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    Atleast Payton broke it himself this time instead of putting a bounty on it.
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    If anyone knows how to stop offenses and hinder weapons it’s Hue Jackson.
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    SNF flex games is one of the best things the NFL has done in the past 20 years.
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    I saw you manage clock badly "wasnt me" I saw you use players poorly "wasnt me" Under the bus you threw everyone "wasnt me" Even saw you chase McCarron "wasnt me"
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/heavy.com/sports/2018/11/jordy-nelson-retiring-nfl-raiders/amp/ This is how bad it's gotten. One of the classiest and most professional players i can think of is quitting midseason. Raiders have more in-season retirements than wins this year. To Jordy, im sorry it ended this way for you. He and Rodgers were magic for a long time. Congrats on an outstanding career
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    Spoiler alert, it wasn't him.
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    Major props to Sean McDermott and the Buffalo Bills organization for allowing Nathan Peterman to have his Make-A-Wish dream come true.
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    That injury is the only hip thing about him.
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    Well my wife and I are at the hospital expecting the arrival of our second little Vikings fan today!
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    If you just ask ol' Hue Jackson, I'm sure he'll tell you who exactly would be at fault.
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    Would you have been more motivated if Darnold was lighting it up?
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    Personally, I think he should've taken it to the next level and announced his retirement in the huddle. Or just ran a route through the tunnel to the lockerroom mid-play.
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    Someone out there ordered his jersey online when the signing happened. If they got two day shipping, the jersey would have arrived today. Thoughts and prayers with the guy who is going to open the package, take off the tags, then sit down to watch some sportscenter only to find out he just voided his return policy.
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    Stupid of the Packers to punt. McCarthy should have nutted up.
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    For anybody that thinks I'm full of **** when I say that the Packers aren't emphasizing the OLBs for sacks. Here are the 3rd and longer than 1 against the Patriots +++ https://imgur.com/WUs07g7 Showing 7 guys at the snap, Fackrell, Clark, Whitehead, Martinez, Daniels, Clay, Jones Fackrell, Whitehead, Martinez, and Clay all drop. This is a 3 man rush with Clark, Daniels, and Jones. The Center sees that both A gap defenders drop and he relaxes a little. The Right Guard is expecting help when Daniels goes inside and the Center doesn't see it until too late. +++ https://imgur.com/YxmAmuJ Showing 5 at the snap, Clay, Daniels, Clark, Whitehead, Fackrell Whitehead drops off, Clay gets chipped by the Tight End. Fackrell gets chipped by the RB. Fackrell leads into the stunt with Clark. Clay and Clark both put some light pressure on here, but don't get home. +++ https://imgur.com/tkNaFJ5 Showing 5 at the snap, Clay, Whitehead, Clark, Daniels, Fackrell Whitehead drops off, Fackrell gets chipped by the RB. Clay forces Brady off his spot here. It's not heavy pressure, but that delay forced him to tuck this ball rather than throwing to an open receiver. Rather than throwing it late across the field after resettling, Brady checks it down short of the first down. +++ https://imgur.com/0E9p2Lp This was 3rd and 2 and probably not real reflective of the pressure package but I included it because it makes me angry. The Packers are reading a dive here. Lowry is going to submarine into backside A gap and Clark is going to step into the Playside A gap. Perry moves into the B gap. The gap between the Guard and the Tackle, and he gets double teamed. Not shockingly, the 260 lb OLB gets combo'd off of. Martinez makes the tackle, but it's 5 yards downfield because he's got an offensive lineman in his face. I hate how we ask the OLBs to fill inside gaps and ask ILBs to fill outside gaps over the top. I literally have trouble typing the previous sentence because it makes no sense to me. +++ https://imgur.com/VG2BAaG Showing 4 at the snap, Perry, Daniels, Lowry, Gilbert Perry gets chipped by the TE. Gilbert gets chipped by the RB. Daniels gets double teamed by the Guard/Center combo. Lowry gets the single blocking. Perry gets pushed way inside by the chip (and it may very well be intentional to cut under Daniels with the double team) and he and Lowry manage to get just enough pressure to move Brady off of his spot. +++ https://imgur.com/54FOR8D My favorite of these rushes. There's been a cat and mouse game going on all game. The Packers leave somebody to cover White in man to man coverage and White then chips the edge rusher, leaving you with a useless rusher and a guy standing around waiting to cover somebody who isn't running a route. Here, White is thinking this is the same thing. Except this time when the inside linebacker that everybody is assuming is covering White, is going to come on the blitz. So when White goes to chip, it opens up a free gap for the blitzer. Showing 4 Fackrell, Daniels, Clark, Clay. Clay will drop into coverage. Fackrell will get chipped. Morrison will come on a free rush and get the sack. +++ https://imgur.com/iHMnCeb Same call as the first play. Showing 2DL, 4LBs, and a DB. All 4 LBs drop. This time the center is ready and when Lowry cuts inside it gets picked up. Got off the field because Brady just totally biffs this throw. That's a huge facepalm if you're a Patriots fan. +++ https://imgur.com/54FOR8D Showing 6 here, Clay, Clark, Fackrell, Burks, Daniels, Jackson. Fackrell is playing 3T and Daniels outside the Tackle for reasons I'm not entirely clear on. Fackrell drops from the 3T to the opposite flat. Burks and Jackson also drop. Morrison comes on a blitz. Really clean pocket for Brady here, easy first down. +++ On these 7 "pressure situation" plays. We rushed 8 OLBs. We're barely rushing 1.1 OLBs per snap. Clay: 3 Fackrell: 3 Perry: 1 Gilbert: 1 +++ On those 8 rushes The OLB was chipped on 6 of them. Clay was the only rusher who wasn't chipped, and it happened twice. He got a pressure on one and nothing on the other, but he also got a pressure on the play that he was chipped. Perry got a pressure on his lone rush even being chipped. Neither Fackrell nor Gilbert got a pressure. ++++ It's extremely difficult to get sacks as an edge rusher if you're not getting pressure package rushes. 8 pressure package rushes total for your OLBs is nothing. It's extremely difficult to get sacks as an edge rusher if you're getting chipped on every play. Getting chipped on 75% of rushes is crazy.
