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    Saints released Larry Warford Id cut Winters and sign him asap
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    @ Ravens-----VICTORY! (The Browns explode into 2020 with a 31-21 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham are the stars.) Bengals-----VICTORY! (Nick Chubb stars in this one as the Browns win a tight one 21-20.) Redskins-----VICTORY! (The defense shuts down Washington, including a defensive score. 28-6.) @ Cowboys-----DEFEAT. (The Browns get clowned on the ground by Zeke. Shootout game though. 31-27.) Colts-----VICTORY! (We lay the smacketh down on these jabronis. 38-20.) @ Steelers-----VICTORY! (I think Pittsburgh is going to have a rough season. The Browns eek out a win 27-24.) @ Bengals-----VICTORY! (We sweep the Bengals. Burrow and Baker have an epic showdown though. 38-35.) Raiders-----VICTORY! (The Raiders aren't very good. We handle them with Chubb doing most of the heavy lifting. 31-17.) Bye Texans-----VICTORY! (In a surprisingly low scoring game, the Browns beat a bad Texans team. 17-14.) Eagles-----DEFEAT. (The Eagles have a rebound year and steal one from the Browns. Wentz tears us up. 38-27.) @ Jaguars-----VICTORY! (The Jaguars are a bad team. We handle them with ease during their tanking phase. 31-7.) @ Titans-----VICTORY! (The Titans are going to be tough to beat, but I think we give them payback for last year. 28-38.) Ravens-----DEFEAT. (Baltimore finally gets one. Baker has a stinker and we lose handedly. 30-17.) @ Giants-----VICTORY! (Odell puts his old team in the trash, where they belong. @Gmen. 77-0.) @ Jets-----VICTORY! (Tough game in which a very improved Jets squad takes us to the wire. 28-24.) Steelers-----VICTORY! (In Ben's last game, we send him off with a broken face. 28-6.) 13-3. Come at me bro.
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    If you can't keep it in your pants, keep it in the family?
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    Guys... Marshal Yanda in retirement (time stamped)
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    Redskins + week 8 bye week + the square root of Andy Daltons number of games played for the cowboys = 13 number of letters in aceinthehouse= 13
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    Watching Browns and Bengals fans argue that the NFL has unmatched parity is the most advanced form of Stockholm Syndrome I've ever seen in my life.
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    And I'm not just saying this to be funny. The amount of players that get injured once going vegan is pretty crazy. Cam's career has plummeted since going vegan and he cannot heal. The other bad part is loss of muscle. Some guys will be like hey I feel great I lost a few lbs, well those lbs are usually coming from lean tissue, especially if you are already in great shape. Performance decreases, recovery decreases, strength decreases, cognitive ability decreases, etc. Now I have no idea when he switched over to vegan, if he's been doing this his entire career then ok, but I don't see him staying healthy this season.
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    2. Baltimore Ravens This Class In One Sentence: They are just boringly good at this Pre-Draft Needs LB, EDGE, OL, WR Selections 1. 28. Patrick Queen | LB | LSU 2. 55. J. K. Dobbins | RB | Ohio State 3. 71. Justin Madubuike | DT | Texas A&M 3. 92. Devin Duvernay | WR | Texas 3. 98. Malik Harrison | ILB | Ohio State 3. 106. Tyre Phillips | G | Mississippi State 4. 143. Ben Bredeson | G | Michigan 5. 170. Broderick Washington | DT | Texas Tech 6. 201. James Proche | WR | SMU 7. 219. Geno Stone | SS | Iowa Picks Heading In 1. 28. 2. 47. 2. 60. 3. 92. 3. 106. 4. 129. 4. 143. 5. 157. 7. 