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    McVay knows that other QBs aren't willing to be his puppet. They have pride. Obviously.
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    Gotta admit, you guys have a crazy active forum. 10 pages for a dude you traded away? Dang. That's more posts than the Chargers have in 13 years.
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    Just let him be done. He seems to want to quit every other week. Get it over with.
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    So you're saying he's an explosive playmaker?
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    I saw this nugget on Football Outsiders: The Dolphins have been outscored 14-10 when their offense is on the field.
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    Buno’s mind is gonna be blown when he googles that one.
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    I'll take the other side here. GB built a little gameplan around his speed in the pre-season. Davis delivered. We haven't seen him used at all like that through two games. Small sample size, tough opponents...etc. (AND YES, WE ARE 2-0!!!) But I'll say this....yes, he isn't physical. Yes he was a plus in specials. Yes he was a plus considering his draft status. And no, he wasn't going to get starters snaps here for a real opportunity. Yes, it was a good trade from Gute. Best to get something for him. And yes we have younger WR's that have shown enough in camp to see if they can progress quicker and better than Davis did. And I won't bad mouth Davis on his way out. And I do hope he makes the most of his opportunity in Oakland.
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    Cousins has another year to show it. But If the Vikes miss the playoffs again, they must go all in and do what it takes to land a top rated QB in the draft. MN can’t afford to miss the playoffs again and go into Cousins third year without a viable developmental option who can start when Cousins deal is up.
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    Alright good game @Counselor Time to focus on the real task at hand : ending Hawaii season
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    *evil kermit meme: entire OL injured; Corbett still a healthy scratch*
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    Even after all these years, whenever we have to play the Raiders I still have nightmares about these guys:
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    Somewhere Brady is crying because bellicheck didn't go to bat for him on a raise.
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    Analytics reject. There is simply no reason to draft an analytics reject so high at that position. The Dolphins made the same mistake with Dion Jordan and again with Charles Harris. Other positions can be debated in terms of analytics applicability, but those change of direction and lower body explosiveness tests really pinpoint edge rush success or failure. No reason to care about the exceptions when the examples are so many. Just because an edge rusher looks like an athletic fit based on subjectivity doesn't mean it will pan out that way if his relevant numbers are ghastly. Waldo was obviously way ahead of the game here years ago. I also like the Common Man Football guy on YouTube because he is the first I have seen who smartly incorporates age of the prospect into his analytic ratings, instead of pretending that a 3rd year guy and 5th year guy should be viewed in parallel. This was Jim Cobern's summary of Taco Charlton in 2017: https://draftcobern.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/2017-nfl-draft-analytics-profile-taco-charlton/ "Metric Analysis: Taco Charlton looks the part from a physical standpoint. But his production and athleticism are significantly below average. And he didn’t meet the long-term starter speed score threshold. Charlton has the overall profile of a reserve to backup caliber player. He has some good indicators, but most of his data profile is just ugly."
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    Why does this forum always bleep out JC's middle name?
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    should have kept Tunsil, Stills and started Rosen game 1
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    Increases our chances on 4th down imo
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    That it's played in every office?
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    I think they need to do that regardless. Kirk is not the Top 5-7 QB he is paid as. When it comes time to resign him, he'll only cost more. We can't continue to tie up that much cap in a guy who can't carry the team.
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    Top 16 receivers in yards last year Julio (4.39) Hopkins (4.57) Evans (4.53) Hill (4.28) pro day JuJu (4.54) Thomas (4.55) Adams (4.56) Thielen (4.45) pro day Brown (4.47) Hilton (4.34) pro day Woods (4.51) Cooks (4.33) Allen (4.73) injured? Golladay (4.50) Beckham (4.43) Boyd (4.58) +++ Average: 4.49 Can we please stop with the "burner" stuff?
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    If only you knew how they plan to attack you.....
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    ^^ Did your first home include on of those fancy garbage disposal pigs like they had in the Flintstones?
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    But now that he's a street Taco he should be a lot better.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/clutchpoints.com/rams-news-sean-mcvay-demanded-jared-goff-be-extended-when-he-got-his-own-extension/amp/ looks like McVay really likes his system QB
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    We wouldn't have protested it last time if it had been in favor of giving a young prospect like Lauletta a chance to prove himself. But to bench him and kill the streak for Geno Smith.... yea that was protest worthy.
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    QB Fitzpatrick had 2 TD passes last week (to the wrong team). Still, that's 12 points right there.
