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  1. Lions vs Bears Saturday Game Day

    Discuss today's game here.
  2. @Rtnldave has been banned for a month for trolling, inappropriate comments, and numerous rule violations in this topic. I'm locking this up since there hasn't been any discussion about Wentz in pages of discussion. Your mods can start a new topic on Wentz and everyone needs to stick to football moving forward. Please remember we don't discuss banned members or forum administration.
  3. Raiders vs Chiefs GDT Playoffs or no?

    @latinraraiderfan 3 and @raidr4life have been banned for two weeks after repeated rule violations. Everyone remember to please stick to football, respect each other and keep it clean.
  4. Trump Helped Keep Bills In Buffalo?

    This happened back in 2014 and I don't see anyway this topic can stay to football. I'll leave the link up for members who want to read the article, but I'm going to lock this up.
  5. Jameis Winston Under NFL Investigation

    Everyone need to remember to stick to football and keep on topic. Do not post memes and jokes.
  6. Justice League

    @HorizontoZenith and @FourThreeMafia you two need to stop bickering back and forth and insulting each other over this. Move on and put each other on ignore.
  7. Jarvis Landry Domestic Violence Video Released

    Let's get back to football. We don't need to debate DUIs and other off-topic discussion that has nothing to do with football.
  8. Don't embed videos with inappropriate language and racial slurs.
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    This discussion is not allowed on this forum. Drop it now.
  10. Week 10 GDT

    Here's an official warning. You have been going way overboard with your 'haul' and 'eyetest' trolling. You continue to make post after post with this garbage. If it continues, you will face a ban.
  11. SNF - Patriots vs Broncos

    Discuss tonight's game here.
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Drop this garbage now. @Matts4313 stop bringing your personal information and drama onto the forum. We have rules against discusing personal information on the forum.
  13. colin kaepernick the footballer

    If this topic is going to stay open, members need to be careful to stick to football. Any inappropriate comments, discussion of race or politics will lead to warnings.
  14. colin kaepernick the footballer

    Knock it off with the trolling, inappropriate nicknames.