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  1. That post was reported to me and I removed it. There are 1000s of posts on here everyday. The mods and I don't see every rule violation. If you see a rule violation, you should report it to your forum's moderator. Any more comments or questions about forum administration should be addressed via private message to your forum moderator. Do not derail this topic with further discussion about forum rules.
  2. @NYRaider here is a warning for the rule violation. Our forum rules are clear. Do not discuss race on these forums. Everyone else, let's move on and discuss the Raiders.
  3. @aceinthehouse has been repeatedly warned not to violate the forum rules. Since he continues to ignore all warnings, I am forced to ban him for two weeks.
  4. Here’s a warning for insults and trolling. Next rule violation will result in a ban.
  5. I had to remove numerous posts for rule violations. Everyone knows that political discussion is not allowed on the forum. @vikingsrule and @Cearbhall have both earned warnings for political posts. Our forum rules are clear. https://forums.footballsfuture.com/guidelines/ Any more political comments or discussions will result in bans.
  6. I've banned both @Matts4313 and @incognito_man for a month. Both of them have been warned before, given temp bans before, and yet continue to ignore the forum rules.
  7. I'm gonna win that losers bracket now! Go J-ROB! 🥳
  8. YES!!!! So happy to see this bum gone! #FREEJAMESROBINSON
  9. We'll try to keep this topic open to discuss all the players on the COVID list. Please keep all your comments to football. Do not discuss your thoughts on anything else COVID related. Everyone is frustrated and worn out with all this COVID related news. Please remember the mods are volunteers who work hard to keep this community on-topic. If you have comments or questions about forum administration, please PM a mod to discuss it, do not derail topics on the forum.
  10. We can keep this open if members stay on topic, stick to CTE discussion and the potential impact on the NFL. For example, new safety measures, more concussion protocols, the end of tackle football etc. This will be locked if it turns into a discussion on crime and punishment, personal experiences, unqualified medical opinion, etc.
  11. There is a staff list on every page. It's under "Browse". There should also be a "Welcome" sticky in most forums with info about the current forum mods.
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