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  1. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Here is a warning to just about everyone who was involved in the mess of the last few pages. I don't have the time or patience to sort through it right now. I'll look through it later and see if anyone deserves a ban. As for this topic, I just think we should kill it. Too many forums here are getting these big general topics. This is a bad idea. They are hard to follow, get off-topic, and are difficult to moderate. The worst thing is that they kill activity. Instead of starting a new topic, members just post something in here and it gets discussed by a few and then dies. This is why a lot of the team forums have less activity. The forums that keep everything in a general "off-season" or "season talk" topic are becoming ghost towns. Check out the Rams forum for example. You go in there and the place is dead because they keep all talk in basically one topic. No one wants to join in. TAST is another example. It has suffered from this too with the popular WAYTA topic. I don't want the same thing happening to NFL general. I've been thinking of this for a while. I agree that every random thought shouldn't be a new topic, but members should start new topics for good discussion and these big general topics aren't good for the health of the forum.
  2. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    Looks like we are done. No one wants to discuss football. If the NFL or the Patriots take action, then we can open a new topic and try to keep the discussion to football.
  3. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    Keep the comments to football.
  4. Not much football discussion and a lot of sarcastic trolling comments. I think we are done here.
  5. Individual Game Threads in NFL General

    Thanks for the feedback. In general, I encourage members to not lump everything in one topic. However, the NFL general forum is the exception. It is very busy and we don't want topics for every game in there. We have multiple forums for a reason. If you want to discuss an individual game you should go to a team forum. During preseason, it might be a little slow, but during the regular season most team forums are very active with game day discussion. Each team forum will have a GDT. Also, we will have topics for primetime games in the general forum during the regular season. As for news, having all the news in one forum makes it easy for members to see all the headlines. The news would get lost in NFL general. Also, the NFL News forum is more strictly moderated to make sure topics stay focused on the news. The NFL news forum is a valuable source of information for 1000s of members and we don't want the topics derailed.
  6. How are you watching the NFL this year?

    Already seeing discussion of illegal streams. That is strictly forbidden here. This will be your one and only warning. Do not post links to streams, full game recaps, or any kind of unauthorized recounts of NFL games. Do not post instructions on where to get a stream. Members who do this will be banned.
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Stop insulting members of the forum.
  8. "Advanced issues found" when quoting?

    I can't reproduce this error and you seem to be the only one having this issue. My guess is that it has something to do with your browser. Maybe you have some unique add-ons or other functions that are causing it. Try to disable any add-ons. Update your browser. Try another browser. Try another device.
  9. Advice wanted

    It's also a spammer. The asking for advice and using a pretty female avatar are just a way to get you to visit his link. Also, if you get an email from a Nigerian prince, be careful he might not actually be a real prince.
  10. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    @boratt has been banned for two weeks for inappropriate comments. His comments and replies quoting them have been removed. Please PM a mod if you have comments or concerns about forum administration. Let's get back to football.
  11. NFCN Rivals - Packers Thread

    @soulman I don't know who removed your post or what was in it, but you can contact your moderators via private message (PM) to find out more. However, insulting members and calling them an "obnoxious ***" is a rule violation and not allowed here. Please don't do it again. Everyone else, if you believe that someone is trolling you should contact your forum moderators @CBears019 or @Madmike90 and let them handle it. Do not derail the topic arguing about who is trolling. Do not insult members who you think may be trolling. Let's get back to the topic and to football. Any more questions or comments about forum administration should be addressed in a PM to your forum moderators.
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    The garbage topics need to stop. Also, a few of you need to watch the inappropriate comments. I will start handing out warnings if this continues. Comments or questions about forum administration should be done via PM to a moderator.
  13. 2019 Name Change Requests - Open till July 28

    Not a single reply in this topic has followed the directions of this topic. Please stop the discussion. Don't be polite and say please and thank you. Don't tell me why you are changing your username. Just post your new username only. I don't want to sort through it all to find the username requests.
  14. If you would like your username changed, please make a post in this topic with your new username request. Just post your new username. Do not quote me. Do not discuss usernames. Do not ask questions. I will leave this open till July 28 and get to the name changes as I have time. It might take a few hours or it could be a week. Do not repost your request. After July 28, I won't be doing any more name changes. I just don't have time once the season starts. If this goes smoothly, I plan on making this an annual event. A few guidelines. One name change only You can not use banned usernames or previously used names. For example if I change my name to 'Webby' you can't request 'Webmaster'. Do not PM me about name changes. If you missed the deadline, you'll need to wait till we do this next year.
  15. Here is a warning for the insult. Everyone stop bickering and discuss the game.