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    Harbaugh is obviously an idiot.
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    You should probably rewatch that movie.
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    A 1st round exit from the playoffs?
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    Don’t want to hear this guy is a leader anymore. I’ll shoot down anyone who says it every time. Leaders never do this. Ever. Even if he remains a Jet. He will never be a leader. He might “act” like one. But he isn’t one.
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    Larry Warford is overrated because he might get injured. If he doesn't, he's going to run for 2,000 yards his rookie season. I looked Larry Warford in the eyes and I know that he's changed... back into an All-Pro guard. Top 3 in my book.
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    I think this is the most versatile and yet uncertain my OL has been in years. I will have to wait until the season starts to see how things shake out. Matt Feiler - RT or LG Eric McCoy - C or RG Ben Powers - RG or LG or Depth Bradley Bozeman - LG or C Patrick Mekari - C or LG Training Camp can't some soon enough. On a down side note, I am still likely to take my Vegas trip later this summer Aug 28th-Sep 4 and was considering the Raiders preseason game against the Cards but it's Thur Aug 27th.
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    As of now, you can stick us in the "definitely lying" category too. There was a deliberate effort to slow testing solely to deflate case totals.
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    Who? IF the positional value is so low, then the Jets goofed spending the 6th overall pick on a player that couldn't have a major impact. Cap space taken up on a second contract doesn't matter nearly as much as it gets talked about, but you can't be messing up super premium draft picks like that.
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    Should make the IOL position battles more interesting if Skura is good to go from the start of TC
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    RIP Vortex’s comeback 2020-2020
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    big thanks to @theJ for quoting this post so i could see it, yeah these are all excellent points and entirely correct. marginal propensity to consume is a simple economic concept (simple when i explain it) that talks about, if you give someone an extra dollar, how much of that dollar will they spend. richer people, you give them an extra dollar, they have a low MPC, because they are likely savers and not spenders. poorer people who are struggling with bills or expenses, or are just getting by and would treat themselves if they had a touch more money, have a much higher MPC, as they are likely to spend an extra dollar they get; so handouts to the wealthy are always banked as a general rule, whereas if you're poor you're definitely going to spend stimulus money, if not on a bill, then on taking your family out to a nice dinner for the first time in a long time, or getting that shirt you want but haven't been able to afford yet. to kickstart the economy it makes economic sense to focus stimulus money on people of lower SES. growing up as one of those people myself, and in a poorer area, it's entirely the way things work both on a theoretical and practical level.
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    Just a heads up that tomorrow is Fathers Day in the US. So you might have a lot of conflict with my group... since ya know a few of us are dads. Also Team @swoosh has some issues, as they are our children and need to be nice to daddy tomorrow.
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    Safety is #1. At least compared to the economy. No one is going to a restaurant if an outbreak happens. Long term if you put safety first, you will reap the economic benefits. Otherwise you are being unethical and deserve to be shut down. Also the economy is meant to serve the people. Not the other way around.
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    I really dislike it when people put economics above health. There’s a real tendency towards exaggeration in this thread and has been for some time. I don’t think I’ve ever heard economics isn’t important. I have heard that without mitigation etc, places might have to shut down, again, which would be far more devastating to the economy. Based on my personal observations, the Covid 19:fight in the U.S. has been far more about protecting capital than protecting people. The wealthy are making out like bandits with untraceable handouts etc. It’s the same old crisis management top down bailouts which don’t really help economically and simply further increase wealth gaps. It’s not unlike the bank bailouts. They gave the banks money but they still repossessed homes. It would’ve been much more efficient and economically sensible to bailout the little guys, the homeowners who would’ve made their mortgage payments. The banks would’ve been paid, homeowners kept in homes etc. Instead the taxpayers had to bailout incompetency and have their homes repossessed. The U.S. has all the economic muscle needed to weather this storm. Unfortunately the system is broken and wealth distribution is really messed up.
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    ITT: Lots of rationalization by Jets fans
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    Brings to mind the old saying: “The two happiest days in a sailor's life are the day he buys a boat and the day he sells it.”
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    Larry Warford wants to make 6 figures without a college degree or working hard.
