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    Glad counselor found his gender, but he is still getting lynched
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    Alabama did not beat a real college team this year, so I think the answer is XFL team.
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    The Moderator team has already discussed our plan for the XFL. As such, it will stay in NFL General until further notice. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM a Moderator. Tks.
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    A special talent but as Woz @Woz used to write- “he’s a jaguar but always in the shop” Give me a Pickup Truck that runs everyday and can be used in different ways- catching and blocking
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    Steve Atwater was Brian Dawkins before Brian Dawkins was Brian Dawkins, who I considered the best safety of my childhood and teens. Better than Reed. Dennis Smith was amazing as well. Steve was Kratos among babies. He and Dennis Smith were what made the 2nd generation Orange Crush.
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    Such an absolute shame that he’s been so plagued by injuries, because he’s the closest thing we’ve had to a transcendent talent at the skill positions in many many years. I think we forget how good Jordan Reed was when he was on the field. Not just a “good” receiver, and honestly “great” might even be selling him short. In his first 40 games, he caught 224 passes. Where does that rank among TEs all time? First. All time. Next closest is (the elder) Kellen Winslow with 204 receptions in his first 40 games. Gronk, Gates, Gonzalez, Kittle, Kelce, Witten, Olsen, Ertz? Not one of them within 40 receptions of Reed in their first 40 games. He and Ertz entered the league at the same time (2013), and Reed caught 101 more passes in his first 40 games than did Ertz. It’s really mind blowing. When you throw in WRs, that reception total of 224 in the first 40 games is still 6th all time. He also ranks 4th in yardage and 10th in TDs among TEs in that first 40 game span. If we had a healthy Jordan Reed in his prime to go with McLaurin and Guice, we really would be on the verge of something special offensively. Having to move forward without him has been a huge loss for this team, probably for the league as a whole, and it will continue to be — but I hope he’s able to live a happy and healthy life away from the football field, because it’s undeniably time for him to hang it up.
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    Here is all I know Mahomes is a Frankenstein monster at QB and Chiefs won the lottery when they traded up for him. The Chiefs roster overall is solid but nothing amazing. Mahomes is a complete freak and is going to be a terror for a long time. Mark Davis better approach building this team the right way. Don't do what the Jets, Bills and Dolphins did the whole time New England had Tom Brady. Its been like 18 years of misery for that division. We can not change coaches, we can not waste draft picks and raiders need to find a QB who can go blow for blow with Mahomes. I hate to say it because I like Carr but its painfully obvious he is not that guy. He could barely beat the Chiefs when they had Alex Smith.
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    GB's new front EDGE: Preston Smith 3T: Javon Hargrave 1T: Kenny Clark 5T: Akiem Hicks EDGE: Za'Darius Smith
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    Im watching an Amazon Prime show called "The Boys". One of the dudes told the other dude to "Go F Shamu in the blowhole". It made me think of @The Orca
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    You sorta knew that XFL 1.0 was going to wobble out of control when Vince came out on the field, grabbed a mic and did his signature growl, screaming "THIS...IS...THE XFFFFFEEELLLLL!!!" like he was dropping a challenge to Stone Cold Steve Austin. None of that was present this weekend, which is great. This was just football.
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    Next week will be the big test. XFL 1.0 got twice the expected viewership for their season opener (54 million, I think) and it immediately nosedived from there - it tanked down to a week seven primetime game that was the lowest rated prime time show ever. So, while this was a fun week to take in, it still has a very long way to go.
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    Yeah he's 25 years old and was already once a Dodger. He's a career minor league player.
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    Dammit screw this trash *** team! Cut Murray, fire Trestman, sell the team. Dtait out.
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    Healthy yes. Need to tell my family before I tell my internet family lol
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    I've said it a few times already but man I love seeing the replay officials on these reviews, the NFL seriously needs to do this... If they don't take anything else from the XFL please just let us have the live look at the review officials like this.
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    I just found out the gender of my baby I don’t care to be nice or mean.
