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    Packer fan observations here....concerning the Vikes. I came away very surprised at how well your OL held up. Couple mistakes here and there, but overall, this was a much better unit than we played last year. Even with our big guy in there, Clark, I thought your o-line held up well. Same thing for your DL. Couple of no name guys inside and I thought they held their own. Well enough to win ball games. Don't count Gb's o-line short. Great LT, great center, great LG who can play all 5 positions at a very high level. And we have depth. Runyan is flat out a football player and a mauler at guard. Wagner is a pros pro at RT. While I'm proud of our OL, your DL didn't lose the game. And we tried to run a lot. Still I'm amazing by Kendricks. He's just a great player and one that I feel is underrated in the NFL. He's actually a joy to watch. Very much admire Thielen. Doesn't have great wheels, but his smarts are off the charts. He burned pretty much every GB d-back out there, even Alexander. Surprised there wasn't more Irv Smith. Cook could have run for 200+ yards if the Vikes had any kind of lead. He's special. It's a "love/hate" thing with me and him. Love that you payed him big bucks, hate that I have to play against him twice a year. Was Anthony Barr even on the field? It's not like he hasn't seen the jet sweep motion before, but it seemed to absolutely freeze him. He's better than that, you paid him to be better than that. Secondary was simply overmatched. Thinking it is because Godgers showed up. And he hasn't for a while. He stayed more in the pocket and released the ball on rhythm while working the RB's in the flats and even going over the middle. He hasn't done that in years. He also manipulated those corners on man routes to get some big plays. Course two of them were dropped, but still, Rodgers was flat out "on" and dropping dimes out there. Poor young corners didn't stand a chance. This is obviously not the real Vikings. More of Vikings-lite. No Hunter, Yannick was feeling things out. I have no doubt that when Hunter comes back and Yannick has his feet under him, the defense is going to be considerably different. And better. Young corners should improve with reps, too. Offensively, if your line keeps up that play, it's going to work nicely. I think Irv Smith needs to be more involved as a second year player, because Jefferson honestly looked lost out there. Body language wasn't good, seemed uncertain of things, which is to be expected. Smith can take that load and Thielen looks as good/awesome as ever. It was an entertaining game from start to finish. We made a couple more defensive plays and our coach kept scoring TD's in the 4'th as opposed to kicking field goals, or this would have had a different ending. See yah next time and may health be kind to your team!
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    Drafting a first round QB was a better tool for helping Rodgers than giving him a shiny, new, rookie WR. He became angry, vintage, Chip-on-his-shoulder-Rodgers. Old man Rodgers is gone and Old Rodgers is back, all aboard the MVP hype train -- destination? Another heartbreaking NFC championship loss.
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    I cannot think of a guy who has had his hopes dashed worse with poor QB play in a long time. He goes to college at Penn State and in his junior year plays with Christian Hackenberg, who is supposed to be a QB phenom, but instead he’s just not that at all. He gets drafted by the Jaguars to play with #3 overall pick Blake Bortles and he’s garbage. He leaves the Jaguars to play with #2 pick Mitch Trubiski and he’s still trash.
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    I don’t wish that on Allen Robinson after playing with the QBs he already has....
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    Its that time of the year again... where all of America is glued to their TV screens for action packed entertainment. No, I am not talking about shark week... this is CARP week. Dictionary.com defines CARP as the following: a large freshwater cyprinid fish, Cyprinus carpio, native to Asia but widely introduced in tropical and temperate waters: an important food fish in many countries. Footballsfuture defines CARP as: The merger of the Bengals and Browns, to overcome all curses and blunder of our histories, to create a one Ohio team, unstoppable in all phases. There was a time, long ago, when the prophecy was first spoken. Men and women on this forum did not know how to handle such an incredible idea. Steelers fans mocked, Ravens fans sneered... how could two Ohio teams ever find common ground and love. Thus, the idea of CARP was born. Forum elders still tell tales of AJ Green lining up alongside Jarvis Landry, of the three headed rushing attack in Chubb, Hunt, and Mixon, of the defense that would still probably suck, but would be OH so much better. Tonight, these two teams face again, ready to remind fans of what could be. Questions will arise, laughter might ensue, but the hope remains... that one day... Ohio will be one... The Columbus CARP Sit down with your children. Teach them why its important to have a RT not named Bobby Hart protecting their franchise QB. Explain to them why the Browns never invest in Linebackers. Pray together that each QB will live to see tomorrow. While the playoffs may be but another dream for both these teams, another dream awaits on the horizon. CARP. CARP....... CARP We are CARP. We are many.
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    Every single time I read "X player has been placed on IR" I go "oh wow that's huge", and then I remember it's only for 3 weeks.
