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    Your offense put up like 200 total yards and you lost by 18 points. Stop blaming the refs for that.
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    So you're saying he's an explosive playmaker?
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    Did.... did the Steelers forget to delete the offer on the online trade system?
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    This would have been such a better story if it had come out on Tuesday.
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    I'll try to type out "I feel bad for him and their organization" with a straight face. ...yeah, that didn't happen.
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    If someone else in the locker room goes down with mono, this will be better than the AB jokes
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    But now that he's a street Taco he should be a lot better.
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    Dolphins will be able to pick Tua and Lawerence at this rate.
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    I'm going to start a celebratory post game thread where I post happy things alone. I'm pretty sure we're 2-0 against the Vikes and Bears, with a new HC. Packers fans are insufferable. Can't listen to the radio either, no one is happy. If anyone expected to be 2-0 with dominating performances against these two teams, there's your problem right there.
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    Member when Cowboys fans tried to convince us that Minkah's value was Taco plus their late 2nd? I member.
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    He completed 65% of his passes, that's right where we need him to be. He got off rhythm there in the 2nd half, that was obvious to see. Didn't see anywhere near the level of refusal to take what the defense was giving like I did last year. Here is a novel concept. On script the entire offense was money, Rodgers plant foot would hit, the ball was out, on target and the WR/RB had hit his landmark. Those plays are heavily repped in practice and walked through the day before the game. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Like any team we got off script after awhile and there was 1/2 the rhythm. The back foot hit, the ball didn't always come out. What if, and I know this might sound crazy, what if it might take more than a few practice reps and no live bullets for those offensive plays to be run with the same efficiency? What if 2 weeks of full speed work against 2 elite defenses isn't enough time to judge an offense? It's almost like we should all be happy that the team is 2-0 while the offense works out it's kinks and becomes familiar with the new playbook. Nah let's keep whining and moaning.
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    The positives: + Marcedes Lewis. This was clearly his best game as a Packer. He absolutely owned the Vikings edge rushers and ILBs on those outside zones. He was consistently getting guys reached. This was such a 180 from his last set of games with the Packers that I hardly recognized the guy. + Elgton Jenkins held his own. Was very impressed with what he had going on. The Vikings tested him a few times on various stunts and he handled them nicely. As good of a start against a strong front as anybody could have reasonably expected. + Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams. Both were seeing it and running very well today. If we're going to get this level of run blocking and running, it's going to be very very hard for anybody to keep 2 safeties back. + Kenny Clark is a superstar and makes his presence felt every week. + Blake Martinez was struggling just to keep it going but he fought through it. + Preston Smith might be the best football player outside of the stat sheet that I have ever watched through these first two games. He is absolutely killing it. + Z Smith has been exactly what we thought he was when we signed that contract. The Vikings had no answer for him on the inside rushes. + Adrian Amos quietly had a very strong performance. Asked to do a lot and handled it all with quiet professionalism. + Kevin King and Jaire Alexander were both phenomenal. They both looked like future pro bowlers today. Tramon and Tony were basically invisible today as well which is a positive. + Pettine. God bless you sir. + Darnell Savage in pass defense. Negatives: - Darnell Savage in run defense. Fills and open field tackles weren't so good today. - Dean Lowry in run defense. I get you pay them for pass rush which was strong today, but he and Adams were both less than impressive today. - Bakhtiari is looking really mortal as a pass protector through two weeks. He got beat clean twice today which never happens. - Lane Taylor. Buddy, I need you to get fat again. You do not have the anchor to pass protect at 310 or whatever you are at. You were way better off being a solid pass protector and struggling with your reach blocks than you are being mediocre at your reach blocks and getting repeatedly run over in protection. He looks like a different dude this year and I kinda blame the staff. Glad to see Jenkins in here. - MVS. Hate to do this to the guy, but I need him to find a way to come down with one of those tough catches in the second half or make that 1st down on the crosser. Rodgers also doesn't seem to have gotten over his bromance with Adams. - Graham. What are we doing here? I genuinely don't know if you are washed up or not because you are legitimately not getting targeted, and when you are it's on sad little out routes. Why aren't you allowed to run vertical anymore? - Rodgers. You used to have fantastic football IQ. Where the hell is it? - LaFleur. What the **** was that second half? - - - And the worst guy on the field today. Goodson. Wow is this dude scrubtastic. +++ The problem with the offense starting after the 3rd drive was just inefficient football. 