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    First Trade of the League @Herbie_Hancock Gets: bD's 1st round pick (#8) bD's 2nd round pick (#25) bD's 5th round pick (#72) bD's 7th round pick (#104) bD's 9th round pick (#136) bDoDDles Gets: HH's 1st round pick (#3) HH's 2nd round pick (#30) HH's 6th round pick (#94) HH's 8th round pick (#126) HH's 10th round pick (#158) bD's Take: Traded up to #3 to secure Ronald Acuña Jr, gave 4 upgrades to do it, probably an over-pay considering what could be there at #8 and the chance Acuna could fall to #8 anyway, but wanted to take the guesswork out of it and do this trade. I'm okay with saying I'll draft Acuna at #3. If someone wants to trade over me to get him, I'll be MORE than happy with Trout or Betts. I would say even with any trades at #1 or #2 that the first 3 players are set, so @beekay414 you're OTC.
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    Yeah... I've never seen Dax Raymond. I'll add him to the "To Watch List." Good stuff ... Thanks. Regarding Hockenson VS. Fant....... Hockenson is my 13th ranked player on my Brownscentric board while Noah Fant is 4th. So, I love love Hockenson as a prospect more so than anyone I have yet to encounter until just now talking to you. He is indeed an overall utility pass catcher/TE. When I say top 25 for Fant VS top 50 for Hockenson, that is approximately where I expect them to be drafted when it is all said and done. I had some make shift ranges for other players that I'm sure will change as the draft approaches. Similarly, although Amani Oruwariye CB, Penn State is my number 2 player, I expect him to go 15-30 range. I also had Hockenson in the group of players I had graded as late 1st to 2nd round picks. But let's turn to your points specifically though: 1.) Is Hockenson better than Fant at High-pointing and Natural Hands-Catching -- CHECK/YES .... 2.) Will he go dig out of the turf or make a play on the ball better than Fant -- CHECK/YES... There's no disagreement from me on that part. However, IMO Noah Fant is a player that the full context of all his snaps helps paint a picture of what he can likely be at the next level. All the plays you credit Hockenson for making Fant does so more often then not in 2018. He had a really bad drops and bobble string of games 4 games in 2017 and playmaking issues. The deciding thing for me is that when you ask the question: What can Noah Fant do that Hockenson and other TEs in the draft can't?? The separation in the prospects is clear. I've seen Noah Fant run 7 go-balls as a TE against Safeties and Cornerbacks and get behind them and separate as if he was a WR. I've seen him reach back across his body during a all out sprint to make a catch with body control and agility like a WR. That is the makings of an Elite Offensive Weapon at the pro-level. More importantly, if you get a chance go back and watch how many complex routes Fant has beyond 15 yards of LOS relative to Hockenson. His middle of the field route work is fantastic for a college player. If one believes Fants, abilities are not static and he can improve do to coaching than he's just the superior athlete and can make all extreme difficulty catches based on film however is not consistent Hockenson much like Albert Okwuegbunana is more of a complete TE than Fant. However, they both lack the dynamic movement ability and ability to open the field up for Baker through intermediate routes run with the route awareness and threatening speed defenses will have to account for with Fant. He's a big WR.and one that could be a game changer for our offense. I think a TE is the fastest way to take our Offense to the next level. Fant, Okwuegbunana, or Hockenson as our draft pick would have me thrilled as I love all 3 differently.
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    Here’s my idea of a 3rd and 1 formation: 6 offensive linemen, 3 TEs, 1 QB, and 1 FB to help push the QB forward for the 1 yard he needs.
