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    Completely against NFL expansion. 32 is the perfect number for scheduling, divisional setups, etc.......
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    what would jacksonville have to give up in that trade?
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    The Browns forum would go from 2nd most activity to 32nd most activity within 3 days after winning a Super Bowl.
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    Freddie Kitchens has the least experience applicable to being a head coach of anyone on this list. He's number 1 because..... reasons. I can only guess why.
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    Whoever wins this game is going to be in the Superbowl.
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    One that would have the guys practicing alot of 3rd and long situations because I can assure you they would be seeing alot of them with me in charge.
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    As a dude from a fanbase that isn't a rival of yours and couldn't care less about the state of the NFC North, I don't even understand the point you're trying to make. Seems like you tried to troll a Bears fan for lack of success in recent years only to accidentally troll yourself because the Vikings are in the same boat... bridesmaids of the Packers but never the brides. Do you really want to see Packer domination over your division for another 8 years? Why even bring up the last 8 years as if it has some predicative quality of what the future will bring?
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    Because he's a student and normal students transfer without issue all the time. The entire idea that students have to sit out a year is to give coaches leverage to treat players like ****. I love that this is getting systematically dismantled.
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    This is unequivocally false. Click here to see 10 reasons why click bait isn't a bad thing at all.
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    Need to see how many times he says umm in his presser before I know how to feel
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    Mahomes is the best QB in the game. When you watch him play, it's just undeniable. I realize he needs to put in more time and show that he can consistently be great over the years, but this man is just unbelievable. The way he plays the game - scrambling, creating when plays break down, throwing left handed, flip passes, sidearm throws, throwing on the run, etc. It looks like the game is extremely easy to him. He's able to read defenses pre-snap and on the fly during a play. The chemistry he has with his receivers is unreal for someone who is in their very first year as a starter. It's just remarkable and we've never seen anything like it.
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    23 years in the books without even an NFCCG appearance. I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight.
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    Time for rcon14 Mock 1.0! (crowd boos, tomatoes are thrown) So some ground-rules for this mock: For the purposes of free agency, I've used spotrac's annual predictor as a guideline for contracts and made some adjustments to those numbers. For the purposes of adding players, in both draft and free agency, I'll largely be following the thresholds that were in place under Ted Thompson because Brian Gutekunst largely followed them in 2018 (aside from Cole Madison). Now that the ground rules are laid out, let's get started! Packers Current Cap Space for 2019: 32.6M Cuts, Dead Cap, Cap Savings: Jimmy Graham, 7.33, 5.33 - Does not fit in the Shanahan system as a TE. At this point in his career, he is basically just a RZ target for fades, something that is being used less and less in the NFL. Nick Perry (June 1st), 3.3 - This is more of a move for future cap space rather than usable cap space for free agency. Injuries have ravaged him and he's just not the same player anymore. Tramon Williams, 1.625, 4.75 - Just not worth the money RFA Retained: Geronimo Allison (2nd round tender ~2M) Packers retain all ERFAs Packers do not retain any of their current UFAs aside from Bashaud Breeland at 2/14 (~6M cap hit in year one) Packers Updated Cap Space for 2019: 38M Free Agency szn... WR Tyrell Williams - 4 years/34M (Cap hit: ~6M in year one) (4.43 40, 6.74 3C) Williams is low-key one of the better options in free agency for wide receivers this year. He is not an elite wide receiver, but would be an outstanding #2. If you follow BadgerNoonan on Twitter, you'll know that Williams has long been a WROPS star. LAC has a really deep WR corps, so it's likely he reaches FA. EDGE Preston Smith - 4 years/38M (Cap hit: ~7M in year one) (80th percentile power score, 68th percentile Speed 40, 82nd percentile Agility, 90th percentile Speed 10, 60th percentile Twitch) Smith has been a bit up and down in WAS, alternating between four and eight sack seasons. His athletic profile shows a guy with a ton of physical skill, both in power and agility. I think there is real high upside with Smith, and getting him off a down year could bode really well for GB long-term. EDGE Anthony Barr - 1 year/12M (Cap hit: 12M) (50th percentile power, 63rd percentile Speed 40, 92nd percentile Agility, 30th percentile Speed 10, 93rd percentile Twitch So Barr is a weird case... He's basically been in an EDGE body with EDGE workout numbers but playing as an OBLB in either a 4-3 or 4-2-5 (nickel is essentially base now). With a softer market than he was hoping for (OBLB money isn't great), Barr decides to take a one-year "prove you can be an EDGE" deal to potentially get massive money in 2020. S