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  1. The centurion team was more dominant but I'm not sure I'd call it better. This current City incarnation is drilled and martialed across the board in a manner I'm not sure Europe has seen since Barcelona during the primes of the Spanish 5; they, and not just the choice XI but 2-3 deep in depth at almost every position, have shown a keen awareness of not only where each individual players needs to be at any given movement, but where he can expect the teammates around him to be. It's damn near streamlined-mechanical in a fashion we'd been used to seeing from the Beckenbauer West German sides (i
  2. The FA is an utter joke, completely lacking in any shred of self-awareness... or absolutely taking the piss... or, realistically, both.
  3. And most of Hall's success came while Golladay was out with that hamstring injury. Dude was running Kenny's routes and was still 3rd or 4th on Stafford's read-list to Hoeckenson, Jones, Danny Almonds, and arguably Swift once they took the reins off him. Cephus was the first guy they turned to when Golladay went down and was getting those 9's and posts.
  4. There's one thing to consider though... if you're getting a deep threat to fit Stafford's skillset, give a look to who has actually been the deep threat for him in the post-Megatron (because we're not picking in the Top 10 anytime soon - which is the kind of pick you need to get an uber-athlete the caliber of Calvin Johnson). By and large, Marvin Jones, who was the faster (track-speed) outside receiver for the Lions was utilized less as the deep-threat for the Lions and rather it was Kenny Golladay - who is not a burner; the guy ran a 4.5s forty, which was a pretty consistent time through his
  5. The price will really be the issue - $-wise - because there was already talk in-season that the Eagles were preparing to cut Ertz and move forward with Goedert as the TE1, so there would be no trading for him. Stafford utilizes the TE considerably more than Goff did - and was extremely effective when he had one that could consistently catch (drops were a huge issue for Ebron in Detroit, whereas Hoeckenson flourished there). Can Higbee be that guy? Certainly. However, if Ertz is willing to come in on one of the aforementioned rehab contracts - the vet minimum of thereabouts for a player wit
  6. It really depends. The Dolphins I could see, but they'd legitimately be burning all their recently accrued wealth of premium picks (Texans 2021 1st, Miami's own 2021 1st, Tu'a, and quite possibly at least a future 2nd). The Jets, it would really depend on how much Houston valued Sam Darnold on what's left of his rookie deal (which is what? His 5th-year option at this point?). Because if the alert that Sleeper put through today is true and, per a Panthers insider, Carolina is willing to put Christian McCaffrey on the table, it's possible that has more appeal Culley and the Texans than defin
  7. Glad to see Rumph in there, I've been a big fan of his for a while too. He's a "roster sticker" even if he may never carve himself out a regular starter's spot. My only real objection to the Kupp trade - well, along with turning around and sinking the pick obtained into another receiver, is that the receiver that Stafford has the most consistent chemistry with, at least since Megatron, (and yes, Golladay has a case) is Danny Amendola... a player who is a lot like Kupp before Cooper Kupp was Cooper Kupp. Meinerz and Mack feels a bit redundant. And yes, I get that this team continues on
  8. They're literally doing everything they can, at this point, to avoid doing a combine. And considering that the NCAA has moved the deadline to opt back in for senior or redshirt junior seasons to early March due to COVID concerns, I kind of don't blame them. Going to be a lot of guys running 4.2's and even 4.1's at their pro days or private workout this year, I figure.
  9. I think it depends on when people started supporting. The guys I started an Arsenal America chapter with in SoCal have all been supporting since the 90's like I have, one of them for longer because his parents are ex-pats from Surrey and after their divorce he spent about half his childhood across the Pond. A lot of the cats who didn't jump on board until not only post-Invincibles, but in the Fabregas-as-captain days, they're relatively spoiled and that speaks nothing of the non -European/non-US fans who not only don't understand how the logifistics work, I genuinely suspect they don't c
  10. Dear God, Arsenal have such a toxic fanbase. I'm not sure which is worse: The fact that ArsenalTwitter moans like someone just backed an F350 over their one-month-old kitten when Willian is brought on... in a match where we're leading 4-1 (and in a match ahead of a string of important matches, including midweek fixtures against Benfica with matches against City and Leicester between them). Or the fact that Bellerin can lead the side in duels-won, score a goal, and be having one of the Top 2 statistical seasons of his career, and yet ArsenalTwitter is still constantly bemoaning him being "not
  11. Also, since @Sugashaneasked in the old thread and I couldn't quote him to reply: Yes, oddly enough I have the exact same Doctorate that Shaq got. And I had to look it up, but I was actually impressed that Shaq submitted a dissertation.
  12. This just makes me feel old. I was a couple years shy of joining the site 16 years ago. But 16 years ago I still was closer to being married than I was to being a teenager. @ET80At what point do we trade in our gold pants for pimp canes? Not because they look cool or give us any kind of street cred, but because we actually need canes.
  13. Tweaked my Chimichurri sauce recipe slightly last night and dayum absolutely sang when served on ribeye. I've been substituting carrot greens for parsley for a while now in it, but I added in some celery leaves and fresh cilantro, and finished it with some fresh lime zest. Like wow!
  14. These Watt-type unantcipated free agencies are typically what have led to us being able to get some of the guys we have on the "rehab" contracts, due in larger part to a knock-on effect of another team signing the big name and as a result opting to prematurely cut ties with a guy who had underachieved for them.
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