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    Tom Brady also kisses his 11 year old son let's not act like he's vindicated here.
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    That's one way to tell Arizona you don't want to play for them.
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    Wait, what? WHAT!? Jeremiah!? So when is the league gonna hit up FootballsFuture Mods for GM gigs? I got a resume ready to go!
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    A 6th. A freakin 6th. A starting ILB, who's still under his rookie contract, who was a former 1st rd pick, and who was great in coverage last year is dealt for a future nobody. If Gase doesn't win 10 games next season, I hope he's laughed out of the league.
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    Can we get some actual analysis why instead of blanket statements without any support?
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    Arrelious Benn would be a good NFL player.
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    I’m about as mad as one can get over a tv show for them ruining Jaime’s character arc
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    Seriously. Cleganebowl was legit as hell. And The Hound saving Arya, then throwing himself into a bunch of fire to kill his brother was such a good ending to his arc. Varys went out for the good of the realm. Dany burninating everything and Grey Worm being a killmongering idiot because of Missandei. Jaime and Cersei die in each other's arms. My quip is that Jaime should have killed her to save the city, but since Dany already went full Terminator 2 already it wouldn't have made sense. Qyburn gets murdered by his own monster. Poetic justice for all of his experiments. Tyrion setting himself up to die by saving his brother, proving he was always willing to do anything for his family is a great end to his arc too. Cinematography and visually it was on point - the map scene, Drogon versus the sky against Euron's fleet was a great shot, there were a ton of other ones as well. Writing was a little clunky but that's nitpicking like crazy. Music was GoT music. There was tons of tension early on in the episode. The more I think about this episode, the more I loved it.
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    If this show makes people so angry, I don’t know why they don’t just go on freefolk, read the spoilers and stop wasting time complaining about it.
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    None of this is true IMO. Let's see what both Ju Ju and Conner does without AB demanding a DBL team for a full season. Sure as hell better be more then what occured week 17 vs the Bungals?? Acting like they won't skip a beat especially Ben is absurd to me. Bell>>>>>>>Conner AB>>>>>>>JuJu While still being very good in their own rights , neither is "better" then the All Pro's you're so easily dismissing. Sorry.
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    I don't get why people are that upset about Jamie's end. He's always loved Cersei. Trying to save her life doesn't negate him growing as a person.
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    A return specialist or kick returner is a player on the special teams unit of an American football or Canadian football team who specializes in returning punts and kickoffs. There are few players who are exclusively return specialists; most also play another position such as wide receiver, defensive back, or running back.
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    They know a lost cause when they see one.
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    Eh, writers getting pissy about people not liking what they did is just as bad as the online backlash. I don't nerd rage on the internet like some do, but saying a fan can't criticize the show is just stupid. Especially when there are plenty of logical arguments as to why it was bad.
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    HEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE'S JOHNNY!!!!!!!! The 1940's NFL All-Decade Team: The overall guidelines have not changed. This should be taken as a given, but this decade does come with some... complications. The first being a conflict across the world between multiple nations and various alliances, one that had actually been brewing since the 1930's but really picked up steam in this decade, ending in an entire country practically decimated and divided, with another suffering two horrific wounds before the notion of surrender was ever accepted. I am of course referring to the Second World War. In today's age, the thought of NFL Superstars ever being lured into the Armed Services for a war of worldwide proportions is simply unthinkable. This was not the case in the 1940's. Stars of all kinds of sports were pulled into the conflict, including those in the NFL. Many lost years of playing during their careers... some lost even more than that. This creates a noticeable section of players who thanks to the conflict missed too many years to qualify for this decade. Some players, especially on the high end, did in fact avoid service for various reasons(which I will not get into as that's a can of worms in itself), which negates this complication somewhat. The bigger problem comes with the AAFC. There are a notable amount of players who played in the NFL, and then went to the AAFC as a result. Since the AAFC never made it to five seasons, that particular guideline is rescinded(four year players of the AAFC are preferred but players who spent less time can be selected if skilled enough), but it raises the question of determining who qualifies for which league. The formula divised is simple; five years in the NFL is an automatic qualifier for the NFL unless that player also spent more than half of the AAFC's existence in that league. If a player has not spent five years in the NFL, their qualification automatically goes to the AAFC. A player who spent five years in the NFL but also two years or more in the AAFC is a special case that much be looked into on an individual basis, but I don't believe I'll come to that particular problem. Team Roster- The Cliffs Notes Version: The Coaches and Strategies: The Offensive Lineup: The Defensive Lineup: The Bench: The Discarded: The Scrimmagers: Final Tidbits: Now I can get to work on the AAFC Squad! That should actually be faster!
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    Not sure why I chose this thread, but the Jets. Wow. It wasn't that long ago that we were that dysfunctional.
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    lol. At least we can stop debating.