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    Not a fat people story. These were some regular sized morons.... On Tuesday I was waking down an aisle at the grocery store and was approaching a woman who had her cart to the right while she took up the left side of the aisle looking at labels. So she had the entire aisle blocked. her husband/boyfriend saw me coming and did nothing to let her know anyone was coming, he just nodded to me then went back to reading something on his phone... then she looked over and saw me approaching (about 15 feet away at this point) and she also did nothing, just went back to reading labels. So they’ve both seen me walking down the aisle towards them, and m no more than 2 seconds away from them at this point 2 seconds later ive i made it all the way up to her cart, and stopped about a foot away because she was blocking the entire aisle. She kept reading labels, her husband kept staring at his phone. I waited about 4 seconds and when she made no effort to move I used my cart to push hers out of the way. Rammed it pretty good and sent it rolling down the aisle, then I kept walking with a big grin on my face when I got to the end of the aisle and turned the corner I looked back at them and they were both looking at me like I’d just threatened their child with physical violence could I have used my words and asked her to move? Sure... but much like it was easier for her to ignore my presence, it was easier for me to just ram her **** out of my way.
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    Look, if you absolute dinguses could not give a top tier WR to the guy who already has Mahomes and Hill, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    I've shared my opinion on Minshew in other threads - I think he's another Case Keenum, someone who can look very good in spots, but is too reliant on off script plays to maintain production. He's just as likely to hit a big 50 yard scoring play as he is to take a 15 yard sack or throw a pick six into double coverage. He's a good holdover to someone who might be a big name. If you were to give Jacob Eason a shot in TC, he could win the starting gig - but even if he didn't, you could give him a RS season while Minshew takes the starting role for a season. I think any Minshew-led team is capped at a 9-7 season, and that's with a LOT of breaks in the way.
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    You keep saying this but it makes zero sense. There was no loss of value for Dak this year. His pay was in line with a contract that he signed 4 years ago. You cant take out a 'loss of value' policy for the situation 'i don't get a hefty raise at work'. I mean, do you honestly think some insurance company paid Dak $20 million because the cowboys didn't pay him $30m? EL OH EL More than likely, the insurance policy he took out was for if he sustained an injury that prevented him from receiving future earnings in year 5 or beyond of his career. Jay ajayi did this when he was a pending free agent. It's actually very common. The loss of value insurance is basically out of play as well, and including it in the "50 million" figure is disingenuous. Outside of getting in a car crash or something of the sort, Dak has not lost and value with regards to his earning potential. No insurance company on Earth is going to pay him a penny in the event of a hold out because he refused to sign a contract with 30m aav and wanted 35m. That's not how insurance works. Yeeeeaaaahhhhh.....
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    Couple contracts I think were really good value David Onyemata -- HOU $12.5M Jarran Reed -- IINDY $20M Eli Apple -- JAC $14.5M Demarcus Robinson - KC $12M Jordan Phillips -- LAC $30M Vernon Butler - LAR $20M Connor McGovern - MIA $14.8M Maliek Collins - MIN $13.5M
