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    Unless international games are played under different rules, I believe it remains rectangular.
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    This says more about the O-Line to me then Dwayne. No one has an urgency there, no one is playing for their jobs even though it's a 1-9 team. At least it seems like Dwayne cares, that's better than probably 40 people on the 53 man roster
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    The imperfections of human beings is what makes sports, as a whole, so fun and exciting. Constantly looking for reasons to be disappointed defeats the purpose.
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    Can we just STFU about the Hill thing and discuss the game. He's not reading this message board so the only scab being picked is of Chiefs fans.
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    William's was down in bounds. Why was the clock not moving?
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    Shut. The. ****. Up. No you didn’t.
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    I heard Kaepernick looked quite bad in his workout. Not to mention 19 teams frowned upon him changing the location the same day and saw it as entitlement. That’s why 6 of 25 showed up at his new location. The collusion story is sad. Not collusion at all. Kaepernick is beyond a diva in every sense.
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    It's not a myth, QBs can elevate an entire team the same way they can drown one. They just can't work miracles, like suddenly make Nelson Agholor capable of catching a football.
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    Just finished watching the game: Offense: Jimmy G: Probably one of the best games i've seen from Jimmy from an accuracy stand-point. Outside of his one bad read on the Hicks INT, he maybe only had 4 or 5 bad passes. A couple high ones to Bourne and Samuel, the behind pass to Dwelley for a tip INT and the swing pass to Coleman. Outside of that, he was dropping dimes in a game where had to throw A LOT. The first half was just dominated by drops, really frustrating start. But Jimmy G still has a real issue with predetermined passes(sometimes by design) and the high and fast inaccurate ball and it's getting him into trouble on a weekly basis. That said, he is one tough SOB and is absolutely fearless. It's probably why I get so pissed off at him, he consistently shows some absolutely special qualities;clutch play, incredible timing, pocket toughness, presence and navigation, touch throws and just pure moxy and magic when it counts. So it's just that much more frustrating when he makes boneheaded decisions or he just blatantly misses guys. As I said last week, I'm not off the Jimmy G train, but I really want to see him start stringing together multiple games where he doesn't get TO and still produces through the air. I know he's a pure gun slinger, but if he can get the TO issue under control, I don't think there's a team that can beat us in the NFC. Pass protection was really rough this game, but they were great in other aspects. The screen game was beautiful today and I hope we see a lot more of it. But I can't shake the feeling that we're going to end up drafting or signing and IOL guy to replace Person. Person is solid, but there's just so many instances where that right side is too easily stacked. Drops were really bad, but Deebo, Dwelley and Juice were life savers this game. Jimmy is really starting to look for Deebo too, Really want to see Juice incorporated like he was today, he's probably one of the best players on our team when the ball is in his hands. Tackle play was rough all game, not sure if McGlnichey is 100% or if there was some complacency issues from him to begin with, but he hasn't really turned a corner this year. Skule also seemed to have a rough game too. Mosert had the really bad drop, but he's just consistently improved year to year. I think I like him a little bit more than Coleman as a pure runner. Defense: Not a great game by the defense, but when you consider the circumstances, still really happy with the performance. One thing that immediately jumped out to me was the hustle by everyone defense. Moore, Bosa, Buckner, Armstead all had multiple plays where they made tackles 10+ yards down the field. Greenlaw has been a really good find. He's not Kwon, but I wouldn't be surprised if we let Kwon go (when the money is right) to give Greenlaw the job. He's stepped up in a big way. Lee is a solid backup, but still got "got" on a couple of plays. Just a little late to the ball too, but still had some nice plays too. The range from our LBers is really nice, Drake isn't a bum and they did a pretty good job sticking with him wide. Defensive Line is really the catalyst for the defense. Already mentioned the hustle, but they are constantly in the backfield. It's finally great to see this unit as a whole just dominate week in and week out. Don't think this week was all that different. Not a great game for the secondary, not horrible though. Tartt had a good game, Ward was solid, Mosely got beat a couple times but was still ok. Sherm might actually be the weak link of the secondary which is crazy because he's been solid all year. Bosa didn't make a ton of noise in the pass-rush department, but he really is the total package. He was stuffing runs from start to finish. Fun game to watch and it was a great game when you consider the circumstances; short week, injuries left and right, horrible officiating and most of all..Arizona isn't a bad team anymore.Kyler, Kliff and the skill position players are really well coached and explosive. They are going to be a problem for a while. Rams might actually have the worst future out of all the teams int he NFCW.
