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    McGinnest makes some good points here. Allow me to elaborate a bit. Fangio plays a lot of bend, but don't break D. End goal of keeping you out of end zone or holding you to field goals. He focuses on assignment and fundamentals. It works if done well and Fangio did it better than most. He doesnt blitz much although he started a lot more later last season. He doesnt stem (shift d linemen during cadence). Plusses: Guys know their jobs and focus on technique. Very rarely will someone be out of position or a coverage or assignment blown. Why? Because scheme is relatively simple and straight forward with a huge emphasis on do your assignment to perfection. Minuses: Opposing O line know exactly who to block so you arent pressuring O linemen to blow assignments and QBs to call false protections. Coverage is also more easily ascertainable for QBs. Fangio will trick you by putting OLBs in coverage and blitzing ILB or safety, but its usually more of a timing blitz than guys swapping gaps often. Though again he finally started more last year. More often he will either simply send more than you have to protect or drop more than you expect to drop. More often the latter. People poo poo simple, but simple and effective works as Fangio's career attests. Pagano is much more aggressive. He will stem the d line and he will blitz from anywhere with guys swapping gaps or over loading a side. The downside of this is you can give up a chunk play or even a long TD wth guys caught out of position. The upside is you are putting a ton of pressure on offense to execute their assignements across the board properly not just beat their individual match ups. It only takes one blown block often to screw up a play and put you behind sticks on down and distance or create a turn over. Neither way is inherently better than the other, but the second is much more fun to watch. I will also say that when you are very aggressive you can have games where you absolutley dominate and games where a coach has you figured and you get dominated. That can happen with Fangio's style too with a patient game plan like we saw in Miami game. An offense who is willing to take what you give them and not get frustrated. It wears you down. I think big key with Bears and I hope Pagano gets it is he has unique OLBs. Mack needs to go forward every play - simple. Best in game at it. Floyd is your wild card. You need to drop him in zone coverage and send a LB. Send him in combos with DL and into different gaps. Send him and a LB together. Do that and you have a special player. Don't just straight rush him from outside often as that is where he becomes average to below average. Quite frankly Fangio style works well with any talent level relatively speaking. Pagano style will often get whooped with poor talent. BUT with good talent Pagano's style really cam shine and that is what we have. Going to be fun.
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    I mean what he said was dumb, but I don't see how that makes him phony. I don't think just because you were a bad player in the NFL means you can't criticize someone that may be better than you, otherwise every fan that slights a player is a phony too.
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    @CWood21 trying to explain how the Lakers are actually the best-run franchise in the league, Rob P had Kawhi in his sights pre-AD trade, and how the national media has a vendetta to plant false information out there in order to hurt the organization.
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    @CWood21 You blame a lot of stuff on Magic, but Pelinka is the one who didn't even understand that the timing of the trade mattered. Now he's put himself in a position where he has to jettison every player on the roster besides LeBron, AD, and Kuzma to make up for his boneheaded mistake. You also are ignoring that the Clippers have advantages just because...I have no idea. People have explained it multiple times and you just don't process anything. The Clippers have a better owner. The Clippers have a smarter front office. The Clippers have a better coach. The Clippers have a bench with 3 good young players plus another recent lottery pick. The Clippers have had more success this decade. The Clippers still have draft picks. The Clippers offer a better chance at awards and recognition. Him potentially winning a title for the Clippers carries an infinite amount more legacy implications than with the Lakers. None of that is debatable. The Lakers have LeBron and AD...but that's it. That's a great position to be in and you should be mostly happy with that as a Lakers fan, but that doesn't erase everything else.
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    I was a delivery guy for good and had to punt a raccoon.
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    Ed Reed did it in college vs BC, dunno if that's what you're talking about or not:
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    I think the most telling reaction from Swag to Rag's accusation is that he didn't want to be lynched because of it. If Rags was wrong he would just laugh it off and beg for us to lynch him to prove Rags wrong.