225. Favorite Pick Geno Stone – I know it’s extremely weird to pick a 7th round pick as a favorite in a class I really like, because not a lot of those guys get to hang around. But I saw Stone late on and I just think he’s a really good player. At 5’10, he’s obviously not the biggest or the most physically gifted, but he’s so physical and relentless it’s hard to not notice him back there. He’s really smart too and that high playing IQ covers up a lot of his deficiencies elsewhere. Most Questionable Pick The Ravens were expected to invest in edge help at some point in the draft with Judon coming back on the franchise tag and other options being maybes to break through. They do have a more explosive front this year and have added a couple of good second-level blitzers, so I wouldn't be too downhearted about their prospects in generating pressure with one of the best DCs in the biz. Overview It’s weird how over the years that the Patriots have got the reputation for hoovering up all the good players at the end of each round, when in fact the Ravens have been better at that for years now. They’ve done it again here, amassing another haul of talent and showing the league how you replenish a roster through the draft even though most of the league will pay absolutely no attention. That started at pick 28, with Patrick Queen at off-ball linebacker which was 100% not a focus or need of this football team according to Ravens fans. Queen has rare closing speed and explodes into gaps to shut down runners before plays can develop. He’s got easy movements in space which indicates he could match up regularly on tight ends if needed. JK Dobbins at 55 wasn’t the running back matched to the Ravens particularly often in the draft process. This pick feels like DeCosta trusting his scouting department's evaluations and at that spot he was the only one of the big five still left on the board and he's a decent fit for what Roman likes his backs to do. Dobbins is an easy accelerator and beats opponents to the edge with his burst. He runs with patience with vision and has good hands and can operate as a receiver. Justin Madubuike is definitely more of a Ravens pick and has an exciting blend of speed of power in his arsenal. His motor isn’t always on, but could be a rotational player in an exciting Ravens defensive line next year. Devin Duvernay and Malik Harrison rounded out a really intriguing day two where the Ravens had a number of selections. Duvernay does his best work as a vertical receiver from the slot, he’s kind of linear but will give the Ravens more options down the field and he’s an excellent ball tracker. Harrison is an old-school thumper at 6’3 and close to 250 pounds and generates a real pop on contact. I can imagine him being a nice compliment to the more finesse game of Queen’s. Tyre Phillips in the 3rd was okay and the Ravens don’t tend to make bad decisions with draft picks on offensive line picks. He’s an enormous guy at 330 pounds and over 35 inch arms and strong as an ox. He just lacks fundamental movement skills, which might show up more on other teams than in Baltimore. He does some versatility to play guard or tackle, which I suppose is something the team needed. Ben Bredeson I liked quite a bit, he's kind of the anti Tyre Phillips - doesn't have archetypal length, but he is smart and technical. I would not be surprised to see him starting soon. Broderick Washington was a little off my radar, I know he played in a weird alignment at Texas Tech – almost on the edge at over 300 pounds. He’s probably one to groom for the future. James Proche in the 6th just has exceptional ball skills, has so many highlight reel plays. A smaller receiver without wow measurables or athleticism, but he’s a technician who probably needs that to be that at an exceptional level to find a starting role in the NFL.
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    Least travel by a team in 4 years
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    Horrible decision by the league. The point was to try to make a fairer game and the refs basically decided to be ignorant and indignant, essentially protesting because they can't stand being called out for cheating teams out the game. They are once again never held accountable. Stupid.
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    @Whicker thanks for hosting! great game, as always.
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    @Gmen @buno buno vs Gmen FF christmas has come early boys.
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    Yes. Very true. Bottom 10 in everything else. Except punter. Our punter is *chef's kiss*.
