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    The cap is obscenely easy to navigate. Ask the niners forum, I do it for fun lol...... Now that I say that out loud, it sounds weird
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    This is how you start your NFL season. Thank you to whoever recommended Akins getting a TD.
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    My team rushing stats are lowered by how many times Kirk Cousins takes a knee at the end of a game.
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    This kind of thing is always said in the news threads about the extensions and big deals, but I feel like that's just because by the time the extensions roll around, people forget the guys they already had to let walk because they couldn't afford to pay all these guys. In three offseasons, they've lost Trumaine Johnson, Sammy Watkins, Rodger Saffold, Lamarcus Joyner, Dante Fowler, and Corey Littleton to $10M+/year deals. For as many guys as teams can extend, there's always those that slip through. Like, literally, they couldn't pay all the guys The key is making the right choices on which ones you keep and which ones you don't. And this is true for all the cap tight teams, year to year. KC, NE, NO, even Dallas, etc. We'd have arguably the best OL and CB group in the league if we could've paid everybody.
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    I actually am regardless of what I show on this site
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    Can't believe the Rams gave Kupp even a 3-year contract. Dude is so overrated. He might get hurt.
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    Yep, I kicked soda as well. Normal breakfast is a grapefruit, oatmeal, piece of toast and now turkey sausage. I'm not a fan of eggs. Lunch is usually fruit and grilled nuggets (from Chick-fil-A.). Dinner I will switch things up but the sweetened drinks being essentially gone, as well as exercising, really helped. Wouldn't have done it if not for the pandemic though.
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    I really want them to come out and announce that the vote was for playing in January and it was approved just for the LOLs.
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    I'm getting married in 2.5 hours
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    You're a homer, man. He might get injured again. He's overrated.
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    You actually show you're fairly awesome on this site. We can't count the bad moments we have in mafia, we all have those lol
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    With cook’s injury history and how damn good CMC is.... idk I may just rather give up that extra 3 million per year
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    Send to @rackcs Gotham Gashslayers @ Cuba Smugglers Oklahoma City EF5s @ New Orleans Jazz Hungary Hippos @ Berlin Blitzkrieg Sacramento Sasquatch @ Antarctica Katabatic Beasts Send to me Seoul Dragons @ Singapore Sentinels Rome Eternals @ Ivory Coast Black Rhinos Williamsport Soul Reavers @ Portland Horned Owls Lancaster Werewolves @ Camden Hood Rats
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    All these sports games that are yearly releases have all basically had a 8+ year development cycle (if we start with the PS4/XB1 releases), with massive AAA studio budgets/resources, yearly opportunities for feedback and improvement, and are made by the most experienced developers in the world. They should be nearly perfect masterpieces of gaming. They are also very simple games. They don't need to develop full worlds with characters and lore, write scripts, record voice acting, research historical characters, etc.. Just re-create a game with simple rules. Imagine if a studio like Bethesda or CD Projeckt Red, or even Ubisoft with all the detail they put into their massive open world games was given 8 years and massive funding to develop a sports game. The stadiums would be detailed down to the urinals. You would be able to manage your coaching staff down to the marketing interns. Draft prospects would each have a 1,000 word backstory. The hardest part of making these types of games is the physics engine, and EA outsources that part! Since 2016-2017, both Madden and FIFA stopped using the EA Ignite engine and now use the Frostbite engine (Microsoft).
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    https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/12/astrazeneca-coronavirus-vaccine-clinical-trials-resume-in-uk-after-pause-over-safety-concerns.html Figured this would happen. Good news!
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    I have many thoughts some less important that I will leave out but first of all conrgrats to @resilient part 2 and @Troy Brown Boston is a really really good team. My instant thought is they most likely will win the East and have a very good shot against the Lakers however I don’t think they can beat the Clippers. That’s where I stand. I’ll get Pascal out of the way I was initially going to defend him in some small way by mentioning his defense but I really can’t (even if I kind of just did) he was so bad offensively and may have been the reason we lost the series it was bad enough that he was missing every damn shot he took but when he started to turn the ball over Every play it really killed us. Look did I overate Pascal? Yes. Did I know I was while I was doing it? Of course I did. Part of it was trying to Will his stardom into existence and for a while it was working and it was a lot of fun for a long time. Now I don’t know exactly what he is or will be even before the bubble I was beginning to believe he wasn’t a true number one option and now in a 20 game bubble sample size I don’t think I could be any more discouraged like he doesn’t even look like the Pascal or two years ago let alone last year. His shot just vanished and I had absolutely no faith in him taking any type of shot at all at any point in the series it used to be oh he may go 1/5 from 3 one night and then 4/5 the next night he’s just gotta keep going but that never happened in the bubble. Obviously you can go on about it’s the playoffs different defense he’s been looked on as a number 1 option for the first time in his career and that’s all true but he was still missing shots he usually makes and had no confidence and it was bad. He’s not the next superstar he’s not the Kawhi replacement we were definitely missing “that guy” in this series. I guess I was hoping her past Boston and hopefully he just finds it while many people were saying we need Pascal to finally have his breakout tonight I knew deep down that probably wasn’t gonna happen. But I still believe in him he got better every year in his career at a pretty unprecedented rate from what I thought he would be he just stalled out in the most depressing way possible. This must be absolute hell for him and this can go one of two ways from here on out we won’t speak of how bad it can spiral he can be a really good player in this league there is something there that can get back. He’s not the superstar I had hoped for but he’s not this guy there’s no way he’s something in between and hopefully he can improve from this and learn a real lesson. Lowry is great and I really hate he’s still disrespected the way he has been around the league. Ill save the rest when I have time for more reflection. It is funny how expectations change before the season started this is exactly what I predicted being a top 4 seed winning round 1 and being a damn tough out in round 2 with a small shot of advancing. That was probably hopeful and not everyone or everything else around it played out like I thought it would but people said this team wasn’t making the playoffs. Which looking back is absolutely wild. It sucks more because it was Boston is something I say to myself right now but either way that would have changed I said today if we can just get past Boston I’ll take it but then if we did I’d be thinking finals and would be as crushed losing to Miami if it were to happen and then just making the finals I’d say that’s it that’s enough but if that did happen it wouldn’t have been any lesser than this feeling. Right now this feeling giant near as bad as I thought it was I loved watching this team and I wanted to keep watching them as long as possible hoping the final game of the season ended with a win again. Without last year I may have gone in a much different direction now but somehow it just worked out and I still do have last year to look back on and I’m happy about that. It’s on the off-season now but I’m not ready to think that all the way through and I said jokingly before that well at least football season is on but yea football season is on and I may be on to that for a while. I say this knowing full well that I’ll watch Lakers/Clippers and will have super mixed feelings with that and obviously the finals but it’s still pretty damn cool that for this one year (most likely) I don’t have to wait 4 months for the next thing.