Tre Boston - 2 years/6M (Cap hit: ~2.5M in year one) (4.59 40, 7.04 3C) The safety market is very depressed so I don't expect big spending for competency to be necessary. Boston is still relatively young by veteran safety standards and has been relatively productive over his career. This is by no-means a slam dunk signing, but rather just to get some competency at the safety position. TE/H-back Luke Stocker - 2 years/3.5M (Cap hit: ~1M in year one) (4.79 40, 7.03 3C) Comes in to fill the TE2 and H-back role. Post March free agency cap situation: 9.5M It's draft szn... The draft portion is subject to change heavily in the next couple months as combine number, pro-day numbers, and everything about everyone's grandparents is made public, so this is certainly preliminary.... but alas... 1.12 EDGE Jachai Polite, Florida I'm going to guess Polite is going to look very good in the Agility and Twitch formulas I laid out earlier. He reminds me a bit of Harold Landry last year, who I had a major draft-crush on. EDGE is a position where I rely heavily on the workout numbers, but the tape makes it look like a guy who is going to do quite well in the agility/bend drills. There are questions about his stoutness, but especially early on, he'll largely be used as a rotational rusher. He's the long-term plan for EDGE after Barr leaves. 1.29-32 IOL Dalton Risner, Kansas St. It's tough with IOL because their positional value pushes them down the board usually. I've run several mock simulators and Risner ends up available about 50% of the time. Come April I think there's a good chance he's gone top 25, but we'll make adjustments to that. For now, he comes in and is a day one starter at RG, giving GB one of the best OLs in the league. 2.44 TE TJ Hockenson, Iowa Hockenson seems to fit perfectly into the mold of a TE for a Shanahan system. He can play in-line but has the athleticism and hands to be a receiving weapon as well. I watched this as he torched Wisconsin's secondary this fall.There is starting to be some chatter that some like Hock more than Fant, but I expect Fant to really blow up the combine and end up going in the mid-to-late 1st. Hock is TE1 from day one. 3.75 OT David Edwards, Wisconsin Edwards was being projected as a late-1st/2nd round pick early in the season but fell due to some poorer performances. An important consideration is that Edwards played virtually the entire season injured. Edwards is likely to perform fairly well at the combine/pro-day and end up as an athletic OT that GB has coveted over the years. He won't need to play much year one if everything breaks right, but he provides a long-term succession to Bulaga at RT. 4.114 CB Isaiah Johnson, Houston Former-WR turned CB has the length and speed you look for in a CB. Is going to be a bit of a project due to lack of experience, but there is real upside here. Will probably be CB5 his rookie year (maybe CB4 if Josh Jackson moves to safety). 4.118 RB Darrell Henderson, Memphis Slippery RB. I'm of the mind that you should take a RB on day 3 pretty much every year because of how much turnover the position has and because you don't ever want to extend your RBs beyond their rookie contracts. RB3 in year one. 5.151 LB TJ Edwards, Wisconsin Highly productive college LB who is going to slip because he's not going to have great workouts. Very instinctual player that is a sure tackler. Great body control in coverage. Made several highlight reel INTs, but lacks the speed to be a good man coverage player. Likely to be a base-LB who is off the field in nickel and 3rd down situations. 6.187 DL Amani Bledsoe, Oklahoma Suspended for one year for a postive PED test, Bledsoe's frame is stereotypical for a 5T (6'5''-295). Where he ultimately goes will be heavily dependent on workout numbers as I've seen him anywhere from 4th-7th round. DL depth. 6.195 S JoJo McIntosh, Washington McIntosh fits a mold that GB definitely has targeted for the SS position: A hard hitter w/serious technique problems. A plus for McIntosh is he has played a decent amount of centerfield/free-safety, so this is less of a pure thumper in the Kentrell Brice mold. He gets thrown into the SS competition. *Packers trade 2018 7th for future 6th* Post Draft Acquisitions: FB Alec Ingold, Wisconsin The Packers are likely to have an actual FB on the roster with LeFleur, so enter in whichever random FB you want. Available cap space after draft: ~6.5M (note that Nick Perry's cap hit after June 1st is much lower, leaving GB with an extra 10M or so in cap space come training camp) Depth chart: QB: Rodgers/Kizer/Boyle RB: Jones/Williams/Henderson FB: Ingold/Stocker WR: Adams/Williams/Allison/MVS/ESB/Kumerow TE: Hockenson/Stocker/Tonyan OT: Bahktiari/Bulaga/Spriggs/Edwards OG: Taylor/Risner/Patrick/McCray C: Linsely/Risner EDGE: Smith/Barr/Polite/Fackrell/Donnerson IDL: Clark/Daniels/Lowry/Lancaster/Adams/Bledsoe OBLB: Martinez/Edwards/Burks/Morrison CB: Alexander/King/Breeland/Jackson/Johnson/Brown FS: Boston/Greene SS: Jones/McIntosh K: Crosby P: Scott LS: Bradley Conclusion: The offense is pretty much hole-less. The big problem of WR2 and RG were both solved with Tyrell Williams and Dalton Risner. On defense, safety is still not strong, but it at least might be competent now. The pass rush saw significant resources put into it. If you have questions about the thresholds I used, feel free to ask, but some more information can be found here: https://cheeseheadtv.com/blog/justis-2018-green-bay-packers-draft-board-and-athleticism-thresholds-638 and for current EDGE guys, I have my own spreadsheet with the formulas that you can find if you follow the hyperlinks within that post under defensive lineman and then the hyperlink on the following page that'll actually take you to a post in the old forum from like 2011.