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    Every journalist, pseudo journalist or wannabe knows that Packer fans have a wicked case of Wide Receiver Fever. All they have to do is throw some chum in the water and the immense fan base will be in a frenzy, clicking their stuff like crazy
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    words cant describe how much i hate a week 5 bye( not just for the lions but overall) all byes should be done between weeks 6-12(12 at the latest)
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    Yeah but atleast he developed into a very nice center in NBA Live 2003 franchise mode with a 90 overall rating
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    1. Denver Broncos This Class In One Sentence: What happened to Elway and why is he good at his job now? Pre-Draft Needs WR, OL, CB, DL Selections 1. 15. Jerry Jeudy | WR | Alabama 2. 46. K. J. Hamler | WR | Penn State 3. 77. Michael Ojemudia | CB | Iowa 3. 83. Lloyd Cushenberry | C | LSU 3. 95. McTelvin Agim | DT | Arkansas 4. 118. Albert Okwuegbunam | TE | Missouri 5. 178. Justin Strnad | LB | Wake Forest 6. 181. Netane Muti | G | Fresno State 7. 252. Tyrie Cleveland | WR | Florida 7. 254. Derrek Tuszka | DE | North Dakota State Picks Heading In 1. 15. 2. 46. 3. 77. 3. 83. 3. 95. 4. 118. 5. 178. 6. 181. 7. 252. 7. 254. Favorite Pick Netane Muti – I know he’s had a litany of non-connecting injuries at Fresno State, but getting him in the 6th is still fantastic value. He would have been a top-tier interior prospect in this class, if it wasn’t for a spate of unrelated injuries at Fresno. When he did hit the field, he played with rarely matched strength inside and bulldozed interior defenders for fun. Most Questionable Pick Some won’t like the Hamler pick at 46, but I really like it given the general theme Denver were going for. Overview What a difference a year makes. People were calling for Elway to lose his job not that long ago (which always felt unlikely), but some promising performances from their 2nd round quarterback last season followed by a very handsome looking free agent class and now a sparkling draft class, things are looking a lot rosier in the garden. GM of the Year could be on the cards for this turnaround. Obviously that's all if they can transform that re-built roster into on-field success and there’s good reason to think they are a credible threat in the AFC West again. Things got off to an explosive start with the Jeudy pick at 15. Denver had been linked closely to Ruggs throughout the process, but Jeudy is more than a decent compromise here and people seem to have forgotten just how good he is. He has rare quickness in out of breaks and phenomenal route speed. He’s devastating on quick slants with his ability to find space as a runner and prolific at finding the end-zone which is an underrated skill for a receiver. Hamler in the 2nd was slightly indulgent, but when your team needs explosive weapons to compete in the AFC West, then why not go all out. Hamler is only 20 years old and has some immediate growth to do, but he’s got ridiculous lateral agility and acceleration. He reaches top speed in no time at all and is a blur with the ball in his hands. His hands have been a concern and clearly that needs to improve, but he has the tools to change the way a defense operates. Denver were set-up well with the picks to have a good day two and they took advantage of that. Michael Ojemudia kicked things off at 78 and he was probably in a third tier of corner in this class. He ticks both size and speed boxes, but needs a little technique work. But he does have excellent ball-skills, which is too often overlooked. I really liked the Lloyd Cushenberry selection, who could have gone much earlier than at 83. Beloved at LSU, where he was a real leader of that offensive line. Competitive and powerful enough inside, he should find work early at center or guard. McTelvin Agim is a former five-star recruit and whilst he didn’t live up to that tag at Arkansas, he had a good week at the Senior Bowl where he showcased a bit of burst to go with good size and length on the interior. He needs to work on his run defense to become a full-time contributor, but could really add something as a third-down interior rusher. Albert Okwuegbunam caught a lot of attention at the Combine with the fast forty time and whilst you don’t always see that speed on tape, you do see some impressive flashes of athleticism as a pass catcher. He’s still raw right now, but he’s a nice developmental project to work in. I also really liked the move to select Justin Strnad in the 5th round who really seemed to come on at the end of the season, doing his best work in space and he compliments the harder-edged skill set on the roster currently. Tyrie Cleveland is yet another athletic specimen whose production didn’t match the profile in Florida. He's returned kicks and was an ace gunner on special teams there and that might be his way onto the active roster in the first instance. The pass-rusher Derrek Tuszka was very productive at a lower competition level, but has a very transferable athletic profile for the NFL – so could be one to hang onto and see if he develops. I have a feeling there's something with him that's quite interesting.
