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    I think college OT is stupid and gimmicky. No thanks.
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    Whilst they often play beautiful football, the personalities on the Saints make them a difficult team to love as a neutral.
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    The Saints had the ball first last year and lost. They were on D first this year and lost. Maybe its just them?
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    Well played TEN. Exactly what I expected from your team. Hope you go on to the superbowl! All the best @renndawg37 @RuskieTitan @dtait93 etc etc
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    just popping in to say: brett kern
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    Kirk did good things. Everybody be good plz.
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    Good game, gents. We played a really sloppy game. Surprised we managed to keep it close. Good luck going forward.
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    Can't wait for the Saints to complain about another non-call for 6 months.
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    I know there was some interest in a video/stream effort. Hope you find it interesting despite my best attempts at charisma.
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    If we don't win this game, I think our season is over. This is as "do-or-die" as it gets and if we don't win, we may as well go home because the Super Bowl will be a long shot.
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    Still my favorite post from this thread.
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    Nope. They crap in the draft room when picking QBs.
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    Do you realize what you just did by creating this thread? *Waits until next year when they return to the playoffs and win another SB*
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    I'm just here so I don't get fined.
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    We'll never see a run like this again. The Pats had the goat coach, goat player willing to take a paycut, and a ton of help. Can't see these circumstances happening again. But yes, it's over for them with Brady at the helm.
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    can we get a big whoop whoop for Ant Harris' play today, please? for his entire season, even.
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    It's a tough crowd today if we're saying Drew Brees is overrated/not a top 10 QB. He checks pretty much every single box to get into the "All Time" conversations: - Has all of the needed stats. (Over everyone, literally). - Several years of league leading production. - Won a SB. - Is the "Icon" of his franchise (when you think of the Saints historically, what other player comes to mind? Archie Manning, perhaps?) - Turned his franchise around (Does anyone here remember the "Aints" days when fans would wear paper bags over their heads? That's a thing, but not since Drew's been there). Under no circumstances should anyone argue otherwise. Drew might not be too 3-5 all time, but he's certainly top 10.
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    I'm sick for Eagles fans. Fight so hard and your starting QB goes out. Regardless, the Eagles continued to play and put up hell of a fight until the end. Even though I'm happy Seattle won, it sucks that it had to be like this.
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    College OT is gimmicky and lame. Defense is a phase of the game that cant be ignored. all they have to do is hold em to a FG and they get another chance
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    Would you be asking this if Cousins didn't touch the ball in overtime!
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    The NFL should do overtime where each punter starts on the 50, and each team starts on their own endzone. There are no laws, rule, or ball. First punter to surrender loses.
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    OPI garbage aside, I'm happy for Kirk Cousins. The whole "he never wins the big one" thing is so freaking overblown and IMHO from the games I've watched, rarely even his own fault. He deserved this.
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    That would have been the softest OPI I’ve ever seen had it been called, especially since the defender initiated the contact and Rudolph used his hands to separate from that contact. That’s not OPI.
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    Yea, he hasn't had the most durable frame. He struggled quite a bit in pass protection as a rookie, especially when compared to Williams. Then in 2018, missed 2wk of training camp, & had the 2G suspension to start the season. When they started ramping up his workload after the bye (week 8-14), his numbers were as follows: 7G, 13.9 carries & 4.1 targets per game, on field for 66.2% of snaps. On pace for 1216yd rushing, 16 rush TD's, 377yd rec, 2 rec TD's. Team on pace for 382 pnts/16G Now let's compare to 2019: 16G, 14.8 carries & 4.3 targets per game, on the field for 61.5% of snaps. On pace for 1084yd rushing, 16 rush TD's, 494yd rec, 3 rec TD's . Team scored 376 pnts/16G hardly any difference. This just looks like another one of those fan myths perpetuated by the fantasy-football crowd and aided by ESPN/media pot-stirrers.
