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  1. I want to saw Cordarrelle, because while Swift is definitely capable of being game-scripted into a solid game... Dan Campbell is tough to trust to not decide this is the week he just wants to use the power-back (Williams).
  2. I, on the other hand, did NOT sit Ceedee and I put up a 150-burger (thanks Rodgers, Ceedee, Henderson - who DEAR GOD the matchups the next three weeks are juicy AF, and the Rams defense; Lockett and Tyler Higbee were the only guys I started who didn't post double-digits) on my opponent (who only had 1 loss coming into this week) and I'm pretty sure things have fallen the way that's going to vault me up into 1st place after this week.
  3. Yeah, I mean. I know in that position, I'd go hard for the win and punt next week (and basically use that punt week to try and line yourself up to already have any byes that happen to you past that week modestly accounted for on my roster).
  4. Yeah, I actually expect CMC to play but not for any great thread of logic (it's largely because in one of my leagues, my opponent has CMC - and Kamara on bye - and I just assume the worst/least-beneficial is going to happen to my teams; I've held onto Chuba specifically because I'm up against a Q CMC this weekend and I don't want my opponent able to pick him up). But, depending on your opponent, you look like your WR's should be able to carry to bulk of the weight for you this week, so making the floor play by starting Fournette tonight and playing whichever you feel most comfortable with com
  5. Gaskin should be fine if you need him as a CMC fill, though he is playing in the London game so you'll either need to make that switch the night before or get up earlier than expected to make the switch - so it's not like you may get the absolute confirmation that CMC is a go or not when making the decision. That said, Miami's receivers are banged up, but it sounds like Tua should play. But I see your conundrum. Team construction for you and your opponent may dictate this. If your non-RB's look like they can make needing ceiling from your RB's - i.e. you need more floor that ceiling th
  6. Also, cobbling together wins in my Triple Crown league, the 1/2pt PPR format has been my saving grace. 4-1 and sitting in second (and made a somewhat risky decision to not outbid the Saquon owner for Booker, because he's playing the team in 1st this week and I want him to stand a chance of knocking him off). My RB's have taken a hit for sure, and Sermon has certainly not developed like I'd hoped, but this is my worst week for multiple positions on bye in the same week I have in the near future and I safeguarded myself at other positions primed for big weeks to counterbalance. QB: Aaron
  7. Of course he did, the Chargers aren't allowed to have nice/healthy things. I'm convinced at some point in the past the San Diego Chicken must have committed some sort of unforgivable sin like stealing puppets from the Sesame Street set and doing unmentionable acts to them before returning them to be used around children - and for that the Chargers, even after moving cities, are still paying karmic reparations.
  8. I think the position taken in the tweets is a bit oversimplified - and that's not meant to in any way defend the subject matter of the tweets, but rather to note the context that while yes, people speak that way among peers when they believe that said peers think the same way as they do. But, also, and the corporate/political world is absolutely littered with this (hell, I've run into it in the public education sector), people in positions of authority who feel secure in said position, freely speak in whatever manner they want in an audience of subordinates if they have a high enough opinion
  9. Part of this, and what's been my feeling about Burgess for a while, I think is Morris doesn't know how to use him. That seems asinine for a former DB's coach, but Morris had always been a very scheme-specific DB coach, always in a zone-system, but still always a type of zone scheme that deployed a traditional strong and free safety even if it would use (if-staggered) a 2-high or 3-high (rarely for Raheem) look. Burgess is more in what has become the mold for a Cover-3 safety. But what I've gathered of Morris, from both this season and from watching him in the past, is that making adjustment
  10. Hallelujah! 2-3 in my big money league, but rolling into a stretch of weeks against the bottom-feeders. And while I was sweating the drop-off that may come for DK with Geno under center as opposed to Russ (I'm less pessimistic about DK than I am about Lockett who I have in another league) or about the inconsistency of Chase Edmonds, I at least managed to pick up Devontae Booker to bide me some time while Dalvin gets his ish together (I'm trying to plan around him not being a dependable source of points until after his bye next week and taking any positives as gravy). And then I had been m
  11. Yeah, Patrick or St. Brown if he needs a starter this week. I'm more inclined to trust Patrick to meet his floor, now that Teddy is back under center. Calloway I have trouble trusting because, what exactly are the Saints... are they a good team and bad team? They're anything but predictable and in fantasy football that's poison apple territory. And Hardman, he's a dart throw who, frankly, despite being in a less "prolific" offense I'd be more inclined to go for a spot start of someone like DeAndre Carter against Hardman's team - we haven't got a ton to go off from Hardman but that WR2 role
  12. Not in the immediate front. But Toney's usage is going to take a drop (some) once Sterling Shepard comes back, that's pretty indisputable. Rest of season, while their TD total may definitely vary and thus their final fantasy production may, I won't be shocked if they finish the season with relatively the same amount of targets
  13. Wilson is definitely someone to grab if your league allows you an IR spot. More than likely he'll at minimum by the goal-line back once activated, even though I do expect Mitchell to still get relatively solid usage when healthy. Wilson won managers a fair number of titles last season by being the only guy that could stay healthy in that backfield. Now, I still think even if/when Jimmy is given the starting gig back post-injury, they're still going to acclimate Trey by using him in red-zone packages, which will eat some into Wilson's usage, but he'll earn points will probably still be a wor
  14. Normally I agree. Williams I'm a little less prone to though because of the guy he's replacing. The snap-counts and touch-shares for CEH had been decreasing, relative to the usage of Williams and McKinnon, to the point that when he went down the three were relatively even. So, yes, Williams will get an uptick in touches as a result, but he's not going to be an out-and-out bell cow in Clyde's absence - he'll give at least a 30% (probably more) share up to McKinnon at the very least.
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