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    Good. I'm clear of it now. Back to work tomorrow.
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    Half the people who click this will think April Fools joke.
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    Reading, understanding, and following these rules is prudent in making sure that games of mafia are allowed to continue on this site. There may be some grey areas. Any questions can be directed to a mod. Anybody ignoring these rules may be excluded from playing in future games. This hasn't been the case in the past. But we're not inclined to punish the many for the faults of the few. However, it may come to that unless we all follow these simple rules: 1. Leave personal attacks out of the game. Absolutely. We're not tolerating bringing up things from outside the game/site; be it social media, other websites, "real life," etc. 2. There are still forum-wide rules to follow. You may not discuss race, religion, politics, or sexual-orientation. 3. Do not post anything abusive, obscene, vulgar, libelous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. 4. There needs to be a cool down period between games. A post game discussion is expected and encouraged. But there must be some time between games for folks to reset. So there will be one game every other week. No sooner. This allows games to run over the usual one week span they take place without the urge to start a new one immediately. In terms of banishing folks from playing mafia: It will last one month, or two games. We feel this is more than enough time for folks to calm down and it's hopefully enough of a deterrent from breaking the rules. Anything further after your return will lead to extended breaks from mafia. And possibly your inability to play at all.
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    So your slogan is "Make Footballsfuture Great Again"? If elected a moderator, I'm guessing that in 4 years you will deny the existence of rule violations, claim they are hoax created by @ET80 and then later close down the entire forum after the rule violations get out of control.
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    Still more than the Texans got for Nuk.
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    With the very 1st pick in the 2020 Draft, your Cincinnati Bengals have decided on their man. Yes, THAT dude who knows how to gracefully handle the balls of the sport we all love. The old homeless men in downtown Cincy prophesied of the reincarnation of the GOAT, a Tom Brady clone who would dethrone his predecessor. But this GOAT isn’t a goat at all... he is a TIGER... a TIGER KING. Driven from his native home of Athens, Ohio to the swamps of LSU, the prodigal son returns to the Queen City of Cincinnati, to deliver us from the depths of ineptitude, into a future of hope not seen since the days of the traitor Carson Palmer. Light up another cigar Joe Exotic, cause we gonna smoke these fools (unless the Coronavirus kills us all first). #Championship D-0242 JOE BURROW QB LSU @mike23md don’t mess up your pick
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    Good ball hawk. Soild tackler for a safety. Gets a lot of hate because he talks trash but he’s a good solid FS.
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    Just got some polling numbers. 41% MoL 30% Bucs/Rags 18% Joe Exotic 11% Pwny/Glen
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    With everyone stuck at home, TAST is starting to look like it it did 10 years ago during summer time. Many of you were teens and off of school. No football. Not much to do and everyone was bored. So the nonsense was flowing.
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    I mean, at least you'd see an instant boost in jersey sales among couples for Kevin King and Patrick Queen.
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    Courtesy of PhoenixRogue Graphics, the Lancaster Werewolves are proud to present their new and updated logo
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    My idea of proof is listening to what the scientists who are actually running tests on it are saying. The conspiracy theorists for this have about as much evidence as the ones who think the earth is flat.
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    QFT Webby should build a wall A firewall And make Walter pay for it
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    Randy Gregory and Aldon Smith on the same team. This is what we live for.