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    Everything one would read in this thread points exactly to what he said. Graham missed a day of practice and you were triggered by it. Rodgers and LaFleur need to get Graham the ball, just that simple. He's best vertically now, time to have a staff that figures out what our players are good at and play with that knowledge and not force them into a scheme they don't fit. There should be one seam shot to Graham every half. Move the safety to the other side of the field with your eyes, throw high to Graham and hope he boxes out and grabs it. Worst case you overthrow it to empty grass. There should be a boundary shot to MVS called every half too. There are very few CBs in the league that can run vertically with him. In the stretches our offense has stalled LaFleur and Rodgers have done an extremely poor job of planned attacks. As an offensive playcaller there needs to be one vertical shot taken every quarter. A seam shot taken, stretch plays that attack the alleys. You need to feel as a defensive player/play caller that every blade of grass needs to be defended. They attacked like that in the first Q last week and then got super stale. Call the plays and if Rodgers doesn't throw the shots, keep bitching at him until he does.
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    Update: I just saw Jacobs' IG story and he said he's super sick and has lost 10 pounds already since last week. If he plays he isn't going to be the same. This is a massive blow for the Raiders.
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    We got this baby!!!! Jk we're going to lose by 21.
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    I don't think we're in new-QB territory yet, and even if we are there our options are absolutely terrible. Benching Mitch has a lot more likely negative outcomes than positives. Is there the chance that being humiliated somehow jolts him into being good? Sure I guess, but I'd be shocked, and more likely you're just going to finish off whatever confidence he has left. We are stuck with Mitch, I hope he gets better. Lets say you want to trade up next year and get to pick #10 to grab a QB. If you assume we'll be drafting around 20th or so, and you take EVERY pick we have next year, you're about halfway there on trade value. And that in my mind is the BEST option we have. Otherwise what do we do, Alex Smith? Cripes, I'm going to start watching golf. Something is obviously wrong with him. All the areas of concern from last year have returned with a vengeance, and it's unexpected. But man oh man are our options thin.
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    Nothing foolish or overreactive about what you said. We are all allowed to have an opinion, and there is nothing wrong if it happens to be a dissenting one. I respect your ideas and your contributions.
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    Brunskill played tackle in college, the AAF, and during practices with Atlanta. He also played all five positions throughout the offseason. Garland and Brunskill will be our backup OL on Sunday, IMO. If Skule or McGlinchey go down, Brunskill will step in, or perhaps Person kicks out to tackle and Garland enters at guard. I have faith in Shanahan to adjust the offense to hide our weakness at LT. (At least that's what I keep telling myself.)
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    Ramsey would be a perfect fit across from a Slay. Given he’s still young I would have no problem with a first.
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    to be frank about it the lions should do this trade and offer the league value to him and hope its a long term deal...this way we lock up the best CB in the league and we can choose to keep Slay or not. Before having to pay slay...
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    Uh that's because the Redskins aren't actually trying to be a good football team anymore. If anything Snyder and Allen are loving the attention that this holdout is bringing.
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    If it helps. This is the closest you'll get to a win all year.
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    Member when Cowboys fans tried to convince us that Minkah's value was Taco plus their late 2nd? I member.
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    I wouldn't mind letting wwhickok choose an extra waiver claim for the newbie special.
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    You just making up **** now eh. Which cowboy fan said this? we are all waiting
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    What’s interesting about your observations windy is the defense still played exceptionally well given the altitude and heat. I can’t wait to see it in week three against the Redskins. They could legit be the top defense in the league yet again. I’m so impressed by Floyd so far. He was on the verge of being a bust only two seasons ago.
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    Just in case you guys missed it John Ralston died last week. He's the guy that finally brought this franchise respectability and built the team Red Miller took to the SB. It was an exciting time when we hired him. https://www.denverbroncos.com/news/broncos-mourn-loss-of-former-head-coach-john-ralston
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    He played the georgia game sick with an IV. Absolute baller. Still is a crime that he's gotten basically no passing targets (aside from the one in Denver). He needs at least 4-5 targets a game IMO.
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    I saw that. Can't believe webby had to step in on Rams trolling and I wasn't even involved.
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    We're talking about Newton overall, not right now. To suggest Lamar Jackson based off 10 career starts is already better than Cam Newton ever was, just doesn't make sense to me. I'm not sure how anybody could agree with it. I mean do people think Newton hasn't had electric 2 game stretches before? Just because Jackson lit up two terrible teams doesn't mean he's "well past the point" of proving he can adequately read defenses. Not to suggest he can't, but it is a flimsy argument.
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    The running game can't do it alone. Defenses will eventually scheme stopping Cook and Mattison, daring the passing game to beat them.
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    I think Jimmy is Azor Ahai in reverse. His "sword" burns because he thrust it into the "heart" of a woman who had known the love of many men. I feel like we'd have better odds of Rodgers getting Danica to mow down Giselle in one of her stock cars, thus completely removing Brady's source of power (or at least forcing him to stay home and take care of his wife on hand-and-knee while she recovers in a full body cast... which means he'd go back to drinking beer cuz... beer. At which point, Brady becomes mortal again... cuz beer).
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