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    He’s been needing a promotion for a while now. Good for him. He should hire a HC first and foremost.
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    One might say Devonta is a free man.
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    We get it. He’s attractive but how do you feel about him as a QB?
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    It's officially offseason in NFL gen.
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    I don’t know why I imagine O’Brien doing end of season evaluations with himself. Asking questions and walking around the desk to the other chair to answer them.
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    Oh god, no. I just bashed MLB for adding teams and becoming the NBA and praised the NFL, five minutes before these reports came out... 40% or more of teams in the league should not make the playoffs. It completely and utterly devalues the regular season. The playoffs is suppose to be the best of the best. Gross.
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    .... How the hell are we supposed to go 9-7 with 17 games?
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    he's got a 24 year old future hall of fame QB. why in god's name would he retire
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    Out of every WR ever, you thought of Amari Cooper first.
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    What does his sense of morality have to do with anything
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    I don't see anything in there that suggests Burrow himself has any inkling that he might force his way out. Sure, there's conjecture from several people - but that's worth nothing at this point, literally nothing at all. Here, I'll do this: Joe Burrow considering signing a lifetime contract with the Cincinnati Bengals "A source close to Burrow maintains he loves Ohio," Nothing substantial behind this claim, but I'm projecting he loves Ohio because he's from there and committed to Ohio State out of High School. So, there you go. He won't force his way out, because he loves Ohio and is going to sign a lifetime contract.
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    I can't imagine anything worse than what they currently had, so good for them.
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    Kyler Murray winning OROY is atrocious on every single level.
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    I hate this. 6 teams, 2 byes was PERFECT! Anytime you expand the playoffs, in any league, you are making each individual regular season game less important since everyone now has even more “slip ups” afforded to them.
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    The market for Te'o doesn't really exist at this point. Which means he'll probably try to date it.
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    End the Patriots dynasty and the respect we get is being lumped in to the same group as the Bills and Texans...
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    We signed a deal to be eternally 9-7 and with 7 playoff teams making it in every year now we're pretty much a lock tbh
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    He dropped a meteor on that bridge.
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    You can only be MVP level or god awful level among NFL fans. There is no middleground!!!!
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    Browns fans when Texans fans complain about BoB and McNair...
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    I am very proud of my craftsmanship of this game. @TheKillerNacho and I worked a little bit ago on some of these after I came up with the PW/loyalty mechanic and we both concluded that it would be impossible to properly craft and balance. I don't know what madness drove me to complete it but I did. I'm extremely proud of the overall set up and roles. I missed on a couple (namely Pickle's or Matt's roles), but I feel like I made each role interesting and unique, and overall none of the roles (outside of rack) had too much of an impact on the game to be overpowered. I truly believe this is a great mafia set up, perhaps with just a few more things cleaned up.
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    This is the single dumbest thing I've read in months. Just nonsense trying to push some agenda against Carr. Just because he's a Christian doesn't make him sensitive. You don't know the man personally so stop commenting on things you know nothing about. You want to comment on his on field play, fine. But this whole "beta-male" agenda you're pushing is just pedantic. He's been a good leader for the Raiders, his teammates come to his defense often. There are a lot of "sensitive" guys who play football. It's not just some agro male bro league of humans. Their are many nuanced personalities and backgrounds in the NFL. I wonder what you do for a living... with how not sensitive and alpha you must be, it must be a 7 figure job full of chest bumps?
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    idk him posting his own stats seems weird
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    Dude this is the craziest thing i've ever seen pulled off by a GM lol. This is the witchery that schlenk pulled off over the last 3 or 4 years somehow. Schlenk traded Jeff Teague for a 1st round pick that tuned into Taurean Prince a few years ago. He traded Prince for brooklyns 1st round pick #17 in 2019, and 2020 brooklyn pick and Allen Crabbe He then traded one of those picks to move up to get Deandre Hunter at 4. Then traded Crabbe for Teague back and Traevon Graham Then traded the other 1st round pick for Clint Capela So in total he somehow turned Jeff Teague into Jeff Teague, Traevon Graham, Clint Capela and a pick that got us Deandre Hunter
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    This is a big blow to the pats in my opinion. I'd definitely say that this is thread worthy...particularly when Dean Pees got one. But this is a hole that the Pats just can't hire someone to fill in.