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    We can argue these numbers until we are blue in the face but Jamal proved this week he isnt someone you invest the money into base on his unstable character. Hes getting worked up over twitter and instagram comments that he brought on himself. Hes now basically attacking the fans and organization too. Essentially hes doing everything he can to get traded even if it ruins his reputation as a human being. He hasn't done anything terrible, just insanely immature. I also think hes getting really bad advice too. Jets may ultimately decide to hold him hostage and they have every right too. Don't try to conduct business over social media when you have years left on your deal, again I think this child is getting bad advice.
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    In some areas things are fine, and in other areas they are not.
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    1992 is when I started to get sick of the Bills, and this game was a big disappointment. O'Donnell played OK, but not great. The memorable play was in the second quarter when he missed a wide open Barry Foster around the Bills 10-yard line (he could have gone to the five, at least). Also, Richard Shelton's dropped INT in the third seemed to be the death knell. The next week was even more disappointing. Miami didn't even show up. They only called 11 runs (with former 2x 1,000 yard rusher Bobby Humphrey and young back Aaron Craver), and played right into Buffalo's hands.
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    You mean, like his first All-pro season under Bowles..?
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    Call Jax: Adams for Josh Allen straight up!
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    You can’t name Darrelle Revis? Some “nfl fan” you are.
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    Usefulness and/or likeability scale: Velma Shaggy Scooby Fred/Daphne Villains Scrappy Doo
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    You unfortunately may be disappointed like I was last year. Harbough doesn't like to play rookie OL uNess it's a last option. Powers killed it in the preseason yet only got a week 17 play. Mekari only got in when Skura went down Week 11 but played great the rest of the year.
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    Cross the Chiefs off this list. We have the best safety in the league Tyran Mathieu in addition to pro bowl caliber safety Juan Thornhill.
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    Adams has been reported to be seeking 16-17M per year. While less than Mack’s 22.5M or F.Clark/DLaw’s 21.... it’s not that much less (4-5M). This isn’t meant as a personal attack on you but.... these “1st round pick for Player X, who then gets a new positional record setting contract” Never work out. It’s an instant gratification move. And Adding Adams doesn’t make us a contender. We’re not a SS away from winning the SB. Plus, we have high hopes for Abram who plays the same position and should give us 85% of the value for 1/8th the cost.... not to mention the first round pick. Abram’s is signed to a 4y, 11.5M deal with cap hits of 2.1, 2.6, 3.1, 3.6M plus a 5th year option. The only possible way Adams for a 1st makes sense to us would be if we were Able to extend him 4 years plus his ‘21 5th year option of 9.9M and ‘20 salary being .825M.... So it’d be like a brand new 6y deal for .825M + 9.9M + 4 years at 16M (give it take).... which is a 6y, 75M deal... or 12.5M per year on average.... However, Adams isn’t going to agree to that.... ever. He wants to rip up his current rookie deal with ‘20 and ‘21 still under contract and sign a new 4-6M deal at an average of 16-17M. There’s just way too many solid draft options next year and a plethora of good FS’s in FA, meaning the supply should drive down the cost of the bottom tier 1 players. The Minkah Fitzpatrick trade was a good deal for Pitt because they got him for 1.0, 2.0, 2.7M plus a 5th year option. Would you rather have MK and 13-16M or Adams.... obviously MK and the money. Theres a reason why Adams has been on the trade block for something like 18 months without a deal getting done. We are in a very good place in regards to having an up-and-coming young team and very good cap situation due to Being fiscally conservative.... it’s not time to throw it all away and pull Madden trades. We need to stay the course. Fill the roster with cheap talent from the draft and target select FAs. Not to mention with the cap situation up in the air in ‘21 we need to be especially frugal.
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    I wonder if Stefon Diggs had the Bills on his short list of teams he'd welcome a trade to? If I'm the Jets I take this list and use it as the teams I won't be negotiating a trade with. Ship his butt to Cincinnati and wash your hands of it. For the record, I have no interest in the Seahawks pursuing this. I agree with those who say box safeties are one of the most easily replaced positions in football and I have no interest in resetting the market for that type of player. If he was reasonable in his long-term demands it might be something different, but even then I wouldn't be comfortable offering more than a 2nd and quality player (which I realize won't get it done).
