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    So I usually do a pretty long NBA 2k franchise, but since they ruined GM mode this year I figure I'll do a Madden franchise. I want to focus on building the roster and move through the seasons quickly, so I'm going to be simming everything in this league. I'm going to also try to make this franchise mode as realistic as possible, so I won't do any trades that I think are completely unrealistic, and I will limit FA signings because the Bengals aren't a big FA destination. These are the settings I'm using for the league: Skill Level - All Madden (not sure if this makes a difference on sims or not, I don't think it does). Trade Deadline - On Coach Firing - CPU Only (my rebuild could take a long time and with me typing up all of this it would suck for it to collapse after Year 3 because the cpu decided to fire me). Salary Cap - On Superstar Abilities - On Injuries - On Pre-existing Injuries - On Fill Roster - Off XP sliders will remain standard, except I jacked up FB, K & P to 200x because they don't seem to progress at all. Let's get started.
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    hot take: Kirk Cousins is a top-5 MVP candidate. He is the best QB this season that is not on a rookie contract, and he is not the highest paid QB. Bargain.
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    I picked us to lose because I think the team takes offense to that and it plays better.
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    FF UPDATE: @Pickle Rick has caused @SwAg to be permabanned!!!
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    If I haven't done so already (can't remember my previous post this season about crow eating, maybe it was Ronnie Stanley?), I'd like to take this moment to completely admit to being wrong about Wink as a DC. Y'all remember how adamant I was he was going to fail because of how bad he was in Denver for that one year. Yikes was I wrong.
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    @Kiwibrown @mistakey @LETSGOBROWNIES let's add this award to the Chiavertinis Award Show in the offseason. The Myles Garrett Award: Goes to the poster that demonstrates indefensibly absurd smack talk resulting in a non warning/banable offense
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    Coach Zac Taylor - Level 1 He doesn't appear to have a single upgrade, so he's worse than starting with a custom coach lol. The lack of a good 4-3 scheme that uses Man Coverage CBs in this game is annoying. The best scheme I've found for what I like to do is the Tampa scheme which concentrates on speed Linebackers and zone safeties. Unfortunately it has zone CBs too, but none of the schemes are perfectly what I want. (what I would love would be a 4-3 scheme like this: both DEs Speed Rusher, 1 Power Rush DT, 1 Run Stuffer DT, a Field General MLB, 1 Run Stopper OLB, 1 Pass Coverage OLB, Man Coverage CBs, FS zone coverage, SS run stopper). Its pretty ridiculous they don't let you customize your scheme, which is something they let you do a few years ago. I'm sure they'll add it back in a year or two from now and tout it as a "new feature". Offensively I'm running with a West Coast Power Run scheme, which I like because it uses Power Olineman in every spot, and also has the Improviser QB, which I have found to be the best QB for sims. It also has Power RB, Route Runner WRs (not ideal), and Possession TEs (which i do like). Playbooks: Oakland's Offensive Playbook - looks like a good blend of running and passing formations. Carolina's Defensive Playbook - I like that its a 4-3 heavy playbook but has a lot of 3-4 looks too. I like defensive versatility.
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    I am the Myles Garrett of smack talk. Minor insult? I'm going to escalate it to an absurd level. #thatsmydefensiveend
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    We hope you find your QB as well. Best wishes.
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    From my perspective, I don’t believe Kaepernick actually wants to play football. I think he’s carrying on the circus as a way to keep his name relevant. Kaepernick is not stupid. He knows that the longer his name is out of sight, the more irrelevant he becomes. And for someone trying to shine a light on various causes, irrelevancy is a problem. And the fastest way for Kaepernick to become irrelevant is to be a backup QB on an NFL roster. There is a gigantic spotlight on the NFL in this country. And Kaepernick has found a way to get a part of that spotlight to shine on him and, by association, what he’s advocating. Without the distraction of football. Kaepernick is responsible for this turning into a circus, and that’s what he wants. If he truly just wanted to play football again, he would have towed the company line.
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    I disagree with Schrager. I like the Saints 2017 haul better. Lattimore, Ramczyk, Kamara, Williams and Hendrickson
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    I'm pretty sure somebody doesn't tank their multi-million dollar career to take a stand for social justice if they don't give a crap about anybody.
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    Hey... this is cereal business here. (I forgot about those nuggets, btw...)