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    Gentlemen and Gentleladies (if there are any of you amongst us): This has been a trying year so far, but tomorrow we all share a day we have been looking forward to, but were not sure would come. Let us all rejoice in a sense of abnormal normalcy and enjoy this season opener like we’ve enjoyed no other. Let us give thanks for our favorite Vikings memory in preparation for those memories yet to come. This is a thread for you to express your favorite memory, where you were when it happened, who you were with, and why it meant so much to you. Mine was 2009. San Francisco. Brett Favre to Greg Lewis. I was in my law school apartment alone. I saw the referee’s arms go up and began screaming and jumping and yelling. I was with one other friend who was doing the same. My neighbors exploded at the same time. Our downstairs neighbors were pounding on the ceiling as well! It meant a lot to me because it showed that we had some magic for a change. That season ended in utter heartbreak, but watching Favre in a purple jersey may have been the most fun I ever had as an NFL fan.
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    YOLO BoB, time to do something crazy...
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    Tough time for me. My father passed on Thursday. And there is a story with his passing. Many of you may remember him from his "Observations of a Railbird" articles. Dad loved the Packers. Very much. He also loved to fish and that man ALWAYS supported me in anything that I did or wanted to do. As such, we spent countless great hours in a boat. Thursday I was fishing with my wife for muskies. I got a 45.5 incher pretty early in the morning. Around 6:00AM. We were going to fish until 2:00. For the rest of the day, I was hoping, praying that a fish would eat her bait. One of those bites where the musky just sucks in the whole bait and has no choice but to hook itself. Well, around 1:45PM, we were winding down the trip when she shrieks. A large musky has taken her bait right at the boat. She battled the beast perfectly and soon a 46.5 inch fish slipped into the net. It was the biggest one she has ever caught. We took a few pictures after removing the hooks and released it back into the water to fight again another day. Then our day was over and it was time to get back home. On the drive back, my mother called to tell me that Dad had passed about a half hour earlier. He passed at 2:45, Florida time. That would be 1:45 "our" time. To the minute, that fish ate at the time of his death. And it was a 46.5 incher. Dad's favorite number in sports was 46. It was the number he wore when he played. They say that when loved ones pass, they send a sign that they are alright. I know this was a sign. Even during his death, the man made my wish come true that my wife would get a fish. And he made it a 46 just to make sure that I understood that it came from him. It's hard over here. Really hard. I miss that man with every minute that passes. I know time will help, but dang this is tough.
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    GREAT to see Rodgers play like that again. I almost cried a little. He did things today I’ve been begging him to do for four straight years. I haven’t been this happy with Rodgers since... 2011.
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    Not everything is an opinion or open to interpretation, even if the answers contradict your personal view on the subject. Some things aren’t “beliefs”, they’re established facts. For example, wearing masks reduces the spread of droplet based infections. Or, private business have the right to require masks for service/entry. People are debating that don’t have a “differing view”, they’re misinformed. “In my opinion” is absolutely irrelevant when discussing facts.
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    you don’t have the right to protest on private property, which is what a Target is, without their permission. I’m assuming a mask policy would not be permission to protest there....
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    It comes up whenever there are perceived top end QB's as the Vikings have never really been able to draft one,. The problem is, it's still a crap shoot. Teddy blew out a knee, Andrew Luck had concussion and neck issues, Ryan Leaf had off the field trouble, and JaMarcus Russell was JaMarcus Russell. Even if people are calling a specific prospect a generational talent, it's still a crap shoot. You're guaranteed 16 games in an NFL season, there's no guarantee of even the best of prospects turning out to be franchise definers. Tanking does one thing, and one thing only - it tanks the culture of your team.
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    I understand ur a Colts fan but Bob Sanders was over Deion Sanders Ed Reed Reggie White Ray Lewis and Troy Polamalu... Bro that is the most homer pick I’ve ever seen lol.... and where is Patrick Willis... bob Sanders was a very good player but I’m sorry he isn’t a better safety than Ed Reed or Troy polamalu... he not even better than Brian Dawkins to be real...