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    Most popular targets in this first round. Player Identifier Number of Bids Max Bid 0322 - Byron Jones - CB 5 $63,829,411 0544 - D.J. Humphries - LT 4 $59,992,557 1112 - James Bradberry - CB 4 $40,775,582 1469 - Kendall Fuller - CB 4 $25,358,636 2254 - Teddy Bridgewater - QB 3 $84,715,713 1056 - Jack Conklin - RT 3 $50,264,973 0428 - Chris Harris Jr. - CB 3 $42,677,770 1674 - Markus Golden - 34OLB 3 $38,937,423 0984 - Halapoulivaati Vaitai - RT 3 $30,840,407 2132 - Sean Davis - S 3 $21,699,097 1067 - Jadeveon Clowney - 34OLB 2 $102,013,609 2149 - Shaquil Barrett - 34OLB 2 $64,804,501 1170 - Javon Hargrave - 34DT 2 $57,350,281 2430 - Vonn Bell - S 2 $36,821,631 0959 - Graham Glasgow - C 2 $36,458,333 1617 - Mackensie Alexander - CB 2 $34,452,366 1738 - Melvin Gordon - RB 2 $30,887,346 2032 - Robby Anderson - WR 2 $26,900,077 0283 - Breshad Perriman - WR 2 $22,723,930 0190 - Bashaud Breeland - CB 2 $16,880,255 0045 - Adrian Phillips - S 2 $12,728,652 2193 - Stephen Weatherly - 43DE 2 $12,697,582 2055 - Ronald Blair - 43DE 2 $10,264,725 0713 - Demarcus Robinson - WR 2 $9,400,139 0664 - David Onyemata - 43DT 2 $9,164,095 0469 - Clayton Fejedelem - S 2 $3,717,250 2389 - Tyler Matakevich - ILB 2 $3,716,793 0526 - Cory Littleton - ILB 1 $57,449,130 0343 - Cam Newton - QB 1 $56,996,111 0097 - Amari Cooper - WR 1 $53,425,401 2296 - Tom Brady - QB 1 $45,916,667 0883 - Eric Ebron - TE 1 $34,114,538 1132 - Jamie Collins - 43OLB 1 $30,685,185 0877 - Emmanuel Sanders - WR 1 $26,862,531 0226 - Blake Martinez - ILB 1 $22,947,917 1321 - Jordan Phillips - 43DT 1 $21,451,948 0611 - Danny Shelton - 43DT 1 $20,283,620 0743 - Derek Wolfe - 34DE 1 $19,955,343 1849 - Nicholas Williams - 34DE 1 $18,422,407 1149 - Jarran Reed - 43DT 1 $16,615,741 1843 - Ndamukong Suh - 34DE 1 $16,583,333 0881 - Ereck Flowers - LG 1 $15,833,750 1707 - Matt Judon - 34OLB 1 $14,731,557 0645 - Daryl Williams - LG 1 $14,710,648 1543 - Kyler Fackrell - 34OLB 1 $13,860,340 0551 - D.J. Swearinger - S 1 $13,459,482 2039 - Robert Quinn - 43DE 1 $13,191,111 0684 - De'Vondre Campbell - 43OLB 1 $12,895,833 1432 - Kamalei Correa - 34OLB 1 $12,265,786 1441 - Karl Joseph - S 1 $11,587,370 1576 - Lawrence Guy - 43DT 1 $10,930,556 2417 - Vernon Butler - 34DE 1 $10,125,253 0977 - Greg Zuerlein - K 1 $9,978,395 1502 - Kevin Pierre-Louis - 43OLB 1 $9,589,181 0862 - Eli Apple - CB 1 $9,586,764 0161 - Artie Burns - CB 1 $9,557,708 0501 - Connor McGovern - C 1 $9,416,217 2324 - Tre Boston - S 1 $9,383,333 0070 - Alex Lewis - LG 1 $9,123,316 0710 - Demar Dotson - RT 1 $9,097,222 0635 - Darren Fells - TE 1 $8,565,897 1626 - Maliek Collins - 43DT 1 $8,383,933 1166 - Jason Witten - TE 1 $7,069,444 2501 - Eric Berry - S 1 $6,430,556 0742 - Derek Watt - FB 1 $6,214,131 0130 - Anthony Brown - CB 1 $5,288,765 1722 - Matt Slater - WR 1 $5,062,397 1699 - Matt Bosher - P 1 $4,843,611 0164 - Austin Blythe - RG 1 $4,444,147 1744 - Michael Bennett - 43DE 1 $4,289,192 2239 - Tavon Wilson - S 1 $4,156,083 2005 - Reggie Ragland - ILB 1 $3,375,000 0361 - Carl Davis - 34DE 1 $3,057,953 0012 - A.Q. Shipley - C 1 $2,324,651 1883 - Noah Spence - 43DE 1 $2,177,778 0198 - Ben Garland - C 1 $2,080,986 0539 - D.J. Alexander - ILB 1 $1,994,052 2310 - Tramaine Brock - CB 1 $1,666,031 0992 - Hassan Ridgeway - 43DT 1 $1,553,253
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    TIL there are only an estimated 20-25 blimps left in the world, and this is hilarious to me bc for one, the blimp is evidently a dying breed and that sucks, but two, the actual amount of blimps left in the world is apparently unknown and all we can do is estimate #bringbacktheblimp
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    Boomer is a state of mind
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    I understand your overall point...but let's inject a little reality into this discussion $ 33 million guaranteed = lifetime financial security unless you're a complete idiot with your cashish. If he put just $ 6M into an account and earns 6.5 % interest...He'll earn nearly $ 400K a year forever without even touching the principal. And that interest rate is low for an investment of that size. That's lifetime financial security. And it doesn't include the other $12 million he'll net from the tag or the $ 4M he's earned already or any of his future football $$ or his endorsements There are legit reasons to hold out for more coin, but "feeding your family" or having "financial security" aren't on that list