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    2020 Prospect Rankings Generational Prospects: QB Joe Burrow - LSU QB Tua Tagovailoa - Alabama EDGE Chase Young - Ohio State Blue Chip Prospects: CB Jeff Okudah - Ohio State EDGE Yetur Gross-Matos - Penn State DT Derrick Brown - Auburn LB Isaiah Simmons - Clemson DT Javon Kinlaw - South Carolina OT Andrew Thomas - Georgia WR Jerry Jeudy – Alabama OT Jedrick Willis – Alabama Upper Tier Prospects: OT Mekhi Becton - Louisville WR Henry Ruggs III - Alabama QB Jordan Love - Utah State WR Brandon Aiyuk - Arizona State OT/G Tristan Wirfs - Iowa EDGE A.J. Epeneza – Iowa Upper Tier Prospects w/ slight risk (minimal): S Grant Delpit – LSU DT Ross Blacklock – TCU 1st Round Grade Prospects: (ends at 32 ironically) CB CJ Henderson - Florida WR Tee Higgins – Clemson EDGE Julian Okwara - Notre Dame LB Patrick Queen - LSU RB D'Andre Swift – Georgia WR CeeDee Lamb – Oklahoma EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson - LSU S Xaiver McKinney - Alabama RB Jonathan Taylor - Wisconsin QB Jake Fromm - Georgia LB Kenneth Murray – Oklahoma CB Kristian Fulton – LSU WR KJ Hamler – Penn State The Rest: RB J.K. Dobbins – Ohio State CB Trevon Diggs - Alabama CB Damon Arnette – Ohio State S Ashtyn Davis – Cal OT Austin Jackson - USC CB Jeff Gladney – TCU DT Neville Gallimore – Oklahoma WR Justin Jefferson – LSU QB Jacob Eason – Washington C Tyler Biadadz – Wisconsin CB Bryce Hall – Virginia OT Josh Jones – Houston WR Laviska Shenault – Colorado TE Cole Kmet – Notre Dame LB Zack Baun – Wisconsin QB Justin Herbert – Oregon CB Jaylon Johnson – Utah EDGE Terrell Lewis - Alabama Details: - Please read all details before rushing to comment. I would really appreciate any disagreements to be in a kind manner, although constructive criticism is more than welcome. - These are solely my opinion and my rankings have no more value than yours. Especially if you took as much time as I did watching so much of their tape. I probably spent 30+ hours in total on this, not including all the live tape during the season. - What did I use? Combination of Full Games and "Player vs Team" on Youtube which shows every snap against that team. I do miss draftbreakdown which had every snap of every player but they unfortunately shut down last year, cause the NCAA sucks. - Personally, I absolutely love the Top 19 Prospects in my rankings. Which is why I bracketed it that way. - Writing 50 Evaluations would take weeks, I really don't have that type of time, so I'll go into detail as much as I can below. - You will see a lot of Raider Lingo. I copied this from over there where I originally posted it. Explanations: - I do think Burrow, Tua, and Chase are the three generational prospects in this draft, and yes I do have Burrow and Tua ahead of Chase. IMO Burrow and Tua are neck and neck. Tuas hip bothers me but absolutely not as much as most people. And if Tua didn't get injured and played all year? We'd be having Burrow/Tua debates. It's 1a and 1b for me. I think both will be Top 10 QBs in the NFL. Burrow may take more time to gel, especially if he goes to the Bengals. That OL is dreadful.. and it's the Bengals.. but I think Tua will succeed right away just about anywhere he goes. He has the mobility, intelligence, and all the tools to survive a bad situation if he goes into one. Chase I see a generational talent who should dominate in the NFL. I tried to get picky with his tape, but he's surprisingly pretty flawless. However, I do have him behind Myles Garrett and Nick Bosa from previous seasons. Even though quite a few will disagree with that, which is fine. - Gross-Matos at 5...? What? Well, 1. I don't get influenced by other rankings, and 2. We are all usually gonna have that one guy we are just higher on than anyone else. I see Matos usually at 15-25 and DJ didn't have him ranked at all (although probably hasn't scouted him yet). Gross-Matos reminds me of a Aldon Smith clone. He's twitchy, his hands are extremely quick and very violent, his hip movement is fantastic, he's an excellent run defender, and he's an athletic freak. Great speed and solid power. Once he learns how to use his athleticism and power more, he could be really dominant in the NFL. I didn't even know about his story until after