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    Here's a twist...nobody.
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    Also, we’re throwing the word “QB” around awfully loosely these days. Taysom is one of my favorite players, QB he is not. He’s a jumbo-slot/H-Back with a TON of throwing experience for the position.
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    I hated lock as a prospect. Go check the Broncos forum. I absolutely trashed him. So far he looks much better than I thought he would and so far I was wrong. But see I can admit that. Not make up that he was horrible so my evaluations can look better or say oh I had no opinion on Mahomes (so I can’t be wrong by not having him high up there). Lock was not horrible last year. You’re wrong and I will just leave it at that.
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    I actually think those ratings numbers are quite solid for the 4th week of the XFL. They still have not dipped below 1 million, even on smaller networks like FS1 and ESPN2. If they were to stabilize around those numbers (or even a bit lower) for the rest of the season the XFL brass would be ecstatic. About the Corona Virus, if any of you guys are panicking about it (due to the media's over the top and irresponsible coverage of it thus far) then keep in mind there is almost zero danger to you from it unless you have serious underlying health issues already or are elderly with a diminished immune system. I would bet that the majority of Corona Virus sufferers have not (and will never) know that they even had it, chalking their symptoms up to a much deadlier virus: influenza. Just for perspective, the flu kills 40k people per year, every year. But we don't get hysterical about the flu because it happens every year and we are used to it. I'm not saying its not a concern and that we don't need to take it seriously, I'm just saying that the level of panic and fear I have seen over this virus is utterly unnecessary and counter productive. Remember SARS? Bird Flu? Swine Flu? In 6 months Corona Virus will just be another footnote in history, just like those other previous outbreaks...
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    I'm going to be honest, I read the thread title and assumed this was going to be a Bearerofnews rant about agg%.
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    I need to serve my punishment. @ET80 is Silence of the Lambs. It’s a classic, and a good one. Maybe it was just the Chevy Chase avatar but I now exclusively see him as an older fella. Classic. @bcb1213 is A Quiet Place, I’ve seen BCB say very few words in Mafia games and do very well. @The Orca is Child’s Play. I see Orca post gifs regularly, very animated guy. I could see him as someone like Chucky. @MWil23 is Ernest Scared Stupid. I’m 31 and this movie still scares me. I actually cannot watch it. It’s hella cheesy. You ever play Mafia with MWill? Cheesy lists. @gopherwrestler is See No Evil. I have no real opinions, but Kane is a wrestler and the lead villain in the movie... so I went that way. Lazily. @Malfatron is Saw. Doesn’t matter which one. Calculated, smart. It just lines up perfectly. @TedLavie is An American Werewolf in Paris. Self explanatory. @Whicker is Bird Box. Whicker has popped into games before seemingly completely blind and has been effective. @Matts4313 is IT. The original. He’s a clown and early on in playing Mafia against him he scared the crap outta me. @theuntouchable is The Strangers. Never want to let your guard down. Always want to be on your toes. @JoshstraDaymus is Scary Movie. Merely a parody. I’m honestly just the consistent jack—- falling all over my feet.
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    If you don't pay, they send it to collections and you can usually negotiate it down pretty severely. With a penalty to your credit, obviously. They do eventually catch up with you though. And either way, if you let it go to collections, it'll ding your credit. You were smart to pay it.
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    Cool I’m about to go out with the family so post the deal if you want it. Consider this my acceptance
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    If the statement fits... Two years starting, one league MVP, one Super Bowl win, one Super Bowl MVP. If you call Pat Mahomes anything other than the best QB in the game right now, you're are in fact a "hater".
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    Jeudy has become so underrated in this draft process. IMO he’s going to be such a steal if we nab him at 12. Will easily top 1k as a rookie...
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    What amazes me is that even after I say I'm retired, I blow up one game completely because I was forced to play, keep reiterating I'm retired, requested multiple times to have my name removed from the sign up thread (I think it finally came down on the fourth requst?), step down from being a moderator, don't show up on the board for nearly two months ... I STILL get invited to these games. I applaud you all for your dedication and perseverence. But I'm still retired.
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    Yes. So, this is a way of saying "we're cutting you after the season, but don't worry about what comes next." oh and ... hi all ... EDIT: Wow, that post looks weird with out the Moderator badge under my name.
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    I don't know. He might get injured.
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    Three years for a man, three weeks for women.
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    No matter what's happening out there, New York has to make it ugly. They're like the Raiders of the XFL. Just bad luck on the turnover, which is okay. It happens. Keep playing.
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    I know I'm risking summoning that Matt guy like it's a ouija board but I just am not that high on Dak to see him strong arm (no pun intended) the Cowboys for that kind of dough. To each his own I guess.
