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    Hilarious that the police are congratulating themselves for arresting someone over this and yet on the other side of the country there are kids getting new textbooks because of people doing the same thing.
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    She told me that she'd heard from the staff that there had been extra security there, as there was a princess there being treated. Me being the brilliant wit that I am (OK, self-identified) said, "no, there wasn't a princess being treated here. There were two princesses being treated here."
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    you act like this isnt based off choices he made.
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    I hope you guys eat too much and the Cowboys lose. Cheers.
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    This is so God damn satisfying. This is the difference betweengood coaching and bad. McD is a great coach and Garrett has his team totally quit on him.
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    And by the way. Happy Thanksgiving guys have a great week! \
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    Yea today is Thanksgiving so that doesn't fly for last week's game plan homie. Solid attempt though. The whole "life happens" thing is fun, that seems to happen a lot. Since joining BDL I've gotten married, moved, moved again, lost a child, had a child, got a new job, moved again, moved again, had another child, got divorced, moved again, got a new job, moves again, moved again, got another new job and moved again. I've missed maybe one write up? These things take like 20 minutes.
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    Thanksgiving Special 1. Hawaii- Chase Young Edge OSU This is the best player in the draft. Hawaii has a talented team and adding Chase Young will get this team headed in the right direction. 2. IC- Joe Burrow QB LSU IC needs a WR and there are some good ones available here but this is a deep draft. I’m not convinced Jones is the answer and if you have a chance to take a franchise QB you do it. If Jones and Burrow turn out to be good one can be traded for more capital. 3. Hawaii (from WSR)- Jeffrey Okudah CB OSU Hawaii takes Chase Young’s teammate and the top cover man in the draft. Okudah has a well rounded game and has the ability to be a lockdown corner. 4. Anchorage (from Portland) - Andrew Thomas OT UGA This is a numbers game for me. I have the 6th pick also and I need a WR. I have Jeudy and Lamb graded very close and would be happy with either. Armstead can’t stay healthy for a full season and with Chase Young in the division I need a future blind side protector. 5. Seoul- CeeDee Lamb WR OU Seoul pairs Murray with his favorite college target in Lamb. Lamb is a great prospect who has a dynamic all around game at the position. Slippery and tough he has great YAC ability. 6. Anchorage- Jerry Jeudy WR Bama I need a game breaker at WR. Adding Jeudy with Boyd, Watkins, Harry, and Preston Williams makes me feel much better about my WR group. 7. Gotham- Henry Ruggs WR Bama The speed of Ruggs with Hill will really open up this offense. Gotham needs someone else at WR and Ruggs is the next best guy IMO. 8. Anchorage (from Lancaster)- AJ Epenesa EDGE Iowa I need an edge player and Epenesa while inconsistent has flashed as of late. It’s between him and Gross-Matos for me here. I’ll take a gamble on the Iowa product who has great size and play strength. His all around game will fit our defense. I will finish the rest later tonight.
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    This is honestly the best I’ve felt in a Dallas loss in a long time. I can feel GTFO coming. It’s like Santa Claus and Christmas. I’m giddy with anticipation.
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    That’s a flag, but josh sliding and getting hit isn’t. Lol
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    Over the last 8 weeks Josh Allen has accounted for 16 TD's and only 3 turnovers. The game is slowing down.
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    Can we get this offense every week
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    Better than claiming Dak is one.
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    Vocal Mitch Critic Here: Mitch played really well. No buts, no qualifiers, that was a really good game.
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    Detroit rock city? Motown? nah let’s have some bumarse lame country music.
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    What’s up with Lions confederate gray uniforms? When you need a break from family Happy Thanksgiving Bro’s
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    I just felt like the one thing Packers and Vikings fans could agree on and take joy in and be thankful for is that it’s fun to not be Da Bears.
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    Amari Cooper is an elite wide out. He has been worth giving up a first round pick for. You'd like to see the guy play a little bit harder though considering the contract he's going to want. I know he's already played through some injuries (see Jets game when he probably should have sat out) so he's trying at least. Jeff Heath isn't as bad as everyone makes him out to be. He just shouldn't be your starting safety in the backfield. I'd gladly keep him around so long as it doesn't prevent the team from trying to upgrade the position. Jason Garrett has done some really good things since he became the head coach. He along with McClay and the Jones's (yes, even Jerry) have helped change the culture of the team. Remember when we never spent a first round pick on OL? I also can't remember a time when the team flat-out quit on him, there's been many games where they've looked completely out of it only to come back and win or at least make it a close game. That said...there's also been games where they were clearly the better team and lost because of the same mistakes over and over again. Due to poor coaching, conservative play calling, failure to adjust, etc. Garrett doesn't seem willing to make changes to the way he does things that could (not saying they would) possibly get this team over the hump. His message at times appears to be wearing thin with the players. We will never suck with Garrett as the head coach, but we also won't ever reach the pinnacle that this franchise is used to and this team is capable of. I give him all the credit for helping build this team back from the dark ages, but I also give him all the blame for wasting the teams with prime Romo, Witten, Bryant, Ware, etc. and I don't want to see him waste this current group of talented players that has been assembled.
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    Damn. That's gonna hurt in the off-season when that gets counted up and then nothing happens.
