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  1. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    @samgurl775 has returned! A woman on FF?!?! Must be a full moon or something today. Now where is @BornToFly?
  2. Tennessee vs Carolina: Preseason Week 2

    The Panthers forum has been slow for a while. We are hoping with the update a few of the old members will return and the members that are still around post more in the Panthers forum. If you want to boost activity, the best thing you can do is be active yourself. Don't hesitate to start new topics, reply to existing topics, 'like' posts from members who are contributing. 'Follow' the forum by clicking the Follow button on the Panthers main forum page and get notices when there is new content.
  3. Your Top 25 Rankings

    I don't mind if you guys have a little fun with memes. But when it's just 10 animated gifs and no football discussion it's just going to kill any good football discussion. Also, your gif was a little too graphic for the forum. All embedded content need to be PG. Let's get back to football and focus on the topic. If anyone has comments or questions about forum administration they can PM me or a mod.
  4. GDT Sign up thread

    A lot of other forums have fun with the game day topics. It's a good way to build community. Sign up and be in charge of the game day topic for that week. Make it a feature with in-depth pregame analysis or just a quick note about the game. The choice is up to you. Maybe your game day topic will bring the Bears luck.
  5. Your Top 25 Rankings

    How about instead of just posting a bunch of memes (which I removed) we actually talk football? A meme here or there is fine, but when there is no football discussion added it just turns a topic to garbage. Debate and discuss rankings. Post your own. Just stay on topic and keep it to football.
  6. I didn't see a GDT, so I guess I'll start one. I know it's only preseason, but you guys have a primetime game tonight. Who is watching? @domepatrol91 @whodatworm23 @Raves @navysaintsfan @Breesus mode @SSK @BossierWhoDat @sammymvpknight @Jlowe22 @tyler735 @Mid Iowa What are you hoping to see tonight from the Saints? Any position battles or rookies you'll be watching?
  7. Preseason GT #2: Lions vs Jets

    Sorry, didn't mean to leave out anyone, but you didn't list the Lions as your favorite team in your profile. Update your profile to be listed in the Lions fans search. How about I give you a 'like'? We cool now?
  8. Surprised there isn't a GDT to discuss tonight's game. Who is watching it? Let's discuss the game.
  9. Preseason GT #2: Lions vs Jets

    Thanks for creating a gameday topic. We need to get the Lions fans posting in here again. Who's watching the game tonight? @X_Factor_40 @Sllim Pickens @detfan782004 @davisblack @IDOG_det @LionsFTW @FootballPhreak @1King @ahoda @CalLionsFan @Lions017 @EhJae @rob_shadows @SovereignNazgul Post here while you watch tonight.
  10. Preseason Week 2 - Chiefs vs Bengals

    It's only preseason, so get some rest. Watch the replay and tell us your thoughts on the game tomorrow.
  11. Who is watching this game tonight? @KC_Guy @Chiefs_5627 @Chiefer @onejayhawk @Jakuvious @samsel23 @kingseanjohn @mayanfootball It will be interesting to see Patrick Mahomes throw again tonight. Who are you guys looking forward to seeing?
  12. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    I didn't see a GDT for tonight's game. Who's watching this game tonight? @Bobby816 @doumeyer @Jag68Sid87 @Jetsfandan423 @NewAge @NJerseypaint @rickyt31 @Sapo28 @xenajets @GreenShore @Jetfan66 @Bianconero @Rich51 @Dr.O @rdelaney89 @ekill08x What players are you hoping to see good things from? Any rookies or position battles that could be interesting tonight?
  13. Just one game on the schedule for tonight. Vikings at Seahawks
  14. Who's watching the game tonight? @showtime @Meeker @SoS @animaltested @Seachickens @imani What are you guys hoping to see in tonight's game against the Vikings?
  15. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Don't have an alt account. I spend 12+ hours a day on here administrating the forum. Do you think I'd want to spend my free time posting with an alt account? I do enjoy football and play fantasy football so I read and enjoy many of the posts on the forum while working here.