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    @NudeTayne, take great comfort in thinking about @bosko1616 searching google images for “gay gif” and what he saw before finding this albeit hilarious gif.
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    Comes out to 2.5hrs/day Not bad
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    Of course the Packers are short on talent, that's a big part of why they hired a new GM. This squad is neither talented nor deep enough to play with the top teams in the league week in and week out This "average" packers squad is the result of drafting late for 8 seasons in a row - and the Saints newfound success is the result of sucking 4 out of 5 seasons in a row and thus reaping the rewards of drafting higher in the order for 4 out of 5 seasons. It ain't some magical mystery, but Packer fans will do flips and twists and every contortion known to man to avoid admitting that inescapable ( and inconvenient) Truth. Many fans would much rather play the blame game and lay it all at somebody's feet than deal with the reality of a league set up to keep teams from making the playoffs every year. Saints couldn't do it, nor the Panthers or the Falcons. 49ers had Harbaugh, then cratered. Rams have sucked for e decade. Legion of Boom went away, Giant's won 2 SBs and have been bottom- feeders since. Philly hasn't mattered since they lost 4 NFC CGs The Cowboys ? Hahahahaha You can go through the whole NFC and see it happens to every team. The Packers kept it up longer than most of them ( Viagra) but at some point the Bill comes due. It always comes due. What has Zimmer accomplished with all of the draft capital and now adding Cousins ? A 1-2 playoff record and the only playoff win he managed took a miracle of biblical proportions...and then they laid down like a cheap Ho in Philly.... with a home SB on the line. Super impressive Wanna fix the offense ? Then fix the offense. Throw a couple of top draft picks into that side of the ball for a change. But you don't have to fire the HC to do that. Fire Mac, Keep Mac - neither choice will bring another Title to Titletown without an infusion of talent. Some of that infusion has already happened, but this is a 2 year project as noted by several others. Pick any position group in Green Bay and line em up 1-4 and measure them vs the top teams in the NFC If that doesn't open your eyes, then nothing will
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    This is sexist. Id be more than happy to have a women become the head chef for the team.
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    Good post and I agree with you that Barkley is terrible and should have been a mid round pick.
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    If they had some crummy NFC East matchups scheduled nothing would have changed.
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    You guys would all sound much more credible/professional as analysts by just adding “Based on the tape” or “In my film study” to your evals. Example: Based on the tape, I have Ferrell edging out Gary as the #2 DE. Newbies.
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    You mean which Browns rookie?
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    Liked because this is the most rational and unbiased post I have ever seen.
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    There are worse ways to end your career...
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    I keep reading this as 'CNN hires Hue Jackson'
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    Bell's camp let everyone believe that he would report again. We're in November now, less than a day to go, and no one knows for sure what he's going to do. Bell uses last year's touches as an excuse. In week 4 of last season, Bell was whining that he wasn't getting the ball enough and implying it was retribution for his hold-out. Not a result of, you know, own ineffectiveness and lack of preparedness. HE wanted the ball more last year. Then this year he and his agent have the audacity to claim they're staying away because he's going to be abused in some way. Bell is saving the Steelers from themselves. Because they offered him a more than fair contract each of the last three seasons. I never wanted to pay him what he was asking. My attitude has always been good riddance - your production is replaceable. Bell aint no victim.
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    Really getting scared at how many people want to let Rodgers pick the coach. This is not something that has great historical precedent
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    Nick Chubb 94 attempts 579 yards 5 TD (2) 100 yard games high of 176 Saquon Barkley 111 attempts 519 yards 5 TD (2) 100 yard games high of 130
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    "He deserves to be injured because I'm upset with him!!!"
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    Jesus I love what one win does to this fan base. 😂
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    What a day. Yes I looked like a **** walking down the high Street singing Here We Go Brownies as everyone was getting drunk on Remembrance Sunday but I don't care. Baker Mayfield I love you. Nick Chubb I love you too. Cleveland. I love you and your Browns.
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    Love the Falcons losing even more.
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    Well he made it! He and mom are doing great. I showed him a picture of Green Bay and he threw up. Showed him a picture of the Vikings and he smiled. Guess we can keep him ;). Thanks for all the well wishes.
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    I would pay you 10K to see if you could go 10 posts without mentioning a Ram player, coach, fan, or anyone & anything affiliated with the Rams in general regardless of what the topic is. Not trying to be smart, just generally curious.
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    In light of recent conversations... 👏👏👏
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    Yeah, his presser was great. media: what did you do? Kitchens: asked everyone what they liked to do and tried to do that. fans: Hue: Baker: One more gif for good measure:
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