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  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    This topic is about to be locked again. Drop the insults. Stop the veiled political comments. Stop the bickering. We all know who are the conservatives and who are the liberals on this forum. Most of you have been posting here for a decade. There is no reason to keep up the back and forth political bickering. You aren't going to change each others minds and no one else wants to read about it. Stop it now.
  2. I don't expect to see 80,000 fans in attendance by September, but I expect we will see football. They now have a 45 min test for covid-19. If the virus is still raging in September, I could see testing the entire NFL on game day. Anyone who tests positive will be quarantined. Everyone else will play in front of a TV audience. I'm sure there will need to be testing during the week and maybe even have players isolated. It will be costly and inconvenient for the players and league, but many will do it if it's possible. We can keep this topic open if it stays focused on how the NFL will handle the Coronavirus. Do not use this topic for general discussion of the Coronavirus.
  3. I politely explained the reason for the no politics rule. The rule is not changing. It’s not up for discussion anymore. Any additional comments or questions about forum administration can be discussed over PM.
  4. You need to drop this now. It's not funny anymore.
  5. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Every post of yours is filled with profanity. This one is especially egregious. Please knock it off.
  6. No that is not the goal. The goal is quality football discussion. I allow the non-football discussion to help build community. However, Politics is far too polarizing and will just cause conflicts that will leak into the other topics if allowed. Many members are very happy with the no politics rule. They enjoy having a place to discuss football without the political bickering found on most social media. I also have no desire to moderate political discussion. The “no politics rule” won’t be changed.
  7. With politics it is never that easy and why we have always banned political talk. Conservatives will think you are being a "jerk" if you bash Trump. Liberals will call you a "jerk" if you support Trump. Moderates just think both sides are being a "jerks" and don't want to hear the same tired bickering over and over again. How am I supposed to moderate that? No that isn't my response. I have allowed coronavirus topics to go on far longer than any other controversial topic that becomes political. I'm still allowing them. I'm just telling people I don't want to hear the political arguments. I don't want to have to police the political garbage. I'm allowing the coronavirus talk because it is important and trying my best to keep the political bickering from drowning all the helpful, informative, supportive information. This forum makes very little money in the best of times... now the advertising doesn't even support the cost to run it. Not sure if you are aware, but there isn't much demand to advertise for goods and services when everyone is locked in their homes. I'm not doing this job for any money right now. But sure, paint me as the evil money hungry webmaster who enforces the rules because he just wants you to be miserable.
  8. I assume this is a joke, but let's just drop it and move on. Thank you.
  9. I agree. I should have been a little nicer in my request to stop the political talk. However, I'm getting tired of chasing down all the political talk in the coronavirus discussions on the forum. I don't want to stop members from sharing information and supporting each other during this crisis, but the forum rules still apply. Also, I don't read every post on the forum and I was not even aware of the political talk in this topic until it was reported to me by a Browns fan. So while a handful of you are OK with the discussion there are other Browns members who do not want to read it. So, I need to do my job and enforce the rules. Finally, if anyone has more questions or comments about forum administration or rules, please send me a PM. P.S. Let's drop the talk about strippers.
  10. We will try this for a third time. As has been said over and over again, no politics allowed. Everyone has been warned numerous times. No more reminders. @bucsfan333 and @MrDrew will give out warnings to anyone who violates the rules in this topic.
  11. Drop the political discussion now. If it continues, I'll be forced to lock this topic and give out warnings and bans.
  12. Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Stop all the political talk. Some of the same members keep doing it over and over again. I'm going to have to start giving out warnings and bans if it continues. I'll lock this up for a little while.
  13. Sean Payton tests positive for Covid-19

    Please keep the comments focused on football. This isn't the place to discuss general coronavirus news.
  14. NFL/XFL/CFB and COVID-19

    This topic hasn't been about football in a long time. If there are updates from the NFL about schedule changes or other NFL news that is caused by the coronavirus someone can start a new topic to discuss it in the news forum.
  15. Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Let's keep all the Coronavirus discussion in here. Please keep politics out of this topic.