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    Something just looks so wrong about putting a different brand name and logo on a Roomba.
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    Signing a 35 year old receiver that's been out of the league for 5 years to a 5 yr/$125M deal is surely the move that's going to get people excited about next season. I wonder if we can convince Dan Marino and Jerry Rice to come back too.
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    Yes, but since after Sean Taylor was killed in 2007 and I've been really active in the forum since 2007, you've been the man. You'll always have my respect.
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    Which is why I am not too upset about the Astros cheating. They screwed over the Yankees and Dodgers? Cry me a river.
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    Rodgers is an above average QB Our offense was an above average unit in 2019 There are clear opportunities for improvement None of these are up for discussion Lol I like his posts. At the very least he challenges the status quo. Circle jerking the same opinion en mass doesn’t help anyone. Personally, I’m in the camp that believes Rodgers has some juice left. He may put up career numbers next year with additional knowledge of the system. It’s happened before with less talented aging QBs. Likewise, he could continue his regression and still provide net positive QB play. 2020 is important. The WR group can and will be improved but isn’t the dumpster fire some make it out to be.
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    Everyone right now: In a couple of days:
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    Grooming him behind Stafford who he idolized and modeled his game after (and likely a part of committing to Georgia) out of HS seemed like a good fit. Really like a lot of what Eason offers, but not exactly as an immediate starter. I think this gives him 2 years to develop behind Stafford and improve his footwork and understanding of NFL defenses and learn from observing Stafford what the strong arm can and cannot risk and when is a pretty ideal set up for him. If Stafford's back sits him out I feel like he'd still be an awesome mentor in explaining what goes wrong when and how to fix it.
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    I don't think there's enough therapy in the world that deal with the ramifications of that ...
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    Pittman was super nice value here
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    Are we gonna gloss over the fact that Flux's initial response claimed he took BB at 6.3? Obvious lie from an obvious liar. His disregard for the truth is what we should really be talking about.
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    Trade for Trent Williams and sign Anthony Harris. That'd be a homerun free agency.
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    No, he didn't. He was the third of my picks which was 6.1. Source: I made the pick.
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    Lmao we drafted Kizer didn’t we? not necessarily sign Peters and Conklin draft an OT in the second
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    So it only took Kyrie 8 months to ruin that great culture of theirs.
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    I'm really hoping to see tweets of Miami, Jacksonville or Raiders get involved in the Trent Williams sweepstakes. They probably won't, but it would be huge on many levels. Those 3 teams have multiple 1st Rd draft picks, but also all 3 have a 1st Rd pick in the 20's as well. Which in turn either eliminates the other bidders, or forces them to raise the ante. So, cross your fingers that at least maybe 1 of those 3 teams gets involved in wanting to trade for Trent. Also keep in mind, there's always some mystery team that usually gets involved as well. Haven't heard anything on that front yet, but it's still early. I think the closer we get to FA (March 18th), the more possible rumors we may hear going forward. It truly is March Madness time.
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    Here are the most productive edge rushers in the NFL over the past couple of seasons. Most predictive scores based on their average scores are a good broad jump (3 Cones and Verts are also above the average) and a good 40 time. Least predictive are 10 yard splits and bench reps, although both are slightly above average percentiles. Name 10 Yard 3 Cone Vert Broad Bench 40 Bud Dupree 1.6 7.52 42 138 4.56 Cam Jordan 31 117 25 4.74 Chandler Jones 7.07 35 120 22 4.87 Danielle Hunter 1.58 6.95 36.5 130 25 4.57 D Lawrence 1.62 7.46 34.5 113 20 4.8 Frank Clark 1.7 7.08 38.5 118 19 4.79 Jadeveon Clowney 1.56 7.27 37.5 124 21 4.53 Jason Pierre-Paul 1.68 7.18 30.5 115 19 4.78 Joey Bosa 1.68 6.89 32 120 24 4.86 Josh Allen 7.15 118 28 4.63 Justin Houston 36.5 125 30 4.62 Khalil Mack 1.56 7.08 40 128 23 4.65 Myles Garrett 41 128 33 4.64 Nick Bosa 7.1 33.5 116 29 4.79 Preston Smith 1.63 7.07 34 121 24 4.74 Robert Quinn 1.61 7.13 34 116 22 4.62 Shaq Barrett 1.68 6.9 29 113 16 4.73 TJ Watt 6.79 37 128 21 4.69 Von Miller 1.57 6.7 37 126 21 4.42 Za'Darius Smith 1.76 7.42 29 113 23 4.83 Average 1.63 7.10 35.18 121.35 23.42 4.69 Percentile 55% 77% 74% 82% 55% 80%
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    Bruce really screwed you guys with Trent. There’s free agency + an entire draft for teams.