I ranked him. This ranking is purely on play. But I guess his his father/brother passed away and he has a terrific character. - I've cooled on Queen a little but he's still my favorite LB in the draft. He'd be a fantastic LB in Nickel Formations. He's got solid coverage and takes good angles against the run. I would prefer if he put on a little weight as a true mike in a 4-3 Base, but he's a solid prospect. PFF is dead wrong on this guy (think he's their LB6). WR's: - I think Jeudy is a blue chip prospect. Route running, especially the way he bursts off the top of a route, is the best in this class by far. He has solid speed, probably around a 4.43ish 40 time. He's aggressive catching the football and also has Amaris YAC ability and overall elusiveness. He's a stud. Comp: 75% Chad Johnson 25% Amari Cooper. - Ruggs is obviously the fastest WR and has good height. He's a solid well rounded receiver as well. Can run solid routes and aggressive at getting the football. Comp: Tyreek Hill. - I love Brandon Aiyuk. He's personally neck and neck for me with Ruggs. I think Aiyuk will run between a 4.37 to 4.43 at the combine, he is explosively fast and another well rounded WR that is being extremely slept on. I expect him to climb, climb climb. He's a solid route runner, solid at pinpointing the ball, solid hands, solid on all three levels of the field and a dynamic weapon, and his ability to change direction so fluidly is outstanding. He is a fantastic deep threat but his best route by far is the skinny post. Think of a 8-12 yard type of post basically. And what he does with that route after catching is he can keep going right, go forward, or completely go in the opposition direction with absolutely no effort or delay. He isn't the most physical guy in the world which is a concern but I have hopes this will improve at the next level. No comp. - Tee Higgins has grown on me a lot and I do think he has the potential to be a Low Tier WR1. He should be at least a Upper Tier WR2. He's pretty well rounded, jump ball master, great at using his hands, should run around a 4.51ish, and would be a fantastic redzone threat, something the Raiders are desperately lacking. Higgins at the end of the endzone would be absolutely deadly. I'd have no issue with him at 19 what so ever. No comp. - A lot of people think I don't like Lamb but that's not true. I really like Lamb actually. It's just an i-n-s-a-n-e WR class and he happens to be my WR5. Lamb may be the most overall well rounded, or perhaps 1b to Jeudy in that regard. Terrific route runner, extremely physical, the most physical WR in the draft, will defeat press coverage, should be dominant on 3rd downs. My only worry about Lamb is his speed which could cause separation issues and overall long speed issues. I predicted a 4.55 - 4.58 40 and more of the latter, but if he runs a 4.52 - 4.53 he may shoot up for me. At least ahead of Higgins. Comp: 65% Stefon Diggs 35% Davante Adams. - KJ Hamler is a very explosive slot WR and can also play outside. Well rounded (I know.. this class is full of "well rounded" WRs) and doesn't really have many flaws in his game overall, he is very refined. Obviously he is small at 5'9" and will be limited on what he can do in the NFL. However, to me, he is Desean Jackson. Literally plays exactly like him. Should run between a 4.31 and 4.36. He's pretty dang fast. Jordan Love: - You guys know I like Jordan Love quite a bit. Pocket Presence: A Mobility: B Escape: B- Play Extension: B+ Processing Speed: C+ Understanding of Defenses: C (This is how majority of his INTs happen, also understanding of defenses is the most correctable thing at the next level). Arm: A Under Pressure: B+ Toughness: A Release: A- Mechanics: B+ Short/Medium Accuracy: B+ Deep Accuracy: B- He also has something that I haven't seen from any other QB ever except Mahomes. Throwing from weird angles and completely contorted and firing off accurate lasers. Not that I think he will be anything close to Mahomes as a QB. I dont. Jake Fromm: Someone I'm high on more than most. Don't get me wrong, I think Fromm probably is a 20-22ish ranked QB in the league on most NFL Teams. However, like almost QBs, it all depends what system and offense they play in. Jake Fromm was born to play in a timing