4th drive: Allison fumble. Whatever. **** happens. +++ 5th drive: Jones run up the middle for 5 yards. Jones run up the middle for 4 yards. 3rd and 1. Come out with 22 personnel. Tonyan on the left, Lewis on the right. The Vikings have 10 defenders, literally both safeties in the box. We do the most predictable thing ever and run the zone lead behind Lewis. Jones gets stuffed at the line. Punt the ball away on 4th and 1. Badly predictable play call on 3rd and short, and a bad decision to punt on 4th and short. +++ 6th drive: Adams gets the false start. Run a 2-man play action route out of max protect that sees Rodgers hold it for 5 seconds before throwing it to a covered Adams. Run 3 WRs to the right, Graham to the left. Graham gets a corner on him, Kumerow as the innermost receiver gets a linebacker. Try to run a bubble screen to MVS despite Kendricks and both CBs being 5 yards off the line of scrimmage. Blocking is terrible, end up losing 4. Nobody open, tries to check it down to Graham but ends up getting hit. Commit the penalty to put yourself behind schedule. Come out with a bad personnel grouping and play call for being behind schedule. Make a terrible read on not changing the bubble screen. +++ 7th drive: Jones run up the middle for 4. Jones run up the middle for 4. 3rd and 2. Run the same flare screen to the slot receiver that failed against Chicago, this time with Allison in that spot and not Graham. Same result. No gain. 4th and 2. Come out with 11 personnel in twins. Line the slot receiver on the left side really close to the tackle so that his DB needs to be accounted for in the zone blocking and then run to that side. Be surprised when 4 defenders fill 4 gaps and there's nowhere for Jones to go on 4th down. Running the same failed short yardage play on 3rd and 2, and just not understanding spacing on 4th and 2. At least we went for it. +++ 8th drive: Rodgers has Davante Adams wide open on a slant and just doesn't throw the ball for no reason. Ends up throwing it away. Screen Pass gets sniffed out. It happens. 3rd and 16 from our own 24 with 35 seconds left in the half and we end up doing a roll out that ends in a throw away. QB not making throws, and a bad decision to pass instead of run out the clock/Vikings timeouts on 3rd and 16 +++ 9th drive: Too many men in the huddle penalty. Pitch for 4 yards to get it to 2nd and 11. Dump off to the RB to get it to 3rd and 8. Linsley snaps the ball to Rodgers feet. Stupid pre-snap penalty and a bad snap. +++ 10th drive: Come out in 13 personnel. Williams run up the middle for 3 yards. Run empty backfield with Davante Adams as the only receiver on the field. Nobody is open with 3 TEs running routes. Jones and Graham miscommunicate on the blitz pickup and Rodgers chooses to hold the ball despite having Geronimo Allison in the slot get an inside release against Cover-2 with blitzing ILBs. Graham gets charged for the sack here but he thought he had Jones to help him and Rodgers deserved to get clocked here for holding it anyway. DON'T PLAY 13 PERSONNEL. Rodgers, throw the ******* ball. +++ 11th drive: Screen pass gets sniffed out. Jones run up the middle on 2nd down for a gain of 4. Rodgers throws the beautiful ball to MVS down the middle which gets tipped out of his hands. 2nd and long run is going to give me drinking problems. +++ 12th drive: Screen pass gets sniffed out. Graham gets called for the softest OPI ever. Rodgers gets sacked on 2nd and 20. Throw the dump off to Kumerow for 13 on 3rd and 28. We've got a hard on for screen passes which aren't working, but the bad OPI call kills this drive. +++ 13th drive: Play action 2-route max protect. Rodgers throws a terrible ball to MVS which sees him get carried out of bounds. Kendricks makes a great play in coverage to break up a really good looking wheel route. Underneath cross to MVS gets 8 on 3rd nad 10. The 2-Man route conceps are going to be an adjustment for me. Rodgers throwing balls high and too far outside is something I'm unfortunately all too familiar with. +++ 14th drive: We got two first downs in a 4 minute offense setting and held the ball until they only had 15 seconds left in the game. I really liked the call to throw to Davante on the slant in the second sequence. This was an impressive drive.
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    Im officially off the dolphins bandwagon.
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    We should all take it easy on Darnold. High school can be really tough sometimes. On the plus side, he'll have plenty of time to study for his geometry test.
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    Le'Veon Bell. Then again he would hold out for RB+WR+QB money.
