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    It really bothers me that they feel only members of the Hall of Fame deserve this...
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    I saw this and giggled. To be fair, I don't think there is anything outside of a flash start. We see this with him about a every 2-3 years, Fitzpatrick leverages this into a nice bit of cheddar and promptly falls into the abyss. Rams to Cincy to Buffalo to Tennessee to Houston to NYJ to Tampa... it's part of the journey for Fitzy. Don't get me wrong, I love Conor FitzGregor. I sincerely wish he never left Houston when he did, was a better QB than guys like Hoyer, Mallett, Savage, Osweiler...
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    Just reposting some quality comments. Thanks everyone for your positivity!
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    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24782945/william-hayes-miami-dolphins-tears-acl-trying-avoid-sack-flag In breaking news, QB Derek Carr survived a sack attempt by William Hayes in no small part by the effort Hayes demonstrated to avoid receiving a penalty by tearing his own ACL during the sack attempt. After hearing and seeing Clay Matthew's flagged for playing football, is this going to be one of the new trends in 2018, defenders tearing ACLs to have sacks stand? Discuss.
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    Raiders fans right now: Browns fans right now: The object of their anger: The object of our affection: It's Week 4, and our game matters! We might even talk football. Chucky is 0-3, and Baker is undefeated.
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    How about @zelbell, god knows he’s not too busy moderating.... @Thomas5737 is mildly amusing once in a blue moon. Perhaps he could channel a bit of his mediocre humor and put it to use. @Fatgerman is fat. And German. So he’s got that going for him. He could do it. @Bonanza23 could use it as an opportunity to discuss his meat boiler. @Kiwibrown could do it, but he doesn’t speak English. @Mega Ron is new, so maybe he should do it and we could make fun of him for messing it up. @ReggieCamp is overdue. @ditchdigger could, but he’s probably having to do the Seahawks GDT as it’s just him and @showtime over there. @NateDawg I’m sure has nothing better to do. He’s always an option. @pnies20 could do it and dedicate it to Larry Ogunjobi and Saquon Barkely. @candyman93 is overdue. @bosko1616 could do it and give us some more of the baby monitor deets. @buno67 could do it and make it super optimistic. @NudeTayne can give us a victory lap. @MistaBohmbastic can do it, he rocks. @Aztec Hammer can put down his tea and strumpets and put one together. @malibuspeedrace this is a chance to sway some votes for the forum HOF next year. @Reginaldm9 could do one and dedicate to Flash and Art. @brownie man could use it as an opportunity to show everyone his new sig? @freakygeniuskid can be distracted by it while we figure out ways around the language filter. @Mind Character could throw a 5-6k work thread together in no time. @TheeRealDeal perhaps a chart/breakdown/study of our opponent? @DawgX is overdue. @DaWg_LB. this is a chance to go crazy with gifs... @BleedTheClock stop being a jerk and do it. @mistakey is overdue.
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    One also needs to remember that positional value is a very real thing on draft day. Maybe Derwin James does grade out a little better than Alexander by years end but that's not to say he is/was more valuable!
