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  1. The way that Stafford runs the QB sneak you can tell he's been running that play behind big, beefy centers his entire competitive career before coming here. And the thing is, Allen is definitely not big and beefy. Allen did actually get the play where it needed to be (particularly the second sneak that got in for the TD, where it seemed like Stafford figured out to take a beat and let Allen engage then follow whichever of Allen's shoulders got the most gain on initial punch) - which was why I thought the fact that they needed the review to see that Stafford got into the end zone, since Allen
  2. Dude's always been destined to be an OC, imho. Hell, he was basically a QB coach his last 4+ years in the league even when he was still an active player. I think a lot may depend on what system he's taken a shine to, because I don't expect Dorsey to just try to be a carbon copy or poor man's version of Daboll - he's worked under A LOT of coordinators in a good number of systems in his day. I think a lot, and this would certainly be a reason I could see him keen to stay in Buffalo, could also boil down to how much pull/ how connected he is with coaches at other offensive positions in order t
  3. I was more referring to it being a case of self-preservation on Keim's part. He may not be great at his job, but he's also not paintchip-eating stupid. He has to figure that at some point Bidwill is going to arrive at the conclusion that the lack of success in the post-Super Bowl/Arians era is not solely on the HC's that have been hired, and Bidwill certainly isn't going to blame himself (because one constant with billionaires are that they are some of the least self-aware beings that exist), so at some point logic suggests he eventually see Keim as a focus for blame. So, even if he wasn't
  4. This is true, but seeing Vita Vea line up opposite Brian Allen (who is likely to look half-the-same-size as Vea) won't be settling for Stafford.
  5. To my knowledge, the comp picks are rewarded if a minority candidate is hired off a staff only to the highest roles: HC and GM. Just as an example, the Ravens received a R3 comp pick last year and will receive another this year because the Texans hired David Culley (their passing game coordinator and assistant HC) as their HC for this year.
  6. I feel like Kliff's also going to have Steve Keim heavily in his corner because, honestly, if Kliff goes then so should Keim. The two need to get on the same page in a hurry though. Keim has most recently spent 1st round picks since drafting Murray on Isaiah Simmons and Zaven Collins, and yet in a playoff game tonight Kingsbury and crew gave visibly more snaps to Jordan Hicks and Tanner Vallejo over the pair of them.
  7. While I really don't think it's likely - fully recognizing that a Joe Barry-run defense is quite capable of laying a egg against Shanahan - Rodgers is playing out of his mind right now and I believe that Packers are very capable of doing what the Cowboys should have done and established the run a lot better against the Niners - while the talk all week will be about Rodgers, I'm looking at AJ Dillon to have a pretty big output come Saturday. That said, if it does happen, I just find it rich that Twitter was chockfull of Niners fans expecting that they could win in Lambeau and go on to have
  8. Honestly wouldn't make a difference even if he was (and that's not happening for another decade safely) because JohnBoy will just hire another sycophant who won't tell him he's making a dumb move when he's doing exactly that.
  9. If he humbles himself some, maybe. Dude towards the end was reaching Kiper levels of "How dare you question/disagree with me." Jeremiah pretty clearly recognized that that was something that was rubbing a number of fans the wrong way and went out of his way to avoid such behavior. A lot of NFL Network guys bought hard on their own hype, and the ones that didn't sure got scooped up quick by other networks (Nate Burleson - not as a draft analyst but as a studio personality and commentator). Since Gruden is poison right now and won't be returning there, there's a very real part of
  10. Yeah, it's really not a coincidence that Beachum was flagged for Unsportsmanlike Conduct later on in the drive either taking shots at Floyd after the play was over. Dude was salty and trying to goad AD into retaliation to get himself kicked out. I saw that kind of bush league stuff growing up from kids who used to run up and slap you in the face with light backhands trying to get you to come at them and draw a red card (soccer, but it's the same coward tactics) so you'd get tossed. It happens. Some guys don't handle their teams getting whipped well; I know I sure didn't - I just was th
  11. That's not the design in Staley's scheme, though. Or at least not from the NG. And Davis almost for certain isn't getting moved out to the 4-Tech. Jordan Davis isn't Vita Vea, and the sooner people stop treating him as such it won't be as big of a surprise if/when he goes fairly well outside the Top 20. And people have been projecting the Chargers in mocks to take "the big NT" in the draft ever since Jamal Williams retired and they've never done it before the 3rd round. Not sure why anyone would expect that to stop, especially when their HC and DC operate a system that doesn't rea
  12. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32821569/how-rising-college-football-head-coach-salaries-force-nfl-adapt-get-left-behind
  13. I'm just saying what it's wholly possible Rhule, who was back then a college coach himself, could be going off of. The Panthers team he took over in 2020 pretty quickly picked up Bridgewater on a multi-year deal, so within his capacity of the Panthers, he had no great reason to rookie-scout Herbert. and the only pre-game prep he's had to do on Herbert was ahead of the 2020 Week 3 matchup, where the pocket was having to be shifted a decent amount because the OL was getting blistered.