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    Gunner may be gone but the next defensive rookie of the year is still around. I pick Kyle Dugger, safety, no. 35, hero of Lenoir-Rhyne. @Hunter2_1 you are OTC.
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    I still swear if Todd Davis and Harrison were on the team the last two seasons they'd be 2 of the first games we'd be looking to upgrade with FAs right now lol
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    Yes you should punt. They’re not unstoppable
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    I had purged that failure from my mind...
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    I don't think people realize, that Preseason/early season power rankings are much more of a crapshoot and much more bunched up. There's less established pecking orders and groupings. You could literally see teams like 4-17 be in the same effective tier in many peoples' eyes.
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    I might. I'll give it another shot. Maybe it'll be better with granola added to it. It's just...not as good as regular low fat yogurt. 😐
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    And now I’ve got Louisville....WTF
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    I see them just outside the top 10, maybe 11-12 spot. Has little to do with them, more to do with the 10 or so ahead of them.
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    I don't trust Wentz to stay healthy
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    not really sure where to put this but since it’s HS football...
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    You act like that’s a good thing. We shouldn’t let backwards states like Kansas dictate what we do.
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    Don't take it seriously. The "he's overrated because he might get hurt" is a loooooooong time forum meme
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    we had one like every year in the waning fisher era lol
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    If Cook is their best player the Vikings are in serious trouble.
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    This was great info and we should all go back a page and like this post
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    Gonna have to see the details, but at first blush, I don’t like it.
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    Probably because we’ll have much more money after that. And tbh. All 5 year deals tend to be 2-3 years. Either cut or players want more money.
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    He dragged himself through the mud...
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    Night 4: MWil was lying in his bed in a weakened state, incapable of his usual demeanor or action, but his keen sense of his surrounding prompted his arousal. He heard the individual approaching before he saw him. He loaded his pistol as he peered through his window to gain an idea of where the individual would be coming from. He looked left and saw nothing, rotated right, and MWil was staring down a barrel. He fell to the ground with the sound of a gunshot that reverberated through the inland. MWil is dead. He was Captain Flint, Fearsome Vigilante, Nassau-Aligned. @MWil23 _____________________________ bcb was making his way back through the streets of Nassau. He scans his environment as he makes to retire for the evening, and others seem to falter under his intense gaze as they shy away from it, as though fearful it alone might hurt them. Bcb rounds a corner and sees a familiar face. The **** are you doing here? I want my glasses back, you big bully. Bcb laughed, but his laughter stopped as the individual pulled a pistol on him and shot. Bcb fell to the ground bleeding, and the attacker stepped forward to finish what he started. But, with bcb's last bit of soul, he drew a hidden blade and stabbed the back of Daniel's leg, who crumpled. The two struggled on the ground, but bcb gained the upper hand as he continued to fade, and used all his might and weight to drive the blade into Daniel's torso. bcb is dead. He was Anne Bonny, The Muscle, Vane-Aligned. @bcb1213 Daniel is dead. He was Dufresne, The Book Keeper, Mutiny-Aligned. @Daniel _______________________________ The Nassau residents made to convene for the next day of events, but were greeted with a surprise as they went to do so. They rubbed their eyes, almost incapable of believing it possible? Josh???? You're a thief! You're a thief! Yeah...that's Josh alright... Josh is alive, and has returned to the game! @JoshstraDaymus Day 5.
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    Happy to have a decent kicker for the foreseeable future. I can’t imagine having guys you can’t depend on from less than 45.
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    This is the one alumni to ever play in the NFL from my high school. Really proud of him. One year before my graduating class.
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    Yup. Bruce doesn't get enough recognition for how depressing he is.
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    He’s the Troy Aikman of WRs. Hes never going to dazzle with regular season TDs or yards but he’s a difference maker in the playoffs: I’d take him over Wes Welker any day. He’s just outside the top 15 if you are ranking regular season stats.
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    He's right now a game-time decision with a quad issue. He didn't participate in much this abbreviated TC - this was by design, so this injury designation might be due to a long layoff. I think he'll play, but I wonder how effective he'll be. Check out the props on Jordan Akins (I don't personally know what they are). I think if anyone has a good game, it's him - most TEs take a while to figure everything out, three years on average. Akins is in year three, he's the "move TE" that BoB leaned on when Aaron Hernandez was in New England, he's got existing rapport with Watson. He's really athletic, too fast for most coverage LBs and too strong for most DBs. I'm of the mindset that Akins will absorb a lot of the targets that went to DeAndre Hopkins, and he'll make good on it.
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    Maybe he can sn atch someone else's.
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