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    Happy Independence Day to those that is applies!
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    But we ARE fully aware of how laughable your football assessments are.
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    You realize the Texans traded DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson and a 2nd, right? I think that story pretty much wins...
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    Seems like you're trying to hero post and virtue signal to a guy that doesn't actually care about the name issue in the way you want. And now you're trying to explain to him how he should feel about a team he's followed for years. He's saying the era has sucked and the coming name change is a pretty glaring sign that his connection to the team won't be what it once was. Sounds reasonable enough. I'm sure other fans of the team are in the same boat. It's not about the actual "Redskin" name (wrong or not wrong) debate. It's about a general lack of interest, trust, and now connection to the team. I mean there isn't a fan alive that currently has merchandise, collectibles, or memorabilia of the coming iteration of the club. They're looking at (likely), not being able to wear old stuff with the Native American logo into the park. It's a total reckoning. And while I agree that it's absolutely necessary, you can't be surprised that fans are questioning their level of commitment and or interest in carrying over with a club that's given them such a rough stretch and will continue to be led by maybe the dumbest owner in sports. If you're looking to crusade post on behalf of the name change I recommend twitter. I'm sure there are endless entrenched enemies over there for you. I'm not attacking you either. I understand some people have crazy frustration over the issue and want to work it out. This isn't the best place though. It's a name suggestion thread. IDK, at this point I think people will complain about anything that isn't a clean break. Any different names that still use "Red" or "Skin" will probably be shouted down as Dan Snyder trying to cling to the offensive past brand.
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    There are no excuses for anyone this year. I hope they play well and if it is Carr or Mariota they succeed. If not we better be looking into other options next year.
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    Happy 4th gents! Drink up, eat good and stay safe.
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    regarding Washington changing its team name... Red Tails has support for a few reasons. The Tuskegee Airmen, African-American pilots who fought in World War II, referred to themselves as the Red Tails, and the team has indicated it would like to honor the military with its next name. The red-tailed hawk, a bird sometimes seen in Washington, D.C., could serve as the team’s mascot. The name would also allow the team to keep and only slightly alter its fight song, with fans singing “Hail to the Red Tails.” Dan Snyder has all but confirmed that his team is going to change its name, so the only question is what the team’s next name will be. Red Tails seems like a popular choice. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/04/dwayne-haskins-likes-red-tails-if-washington-changes-team-name/
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    Mexico shut down it’s border from US citizens. Bahahahhaahhaha I’m done. No wait... hahahhhahahhahaahahahhaahha
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    How does changing the team name change that history you have with your family? I'm unable to connect those dots.
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    We have a ton of options talent all over the offense. If we can not gt it done this year we need to reevaluate the coaches and Carr. The theme this year should be "No Excuses".
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    Remixx is holding up the draft and on 4th of July no less...... Bigger traitor to America: @Scalamania or Benedict Arnold?
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    And had a recurring role on Arrested Development.
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    I've reached that age where naps are awesome.
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    Well the Browns reached out to him to try to get him to change his mind but Drew pretty much said he had no interest in staying. The return will be so small that it wouldn't really hurt the Browns to just let him sit out and might be a better option to not potentially make another team stronger without getting any real return. Just depends if the Browns want to appear as player friendly, they own all of the leverage.