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    While I understand your gripes, this comeback is special because the broncos have the number 4 ranked defense. You can argue that they have the best passing defense in football, with the number one rated safety and Chris Harris at corner. Down 20 at the half with a dline that not only abused our oline, but KNOWING we had to pass our way out of this is what made it special. Kirk came out there and lead 4 touchdown drives while our all world running back was being shut down. Hell, it wasn’t dalvin who opened the game for Kirk, it was the other way around. What im trying to convey is that we have a qb that has come a long way from turning into check down Charlie against a top 5 defense (a la week 4). And actually broncos defense are rated higher than that bears defense. That’s what this victory is truly about. With this win it is no doubt in my mind our offense is sharp enough to win a Super Bowl. Defense HAS to perform though.
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    They were blown out last year to Det and Tenn and lost to Mia and Pit. 4 non-playoff teams and looked like at best 3rd best team in the AFC last year and won the SB. This year they are 9-1 with likely 1st seed, at worst 2nd best in the AFC and a far superior defense. If they won last year, they can definitely win this year. To write off greatest dynasty, defending SB champs on a 9-1 season carrying around the #1 defense is a odd take. That coming from king of odd takes.
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    Imagine hating a dude so much that you ride without question for the corporate conglomeration that intentionally hid it's knowledge of the damage it was doing to it's employees brains. And you hate this individual for kneeling during a song
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    Normally I start this with some Cowboys news, but this was too good not to share:
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    After listening to Moses' comments in the video below, this situation was definitely sensationalized and taken out of context (surprise, surprise).
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    Hopefully all the players who’ve missed time recently, Thielen, Kline, Joseph, and Harris will be ready to go in two weeks. Also hoping that the young DBs stay out of trouble.
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    It's very obvious the source is Joe Flacco.
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    What's the "hate" gonna look like if Myles gets the suspension reduced to 4? NFL Gen will lose their minds.
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    Yup, his medical will be heavily scrutinized. I was thinking the last time a Qb came into the draft with a first round grade and injury history. Came up with a few: -Aikman broke his leg at OU -RG3 tore his ACL at Baylor -Watson tore his ACL at Clemson or Sr yr of high school So there is precedent set for Tua to still go in the first. At this point. I would be surprised if Licht is the GM after the season. Take some type of "promotion" and they bring in a new GM. Fan apathy is at an all time high, I still think he was a better GM then Dom and Allen, but still not good enough.
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    Josh Allen suffers from the same pre draft bias as Lamar, so a lot of people want him to fail and act like he plays worse than he does. I am silently rooting for him.
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    If I never see Scherff or Moses in a Redskins uniform again after this year, I’m cool with it. Maybe he wasn’t saying the right things, and maybe they think he should already be able to do the things he’s struggling with — but if your approach is to just stiff-arm the rookie QB when he comes to you in an attempt to show some fire and leadership, then you’re not for the team. And I’m not for you. I would franchise and trade Scherff and just flat-out cut Moses. Give me two 2nds for Trent and Scherff, in addition to our early 3rd and (eventually) multiple 4ths, and we’re starting to build up the pick assets to rebuild the OL on the fly. Perhaps a 3rd for Kerrigan as well. The loyalty I feel toward the long-term players on this team is disintegrating by the day. Yes, the team is poorly managed. Maybe it’s not their fault that they’ve become accustomed to losing. But they have, and I’m pretty much done with them. It’s time to build around the young guys (Haskins, Guice, McLaurin, maybe Roullier on offense, Bama boys and Greek/Dunbar/Sweat on defense). These guys are infected with the toxicity of this organization, and I don’t know that any new coach/GM would be able to cure that. Not in time for them to be useful compatriots for the young guys who need a positive environment to develop in right now, at least.
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    Yeah the feeling is the mutual lol that's how fandom works.
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    And if we're being honest with ourselves, in spite of our/my Viking hate, I'm very hopeful we have a 4th quarter performing QB like that to replace Rodgers in a few years when he inevitably retires. Not saying Cousins is clutch now, but when looking at life without Rodgers and knowing that lightning most likely doesn't strike three times (relative to QB's), I'm pretty damn happy with those numbers. Cousins problems aren't who he is, it's what he's being paid.
