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    If I never have to hear about this topic again I'll be a much happier person.
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    I don't think $14.6m aav is that amazing for Cooks?
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    An 11 year career is impressive in the NFL, even if the wheels did fall off the wagon towards the end. But with 7 Pro Bowl bids to go along with 4 first team All-Pro selections, along with a Super Bowl ring, you have to think that there's a chance that someday he makes it into the Hall of Fame. Then if you factor in on-field performance, how quarterbacks would avoid testing him during his prime and his reputation in the media for being a shut down cornerback, you can start to see why a strong case can be made for him.
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    He's had the old bull. Now, he wants the young calf.
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    My little contribution to the community
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    The NFL and NFLPA have announced the policy, crafted by the NFL in May without consulting the NFLPA, will be put on hold. The follows yesterday’s brouhaha over the Dolphins voluntarily adding punishment criteria for such protests. Who possibly could have predicted that an employer subject to a collective bargaining agreement unilaterally implementing a policy to punish its employees would go over like a lead balloon full of bricks? I mean, who aside from anyone with a modicum of understanding regarding collective bargaining and employment issues. But other than that? Regardless of how you feel about anthem protests, can we all marvel at how one of the most financially successful organizations on the planet is simultaneously also one of the most mind-bogglingly incompetent institutions known to man?
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    Indeed Impossible to make both sides happy, but they did find a way to make both sides unhappy. Truly an impressive feat
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    I'm just happy to no longer be rooting for the most fascist team in the AFC East.
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    This is very unbecoming of the hard work HZ has put towards this game. I suggest we just do a full game reset, back until let's say... after the fourth eviction. Then we start anew from there.
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    The lady and I said we would keep the news quiet, only telling close family and friends, but I'm on Cloud 9 so I'm telling you guys - we found out on July 4 that we're going to be parents!!!!!! Little Olivia or little Hayden will be here in early March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The posts I think are going to get lots of likes get none, and the throwaway posts get a bunch. you all are terrible
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    https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/07/18/philadelphia-eagles-offensive-line Have to subscribe for the video, though there is a 7 day free trial
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    If losing one guy in Plaxico completely derailed their season, they couldn't have been an all-time great team
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    I might be the only one, but I think it's time to let the Minneapolis Miracle die! It was fun for a week. Then the Vikings got crushed in the NFCG which took all the joy out of that play for me.
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    Having to go a purchase a disk in person and then installing it anyways is some how common sense over just digitally downloading the game from my chair in my pjs?
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    Get my name outta your mouth bro. Im more of a voyeur on this forum Stop trying to change me @LETSGOBROWNIES
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    Eli Manning was their Qb so not that great.
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    no kidding ! Especially since the next picks were Darrelle Revis right after Rollins, Brian Urlacher right after Jake Ryan and JJ Watt right after Lowry. That's just pathetic drafting...
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    Lol come on. The Jags probably said "Here's what we're offering, take it or leave it." Not really caring one way or another. Bortles signs it and comes out with that nice quote about team friendly deal. Let's be real, no one wants Bortles, Jags probably gave him more than he would get on the market.
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    I'm thinking of putting a down payment on a house. The interest is higher than expected but it still seems like a deal. Sims 3 can be filled with tough choices.
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    It's very hard being the owner of a baseball team in a small market like New York City.
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    I find myself really wishing George Carlin were still alive right now... Would absolutely love to see him tear apart the current state of Hollywood
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    I've found that making a lot of money can be done while being rather incompetent (Kylie Jenner, Floyd Mayweather, etc). So, only marvel I'm doing is Ant Man and The Wasp tomorrow night.