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    But they ARE in the NFL. A game that is very violent and takes it toll on a human body. You cannot compare a person who has spent his life taking shots to the head to that of a casual. No matter the circumstances. Are we're just going to ignore this https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/07/25/sports/football/nfl-cte.html I'm gonna put a little bit of my personal life out there (which I NEVER do) just to prove a serious point here.. As a middle-aged man now who has suffered NUMEROUS head injuries over the years....I can't tell you how far from the truth this is. See the end of this post for reasons. I REALLY wanna get into more detail in this but I'll try an keep it short. In my pre-teen years...all the way through my early 20's (decades ago) I lived a life-style that made me believe that I needed to fight at any opportunity that presented itself. I used to go looking for fights even though I had enough on my plate as it was dealing my life-style itself. I was getting into so many fights that It got so bad that I literally, on new years one year, made it point to start counting each and every fight that I got into and tally each of those on the wall of "my boys" house's basement wall. In just one year, that total was 76. I would fight sometime twice a day. Mind you, I also played football, boxing and baseball(getting hit in the head with a bat unintentionally when a bat slipped out of someone's hand while practice swinging)....... Between all of this above....you know how many hits that I had taken to the head at such an early age? Fast forward, years later......my life changed and I calmed down and started to think straight. Fast forward even further. 2011. I was obviously grown and much wiser then. I was a decade removed from the BS, I stopped going out, cut people off who were determinant, had changed my life-style completely, got married to my high-school sweetheart and all that. No more fighting or nothing. I made it a point ot avoid it at all cost. Until one day I let my pride get to me once again over something so stupid and bring out the old me. Late night I was leaving a place on a side street with only my wife in the car and I almost pulled out in front of on-coming car by accident but didn't hit him or anything I hit the breaks. (I looked both ways--I think he was speeding--so did everyone else from stories). So he gets out the car in a rage until he realizes that the car behind me was full of my people after they immediately they got out the car. We were heading to a restaurant and the spot were at at the time we could get too by either taking a left or right. Well I went left (direction the car was heading --no relation) and my people went right. We came to stopped sign a couple blocks away and I looked left and saw this same dude with 2 of his boys running up. This is where my pride got to me. I thought it would be a normal fist fight that I was used too and I knew I would get my *** beat with 3 vs 1 but I never cared about taking ***-beating. What I didn't expect was what happened next. Dude ran up on me and hit me with something in the right part of my head with something and I blacked-out after that. I don't remember the rest of the night but I KNOW for a FACT it was a gun that I saw under the street light that night. I've been around enough guns to know what a 380 looks like. I woke up the next morning acting strange I guess and my wife tried to tell me to let her take me to the hospital and I wouldn't go (he words, not mine. I don't remember this). So she called my niece who lived a bloc a way to come over and get here opinion......she couldn't convince me.......so they called my old man. He takes me to the hospital (that I do remember) and the receptionist ask me how did I hurt my head (still bleeding) and I interrupted and said sarcastically "I fell" (I knew they would call the cops if I told them). The last thing I remember after that was a doc coming in and asking a few question.....after that.......nothing but a few visual memories, for atleast , a few days straight. I was asleep. And it was like that for I don;t know how long. When I "woke up" periodically it was very rare. I remember waking up for about a minute and I heard a doc telling my family "I may be here for a 3 weeks"...I responded "sh!t...to hell I am". Anyhow, I had to go through all kinds of therapy and crap (wasn't even allowed to take a shower alone without someone standing in the same room (cool therapist---he respected the privacy and only doing his job). (this is kind of a blur to me) Every day the doc ***'t would come in and ask me simple questions like; who is the name of your name kids? Who is the name of the president?......csimple stuff like that. Well, I couldn't answer any of them, tbh. But I kept telling them that I did see myself remembering more and more as each day went on and that I would be okay. Anyhow, To make a long story even shorter, the doc had ask my wife some questions throughout this ordeal and had told her that she may have to take care of me for the rest of her life because my head injury was so severe. They even told here that if I were to pull through okay (which I did--to an extent) that there is very good chance that she would see heightened increase in my temper, memory, I would become more irritable alot easier than before and many more things. And all of those things that I wrote off as BS just 1 year later in 2012 has come to fruition since then --ten fold. I'm not as cool and collective as I used to be. I get sudden severe head pains(NOT headaches) out of nowhere that last anywhere from 15-45 minutes. I can't remember certain things on the fly anymore--forget what I was going to sya or forget a word on the fly--which is weird because I literally remember EVERYTHING and those around me know that. It's got so bad for me that just last (feb or Mar) I went back to the hospital and pulled my records just because I needed to know what the hell happened and now I'm currently at the point of concern and am now looking for 2nd doctor who can read the print and explain it to me in lamens terms. Point is, I don't care what you or anyone else's "clinical established diagnosis" are. What I do know, from personal experience, is that people writing off CTE or any other mental illness are coming from those who have NEVER once in their lives been through it to any extent.
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    Why would you jynx your own player so hard, so early in the season? This thread is going to haunt you OP, the football gods do not take kindly to gloating. "Mark down the dubya!" Never forget.
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    The NFL should respond by giving them a full salary of $1/year.
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    Health Care I agree with you guys. Everyone who plays X amount of time in the league should have healthcare costs covered for them, but Salary? Mitch please.