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    An 83 year-old man went to his doctor for his annual check-up The doctor asked him how he was feeling, and the 83 year-old said: 'Things are great doc and I've never felt better.' I now have a 20 year-old bride who is pregnant with my child... 'So... what do you think about that Doc ?' The doctor considered his question for a minute and then began to tell a story: 'I have an older friend, much like you, who is an avid hunter and never misses a season. One day he was setting off to go hunting. In a bit of a hurry, he accidentally picked up his walking cane instead of his gun.' 'As he neared a lake, he came across a very large male beaver sitting at the water's edge. He realized he'd left his gun at home and so he couldn't shoot the magnificent creature. Out of habit he raised his cane, aimed it at the animal as if it were his favorite hunting rifle and went 'bang, bang'.' 'Miraculously, two shots rang out and the beaver fell over dead. “Now, what do you think of that ?' asked the doctor. The 83 year-old man said, "Logic would strongly suggest that somebody else pumped a couple of rounds into that beaver.' The doctor replied, “My point exactly”
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    We know Crosby, Ervin and Big Dog are back. That’s it. No other signings made from our remaining UFA’s Remaining Free Agents (We cut Lane Taylor to gain that 4m in cap space) Damon Harrison DT Detroit Lions (1/4m): Snacks is signed to eat space and help us stop the run. He’s been a monster here his entire career and is probably the most valuable FA left we could bring in. Base downs/run heavy personnel situations a DL of Clark-Harrison-Lancaster could be dominant. Harrison was cut by Detroit so no effect to the comp formula, our picks for Fackrell/Goodson stay intact. Timmy Jernigan DT Philadelphia Eagles (1/4m): Timmy has spent the last two years oft-injured and has gone from one of the young up and comers at DL to an afterthought who will try and get a good year in on a “prove it” deal. He was non-tendered a club option, so he too does not factor into the comp formula. Which could leave the packers with 4 picks depending on the Funchess deal and if Tramon gets a decent deal elsewhere. Jernigan is only 27, a nice year in GB could buy him a long-term deal and have him became a fixture next to Kenny. The Draft: Round 1: TRADE: Gute is hoping to land Austin Jackson or Josh Jones, both go in the 20-29 range and thus Gute starts weighing his options. Nice part about picking late is you can always move down. Teams want that 5th year option. We move to the mid 2nd and get a mid 3rd in the process. Round 2: Jeff Gladney 5’10 190 CB School: TCU Can already hear fans complaining about another year with a top pick spent on a DB. Would make now 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. Well tough …. The NFL is a passing league and having a good secondary is imperative. CB has become a low key need for us due to the lack of progression from Josh Jackson. Tramon moves to greener pastures and we bring in Gladney. Almost identical in size to Alexander, Gladney is another “punk” of a small corner who doesn’t take any crap despite his size. Man skills are a plus and he’s physical at the LOS. There’s plenty of good tape of him taking on Allen Lazard, Hakeem Butler and Collin Johnson, all 6’5+ receivers, stays in their hip pocket and doesn’t let them play over the top with him. He’ll slid right into the slot as a rookie and if he can play as well as past rookie DB’s have for us, will give us a real solid secondary. Round 2: Chase Claypool 6’4 238 WR School: Notre Dame Call him raw, call him “too big” whatever you wish, Claypool is a perfect mesh of both Gute’s desire for elite physical tools mixed with LaFleur’s desire for WR’s who do all the extra stuff you don’t see on SportsCenter. Obviously at his size, he’s a bully out there, you can’t jam him, you can’t get him off his line in the route, he can play outside or slot. He’s going to be a guy I feel very strongly we’ll have graded highly. Excellent blocker. The cons to his game are obviously the lack of wiggle, just always going to be the case for 6’3+ 220+ pound receivers, they have to find other ways to separate. He’s not a super refined route runner either, he’ll need some coaching there. The WR room continues to look like a group of small forwards, and now that we’re starting to get enough data on Gute and LaFluer, maybe that’s exactly how they want it. Round 3: Saahdiq Charles 6’4 320 OT School: LSU I get Bahk vibes watching Charles. Obviously Buffs version of Bahk and not his current form. He’s a young, raw prospect with plus feet and pass pro skills. Does not get beat around the edge. He’s nimble and stays in front of his man, not an oversetter, just looks smooth and natural. You can bully him right now which was the case with Bahk coming out. The anchor needs tech work and some NFL weight room time. Hopefully Wagner will stay healthy and he’ll get it. Charles lets us get out of the Wagner deal after 1 year and add some cap space