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    Also thoughts and prayers to the real victims here: the guys who drafted Luck in fantasy football.
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    Beat your kid and girl and don’t get suspended... Plus get an extension. Nice
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    Who wouldn't want to come back for one last chance to become a starter right before the playoffs?
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    Your offense put up like 200 total yards and you lost by 18 points. Stop blaming the refs for that.
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    It’s almost like giving personnel control to a desperate coach will lead to zero regard for future draft picks.
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    Stills 100% got traded for calling out the Dolphins ownership.
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    Always thought he was more of a bump 'n run guy.
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    Eli will retire 2 - 0 vs the Pats in the Super Bowl, that's clearly a winning record
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    I think it's safe to say Josh Rosen "won" the QB competition.
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    Did.... did the Steelers forget to delete the offer on the online trade system?
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    If someone else in the locker room goes down with mono, this will be better than the AB jokes
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    I'm sure the first contact between NE and AB's camp happened this afternoon.
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    Surprisingly Antonio Brown was a better Buffalo Bill than an Oakland Raider. Also
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    One good thing over the last few weeks of this Clowney stuff? Likes. I got ALL the likes. I've officially taken the #2 spot back from @Forge! @LETSGOBROWNIES - if BOB trades DeAndre Hopkins, I'll be gunning for your and your 11,000+ likes...
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    Dolphins will be able to pick Tua and Lawerence at this rate.
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    I'll try to type out "I feel bad for him and their organization" with a straight face. ...yeah, that didn't happen.
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    I'm going to start a celebratory post game thread where I post happy things alone. I'm pretty sure we're 2-0 against the Vikes and Bears, with a new HC. Packers fans are insufferable. Can't listen to the radio either, no one is happy. If anyone expected to be 2-0 with dominating performances against these two teams, there's your problem right there.
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    Andrew Luck should be receiving a really nice fruit basket sometime this week.
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    Guess they are just skipping the “replacing injured / suspended starting QB” and proceeding to the “plays well <enough in preseason> & takes over” phase of the Fitzmagic life cycle for a new team.
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    The other team showing up.
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    The Colts have failed him, Irsay is an awful human being who talked about Luck basically "milking" a significant shoulder injury, and he's been significantly injured repeatedly. Not hard to see why he'd just say "dude no more".
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    We need a reason to dock the Patriots a first round pick? And you call yourself a Steelers fan.
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    That's true. I miss the days when people would be positive influences to kids on the football field. Would Mike Ditka ever bring a watch that expensive on the field? No way. He'd chain smoke cigars on the field like an American. That's the kind of role model our kids can look up to.
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    Drafting Mingo finally paid off
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    @TLO and myself officially declare victory in the Luck vs Barkley debate
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    Never had one issue with Baker's antics most were in game competition and appeared to be having fun/firing up teammates. You can rally behind a player like that. That is until now. Taking a shot at a rookie QB not even on your team or even in your division. Not a great look.
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    Anyone else get a really icky feeling about this allegation coupled with the Steelers saying people didn’t know how much they covered up pertaining to AB?
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    Dock the Patriots a first round pick for this.
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    If you haven't threatened to punch your boss in the face, are you even a star receiver?
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    Saying that Andrew Luck is retiring because he's mentally drained and is focusing on his physical and mental health is great. That's fantastic. Everyone should wish him well in that respect. But that's Luck's point of view. When you make decisions in life, other people have their point of view as well. The 53 guys in the locker room just lost their franchise QB on the brink of the season starting. The fans just lost all hope. While people can respect Luck's decision, it comes with ramifications for other people. I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong, but I understand both sides of it.
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    Good. To hell with him for ruining Endgame for people.
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    Did the Colts notify all the people that they're going to cut from the roster this week in advance? Just curious.
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