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    HE HAS RISEN!!!!! AFTER 9 LONG MONTHS OF WAITING, HE WILL FINALLY BE BLESSED WITH THE RETURN OF OUR SAVIOR Meanwhile a live look to the Eagles' WR Room But Ginger Jesus laid hand on the sick and back from the verge of death is... Ok nevermind...... Meanwhile their opponent..... WHO CARES. WENTZ IS BACK!!!!!!!!! Final Score Eagles 100 Colts -12
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    Can't wait for the Sam Bradford 30 for 30/Football Life...
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    Depends on if he's hungry or not tbh
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    This team doesn't have over the top talent outside of QB, and right now the advantage at QB is somewhat limited. The team needs to play well to win, and they were very sloppy today. The result speaks for itself. Game was plenty winnable well into Q4, but but the team made critical mistakes at pretty much every opportunity. Outside of Rodgers I don't think this team is especially talented on offense, and I think the days of MM being ahead of the curve scheme wise are long gone, but today's loss was about execution. The plays were there to be made at critical points of the came, and the GB players failed to make them each time. The lack of focus isn't great look for Mac, but at some point the players have to do their friggen jobs.
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    Congrats on the win boys. You are our daddy.
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    Never took Brady for a businessman.
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    No tongue-in-cheek here; I mean it sincerely. Not only have a lot of the aforementioned Browns' fans stayed loyal to their team, through all the years, but some of them, if you read the Browns' forum, are humorously self-deprecating, of their team and of themselves. Hard not to root for fans who can stay the course, and yet remain good-natured about it. I wish them, their team, and their new quarterback well.
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    And waste a roster spot on him? How does being petty make them better. I mean, any other team could have had him, it’s not like the Pats sold the farm to get him. Why? If he doesn’t work out, no big deal. If it does...... Such an old guy, get off my porch, stupid statement. I’m sure none of these “young punks” will ever be half the man older players like Mercury Morris, Nate Newton, Darren Sharper, OJ Simpson, etc are. I’m sure none of the guys from back in the day never smoked weed, used steroids, beat their wives, etc., they were all model citizens. Cool story bro.
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    Intriguing news on King. I’m expecting him to return around 6’4”, maybe even 6’5”
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    Just to further this, their expected W/L should have been 5-11 or 6-10. Going 9-7 was way overacheiving Hold on there... This is where the problem started: After Doug Marrone took a decent roster to a 9-7 record and then abruptly quit. That was where the downfall started. The Pegulas hired Rex Ryan. Why Rex Ryan when many other qualified coaches were available? Turns out he had a great interview and had ties to Buffalo... those ties to buffalo being he grew up in Toronto (a vastly different city in another country) and attended Bills games when his father was a coach... yeah, wut? Rex Ryan and Doug Whaley started handing out massive contracts to mediocre players. They took a very good defensive team and made them worse every year those 2 clowns ran the show. Those seasons of 8-8 and 7-9 could have been playoff years with better player personal and coaching. Then in 2017, now enter the McDermott/Beane era. Before the season, they had no cap room because of all the stupid contracts Ryan/Whaley made. So they couldn't get any better and had to let players go just because there was no money to resign them. The Bills then overachieved in the season, but that hurt them in the long run. Doing that well hurt them in where they were drafting. So even though they were able to make a bunch of trades to get a lot of picks for the 2018 draft, they traded away a lot of them (+players) to move up the board to get Allen and Edmunds. Here's all their draft trades (that involved 2018 picks) from Wikipedia. Look at all the pick and players they traded away just to move up in the draft: Draft trades The Bills traded their first- and second-round selections (12th, 53rd and 56th overall) to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for Tampa Bay's first- and seventh-round selections (7th and 255th overall).[17] The Bills traded their first- and third-round selections (22nd and 65th overall) to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for Baltimore's first- and fifth-round selections (16th and 154th overall)[18] The Bills traded their first- and fifth-round selections (21st and 158th overall) and offensive tackle Cordy Glenn to the Cincinnati Bengals in exchange for Cincinnati's first- and sixth-round selections (12th and 187th overall).[19] The Bills traded their first-round selection in 2017 (10th overall) to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for Kansas City's first-round selection (22nd overall) as well as their first- and third-round selections in 2017 (27th and 91st overall). The Bills traded their sixth-round selection (195th overall) and wide receiver Sammy Watkins to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for the Rams' second-round selection (56th overall) and cornerback E.J. Gaines. The Bills traded quarterback Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for Cleveland's third-round selection (65th).