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    With pick 77 in 2020 draft The LA Rams select via BB Robert Hunt - OL - Louisiana-Lafayette @EaglesPeteC your otc.
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    This lowers his contract offers from other teams. No one is going to pay him AND give up a frp. That's too high of compensation. By creating a high barrier to entry, they just surpressed his market and lowered his 'market value' compensation Saints will now wait for other teams to come give hill a reality check instead of a check for tens of millions of dollars, and increase the saints negotiating position (because no one is going to offer him anything or risk trading the saints a first for him) So essentially, the saints became the only show in town for hill and he will basically have to accept what they give him, for this season at least. Saints get a gadget player backup QB for 5 million. Good deal for them
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    All of these were basically no-brainers. Good depth, all of them Let's not forget how well dwelley played at FB when juice was hurt and the fact he did a fine job filling in for kittle at TE (kittle is irreplaceable but dwelley played welly). One guy who plays decent STs and backs up two positions is valuable. He has good measurables Brunskill was incredible. What a find that guy was. I can say with great confidence we aren't the #1 seed without that guy
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    I don’t see how we’re saying the same thing. I’m saying to invest around the 2020 QB to find out best we can if he’s any good. His salary for 2020 is locked in as what it is, but my wish to do so is entirely unrelated to what we pay him or any other QB in 2020. If he’s good not great in 2020 I’ll probably advocate harder than most of you for him to play 2021 under the 5th year option which I believe will be in the mid-20s. If I saw an option available to us for 2020 that was worthy of a big contract I would be fine paying such an option in lieu of seeing if our current guy can be one of those guys. BUT, no such option is available to us IMO. I think Carr has proven after twice as much run as Mitch has had that he’s just a guy. Dalton is just a guy. Keenum is just a guy. Rivers is just a guy at this stage. Winston is worst in the league since entering in just about every negative passing stat. Mariota is a reclamation project who will almost surely cost less in 2020 than Mitch. Brady isn’t coming to Chicago so he’s irrelevant to the situation. Dak isn’t hitting the market so he’s irrelevant. The Bridgewater love at the level it has reached confounds me and seems INCREDIBLY steeped in recency bias. Statistically, he and Mitch are far more similar than anyone seems to mention as passers: Bridgewater (44 games (34 starts)): 65.2% comp., 7.2 ypa, 38 TD (3.6%), 25 INT (2.3%) Trubisky (41 games): 63.4% comp., 6.7 ypa, 48 TD (3.8%), 29 INT (2.3%) Bridgewater has been slightly better statistically, but it’s pretty even, and one of these guys is about to get something like $25M per while the other would receive immediate push from much of the fan base to be replaced by Andy Dalton should he be acquired despite Dalton being one of the worst QBs in the NFL in 2019. Bridgewater doesn’t bring Kamara, Thomas or Sean Payton with him, and in his 2 pre-injury and pre-Payton/Kamara/Thomas seasons he had 24 TD and 21 INT. Reality is almost certainly somewhere between that and what we saw in 5 games last year with the Saints. I don’t have any interest in giving that big money.
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    Exactly. Darnold needs to develop into a reliable "now". Signing FA doesn't cancel OL plan at #11. Draftees and future kids can root into the ground behind veterans to stabilize OL for long time. Peters and Williams can give us 2 or 3 seasons before kids step up into their void for cheaper as Darnold readily collects big paycheck. Talent, Finance and Growth.
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    Some google searches quick. Gold price is around $1674 USD per ounce per live price. Google search says Trent Williams is 318 lbs. 318 lbs = 5088 ounces. 5088 * 1674 and Trent Williams is worth around 8.5 mil. He's currently overpaid!
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    The title is a bit of an overstatement. He's saying that he didn't have the ability to spot the more nuanced pre-snap tells. That's not that rare for a young QB.
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    I think what he means and what people think he means is very different.
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    This whole teams should want to sign taysom hill thing is weird to me.
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    That is what I have been saying to myself at the beginning of every fantasy season in my dynasty league. I know it's coming. I can feel it.
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    Lmao Lock was not horrible
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    Despite their coach, Seattle's playing hard. The strip-sack of Walker gave them a big opportunity and Daniels took it in for an early lead. Jacoby Brissett is here in person and has a funny interview with the sideline lady.
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    Exactly people think this is a make or break year I don’t think it is. I think 2021 is his make it or break it. You’ve got to see how he comes in his second year under the same staff on a legit staff before you judge him
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    Picks for this weekend Roughnecks over the Dragons. 30-25 Gaudians beat the Renegades 16-9 Defenders lose to the Battlehawks 27-15 Vipers handle the Wildcats 22-21
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