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    Predators clinch playoff berth for consecutive seasons with huge win over Direwolves in a back and forth game. Almost let a 4th quarter lead slip away, but won the toss in OT and MATTY ICE once again took charge. The legend of the ice man grows... Week 8: 17-20 vs Viet Kongs Q4, 6:13, 1st & 10 on the IND 19: Joe Mixon rushes to the outside for a gain of 7 yards. Tackle made by Malik Hooker. Q4, 5:50, 2nd & 3 on the IND 26: Matt Ryan throws the ball deep and completes to Cooper Kupp for 21 yards. Tackle made by Malik Hooker. Q4, 5:22, 1st & 10 on the IND 47: Joe Mixon rushes up the middle and stuffed for a loss of 1 yard. Tackle made by Christopher Jones. Q4, 5:02, 2nd & 11 on the IND 46: Matt Ryan checks the ball down and completes to Jarvis Landry for 15 yards. Tackle made by Jimmy Smith. Q4, 4:40, 1st & 10 on the HAN 39: Joe Mixon rushes to the outside for a gain of 5 yards. Tackle made by D.J. Swearinger. Q4, 4:24, 2nd & 5 on the HAN 34: Matt Ryan passes the ball to the outside and completes to Jarvis Landry for 8 yards. Tackle made by Telvin Smith. Q4, 4:05, 1st & 10 on the HAN 26: Matt Ryan checks the ball down and completes to DeSean Jackson for 13 yards. Tackle made by Malik Hooker. Q4, 3:52, 1st & 10 on the HAN 13: Matt Ryan passes to the middle of the field and completes to Jarvis Landry for 8 yards. Tackle made by Jayon Brown. Q4, 3:34, 2nd & 2 on the HAN 5: Matt Ryan passes the ball to the outside and completes to Jarvis Landry for 5 yards. Touchdown. Dustin Hopkins' extra point good. Week 10: 18-21 vs Jagwads Q4, 1:13, 1st & 10 on the IOW 35: Matt Ryan checks the ball down and completes to Evan Engram for 13 yards. Tackle made by Eric Weddle. Q4, 0:59, 1st & 10 on the IOW 22: Matt Ryan scrambles to avoid pressure and completes deep to Evan Engram for 22 yards. Touchdown. Dustin Hopkins' extra point good. Week 14: 23-26 vs Rattlers Q4, 3:23, 1st & 10 on the IND 25: Carlos Hyde rushes up the middle for a gain of 2 yards. Tackle made by Jerry Hughes. Q4, 3:06, 2nd & 8 on the IND 27: Matt Ryan passes to the middle of the field and completes to Jarvis Landry for 6 yards. Tackle made by Marlon Humphrey. Q4, 2:51, 3rd & 2 on the IND 33: Matt Ryan throws the ball deep and completes to Evan Engram for 67 yards. Touchdown. Dustin Hopkins' extra point good. Week 15: 28-28 vs Direwolves OT, 9:56, 1st & 10 on the IND 25: Matt Ryan checks the ball down and completes to Evan Engram for no gain. Tackle made by Kareem Jackson. OT, 9:37, 2nd & 10 on the IND 25: Matt Ryan throws the ball deep and completes to DeSean Jackson for 21 yards. Tackle made by Justin Simmons. OT, 9:20, 1st & 10 on the IND 46: Matt Ryan throws incomplete short. Earl Thomas on the coverage. OT, 9:10, 2nd & 10 on the IND 46: Matt Ryan passes the ball to the outside and completes to Joe Mixon for 15 yards. Tackle made by Earl Thomas. OT, 8:56, 1st & 10 on the REY 39: Matt Ryan checks the ball down and completes to DeSean Jackson for 6 yards. Tackle made by Kareem Jackson. OT, 8:37, 2nd & 4 on the REY 33: Matt Ryan throws the ball deep and completes to DeSean Jackson for 21 yards. Tackle made by Earl Thomas. OT, 8:16, 1st & 10 on the REY 12: Carlos Hyde rushes up the middle for a gain of 10 yards. Tackle made by Anthony Walker. OT, 7:50, 1st & Goal on the REY 2: Joe Mixon rushes up the middle for a gain of 2 yards. Touchdown. End of game.
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    From all the reports And the video of him on Bengals.com, it doesn’t sound like AJ plans to skip training camp for a new deal. Sounds like he is trying to schedule a get together to throw with Burrow and the new receivers which is great to see. He had a lot of positive things to say about both Burrow and Higgins.
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    Thanks. Also the Saints IMO have proven to be pretty good talent evaluators on the OL. Strief, Armstead, Ramzy, McCoy, Nicks, Evans, Brown, and many more. If there is one position that if the Saints draft high that I don't worry about, it's the OL. We went from losing Unger to replacing him with someone who was as good if not better as a rookie. Now if this was any other position, yeah I would have 0 faith that they actually found a replacement/upgrade as their hits on other positions have been pretty poor overall when drafting high.
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    Personally in my years playing rugby I always loved teammates like Drew. I don’t need guys who are going to be intense 24/7 as long as they’re giving 100% on the field. A guy who keeps practices fun and keeps the mood light on game days is something I really appreciate. My favorite thing about being on a team was just being with the guys and he’s someone who would always have me smiling.
