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  1. Pretty much. If you're trading Rodgers - because it's Aaron Rodgers, even if one team thinks they're going to call your bluff there will be others that acquiesce to you demands or thereabouts - you identify at least one area/unit of your team that you know you need to improve markedly in order to give the highest probability of success to Love and whatever you deem as required to achieving that as immediately as possible, that's your floor/starting point for compensation-demand. I'm not even looking at recent QB trades (i.e. Goff, Wentz, etc.) to set the bar because none of those guys were o
  2. And I think that's naive. We heard for years about fans having confidence that their QB was going to be the guy who followed in Brady's footsteps and took less so the rest of his teammates could have more (or so his team could be able to pay weapons more) and yet when push came to shove every single one that I can remember took the new benchmark-setting contract when the opportunity presented itself. Even the guy with the celebrity/high-earning wife, which was the one argument people had to try to offset/justify Tom being willing to take less.
  3. This is true. That does mean, as I'm sure some will undoubtedly interpret it anyway, that if he were to end up on another team that he wouldn't also want the money because he feels/felt he deserved it. It really only means that when it comes to the Packers (or so he claims), there are things more important than money... or that money isn't going to fix the issue for him.
  4. Like with ACL's, modern medicine has come a long way from this injury being a career killer like it used to. I'm not saying it's a stellar likelihood that he comes back to at or better than he previously was, but 1) all reports thus far are tear (which tends to mean any of a varying degree of severity that isn't a full-blown rupture) and not an out and out rupture (if it was/is a rupture, it will be reported as such) and 2) Kevin Durant tore his Achilles at a more advanced age, in a sport where the Achilles tendon is actually tasked with doing a lot more and this is more performance-depended-
  5. I'm honest, I'm not trading for anyone unless it's a conditional pick tied to either straight production benchmarks or something we can heavily manipulate (like # of snaps; which the only we'd have the excuse to not limit would be if we're looking like a league-force). There are a number of RB's on rosters right now that I don't expect to make their final 53's - and there may well be some surprises in those names because of recent acquisitions by their teams and changes in front office staff meaning they weren't the ones who drafted these guys. Let the preseason play out some or all and mayb
  6. I'm not sure there's a worse fit for McVay's scheme than Melvin Gordon. I watched him for years, he legitimately has the vision of Mr. Magoo. If you don't utilize a FB or have a guard or tackle pulling to clearly show the path to follow, he's JAG who was propped up on production by the amount of usage he got for Wisconsin and the Chargers (if the Chargers did use one guy - and because Philip Rivers was never sent on QB sneaks - in goal line situations, resulting in high TD #'s), Gordon wouldn't have been seen by even people outside of the Chargers org as worth anymore more than the league mi
  7. Ornstein is, even if he's had a Spurs-lean of recent, as reliable an Arsenal source as it gets and the Athletic were the first to break the story - which again have really strong reliability. Nice to finally have this one done (or at least announced). Though a massive segment of our supporters are still whining incessantly about why Saliba hasn't been given a chance (two main reasons: He's 20 and Ligue 1 proven is not PL proven, and Arteta and Edu may well be managing this window with their jobs on the line, meaning they're not going to be apt to pile a boatload of trust into unproven youth)
  8. He is pretty reliable. Though it's hilarious how butthurt he gets when challenged on Twitter.
  9. Tito was/has been getting fights off solely reputation/past-glory and his mouth for a while, too. Rampage too. Frank Shamrock basically did the same. It's nothing new. Like I said, guys were doing it in pro wrestling for years - Gorgeous George pretty much wrote the actual blueprint in 50's.
  10. He's had the most success in the sport utilizing the plan, but let's not act like he designed the blueprint, even in the sport. There were, and have been, guys getting high (not "highest," since I'm fairly confident that will be what your retort is) payout fights they had less business than Conor in getting because they knew how to run their mouths and sell fights. And those guys were doing it, even in MMA, 10 years ago at least.
  11. So you're saying Andy planted the gun on him?
  12. He'd have to be Bisping'd to the point of people getting tired of seeing him get Bisping'd before he'd cease being a huge draw. It's standard-faire old school wrestling heel philosophy: People will pay to see him for the sheer hope of seeing him get his *** handed to him.
  13. Absolutely. With the both Kenny and the Bucks, I'll believe they drop the titles when it actually happens and not a moment sooner.
  14. Like you said, it should have been booked that way, but like I've said numerous times in here, it won't be because the Edmonton Albatross has too much pull. That said, I don't particularly like them pairing MJF and Sammy as a rivalry anyway - best thing for both, IMO, would be to have Sammy double-cross the Inner Circle and ally himself with MJF (should have honestly happened as the been a minor resolution to the beef between the two of them - where Sammy seemed to be the only one who saw MJF for what he was in the Inner Circle period). Sammy works best as a heel and not just because of his
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