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  1. TNF: Eagles @ Panthers

    knock it off. Stop with this garbage.
  2. Friendly (non-official, it won't go on anyone's permanent record, just don't do it again, pretty please with sugar on top) warning
  3. Here's a friendly warning to everyone. Do not do that again in NFL general. Now let's move on and get back to the game.
  4. TNF: Eagles @ Panthers

    Let's stop discussing fans and get back to discussing the game. Keep it to football or don't post.
  5. TNF: Eagles @ Panthers

    Here is a warning. Read the forum rules.
  6. Signature and Avatar Guidelines

    @Quark3 your avatars were removed because they looked like selfies. Members are not allowed to post real pictures of themselves on the forums or use them in avatars, sigs, profiles, etc. Member should not post any personal information on this forum.
  7. At the beginning of the season there were some members wondering if the Jets were purposely tanking and many thought they would struggle to win a game. After 5 weeks they are in a first place tie in the AFC East. Giants fans had high hopes and a playoff run seemed likely. Now at 0-5 and a host of injuries they could be facing a lost season. Which New York team has been the bigger surprise?
  8. Fantasy Football Blog

    Agreed. The first couple articles were great, but I guess the guys just didn't have the time to keep it going. We're going to relaunch the blogs in a new way soon and will give members the opportunity to have their own football related blog. More info on that coming soon.
  9. Problem Liking Posts

    I bumped it up to 20. I'll continue to monitor this feature and adjust it as needed.
  10. Drop the political garbage and other off-topic nonsense. Everyone should be well aware of the forum rules. You may not discuss race, religion, politics, or sexual-orientation on these forums. This includes references in usernames, signatures, avatars, and PMs. Discuss the game or don't post. Members who can't follow our forum rules will face a ban.
  11. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Don't use this forum to swap private pictures of women, even via PM. I doubt this woman wants her pic swapped around by members of a football forum. Respect other people's privacy.
  12. Where will Drew Brees play next year?

    Very interesting idea. I wonder what the Jags fans think. @iPwn, @Adrenaline_Flux, @.Buzz, @Tugboat, @Jags
  13. Teams starting 0-2 have a difficult time reaching the playoffs. I saw a stat that said only 12% of teams starting 0-2 make the playoffs. Do any of the 0-2 teams make the playoffs?
  14. I noticed the Saints fans were discussing the possibility that both Sean Payton and Drew Brees could be gone if the Saints can't turn it around after an 0-2. If that happens, where will Drew Brees go next season? What team could he turn into a contender?