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    Might be the worst take I've seen on this board.
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    Pretty wild Gronk is done before Gates
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    Probably the most dominant tight end I have ever seen. Good decision by him. My understanding is that he's not touched a dime of his football money (instead living off his endorsement money and the like), and with his health / back problems, he was going to leave himself with some problems later on down the line. You've made your money, secured your legacy in the hall of the best to ever do it, won your rings. There's nothing else to do here but make more money, and you can still make more money anyway.
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    Slowly turning into Blue.
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    So you got a picture that wasn't a turn on, and your first thought is to go on the internet made up of 99.99% porn and talk about it on a football website.
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    Kellen Winslow: 109 games played, retires at 30 after 9 years. Rob Gronkowski: 115 games played, retires at 29 after 9 years. Winslow is in the Hall of Fame, but Gronk won't be? Get real.
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    Just so everyone knows, Frogs assumes all of the new owners we have in the league are the same and if he wants to trade, he'll contact you.
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    Especially since 2 of them are listed as QB’s.
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    If he is willing to sign a one year deal I'd give him more than what he'd get elsewhere. If he wants a longer deal I don't think we'll be interested unless it is a great deal.
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    Hilariously, I was talking to XMad about trading for one of his three C's so almost took a chance on Unger to pair with the Clapp but then he up and retired.
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    Passing on players with superstar potential because you have players that have been below average on the roster isn't the formula to win in the NFL. We have $7M tied up in Ellis and Hankins and spent a 5th round pick on Hurst. Spending a 1st on a bluechip talent at the position isn't "stacking DT" our group is below average right now.
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    I don't think the Vikings should commit to a given position group when they are on the clock, especially in the 1st round. If there is a run on offensive linemen before they pick at 18 odds are a superior talent at another position falls. If all of Williams, Taylor, Dillard, Bradbury, maybe even Ford are gone, then sprint to the podium and pick Oliver, Wilkins, Allen, or White instead of over drafting someone like McCoy or Lindstrom when a comparable lineman almost certainly will be available in round 2. Taking BPA gives a team a better opportunity to draft multiple starters. The goal should be to upgrade the roster, not simply one position or position group.
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    Hi Americans. I just want you all to have a good day when you wake up on this (hopefully) fine Sunday Beautiful spring day here on the other side of the pond (finally), a fine crisp blue-sky day approx 60F. Not sure what you guys do on a Sunday that doesn't involve football, maybe taking advantage of some of that amazing scenery you have? I'm about to smash 4 poached eggs on toast, maybe with some avocado. Certainly accompanied with a f strong black coffee. Have a good'un, as we'd say
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    1. Portland Horned Owls The reigning MVP is going to be a tough one to top. 2. Berlin Blitzkrieg Brady might fall off this year, but most likely not. 3. Hawaii Nightmarchers Russell Wilson is a BDL champion and will continue on his path to a dynasty 4. Rome Eternals Drew Brees is slowing down some, but he'll be good enough IRL with some name value to keep Rome at the top for another year 5. Singapore Sentinels We'll see how Rodgers does this year. He's been injured and ineffective for basically two years, but he still has his tantalizing ceiling. 6. Carolina Intimidators Philip Rivers is criminally underrated in BDL, but he should get a great shot a title this year. 7. Ivory Coast Black Rhinos Andrew Luck will continue to get better post injury. It's just a matter of when he joins the QB elite IMO. 8. Williamsport Soul Reavers Roethlisberger is a middle of the road QB in BDL, but he still has what it takes to win a title. 9. Gotham Gashslayers Wentz should bounce back. Assuming he stays healthy, Gotham will be pretty good. 10. Anchorage Wolves I think Cousins is a bit more established as a franchise QB than the younger guys. 11. Cuba Smugglers I trust DeShaun a bit more than Goff. 12. Hungary Hippos Goff is still a young and upcoming QB. 13. Louisiana Jazz The most established of the 2nd year starters. 14. Camden Hood Rats Lamar Jackson won't win a game. 15. Seoul Dragons No QB listed but it's guaranteed to be better than the worst QB in the league. 16. OKC EF5s Josh Rosen is the future of this franchise which means there is no future
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    Yeah, outside of the D-line, the linebackers, and the secondary, the defense is set, and loaded.
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    throw in Kellen Winslow too..he played in less games than gronk
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    I'd be shocked if Gronk isn't in the HOF one day. Yeah, relatively short career, but he was dominant and the undisputed best at his position for most of his career.
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    O/u two more minutes before Tacko gets his 4th cheap foul called on him
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    Such a great player. Most dominant I have ever seen and it's not particularly close. Plus, he was fun. Sad day for the NFL.