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    I'm going to be honest, this entire chunk of text just comes across as bitter. Adams is absolutely special. He's a great S, in a league that has honestly lacked for talent at that position since the greats from the 2000s retired (Berry and Thomas were supposed to take their places, but neither quite had the staying power of Dawkins/Polamalu/Reed.) Saying he's not special because his greatness stems from the mental side of the game is incredibly foolish. You could say the same for Richard Sherman. Peyton Manning. Michael Thomas is probably the league's best WR with a very similar athletic profile as Adams, on paper. Zach Ertz ran a 4.76 40. This idea that you could find a better athlete and just "coach that athlete up" is absolutely wrong. If it was that simple, the league would be full of guys performing on Adams's level, and it's not. It's funny, because you even list his instincts as part of what makes him great, while also saying you could just coach a better athlete to do what he does. Do you know what the word instincts means? I can certainly understand the idea of not wanting to pay him premier money. He's asking for money no safety has really gotten before. But stop downplaying how great he has been just because he now doesn't want to be a Jet. This is the kind of stuff that happens every offseason on here, where fans start to downplay the quality of the players that are leaving or have left their team. Jamal Adams can be a special player, and still annoy you for loudly trying to leave the team. Those things can coexist.
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    God no. I'm not trading a safety and a good corner for a safety. I am, though, intrigued about acquiring Adams. ....if Savage truly can play a slot corner role and do so at a very high level. I hope King is in the long term plan. It would be nice to have the top corner positions locked down for the forseeable future.
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    Imagine being paid millions to kick a football, but the temptation of getting sh!t wasted and ramming into people on the road was too much to resist over said millions...
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    Drives drunk. Smashes into another car. Flees the scene. Still not the biggest P.O.S. Giants kicker in the past five years.
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    I mean... he spent the first part of his career with JJ Watt, DJ Reader and Whitney Mercilius. If you can't produce with that lineup, what can you really do?
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    Do we have some weird responsibility to block his FA acquisitions that you don't? edit: Also who are these guys he's picking up that look like flip-worthy candidates to you?
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    That dude is too much. Wtf are his expectations? Lol
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    The cap hit this year is ~$31m for Dak. Signing him to a deal lowers it to the ~$20-25m range pretty easily. The idea is that his cap hits will start to become huge in 2022 where we are currently $67m under. I also anticipate thats about the time we will consider getting rid of some of our higher priced dudes. Its so overrated its not even funny. The idea of "cap hell" is a myth. Look at the Eagles. Scheduled to be $50m over every offseason. End up $20m under. The Rams are getting rid of players that have extreme, huge, negative equity. Do you think Aaron Donald is at risk? No. Because no one ever gets cut when they are equal to or exceeding their value. You only get cut/not signed/not paid when teams think your price to performance ratio is negative. Agreed. Its rare that a player has any say-so anyways, but best not to cast shade.
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    Didn’t want to catch that lol
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    There is enough salt in this thread to last a lifetime.
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    Yeah, I mean Mike Maccagnan should have been gone two years before he left. Whiff after whiff, bad contract after bad contract.
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    Normally we do it third week of preseason but obviously this year it's a bit TBD
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    Articulate, insightful & coherent... I'll take it you haven't been around long enough to have endured the history of your own team... Although, weren't the Lions 3-12-1 last season? Ignorance is bliss my friend.
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    False. You dont win 7 games with only a good safety.
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    I'm actually a very good cook myself, and boy, if I didn't use that to get women over to my place quickly every chance that I got. I would often bring something like pickles or a dessert because I explicitly talk about cooking when I'm hitting on women, and it looks like a sweet gesture. Then they eat it and it's good, and they are ready to come over asap. Single dudes in this thread: elevate your kitchen game. Nothing is more effective. Except having a ton of money. Or being ridiculously good looking. But I can't help you there.
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    One year the 4-12 or 5-11 Browns under Colt McCoy beat the Patriots, Saints, and Steelers.
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