scheme like the Saints, Patriots, or a WCO like the.....Raiders! I think on these three football teams, Fromm could be a Top 10-12 QB. He will probably not make it past the Saints in the 2nd Round. Fromms arm being weak is blown out of proportion. Dalton, Burrow, and Fromm all have similar arms in my honest opinion. Are you gonna have a vertical offense with Fromm? God no, that'd be suicide. But in the offenses I mentioned, he's an ideal fit. Fromm is almost on par with Burrow with Football IQ, but the edge goes to Burrow on that one. Fromm has the best pocket presence in this class. Literally A+ Pocket Presence. And he's a tremendous leader with tons of charisma. Players will love this guy. He's also very accurate, as long he's not throwing into a tight window. Justin Herbert: I see Herbert as a slightly lesser version of Josh Allen. He's mobile, laser arm, and can look fairly good when he's "on". But there are way way too many red flags for me. Major accuracy issues, questionable mechanics, average pocket presence and will require a Top 5 OL, and is bad under pressure. These last two flaws were masked by Oregon having one of the best Offensive Lines in the history of the NCAA. And a lesser concern, but still a concern, many question Herberts passion and to a lesser extent, his leadership. In interviews, doesn't seem like he overly cares about football, and he is also clearly an introvert and has zero charisma. Not that there's anything wrong with being an introvert, but you do have to lead an offense. What's up with Delpit and Blacklock? I think they are terrific prospects and I love both of them. Both just have some minor risk involved. Delpit's tackling has been notoriously bad... which is a problem. But everything else in Delpits game is literally Grade A. He's fantastic. And his tackling problems evaporated in the CFB playoffs. Blacklock has grown on me over the past week. He is an elite run defender as soon as he steps on the field imo, his ability to get off that block is pretty dang good. Almost instant at times. As for a pass rusher, he's your prototypical 3T in a 4-3. He is nothing else but a 3T in a 4-3. That's Blacklock. But I have no issues with that, because he is a fantastic 3T. He has an array of moves, one of the most twitchy 3T's I've ever seen, and usually knocks back his opponent instantly with power alas Chris Jones. He gets eliminated with double teams unlike the Donalds/Jones of the world, but on a great DL, Blacklock can be a Pro Bowler and absolute stud. The Strange Case of Fulton: So Fulton is ranked 31 but it kind of averages out a bit because I think as a pure nickel corner, he can be an absolute stud, and a Top 15 type prospect when we look back at the draft in a few years. He's ridiculously similar to A.J. Bouye who was a dominant nickel corner and progressed into a dominant outside corner. Fulton on the inside is extremely dominant... he'll be a fantastic nickel CB right away and he does indeed have the tools and potential to be a solid outside CB as well. Although, at the moment, if you put him on the outside I don't even think he's a Top 7 CB in this class. He gets beat consistently. High on Okwara: As a 3-4 Edge Rusher, I absolutely love Okwara. I think he'll be a dominant 3-4 Edge guy in the NFL. He possesses all the tools and skills to play that position. Pats would be an excellent fit. Cornerbacks are scheme dependent creatures: Everything from Henderson to Jaylon Johnson is all, what kind of CB fits your defense? CJ Henderson is pretty dang good in coverage, the best of the bunch besides Okudah. He excels in man coverage and off coverage. He's ok in press but needs to add more strength. He's also good in zone. Not a physical run defender. Henderson can probably fit most schemes.. Want a physical press/man corner who is a solid run defender? Arnette and Gladney are your guys. And Gladney is extremely fast. Although my issue with Gladney is he gets extremely grabby down field, almost all the dang time. Penalties incoming. Other than that, Gladney is solid. Want a guy who can do man on huge WRs and TEs and blanket them, and also is extremely good in zone coverage? Trevon Diggs is your man. Very good at both. He'd be terrific in a zone scheme and a zone team will probably draft him. Although he's gonna get burnt by the faster guys when in man coverage. I personally wouldn't draft him when we play KC 2x a year. Ideal Mocks for Raiders: In order from favorite to least favorite: 1. 