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    I’ve wanted the Browns to be a certified “Football Team” for over 20 years, so this is a great identity for Washington.
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    This is what happens when the uninformed blindly follows the unintelligent.
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    Ain't nobody worried about what soccer thinks.
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    Randle played a different position on most every snap...it's what made him so good. He was listed as a DT, but he played everywhere along the line. But, why I can't get over that game @Ozzy is because that was their moment. That was their best chance in my lifetime to make and possibly win the Super Bowl. The '87 team was just happy to be there. The '09 team was good, but won in spite of the coach and the way they fumbled the ball over and over again, were lucky to even have a chance to win the game...and the other 2 ('00 and '17) were out of the game shortly into it. The '98 team may not have won the Super Bowl, but I still feel they would have given the Broncos a far better game than the Falcons did. The Falcons had no business competing on the level with the Broncos...the Vikings did.
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    Incredible that they're even letting people in. This just feels like a very bad idea.
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    Thanks for this post. I was lucky enough to attend the 20 year anniversary celebration for the 1998 team. There was a pregame ceremony honoring the team before the season opener vs SF. The night before, they had a wine and cheese and a Q&A session in the auditorium at the TCO centre. They only sold 98 tickets to fans but I clicked through on the email as soon as I received it and landed tickets for my dad, my brother, my oldest son and me. About 30 of the players and coaches from the '98 team attended. Most of them mingled with the fans for an hour or so -- we got to chat with Matt Birk, Randall McDaniel, Robert Griffith, Brian Billick and others. Mitch Berger let my son try on his Super Bowl ring (which he won with the Steelers). John Randle was there but didn't stop to talk to fans. I was hoping to meet Robert Smith, but he was doing an NCAA game that Saturday and only came in for the pregame ceremony the next morning. Randy Moss didn't attend. I missed most of that season. I'd moved to Japan that year. None of the games were televised there, and I didn't have internet access so had to look at boxscores in the English language newspaper. I had to rely on updates from my family back in Canada who told me how great Moss looked, etc. I finally did get satellite cable in time for the playoffs, so I saw the playoff demolition of the Saints and then the fateful NFCCG loss. I was literally on my knees in the middle of my one room apartment in Kyoto at 6am, having stayed up all night, when Anderson's kick went wide. My dad and my brother went to their first Vikings game in 1998 -- the Bucs game where Moss scored his first TD, tipping a Brad Johnson pass to himself at the goal line. That started a tradition of the men in our family going to a game every year, driving down from Winnipeg, or years later flying in from places further away. When I got home from Japan in 2000 the family Vikings trips broadened to include me and my uncle (two sets of brothers). My uncle eventually backed out, as he found the travel too much at his age. By that point, my oldest boy was part of the group, and in 2019, my youngest came along too (to the Falcons game). Given the Covid situation, we won't be going this year -- only the second time we've missed in 22 years (the other being after the birth of my youngest, who arrived the day Adrian Peterson got suspended in Zimmer's second week as HC). My dad's getting up there, so I doubt we'll be able to go again until there's a vaccine. Fingers crossed for that.
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    perhaps the appropriate amount. Honestly there are a few reasons to do this. One is that you can just rip off the logo from current jerseys and helmets both for on field use and for retail and still use them. So they can sell off stock as well. Second, rushing this would wind up a disaster IMO. With license and design and production it seemed like a process that would take longer than they had time for given the season is currently scheduled to start on time.
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    well then you deserve these
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    This is how I see it too, I think the yardage predictions here are a little optimistic with him realistically going for around 700 yards and maybe 50 to 60 receptions with a fairly high yards per reception. Waller and Renfrow I think will be the trusted go to options for Carr and Ruggs will be used on bubble screens, slants, crossers and the occasional deep route as you say, trying to put strain on the linebackers and getting him the ball in space, year 2 could be the year he becomes a more rounded receiver in our offense (not to say his skill set isn't rounded, just that we will initially not put too much on him). Williams should be quite heavily featured and I would hope take a little pressure off too. Ruggs impact should be greater than the bare statistical numbers as someone above said regarding Hollywood Brown.
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    Hue Jackson is a better coach than you are a mod. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    A bunch of billionaires living like they are above everyone including the law?
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    My thoughts: Increase roster spots by 2 in 2020, with keepers going from 12 to 13 and the rookie draft going from 6 to 7 rounds. Yearly discussion on whether to continue to expand or stay neutral. We can keep K and D/ST or eliminate them, I don't have a strong opinion either way. One extra IR spot for the year to help with COVID. Part of why I want to expand rosters is because of the limited number of transactions that have happened in past years. In the first two years of the league, I feel like we only have had a handful of trades and even the add/drop has been pretty dead. My hypothesis has been that this has been caused because of a lack of roster spots in comparison to the amount of teams. Having only 10 teams, there are a lot of quality players on every team and it is not hard to find 12 keepers or a full roster. As a result, nobody wants to drop anyone or make 2 for 1 trades because they don't want to drop a quality player. It would be nice to spark some more movement and I think increasing rosters might help with that.