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    I see a lot of people contend that Graham is done, and his performance last year is proof. Personally, I don't think the tape shows that; he looks about the same as he always has, with the edges sanded off a bit by time. No, he's not quite as quick or explosive as he was early in his career, but honestly he really hasn't lost much of a step since 2015. He's a big body TE who can sink his hips when he wants to and knows how to use his frame, hands, and vertical ability to box out defenders and bring the ball in downfield. Those have always been his biggest strengths and he still has those. I think the biggest reason his production was underwhelming is the same reason every TE who comes to Green Bay has underwhelming production. I think the Rodgers/McCarthy offense just did not use TEs well. The Packers had three TEs rank in the top 10 in receiving yards in a season during McCarthy's tenure as HC: Donald Lee, 2007 - 575 yards, 9th Jermichael Finley 2009 - 676 yards, 10th Jimmy Graham 2018 - 636 yards, 9th In terms of receiving yards per game by a TE, from 2006-2018 the Packers best year by a TE in terms of receiving yards per game is Jermichael Finley in 2009, at 52.0. That ranks him at 81st, and it's the only Packers season in the top 100. Other Yards/Game notes: Jared Cook could only average 37.7, good for 19th in the league in his ten games. That's the 3rd worst mark of his career. His very next year in Oakland it was up to 43.0, and last year jumped up to 56.0. Jimmy Graham's 39.8 is also the 3rd worst mark of his career, and 2nd if we're not counting his rookie year where was only a rotational player. It's also 14 YPG below his career average. Martellus Bennett (yes, I'm including Bennett) managed 33.3; the worst mark of his career since becoming a starter and a full 10 YPG below his 2016 year with the Patriots. Lance Kendricks had the two worst years of his career with Green Bay, and he played a three year stretch on the 30th, 28th, and 32nd ranked offenses in the NFL. Mercedes Lewis. I mean I assume I don't even really need to go on from here. Every TE that comes to Green Bay experiences a sharp and significant downgrade in their production, and the only TE we have data on after he left experienced an immediate resurgence. And to close it up, let's look at targets. The Green Bay Packers don't have a single TE in the top 100 most targeted seasons from 2006-2018. Their best is Finley in 2011, who clocks in with a whopping 92 in 2011 (T-109th). Graham's 89 in 2018 were 5th in the league, but only 16 more than MVS. The Packers targeted a 5x Pro-Bowl, 2x All-Pro with a $10 million salary once more per game than a 5th round rookie receiver in a season where they struggled to find rhythm. The Packers simply did not get production from their TE position in a consistent way under McCarthy. There's a lot of reasons for this, and admittedly injuries were a big part. But even when their TEs were healthy they simply never produced up to their level of talent. They seemed to largely be an afterthought in the scheme, mostly relegated to the checkdown or flat option when they weren't attempting poorly designed TE screens, which is strange for a man who once kept five on the 53 man roster. The point of this off-season nonsense is that I don't believe that we've seen the best of Graham in Green Bay. There's still some very elite tools in that man's toolbelt, and on his good plays last year he got to show them. Whether or not LeFleur can make better use of them than McCarthy did last year remains to be seen, but I remain optimistic.
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    Jimmy F Moreland already causing turnover?
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    Indeed. In addition to the $ 10 million he earned, he also walks away with a reasonably intact body and cranium That's a huge win for any player in the NFL.
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    Forgot to mention last night, Euron is easily the worst written character in this show. I feel bad for the actor, he was doomed to fail with what he was given to work with.
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    That shot of Drogon coming out of the darkness before burning Varys was sweet.
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    did someone say eating crow?
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    Also, Euron's character just sucked.
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    The man. The myth. The legend. Longbeard!
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    Holy ****, you serious?
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    Yep. One of the best shows ever is coming to an end. Hasn't been perfect, there's stuff I'd have done differently, but it's still bar none the best show on TV. I'm excited for the last episode. A bastard son who joined the lowest order of the Realm, killed a wight, went north of the wall, acted as a double agent for a wildling invasion, lead the defense of Castle Black against the largest army in history, was named the youngest Lord Commander in history, lead the rescue of the Wildlings, fought off and killed a White Walker with a Valyrian steel sword, reawoke from the dead after he was betratyed, charged out in an open battle against the worst PoS in the entire universe, avenged the heinous crimes against his family, became King in the North, rallied the world against the army of the dead, beat them, rode a dragon, and lead the ground forces in the invasion of Kings Landing, all while happening to be the rightful king is going to get on the Iron Throne. It's an awesome story.
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    Since free agency is over, I'm not sure exactly what we would gain from cutting Josh Norman now. That is just stupid.
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    The writing has been inferior since John was stabbed (last of the book material), but the problem was compounded when they shortened the seasons and removed all the intrigue. If seasons 7 and 8 we're both 10 episodes and the time was taken to flesh out the plot we got more, it would have solved some problems
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    Jaire. 300 interceptions and 6 taunting penalties
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    The ransom they could get for the #1 next year... But then again, maybe they fall in love with Tua.
