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  1. Chargers best case long term solution

    Good luck with that. It's a cash cow for the family and the real estate development market isn't going to be as kind to them in CA. So unless they are either leveraged into selling the team (which might happen if they try to relocate out of state in the next 10 years), the best hope may lie in hoping that John and A.G.'s kids either have no interest in the day-to-day stuff as their dad's do and are happy just being the "celebrities in the suite" or that one of them actually turns out to be the good owner that their predecessors weren't/aren't. Fan pressure to sell isn't going to do a damn thing because ticket re-sellers and visiting fans, plus shared revenue and TV money, are going to keep the Spanii fat and happy.
  2. I mean, ultimately you might as well. You're not going to institute a new playbook mid-season, so you might as well stick with the guy who knows it the best.
  3. Conversely, if the Steelers win, we have two 1-1-1 teams for the first time in... ever?
  4. Hue, the football gods are not going to permit you to go ahead in Baker Mayfield's first game with a TD from the halfback. That's not the narrative they demand.
  5. There's looking like there's going to be a lot of baby-makin' in Cleveland tonight. Judging from this crowd, a lot of ugly babies.
  6. I'm gonna make a bet that you're too young to have actually seen the Holy Roller play play out. I'd actually watch the play that inspired the rule before making a judgment like that. The Raiders were literally intentionally fumbling the ball forward (and kicking it forward) to advance it.
  7. And now... at starting quarterback for your 2019 Tampa Bay Buccaneers...
  8. Odds a GoFundMe to benefit the team doctor if he doesn't clear Tyrod in 10 days pops up with roots in the Cleveland area?
  9. We get to see the stadium burned to the ground?
  10. Um... Gregg, you might want to shade defenders to the weak side. They haven't really run at you to the strong side all night, but they keep running left.
  11. Remind me again what the Browns paid TJ Carrie?
  12. That looked like Garrett blew containment.
  13. Well, that and it's been 11 years since the record was even sniffed.
  14. Please let Gregg Williams take over. We're overdue for a new Bountygate.