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    13.14 Venom Selects PS Montez Sweat (WAS) PS Marcus Davenport (NO) @Tk3
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    Yes, absolutely. It's unquestionably better for the game, to me. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see the dynasty KC could build if we didn't have a cap casualty or two every year (I do like thinking of our offense adding back Morse, Hudson, and Fulton on the interior, with Conley and Wilson as our 4th and 5th WRs), but that roster movement is better for the parity of the league overall. The teams that draft and develop talent the best still wind up being the best teams in football, the cap just helps ensure that like 3 straight good drafts doesn't just instantly make a team elite for a full decade. It's a crucial balancing point, that makes it harder to achieve sustained greatness, while also giving fans of recently poorly performing teams more to look forward to. Your team sucks? Hey, you probably have a ton of cap space because you suck, so maybe your team will leech the right players from the teams that did develop talent correctly. And I think the type of allowance you're discussing, of having a number of drafted players not count or count for less, is inevitably going to be dramatically more favorable to the good teams. Like, if KC doesn't really have to factor in the cost of paying Mahomes $40M, there may as well not be a cap at that point. Even if it was like, 5 players at half cap cost, or something, you'd create an environment where KC could get Mahomes, Jones, Hill, and Kelce, for like $40M of cap space a year. Mahomes would become cheaper than Ryan Tannehill or Jimmy Garapollo. It becomes unbalanced in favor of teams that have expensive players, which is the opposite of the point of the cap originally.
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    Yes. NBA becomes a headache with all of the ways you can circumvent the cap. Bird rules, luxury taxes, etc ...too much of a hassle to wrap my head around that. Hard cap takes away the funny accounting. You have an allotment, you spend that allotment. No more than that.
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    Poor Pettis, he is going to be a throw in for every hypothetical trade until he is off the team LOL.
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    One of my coworkers is thinking it’s going to be Maryland keep refreshing his phone. I just played the fight song for OU. He mad. He said they almost have a top 10 class, and I said with a bottom 10 coach.
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    Bridge on the River Kwai ftw!
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    DC Deplorables
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    well then you are gonna be 1 angry man after the voting is over
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    Heading out on the water shortly! Happy 4th guys!!
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    I'm not reading posts since they could be spoilery but I just got to the reunion of Ellie and Jesse and so far, this game is so dope. The dogs are game changers also. The little town and truck scene with Jesse was a tough battle. It must really fall off a cliff to get to the point people are saying it's at bc so far, it's just as good as the first. The museum with Ellie and Joel was excellent also.
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    Or since Nike is busy making social statements, it’s no coincidence they left only a Titans women’s jersey up while Tennessee is preparing legislation to enact a total ban on abortion in the state. I am not debating the merits of it with any of you. But that is probably why.
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    It's an absurd name and I can't imagine caring if the Patriots changed their name. I like to imagine that the last four months would have lead others to the same thoughts about how insignificant sports actually are. Change is hard and uncomfortable but usually necessary.
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    Trump is going to get them to build the wall yet
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    How bout the Washington Gridlock
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    I feel like the NFL wanted this regardless and it will be permanent.
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    The name has always been absolutely absurd and I remember thinking that freaking DECADES ago before it became a mainstream flashpoint issue. It's just always seemed insane to me. Do the decent thing and change the damn name.
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    Lamest warewolf in movie history vs the lamest vampire in movie history... Does it really even matter who wins?
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    Keep him and just don’t resign him when his deal runs out.
