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  1. Your 2019 MVP: Russell Wilson

    It is. Don't discuss race on this forum.
  2. Best broadcast team in football?

    @footbull3196 has been permanently banned.
  3. The Myles Garrett incident

    How about we all just be civil to one another and discuss the topic.
  4. The Myles Garrett incident

    Here is a warning for inappropriate comments.
  5. The Myles Garrett incident

    Removed some off-topics jokes. Stay on topic please.
  6. The Myles Garrett incident

    How long will Garrett be suspended? Will anyone else face a suspension?
  7. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Let's keep this topic about the first 59 minutes of the game. Here is a topic to discuss Myles Garrett -
  8. The Myles Garrett incident

    Let's try this again. Obviously members want to discuss this topic. Let's keep all the discussion in here and keep it civil. Any insults or trolling will result in a quick ban. Don't derail other topics in NFL general with Myles Garrett discussion.
  9. What to do about Myles Garrett

    @Forge asked @FourThreeMafia to stop the insults and was ignored. As a result I'm forced to ban him for two weeks.
  10. NFL arranges workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

    I doubt this will stay open long. But we'll give it a shot. Keep your comments to football.
  11. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    It was removed. We don't discuss bans or forum administration. If you have comments or questions you can PM a moderator.
  12. GDT: Chiefs -3.5 (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

    Kookie23 has been banned for a month.
  13. Is Dwayne Haskins is the new Akili Smith?

    This is not appropriate. Don't post like this in the future.
  14. 2019 trade deadline.

    If he's been trolling by doing this, then that needs to stop as well. Anymore comments or questions about forum administration can be addressed to your moderator with a PM.
  15. 2019 trade deadline.

    This garbage needs to stop. Do not insult members. Everyone keep your comments to football or don't post.