for the busy offseason in 2021. Round 3: Jonah Jackson 6’3 306 OG School: Ohio State Gute missed the top tackles in the draft so he uses the move down to double up on OL at the end of day 2. Jackson has played RG, OC, LG and is a perfect fit for the kind of OL we’ll look for. Pass pro well beyond his run drive skills at the moment. He’s elite there, maybe the best interior pass pro guy in the draft IMO. He’s seen it all as far at stunts and blitzes, heady guy who is always in the right spot. Weakness comes in the run game, far superior of a move/zone guy than he is a M2M power blocker, which means he’ll almost certainly go to a team like us that is zone heavy. Jackson lets us let Linsley go in 2021, the loss of Wagner and Linsley should add enough to the books to give Bahk one more contract. We could even let Turner go and save another 5m and start Lucas Patrick at OC and play Jenkins and Jackson at the guard. Either way, we should have the flexibility now to ensure Aaron gets to keep his stud LT for the rest of his career. Round 4: McTelvin Agim 6’3 309 DL School: Arkansas The final offseason additions of two vet DL makes the need to take a DL early diminish, however seeing as they are one year deals, still important to add a young guy here. Agim is a nice ball of clay to get on day 3, former 5* Mr Football who stayed home and fell under the radar at Arkansas, he switched late in his college career from an edge guy to an IDL. Intriguing blend of size, speed and power. He’s been productive at the SEC level, he dominant the East-West Shrine game, certainly was in the upper half of the DL at the Senior Bowl and then ran sub 5.0 at the Combine at 309. He’s certainly put himself on the map as a late 2/early day 3 guy. Round 5: Jacob Phillips 6’3 230 ILB School: LSU Queen gets all the hype, but Phillips was the guy they trusted to make all the calls on that LSU defense. He’s above average at just about everything, but great at nothing. Posted a mid 4.6 40 and a 39” vert so he’s definitely athletic enough to get it done at the pro level. Another day 3 pick added to the group behind Kirksey, if the last few training camps have shown us anything, a vet LB will come available to backup Kirksey if need be. As for the immediate future, let the young bucks Burks, Phillips, Summers and Bolton run behind Kirksey in camp and see if one stands out. Round 6: James Robinson 5’9 219 RB School: Illinois State Probably smart to add another back to battle Dex with the impending FA of Williams and Jones. Robinson has some miles, but he’s the kind of late round back that usually catches on. Vision, balance and burst is his game. Like Jones, his top speed isn’t overly impressive (4.64) but he jumped over 40 as a 220 pounder, that tells you he can get from a jump cut to top speed relatively quick. Guys who can see it, and can get to top speed quickly, usually have a chance. Round 6: Jared Pinkney 6’4 257 TE School: Vanderbilt Before I get messages on this…yes I’m aware Pinkney is slow. He’s also one of the better inline blocking TE’s in the draft, he’s savvy and he was productive against some of the best defenses in college football. I want this guy in a room with Big Dog for a season. I think he’s a great future #2 TE. Does the dirty work, can be the unheralded guy you wouldn’t expect to catch a big pass. We need a guy for Lewis to pass the torch to, I like Pinkney. Round 6: Charlie Taumoepeau 6’2 240 FB/H-Back/TE School: Portland State Get a lot of Juszczyk vibes from this guy. Think LaFleur could utilize him all over. Biggest question for him will be, can he block as well as Juszczyk does to be a true hybrid player? Or does he peak out as a backup move-TE. I’d like to get him into camp to find out. Round 7: Jauan Jennings 6’3 206 WR School: Tennessee Jennings is similar to Pinkney. First round vibes mid-season, didn’t really stand out at the all-star events, and then showed he stinks as an athlete at the Combine. From day 1 to late day 3 grades. Jennings can play though. I get a lot of Allison vibes from him, know there is a recent bad taste from saying those words, but Allison showed a lot of good things for the amount of capital we used to acquire him. Round 7: Tyler Huntley 6’1 205 QB School: Utah Huntley is a better version of Manny Wilkins. Mobile QB that escapes to throw rather than to run. Arm strength and accuracy is above average, his pocket presence is probably his best trait. With the extra late round picks I’m fairly confident we’ll bring the highest UDFA graded QB we have in with one of the 6-7th rounders so that we don’t have to win a bidding war for him. Camp Depth Chart: (room for a 15 man UDFA class) QB: Rodgers-Boyle-Wilkins-Huntley RB: Jones-Williams-Ervin-Williams-Crockett-Robinson FB: Taumoepeau-Wellman WR: Adams-Lazard-Funchess-Claypool-MVS-EQ-Kumerow-Begelton-Shepherd-Taylor TE: Sternburger-Lewis-Tonyan-Pinkney-Looney-Baylis OT: Bahktiari-Wagner-Charles-Light-Nijman-Leglue-Conway IOL: Linsley-Jenkins-Turner-Jackson-Madison-Patrick IDL: Clark-Harrison-Jernigan-Lowry-Lancaster-Adams-Keke-Agim EDGE- Smith-Smith-Gary-Roberts-Williams-Ramsey