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    I really like Harrison Bryant as a starting TE as soon as this year. "Harrison Bryant: I'm not worried about his size at all. If you like him, you go based off of his tape and what he demonstrated in Pre-Draft workouts, not his measurables. He abused people in the run game and in pass pro at the Senior Bowl, and reportedly did the same in practices. He did that a lot at FAU, but there were concerns about the level of competition. As far as his receiving ability goes, he's one of the most natural receivers in this class, regardless of position. He CONSTANTLY finds soft spots in the zone and tempos his routes excellently through zone coverage with almost a sixth sense of where defenders are in their drops or if they're breaking on him, even if they're behind him. His contact balance is excellent. He repeatedly doesn't get knocked down by contact, even when players come flying in and smash into him, and he forces defenders to drag him down every time he has the ball. He's excellent at tracking the ball, and has an uncanny level of awareness where it's almost like he can see the future. I guess the closest player I can compare that to is like with Cooper Kupp where it's almost like he knows exactly what Goff is doing, where the other receivers are, and where Goff is going with the football before he throws it. This enables guys like Bryant and Kupp to be in position when the play breaks down, when other players fumble, or if a pass deflects off of someone's hands (I'm thinking of Kupp's legendary touchdown in like his first game where the ball bounced off of Woods' hands at the goal-line and Kupp made a sliding catch off the deflection for the TD. Also, Bryant doesn't get bothered by hands-y DBs. There are numerous times on his tape where he's getting interfered with and still makes the catch, almost as if the DB isn't there in the first place. I think this happened against Southern Miss, but on one play he was in the flat in the red-zone and a linebacker came HURTLING in to hit him before the ball even reached him... The dude bounced off and ended up needing to leave the game because he injured his shoulder. By the way, Bryant caught the ball and took it in for a TD. There was also this play, don't remember EXACTLY who it was against, maybe Marshall, but it reminded me of that Adrian Peterson run in the 2008 season where he dragged like six guys twenty yards, or the Gronk TD in 2014 that was basically the same thing. Harrison Bryant dragged like six defenders like ten yards and eventually there were like nine defenders who dragged him down. I don't care if these are small school guys with bad instincts and tackling problems, or smaller frames, or whatever. I don't care about Combine measurables. It takes INSANE lower body strength and excellent balance to take that many hits and continue dragging people. And it's not just that freak play. Bryant drags people and powers through contact all the time. It's all over his film. He has very soft hands and, like I said, he's a pro at tracking the ball. He's also not afraid of getting beaten up while making the catch. His RAC skills are really among the best in the class, and he really makes you work to get him down. He's fast enough to create separation. His hips are very fluid, as he pivots very well and fools safeties on his route with his ability to whip them around. He's not really a side-stepper with how he moves, he doesn't juke people out of their socks, and he's always running straight. That could play into his lack of an impressive 3-cone because he doesn't really side-step or move that way. However, he can change the way that he's facing so quickly that I don't really think it matters. It's hard to explain, but yeah, he has very fluid hips, and he knows how to make sure that he's always running straight while still changing direction. So let's talk about his body and get that out of the way. He's 6'5", and in the 240s, so while he's thin, he certainly has room for growth. He has t-rex arms at 30 inches, which were the shortest measured among TEs at the Combine. However, he hasn't been caught reaching very often in the blocking game thanks to constantly-moving feet, and in the passing game length has hardly been an issue, because he is constantly making a play on the ball and beating defenders to it, and he is great at boxing people out and keeping his large frame in the way. As far as his track speed in shorts goes, it's good, but not elite. He didn't look like someone who was natural coming out of the start for his 40, but that's entirely understandable with his frame and lack of track experience. This guy is a pure football player. He doesn't really lose any speed in pads. His 3-cone wasn't very good, but it's fair to point out that he looked INCREDIBLY SMOOOOOTH once the football drills started. His gauntlet was probably the best at the Combine. He tracked the football very quickly and made catches outside his frame. He also was like the best performer in the blocking sled drills, with a real noticeable pop and great timing overall with how quickly he moved that sled. That feeds into the reports that he was the most impressive TE in the blocking game at the Senior Bowl." TE1 in the draft this year, IMO.
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    Uh ya, that’s exactly the opposite of what they are tying to do here.
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    If I’m management, I don’t settle on this trade. I’d go for a proven player at a position of need or a Day 2 pick, and if we don’t get that, oh well, he’s got 2 years left here on his contract and worth more to us than what he’d fetch in a trade. That or troll the Jets and offer Njoku for Adams straight up.
