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    San Diego will be re-zoning the school districts to compensate for the move shortly.
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    Derrick Henry is the new face of the NFL
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    A lot of Ravens posters pretty much trashed him...and then he came in and boasted a top defense the following year, and then put together 2 great defensive game plans this year against Brady and Jackson in the playoffs. He was a lot better than what many Ravens posters advertised to us.
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    Worst case scenario for a Raider fan living in Northern Cali.
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    About 170 receptions, 5,000 yards and 70 TD's. Would take a pretty monster season.
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    Nice to see Steve Sabol get in. His influence on the game was staggering.
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    Hopefully they bring back the red helmets
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    Somewhere Tatum Bell, Mike Anderson, Reuben Droughns and Olandis Gary are all smiling
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    It's the Shanahan-Gibbs ZBS. If you get the right blockers and play-calling in place, you can find success with a myriad of different HBs as long as they fit the system. Mostert, being a speedy one-cut runner, fits the system.
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    You're consistently the most annoying poster on this board but goddammit I like you.
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    Heck yeah! Larry! Legend! Larry! Legend! Larry! Legend! Larry! Legend! I'll be heartbroken when he's done, but until then... Celebration time in the Valley of the Sun! Like no joke... this has literally happened the last two years. Two years ago, I was going to get my tire replaced. I was driving in that seedy area that's kind-of-Mesa, kind-of-Apache Junction, kind-of-Tempe. I was listening to Doug and Wolfe in the Morning, and Larry got on for an announcement. I assumed it was retirement, and that was the general consensus around the unit. I mean, Arians was gone, new head coach, new rookie QB, so no Super Bowl... And Larry had nothing left to prove. Then he said that he was returning for another year. Literally everyone went bananas. The seedy tire place replaced my tire for free. I got free donuts from the Bosa Donuts on Signal Butte. And everyone was hyped AF. That's what Larry means to AZ. And with Goldy gone, it's literally just Larry remaining as an Arizona sports icon, one of those big community guys with transcendent talent a la JJ Watt. I'm so glad he's back for another year.
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    At the start of this year, I told y'all we would be better than we all thought we would be, but that we would not win the Super Bowl. It's impossible to win a Super Bowl when you pay your QB over 13% of the cap. We were paying Rodgers over 14% of the cap. We made serious strides on defense. I think Pettine should go, but that's a different discussion. Next year, we will have Savage and Gary in their second years, the Smiths and Amos in the second year of the system and definite additions to the defense. Everybody who matters is under contract. Aaron Rodgers is set to make less than 11% of the cap next year thanks to some of his cap hit being converted into a signing bonus this year. That's huge. I've said for a very long time that this year is not our year, but next year is. Deep run into the playoffs (got that experience for our young players). Experience for LaFleur. Strong cap health. Next year we are winning it all. There is no doubt in my mind. Get ready for it because it starts in September and ends a year and two weeks from now with our fifth Super Bowl win.
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    Who wins? America wins for not having Brady, Rodgers, Brees or any of the fading old guard in this game. New decade, new stars, new faces, progress to the next era.
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    Once upon a time, young Vegas was running up north in Wisconsin to do some fishing. The beer poops hit just outside of Antigo. By the time I coasted into McDonalds, it was a full fledged emergency. Had to stop walking in the parking lot to let the cramp pass. Knew I had about a minute left before I was no longer in control. Got into their bathroom just in time. And? The one stall was taken. No cramp at the time. I can wait him out. Then the cramp hit and it is "go" time. From inside the stall I hear a man say..."It's okay, Timmie. You can do it. Just got potty for daddy.". Timmie responds 'I don't want to!". "Come on Timmy, do it for Daddy.". Again..."I don't want to." And that is when the cramp really had a hold of me. I looked around...urinal. Nope. Sink. Big nope. Garbage basket? Oh yah. That's my ticket out of here. I yelled, kind of loudly...."Look. I've got about 10 seconds before I crap into this wastebasket. This is now your choice. It makes no difference to me." Dad grabs "Timmie" and comes flying out of the stall, looks at me and nods. We both know he's been there before. So, I get the stall. And I unleash beer poops like that toilet has never seen. (But probably has.) As I'm having at it..."Timmie" is at the urinal crying. Keeps saying..."Daddy, I can't, it SMELLS TERRIBLE IN HERE." Dad actually muttered this next phrase, hand to God, "I should have worn a rubber." Then...it was over. Thankfully. I'm thinking that kid may have ended up in therapy.
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    The message shouldn’t be “don’t pay your quarterback”. It should be “pay everyone else when you don’t have to pay your quarterback yet”.
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    I’m calling it a night on here fellas. As much as I try to keep it light, this does hurt to watch and read some of the posts here trashing GB. Shout out the all the 49er fans here because from what I saw, they were humble all week when most everyone else knew SF was going to do this. Once the sting here wears off, I’ll be looking forward to a good SB game in a couple weeks. Cheers.
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    I'm over this arguement until something happens. Have stayed away from the forum because it's clogging up every thread. This isn't a Black or White, Yes or No question because there are two many variables. Carr is a solid QB. Carr is not a playmaker. Is he the long term solution who will lead the Raiders deep into the playoffs? No. Is he the short term 'stop gap' who can win some games while Gruden has another QB learn the offense. Yes. Bottom line.... there is no viable solution for 2020. Any rookie QB will need a year to learn the offense. No vet can come in, learn it and unseat Carr. So Carr it is for 2020.... which is fine as the Raiders are not going to the playoffs with this roster anyway. 2021 and beyond, they either get better at QB are left a middling team fighting for relevancy in their new market.
