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    I'm really tired of watching th Cowboys in prime time.
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    Jerry Richardson rolling over in his grave. Yes, I know he's still alive. Don't ruin my joke...
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    Chris Hogan in 10 days - 30 years old. Amari Cooper - 24 years old. Gruden will do it straight up.
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    Pretty sure if you skip watching the Super Bowl you are as un-American as possible and probably support terrorists. This thread is a great idea to assist the FBI with who to put on their watch list.
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    Weak.... So nobody wants to make a GDT thread for week 4, so I make it. We get a win and now you're premature game day threading all over my win streak?
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    They're Mac's pad level monitors. Patent pending. Gives him hours worth of pad level data that he goes home to on his computer every night.
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    Just reposting some quality comments. Thanks everyone for your positivity!
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    In the 20 years before Allen bought the team, the Seahawks went to the playoffs 4 times winning 1 AFC West title. In the 20 years after Paul bought the team the Seahawks have been to the playoffs 12 times, won 9 NFC/AFC West Titles and went to 3 Super Bowls. Huge loss for the Seahawks, and the city of Seattle in general.
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    They all gave Foles energy for the spirit bomb in the Super Bowl. Takes a while to recover.
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    Our head coach, ladies and gentlemen.
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    I can’t help but shake the feeling Green would be an absolute monster playing in the Saints offense.
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    How about @zelbell, god knows he’s not too busy moderating.... @Thomas5737 is mildly amusing once in a blue moon. Perhaps he could channel a bit of his mediocre humor and put it to use. @Fatgerman is fat. And German. So he’s got that going for him. He could do it. @Bonanza23 could use it as an opportunity to discuss his meat boiler. @Kiwibrown could do it, but he doesn’t speak English. @Mega Ron is new, so maybe he should do it and we could make fun of him for messing it up. @ReggieCamp is overdue. @ditchdigger could, but he’s probably having to do the Seahawks GDT as it’s just him and @showtime over there. @NateDawg I’m sure has nothing better to do. He’s always an option. @pnies20 could do it and dedicate it to Larry Ogunjobi and Saquon Barkely. @candyman93 is overdue. @bosko1616 could do it and give us some more of the baby monitor deets. @buno67 could do it and make it super optimistic. @NudeTayne can give us a victory lap. @MistaBohmbastic can do it, he rocks. @Aztec Hammer can put down his tea and strumpets and put one together. @malibuspeedrace this is a chance to sway some votes for the forum HOF next year. @Reginaldm9 could do one and dedicate to Flash and Art. @brownie man could use it as an opportunity to show everyone his new sig? @freakygeniuskid can be distracted by it while we figure out ways around the language filter. @Mind Character could throw a 5-6k work thread together in no time. @TheeRealDeal perhaps a chart/breakdown/study of our opponent? @DawgX is overdue. @DaWg_LB. this is a chance to go crazy with gifs... @BleedTheClock stop being a jerk and do it. @mistakey is overdue.
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    There was no reason for him to not be signed. Glad he's on a team.
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    Wanted the Packers to sign him. Wouldn't have cared if he worm danced during the anthem.
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    It's about goddamn time.
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    Raiders fans right now: Browns fans right now: The object of their anger: The object of our affection: It's Week 4, and our game matters! We might even talk football. Chucky is 0-3, and Baker is undefeated.
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    Well, if I pass my psychological and stress test, I'll be joining the police in December. What a journey so far!
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    You shall henceforth be known for all time as bun doesey.
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    Cousins is on pace for 5500 passing yards, which would be an NFL record. He has 2 INTs this year -- both of which hit his receivers in the hands (Treadwell, Murray). He has 4 fumbles (3 lost) on 202 dropbacks (189 passes + 13 sacks, excluding scrambles). 4 total fumbles is ~2%. In 2015, Bridgewater had 8 fumbles on 491 dropbacks (447 passes + 44 sacks). That's 1.63%. If Cousins was holding onto the ball as well as 2015 Teddy, he'd have 3 fumbles instead of 4. Huge difference. Cousins is averaging 50 dropbacks per game. The Vikings running backs combined have 59 carries in 4 games. Including his 12 run plays, Cousins' turnover rate is 2.3% (5/214). Since Cook lost a fumble in week one, the Vikings RBs collectively have a turnover rate of 1.7% (1/59) on run plays. Another huge difference. Of course Cousins has been involved in almost all the negative plays the Vikings have had this year on offense. They don't have an offense otherwise, the games have been entirely in his hands. There's zero run game -- Cook averaged 2 yards per carry tonight. The defense can hardly produce a stop let alone a turnover. Special teams have been completely mediocre. They've been playing catch up for basically all game the last 3 weeks. Fair to say the offense was a big part of the problem in the Bills game (though even that was more on the OL than the QB). But tonight? The defense was terrible. The Rams were great, especially Goff, but the Vikings defense was terrible. No QB is going to win games on the road when the defense allows 38 points and 550 yards. Blaming Cousins for the loss tonight is insane. He was the only reason they were even in the game at the end.