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    Maybe now people can stop fangirling over Boba Fett. 2 episodes (70 minutes) in and this character has 67 more minutes of development than Boba Fett ever had.
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    When the offense plays with urgency and allows Cousins to let loose, it seems like it works a lot better. They tried leaning on Cook way too long in the first half. Should have done the uptempo stuff to start the second quarter when they were already down two scores.
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    I hope he’s a steal... but I’m over hyping up our mid/late round guys after just a few good games.
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    It’s amazing the real estate the Browns have in Ravens fans’ heads despite how things are going.
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    "let's see how he does when he faces real NFL defenses!"
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    Let's be honest here. If you could somehow ride the coattails of the Injustice Community and parlay it into both a sweet deal with Nike as a "Rebel" AND get a settlement from the NFL, and on top of all that do so without risking your body on the gridiron? And all you have to do to maintain that gravy train is to periodically proclaim your desire to play football again and perhaps run the risk of getting picked up after a workout? You'd take it. You'd be a fool and a moron not to.
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    Anyways, I was at work, so I only caught part of the game, will watch the replay later, but all I can say is long-term, that was the best possible result. We showed the reason why we have long-term hope...but also showed why we need to explore building up our O long-term. That final 20 secs also showed why we'll need to get a better QB than the serviceable-but-capped journeyman Allen, and the WR corps when the Vikes decided to bracket Sutton and force us to beat them with another play. Upgrade the OL early in the draft, find a FA 2nd WR and draft a WR early (T Rd1, WR/ILB and more OL help Day 2), and we'll have something to work with. And yes, for god's sakes, sometime in December at the latest - get Lock in there. In theory it's yet another heartbreaking L, but at 3-7 we are better off with a top 5-6 pick - CIN/WAS are going to be top 2 for sure, anything after that is fair game (although I think MIA is in the top 3). A 4-5 pick at least gets us into Andrew Thomas sniffing range - but we'd have to lose out.....so games like today, where our best guys are our young guys, and we give it our all, but still lose, are best-case long-term. It's on to Buffalo....
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    Good teams find ways to win and that’s what we did today. Bye week couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Let’s do some self-scouting, get healthy, and take one from the Seahawks!
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    We have some serious Anhedonia sufferers on here. I was as ticked off as anyone after that first half. Didn’t watch the second half, even. But even I can take pleasure in the fact that we pulled off the franchise’s greatest comeback and that it was led by a guy I’ve spent 18 months nitpicking. These are the games the Vikings never win, but the games championship contenders do. Enjoy it. Don’t demand perfection. Don’t allow you need to be right override the pleasure that should come from a hard fought win.
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    Of course it has nothing to do with football. It doesn't even have anything to do with "the troops". It has everything to do with what is perceived to be an attack on traditional American values. @15412's incoherent rant is all the evidence you need to demonstrate that point. There's never any consideration that those traditional values are flawed and antiquated and worthy of pensive review. Why evaluate the behaviors of our police departments and the effects our economic policies have on the poorest of communities when instead we can be offended and rant about pissing on the graves of veterans? @Spartacus is dead on. If you want to support the troops, lashing out at Colin Kaepernick isn't the way to do it. Spend the energy on a volunteer trip to the VA hospital. Spend the money on a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. Hell, write to your congressman about additional funding for VA Hospitals. That's a lot better usage of time than writing coded rants on a football message board.
