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  1. Needs can be roles not just positions. You get that, right? All offseason long we heard people harp and harp and harp about how we had to get a field stretcher - to the extent where when one was brought in via free agency it still wasn't good enough because the guy hasn't got the best recent injury history. If you accept that the front office doesn't have to agree with us the fans as to how pressing certain positions are "needed" it's not that difficult to see where we were filling holes created by departed free agents or free agents we can likely expect to leave in the near-future beca
  2. We were largely need-based drafting, which I'm not fond of pigeonholing yourself into doing, unless you're willing to move around ALOT (up AND down), because it leaves you a bit too at the mercy of what the other teams leave for you. But, I think (and I can definitely be wrong), where we've been hitting the traditional "premium" positions that most "experts" advocate value-drafting at has been through trades. It's an acceptance that if we're going to commit high-value contracts to these players we know they're already at high performance-level at high-premium positions (QB, edge, CB). If the F
  3. Unfortunately, he's the Derek Watt to Fred's JJ/TJ.
  4. Yes, there's a mentioning of a UDFA signing in there too, but Coach Rob had the best way of summing it up:
  5. Also worth noting, and I'm nowhere near going to the length of saying I think McVay may have been coyly dropping hints there, but back when Edwards was a prospect, there was speculation in the scouting community that his best position actually could lie at center. There have also been a fair amount of Wisconsin OL prospects who have been converted to center in the pros, largely because, if I remember correctly, Wisconsin preached a total-football-ish concept on the line wherein every guy was expected to at least be familiar with playing the other positions on the line beyond just their regula
  6. I think two of the receivers we drafted are going to be more move-TE/H-Back types than traditional WR's (which if it's the case it means McVay is actually learning from past mistakes and adapting his scheme, realizing it's not God's gift to football and completely infallible). DeSean is very much here on a 1-year deal. I don't think we're going to be looking to trade the starting WR's we have, but I don't think we're going to bend over backward to re-sign them or extend them when the times comes. Kupp just got an extension recently anyway and renegotiated for a more team-friendly cap number
  7. I'm still quite iffy about the OL, but one thing that is being ignored by a lot of folks is that they feel they already made their needed addition to the OL, one Kevin Carberry. And Carberry's pedigree is pretty damn sound, he's effectively Bill Callahan Jr. Has it been a fault of Snead and McVay in the past, in my estimation, to put too much trust in the guys they previously evaluated? Yes. Is that some wholly unique thing? Hell no. GM's and head coaches all around the league do that.
  8. Maybe. To be honest, Higbee and Hopkins are the only TE's whose jobs were likely safe going into camp. And I certainly wasn't a fan, even if he was going to take up Everett's TE2 reps, of having Hopkins take up Everett's reps where he operated as our de facto FB. Jourdan put it best: We've been hammering (or I know I was and several in here agreed with me) on the team to deploy some sort of H-Back, this sounds like it could be that. Wes and Sean always did strike me as the sorts that were confident enough in their TE-coaching skills to not feel like they would have to take a spec
  9. I'm sure people are ready to crap all over the Garrett pick because they're never heard of his school, but the guy's got play as a WILL LB. Kind of a cross between an undersized 3-4 OLB and a more traditional 4-3 WILL.
  10. You don't factor in the scheme of the team drafting the player, do you? Because Daniel would be significantly lacking in specific areas of Staley's (and Fangio's and the like's) scheme that are absolutely prioritized.
  11. Personally, I'd like to see someone develop him as a center. I think he's got the traits for it.
  12. Cardinals took Tay Gowan at 223.
  13. My wife's exact words: "He proposed with a Ring Pop?!"
  14. Where the Funk pick does give me hope is that it is signaling we're willing to roll the dice on guys with injury history in this round as long as we see them having a path to an immediate role on this team.
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