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    This is the NFL, not whatever pewee league you were coaching. If these grown men on the other side are going to throw the ball, we are coming after their QB. It's that simple. It's a divisional game in the friggen AFCN, it's a big boys game not for the faint of heart. You don't just let the other team make plays because 'the game is over' You think the Steelers defense would have just let the browns throw the ball in this scenario??
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    Welcome to Football's Future King of The Forum 1 21 contestants. 1 winner. This will be a long-term game with very reasonable deadlines Send journal entries to document the inner workings of your game and any commentary you may have
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    I think this is pretty reasonable to be honest. TE Darren Waller Singapore Sentinels $501 3 Signed - FA
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    Had a chance to watch the LSU offensive snaps from the Texas game from earlier this year on a break from court this morning. Burrow was definitely impressive. He looked excellent on a lot of levels, I can’t deny that. Ball placement was great, arm was good enough, made some very timely/gutty plays, and he’s a real good athlete. He made some risky throws that would’ve gotten picked at the next level (and instead turned into big plays at the college level), but that’s true of most college QBs. Texas wasn’t getting much in the way of pressure on him — I also saw him against Auburn, and he wasn’t quite as good when Derrick Brown and the boys were putting some heat on him. If they get #1, they’d have to consider him — but I’d still go elsewhere (Young or trade). I will say, though, it’s a hell of a lot easier to look great when you’ve got guys like Justin Jefferson and Jamarr Chase to work with. They both looked absolutely great. @PARROTHEAD, you mentioned earlier that Jefferson is 6’3 but doesn’t play like it, and that is so remarkably true. Watching him bend routes and turn upfield and adjust to balls, you’d think he’s 5’11 (maybe as much 6’1), and it’s shocking to realize how big he is. He’s super impressive. If we could get an early 2nd rounder, I’d love to use it on him if he makes it that far. Chase also looked like a complete stud, a man among boys despite being one of the younger guys on the field. I’d book him for a top 20 pick next year, as long as they can find a QB worthy of him. I’d also happily give Joe Brady the reins of our offense if he’d take it. His alma mater (THE College of William and Mary) is known for turning out excellent coaches, and his work there this season has been phenomenal. A Kris Richard/Joe Brady ticket is exactly what DC needs. EDITED to add that Edwards-Helaire is also damn impressive. He’s made some huge plays (in terms of impact, as much as yardage) out of nothing in each of the games I’ve had the chance to watch so far. He had a crazy 3rd down conversion in the 4th quarter against Alabama that was every bit as big as Burrow’s “Heisman moment.”
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    change the uniforms I really don't like the uniforms
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    I don’t think it’s dumb to compare the impact of a rookie Mack and Rookie Crosby. I don’t see anyone saying Maxx is going to be a DPoY any time soon. But, just to measure the impact each has had makes for good discussion. And shows just how special Maxx has been. I do hope guys realize, Mack also made a huge impact in the run game as well. But, we got ripped when we traded Mack and our lack of pass rush last season, Gruden saying how hard it is to find pass rushers. Well Maxx has definitely softened the blow, and our pass rush is on pace to have better numbers than when we last had Mack in 2017. Maxx has been great, and we’re all excited to have him. Nothing wrong with that.
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    You can't until you change the owner. They'll have a fluke season with double digit wins and playoffs, but until they get an owner who cares about winning they won't ever be consistent.
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    Said like someone unwilling to look at more than one side of an argument. Others have echoed my sentiments already so I don't need to pile on, but this response reads like someone that hasn't considered anything other his own narrow view of a fairly complex situation. Ask yourself this. When has Matt Barkley, David Fales, or Chad Kelly ever shown anything close to what Kaep was able to do in the NFL? Why do those guys deserve to be on an NFL roster over Kaep, from a talent perspective?
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    Man the first half of that was great.
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    The guy is 4-2 in the playoffs, and fell just short of a Superbowl comeback win. Do you think that Sean Mannion, AJ McCarron, Matt Barkley, Trevor Siemian, or Joe Webb were ever capable of that in their career? I do think that being out of the league hurts him, but he's definitely more talented than most NFL backups right now.
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    It's just a simple decision making process: Is Kaepernick good enough to have a job in the NFL? Yes. Is he good enough to outweigh the baggage/attention that signing him would bring to a team? No.