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    So I implemented a new policy/tactic with my juniors this term and it appears to have had enough success (IMO) that it merits expanding it to my other classes in the new school year in the fall. I made it known in the syllabus at the beginning of the semester that any student who accumulated a 95.0 or above via home/coursework, projects, and tests by the end of the semester would be exempt from the final exam. They still have to - technically - show up for the exam but they're dismissed to the library to study for any other finals they have left as soon as they show up. I was intending to reward the students who actually put in the work and didn't just try to do the base minimum to make the particular grade they were after, and it's quantitatively worked as the number of students with a 95.0 going into finals is looking like it's 15% higher than it was last semester.
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    It's so nice and quiet. I'll take a few more days off.
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    Belichick is the only truly elite coach. Reid is very good, but has notable flaws. Payton is nowhere close to elite and never has been. Much like Tomlin, he is merely a solid coach with major flaws, and will be in major trouble once he loses his future HOF QB.
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    I really need to get out of this thread. I'm completely fine if people weren't a fan of how it went down. Let your opinion be known, move on, and I can respect that. I agree it was rushed and that was a huge reason it wasn't as great as it could have been. When people need to bring the ones who did enjoy it down, it's annoying. When people say it didn't fit her character, they're wrong. That's not opinion. Jon walking right by his best friend without saying goodbye is something that does not fit his character. Everything Dany did was set up over the entire series and was a part of her character whether people choose to see it or not.
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    Also I find it funny all these hipster parents naming there kid Daenerys or Khaleesi after a "Strong Female Character" have now all named their kids after a genocidal maniac who's in love with her nephew.
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    Yes, yes it has been. I directly quoted her in a post a couple pages ago, several times. The audience was manipulated to look at her justifications for the violent acts she carried out as being valid because of what she'd been through, but she flipped the switch to going absolutely aggro on multiple occasions. Many times when she did or wanted to but chose not to act violent she felt she was completely justified in doing so; often times when she was talked out of the violent path it was in the name of achieving her overarching goal of getting to Westeros in order to make her claim on the Iron Throne. The need to curtail those impulses ceased as soon as she actually got to Westeros. In Winterfell/Dragonstone she had to be talked down multiple times from just out and attacking King's Landing - again, she wanted to go the direct and violent route, her advisers were to ones to talk her off that ledge. I flat out guarantee you that Dany feels justified in taking the approach she did of turning the commonfolk into crispy critters, because she talked herself into it.
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    Kickers, punters and back up QBs are the NFL's true winners.
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    The Tyrion and Jamie scene was great. I liked Sandor sorting Arya out too.
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    If only the Golden Company had had their elephants
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    I don't subscribe to "greatest Viking" rankings. Greatness is subjective based on the opinion of the person doing the ranking. Is a player great because they score touchdowns, stop their opponent from scoring, is a pillar in the community, a leader of men, forces turnovers, has charisma, or is exciting and makes splashy plays? Greatness is in the eye of the beholder, and what makes it impossible for me to separate are the different positions and roles for each player, not to mention the changes in the game over the years. As Viking fans we have been fortunate to have witnessed many players that people consider great. I rank the players as my favorites by position. QB - Fran easily, but Favre's 2009 was awfully special. RB - Adrian, Foreman, and Robert Smith. WR - Moss, Carter (2x), White, Washington, Rashad. OL - Yary, Mick, McDaniel DL - An embarrassment of riches! Page, Eller, Marshall, Doleman, Millard, Williams (2x), Jared, Randle, I could go on... LB - Blair, Studwell DB - Krause, Browner, Smith, Lee, Bryant I too was fortunate enough to have met several Viking players over the years. Chuck Foreman and Robert Smith were both polite and relatively quiet. John Randle was entertaining and funny. But I loaded groceries into Alan Page and his lovely wife's car several times in the mid-70's. They were both courteous, kind, and well spoken and made me feel like I was just as special as they. Alan Page will forever be my favorite Viking, and he and his wife two of the greatest humans I've been lucky enough to meet.
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    Inman and Gabriel have played the same number of seasons. Inman has 36 YPG to Gabriel’s 33, Inman has 11 TDs to Gabriel’s 10, Inman has 8.1 yards per target to Gabriel’s 8.0, Inman has a catch rate of 60.8% to Gabriel’s 63.4%, they both average 2.7 receptions per game, and Inman’s best season is 810 yards to Gabriels 688. If you don’t watch the NFL outside your team, it wouldn’t hurt to look up numbers before speaking. To everyone else, Gabriel and Inman are the exact same level of receiver, strong depth players nobody wants as a starter. And Gabriel was your teams number two receiver. He had nearly twice the targets and receptions as Miller in only one more game.
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