan of the NFL a little more with every passing season: The nfl website freakin' sucks. Dreadfully designed, full of glitches and problems, ugly as hell, terribly unintuitive and just awful. They need to fix it yesterday. The "play by play" on the game pages is always wrong, slow and behind by about 15 minutes. I makes me rage a little more every sunday.
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    Because his hit a wide open WR? Good, he made a play that he should make, now make some plays that aren’t quite as easy.
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    Not a hater but that drive goes to the playcalling.
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    Antonio Brown somehow made THREE separate franchises hate his guts in only a few months. LOL
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    Oakland bent over and backwards to pay him those 30millions, the coach supported all his shenanigans with the helmet, tolerated camp no shows, altercation with the GM and even recording said coach, it’s only until he asked to be released that they obliged... so he basically asked them to not pay him... New england offered him the ultimate chance, with all the uproar of the allegations, they played him, fed him the ball and protected him from the press... they asked him to behave, and he didn’t... if he did... they were going to pay him... so again... he basically asked them not to pay him...
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    I saw someone put perfectly why he was out of NE: What’s crazy about ABs rant is that he was given the right of innocent until proven guilty. No one put him on an exempt list or cut him on allegations. The Pats told him not to contact the accuser (a reasonable ask I think) and he couldn’t just avoid doing that. That’s the reason he got cut. He doesn’t send those texts/tweets this past week and he’d still be a Pat making his money. He wasn’t even wronged the way he thinks he was.
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    Well I can't disagree with him there. But if he's going to start speaking plainly about owners' dirty business, then he's going to be blackballed harder than Kaep
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    So he was throwing the playbook?
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    Dude you act like you are Derek Carr
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    Fun game to be at, I was probably as drunk as @Norm today Not sure about him as a playcaller yet, but we have ourselves a head coach. First time seeing that team live. Loose, energetic, they have fun, they're tight knit. This locker room is the kind that sticks together and makes playoff runs. Just have to get the offense there. Thought the offense was plagued by the same stuff. Tonyan has a TD in drive #2 but he lets up in his route right as Rodgers released the ball and he can't build up enough speed to get under it. Then Rodgers comes out next play and fires an easy 1st too high to GMo. MVS two 3rd down drops. Some penalties and the fact that whenever Rodgers pulls the ball on an RPO all our WRs are blocking, that's got to get sorted quick, 3rd week in a row. Could've easily been another game like Minny, 30+ points and a relaxing 4th Q. Too many mistakes. Eagles don't have a great defense, they're coming off a defeat and they have to make a trip out here on a short week, this needs to be the game they get it going and sustain it.
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    Hey look Refs that know that it's actually a fumble and don't blow it dead.
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    Illegal hands to the face by Whitworth
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    Unreal that we are 3-0 with the mess we saw today. But these are the types of games we have lost in the last 5 years, so it's nice to be on the winning end of a game like this.
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    You forgot no competent QB play
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    Just listened to Rodgers press conference. He mentioned something that I found interesting. He was only knocked down 1 time today. Against those two pass rushers and it was on the wheel route to Vitaly. He said his body feels great and that is important going into a game with only 4 days to get ready.
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    They’re all just for ET80
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    Someone will make fun of me but I'm MORE confident we score then than any other random normal drive
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    Imagine being on the Raiders defense after being gashed and bludgeoned by Cook and Mattison only to have Boone come in and give you more of the same.
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    Falk's done well to overtake Big Ben this early in his career
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    The best QB New England has faced this year is Luke Falk.
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    Being able to challenge a PI is one of the worst decisions the NFL has ever made.
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    Why do you guys care so much? This forum can be so toxic for no damn reason.
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    Now lets just do that like 5 more times
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    He’s a good coach not a great one. His problem is Michigan is a second tier program and their fans/media don’t want to acknowledge it. They’re gonna win 8-10 games a year, never win their conference and get destroyed by their rivals/big dogs of the sport. That’s your lane right now and own it
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    If you don't know why, just imagine his first name was Hank.
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    I spent my day at a Wisconsin bar, so believe me, I got rocked Easily the most shaken I've been in the direction of the program. Completely outcoached, outplayed, outeverythinged. As many have put it, you watch Michigan make offense look insanely hard, and yet everywhere around the country, offense is easy as hell. I honestly believe this offense would be better with Pep Hamilton at OC, because whatever the hell they're doing now flat out isn't working. And since 90% of the game plan isn't "throw it up to your NFL caliber receivers and let them make a play," well... they also brought back 4 All-Conference OL and probably upgraded at RT, and yet they look far worse as a unit.
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