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  1. Please remember that our sponsors cover the costs of running this forum. Without ads there wouldn't be a forum. We will try to make the ads as unobtrusive as possible. You should not see any kind of app redirects, downloads or other invasive or obnoxious ads. Ads should not cover the content or break the layout. If an ad is doing this on your browser, it is due to a technical issue with the advertisement or a problem with your browser, computer, or phone. Try rebooting your computer or phone to see if that solves the issue. If that doesn't work send me a PM and I will look into it. Do not discuss the ads on the forum. Please stay on topic.
  2. Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be runningbacksDon't let 'em ruin knees and never get paidLet 'em be quarterbacks and cornerbacks and suchMamas don't let your babies grow up to be runningbacks
  3. Earlier in this topic I told many of you to drop the politics and discuss basketball. Unfortunately, a handful of you ignored me and as a result I'm now forced to hand had out warnings and a few bans to a couple members who have repeatedly violated our forum rules. @dtait93 has been banned for three months for repeatedly violating our forum rules. I have personally warned him numerous times and he continues to ignore every warning. In every topic that devolves into political bickering he is involved. @Thelonebillsfan has been banned for three months. He's another member that has been warned numerous times to not discuss politics. He's been given a one month ban in the past, yet still ignores our forum rules and is always involved in every political discussion. Everyone else who discussed politics in this topic is receiving a warning. I specifically mention the following members who were most active in the discussion and violated the forum rules numerous times. @DawgX @redsoxsuck05 @champ11 @Spartacus @TheRealMcCoy All of you are receiving a final warning. Your next rule violation will result in a ban.
  4. I'll be reviewing this topic and handing out warnings and bans shortly.
  5. @Kirill here is a warning for rule violations.
  6. If anyone has more questions or comments about forum administration, they can send me a PM. Keep all further comments to basketball in this forum.
  7. As I said when I shut the site down, those actions didn't change the forum rules.
  8. Has nothing to do with "ad money". We'd make a lot more money if we exploited all the tragedy going on like every other media outlet. Politics and everything going on in the world is a lot more important than sports and what we focus on at FootballsFuture.com, but that doesn’t mean we should discuss these things here. In fact, many members need a politics free zone now more than ever. Most media outlets use political divide to boost ratings. Almost every social media site is nothing but political talk. This site will remain politics free.
  9. Our forum rules are still in effect. No race or political discussion. Stick to basketball.
  10. @Thelonebillsfan here is a warning for insults. @Mesa_Titan here is a warning for trolling and political comments. Everyone stop the bickering and get back to baseball.
  11. For safety and privacy, no personal information allowed on the forum.
  12. You've been warned over and over again for rule violations. Yet you still ignore the forum rules and continue to insult members and make inappropriate posts. As a result, I'm forced to ban you for a month. After a month is over you'll need to email me to be reinstated and let me know you understand the forum rules and will follow them moving forward.
  13. His account was made on the old forum. This forum software throws an error if I edit names to less than three characters. If you want to discuss further, send me a PM. Use this topic for name change requests only.
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