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    One of the most freakish athletes I've ever seen in any sport. If only his body could've sustained his playing style for a few more years.
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    It wasn’t an insult it was fact. I’ve been following the conversation. He’s alone on his mountain.
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    Some people enjoy this site for talking about football, some for gen forum topics, and some to kill boners. Just be happy this site has so much depth.
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    Yeah. I got sick and tired of being poked at and called names whenever I posted anything. Especially when one of those names must be censored
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    Williams looks like the best interior DL prospect we've seen in like a decade. He's a blue-chip talent and will be an all-pro level player. Mo Hurst flashed last season but wasn't consistent and can play next to Williams. Hall is an athletic freak but did jack squat last season. You don't pass on a talent like Quinnen Williams for PJ Hall.
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    Although the cavs have been complete trash and irrelevant I’m enjoying the break from then. Follow them daily with lebron was stressful. My productivity between the hours of 7-10pm have gone up dramatically.
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    There's really been no talk of QW to the 49ers outside of that one comment from Walter that most people seem to be basing this rumor off of. We are meeting with him, going through the processes, as we should, but nothing tying the two together outside of draft position and prospect ranking and one random one off comment from Charlie at Walter Football. Also, we are not set at EDGE. Not sure where that is coming from. Because we signed Ford? There are two defensive end spots. We have Dee Ford, who's the other one? What we are set at is the interior defensive line - Solomon Thomas, Deforest Buckner and Arik Armstead are all interior players. Only two of them can be on the field at the same time. One of our beat writers: So I don't think that the rumor mill has given preference to any player, and most 49er fans on the forum still think that Bosa is the pick.
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    Kline will never be an all pro. Neither will Sweezy. I’ll trust the guys evaluating the talent and coaching it. Sweezy has been nothing special at all. I don’t care if he started as a DL or a ballerina. The powers that be moved quickly on Kline after he was cut. They must have seen something they liked about him. They need to get another starter at OL in the draft. But w/o Remmers, with a new scheme, and a healthy Elflein, I’m confident we will have a better line next year. It can’t be worse...
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    Who knows what happened - what if Penn wanted a multi year deal with guaranteed money? I know we HAVE the cap room, but that's no excuse to overpay for a 1 year rental - which is what every single T on the market this off-season was. I'm not happy with the job Gaine has done, but I'm fine with bringing in a low risk/low reward guy like Kalil as insurance for your future LT you'll be drafting. (If we DON'T draft an LT with one of our first three picks, I'll be livid - but that's another argument for another time). I'm all but certain that Kalil is a bubble guy on this roster, and if the rookie LT outperforms Kalil, he'll be cut (or a healthy scratch for 16+ weeks). Again - not happy with the off-season so far, but the draft will be the true test of what Gaine is made of. If he can find another 2-3 guys in the draft who can come in and perform at a very high level, then it makes up for a lot of the FA inactivity.
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    @NudeTayne You're missing CB Jojuan Williams. He's my top choice at #49. Not at all. Peppers is the guy that's numbers don't show up on the field anymore. He's noticeably less explosive than he was in college. Hooker could easily be on par athletically as a pro, if not actually a little quicker. Idk about that. I think his skill set fits at either spot or even CB. He's really similar to Damarious Randall. But his discipline will need to improve no matter where he's at.
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    Whoever the pick is, I would hope they are good enough to command a 100 million dollar contract.....
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    I just meant the whole trade Mack and wind up with Bosa but was more of a joke than anything
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    also what was the other option? It was literally let the player walk and get no player that could play as well for a min contract or resign and over pay. After that first year the Cavs were over the cap and they had to use the bird rights. Yeah it sucked over paying but it was needed
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    Peaches is wrong so often im suprised he doesnt COWer in fear.
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    @wwhickok Cuba, Portland, Seoul, Wichita could all be teams that could use him and fit him under the cap space.
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    In before Orca and Pickle turn these two posts into an argument for Matts scum
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    Yeah but we're always trying to find the next great nickname for a secondary. How about Neverland?
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    His skill set & play traits are purely & exclusively for SS. His build says not a SS. Therefore, he's a SS with serious size & durability concerns that get factored into where he gets drafted & the draft grade.
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    To be frank, I feel we have too many young guys at CB to put Michael Jackson in that room...
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    Darrell Henderson - 55 runs of 10+ yards, 214 carries 25.7% 😳
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    Rodney Anderson is the best back in this class on talent alone.
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    I went Rapp starting SS Julian Love 3rd highest rated corner in the draft to me Hooker starting Nickle/S young secondary makeover
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