[19] The Bills traded their third-round selection (85th overall), quarterback Cardale Jones and the seventh-round selection they acquired from the Los Angeles Chargers (234th overall) to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin. The Bills traded cornerback Ronald Darby to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for Philadelphia's third-round selection (96th overall) and wide receiver Jordan Matthews. The Bills traded defensive tackle Marcell Dareus to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for a conditional sixth-round selection, which became a fifth-round selection (166th overall) after Dareus remained on Jacksonville's roster for the remainder of the 2017 season and the Jaguars made the playoffs. The Bills traded their seventh-round selection (239th overall) to the Green Bay Packers in exchange for linebacker Lerentee McCray. But even with all that they still only had about 30 million to spend to get free agents. So at least in 2018 they were able to sign some players, but not nearly enough to offset what was lost. McDermott should have been in tank mode, but kept winning in 2017. That was a mistake, but far from the root cause. However, there is some good news for the Bills. They will have a crap ton of money to spend ($90 million +) on players as the mess Ryan/Whaley left is all but erased. Of all the trading they did, one thing they avoided doing was trading away their 2019 picks. They have their own picks in nearly every round and judging by how bad they have been so far, it'll be really high picks. Love him or hate him, they have their franchise QB. If they are set with Allen and there's hype again for a QB in the 2019 draft, they could get a king's ransom for that 1st overall pick. Those multiple picks could inject a lot of young talent to this team with money to add a lot of veteran talent. Bills can really rebuild in 2019 and be a legit threat by 2020... assuming Allen can get to the level of a franchise QB.
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    Is it like the Browns-Jets TNF this week or something?
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    Ugh. I hate this thinking. Tyrone Taylor is a loser who has some half decent stats because he’s a risk averse QB who will make a couple of meaningless uncontested passes a game that don’t make difference. This was identified and the Bills correctly realized it was a fools mission to roll with him as anything but a stop gap and he’s not worth anything more than that. The jury was out on Peterson and even if there was a 5% chance he could be good, it was better than the 100% chance of accomplishing nothing with Tyrod. Sometimes you need to realize when something is a lost cause and experiment. Sorry it’s the biggest myth in the world that every team has a chance. The Bills squeaked into the playoffs and everyone knew they weren’t a real contender and didn’t have a chance in hell of accomplishing anything. When you have that situation you need to evaluate your roster in real game situations instead of playing in a fantasy mindset that you have any chance of winning a Super Bowl with Tyrod Taylor. Even if that means starting someone who might suck to see what you have in him.
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    HOFers when TO doesn’t attend the ceremony: “He’s not only hurting himself, but he’s taking attention away from his fellow inductees and he’s disrespecting current members.” HOFers when they want money: Boycott
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    Matts is the Vontae Davis of FF.
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    I hope all of these guys now get a bill from the NFL for the cost of the yellow jacket and the making of their bust for Canton.
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    all this does is make TO look good. He didnt have any demands
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    Between this and the loads of other thought vomit Ive seen you spew on here, I think you may literally be the dumbest poster Ive ever seen on FF. Quite the accomplishment.
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    I'm so sick of people on tv (like Booger) acting like the Steelers did Bell dirty for not giving him what he "deserves". Our defense blows, we cannot afford to spend that much more of our cap on the offense. Ya we used him a heck of a lot and franchised him twice but those are the rules and I don't remember Bell ever complaining about too many touches when he was putting up the numbers that he did. I don't have a problem with Le'veon sitting out if thats what he thinks is best for him but if I was his team mate i would be tight if he never mentioned the fact that he was going to miss games this year over this. Its ugly at this point and it is what it is but with the money we already spend on Ben, Brown, and the line it would be irresponsible to pay another offensive guy big money with our defense struggling this bad.
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    No no no. You don't let him go. Not right now, at least. You're basically saying you're washing your hands of him if you release him. That's the absolute LAST thing you do to him right now.
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    You misunderstand. Crashing back down to Earth in terrific fashion is part of the Fitzmagic.