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    My insane "Take the Browns to the Super Bowl" 2019 NFL Mock Off-Season: *We win out & keep Gregg Williams & Freddie Kitchens. Fire Amos Jones and promote Josh Cribbs. *We cut Jamie Collins, which is the only real big cut made. *We spend solid money this off-season in an attempt to make a playoff run. This team is ready for a splurge to get to the next level. *We re-sign most of our key guys, jettisoning players like Kindred and DeValve. Quick Excel View of Off-Season: (more extensive version below) FREE AGENCY: FA: Anthony Barr SLB -We let Jamie Collins go and throw big bucks at Barr. He starts at SLB and can also move down to DE in nickel packages. FA: Ja'Wuan James OT -We need another OT. James replaces Hubbard. James is steady in the run and pass game. Unspectacular, but is slightly above average and young. FA: Delanie Walker TE -A very good veteran TE that can attack every area of the field. Reliable playmaker. Old, but a huge upgrade over DeValve. FA: Colt McCoy QB -I still think he's a solid backup in the NFL. One of the better veteran QB's on the market. Purely for depth. We're screwed if Baker goes down neways. FA: Will Compton MLB -Purely depth. He's got decent speed and athleticism, but isn't really that good. Special teams guy. FA: Stephone Anthony WLB -A freak athlete that can run and chase with the best of them. Not very strong at the point of attack and is more of a backup/depth guy. NFL DRAFT: #17: DK Metcalf WR Ole Miss -A superfreak of speed and size. Good hands and excellent body control. Makes highlight catches routinely. Elite deep ball WR. He's a Josh Gordon clone and would give Baker a ridiculous weapon to work with. Underdeveloped route runner and missed time with a bad neck injury. 2nd: Gerald Willis DT Miami Fl. -A speedy and athletic 3-Technique that makes plays in the run and pass game. Knives into the backfield effectively and can absolutely get to the QB in a hurry. He's lazy and inconsistent and has minor off-field issues, but the talent is real. Immediate starter next to Ogunjobi. 3rd: Kenny Willikes DE Michigan State -I love this kid. Quick, athletic, and plays his balls off. He's as much of a grinder as anyone you'll ever see. He's smaller, but extremely productive and just a pain in the butt to block. Effort, quickness, and intensity make him a very effective pass rusher. He'll back up Ogbah and replace him on passing downs. Might have some LB'er versatility. 4th: Essang Bassey CB Wake Forest -My favorite CB in the draft. He's not as talented as Baker or Greedy, but he's ELITE at smacking the football out of the hands of the WR's. He's a good tackler. Has good athletic traits. Battles every throw and is as pesky as they come. Nickel CB. 4th: Taylor Rapp SS Washington -He's an incredible wrap-up tackler that takes great angles. He's not very big or fast, but the dude knows how to fill on an edge and make the play. Mediocre at best in coverage, but an instant upgrade over Kindred, who can't tackle or cover. 5th: Joe Bachie MLB Michigan State -St. Edward alumnus that plays NASTY. He's as mean as they come and will bash skulls inside the box. Surprising athletic traits as well. Struggles in coverage despite athleticism. Will back up Schobert and could eventually blossom into a starter. 5th: Martez Ivey OG Florida -Once the top rated OL prospect in the country, Ivey has been up and down. He's got a huge frame and excellent athleticism, but hasn't played angry and doesn't finish blocks with mutant strength. We could use a future Zeitler replacement. Ivey could be the guy, as he possesses the traits of an NFL starter. 5th: George Aston FB Pittsburgh -My favorite player from this draft class. The perfect FB prospect. He can run the ball, run & pass block, and most importantly, is a threat out of the backfield. He can play H-Back too. Great all-around football player that will make us better. Love the thought of Chubb behind him (that sounds kinda weird). 6th: Diontae Johnson WR Toledo -He's my big-time sleeper WR. Quickness, long speed, hands, RAC ability, production. Makes spectacular catches. High points the ball nicely. Limited route tree and size drop him down, but he reminds me of Antonio Brown a lot. Not sure why he doesn't get more pub. 7th: Eric Dungey QB Syracuse -Gritty QB prospect that can run the ball between the tackles routinely and throw bombs. He's more of a gadget player right now, but he's got tools to work with. Can do a lot of what Taysom Hill is doing for the Saints. A big-time leader. BAM! 16-0, followed up with a 3-0 post season. Cleveland Browns hoist the Lombardi Trophy
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    @BleedTheClock I love Joe Bachie Jr.'s tape ... he looks special at times. Really good eye. I think his talent would make him a steal in the 5th. I really like DK Metcalf. I do wonder how his neck will check out at the combine. I love the idea of giving Baker a big reliable and athletic pass catcher. Gerald Willis has had tremendous production this year, but he is too inconsistent and all over the place with his technique, awareness, and functional strength IMO to be taken in the 2nd. He finds himself out of position so many times without a clue as to where the ball is that it's frustrating. It could be a coaching thing as well where helping him understand his keys and rush plan could harness his raw ability. I see him as more of a 3rd or 4th round prospect prospect. Anthony Barr would be an interesting chess piece, but at the price that he'll demand we may be better served investing elsewhere. I don't believe in Ja'Wuan James as an upgrade over Chris Hubbard at all.