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    Vixen season ended last weekend with a 16-8 loss to the St. Louis Slam. We had an awesome game plan, but shot ourselves in the foot in the red zone with inaccurate passes and poor sight adjustments... should have won, but the Slam are likely to go on to win the division two national championship now - the playoff seeding is a bit wonky, and many considered our game the "championship" game. Fairly successful first season as a head coach/offensive coordinator, but I've already decided to turn coordinator duties over to my QB coach, so that I can focus more on the overseeing of the team from a managerial perspective... I was pretty hands off with the defense and we had some "drama" on that side of the ball - I'll take 7-2 for my rookie season and the #6 team in the country (#2 in division two by the rankings) My season isn't quite done yet though! I've been chosen to be one of the coaches for the All-Star game on July 13th in Golden, CO - and I'm meeting with the Wayzata coaching staff to see if I'd be able to help them out at all this fall after not being able to coach last year.
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    My avatar might not be helping. Not exactly sure what ol’ Bob is painting
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    We should try to go after Steven Adams. JC/Knight + JR Smith for Adams + 1st
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    I was listening to Sean Salisbury this morning and here are a few words coming out of his pie-hole. (paraphrasing) 'The Falcons played not to lose in the Super Bowl.' (this might be the least insightful comment I have heard on that game) Well, McNabb was on ESPN Radio after the game saying Brady should retire... OK, 2nd worst comment on the game Here was the big one though. He was talking about Deshaun Watson and how he could be a February QB. "Some guys are December QB, some guys are January QBs, and some guys are February QBs." "I was a January QB" Dude won 6 games in his entire career. He did in fact start a playoff game. His rating was 11 in that playoff game. 6 for 20 for 113 yards 0 TDs and 2 picks. For perspective, Connor Cook had a 30 rating in his road playoff game as his first career start. This clown was bragging on having started a playoff game. He scored 7 points with Chris Carter, Anthony Carter, Terry Allen on a 1200 yard 15 TD season, and Roger Craig as the backup RB The game was in Minnesota https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/199301020min.htm Those Redskins were 9-7 overall and 3-5 on the road. He was a 22 rated regular season QB and an 11 rated playoff QB. Anyone else have some nominees for biggest loser talking head bragging about his minimal talents? I love the NFL Network graphic the lists David Carr as a Super Bowl winning QB whenever he is on the air.
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    They are both idiots, but not really phony. (MJD fits this as well) Jennings had 1568 yards and 14 TDs over 19 games for a Super Bowl winner in 2010 and he made a couple pro bowls in his carer. I blame McNabb for Philly not winning a Super Bowl but he made 6 pro bowls and threw for 37k yards and 234 TDs. MJD only says stupid things when his lips are moving, but he was a very good pro RB Brady Quinn is another good example of a complete fake. He viciously hot-take attacked Wentz in late September 2017 about how he would not win many more games Wentz won more games in the following October(5) then Quinn did in his entire NFL career(4). Down goes the phony!
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    Or perhaps the OC was only calling what his offense was capable of managing.
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    @Yin-Yang I agree, Chris Simms is awful. He speaks with a weird arrogance for being the level player he was and it annoys me. I think its because his analysis is often very strong in one direction or the other.
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    Fun story. Microwave pop tart instructions are to cook on high for 3 seconds
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    Thanks bro, if Triple H can come back from a torn quadricep, no reason Triple H can’t handle minor surgery.
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    Dude, come on. Can you really not admit that he has made bad moves? The Deng Stetch was short sighted, and as an expiring this year could have likely been moved easier, and they would have the extra $5m needed for that final Max deal. The Zubac trade was just indefensible, absolutely no reason to make that move. No matter what you think of Zubac's NBA future, he was an asset that they could have used. And while I am in the camp that doesnt believe that Rob "just didnt know" about when to trade for AD (site the portion where the 3rd team traded for that pick) he still got severely out maneuvered there, even thought he was bringing in one of the best players in the NBA. Thats on top of the AWFUL signings last summer, while letting Brook Lopez walk. Dude is by no stretch of the imagination a good GM, and at this point, calling him anything North of Incompetent is a compliment for him.