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    A selection of canned beers from local breweries. A little IPA heavy but there was a bit of everything. I've had too many of them now to remember them all, but from what I remember off the top of my head. Mountain Mama Citrus Pale Ale - Everybody's Brewing Local Logger Lager- Everybody' Brewing Brewberry Wheat - Backwoods Brewing Logyard IPA - Backwoods Brewing Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale - Elysian Brewing Yellow Wolf IPA - Alameda Brewing They're all good IDK what TF he's talking about He walked to the grocery store and grabbed himself Widmer Bros Hef and Blue Moon. That's on him. It was NOT justified how dare you. Now I'm mad at you too. You're my internet FIL until proven otherwise. I'm drunk enough to fight you dad. Shoulda told him cause his daughter really likes the outdoors and needs something to hold on to.
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    Are you seriously a mod with this type of condescending garbage? I hated the trade but to post this to another poster is ridiculous. This isn’t NFL General or the old NBA forum.
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    Agreed. How the season ended doesn't matter with regard to the way I felt watching that play unfold. I've experienced very few moments of elation in my life which matched the feeling I had on that day. I'll never forget where I was, I'll never forget how I reacted, and I'll never forget how I felt. That, in and of itself, is what a special moment is made of.
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    I don't have to tie things together though. Some people do and that's ok, but I love that play for what it was - a historic finish to an awesome playoff game for my favorite sports franchise.
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    Okay, enough of this. He badmouthed his teammates, for some reason questioned their sexuality, was disruptive in the locker room to the point his own team suspended him, and did many more things beyond the "media scumbags" supposedly lying about him.
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    Well I took advantage. Ever since I stopped playing ball I wanted to drop “WR” and “19” from my name. Didn’t want to lose the post count though
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    Man I love this trade for so many reasons. 1. The Raptors got to keep their top young talent and took the necessary risk since they were never winning with their current core and would eventually have to retool anyways. 2. Lakers fans have been so cocky in thinking Kawhi was coming there and no team was going to offer the Spurs anything substantial. Kept with a false premise that the Spurs are asking for the entire farm....when they essentially traded him for just Derozan....for two years lmao. 3. Because the Lakers were being so bummy in negotiations not wanting to bring Ingram to the table, it could lead to them missing out on Kawhi for good. He could either re-sign with Toronto or just go to the Clippers next year. 4. The Raptors legit go to every series in the East and have the best player in it, or at the very least even with any other team. May not result in them beating the Celtics, but I feel a whole a lot better with Kawhi than having Derozan as my best player. 5. The Spurs now have a two year window that they aligned Aldridge/Derozan/Popovich together. Aldridge can be moved after two years since that year his deal is only partially guaranteed. They won 47 games with less talent than they have this year. At the very least they go back to winning 50+ games and will be a top 3 seed. 6. The Raptors really only gave up a low 1st rounder and two years of Demar Derozan for Kawhi f'n Leonard. LMAOOOOOOOOOOO
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    Jerry Rice, and not particularly close to me. There's a better argument for TO as number 2 than there is for Moss at #1 in my opinion.
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    Mr. Jones - Counting Crows Semi-Charmed Life - 3rd Eye Blind Safety Dance Chasing Waterfalls - TLC No Scrubs - TLC On the Road Again - Willie Nelson Piss up a Rope - Ween I Want a New Drug - Huey Lewis and the News Bungalow Bill - Beatles Show me the way to the next whiskey bar - the doors Rainbow in the Dark - Dio Edmund Fitzgerard - gordon lightfoot Crossroads - Bone thugs and harmony Pieces of You - Jewel Spiderwebs - No Doubt Money for Nothing - Dire Straights We Die Young - Alice in Chains Spoonman - Soundgarden Wheres My Mind - Pixies Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus Pepper - Butthole Surfers Somewhere over the rainbow/wonderful world - the fat hawaaian guy Plateau - Nirvana
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    I have never in my life stood up and paced during a summer league game in my entire life until tonight!!! What a freaking great game. Yeah Sexton gonna be a star.
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    Foles would never do that to a fellow jesus freak. He'd tell carson what she tried to do and how he told her to go to church.
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    This would have never happened at the Cincinnati zoo.
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