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    We need a poll to decide if we want another poll to decide if we keep Carr.
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    Show us where on this Odell Beckham Jr bobblehead the bad man touched you.
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    I got engaged on Christmas Eve two weeks ago. My fiance gave me a really dirty look last Saturday during the 4th quarter of the Ravens game when I said "This is the best day of my life" lmfao.
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    I think the Ravens and Jackson would have gladly taken 3 TDs on 82 yards instead of 500+ with 1 touchdown.
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    You can’t just assume his wife isn’t into weird stuff
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    I get this feeling that Kyle is preparing for a pass heavy gameplan, tbh. He will probably have his run heavy close at hand, as a plan B.... but to start this one and for a while, I think he knows that we will need to pass well to open up the run.. and his preference will be to showcase Jimmy G.. to flip the script and shoot the bird to the watching world.. that yes, his often-quiet game-managing QB can also own thy arse through the air.
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    Pees’ defenses in NE from 2006-09 ranked 2nd, 4th, 8th, and 5th respectively in points allowed. From 2012 (first year with Ravens) to 2019 (final year with Titans) his defenses ranked 12th, 12th, 6th, 24th, 9th, 6th, 3rd, and 12th respectively in points allowed. With Pees as your DC you were likely to have a top 10 defense in points allowed. Sure he had his faults, but your foolish if you don’t think he was a very good DC.
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    Listen you idiots... Nobody had us here in the preseason. NFCCG and 14 wins? Come on. Nobody predicted that. This year was a massive ******* success. We are PRIMED for a good run of playoff appearances. The arrow is pointing UP for the Packers right now. We have cap space and a good core of players on both sides of the ball. A few key additions and we’re back here again. I for one am happy as hell about this team. And proud. No talk about our toilet habits ever again.
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    I feel like people don't appreciate the variance that comes with single elimination tournaments such as the NFL playoffs. A lot of stuff can happen. Have to have those winning records to have a chance. After that, it's a matter of winning 3 games (I'd say 4, but it's just so rare that it happens, your chances are kind of shot if you don't have that bye week)
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    Better than your Super Bowl of beating the Vikings who were playing for nothing and you don't even have a first round pick and you have Mitch Trubisky did you seriously just come in here to troll when the Bears didn't make the playoffs and have Mitch ****ing Trubisky as their quarterback?
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    I’ve seen more Titans apparel walking around KC today than I have in Nashville anywhere outside of the stadium on a game day.
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    The people who Buno irrationally hates vs. The people who Buno irrationally backs ...is a fascinating study on the human brain and fandom as a whole. Some Harvard guy should consider doing a study.
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    The home/road playoff splits for 2017 are egregious: https://www.12up.com/posts/astros-home-vs-road-splits-from-2017-playoffs-suggest-evidence-of-sign-stealing-01dsjze4xax2
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    I was also asked who my favorite team was and I couldn’t say the Dolphins. I really wanted to say the Cuba Smugglers
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    In 2015, the Mets medical staff nixed a trade of Carlos Gomez for Zack Wheeler and Wilmer Flores. The next day Gomez and Mike Fiers were traded to the Astros for 4 players. Had the Mets medical staff not nixed the deal, Fiers never joins the Astros and never tells the press that the Astros were stealing signs. Carlos Beltran is never investigated, and the Mets never have to fire him. The Mets basically fired their own manager 5 years before they hired him.
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    I for one am proud that OBJ was trying to pay the players at least a bread crumb fraction compared to the Billions of dollars they generated in two college football playoff games for the NCAA parasite execs, TV revenue, Online revenue companies, the schools, jersey sales companies, business advertisement, local/city business around the stadium in which the games were played, and more. He was really doing the players a service and he should be commended. Now, as to slapping a rent a cop on his butt. **GASP! Clutches Pearls** .... this wild man must be stopped before he destroys our society. More outrage for OBJ than for the foolish Forever Wars, the perpetual Trash Local and National Government decisions that go on with no end in sight, or anything else truly worth being upset about. OBJ needs to hold his liquor better... and chill ... other than that it's not a big deal... Outrage machine to infinity and beyond .... What a time to be alive ... Live Look at OBJ about to go on a butt smacking spree....
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    The law doesn't dictate what's right and wrong.
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    It wouldn't have if Russell Wilson wasn't QB. We stuffed the run, got consistent pressure and the QBs first read was consistently covered, our defense to me was no different than the Vikings game. It was dominant. Russell Wilson is currently the best player in the NFL and what he did was Rodgers "run the table" season esque, he almost single handedly brought that team to a win. 25 QB pressures on 31 attempts. He's like a punt returner with an elite arm.
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    The only way the Bengals wont take Burrows now is if it becomes a Elway/Manning type of thing where he says he wont play if the Bengals draft him. Lets change this thread to Who do we pick with our 3rd round pick lol
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    Lock played well and went 4-1 as a starter. Why would they rock the boat and hinder his development by bringing in another starter (who happens to be a complete question mark at this point)? Tannehill just took them to the AFC championship, and they're not going to franchise him?
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    Congrats you guys! must be a great feeling right now getting back to the super bowl. You absolutely deserve to be here, and its gonna be a hell of a match against KC also appreciate your fanbase and i love the mildmanned give and take before the game
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    We don't generally compete with any teams
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    "It happens everywhere" is not an argument for leniency. In fact it's an explicit argument against it, because if it's as rampant as it is, and it is rampant and that's wrong, then there needs to be incredibly harsh measures against it in order to deter anybody from doing it anymore. If you can't expunge the culture through it's own means, you need to leverage the power you have to do so.
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