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    When someone says that line and it actually means the good old days for your franchise...
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    But you do care enough to post false information saying the Seahawks gave him a deal. If you don't care, then don't post about it. You posted about it because you do care. And since you care, get it right.
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    What an absolute moron you are if you think Reid is a clown. As for the signing? Nice signing for the Panthers. Going to be rooting for you guys now.
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    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24782945/william-hayes-miami-dolphins-tears-acl-trying-avoid-sack-flag In breaking news, QB Derek Carr survived a sack attempt by William Hayes in no small part by the effort Hayes demonstrated to avoid receiving a penalty by tearing his own ACL during the sack attempt. After hearing and seeing Clay Matthew's flagged for playing football, is this going to be one of the new trends in 2018, defenders tearing ACLs to have sacks stand? Discuss.
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    McNabb was a legit MVP candidate one year and a borderline HOF player. I don't see Dak ever approaching that level.
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    If I'm Eli, I probably retire after watching this film. This was BRUTAL. Team is basically quitting on you. You've got two rings, ton of money - just walk for everyone's sake.
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    Peyton also played in Colorado a few years, so he’ll probably be higher
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    I'm not going to disparage the dead, but let's face it, that family brought that outcome on themselves. There should be ZERO sympathy for the family in terms of the Chargers having to move. They did that all on their own. My sympathies go to the family for losing a loved one. That's where the sympathy starts, and ends.
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    It's kinda standard for Houston to poop the bed on National TV. Dallas wins 2-0. Bill O'Brien misreads the schedule and assume the game is in Dallas. The Texans will be patiently waiting in Jerruhworld for nine hours, wondering why it's so empty. Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins will play catch on the sideline, JJ Watt will save a kitten from a tree, and Jadevion Clowney will eat said kitten, claiming the tree gives the kitten "better flavor". Will Fuller pulls a hamstring while sitting on the bus to the stadium. Officials give Houston a few hours to fly back, but Romeo Crennell can't make it through the security check at Dallas Love Field, because he refused to throw away his Arnold Palmer Half and Half. ("I paid $2.49 for this can of half and half that plainly states it's $0.99, I better get my $2.49 back. No, no...ok, can I speak to you supervisor? I wanna speak to a supervisor...") Dallas is then awarded the 2-0 victory, as per league rules for forfeitures. Zeke Elliot then hits up The Men's Club on Westheimer, where he's greeted by The Men's Club Ambassador Lisa Ann (no, seriously - she's the official Ambassador for The Men's Club in Houston, does weekly "shows" there). After the game, Bill O'Brien is asked about the travel snafu. "Hey, you know... it's not my job to schedule flights. It's not my job to know the schedule." Impressed by his savvy in dealing with the Crennell airport fiasco, Bob McNair gives O'Brien a seven year extension and insists that he takes over flight scheduling duties. Meanwhile, Lisa Ann still refuses to return my phone calls. I am sad, yet again.
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    That’s too bad here we come.
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    Nike. Next up, this guy.
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    Yet you cared enough to comment about him in here and did some sort of google search.
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    I still find it odd that a ball carrier can go hands to the face, punch to the face, jab to the face, borderline facemask etc etc
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    Well, at least Dalton is safe then...
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    God forbid we have a single damn thread on this forum that doesn't involve a bunch of randos demanding we spank off Brady yet again. Nobody else is allowed to be amazing. It's why ranking individual players based on purely team based accomplishments is stupid. It's stupid in Baseball, it's stupid in Basketball, and it's stupid in the NFL. You can't rank QB's, and you shouldn't, rankings are dumb. They're the most lazy sports "analysis" you could possibly give.
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    Flowers has been a... ? perennial disappointment.
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    Good game guys. Had read some bad things in NFL general and the like about you all in this forum but you've all been nothing but great to us Titans fans in discussions here. ****ty way to lose, as a Titans fan I know all about losing heart breakers. Wentz looked like he was returning to form, Jeffery despite being sick all week, still showed some dominance. It's just September and it ultimately doesn't matter. Broncos were 3-1 after the first 4 last year, Saints started 1-2, etc. It's how you finish, and with the injuries you guys have had and now that you're finally starting to get guys back, you'll get things back to normal and be back in the super bowl contending discussion at the end of the year.
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    Can't wait for the Sam Bradford 30 for 30/Football Life...
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    Agreed. We should save the ties for the postseason.
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