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    The cocktail hour was real (baja) blast:
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    The only valid reason for the prevalence of the AFC East Causality Myth is the Dunning-Kruger Effect. The 2010 Patriots were 13-1 against the rest of the league and 1-2 against the Jets. Those Jets were in back to back AFCCGs. The defending Champ 2002 Patriots went 9-7 and missed the playoffs on a tiebreaker. The Bills were 8-8 and the Jets and Dolphins were 9-7 Brady is 3% better against his division compared to the rest of his games. Rodgers is 19% better in the NFC North. Manning was 20.6% better in the AFC South Rivers is 0-8 vs Brady. You think Brady wins because he does not face San Diego/LA twice a year? The 2017 Jags went 5-0 against QBs that were a combined 5-35 (with 3 wins against each other) You think it was the PATRIOTS who got to the AFCCG because of their division? Brady is 23-0 against the Falcons, Cowboys, Bucs, Bears, and Vikings. Do you think one of them would be his Kryptonite? Brady's records against the other divisions: NFC East - 13-3 NFC South - 12-4 NFC North - 17-3 NFC West - 10-5 AFC South - 26-7 AFC North - 25-6 AFC West - 22-12 If this point was refined to: 'I wish Brady had to play at Denver, at Miami and at Seattle every year because he is too good, then maybe you have something' Brady is 11-3 against the Colts who the NFL got the hell away from the AFC East in realignment in 2002. The Pats 11-5, Dolphins 11-5 and Jets 10-6 beat up on 6-10 Peyton then the league gave him the South with the expansion Texans. Manning was 46-15 against the AFC South and 28-28 against the AFC East FYI, Manning killed the AFC North to 24-2, ouch! Baltimore did beat Brady in the playoffs twice. What if they were in his division? No, he has destroyed them too: 6-1 in the regular season
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    Playing in the worst division in NFL history and never playing WC Weekend helps a lot.
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    Chiefs better win. I can't take watching the Patriots in another SB.
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    Concussion protocol Doc: Talib, how's your brain? Talib: Ain't got one Doc: You're all set fam, get in there
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    as if vacationing in Belize isn't good enough, you can now call me vike grandaddy.
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    I nominate @Bucketheadsdad for the "Phil Dawson, most consistent award". He's got great gifs, sense of humor, is optimistic, and well rounded. His posts are often times wasted because he's the voice of reason.
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    I'm planning on having it done within a few days of it finishing.
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    I think we'd see something similar (not necessarily the SAME) if teams collectively went for it on 4th and short (< 3 yards) vs punting it. I'd like to see the analytics on extending a drive vs flipping the field on a punt.
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    @LETSGOBROWNIES @mistakebytehlak @MWil23 @NateDawg @NudeTayne @Thomas5737 @Bonanza23 @buno67 @candyman93 @freakygeniuskid @zelbell @hornbybrown @Kiwibrown @bosko1616 @buckeyesNut0623
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    You know most ads are based on your browsing history, right?
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    “Folks, the Hamburglar-who is so bad and so unfair to to the Fry Guys, who we love. We love our Fry Guys, don’t we? We love Grimace. But the Hamburglar is a mean and nasty guy and we gotta do something about him. And we will. We might. We’ll see.”
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    My 11 Longsnapper sets would be unstoppable
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    @Matts4313 has been banned for one month for trolling and inappropriate comments. All the 'D' jokes about Nick Foles need to stop. They have gotten out of hand over the last couple weeks.
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    I personally love the Wilks hire. He only has one full season as a DC, but he took Rivera's defense and made it even better. He's aggressive, and his players love playing for him. His brief stint as a HC should only make him better. I said it before we hired him, and I'll say it now: He was my #1 choice for DC.
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    Now I'm assuming these rankings are for this year since you have Mahommes at #3, correct? Then how in the hell is Rodgers #1?
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