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    I’ll hit you up with a perfect response tomorrow when I can figure out how to post gifs.
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    Make Preseason Count Again!
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    Oh yeah, everyone knows how many homeruns Babe Ruth hit. 729. Wait, I thought he had 714, oh that was just regular season homeruns? What? Are you telling me that you can't be 2 homeruns short after the regular season ends and then hit 3 in the postseason and win the HR title? When did this happen? Well that's baseball. We all know Peyton Manning owns the single season TD pass mark at 60. Wait, that doesn't sound right. Why does it seem like the number is 55 even though we know he threw 5 more in that post season? Weird how that works.
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    Maybe Sarver shouldn't own a Basketball team
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    Oh I agree lol, but there are some that consider him great because of what he did in one playoff season that led to a Super Bowl victory
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    A small percentage of mid-late round picks end up as passable starters and we've had a good number, and I don't remember many high drafted busts (which should also be expected to happen at a decent percentage). I definitely think it's one of (if not our top) spot in terms of expected return vs actual on picks. Edit: looked at our draft history, we actually have spent a surprisingly low number of high draft picks on offensive lineman. I think that speaks to how much we are exceeding expected return on day 3 of the draft.
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    good thing it isn't even a legal trade for another hour because the Suns would've been pissed when Marshon was the Brooks that got off the plane amateur hour out here
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    Y'all I don't think Trae Young can shoot very well.
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    Do you think those women would still be willing to do that if Green Bay had been as awful as we've been for the past 19 years?
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    wouldn't mind taking a flyer on easton stick in the mid-late rounds. good size, nfl arm, great mobility, operates in a pro-spread type system. doesn't have carson wentz's elite physical tools so i doubt he'll rise to the degree wentz did, but he's been comparably productive and looks impressive on the field. i think he'd develop into a significantly better backup than gabbert.
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    Posted this in the TNF thread. But another memorable interview by Phil: "You hold this team to 28 points when your knucklehead quarterback gives them the ball at the 40, and then throws another pick in the redzone...." Never change Phil. Never change.
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    I'm confused as well. The defense just stepped up at the end. It wasn't Reid's or Mahome's fault.
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    Waste of a 3rd rounder!
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    Another memorable interview by Phil: "You hold this team to 28 points when your knucklehead quarterback gives them the ball at the 40, and then throws another pick in the redzone...." Never change Phil. Never change.
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    Put him behind the Dallas Oline of 2016 and he might broke 2000 yds
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    It's amazing how consistent (as well as how great) Saquon has been playing on a team with no QB or o-line. I just hope he has leadership skills so the team will stop trying to follow Odell (who is probably my favorite player to watch but is obviously not leadership material regardless of talent level).
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    You guys should really try a bit harder.
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    There is a preponderance of projection, multiple misconceptions, a few falsehoods and several unsupported assertions in your summation. ....Seems about right for a bearsfan Here's Andrew Brandt on the topic: https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/12/11/mike-mccarthy-green-bay-packers-hired-fired-andrew-brandt "I have heard reports saying that the other current NFL head coach opening—that of the Browns—is more attractive than the Green Bay opening. To that I say… please. We can debate which roster is more equipped for future success, but a roster comparison is a shortsighted way of determining which head coaching position is more attractive. Simply, there is no working environment in the NFL, indeed in all of professional sports, that puts coaches in a better position to succeed than in Green Bay. I have seen it up close and personal. Working for the Packers was working for a public trust with limited, if any, interference. There is no owner to demand a certain player be drafted or played over another; to divert resources away from the team; to meddle, or steal the spotlight; to create division or have employees call him “Mister.” I was trusted to do my job without interference in making decisions for the present and future health of the team. Like all coaching and front office employees there, I felt the magnitude of representing the vast Packer Nation, but was not awed by it. Coaches and front office personnel with the Packers can focus on football without distractions or drama from above. Haslam goes through coaching and front office personnel the way Pete Carroll goes through Chiclets. And, of course, how have the Browns stabilized their front office? By hiring a triumvirate that worked together in Green Bay. "
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    For a guy like Dorsey, he's probably more comfortable scouting and picking players than choosing a coach. Very different types of decisions; the dynamics are drastically different. Not to mention, recruiting a peer is far more complicated than selecting an employee.