ILB: Kirksey-Burks-Summers-Bolton-Phillips CB: Alexander-King-Gladney-Sullivan-Jackson-Hollman-Ento-Amos S: Amos-Savage-Redmond-Greene ST: Crosby-Scott-Bradley Overall thoughts: Might want to dip into the veteran cut down market for depth at EDGE, ILB, S. Overall I think we improve at WR and DL, two biggest areas of need and hold tight most other places (which is fine, we were 13-3). Can’t see any drastic areas of weakness. Most importantly, every deal we sign in the offseason (Kirksey, Wagner, Lewis, Ervin, Redmond, Funchess, Harrison, Jernigan) is either a 1 year deal, or easy out after 1 year, so all that cap opens up again next off-season. It’s obvious that Gute’s philosophy this year is halfway between “all-in” and wanting an equal shot over the next 4 years for a ring for Aaron. This should allow us to gain cap space, and get more by maneuvering Adams and Z. Amos, Turner, Kirksey, Wagner could all be cap casualty candidates. In this scenario if we paid Clark, King and Bahk. We’d have all out teams money tied to QB, WR1, LT, IDL1, EDGE, CB. That right there is a winning formula if your rookies contribute.
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    He was looking for gate 17 even though there was no line at gate 83 and that was where his plane was.
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    Dude has all-pro ability if his mind and team fit are both right. Played out of position at boundary corner for three years in Green Bay, had 10 interceptions and two touchdowns, including at least three incredibly clutch interceptions in three separate games that I can recall. McCarthy decided it was time for him to go because he called out coaching and veterans when coaching and veterans deserved to be called out.
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    It is with great sadness and despair that I announce the termination of Daniel Jones, Dak Prescott, and Carson Wentz. They had solid careers ahead of them, but alas, the Predator has arrived in Washington, to dominate the NFC East offensive lines, backfields, and signal calleers. With the 2nd pick in the 2020 FFMD Draft, the Washington Redskins select, Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State. @TL-TwoWinsAway is OTC.
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    When Matts and Webby post in the same topic theres a 50% chance it's "Hot!" and a 100% chance someone is getting warned or banned.
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    Abram | Harris | Randall | Heath That’s a pretty damn solid safety rotation.
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    BDL Mock Draft 21.0 - The CounseloRack Mock Counselor and I worked this one together. We alternated picks except for our own picks, which we did for each other. Brings a fresh perspective to some of the picks and so things go a bit differently than normal. I also added a pick by team tab at the end so you can easily check your own teams picks. Enjoy and make sure to give us feedback!
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    This topic is about to be locked again. Drop the insults. Stop the veiled political comments. Stop the bickering. We all know who are the conservatives and who are the liberals on this forum. Most of you have been posting here for a decade. There is no reason to keep up the back and forth political bickering. You aren't going to change each others minds and no one else wants to read about it. Stop it now.
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    Here's the reality: This is a pandemic the likes of which none of us have ever seen. Federal, state, and local governments have mandates in place, which restricts businesses, people's livelihoods, our entire educational system pre-K-doctoral studies, impacting millions of people's places of employments, all with virtually no tangible end in sight. IMO there's plenty of blame to go around. The CDC and others have now going back to the Clinton administration, warned each presidential administration that we don't have enough respirators to handle any semblance of a serious respiratory illness, and for over twenty years now, each administrator has passed the buck. This isn't a partisan issue, because the cost/benefit analysis said "Where is the return on 100,000 respirators that we'll probably never need?", so hindsight is 20/20 here. I blame China for not releasing viable information. I blame Europe for their woefully inept response to this when it was spread, and I blame our country as a whole for the 10-20 day lag that we had on our response. I blame forty years of outsourcing and 9 different presidential administrations for our dependency on other countries for mass production for items that we now need, as well as jobs that are now being lost. We are all frustrated, uncertain, worried about our health/our loved ones' health, our livelihoods, the economy...you name it. Most of us are frustrated with cabin fever and waiting for things to return to normal, all while words like "June/July" are being thrown around, and it's not even April yet. End of rant.
