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    He’s been needing a promotion for a while now. Good for him. He should hire a HC first and foremost.
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    Classic example of why you should always submit a resume even when you don't meet all the job requirements.
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    San Diego will be re-zoning the school districts to compensate for the move shortly.
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    Clearly their 2-2 record and 4 games into Jones's and Haskins's rookie season is the appropriate time for Gettlemen to flex on all the haters.
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    it's gotta be for Lamar Jackson. With Gurley's knee, the Rams need a good RB.
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    I stand by Trent. I too vow to never play for the Washington Redskins. You can hold me to that.
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    On a serious note, I can say there was no happy ending for Robert Kraft this time.
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    Also thoughts and prayers to the real victims here: the guys who drafted Luck in fantasy football.
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    Because the random number generator spit out 8 this time.
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    How isnt Cleveland an option? They’ve been waiting more than two decades.
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    I just think that you better be really freaking sure about the guy you are hiring to replace him because for all his flaws, Andy is a heck of a good coach, and what he does is not easily replaced by some schlub off the streets.
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    Marcus Mariota sucks. That’s a fact.
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    One might say Devonta is a free man.
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    Benching him in the first place was stupid as hell.
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    With the Pats dynasty dead, he can rest now.
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    Incorrect. The chiefs once received AJ Jenkins.
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    going postal makes it seem like he killed a bunch of people not that he was just a drunken moron.
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    Seahawks destoryed the chiefs in this trade
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    It's a bit early to say that he's a #1 overall pick, but he's thriving in a system that has its roots in the Gulf Coast Offense. I don't think anybody who watched Burrow last year thought he lacked the size, athleticism, or arm strength to be a NFL QB. However, he was a first-year starter playing in an archaic offense. Even then, he wasn't awful. He showed promise. In a modernized, pro-style offense, he's tearing it up this year. So yes, I think it's quite reasonable to look at his accuracy, decision making, physical traits, leadership traits, and mental acuity and see a guy who has the goods. Frankly, Van, you're offering a ridiculous opinion.
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    We get it. He’s attractive but how do you feel about him as a QB?
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    He should be banned from having an offseason.
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    We wouldn't have been able to draft Baker if we took Brady. Just incredible foresight there.
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    Gotta love it when millionaires encourage people to "keep your head up". It usually makes the rest of us feel a lot better. It reminds me of Baby Boomer advice:
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    I mean, it makes sense. New England clearly felt it needed a one game rental to finally get a win in Miami. Felt like paying a few million was worth it. They playing 4d chess
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    I don't want to be those things so I'll agree with anything you say.
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    Cincinnati needs to be careful, Burfict might cut 'em back.
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    Derrick Henry is the new face of the NFL
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    You’re just asking for every response to be about breaking the fumbles record. Why do you do this??
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    O/U 2.5 game suspension for Brady, 2nd round pick fine for the Pats
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