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    Congrats @NickChowaniec, bills Are champs @MikeT14 @CHOMP_CHOMP @BillsGuy82 @RaykwonDaChef @I_GET_SAX @festiveonion @bcb1213 @djw4bucs @Heymangold@kurgan thanks again for weathering the storm after a rocky start. Glad we finished this. Nice job all! Will post some summary of city playoffs/finals/championships later
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    Dude, yes. I lived in Gold Canyon, AZ, which is basically the geographical hub for that chunk of history. To the west, you have the old mining town of Goldfield. The town runs right up to the base of the Superstitions. You have Peralta Canyon right there, and the mining town of Superior is just east. You can hike to the ruins of Pinal, as well. Anyways, you can still find old railroad spikes and fittings from one of the trains shipping gold that the Apaches destroyed. They literally took a train carrying a shipment of gold, in the possession of the Peralta family (one of the most powerful families in the region), threw it off the rails, destroyed it, took the gold, and killed everyone. Camp Geronimo is a several days' ride by horseback east of where I used to live (or a few hours in a car), but "Top of the World" is in between Gold Canyon and Superior, and Oak Flats is just above Superior, and those two locations are where many Apaches ultimately threw themselves to their deaths, rather than submit to their enemies. In fact, this is what led to people yelling "Geronimo!" when they jump off of things. Around the area, you can find beads and whole chunks of obsidian, volcanic glass, which are referred to as Apache tears. Lore has it that they formed from the weeping of the mothers and children as their men were slaughtered and then killed themselves before submitting. There is also evidence of raids all over the place. You can find old arrowheads and spearheads all over, as well as even old bullets if you dig down a bit in a lot of areas. They would wipe out whole caravans of people who rode by coach, as well. It's crazy, but these guys were ruthless and FIERCE. Anyways, Native Americans being fierce warriors isn't just a stereotype. In fact, it's a major part of the culture for many tribes. Luiseños, for example, pride ourselves on both the ancient ways of the warrior-heroes as well as the ancient ways of great hunters and fishermen, from when we crossed the great sea and settled in the fertile shores. We still do ritualistic hunts every once in a while, though I haven't really done that since I was a young teenager since I've lived apart from the tribe since then. However, not all tribes even have a past that contains war. The Powhatans, for example, were largely a peaceful people and willing to negotiate with other nations. The Cherokee were/are an EXTREMELY docile people who basically just wanted to be friends with everyone and were unfairly slaughtered and exiled to lands far away, but still were because they were Native Americans. And it's crazy, because many people like Chief John Ross were actually SCOTTISH and were welcomed into the tribe and ALSO forced across untamed land, where many of the people died, dubbing it the "Trail of Tears." As for the mascot, I'd still be happy with Native American representation, but the Kansas City Chiefs also represent the indigenous population, and they're also generally respectful with both their mascot title and their representation. It's also a strong location, being in the great plains. An Iroquois-derived representation would be nice, but if we need one for them as well as one for the Lakota, why not have a Kwakhiutl, Inuit, or Pueblo-derived team and just cover all of our major bases? I don't feel like we HAVE to have multiple teams representing us, so I'm open to really ANY mascot. However, if the Powhatans or even the whole Iroquois Macro Culture would be offended by a complete rebranding, the I don't know. I seriously like the Pigskins, though. I mean, the colors wouldn't even really have to change at that point. I guess they could completely change and I wouldn't have an issue. If you made it this far in my post, congratulations!
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    Did I say illegally? Stupid autocorrect.
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    What's the first rule of fight club?
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    If there's an NFL season and the NFL doesn't come up with a fair and affordable streaming option in light of COVD-19, I'm going to continue streaming them illegally like I have for a long time.
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    Exceptional on several levels!
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    This forum is about discourse, and that's what we're doing.
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    When I was looking up target state I got the same impression that we we’ve assembled a offensive roster that is mimicking a cross between KC and LAR... the similarities are striking. heavy 2 TE sets..... dynamic WRs threatening deep.... heavy slot WR presence good run game (only LAR) with RBs who are A receiving threat we just have to hope our guys develope and pan out.
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    Then another team can have him. I’m not overpaying for a guy who’s been a bust thus far. Late day 3 pick. That’s it.
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    Hey guys, nice to meet you. Should be an easy win on your schedule :).
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