12. DT Javon Kinlaw 19. WR Brandon Aiyuk (would take Ruggs if available) 2. 12. LB Isaiah Simmons 19. DT Ross Blacklock 3. 12. WR Jerry Jeudy 19. LB Patrick Queen 4. 12. QB Jordan Love 19. WR Brandon Aiyuk 5. 12. WR Henry Ruggs III 19. LB Patrick Queen I would have zero issues with Jordan Love at 12. We will have to see how the QB situation unravels. It's just hard to imagine drafting Love at 12 if we have Brady or even Carr. With Brady, we are going all in 2020 for a Super Bowl. No question. All chips in. So we will probably wait until the next draft for a QB. If we choose Carr, we will probably give him a WR and draft defense. Then maybe try to get Fromm or Eason in the 2nd is my prediction. Thanks for reading.
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    Hahaha. Thanks, VD - It's for the Vikings, tangentially. I'll be a traveling coach for their Youth Football Development Camps this Summer around Greater Minnesota, the Dakotas, Iowa, and a trip up to Winnipeg. I've got the Vixen playing at TCO this summer as well, so I'm just trying to stick my ugly mug in front of as many people in the organization as possible in the hopes that someday, down the road, I might potentially be a part of the front office... getting them all coffee or something.
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    https://amp.tmz.com/2020/02/19/cleveland-browns-greg-robinson-arrested-marijuana-border-patrol/ This is the best part: Based on the fact that they were trying to drive from LA to Louisiana, and accidentally found themselves crossing the Mexican border, I'm gonna say that was some pretty good weed they were moving.
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    The next 3 lowest agg% after those 4 are Kirk Cousins, Jared Goff, and Drew Brees. The closest QBs in agg% to Russel Wilson are Mason Rudolph, Sam Darnold, and Mitchell Trubisky (just below Wilson), and Baker Mayfield, Eli Manning, and David Blough (just above Wilson.) You've long established you're going to live and die on this hill, but the correlation is never there that you're trying to argue. You constantly act like all the elite QBs have high agg% and only terrible QBs + Mahomes have low agg%, when in reality they're all pretty spread out. Of the best QBs in the league last year, Tannehill and Wilson were top 10 in agg%, Mahomes, Brees, and Cousins were bottom 10 in agg%, while Rodgers, Brady, Jackson, and Watson were somewhere in between. You also had some of the worst QBs in each tier. Hodges and Flacco were bottom 10, Blough and Eli were top 10, Kyle Allen and Mitchell Trubisky somewhere in the middle. There's a pretty even spread. It's a stat that clearly doesn't correlate to quality of play. You pretending that there is doesn't make it right. The only reason this is the stat you choose is because it's the only one in existence that Mahomes is lower half in.
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    Good. It would have been BS if he was suspended at all this season.
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    Good deal. People who wanted a lifetime ban are sure to be gathering the pitchforks. I’m getting a front row seat.
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    McCaffrey had 33 less receptions for 720 less receiving yards, while having over 1,000 more rushing yards. 10 more touchdowns too. I’m biased but I feel like McCaffrey should have won it, and he didn’t even finish 2nd in voting.
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    They played 2 different positions and were 2 completely different types of safeties. Reed was better at what Reed did well where as Troy was better at what he did well. I bet if you asked them, they have a lot of respect for each others careers.
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    At the risk of seeming callous, this is over the top.
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    Normally these celebrity deaths don't do that much for me, but I feel this one. Wow
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