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    He gets hit hard (fairly) for rooting for a narrative at times but yes, he is pretty humble about his football talent for a guy who was a 3x pro bowl player who played in a pair of Super Bowls.
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    I get the importance of this...but I don't like where this one is going to go, and it doesn't deal with football specifically. Not to mention race / politics...just no place on this board
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    That's the point of the site. He's a little bit of a homer, so what. He's not rude or disrespectful.
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    Nice, I have a genuine chance of surviving today because people think I'm Misa. What an ironic twist, @Ragnarok.
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    I mean, it would be pretty ******* surprising if Davis did that. Maybe not 10+ sacks for Fackrell surprising but still lol
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    I think it's more likely that Pelinka is an idiot. He's given no reason to think otherwise. No, that's not it. I literally just listed every advantage they have and all you responded with was essentially "No, Lakers."
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    CWood thinks that every player is desperate to be on the Lakers and he thinks every team is desperate to help the Lakers. Trying to convince him of anything else is a waste of time.
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    He starts in the NFL which is better then I have as my second safety now
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    I think you'll see a few more shoot outs or bigger scores on both sides. Its what that style creates. Fangio much more about slowing down game and keeping it competitive. But that game is played inside 20s. Pagano plays game between 20s more. Pagano will get you field position and turn overs, but he will give up quick scores and big plays. Last year Fangio's high volume of turnovers was more about great individual plays than scheme. If you could theoretically play with exact same guys at same age, health, etc. for 5 years Pagano would generate more turnovers and 3 and outs over that span than Fangio, but Fangio would give up far fewer points.
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    Just need to live in it 2 of the last 5. (I'm a CPA)
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    Clippers ownership, front office, and the team being good. As well as financial flexibility. If the Clips bring in two max guys they are immediately in the mix as a favorite in the west. Their surrounding depth if they add 2 max FA >>>>>>>> the Lakers. And they are in LA as well. There ya go
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    Sounds as if in Chuck Pagano we're gonna get a bit more of a Buddy Ryan kind of an approach based on creating confusion and pressure to cause mistakes and turnovers. He has the personnel to do it with so why not? I know Bears fans would love to see another defense like the '85 version just dominating opponents all game long. A defense like that coupled with Nagy's offensive schemes would make us a very tough match up across the board.
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    The fact that you think Kawhi Leonard would be first fiddle with those two on board is comical. LeBron and AD are both more popular off the court for one, plus they’re two of the biggest prima donna’s in the league. So you have more intel and information than the leading reporters in the national media? It’s not like people are pulling this information out of thin air. Lakers fans are legit the worst man, like it’s comical. I still have the photo of LeBron, PG13, and Kawhi framed in my room. Everyone swore PG13 was Lakers bound and he chose to stay in OKC. Why? Money is a factor but also the Lakers are the worst run franchise in the league and have been for some time. Rob P is in an idiot and Jeanie Buss is the worst owner in sports, she legit has no idea what she’s doing. Rob P didn’t even know that there was a chance to sign a third star until a week after he made the deal. He’s treating the Lakers like he’s playing a game of 2k for Christ sake. The man doesn’t even really understand the CBA and is running the Lakers. Lakers want Irving and Kawhi but will end up with Rondo and KCP. I love it.
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    This is almost definitely it. The “handoff” happened exactly how I remembered. I don’t know why I was thinking black jerseys. Maybe the fact that it was an NFL legend is why it stuck and I thought it was Deion.
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    Hope you're optimism is rewarded...I am not holding my breath, however.
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    I say we lynch swag and just go from there. 50-50 shot Rags was lying, unless Swag has a good enough reason to convince us not to be the lynch. The fact everything else (except the obvious "I never had a death note") checks out is a decent enough excuse for me to trust him trying to screw over fellow mafia vs. town.