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    Also I'm going to say something a tad bit controversial, but Kamara's heart doesn't seem to be in it. He looks like he's going through the motions. There is no hustle and he was mad timid in both onside kicks. I'm not sure what's going on, but he needs to get back to pre-injury form.
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    So if someone votes against Cuba in the playoffs and removes anything about defending Taysom Hill, I’ll have something to say.
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    Agreed And if we know anything, it's that an NFL Gen thread prematurely hyping a player up never, ever backfires.
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    Who cares what goes on with this club anymore? It's more soap opera than football team. That "effort" today was an absolute joke. Just when you think they can't sink lower you get that stinking pile of crap that took place today. This team is miles away from contending. I just find it taxing, more taxing than it should be to support this team. I had time today so I watched. That's going to end. I'll follow commentary online and check out box scores but I have a lot better things to do than set aside time to watch these gutless punks. Put a team on the field that is worthy of my and every other fan's support and I'll watch. Winning is nice but where in the hell is the effort? Life is too short.
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    Ok, so you were mocking. gotch'ya
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    What do you mean he had 350 yards and 2 tds!!!
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    Go Bears (if the Clapper is still employed).
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    He knows Jerruh loves him enough to look at him for the coaching gig lol. Cant rock that boat.
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    bills defense so good they stopped the incredible force of garbage time stats dakota
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    Ed Oliver coming out party boys
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    Thanksgiving is about eating and watching football all day best holiday ever
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    Tre White getting too much media attention. Now he'll get called for everything
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    Anybody else want to read what I have so far @Malfatron @Outpost31 @Dome @rackcs etc?
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    Blough's time to lead a comeback victory. We will all remember this day as the start of it all while having the Montana vs Brady vs Blough threads a decade from now.
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    It’s official... No Mack, no Ebron, no Hilton... Sounds like a Titans loss to me.
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    There's no reason to take issue with what he said because it's true. He spends a lot of time talking about his ex though.
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    All I can say is I've never felt more apathetic towards a Thanksgiving game. Winning is also losing, losing is also winning, and I'm just waiting to see what happens. With a win ill be pumped for next week. With a loss ill be excited for change. But both feel dirty.
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    I mean, Manning played in the late 90s/early 00s. Passer ratings were generally lower then, so it isn't a fair comparison. Besides that, Manning's passer rating is higher if you set aside his 28 interception rookie season. Manning by the time he was 25 years old had already led the league in TDs; despite being the 2nd youngest player to hit 115 passing TDs, Winston has yet to eclipse 30 touchdowns in a season. It's possible he could do that this year... but it's also possible he could throw 30 interceptions. Winston's volume numbers are nice, but when you consider 1) Winston passes the ball a lot more than most QBs (11th in pass attempts since 2015, but he's missed some starts; Rivers is #1 with 36.5 pass attempts per game while Winston is at 35.2 pass attempts per game), 2) he's consistently had good to great receivers (Evans, Godwin, Jackson, Humphries was a great #3, Brate, Howard albeit inconsistent), and 3) Fitzpatrick was putting up similarly good volume stats in his absence, it makes me think those numbers are not as impressive as they seem on the surface. Criticism for Winston is valid, and definitely not a case of any "derangement syndrome". He leads the league in interceptions by 8 since entering the league, and the next closest (Rivers, again) has 10 more starts/8 more games than him. He also leads the NFL in fumbles in that same time frame. Even if we assume he only lost half of those fumbles, that's 119 total touchdowns to 110 turnovers. Are you re-signing a QB with that dismal of a TD/TO ratio (1.08)? For comparisons sake (applying the same criteria of that they lost half of the fumbles, give or take), Newton is at a 1.7 and Dalton is at a 1.6. All he's really got going for him is the aforementioned bulk stats, on the second most pass attempts this season. He's #3 in passing TDs, yet he's 12th in TD%. He's #2 in passing yards, yet he's 10th in Y/A (not to say that's bad by any means) and 21st in AY/A. He's #1 by a considerable margin in INT% though. And while it's definitely not all on him for why the Bucs haven't had any success since drafting him... it should still be noted that the Bucs haven't had any success since drafting him. So I'm not really sure why Winston wouldn't be in this group. I take it this is a list of QBs who stand a chance at not returning to their team, and thus will need to prove to another team they can be their starter. And Winston absolutely belongs because there's no guarantee Tampa brings him back. Sure he might be a better passer than Newton or Dalton, but those dudes are much better at protecting the football, which is saying something because those guys aren't even close to the best at protecting the football. And Winston, as seen by the ratios and efficiency, simply doesn't do enough otherwise to make up for it. I mean 20 interceptions in 11 games is simply unacceptable. I do think Winston is probably #1 on this list as far as the most likely to be starting next year (although I'm 98.5% sure Dalton and Cam will be as well, for some team; Mariota and Bridgewater could as well based off poential), but mostly because he's younger and avoided injuries. Simply on the field he deserves to be in this conversation. He's the most turnover prone starter post-Favre we've seen and outside of one season hasn't really shown he's capable of limiting them. He makes the same overly risky decisions he made as a rookie, if not even more.
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    Weren't we discussing similar things not too long ago with that New England Patriot guy? What was his name? Oh yeah, Robert Kraft.
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    It is a shame when people make poor choices... i dontnknow his details to be honest. I liked watching him play when i did see him on occassion.
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