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    I see people posting that Vick was a better runner than Jackson. I don't buy that at all. Being a Saints fan I got to see plenty of Vick over the years, and he was undoubtedly electrifying as a runner. That said, Vick doesn't strike me as being more dangerous as a runner than Jackson. If anything Jackson looks to be a bit more dangerous running the ball, but part of that could also be that today's NFL is more offense friendly than 15 years ago during Vick's years playing with the Falcons. Because of this I have them pretty equal as runners. However throwing the ball is an entirely different story. Vick was nowhere near Jackson throwing the ball, and when Vick did appear to improve throwing the ball with the Eagles, his athleticism clearly wasn't the same as it was prior to going to prison. In other words, at no time in Vick's career was he close to replicating what Jackson is currently doing.
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    Browns fans already in their feelings again, sweet.
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    Still a week away. He's been designated for return, but there's the next step of actually activating the player. We'll see him Steelers game. Designated players most often come back the Wednesday prior so they can get some reps then the team can evaluate how they've responded to their return physically/mentally. Subsequently, they then have a full week of practice the following week to get ready for actual game and contact.
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    Just use the draft order I post in my Thursday mock drafts. I keep it up to date manually after the games each week.
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    Disagree. I think it’s completely fair. I get what you’re saying about us also bringing in Bynes/Fort and also Peters to the defense. But the sample size is bigger than just this season. Lets break it down. This season alone we switched to Bynes/Fort at ILB and that was a definite improvement in the middle of the defense in stopping the run, however even with that this secondary allowed Mason Rudolph to have his second best passer rating all season long. Had he not been knocked out of the game, that might’ve been a LONGGG game. The major culprits of abuse were always Averrett and Jefferson. What’s more the communication seemingly wasn’t as smooth. Jefferson was still running all around and not in position sometimes. His method of communicating seemed to be verbal and inefficient. Lets also look back to the game against the Chiefs last year when Chuck Clark came into the game to play. He was not a weak link. In fact when Mahomes TRIED to pick on him in coverage, Clark smartly baits him into a pick. The secondary was letdown by OTHER players, but not Clark. So now lets fast forward to now. Chuck Clark has use nonverbal methods of communication throughout the defense to translate changes. Guys are throwing up X signs and wiggling their legs and such. Sure adding Peters who Humphrey believes to be the smartest corner he’s ever been around plays a major part in the transformation of the defense, but in the small stints last year the defense had less holes in it and now again Clark has consistently locked down his coverages. Opposing defenses could usually scheme a RB/TE on Jefferson and toss a prayer if they’re blitzed. Now that is shutdown by what Clark brings to the secondary as a coverage option as well as in zone coverage. The rest of the defense is better, so you’re right it’s not ALL Clark, but we have enough evidence alone just from Clark the communicator and coverage man to know that Jefferson’s play was indeed bad. Have we seen as many coverage busts from Marlon now that Jefferson is gone? Have we seen Clark getting burnt in man coverage? Have we seen Clark getting burnt in zone? We have not seen these things. So it’s not just a transformational change that somehow removes TJ from major fault. He was a huge part of the problem that made this defense the 28th worst unit before he went down. He was one of the worst rated safeties in the game for a reason. Dude was great in the community but not a very good fit on this football team as a player. I’m sure he might make for a great positional coach in the future.
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    Finally my being a bastard will come in handy!
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    Username: Swagilicious FF Poster Abilities: post about politics and create a Tom Brady is done thread
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    This is dark. I'm here for it.