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    I was listening to a Raiders podcast last night and a fan called in and made a lot of really great points. He said that we're stuck in a security blanket that is Derek Carr's mediocrity and that we're scared to move on because he has been the only real "bright spot" at QB during our struggles the last 17 years. He then cited Kansas City and how taking risks has elevated them from a middle of the road franchise to one of the elite teams in the league. In particular he spoke about them taking Patrick Mahomes despite having Alex Smith who was coming off of a decent year for them because his play wasn't good enough to get them over the hump. We're in a pretty similar situation, Carr is okay but he has shown that he's not going to be the guy that leads you to wins. I don't care about passer rating, completion %, or YPA. The dude quite simply doesn't play well when the game is on the line or when we need to pull out a victory. We need to bring in a young stud QB behind Carr.
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    I mean the city. Just complete and total dictatorship.
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    Elky.. I know bad football. I'm a Raiders fan. You just got the best 20 year run in NFL history, you should be thanking Brady and BB. CLASS organization. From top to bottom. Put the drink down, sunshine.
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    look here’s the thing champ, you’ve illustrated here exactly why it’s a touchdown the arguments that people are using to say it’s not... “everyone knows”... “common sense”... all of these are arguments based on custom however this is the nfl, and we have a rulebook and as was perfectly explained by @Woz above, if you are to apply the rule as it is written then it’s objectively a touchdown. you’re right, by custom, the returner gave himself up. by custom you also don’t take a delay of game, false start, and then another delay of game to run down a minute and a half of clock, but we also saw that today, because rule always supersedes custom and according to the rule it is a touchdown
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    Every single one of the 4 QBs played like **** today, yet you guys are talking about how amazing they are. What???? I must be watching different games. Each one of their teams carried them, further backing the point of building a solid team around your QB.
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    An all-time great quarterback, but without a ring? I suppose that's true...
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    1. Nobody in this thread has argued that he used Jones a ton. That's a straw man argument. 2. The point refuted was that McCarthy choose to ride Montgomery over Jones. That's just flat not true. It never happened. 3. The idea that rushing attempts and snaps played are somehow deceptive is a point that I can't wrap my head around. What makes them "deceptive" 4. Was there anyone who wasn't advocating for McCarthy to be fired by the end? I think we were all to the point where we needed to do something different. 5. The argument that the "McCarthy Moderates" made was that McCarthy's offense wasn't the reason for the struggles. That we were struggling due to the QB play and the overall talent level of the offense. Well, new coach, new system, exact same results. If anything the McCarthy Moderates were vindicated. LaFleur's been lucky he's been able to ride a McCarthy Defensive Coordinator to a strong record. 6. Riding Aaron Jones hasn't lead to a more effective offense than what McCarthy was running here.
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    Context matters. Statistically? His career cannot be refuted and thus he is not overrated. In relation to all-time greats? Impossible to say because of rule changes and different situations. In relation to his peers? I do think a little bit. I would take Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson over him - speaking career and prime. I would take him above Favre, Roethlisberger, and Rivers though. QBs in general are all overrated though.
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    I will agree that the 4th quarter looked very awkward compared to the first three. Almost like they panicked when they realized it looked like they were going to win. This team, both defense and offense, has struggled this year at closing out close games.
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    Every year there's this thread lol, I totally agree but people will say "Play defense!" don't worry they're coming. If the rule was the other way around they would defend it too, people are just reluctant to changes.
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    Think I'm a closet Vikings fan, instinctively punched the air when Rudolph plucked it.
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    Correct. The board is yours. Pick a category
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    Watching a team snap the ball with 27 seconds on the clock routinely, zone run scheme, moving with pace and predominatly start under center... this Vikings offense gets my pants tingling regarding what it could be with Baker and our Offense.
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    I like how Bill is ticked off, when he did the same thing against the Jets earlier in the year up 33-0, and laughed about it.
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    Except for the first sentence, this exactly what I say immediately upon entering a Pizza Ranch
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    Hope to God this is revenge from 2000 and 2008. **** the ratbirds.
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    so as some of u would know australia has suuuuper bad bushfires rn, and yesterday i had the privilege of being in the hottest place on earth at the time the temp peaked at 49C or 120F, it was just crazy, can’t believe it you really have to be here to understand how bad it is like, the fires have burned up an area that’s greater than belgium ffs
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