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    If you want to get a couple good laughs, I just spent an enjoyable 15 minutes or so scrolling through the Eagles GDT. It was quite a rollercoaster ride, and I for one got a real kick out of the rug being yanked out from under them after they were riding so high in the first 20 minutes or so. The first 9 pages were classic pre-game GDT. There was much excitement, concern, curiosity. The overall mindset was confidence that they’d win, but they were concerned about injuries. In their defense, a 50% prediction success rate isn’t bad. Page 10: The game begins. The masses are fired up and enjoying the hot start. Page 18: The hysteria has reached a fever pitch, as the fly Eagles fly out to a 17-0 lead. My favorite post: “this is a preseason game for us.” Page 22: Wentz throws the pick to Moreau. Mild concern begins to creep in. No one acknowledges the Haskins-to-Thomas TD, but one particularly pessimistic (and prescient) poster states “The collapse begins.” Page 25: “You all are stressing over nothing, the Redskins are badddddd.” Page 26: Wentz throws the pick to Moreland. A solid mix of “what the **** is going on?” and “I knew this was going to happen” begins to filter through from the masses. Page 29: Following the TD to cut it to 17-14, anger has set in. Mostly directed at Wentz. Likely favorite comment: “Everything is your fault Carson.” Runner up: “it’s sickening that jalen hurts isn’t active and can’t take over at qb.” Page 34: Anger has fully set in now, as Washington has taken the lead. “We are losing to this team. Holy this blows.” Page 37: As the last minutes tick down, the obligatory allocation of blame commences. The consensus seems to be that blame should be shared equally between injuries, Wentz, Pederson, and a certain poster who wondered why the Eagles are so underrated in NFL Gen. Page 39: The post-mortem commences. One poster deems this “an all-time low.” The remaining 6 pages wind down with a delightful medley of different types of posts. Some looking for the positives. Some looking to the future (next week, the NFC East race, the 2021 draft). Some still assigning blame (more for Wentz, more for Pederson, some for Ertz, some for the GDT thread starter of all people). Some trashing Washington/Haskins and how bad they are (as if they didn’t just get done beating their trash can team by 10 and as if their $130M QB didn’t blow the game for them while Haskins managed to get through with no big mistakes despite less talent around him). All in all, a very fun experience. Almost as fun as actually watching the game. A come from behind Week One win is always a great feeling of course, but even better to do it against a division rival — whose tears can sustain us all year long.
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    Selling the hit, he had to make sure the refs saw... wait a second.
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    https://www.pfizer.com/news/press-release/press-release-detail/pfizer-and-biontech-propose-expansion-pivotal-covid-19 Reportedly, Pfizer has already given 25,000 doses. The fact that they are expanding, and particularly, to children and immunodeficient patients makes me very confident that this works for healthy adults. Then their CEO came out and did interviews saying he thinks this could be distributed to the US by the end of the year. Amazing news.
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    yeah it would be a shame if he turned the browns into a crappy football team
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    The cap is obscenely easy to navigate. Ask the niners forum, I do it for fun lol...... Now that I say that out loud, it sounds weird
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    Time for Samia to take the job and don't give it back.
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    i have better luck getting jordans than this system smh!
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    Packers are the only NFC team to be to the NFCCG more than once since 2014. From 2014-19, Zimmer‘s team was 6th in the league in points differential and 7th in winning percentage: The Vikings had basically the same regular season record and points differential as the Saints, who’ve had a HOF starting QB that entire time. The only NFC team clearly better was Seattle, who came into 2014 as the defending Super Bowl champs, with another HOF QB at the helm. The Packers had more postseason success, but less consistent success otherwise, again with an elite QB. The AFC teams at or above Zimmer’s level feature 2 more HOF QBs and 2 recent league MVPs. None of the coaches with better points differentials (Belichick, Reid, Harbaugh, Carroll, Tomlin, Peyton) have been fired, even though only the first two on that list have been to more than one conference championship since 2014, and 2 of them (Harbaugh and Tomlin) have been to zero during that span. The only team with a better W-L record to change coaches was GB, and that was late in a disastrous season, with the QB wanting the coach gone. Zimmer took over a Vikings team with Ponder and Cassel at QB, coming off a 5-10-1 season in 2013. For his team to have been in the mix with the Saints and Packers as one of the consistently best in the conference for the last 6 years, despite working with a mish-mash of only-OK QBs, is a legitimate accomplishment, not a failure. The team is trying to retool on the fly without tearing down completely. I don’t think there’s any guarantee that the new era Zimmer Vikings will be much good, but unless the rest of this season is a complete disaster, he’ll get at least until 2021 to see if he can get develop them back into a contender.
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    Week 1 BDL drama...now I really feel like the football season has begun.
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    Also a lot of people like to point out that we missed out on JJ Watt by trading down in that draft (even though there’s no evidence we would have drafted him). Well Kerrigans career has obviously not had the explosive highs that Watt has had, but he’s been more consistent. Kerrigan is currently only 4 career sacks behind Watt.
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    Might be the dumbest thing I’ve read on this site in a long time.
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    I want a Big Ben, Brady, Manning 40 yard dash for charity.
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    Rookie move to not bend over and worry about your hamstring/calf after a missed XP like that
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    Tight Ends are people too, man.
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    Thought that before the replay, but hard to throw with you helmet rotated back so you can't see.
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