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    Here is what it actually says: "... related directly or indirectly to the Workout, Player’s presence at the Facility, and any medical treatment or services rendered in connection with or necessitated by Player’s participation in the Workout." Indirectly to all of that does not equal "collusion/unfair descrimination for non-employment" it means if something happened indirectly to the workout itself but still caused by a series of events that pertained to the workout. For example, if you tripped and fell while getting out of the shower at the facility after the workout. The slip is not a direct result of the work out, because it didn't happen during the workout itself, but it was indirectly caused by your involvement in the workout. You cannot seek medical expenses etc etc from the NFL for the injury received indirectly to the workout, nor for faulty medical care received after the fall, if so rendered. As for the rest of it. I know it may seem like I'm anti kaep or whatever based on my post. I'm really not. I am a 49ers fan who loved him his second and third year in the NFL (he was our starter for essentially through his 6th season btw). I don't have family in the military and I understand why he was protesting in the first place, but as someone who was following him super closely since the day he was drafted, the guy is very misguided. He is getting really bad advice. I understand his lawyer told him not to sign the waiver, but this is exactly why people hate attorneys (I come from a family of attorneys btw). That waiver is clearly a standard, boilerplate waiver used by every team for every free agent work out. Of course it protects the NFL from a lawsuit, that's the whole friggen point of any liability waiver. This document doesn't prevent him from suing for collusion however and anyone who even remotely suggests that it does is full of sh*t The NFL already settled with him and got him to sign paperwork that waives A LOT more than what was in this waiver. I'll say it again, A LOT MORE. Before you say "well you don't know what they signed" I know that there is ZERO chance the NFL agreed to anything that didn't close the door on kaeps collusion claims. That is literally what he was paid for, to cease the lawsuit and prevent it from moving to discovery. No chance they would leave themselves open to the exact same lawsuit in the same calendar year lol do you think they are dumb? The fact he was unwilling to even sign something saying he would not pursue legal action against the NFL et al means that the situation is beyond repair. All employment comes with strings attached, thats literally why they pay you, but if you aren't even willing to concede ANYTHING to the other side for a simple workout, what is it going to be like signing a complicated contract for employment with any NFL team? Moving the workout is a major turnoff because it shows he isn't there to actually make a compromise. Then you tie that in with the constant slave references and it's obvious this guy is an attention seeking clown who claims to want to play in the NFL, but is unwilling to do what is necessary. If you wanted to be an astronaut (highly skilled and very few actually get selected) but you wouldn't do the extraordinary things required in such a selective field, then could you really expect to go to space? Kaep has shown time and time again that he isn't willing to do what it takes. Even when he was on a roster he wasn't doing what it took, he never watched film at home. The mental side of football was never there for him and he never studied it. It was a joke and I was glad I dont have to watch him play football anymore (as a 49er fan). Also, not necessarily relevant to the topic at hand, but let's not forget that the guy claims to be a political activist and then doesnt even vote on election day. I was in his corner for a long time but this recent mess has put me firmly in the 'i hope I never hear his name again' crowd
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    All I heard was that Tony Jefferson had to fall on a sword for the betterment of our defense. I am eternally grateful for his sacrifice and hope it shall be rewarded Sunday, Feb 2nd, 2020.
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    On December 2, 2019, PICKL€ JUIC€ STUDIOS will release the number one movie of the year...
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    Lamar is currently on pace to finish with 3612 passing yards, 30 TDs, 8 INTs; Rush for 1260 yds, 10 TDs, 6 fumbles. So in total I he’s currently projected at totals of 4872 total yards and 40 total TDs, with 14 total turnovers; my prediction had him at totals of 4758 total yards and 38 total TDs, with 17 total turnovers. So far Jackson is outplaying my predicted stats for him. But as it stands my totals to this point have been pretty spot on. So I had Brown going for 850 and 6 receiving yards. He’s on pace for 835 and 7 TDs having missed two games. Thought he would be utilized in the run game though with his speed. But with his ankle issues, it makes sense that’s not the case. This prediction was close. Though he hasn’t really elevated himself into an Isaac Bruce level of comparison this season.
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    Just got the call today from Human Resources they offered me a job that I've been trying to secure for 5 years now. Looks like I get to keep the bills paid for the next few years. Also gonna treat the wifey and raise the room temperature in the house at night from 60 degrees up to 61 degrees. Feelin' like a boss right now. Celebrating with some bourbon.
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    I know everyone here likes mostert and Coleman has been a solid player, but let's not forget that our best running back did not play for most of the last two games. He is a difference maker in our scheme because he attacks the edges better than anyone else. Get healthy, Matt breida
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    You don’t bench Rivers for a known like Tyrod Taylor. I get he’s playing bad, but he’s still Rivers. Plus it isn’t like they have a very good shot at the playoffs where maybe Taylor could make the difference I think they should ride it out and move on in offseason.
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    Damn, theyre gonna have to find a spot for him with Newhouse holding it down
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    Wow that's rough. I could make a comment about how he trots out there better than Ryan Shazier, but I'm gonna take the high road.
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