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    no. the colonies will stand strong. this is our sport.
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    You’re just asking for every response to be about breaking the fumbles record. Why do you do this??
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    Imagine a division title London team that plays in the wild card round. They win, and then in a week have to go to KC or whatever for the divisional. Or a team goes to London, beats them, and has to come all the way back for another road game. It would be hell on Earth A video recently came out depicting all the behind the scenes logistics that goes on for a team going to London to play a game. It's done months in advance though since they obviously know the date. The NFL needs to drop the London idea. Don't see how it's practical, unless we have Star Trek transporter tech.
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    It's a bit early to say that he's a #1 overall pick, but he's thriving in a system that has its roots in the Gulf Coast Offense. I don't think anybody who watched Burrow last year thought he lacked the size, athleticism, or arm strength to be a NFL QB. However, he was a first-year starter playing in an archaic offense. Even then, he wasn't awful. He showed promise. In a modernized, pro-style offense, he's tearing it up this year. So yes, I think it's quite reasonable to look at his accuracy, decision making, physical traits, leadership traits, and mental acuity and see a guy who has the goods. Frankly, Van, you're offering a ridiculous opinion.
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    Fun fact: Seattle Seahawks fans call themselves twelves because they started watching football in 2012
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    Cousins beat a team on the road in prime time that had a better than .500 record. Celebrate!!
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    As someone who sh*ts on Ferrell any chance, I have gotten. I would like to start this off by saying tonight I eat crow and a lot of it, but happy to eat it. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of what you can do. Raiders really looking at 6-4 right in the face with the Bengals next Sunday.
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    dude was drafted like three years ago lol.... But thanks for the update I was wondering if he was any good or not.
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    I have no idea why Pettine flipped the script after Dallas. I thought it was losing Savage, but it might be because he lost faith in Jaire? Either way, he's sucked as a DC since that game. I'm not even kidding about this, if we're going to play our corners 10 yards off the LOS like we have since that game, please trade Kevin King and Jaire because you're wasting two really talented corners. In obvious running downs we're playing almost what I can describe as 5-1.5 where we have 3 DL, two EDGE players and Blake, then Amos is barely in the box so he counts as half a LB. Basically, if the front 5 don't stuff it, it's an easy 4-8 yard gain cause there's no one left to fill. Blitz wise, there's nothing to report because we don't blitz anymore, and you're saying to yourself, "oh great that means we're getting pressure with 4 and have 7 back in coverage." Well you would hope, but our pressure rate is decreasing every week and even with 7 in coverage there's rarely a QB making a contested throw. The last 5 games Mike Pettine has been a fraud. He's had better talent than Dom had every year past 2011 and he's coaching scared and making the talent on the field play soft and conservative. When he gets aggressive to not give up points in the goal line, the team makes stands, but that's the only area of the field we've shown any aggression in. Mike has always had a crappy scheme for run stopping IMO, but you lived with it for the exotic blitzes and zone looks off those blitz looks that confused QBs and led to easy sacks or forced throws and turnovers. Now all we're getting is 4 man rushes, soft man or soft zone and an absolute sieve of a run defense. Absolutely no reason to employ the current version of Mike Pettine as a DC. His scheme is meant to attack teams, and he's gone soft, I am the last person to be "FIRE ......" guy, but someone needs to chew Pettine's *** and get him to wake up or we're simply the same Packers playoff team we've been since 2014, how far can Aaron carry us by himself?
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    Ohio State beat Alabama in the semifinals with a 3rd string QB.
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    Jack Riley Show - Interview with owner of the Gotham Gashslayers, @pheltzbahr
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    I really wanted to make this thread to see the reaction, but figured it would just burn the forum to the ground. I'm glad a mod took the chance to do it haha. Imo I like how the Browns handled this. Released a good statement then shipped him off. He went full AB. Never go full AB.
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    Checks all the boxes IMO.... Only costs $. No picks. Check. Mobility to run the RPO. Check. Can play in bad weather. Check. Isn't Mitch Trubisky. Check.
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    Boy, did they fleece the Bears. And they’ll be getting a top ten pick from them this season.