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    Pretty sure this kid is going to get a real chance to prove he can be a starting outside CB in the NFL. I figure the chances of Fabian Moreau and Ronald Darby both staying healthy all season have to be about as low as the chances that the Redskins will re-hire Emily Applegate to help with the name change marketing project. Can’t ask for more than that as a 7th round FCS kid, a real and legitimate path to locking down a wide-open long-term starting job if you show you can play.
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    Happy 100 points, forge! You got it right on the nose
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    How dare you insinuate I would use such powers for evil. *14 game Starfall losing streak incoming*
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    You are aware jokes are supposed to be funny right?
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    It probably helps the Angels, but I hate them expanding the playoffs. Absolutely hate it.
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    You got time to post, you got time to play 🤣
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    Matt Ryan is not an all-time great. There's no one outside of Atlanta that's going to think back on him once he retires.
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    Under-the-radar storyline heading into training camp Will George Kittle play without a new deal? Nobody knows. A little birdie told me that Kittle’s deal is done, and his contract will look like an absolute steal. That deal would likely be announced sometime over the next week. If that happens, the focus may shift to whether or not Raheem Mostert will be traded, which seems unlikely, too. https://www.ninersnation.com/2020/7/23/21334886/answering-seven-questions-to-help-preview-the-49ers-season
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    no...we need a SF showcase game in the last few weeks. Flex them to the SNF slot!!!!!!!!!! @Forge, @Malfatron
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    Isn't that basically what he was on last year?
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    Just football. Because the rest of the world can deal with it, we have the most nukes....and covid cases. Double trouble!
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    I think we could, like half our team played for alabama.
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    Dear god, I need to move my team out of NE and into some backwater in Alabama and call it an 'expansion team' to cover up the fact that they play like one.
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    If only the Redskins had advanced warning that maybe they should have started evaluating backup names prior to July 2020.
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    I mean, it fits the theme of all other NFL teams in that their mascot is obviously something they are not.
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    Advanced @biggio7 @Fresh Prince @holt_bruce81 I dont get on much, just for this league lately so just tag me if I'm ever holding it up.
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    Yeah i did a little investing back at the beginning of March, right before this started. Those investments are up 15-20%.
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    Apparently it was a for a passengers tobacco spit, but yeah- use a coke can next time. It'd be insane if he did get suspended. All charges were dropped and he blew a .000%. There's literally no reason to suspend him.
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    While obviously true, that point goes hand in hand with what @Hunter2_1 said. They dont have to try.. Why? Because they make tons off of MUT and there is no one threatening to take that money away from them. There is no other alternative and EA knows it. This is why I hate the NFL just as much as I hate EA. EA is scum and everyone knows how bad they are, but the NFL lets them get away with.
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    This, so much this. I can't stand how the NFL is acting like having 0 fans or cancelling the season is going to be the end for them. This is a billion dollar organization - one down year isn't going to matter in the long run. Selfishly, I want football, but we all have to face the new reality. Until everyone in America starts wearing masks and social distancing, it's going to be impossible to prevent COVID from spreading throughout the NFL.
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    I have real “feminine emotional” traits on draft day.... that’s the PC way for saying I act like a female dog, lol. i just think I know the right Thing to do, or at least have a list of the possible right things to do. im not the best, not always right, been very wrong before..... but I can tell a very bad pick when I see it. I think a lot of us can. The Joseph at 13, jihad Ward over Bama’s Robinson and Reed, etc we’re all obviously bad moves from the second they were made. There’s just sooo much at stake in draft day. It’s the future of our team!
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    me and my roommates are looking to fill an empty room at our spot to save some money. put it on social media and this dude that was in a class i had like 2 years ago hit me up. at the end of our talk this dude goes "alright bro, swag" and hangs up. this dude's 25. i been thinking bout that for like 20 minutes. imma have to tell this dude we already filled the room now
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    I think people are overthinking this. The fact that KC and Andy Reid were a great fit and landing spot for Mahomes shouldn't be exaggerated in a way that discounts who is doing more to elevate who - we have 20 years of track record with Reid, and while he's always been an elite offensive coach, Mahomes has taken him to new heights. Watson would be better in KC compared to what he's done with Houston, I don't think that's particularly controversial. But it's not like Houston is a wasteland, however much the 'BoB bad' memes are at their apex right now. Mahomes is a generational/transformational player; you can bet if he landed with DeAndre Hopkins and Co. he'd still lay waste to the league. If you're as good as Mahomes is then these switcharoos don't matter as much. He's the guy elevating the guys around him, not the other way around. He'd do the same in Houston and he'd be better than Watson, even the supercharged Watson in Andy Reid's scheme.
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