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    Combine Starts February 23rd - March 2nd. Figured it's time to get this going. Here are the list of players I will be interested in watching. Quarterbacks Joe Burrow, QB, LSU Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon Jordan Love, QB, Utah State Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama - I'll be hoping these guys all impress and they all get drafted high in the first round. Running backs Darrynton Evans, RB, Appalachian State Mike Warren, RB, Cincinnati - Small school backs that I'm looking at for our 7th round or UDFA's. Wide receivers Lynn Bowden, WR, Kentucky KJ Hamler, WR, Penn State Aaron Parker, WR, Rhode Island James Proche, WR, SMU Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU Jeff Thomas, WR, Miami - Like the speed and stretch the field possibilities with a few of these guys Tight ends Harrison Bryant, TE, Florida Atlantic Josiah Deguara, TE, Cincinnati Adam Trautman, TE, Dayton - Hoping we can find that do it all reliable guy. Offensive linemen Hakeem Adeniji, OL, Kansas Ben Bartch, OL, St. John's (MN) Mekhi Becton, OL, Louisville Jack Driscoll, OL, Auburn Matt Hennessy, OL, Temple Robert Hunt, OL, Louisiana-Lafayette Joshua Jones, OL, Houston Netane Muti, OL, Fresno State Matt Peart, OL, Connecticut Terence Steele, OL, Texas Tech Prince Tega Wanogho, OL, Auburn Jedrick Wills, OL, Alabama Tristan Wirfs, OL, Iowa - Whose going to shine for the zbs? Defensive linemen Ross Blacklock, DL, TCU Marlon Davidson, DL, Auburn Jordan Elliott, DL, Missouri Alex Highsmith, DL, UNC-Charlotte Julian Okwara, DL, Notre Dame - Not too much here that gets me excited Linebackers Zack Baun, LB, Wisconsin Jordan Brooks, LB, Texas Tech Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB, Appalachian State Darrell Taylor, LB, Tennessee Josh Uche, LB, Michigan - Doesn't seem like a strong group imo. Maybe someone will suprise Defensive backs Jeremy Chinn, DB, Southern Illinois Kyle Dugger, DB, Lenoir-Rhyne Jeff Gladney, DB, TCU Darnay Holmes, DB, UCLA Noah Igbinoghene, DB, Auburn Jaylon Johnson, DB, Utah Antoine Winfield Jr., DB, Minnesota - I think this group has a lot of potential to shine
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    We've already seen that Carr isn't the answer. So unless he breaks the Carr's record of most losses ever, it's an upgrade.
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    Assuming we were right about bcb converting, I feel like orange was just a day or two away from taking over We were drowning in info, and if town didn’t go along with purple I don’t think they win, let alone with 7 players surviving
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    Dont worry, no one is allowed to blacklist people from mafia. I was yelled at for even suggesting it (then @bcb1213 tested it).
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    Honestly it wasn’t even the wrong ball, it was just a bad ball. You can’t overthrow that, Sanders had a TD on that
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    Philip Nelson damn, he was quite good in the AAF, I'm sure Renegades fans were excited to see Landry Jones I know I was. I'm excited to see Jordan Ta'amu too though, former Texan.
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    It's okay you guys are just tanking, don't worry, XFL 2020 no.1 draft pick Mitch Trubisky is all yours.
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    I dont know enough about burrow but he sounds very solid prospect. I don't trust the bengals as an organization, they are old across the dline and payed handsomely. Also marvin lewis was better than he was given credit for.
