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    So they get hit with a slap on the wrist after being caught for the 7th+ time. And this is why they continue to cheat.
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    Everyone prepare for this thread to devolve into a 50 page argument of Patriots fans explaining what “really” happened to everyone else and why it “actually isn’t cheating”, and fans of teams that have lost big games to them in the past explaining how this isn’t a big enough punishment... ......like the last 5 times we’ve done this lol
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    Pretty racist, man. The current name is an old time slur, and the logo is a stereotyped charicature of an oppressed people who were victims of a genocide. I would say the “idiots” are the ones who get upset about people not wanting outdated racism as normal in pop culture giants like the NFL. doubling down and wanting the same logo but calling them savages is just totally off base and as an indigenous person I find it pretty damn offensive, and it seems like a concentrated effort to be hurtful and racist on your part. Edit* I see you derailed the other thread with even worse inappropriate and hateful language. Can we please give this guy a ban? The response I want to give vs the one I am giving is much further down the line of calling a spade a spade. There’s not grasping the issue, then there’s this.
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    You've already got one locked. If you can't jump into this discussion without veering in this direction, don't join the discussion.
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    Name them after the nastiest thing in their area The Washington Lobbyists
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    Has some more noise to it this time. Never say never.
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    Good, now keep it at 2 forever.
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    We're done here. @BleedTheClock - you should know better, so this will earn you a WARNING.
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    The more damning reasons to change it are the documented impact that negative connotations in media have on Native American populations. The American Psychological Association has presented research on this for years. Here's their (very well sourced, scathing) statement on it: https://www.apa.org/about/policy/mascots.pdf
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    Ah, he's talking about the same guy that missed out on 14.5M and then didn't get the contract he was looking for in FA the following year. Yep, that logic makes sense now.
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    What's the first rule of fight club?
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    Lol. It's not Chris Jones' responsibility to take less money just because the league artificially depresses player wages through the salary cap. He's got his ring, and it's a business. Careers are short and he probably only has one shot at this kind of payday. Wanting to get paid what he's worth doesn't mean he doesn't care about winning, it just means he's not a rube.
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    ....so they def signed him today to distract from this, right?
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    Welp, that's a bomb detonated in the epicenter of the league, if he's healthy.
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    Did I say illegally? Stupid autocorrect.
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    If there's an NFL season and the NFL doesn't come up with a fair and affordable streaming option in light of COVD-19, I'm going to continue streaming them illegally like I have for a long time.
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    Unfortunately, the reason there's only a "minuscule percentage" of Native Americans is because we systematically wiped them out, committing genocide. Now you're suggesting that because we were so successful in our heinous treatment of Native Americans, the "minuscule percentage" remaining shouldn't have a voice ? I can't abide by that sentiment If you want to launch a crusade against political correctness, knock yourself out. But you're way off base on this one Its time to change the name and the littlest telemarketer can profit off all the new merchandise - after all $$ is the only language he speaks fluently
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    I don’t think it’s a slippery slide either. Could you imagine a team called the “Darkskins” that has a picture of an African Warrior as the logo? Or a team called “Yellowskins” that has a feudal Japan stereotype as the the logo. Tangibly there is no difference. It is a stereotype of a skin color for the name and then using imagery of another culture. It’s not like the Vikings using the actual name of a group of people. It’s an appearance based name based on a stereotype white people created. There’s no acceptable equivalent
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    I think it actually has more noise each time. This could be the straw. I won't go too deep into this because it will derail it and get it locked, but yes, many Native Americans are offended by it. I don't have a leg to stand on in the argument other than "but it's always been my favorite team's name." Kind of a stupid counter argument. So, change it. Be done with it. Move on from the controversy. The sooner you do, the sooner you move forward. Hell, the Wizards survived it. There were butts in the seats when they were winning in the Arenas days. WINNING changes everything.
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    You mean like in 2018 when he got 15.5 sacks? Is that good?
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    tbh, Jones should get $20MM. He's one of the best DEs in football, and if Buckner was worth $21MM/year, Jones signing his contract after means he should be getting $20MM. Even if you think Buckner is better, they're in the same tier, and in the NFL that means the latest guy to sign gets paid the most. But he said Le'Veon Bell so everyone is going to just knee-jerk to the owners side.
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    I really under appreciated this league with how much effort I was putting into BDL and Mafia. But I really like this group of posters and I really like the setup and everything Nacho has built. For something to last this long on an internet site is incredible.
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    Didn't deserve OROY for starters.