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    Scum slip? Not reading? Just baffles the mind. Everyone has been telling me I'm wrong that mafia has a hit every night but pwny lays out the rest of the game assuming that, why? Did he scum slip and knows they have a hit every night, has he just not been reading. Thoughts? This also wasn’t a scum slip. I just wasn’t going to map out all the different scenarios; whether or not there was a mafia hit every night, if mafia forgot to make a move again, if someone had a protection that stopped a mafia hit, etc. because not a single one of them altered the actual point of the post. I was just mapping out the worst case scenario to give the minimum number of days civs had to get the proper lynch and showing that it didn’t matter if the other was killed or not, it allowed the civs to Lynch the same number of normies. I also didn’t get defensive because I was called out. @Matts4313 and @theuntouchable can both attest to the fact that I get extremely abrasive anytime someone starts using poor logic reads. @AFlaccoSeagulls might be able to as well, because I think he was on the butt end of one of my worst ones, even though it might not have been one of the worst offenses. And that’s all this was. Actually @James might be able to as well if he remembers - back several years ago he asked a question and it was the first time I had taken my Adderall prescription and I ended up writing him a novel that addressed his question and then like 20 other topics. If I can soapbox here for a bit. Civs don’t win off dumb reads. I’ve been paying a little attention to the games even if I haven’t played them all. People keep puffing up their chest how they got a read right, but almost every time I see it, it’s off of faulty logic and a lucky guess. More often than not, people are throwing crap at a wall by themselves and forcing it to stick. Rarely are there good lynches anymore. It used to be even if a civ was lynched, it was off of good information and it gave the civs answers. Now it just is completely haphazardly done and civs just walk themselves into a hole. There was a game years ago that Matts said he couldn’t get lynched early and I led a lynch on him day 1 just to show him he was wrong. And now I wish he was right. Constantly n2 lynches on active and engaging players like Matts and malf that not only play well but push others to play well every game is a big reason civs are losing every game (and yes, I realize I’m saying this after civs finally won by lynching a mafia Matts N2). I’d keep going because of the addy, but I don’t want to soapbox too much.
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    Remember when that long time poster quit being a fan because we drafted Mayfield? 😂 That is all.
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    Maybe you need to calm up.
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    Today's NFL is a game of matchups and the Packers are very lucky to have that young trio. They all bring something different to the table. King and Alexander are both kinda freaks but come from a very different mold and Jackson is just one hell of a football athlete. Alexander and Jackson were both mine and graded high for the molds. King is the one that's extremely hard to find if he can put it all together though. His movement at length is RARE. By all accounts he wants to be great also. Alexander is an emotional fireplug and hell on wheels with the ball in his hands. Jackson just flat out finds ways to impact football games week in and week out. He's also a pro's pro in every way. Don't overlook the fact this group all tackle well either. Huge plus when you run that dime/dollar at the pace this DC has in the past. Especially that dollar look! I think you have the freak, the fireplug, and the football player!!!
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    I'll say this. After watching the Chargers/Bills game yesterday from beginning to end, I was impressed by the fight in that team. I know everyone is making fun of them because Vontae Davis quit at halftime, but that team played hard. Their defense stepped up as the game went on and they got good pressure. The problem I see for the team, which I won't really criticize them for is they are facing some massive growing pains with their young guys. Tremaine Edmunds looks lost at LB, and Josh Allen while talented has a long way to go at QB. Tyrod Taylor was not the answer, and I don't blame them from moving on from mediocrity. Doesn't mean Josh Allen is the answer, but at least they are trying. I'd rather the Bills play their young guys and take their lumps, than bring in a veteran who has no future with the team. This is a "Trust the Process" season for them. Also, their OL decisions were terrible...
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    11-5/12-4? Are you a Bears fan perhaps or just an illegal substance fan?
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    I appreciate the kind words from all of you. Two years ago I was a psl and season ticket holder for the Titans and now I’m cooped up in upstate NY trying to beat this thing . I’ll eventually be back I’m confident in that but for now the Sunday ticket will have to do. All this being said if there’s one thing I hate more then this cancer it’s the Jags. So let’s Titans up and give them a taste of there own medicine in there house.
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    You could have went Turdbisky, but went with Trusucky? Lame rammy.
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    Just a desperate money grab. No reason whatsoever to justify getting a salary for work you don't do anymore. And I'm all for pushing for better health benefits for players post-retirement, but it's self-serving to say that hall of famers specifically deserve that, and not just players in general.
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