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    Toronto won 58 games last year, Brooklyn won 42 games. If you add Kyrie Irving and another max FA (say Tobias Harris), you really don't think that the Nets go from a low 40s win team to a 50+ win team? In a 7 game series, anything can happen. Boston is out of the mix, especially if they lose Kyrie Irving AND Al Horford. Philadelphia and Milwaukee will absolutely still be in the mix assuming they re-sign their own guys. The point I'm trying to make is that Toronto was losing prior to the Klay Thompson injury. Who was the most productive Warriors player in that game? Klay Thompson. The Warriors were probably going to win that game, which means they're going into a Game 7. As much as I hate the Warriors, I'm taking the Warriors in a winner, take-all Game 7. I'm not trying to diminish what the Raptors did, but you'd be lying if you didn't think that the Klay Thompson didn't severely impact the Warriors. I really hope you're not discussing the concept that Kawhi Leonard and whoever suits up for the Raptors is better than Kawhi Leonard with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. There isn't a single GM in the league who would take the Raptors' roster with Kawhi Leonard than the Lakers' roster with Kawhi Leonard. Not a single one. Legitimately, everything that could have possibly have gone right for the Raptors did. That's not diminishing what the Raptors did, but you're lying if you don't think luck played a significant part in it. There's a reason why the Raptors traded DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard. The difference between DeRozan and Leonard is as big as the Pacific Ocean.
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    Already a vastly Superior mod to my tenure here. All I did was yell at people and refuse to allow spoilers in the draft day gdt
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    Legitimately asking (and not trolling), what does Toronto have to offer? They can offer the most money, but in terms of likelihood of winning a championship it seems like this was a perfect storm. It literally took an Achilles tear to Kevin Durant and a torn ACL to Klay Thompson for the Raptors to win a championship. Don't get me wrong, even if he leaves Toronto as a FA this offseason, he's going to be nothing short of a God in Canada. But in terms of roster, the Raptors have 3 players under the age of 30 not named Kawhi Leonard who have averaged 25+ MPG. He stands to make more money off the court in Los Angeles than he does in Toronto, he's got a better chance of winning another championship with the Lakers, and the whole money concept is blown wildly out of proportion. Unless he pulls a Paul George, the amount of money he makes by signing a 2+1 with Toronto comes out to $106M over the next 3 years and $103M over the next 3 years with another team. Assuming he opts out after Y2 to sign that 35% max contract, he's looking at less than $1M difference. The whole money concept only really gets mentioned if we're talking about the difference between a player whose more concerned with guaranteed money (i.e. a non-franchise player).
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    This is true - but its not because the product on the field is sub par. The Trop was built on a shoestring budget BEFORE there was even an MLB team signed on to play there. Tampa wanted no part of that equation and passed. This was a St.Petersburg project from start to finish - while the demographics to make it a success are all on the Tampa side. The TB Lightening - located in downtown Tampa - were sixth in home attendance behind Chicago, Montreal, Philly, Toronto and Detroit - and ahead of places like Boston, New York and Los Angeles. Downtown Tampa is accessible by major highways running north and south - plus a direct connection to the Orlando market - plus - a superior network of local roads - ALL OF WHICH exceeds what feeds The Trop - which is just one highway heading north and south. There's no other in or out to the place and as a result it gets backed up and actually dissuades people from going. The retirement folks from Sarasota/Bradenton dont have a strong enough affinity for the organization and dont get on the one highway (and bridge) that could get them to the games. The Trop was built where is was built for a reason (or reasons.....) all of which worked against it helping the team draw people to the games. IF a new stadium was built on the Tampa side - I've little doubt it could/would outdraw the Trop. The money and people are all on the Tampa side and a new - properly constructed stadium - would draw people. If a NHL hockey team can make it in Tampa - a well run professional baseball team could as well. Caveat: There's only 41 home games in an NHL season whereas MLB has 80+ - which is a heavier load to bear. All the more reason the MLB - if they decide to stay in this area - need to come to the greater concentration of people and money (Tampa) as opposed to sleepy little St. Petersburg.