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    You said Lamar Jackson being a starting-level QB in this league was insane, and he won the MVP the next year. I don’t think you’re very qualified to rule on how likely or unlikely the prospects of future MVPs are for, like, the next 5 years probably.
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    Other countries also wore masks and knocked down the transmission. We can't even handle that simple task So when I say "no easy answers" , I'm referring to implementation in our exceptional country filled with exceptional citizens, exceptional politicians and exceptional lobbyists.
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    You understand that HoF HC Jimmy Johnson did the same thing during his tenure in Dallas, right? https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/cowboys/2015/09/12/troy-aikman-jimmy-johnson-filmed-signals-as-head-coach-of-the-dallas-cowboys/ Or how about Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher, for letting a steroids culture take over Pittsburgh, on their way to five SBs? https://yourteamcheats.com/PIT Or Jerry Rice - the greatest receiver of all time - and his admission to using Stickum, a banned substance? https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2356830-jerry-rice-admits-to-using-illegal-stickum-on-gloves-during-career So, that's the 70s Steelers, 80s 49ers and 90s Cowboys. Each "dynasty" was aided in some capacity, no different than the '00/'10 Patriots. So if we're vacating HoF spots for this, get your U Haul ready - there are a lot of things that need to be removed from Canton.
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    Its a legitimate concern and one posed by many, so I'll offer some comments. Gilead is not run by saints and they've had their share of mis-steps in pricing drugs over the years. They've not been a great corporate citizen in some cases, but they are also not the bad guys they are made out to be from my view. ( I don't work for them and I don't own their stock) Rams99 pointed out that drug $$ is a very complex issue, and it is. Gilead's treatment for Hepatitis C came out at $84,000 per person and people were understandably freaked out. That's an insane amount of $$ for a drug. But what happened is that the health insurance companies had changed the way they reimburse for new medicines. In the past, they'd pay for the latest and greatest even if it only offered a marginal upgrade vs the Standard of Care. So that meant lots of "me too" drugs going after the same patient population. Ten slightly different versions of the same cholesterol or blood pressure med and they'd fight over market share. That's not really helping humanity So the health insurance companies said, "we are going to pay for performance and value. If you can't deliver significantly better results, we won't pay for your shiny new drug " About that time, Gilead came out with their Hep C treatment that actually cured people. No more meds. No more treatments, no scans, no hospital visits, no liver transplants etc. Based on health economics - it was vastly cheaper to spend $84 K and cure those patients. Gilead didn't make those rules, but they surely used them to their advantage. As any for- profit company would. Back to COVID Gilead was given a $37.5 million federal grant for development of Remdesivir, but that is only a tiny fraction of the money they invested to bring it to market. Most new meds come in around $ 1 billion in clinical/regulatory/mfg costs. More for some, less for others but that's a fair number. So its not really fair to say " We already paid for the R&D" on Remdesivir More economics: They have to patent that Remdesivir molecule the second they think they have something useful and that buys them 20 years of exclusive sales on that drug before it goes generic. However, new drugs take between 10-15 years in clinical development, so they frequently only have a few years of sales left to cover all those costs, both for the winners and the losers before they go generic $3100 per patient for Remdesivir isn't out of line with the value it brings not only to the individual patient but to the taxpayers and communities as well. The cost of a visit to the ICU is immense by comparison, so keeping 1 patient out of there is worth it from a health economics POV. Those ICU costs are covered by insurance and those costs are passed on to all of us in our ever-growing premiums. So we are all better off with Remdesivir than without it. Yes, Gilead will earn a profit from this medicine - but they also stopped work on several of their other drugs in development and that's a steep price for them to pay. They also donated 1.4 million doses in the middle of this pandemic, that comes to over $400 million (at the proposed price) and once we add that to the ledger maybe they aren't the worst company ever. I don't really like it any more than you do, but once I understood more about it - I was more accepting of the economics.
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    Happy Independence Day to those that is applies!