  14. Granted, the combo of Tom Telesco and John Spanos can never be underestimated for their ability to make narrow-minded moves, but just going off of past-history of them as a unit and figuring that Staley is going to, almost assuredly, have some reasonable amount of input on anything in particular pertaining to the defense - Jordan Davis is just a bad fit for the Chargers. Not really your fault, it's the same kind of lazy (I mean that in that people only really graze the surface and don't actually dig deep, mostly because most don't have reason to) projection rampant in the "draft community" th
  15. I want to start by saying that I've always been a Deebo fan back to when he was at South Carolina. He has a very unique skill-set, but I think the OP points something out with his comp that I don't really know that he's accounting for. Shanahan's system is tailor-fit for a WR like Deebo - YAC-monster type, extremely crisp route-runner, capable of operating from numerous platforms. Very much the same way that Cooper Kupp fits like a glove in Sean McVay's system - and the systems themselves could be argued as variants of one-another with some tweaks and influence incorporated from other coach
  16. Rising, only slightly, to Rhule's defense, I think his eval of Herbert was coming largely off of what he'd seen of him in college (where Herbert operated considerably more in the style of a "mobile QB"). Probably a case of ego and him just not wanting to own to missing on his eval of Slater - which isn't terribly surprising since Rhule is/was an OL guy going all the way back to his time at Temple (he's the primary guy responsible and initially developing guys like Dion Dawkins - which is a clue into what he almost certainly prioritizes as a core qualifier for tackle vs guard: Length.
  17. Well, based on how you franchise has operated in recent history, you can at least take some solace (hey, I'm trying to help you find a silver-ish lining here!) in the 1st round picks you'll recoup, if this happens, when Lawrence inevitably forces his way out via trade to another team. ... hell, the Rams might even actually have another 1st round pick to deal by the time that happens. [/snark]
  18. Yeah... no he wasn't. He renegotiated his contract that had 3 years left on it that included the current season we're in, in order to get a void year... in 2023. Dude will still very much be under contract with the Packers in 2022; it's Davante that's the free agent. If you want the Browns to get him they're going to have to trade for him and even then he'd still have that void year (player option) in 2023 where he could just opt out for full out-and-out free agency if he wanted.
  19. Do you recall if they were playing him strong side or weakside in that game? I think it's clear that Staley wants to be use the 3-safety look, in particular so that he can bring Derwin in as a shade-edge blitzer (basically the Joker position that a lot of college programs use, and the Rams under Staley would kind of alternate using Ramsey and Kenny Young in that role). Murray can likely be trained into the edge (usually weakside) of that capacity, but it's not something that's he's just going to pick up in one week of practice, it would likely take a whole offseason - and to be honest, Chris
  20. Moreover, it's rather asinine (actually leave out the rather, it is) to fire a coach for trying to win as opposed to settling for a tie. The messaging to the rest of your franchise (the players, the fans, etc.) is completely absurd.
  21. Different DC, different system, different demands from both. Staley, like Fangio, puts an emphasis on his LB, particularly the interior ones, being able to conceal whether they're coming or going (attacking or dropping into coverage) on any given play, so as to take away QB's being able to make pre-snap adjustments as easily. That, simply put, isn't Murray because his instincts ain't great and he doesn't get his drop quick enough or deep enough when being asked to go from crowding the line to dropping into coverage. It's why Alohi Gillman and Drue Tranquil were both superior to him in the I
  22. Realistically, given the contract they invested in him and TT's general aversion to admitting he made a mistake, (which is more, by extension, John Spanos not wanting to admit he made a mistake) Bulaga is still the likely projected starter at RT next season, just for how long is the question. There's been nothing shown by Norton that indicates he deserves an RFA tender. So I wouldn't be shocked to see them - especially since TT's in the afterglow of all the praise he's getting for Slater falling in his lap and not screwing that one up - go with an OL fairly early in the draft that is also ca
  23. Kind of depends on him. Report has come out that he wants to come back, but I doubt that precludes also recouping a fat payday to do so. The team can afford it and is shedding a lot (or at least is in the position to) of their very mediocre depth (ERFA's and RFA's not withstanding, and I don't believe there are any if any of them) the Chargers will enter the offseason with 4 DL (if you count Bosa as a OLB - which the base formation does) on the books. And also with only Allen, Palmer, and Andre Roberts on the books at WR (Guyton is a RFA and likely will be tendered). At the very least, and
  24. Smart is debatable. Intelligent, maybe... could even be probably. Then again, I'm also older than you, I've been in the education field for almost 20 years (including getting two post-grad degrees in the field), which in itself reinforces constantly continuing to learn. And, for whatever the hell its worth, I do have a pretty strong IQ - enough that my parents didn't give me the choice and, in fact told me to "deal with it" if I felt the strain was intense with playing 3 sports year-round growing up and going through an International Baccalaureate track since junior high (since, up through
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