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    Define playmaker. Is it one who makes plays? Define a play. Let's play playmaker. Interception = 1 Forced fumble = 1 Sack = .5 PDef = .25 Tackle = .1 Darius Leonard = 22.6 Luke Kuechly = 16.3 Bobby Wagner = 14.15 Roquan Smith = 13.65 Lavonte David = 12.65 Blake Martinez = 12.35 You can name an ILB and I will provide their playmaker rankings, it's just those are the only ones coming to mind right now. So you've got 5 ILB ahead of Martinez, but then you've got to stop and consider the defenses those other players were on. Then consider Martinez and the defense he was on. Clark, Daniels, King, Wilkerson all on IR by season's end. I don't even remember who our starting safeties were in the final four games of the season. I want to say Campbell and Brice, but I think it was Campbell and Tramon. Jaire Alexander missed games, our pass rush was Matthews and Perry. Our pass rush was Matthews and Perry, then Matthews and Fackrell. Consider that totally made up on the spot playmaker ranking system, then consider Blake's second year score of 14.1. Then consider what our defense looked like in 2017. Everybody acts like Blake Martinez is some okay run stopping ILB and that's it, but that couldn't be further from the truth. He's been making plays his entire career. I don't know if it's speedism or if it's draft pick numberism or what, but Blake Martinez has been perfectly capable of making plays under two different defensive coordinators on defenses that have had Clay Matthews as the number one pass rusher and undrafted players who might not make an XFL roster at defensive back. His five sacks last year are more sacks than Kuechly has ever had in his career, and in three seasons, Martinez has 5.5 less sacks than Kuechly has had in 7 seasons. And that's just what shows up in stats. Blake is always around the ball, he's always making key tackles and the difference between him and all the linebackers better than him is the supporting cast, which has been unquestionably in their favor. Considering Blake Martinez has had Clinton-Dix as his best safety for his entire career and that he's had Clay Matthews as his best pass rusher in his entire career, I think more than any other player, Martinez is going to make a lot of people eat a lot of crow this season. People act like the best ILBs have 7 interceptions and 10 sacks every year when that's not the case. The all-time record for interceptions in a season by an ILB is like 6. And passes defended? Brian Urlacher's career high was 12. Ray Lewis' career high was 10. Blake Martinez had 8 of them in his second year with a defense that had I don't even remember who at cornerback. I'm sick of everybody here acting like Blake Martinez is some meh player when he's actually very good in spite of very bad around him. If he had been a first round draft pick, people around here would be calling him the second coming of Brian Urlacher, and yet since he was a 4th round draft pick he sucks.
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    Yeah, we could put up a thread that looks at past drafts. Guys you were wrong on, right on, consensus guys who went way too high or low, whatever y'all like. If that would interest some of you, we can get that going.
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    Live footage of @Nabbs4u and @Matts4313 😂
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    As a kid, I had dozens of autographs. My prized possessions as a 5th or 6th grader were my two Kirby Puckett autographs. He was my idol. The first was when he came to my school as part of the Twins caravan thing. He took the time to sign it and then ask me how I was. Just had a way of making you feel like you were the only other kid in the room. The second one was the next year at a youth baseball camp he was participating in at the Metrodome. I was actually a very, very good baseball player all through my teenage years. We got to take like five or six BP swings each and some of the players were standing around talking. I drilled all of my pitches and the last one hit the left field wall. I turned around afterwards and Kirby and Gary Gaetti greeted me. Kirby says “heck of swing kid” and Gaetti said something similar. Kirby grabbed the bat (aluminum) out of my hands and signed it. Then Gaetti signed it. Wasn’t even my bat... That was easily a top 5 moment for me. I always enjoyed the autographs because it was a way to interact with pros. But yeah, no way I’m standing in line these days.
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    Khris Davis is hitting .248 this year. See, knew he'd improve with the new deal
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