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    Forgive me for keeping this one a bit shorter than usual. We had a 24 hour stomach bug run through our house like Deebo runs through defenders and I spent the entire game in and out of consciousness. QB Jimmy showed again that he is a winner and the ultimate competitor. I actually love his gunslinger mentality. I believe it allows him to throw a horrendous pick and then immediately bounce back and lead the team down the field for the game winner. I don't know what is left to really be said about his play. He will frustrate you with his decisions and lack of fundamentals at times and then wow you with his ability to make a throw in the face of pressure. Kyle continues to put him in a good spot to be successful and Jimmy continues to capitalize. I loved his pocket awareness and his movement to create plays. Grade: B RB Not much action all around for these guys so I decided to put Juice in this group as well. The run game was bad. Not many running lanes to utilize in this one, but the RB's were big in the pass game. Jeff Wilson Jr has played 49 snaps this season and he has 4 TDs. His efficiency is amazing. He played 2 snaps yesterday and comes in with the game winning TD reception on a really tough ball to grab.. Can't speak enough to how this team has developed a culture of every man in. Juice was so huge in this game as well. 13 rec for 150 yards and a TD for the RB group. Love the versatility of these guys. Grade: Coleman (C), Mostert (C-), Wilson (B), Juice (B+) WR A much maligned group played a ton better yesterday. I think Deebo has proven his worth already and we are starting to see him come along as a real weapon in this offense. He catches huge 3rd downs and is fearless going for the ball. I would have liked to have seen more RJ Jr. I feel like he impacts the game when given a chance and he got the offense going with his 57 yard screen. KB was much better and continues to show why I like him. There will be games where it flat out doesn't go well, but his fearless mentality is paramount in being able to bounce back. Kudos to Sanders for going as long as he could. I am curious how long the injury takes to heal. Grade: Deebo (A), Goodwin (C-), KB (B-), James (C+), Sanders (C+) TE Nice game from Dwelley. He came through in big moments when he needed to. Outside of his performance not a ton to tell here. I fully expect to see Kittle back next week. Should be a boost to Jimmy and hopefully to the run game. Grade: Dwelley (B) OL Bad in the run game, good in pass protection. That was the story of the day right there. Richburg was robbed twice on those holding calls. They were very ticky tack type of calls. As a whole they were very good in pass pro. They allowed Jimmy to move in the pocket and he had plenty of time to survey. Hopefully getting Kittle back will help the OL with the run blocking. Grade: Skule (C+), Tomlinson (C+), Richburg (B-), Person (B-), McGlinchey (B) DL These guys wreak so much havoc on the field. Armstead continues with his tremendous season and Buckner is starting to show up more and more on the tape. Lots of pressure on Kyler and I though they did a nice job of containing him when they ran read options and when he started to move in the pocket. Shout out to Demontrae Moore as well. Next man up mentality is a big thing for this team and he came in off the streets and made an impact at the end. Grade: Bosa (B-), Armstead (B), Buckner (B), Ford (B), Moore (C+), Day (C+), Taylor (C+) LB Another solid performance from this group. Warner was all over the field as was Dre. 12 total tackles for Warner and 10 for Dre. Elijah Lee saw some time and didn't appear to be a liability minus the Fitz TD. There were some missed tackles early, but I though that the LBs adjusted nicely as the game progressed. Grade: Warner (B), Dre (B), Lee (C+) DB Solid effort from the DBs in this game. Sherman got hammered on the PI calls. He was beat on the first one by Kirk so it wasn't the worst play to grab him. What would have been 6 ended up being 3. He continues to be very physical when tackling as well. Moseley and K'Waun were both very good. A couple of small lapses, but for the most part they played well. I saw Witherspoon in the game after K'Waun left. Was this his only snap? Wouldn't you know he gets a PBU on it. Grade: Sherman (C+), Moseley (B-), Williams (B), Witherspoon (C+) S Tartt and Ward were good once again. Ward ended up with 6 tackles and a sack on the day. I think I remember him giving up a TD......I may have been lapsing there because of the high volume aspirin, tums and soda crackers I was putting into my body. I mean seriously, I was as leaky as the Bengals run defense. Tartt with another FREC. They continue to play very well. Grade: Tartt (B+), Ward (B-) No ST's as there wasn't much to speak about. Back to their winning ways, albeit a tough one no doubt. There is an expectation that the Niners destroy teams like the Cards and at full health maybe they do, but they are forcing inexperienced guys into the lineup with all of these injuries. I also get the feeling that Arizona just causes problems for everyone. Huge Sunday night came on tap against the Packers. My house hold will be split as my wife is a Packers fan. We will have cheese on every meal this week. I like the Niners chances with the pass rush being a difference maker. I would like to see Kittle get back this week and if the Saints happen to lose to Carolina, maybe you can rest Sanders. I would rather give up a game and get him healthy than have him play through the pain all year. Jimmy showed he can throw the damn ball when he is asked to. I expect more of the same against GB. He is going to have to out duel Rodgers and I believe he will.