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    Word for the dedicated posters on here who will listen lol: Anyone who says they would like "any one" of the media consensus top rated prospects in the draft simply isn't very informed. Scheme and fit play into it, and there are players that the media has rated outside of their top 8, top 10, top 12 that will go a lot higher on draft day and will end up being better players than the consensus leads you to beleive. Not everyone has the time, effort, or attention to follow prospects and develop their own analysis for players and that's OK, but don't let these people post with a sense of entitlement as if they're actually doing the research, actually watching the tape, actually reading the reports; don't let them get away with acting like they know what their talking about when they don't. Instead, be open with what you believe and why you believe it. Challenge those people to put up better content. Respect those who have their own beliefs but demand they provide good, insightful reasons for them. Best practice: ask a person why they like a specific player and what they don't like about that player. Ask why they think that player fits with the Jets. Ask why they have a certain opinion. It usually separates those who know what they're talking about, i.e. @Rockice_8 who has been giving some input on why he ranks his players the way he does and honest assessments of attributes he really likes (i.e. the desire to have Ruggs - for the record, my emotional side feels the same way and I somewhat selfishly wish that the OL class wasn't so strong- I want nothing more than to see those 50+ yard TDs, but conventional wisdom says OL is the better way to go), which are clearly uninfluenced by popular opinion or perceived need whether you agree with him or not. He does a good job of expressing the specific trait that is appealing about a player and how they can fit with this team, and why he likes one prospect over another. Short and sweet analysis like that make it clear who the good posters are from those who are phonies and simply base their desires off of fantasy and "lists" and "big boards", which so conveniently change by the day. We're all Jets fans in here, but the reason I chose this board over others was because it wasn't like what twitter is today: one sentence BS filled with sensationalist attitudes, criticism, no depth and nothing but negativity. Be like Rockice. Appreciate guys like Rockice. @NewAgeand I used to have good philosophical discussions about the game- didn't always agree, but the opinions were informed and were sound. Same can be said for @jetsfan4life51, @ekill08x (who was certainly the biggest pessimist on here, but 10 years later turned out to be very right lol), @TheChad who like Chad Pennington, seems to be a quiet observer and then drops a very good post, @KingOfTheDot who has been putting some very good stuff out there, @JetsandI - who I could swear has been on here as like 8 different users - but not positive, @mattmanz91, @Spiel612 who used to be GREAT, @BlaZeN37 who I've worked with many times on FFMD, as well as @Bianconero, @Dr.O, @MoLewis57, @Jag68Sid87, @xenajets... there are tons of guys and the list goes on and on. Will always love the old FF, just doesn't seem the content it's nearly as good today as it was back then, despite the upgrades to the site. But point is, appreciate the good content, appreciate the people who have original ideas and posts, appreciate those with informed opinions. It's OK to have an opinion- no one can take that away from you- but I respect those who at least post an informed one. Feel free to DM for my instagram or twitter, where I may begin be posting more Jet related stuff- possibly consolidated in another blog until this goddman quarantine is over. Otherwise, I may be around from time to time in the NFL General/NFL Draft sections, or like I said DM me (it goes to my email so I'll see it). Signing off for now! ✌🏼
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    Isn't there an unwritten rule that you have to hit double digit sacks once in your career before setting the market at DE?
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    Honestly, with this draft and all of the Coronavirus stuff limiting prospect interaction/pro-days/scouting, I'm only trading down. That holds true for every round. The Draft is a crapshoot as it is, and this year it will be even more. Volume should be the name of the game. More tickets to scratch off, so to speak. As to the thought of using both 1st round picks on offensive linemen, I'm all for it. Cousins accounts for too much of our cap. We have to get more out of him, and Zimmer is going to have to get more with less on the defensive side of the ball.