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    You're up 4 at home, with the feeling that with the weather it's going to be tough to overcome a 2 score lead and just about impossible to overcome 3 scores. A FG give you a 1 score lead at half and scoring a TD coming out of the locker room pushes it to 2 scores. No points there makes it a 1 score game at half and a TD coming out of the locker room pushes it to 2 scores. A TD to end the half makes it a 2 score game and a TD coming out of the half pushes it to 3 scores. It seems blatantly obvious to me what the right call was, that was the one we picked. The same members of the fan base that criticized Mac for being conservative are the ones saying we should've taken the points. It's because you aren't criticizing based on the situation, you look at it as, if it works good call, if it doesn't, bad call. If we score, the same people whining are probably posting "All gas, no effing brakes" memes and praising LaFleur for having the balls to go for it.
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    This was a great win. It wasn’t flawless, but it was on the road against a team that will likely win their division. The Cowboys are good. Dak is a top 10 QB. Cooper is a Top 3-5 WR. The Cowboy O-Line is one of the best. Still, they went down, came out energized, made plays, and didn’t break at the end. This was a statement coming off the disappointment in KC. Cousins is playing inspired football the last 6 weeks. Cook is an elite RB. Our offense is clicking even without Thielen. Do some things need to be tightened up? Yep. But we beat a good team in prime time at their place. I’ll take it.
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    If Bezos is buying Snyder out and replacing Brice to boot, he can call this team the "Washington Amazon Shipping Drones" for all I care.
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    That guys doesn't play football, as far as I know.
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    It's the end of an era. NEVER FORGET:
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    Until I get an injury report, I'm assuming that is why he is on IR
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    This thread won't age well
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    Alright for now I think we just need to stop pretending this is a real debate.
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    Their talent is generally overrated as well.
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    I’m not a fan of Cousins and his contract. But there’s nothing to nitpick in this game other than one miss on a deep ball. But no QB completes them all. The last 6 games, he’s lived up to his contract. The team is 7-3, and if the referees could stop coddling Rodgers, we’d probably be tied for the division lead. Our offense looked very good against Dallas. Our defense is suspect.
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    We won a prime time game against a big market NFC team? Let’s go!
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    They won't draft high enough to get a premier prospect. He's acceptable for a bridge
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    I was told to tell y’all I’m alive
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    I don't care if you meant this season or not, the answer is Jairus Byrd forever and always.
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    I'll have to snag some psn cards and maybe a few games... but I already have a decent backlog of Horizon Zero Dawn, Spiderman, Detroit Become Human... The struggles of adulthood. You finally make money to buy whatever you want, but don't have the time to play them lol.
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    Jack Riley Show - Interview with owner of the Anchorage Wolves, @Counselor
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    Deep Breaths the little buddy
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    The very best Holiday ever conceived and here's just a couple of reasons: Its always the same day of the week, while other Holidays are tied to an actual date Its always a 4 day holiday with the biggest event on Day 1 and then 3 more glorious days to celebrate/recover If you are smert, you can take off of work Mon-Wed and have yourself a 9 day vacation Its focused on Family, Food and Football : you cannot beat that combo Pie is always a part of the celebration No presents, only your presence is required Stuffing: the worlds' greatest casserole It's the perfect American holiday where we over- feast massively and celebrate stealing our country from the locals
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    I think he does. That's poetic justice, given what Baker said about him.
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    Breaks back. Team dr 'Shesh, this will be atleast a week.'
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    Jermaine Whitehead was holding us back. It's the only explanation.
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    Conclusion: I have proven, to a statistically significant degree, that James Harden's game performance declines in cities with higher rated strip clubs. https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/dt0ucg/i_analyzed_james_hardens_performance_in_every_nba/
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    For the Raiders, we got a lot of value from this class. Mayock crushed it. I'm convinced Raiders UDFA FB Alec Ingold is one of the better lead blockers in the league already. DE Maxx Crosby is a good player, given he was a 4th rounder and has been thrusted in to a lot of action early. Foster Moreau is killing it as both a blocker and receiver at TE (PFF's 3rd ranked overall rookie). WR Hunter Renfrow has shown great hands and caught the game winning TD last week.
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    Albert Haynesworth eats this comment as a snack. Shame on you.
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    This is stupid, and a bad decision.
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    And these MF want him gone.... lollllllllllllllllllllllll
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    We went 8-8 with Geno Smith as a rookie. I can't reconcile that fact with Gase remaining our coach after this year. Coaching matters. And right now ours sucks.
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    Pettine has far more to answer for regarding this run defense than Clark.
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    A number of chargers teams spring to mind, tbh
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