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    Hello Welcome to the Rebuild Madden Sim. The Season begins MONDAY JULY 6TH. It will be my goal to post a week of games every other day. It may be more or less often depending on my business that day. During the Season Injuries are ON. You can see who is injured in the Stats and Game Results Doc. I will process any depth chart change and IR requests every 4 weeks (Weeks 4, 8, 12 and 16 and before each playoff game) When you put a player on IR during the regular season or playoffs, Madden will autofill your roster with a player. I will be open to rule changes and suggestions after the first year of the sim. During the Offseason We will try this year 1 and if we want to make changes, we can discuss them AFTER we do one offseason to see how it goes. I will let you know at the conclusion of each season which players contracts are up. You will be able to select KEEPERS. These players I will resign on your roster. All other free agents you have will go into the free agent pool and will be bid on by user and CPU teams. I will also let you know if anyone has retired Years 1 and 2- 5 keepers Years 3 and 4- 4 keepers Years 5 and beyond- 3 keepers Free Agency Bidding I turned Salary Cap off to avoid the headache in roster creation, but you won't be able to hog wild. You will be capped on the number of players you can bid on and the amount you can spend. You will only be able to put in 1 bid. If you get outbid, than you get outbid. Year 1- 1 bid $5 million cap Year 2- 2 bids $8 million cap Year 3- 3 bids $10 million cap Year 4- 4 bids $15 million cap Year 5 and beyond- 5 bids $20 million cap The Draft I think the best way to do it, is LIVE together one night if possible. If you can't make it, I will take a big board from you or you can let Madden auto draft. I will let you know the player name, positions and round projection for each player. Year 1 has real 2021 college players, after that they are auto generated players. Post Draft Free Agency You can fill your roster here and we will do it on site through a draft in reverse order based on last seasons record. We will draft until each team has 63. (53 active roster 10 PS) Remember only 2020 rookies and later can be on the PS Practice Squad Madden has a 10 player practice squad. This will be autofilled year 1. After that, you may fill with 2020 rookies or players you draft. You will have the option of putting players on your active roster or on the PS after the draft. A player you draft can stay on your PS for a max of 2 years after that, he must go on your active roster or released to free agency. Trades There will be no trades Year 1. Let me get a handle on things first.
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    Average young QB who based on his progress and potential, could very well sink to be one of the mediocre 'franchise' QBs in the league next year. No hype all facts G.
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    It's like every square is a rectangle. You can call all dual threats mobile, but not all mobile QBs are dual threats.
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    Washington Savages. Keep the mascot the same. Washington Indians. I'm so annoyed that a bunch of PC idiots are forcing a team to change its name. Dumb.
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    The Washington Capitalists. The mascot can be a pig. Or a boar, I guess.
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    Keep it redskins and just make your mascot a red skinned potato. Can sell all red potato based food at the stadium as a novelty. Snyder loves that $$
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    So, I'm a full-blood Luiseño, and personally, I'm not offended by the term "Redskin." I used to be, but sadly, I guess I've been desensitized to racial slurs towards Native Americans over time. Same thing with the stereotypes that we're all drunks who live on the Rez and just take our handouts from Casinos. I've heard so many people say crap like that, and now I just kind of ignore it. I know a lot of people in the tribe who are absolutely offended by it, though. But yeah, as was pointed out earlier, Native Americans make up a RIDICULOUSLY small percentage of the population. It's also fair to point out that a majority of Native Americans probably AREN'T offended by the term Redskin, as many Native Americans are Cherokee, i.e. many of their ancestors bred heavily with colonists, usually far back, and so, even if they accept Cherokee culture, many don't have the physical features of any Native American tribe. Anyways, back on subject, I like the Redskins and don't mind their name anymore, but I know first-hand how people can get offended by it. It would be like having a team called the "Washington Savages" with their current mascot. Again, that's a slur that I heard a lot growing up, usually because some kids picked it up from TV and started using it on me, but now it's kind of just a word to me. However, many people would be offended by it. So a change is probably due. I'm in love with the name "Washington Pigskins."
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    The Entire Non-American World One Month into the Pandemic : Lets make sure we socially distant, wear masks, enforce quarantine, support our most vulnerable. All for the greater good. The USA 5 Months in into the Pandemic: "Wearing a mask can cause Carbon Dioxide damage or grow fungus. Also here is a fake "no mask card" I printed from Facebook. Why hasn't Bill Gates been arrested yet?
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    Sean is the better coordinator, Doug is the better leader. Also, Doug is 2-0 vs McVay, and has a SB ring. That being said, I will ask for Doug to be fired no less than 4 times during the season and I would do the same if Sean was our coach.
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    Is this about filming the Bengals sideline? This is old news. Who cares?
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    Frogstradamus was the correct answer.
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    Well the bills had a good run this spring.
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    Reading this thread, I'm shocked at how many people think Jarrett Stidham should somehow start over a former league MVP and a guy who made Carolina competetive over the past decade. Seriously, people. Jarrett Stidham is not an NFL QB.
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    Lets Goo!! I'm a cam fan this is great
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