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    I mean, would you like a Martyr Merit Badge or something? When your team is a year removed from making it to the Super Bowl, people tend to give your head coach the benefit of the doubt. The only guys I can say are remote flag-raisers to me are Bones and Daniels, and even then, per the standard we'd come to expect from the unit, ST's underachieved last season. Peete's release is merited; Gurley's past performance can only buoy a guy so much when, as has been pointed out already in this thread, the team has invested Day 2 and high Day 3 picks in the RB position in back-to-back seasons and both had to have their reps scaled back because their pass-blocking development was behind schedule. That falls on the RB coach. We always needed a succession plan from Wade (a lot of folks assumed - without much more than conjecture - that it would be pleasant, it wasn't), and a season in which both his contract ran out and the defense took a step back (particularly in terms of turnovers created by comparison to previous seasons) is a good time to yank off the Band-aid. We're financially committed to Donald and should be doing everything in our power to maximize his impact on the field because of what we're paying him (it's simple ROI). Yes, Donald won back-to-back DPOY's under Wade, and then opposing offenses adjusted and started consistently triple-teaming him and Wade failed to adjust accordingly in response. I liked Rath, but the amount of injuries we've battled the last two seasons gives at least reason for pause to wonder how well he's doing his job. It's not like we don't have 4(!) assistants who worked directly under Rath in S&C to pick up the slack. Fisch, for what he was doing for us, should have been gone. He was our clock management guy last season and our clock management was downright awful. Like it or not, some of these guys we aren't fighting to keep are more a case of accountability and not performing up to snuff to earn retention.
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    Was it worth it for them? They sucked badly for 5 years and their fans paid the price. They got all those very high draft picks not only in the 1st round but every round. That being said, with all that being accumulated they still couldn't win it all. They probably have next year left for a decent chance to get back there but all those 1st round picks will want to get paid and there won't be enough $$ to go around.
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    Still working it. Loading newly signed players into official rosters now...gonna take a bit longer than normal because I loading more than just the first year of the contract....Still not loading the entire contract because to be honest it's a killer on time, I'm looking at doing the first three years.
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    He's a really nice college player and has really accumulated production numbers tremendously. James Harrison had power and functional strength and set an edge forcefully against the run... Curtis Weaver does not play with power or functional strength and gets easily bullied in the run... Weaver also doesn't play with the forceful mentality Harrison played with. He also doesn't have the get off of Harrison. He's more of a Nate Orchard without the forceful mentality but with more hand combat moves. IMO, Weaver's just the type of player that people take in the 2nd or at the top of the 3rd that is a waste of a pick b/c he has no real upside to be a quality starter in the nfl. It would be better to take a swing on a guy in the 2nd or 3rd round that needs some development but has the traits to eventually start. He's also the type of routinely out of shape player that won't put in the time to refine his body and game. There are certainly worse players we could select in the draft but I wouldn't be fan of a Weaver selection. He doesn't fit the smart, tough, and accountable profile as he has deficiencies in toughness and accountability/work ethic.
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    PJ Hall is an absolute near lock to make the team in ‘20. Hall started 12 of the 16 games he played and played 551 snaps, which was 53% of our defensive snaps. Hall was a major contributor to the better run defense. I’d like to see him get more pass rushes from the 3Tech next year. I think he get 5-7 sacks a year. He’s shown he can be very explosive.
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    Honestly dude, you just sound like an eagles fan who is hopeful Dak will hold out. Dak isn't going to hold out
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    If this is a joke at my expense I’ll give you my rant. Short version it was about fat people. I would have put a disclaimer in that I know not all fat people are terrible, but in my experience as a manager in hospitality, the fat people are always the worst. I had a morbidly obese man who literally stank like he hasn’t wiped his own *** in a year complain that he was at the end of the hall even though he reserved a handicapped room. Yelled at me about it and I really wanted to tell him that walking a little bit more might help him, but I had to apologize and tell him that it was the only handicap accessible room we had left. Also, working in hospitality, 99/100 it’s the fat people who are the problem guests. I was going to list examples. Pooped beds, pooped laundry rooms, complaints about how small the toilet seats are, holes punched in the walls, all the most memorable examples of terrible things are fat people.
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