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  2. Let me first say that I am sorry this took me so long. Since 2004 this forum has had rules in place that prohibits the discussion of race. I’ve been trying to find a way to make a statement that fits within the boundaries of the rules and still conveys what I think needs to be said. It’s been impossible and so I now will purposely break the forum rules. Some will see me as a hypocrite. Some may say I’ve waited too long and it doesn’t matter what I say. I don’t care. If this makes a difference and helps change one persons mind it was worth it. So I will now add my small voice
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  4. or............you could have just had DeAndre Hopkins
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  5. He’s been needing a promotion for a while now. Good for him. He should hire a HC first and foremost.
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  6. Classic example of why you should always submit a resume even when you don't meet all the job requirements.
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  7. I forgot that our site is football's past.
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  8. I give this trade 1 and a half thumbs up.
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  9. The draft system is literally the best thing about the NFL.
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  10. San Diego will be re-zoning the school districts to compensate for the move shortly.
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  11. Clearly their 2-2 record and 4 games into Jones's and Haskins's rookie season is the appropriate time for Gettlemen to flex on all the haters.
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  12. There we go fellas, all done for another year. Thanks for tuning in and giving your thoughts!
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  14. it's gotta be for Lamar Jackson. With Gurley's knee, the Rams need a good RB.
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  15. I don’t post much outside of the Lions forum. But I feel compelled to add my two cents. I am gay. The words “gay”, “homosexual”, gay slurs were not used in my household growing up. I had no idea what it was I was feeling or that there were others like me. I knew at a young age that I was different. I felt about the same sex as I was taught I was supposed to feel about the opposite sex. This is very confusing for a child. I learned about how people who were different were sent to institutions and even killed. I was so scared to admit to myself, let alone to others, what I was experiencing
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  16. Hi guys Bringing this back again this year, the DMs were stacking up with guys begging for it and I couldn't let fans of my work down. Therefore I have begun work on this year's ranks, so please feel free to tune in and cheer on your team's ranking as they appear. As usual, these will appear from worst to best as the write-ups have been finished. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind fans of teams will agree with all of my criticisms, especially the very negative ones. Previous threads:- 2019: - https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/18845-goldfishs-way-too-early-draft-ranki
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  17. John Elway has undertaken a mission to only acquire below average QBs to make sure Broncos fans remember his playing career as the GOAT. This is MJ managing the Bobcats all over again.
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  18. No wonder the Rams went budget on their uniforms.
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  19. I stand by Trent. I too vow to never play for the Washington Redskins. You can hold me to that.
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  20. Imagine being a billionaire and being like “Lose some money, give up my 4th house? Lol Let’s just take money from the people who worked their entire life for like a 3-5 year peak employment window”
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  21. How isnt Cleveland an option? They’ve been waiting more than two decades.
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  22. I'd like to know what finally sent you over the edge to bring this up out of the blue at 11:30 PM est on a Tuesday night.
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  23. Odds that the Ravens cut Crabtree for a failed physical and go after Dez?
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  24. I never get statements like this. Here are some of the QBs who have made it to a Super Bowl in the last 10 years alone: - Joe Flacco - Eli Manning - Colin Kaepernick - Zombie Peyton Manning - Cam Newton - Nick Foles - Jared Goff - Jimmy Garoppolo Look back at the decade before and you have the likes of Trent Dilfer, Rex Grossman, Matt Hasselbeck, Jake Delhomme, Kerry Collins, Brad Johnson. So good to average (and even bad) QBs get to the Super Bowl all the time. Making it to a Super Bowl as a QB is as much luck and circumstance as anything else
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  25. On a serious note, I can say there was no happy ending for Robert Kraft this time.
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  26. Also thoughts and prayers to the real victims here: the guys who drafted Luck in fantasy football.
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  27. Because the random number generator spit out 8 this time.
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  29. Great return on that 1st that’s for sure.
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  30. I just can't help but feel like this is being done for other reasons
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  32. I just think that you better be really freaking sure about the guy you are hiring to replace him because for all his flaws, Andy is a heck of a good coach, and what he does is not easily replaced by some schlub off the streets.
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  33. Marcus Mariota sucks. That’s a fact.
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  34. I wonder how many people got infuriated at "I may get frustrated at the Pats". Like it's so hard for you to be Pats fan.
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  35. It really bothers me that they feel only members of the Hall of Fame deserve this...
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  36. It's odd that N'Keal Harry would request to leave the team,...he typically has a strict no separation policy.
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  37. Vikes got a first for Diggs and the Texans cant get a first for Hopkins.....SMH
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  39. Benching him in the first place was stupid as hell.
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