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    I love that Hollywood and Lamar and such football junkies. I have no doubt they are doing everything in their power to constantly improve during the offseason. Like Ray and Ed but on the offensive side of the ball.
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    TBH, you get better insight from people here than articles for exactly the reason cannondale says.
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    This all started because Rodgers’s dad didn’t marry Outpost’s wife.
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    Length, height. He is so tall that he can hold the incriminating photos so high above the GMs head that he can't even jump for it.
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    Man, if you guys fancy trip over make sure you hit me up. That would be mega to go for some beers with you all
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    Aaron Rodgers needs timeouts since he never gets to the line with more than 10 seconds left.
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    Looking at the distribution of bye weeks for 2020, it looks like more than 2/3 of the league has byes after Week 8. Assuming that holds true for previous years, it stands to reason that about 2/3 of the playoff field in a given season come from the post-Week 8 sample of roughly 2/3 of the league. Literally all you've really established is that more teams have byes after Week 8 than not. It really just looks like the poster child for correlation not meaning causation. Like, the fact alone that the Patriots never had a bye week before Week 8 in your sample already skews things enough on its own. For there to actually be something to this you'd probably have to identify individual teams over the past several years that have consistently made the playoffs when they had bye weeks post-Week 8 but missed the playoffs when they had early bye weeks. Even then it's probably not enough to look at this as a trend... but we don't even have the data points that would point towards a trend right now.
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    Florio has been reading too much me.
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    2/3 of the nipple thing sounds kinda hot too TBH
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    when the broncos play in london might need to schedule an internet friends trip
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    I feel 7-9 but a better 7-9. We went 7-9 and were bottom 5 in team total DVOA because we were pitiful offensively. I think we are an additional solid play maker on both sides of the ball away from being truly in the mix for either the division or at very least WC. It’s going to be a better football team. It just may not translate in the win loss column this year. Macagnan really just did a number on this roster and missing so many drafts has really been hard to overcome.
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    Prime time @ Soldier Field vs. Nick Foles. It’s like a three-headed dragon.
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    Still the #1 draft made via boat though
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    Do you really think there's any chance that Carr is not starting in week 1?
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    Lack of self awareness on social media isn't something teams should hold highly when evaluating whether to move on from a player or not.
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    He is very familiar with Mike Zimmer's defensive scheme. We went through some coaching struggles during his tenure, so I would guess he probably won more than he lost, but there were games where we had our way with him too. He had the good fortune of facing the Vikings when the Childress era came to an end, and then when we were being coached by the inept Leslie Frazier. Throw in Christian Ponder and about 4-5 years during the Zimmer era when we had a new QB every season. To sum it up, he was fortunate to have coached against us during a tough decade for the Vikings, but he also did a good job and took advantage of any edge he had. I'd say that if you are playing the Vikings, it would definitely be an advantage having MM coaching your team rather than The Clapper. By the way, I think the Cowboys are going to have a VERY good season in 2020 if we end up playing a fairly normal schedule in spite of all the COVID-19 stuff going on. Good luck.
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    That's what playing spoiler to the 'old guard' clubs, and coming out of nowhere to establish yourself with jarring personality/impact will get you. The Ravens are the team of Thugs/Goons, and of course low end QBs that can't truly hang with the other stars at the position. That perception of us is what makes it so much more enjoyable when we win. X X ==\.__./ ==X X . God do they hate it.
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    We're gonna start 8-0 again.
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    This is like people who root for spikes in states that reopen so they can be right...... no matter what you think, root for success.
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    They just need a sky judge, who is part of the officiating crew, who can call down and get in the referees ear if something blatant or obvious happens, not every play, nothing ticky tack, just the stuff that happens when the on field crew has the odd miss It's the answer that sitting right there in front of them
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    I thought it was a blatant slap in the face to fans that the NFL implemented this rule and then blatantly just refused to enforce it because it would make referees look bad. This was the NFL's plan all along, no doubt.
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    Good God I wish the league would just stand by something. Don’t listen to idiots in the media. They do NOT reflect your audience.
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    Calling someone’s career “wasted” always been lame to me if that player made his own decisions to stay with that team.
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    Fitzgerald was one play away from winning a SB and got to another NFC Championship game. I don't know if it's the best example.
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