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  1. This topic has gone way over the line. I'm locking it for the time being. @bucsfan333 can open it back up again if he wants to moderate it. If that happens any political comments, pseudo science BS links, conspiracy theories and other garbage will not be tolerated. For anyone who thinks COVID is a hoax, or the vaccine is some kind of mind control 5G chip used by Bill Gates to track us can just leave the forum. Go back to Facebook. These kinds of crazy conspiracy theories won't be debated or discussed here.
  2. Everyone, please get back to discussing basketball. Stop discussing banned members. Stop discussing forum administration. @NYRaider stop derailing topics making them all about you. If you want to leave the forum, no one is stopping you. If you want to stay, follow the forum rules and discuss basketball.
  3. I think we are done with this topic for now. There has been very little discussion about the topic. All the discussion lately has been about forum administration or what someone did or didn’t say that might or might not be a rule violation. It’s very frustrating to have topics derailed by this garbage and it is why we have rules against public discussion of forum rules and administration.
  4. Stop the bickering. Stay on topic. Keep your comments on Nassib or don’t post Use the ignore feature instead of arguing.
  5. Let’s stay on topic. We don’t need to veer off on tangents. Keep your comments focused on this specific news.
  6. I sent you a PM. This will be the last time I ask you to stop derailing the topic to discuss forum administration. From the forum rules - Do not debate or discuss forum administration on the forum. If you have questions or comments about warnings, bans, rule violations, or any other forum administration issues, you may PM a moderator.
  7. Stay on topic. If you have comments or questions about forum administration please PM a mod.
  8. @Matts4313 stop bickering with everyone. You enjoy being the troll. Knock it off.
  9. Let’s drop the religion and political discussion and stay on topic. The mods are working hard to keep this open.
  10. I've decided to open this topic up. After discussing it with some members and mods, I feel this is something that members should be allowed to discuss, even though it's not football related. Any inappropriate or insensitive comments will be removed and members banned. The mods and I will do our best to keep this open. Please help us by reporting any problems to @TheKillerNacho and @ET80 and do not engage with members who cause problems.
  11. and with the thought of @LETSGOBROWNIES in a banana hammock, I think it's time to lock this up. 😀 I'm going to give the feedback brought up by @Domesome more thought and discuss it with him and others privately. Please PM me with any feedback or ideas you have. Thank you for understanding.
  12. Feedback doesn't need to be PM'd. Discussion about forum administration needs to be PM'd. From the terms of service when you signed up and in the forum rules.
  13. I think your rule change works for race and sexual-orientation, however I don't see how it applies to religion and politics. It also probably needs more refinement. Let me give it some thought.
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