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  1. SNF - Cowboys vs Giants

    Discuss tonight's game here.
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    @FinneasGage you can't have animated avatars or sigs.
  3. MNF - Raiders vs Rams

    Discuss the Raiders vs Rams game.
  4. MNF - Jets vs Lions

    Discuss tonight's game here.
  5. Dak is simply a bad quarterback

    These posts are inappropriate and not allowed here. Don't post like this again or you'll face a ban.
  6. Name Change

    Yes. I'll probably do it again next summer.
  7. Steelers trade Bryant to Raiders

    At Football's Future, we don't bump topics to say 'I told you so'. As a mod, you should be well aware of this. Don't do it again.
  8. Raiders trade a fifth for QB AJ McCarron

    No. Everyone needs to remember the NFL News forum is different. Please read the forum guidelines for the NFL news forum. Members should discuss the news and keep the jokes, memes, trolling, and other garbage out of the NFL news discussion.
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Did you guys forget the forum rules? Why do I have to remove multiple political comments? If it continues, some members will be banned to start the NFL season.
  10. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — Yikes

    Knock it off. Follow the forum rules. Discuss football or don't post. Mods were forced to close the Urban topic because members couldn't discuss it without violating the forum rules. This doesn't mean you can now bring the Urban discussion to another topic and continue breaking the forum rules. Members who continue to cause problems will face warnings and bans.
  11. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Go to the forum home page. Click the arrow to 'open' the general section. Leave it open and visit a forum. Forum software should remember your settings and still be open when you return to the forum home. If it's not remembering your settings, try to clear browser cache and cookies and reboot.
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    It should be showing by default. You can close sections if you want and the next time you visit the forum home it will remember.
  13. Football is back!!! Discuss tonight's preseason game between the Bears and Ravens.
  14. General Talk Thread

    We don't discuss bans, but I will address this since TomRalph is exaggerating. I believe only two Patriot's fans received temporary bans after some egregious trolling following Superbowl 49. If anyone has more questions or concerns about forum administration, please send me a PM.
  15. FFMD

    @ny92jefferis, I didn't read the entire post yet, but I'll leave a few comments. Please don't '@' every moderator and myself over something like this in the future. That was unnecessary. As for the FFMD. I would like to see it return, but am not involved and never have been. I do know that over the years it became way too complicated and extremely difficuIf to manage. If it returns, it needs to start very simple and easy. Drop all the FA and other difficult transactions. Start with just a mock draft only and see how that goes. The main goal should be to make it fun and easy for everyone to participate. From what I've heard, TCMD is a lot of fun and @ny92jefferis , you do an amazing job with it. I encourage anyone who wants a detailed off-season sim to join it.