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    https://1drv.ms/x/s!AjvqihcNb--ngRSixzdSK899d1HR Here are CB metrics that I complied from 2 different sources, ProFootballReference (via SportsRadar) and PlayerProfiler (via ArmChairAnalysis). These metrics are free to anyone, just look at individual player pages on each site, however I could not find a way to view or list all of them together or rank them accordingly, so I did it myself. There are naturally some differences in their charting (ie targets), but they generally paint same picture. My excel sheet is a lot and I made no real effort to pretty it up, so here a few more relevant stats I will take and put in top 10 form. This is since 2018, including all of 2019 (except last TNF). No real cut-off for CBs I included, looked at about 60 on PP and 40 for PFR, will try to even it up when I have more time. PFR link above explains all of their numbers. For PP, burns are targets where the WR had 5 or more yards of separation. Target separation looks at the distance between CB and WR when the pass arrives. Also for PP, INTs seem to include any INTs on targets, whether or not the player in question made the INT. PFR only includes INTs that player made. CBs w/ >40% slot rate in red Good (in theory) Top 10 in Passer Rating Allowed (PFR) Tre'Davious White 60.0 Stephen Gilmore 64.0 Richard Sherman 66.7 Marlon Humphrey 68.2 Xavien Howard 72.8 Darius Slay 72.9 James Bradberry 73 Trumaine Johnson 75.4 Denzel Ward 75.5 Quinton Dunbar 77.2 Top 10 in Passer Rating Allowed (PP) Stephen Gilmore 62.8 Marlon Humphrey 66.0 Tre'Davious White 68.8 Kyler Fuller 69.5 Joe Haden 71.6 James Bradberry 73.7 Kenny Moore 75.0 Darius Slay 75.2 Prince Amukamara 77.8 Tramon Williams 78.8 Catch Rate (PFR) James Bradberry 47.9% Darius Slay 49.2% Marlon Humphrey 49.3% Stephen Gilmore 50.0% Bashaud Breeland 50.0% Denzel Ward 50.8% Jason McCourty 51.7% Tre White 52.3% Byron Jones 53.4% Daryl Worley 54.0% Catch Rate (PP) Marlon Humphrey 47.1% Denzel Ward 50.7% Darius Slay 53.1% Stephen Gilmore 54.5% Morris Claiborne 54.7% Tramon Williams 55.6% Jason McCourty 55.6% Tre'Davious White 55.8% Gareon Conley 56.3% Casey Hayward 56.6% Target Rate Bryce Callahan 17.3% Josh Norman 17.7% Byron Jones 17.8% Casey Hayward 18.7% Robert Alford 18.8% Bashaud Breeland 19.0% Desmond King 19.3% Chris Harris Jr. 19.3% Rashaan Melvin 19.4% Morris Claiborne 19.5% Average Yards of Separation per Target Casey Hayward 0.53 Tre'Davious White 0.73 William Jackson III 0.76 B.W. Webb 0.79 Aqib Talib 0.80 Desmond Trufant 0.82 Daryl Worley 0.82 Darius Slay 0.83 Kendall Fuller 0.90 Ronald Darby 0.91 Never "Burned" Crew (number is how many routes they've defended) Tre'Davious White 730 Kenny Moore 629 Johnathan Joseph 610 Desmond King 597 Bashaud Breeland 389 Bryce Callahan 376 Aqib Talib 344 YAC per Catch allowed Ronald Darby 2.2 Stephon Gilmore 2.6 Janoris Jenkins 2.9 Richard Sherman 3.2 Kyle Fuller 3.3 James Bradberry 3.3 Byron Jones 3.3 Casey Hayward 3.3 Daryl Worley 3.6 Shaquill Griffin 3.7 Yards allowed per game (PFR) Richard Sherman 22.2 Casey Hayward 28.9 Tre'Davious White 31.2 Marlon Humphrey 32.1 Byron Jones 33.2 Stephen Gilmore 33.6 Bashaud Breeland 33.6 Darius Slay 34.3 Daryl Worley 37.0 Patrick Peterson 37.4 Yards allowed per game (PP) Tramon Williams 23.4 Bashaud Breeland 32.5 K'Waun Williams 33.1 Marlon Humphrey 34.5 Tre'Davious White 34.9 Kenny Moore 35.7 Richard Sherman 36.4 Desmond King 36.4 Joe Haden 36.5 Byron Jones 37.1 Bad (in theory) Bottom 10 in Passer Rating Allowed (PFR) Josh Norman 113.1 Bradley Roby 106.3 Gareon Conley 105.0 Jalen Mills 101.8 Xavier Rhodes 100.1 Patrick Peterson 99.8 Aqib Talib 97.4 Johnathan Joseph 95.2 Kendall Fuller 94.9 Bottom 10 in Passer Rating Allowed (PP) Deandre Baker 134.4 Robert Alford 133.2 Byron Murphy 125.4 Josh Norman 120.6 Daryl Worley 117.7 Kevin King 108.1 Donte Jackson 107.4 K'Waun Williams 105.8 Bradley Roby 104.0 Kendall Fuller 103.2 Highest Target Rate Ronald Darby 28.1% Jalen Ramsey 26.6% Jaire Alexander 26.1% Aqib Talib 25.9% Quinton Dunbar 25.3% James Bradberry 25.0% Rasul Douglas 25.0% Johnathan