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    Doesn’t this lock Manning’s career regular season record at .500? Fitting end to such a mediocre QB.
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    If they throw Garrett out there at QB, they’re asking for trouble.
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    It disgusts me that some pay off false accusers just to avoid bad PR. We live in a time where #MeToo has become weaponized by disgusting people...especially when so many idiots blindly believe accusations rather than waiting for the facts. I'm not saying this is a false allegation, and I have zero love for AB, but regardless of my feelings for him, I would never wish him to go down for something he didn't do.
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    The worlds youngest raider fan is about to arrive in a few hours my friends.
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    McVay knows that other QBs aren't willing to be his puppet. They have pride. Obviously.
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    At least address him by the proper title. 2 time Superbowl MVP mediocre QB
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    Taunting a fanbase for their team not succeeding after their QB gets injured in the second game is about as lame as it can get on this forum.
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    Have people not heard of roasts before?
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    Unfortunately, I just watched the entire game. The bad call on the turnover happened in the 2nd quarter. Your team lost by 3 scores. You didn't "get hosed", you got outplayed. Badly.
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    You hate to rule out any team after 2 weeks. But from what I have seen, it doesnt look like they are going to win the superbowl this year. Just this guys opinion though.
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    You missed an apostrophe.
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    Well then, congratulations, you're now the recipient of herpes.
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    I will never forget Torrey being drafted in 2011, as it was like the first time I really followed the Ravens draft. I was stoked when we got ourselves a true burner (up to that point we were basically running Derrick Mason / TJ Housh and Anquan Boldin). Then he torched the Rams that year and the following year had the game against the Patriots after his brother died, then won a Superbowl with us and ever since then he's been a Ravens favorite. From start to finish he was a class act on and off the field, and in his early years was probably the best DPI WR in the league for Baltimore
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    I was the only guy who liked Brian Burns. LITERALLY the only one.
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    Just........WOW. Hard to believe Josh Doctson's long and storied career with Minnesota may be over. Funny, it seems like only yesterday that they signed him!!!
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    Ahh...nothing better than the annual Titans/Jag Thursday Night Football game. A tradition unlike any other.
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    Now send that 6th round pick to Jax for Ramsey. Done deal.
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    All things considered, I'm willing to garner some positives moving forward from this game: - We very quickly fell into a 21-0 deficit, which for a lot of teams (including many previous Vikings teams) means that the game was simply over. After that, though, we didn't allow GB to score again. That in and of itself is pretty impressive that we were able to hold the Packers scoreless for the better part of 3 quarters. - Dalvin had yet another very impressive game, which bodes well for the future of our rushing offense. - When it came down to the end of the game, we only lost by 5.. that's one score. We had a TD taken away on a call that is at least arguably bogus. We missed a FG and an extra point. We had a day where all the penalties seemed to favor the home team, and in the end, we fought back to within one score. A loss like this sucks. A loss to a big rival sucks even more. At the end of the day, though, this was week 2, a road contest vs what is expected to be a tough team, and we made mistakes along with not having certain things fall our way. We can make corrections on those mistakes. Cousins may not "improve" on his ability, but he still has time to settle into things a bit and shift towards making better decisions. The defense made mistakes early, but they turned it around and they still look solid. The run game looks to be on point. Once we figure out how to correctly scheme for our O-line and passing game, Kirk can become a bit more of a game manager rather than having excess pressure put on his shoulders. You can win a championship that way. The Ravens did it with Dilfer, and I think Cousins is better than that. Would I like better play out of our QB? Yes, of course, but the fact is that he is who we have for the near future, and we have to adjust to making the best of the situation. It could be a lot worse...
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    Yeah we usually struggle to get past Pittsburgh in the playoffs
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    There’s basically no such thing as a shutdown CB in the NFL anymore. There’s pass rushers and there’s schemes, and that’s pretty much all that “shuts down” NFL pass offenses at this point. Also, our OL is not holding up. We can’t run the ball at all, and Keenum is being pressured, flushed, hit, and hurried on most of his deep drops. Even if Trent comes back, they’re going to have to start thinking about a move to replace Moses (and bypass Christian). I hate the idea of spending more top picks on the OL, but that appears to be where they are unless they find themselves in range of a guy like Jeudy.
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    jeez, how many times do you guys have to be told to knock off the political jabs? if one of you does it, then someone else might as well. if a couple of guys are, then everyone else might as well. control thyselves.
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