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    He's amazing. I lol when people try to argue he was/is a bad pick. His numbers in the last 4 games alone are insane. 538 yards at 6.9 YPC with 6 total touchdowns... dude is a savage.
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    There's also wisdom in not forcing a situation. Coming out of Tech, he was an incredibly raw QB both in terms of mechanical flaws but also in terms of the natural progression as a QB. And there's a laundry list of QBs who have been put in as a rookie and struggled mightily. The Chiefs did what was right and kept Mahomes on the bench and let him develop rather than forcing the issue.
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    That will be the all-time greatest fire take in the history of Football’s Future if Amari hits thouse numbers.
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    Crockett Gillmore looked like he was really becoming an option, but he just could never get/stay healthy.
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    The Falcons. I have exactly one worthwhile talent, and it doesn't even score all that often.
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    It's gotta be Le'Veon Bell. He held out to make WR money and saw a third round pick put up the same numbers in his absence.
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    Yep. And the guy who hired him. And the guy who hired the guy who hired him.
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    This just in Baker is also the heir to the Iron Throne
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    Give it 5 more and Gruden will make those dreams come true.
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    Here's what's going to happen: I'd just love to see us win this weekend and a Pitt/Balt loss/losses. I doubt Tampa upsets Baltimore on the road, but New England is coming off of a loss and absolutely owns Pittsburgh head to head as of late, with the Steelers in almost complete meltdown mode. Assuming Baltimore wins, that puts them at 8-6 going AT San Diego, and if we were to upset Denver, we'd be 6-7-1 going into Cinci, where we'd be the clear favorites. Pitt would be 7-6-1 going into a game AT New Orleans (7-7-1 anyone????). We could very well be sitting at 7-7-1 with the 7-7-1 Steelers and 8-7 Ravens. A win against Baltimore would put us ahead of them, and we'd need the Bengals to pull of a miracle AT Pittsburgh.
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    Oh no if Randy Levine joins there might be someone incompetent in the WH. Whatever will we do.
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    This was without Gordon AND Ekeler. Wow.
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    Why put this guy on tape and give the NFL DC's an entire offseason to study the tape ? Chiefs went 4-0 down the stretch, made the playoffs, pimped Alex Smith's value and scored both a 3rd round draft pick and a starting CB via trade What part of that is "wrong" ? I think Reid played it brilliantly, maximizing trade value and keeping his wunderkind under wraps
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    I wish we would have taken Dallas Goedert instead of Austin Corbett. And I wanted Orlando Brown BAD when we took Chad Thomas. But yeah, this was an elite draft for the Browns as it stands right now. We got 3 superstars and a handful of other good players. Baltimore people, has Brown been good for you guys?
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    Are you sure you are right? most of the teams with mega bucks QBs suck. Teams win superbowls not QBs
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    Would have never happened in GB
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    Get a 2nd tier EDGE (Fowler, Golden, Barrett, Ray, Flowers, etc) a high end safety (if last year's market is similar, this is where the value is) and a young WR you think could turn it around with Rodgers as his QB (JJ Nelson is my pick, was a huge playmaker with Palmer as QB, fallen off the earth since). Draft your future guard and pick up some rushers (interior and exterior) as well as a safety. Pray like hell MVS, EQ and Moore develop.
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    Anthony Barr + Earl Thomas and we will have a top 10 defense next year. Take swings later in the draft for guards like we did with WRs this year.
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    I asked about him to AG#20 and was told something like "he's a horrible person" and that was about it. Nothing about how he plays. Putting aside what he's done in the past, I think he's the type of EDGE that we will look for. Power with some movement. I like him as a player. Despise the person that he was. Not sure of who he is now. Did a google search for Frank Clark arrest. Wow. Not a fun thing to read.
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