Joseph 24.9% Kevin King 24.7% Kyler Fuller 24.5% Most Yards of Separation Deandre Baker 1.77 Morris Claiborne 1.72 Josh Norman 1.56 Jalen Mills 1.56 Desmond King 1.53 Kevin King 1.50 Rashaan Melvin 1.45 Tre Flowers 1.44 Quinton Dunbar 1.44 Richard Sherman 1.42 Highest Burn Rate Xavien Howard 7.0% Rasul Douglas 6.8% Richard Sherman 6.7% Kevin King 5.1% Donte Jackson 4.8% Trumaine Johnson 4.4% Josh Norman 3.8% Byron Jones 3.8% Jaire Alexander 3.5% Deandre Baker 3.4% Yards per game (PFR) Jalen Mills 73.0 Jaire Alexander 60.4 Kyle Fuller 57.6 Jalen Ramsey 55.1 Ronald Darby 54.1 Marshon Lattimore 53.8 Johnathan Joseph 53.1 Bradley Roby 52.0 Kendall Fuller 48.8 James Bradberry 48.0 Yards per game (PP) Deandre Baker 66.2 Robert Alford 61.7 Jalen Ramsey 61.0 Kendall Fuller 60.8 Jaire Alexander 60.4 Ronald Darby 60.2 Marshon Lattimore 58.5 Adoree Jackson 57.6 A.J. Bouye 57.3 Aqib Talib 57.2
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    Big chance for him to solidify his spot for next season if he can keep this up.
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    Honestly, they could tag Jameis and draft Tua; this would allow Tua to redshirt his rookie year essentially.
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    Hard to see anything bad here. Isn't this what we want, Haskins engaged and firey?
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    😔 Al Gore should have invented separate Internets for different age groups
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    The offense has been pretty historic (at least from a franchise perspective) to this point of the season. A few 16 game pace statistics: Dak's 16 game yardage pace: 5154 yards Would rank #7 all time in the NFL Would rank #1 all-time in Dallas Cowboy history Dak's 16 game total TD pace: 38 TDs Would tie #1 in Dallas Cowboys history Amari Cooper 16 game yardage pace: 1418 yards Would rank #3 in Dallas Cowboys history Michael Gallup 16 game yardage pace*: 1186 yards Would be the most yardage for a #2 receiver in Dallas Cowboys history *For Gallup, I took his pace for the 8 games he's actually played, averaged out over the 14 games he will, knock on wood, play
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    He's always been just above average (which plenty of teams would take), even during 2017, but right now the team is devastated with injuries. It's a miracle Philly managed to score points against us despite being down 2 starting WRs, the starting RB and their All-Pro RT.
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    We lead the league, by a long way, in drops this year and, in general, our WRs are struggling to get separation. Mitch is not absolved of any responsibility and doesn't throw well from the pocket but he plays very well when rolling out. He's 6th in passer rating when rolling out yet we're near the bottom of the league in attempts of that nature. That is play calling to be so rigid that you refuse to play to the QBs strengths. Also, our running game is absolute pants but we've had good success on the odd occasion we've run out of the I formation with JP Holtz as the lead blocker. After the game where we did that and Montgomery got over 100 yard of rushing, Nagy was asked why we don't do that more and replied "I wasn't hired to run the I formation". He seriously said that. We've barely seen it since and we've not been able to run the ball again. A few games back, we had Mitch throw 53 times while having 7 running attempts on Walter Payton day of all days. Afterwards, Nagy said "We've just got to find a way to run the ball". WTF? You called 7 run plays dude. Mitch is not the guy to pass 53 times when the D knows that's what you're going to do. He thinks he's the smartest guy in the room and refuses to accept any responsibility. I'm actually convinced he's sabotaging the team at this point.
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    I literally hate Nagy. He needs to be fired, yesterday. Worst head coach we've ever had and we've had Trestman and Wannstedt.
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