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    Well, my cats (Tiger) big day came and went. The night before she jumped up into my lap and said goodbye. She was never one for a lot of pets, she'd get petted for 20-30 seconds, then jump down. That night? She just stayed in my lap and bumped my hand for more pets for about 30 minutes, then rested on my lap for another 30 minutes or so. It was really nice. I'm going to choose to believe that she was letting me know that it was her time and that things would be alright. We got her to the vets office and she went peacefully and without pain, surrounded by love. Had to be quite the sight for the vets and their assistants, as I was a pretty big emotional mess. But man, going home sucked. Feeding only two cats that night sucked. I still keep looking to the floor where we had her heated cat bed expecting to see her and she's just not there. The really interesting thing about this whole ordeal has been my wife. It look that cat about 8 years of living with my wife before she showed any signs of even tolerating my wife. And when those accidents would happen towards the end, my wife was furious. Like full on rage. She had never owned a pet at this stage of their life, she'd never gone through what happens when animals age. And? After the deed was done, my wife was so sad. She felt really bad about how she reacted at the end. And that floored me. She grew from the experience as well, and I have no doubt that our other cats will have even more compassion and love at the end of their lives than my Tiger cat did. So...no remorse on my end. It was time. It sure does suck right now, but things are getting better. Very slowly. I really miss her. Tell yah what, we are really and I mean REALLY spoiling the heck out of our other two remaining cats right now.
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    I hate to even post this, but it really makes me think they will HAVE to change their new logo. I just saw it on my Beavis and Butthead group on Facebook. If I were the Rams owner, I would be irate. It's not exactly the same as their logo, but once you see it, you will never be able to look at the logo the same way again. I really think this thing is going to get around and the Rams will have to change it. Sorry Rams fans.
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    Has there been any sort of rumor or link between Adams and Pittsburgh? Or is this just a hypothetical situation made up by a crazy rambling man?
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    For me, it's always going to be Mahomes until he or his team falls off.
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    Wish him the best of luck. He's one tough SOB and I think he could do really well in Baltimore. He's really well suited to that city and that team.
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    I will be okay. My mother was a medical anthropologist and did a great deal of work with infectious diseases.. I pay attention to any new virus with respiratory impact. So I’ve been social distancing since early February and we’ve been self isolated now for 15 days. I’m about to take a measured risk. My daughter is at home with 4 kids under 6. They’ve been self isolated for 15 days as well. Tomorrow we are moving them in here. Once that’s accomplished we’re good to weather the storm. I had been having breathing issues that had me close to going to the hospital In early February. I was to see my respirologist March 11th however over the weekend of the 7th I improved and returned to normal so I let the appointment go to someone in distress. Keep well and best of luck.
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    Feel great. 2 more days (today and tomorrow) and I'm back to living a normal life. Finally have all my energy back and I'm back to being my normal self lol.
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    This is my favorite post of yours this decade.
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    I can’t see Chad Thomas going anywhere. He’s one of two backup ends with Clayborn. I don’t get the hate tbh. He might have been overdrafted, but he didn’t look awful last season. Starter quality? No. But decent enough to be a rotational piece.
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    Obviously, conspiracy theories don't help, and we need to stick to facts. Based on what we know, It's clear that COVID-19 is just the latest WMD to come directly from the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a clear follow up to the time that they stole a nuclear bomb, hid it under their stadium, and then killed off tons of people to hold a city hostage with it. Who foiled them? Batman. There's the motive. What was Bane wearing the whole movie? A mask because he was scared that the Steelers might dose him with Coronavirus. Wake. Up. Sheeple.
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    A guy who hasn't played in nearly 2 years has no questions? lol Gotta hand it to you, man. When you're on one, you're really on one.
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    Dingo has zero permission to trade mahomes. Just for the record. If I came back and Mahomes was gone I probably would burn stuff to the ground
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    QBR is a garbage, subjective metric that's about as good as judges at a dunk contest.
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    Just occurred to me that you guys sign one of our homegrown stud defensive linemen every 7 years. Trevor Pryce in 2006, Elvis Dumervil in 2013, Derek Wolfe this year. Also: Wolfe once told Tom Brady he was going to eat his children. True story.
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    I'm down for anything as long as Elflein is on the bench Iol
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