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  1. Im thinking about the fact that this forum is over 16 years old... Im thinking about how awful TAST was 16 years ago, when most of the members were teenagers... Im thinking about that kid I banned 16 years ago that was obsessed with Hannah Montana...
  2. I'm actually all the other accounts. Your account is the only other real person on this forum.
  3. Change it to Ty22. Once Ty21 takes over, he's going to make everyone change their name to Ty, so it's best to get a jump on it now. Better to be Ty22 than Ty54326.
  4. hit the wrong button... meant to ban him for the insult. Maybe next time.
  5. If you leave, don't leave nowPlease don't take my heart awayPromise me, just one more nightThen we'll go our separate waysWe've always had time on our sideNow it's fading fastEvery second, every momentWe've got to, we've gotta make it last
  6. Who is that? When you guys change your names, I can't figure out who is who. The most difficult is @Outpost31 and @FinneasGage They both changed their name at the same time, both are packers fans and they always post at the same time. I didn't even realize I was talking to them both in the last minute.
  7. waiting for you to make me an offer for the forum. Give me all that dogecoin and you can be the webmaster.
  8. FinneasGage... soon... probably... "We fight like hell. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a WAYTA anymore."
  9. Might have been a good idea tbh. Greatest number of problems happen in this topic... but at least I always know where to look first.
  10. Sounds like a good idea. @pwny can start the new one.
  11. I’ll open this up again. Please don’t discuss forum administration here. If you have comments or questions, please send me a PM.
  12. @Matts4313 has been banned for one month for inappropriate comments, inappropriate images, and posting personal information. I’ve warned him numerous times about posting his inappropriate personal stories on this forum and he went way too far and broke multiple forum rules.
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