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  1. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    Nah, I mean... in some degrees I agree. The Bucks, in particular, have a really bad habit of taking what could be - if they just did it and left it alone - an entertaining spot-exchange and then dragging it out so long that it's effectively beating the horse until it's nothing more than a greasy spot in the snow. The ghosted-dropkick spot from the 6-man at Final Battle for instance, it was a cool spot the first time, but then they have to bring more guys in the ring to do it, and then all of the guys in the ring to do it... and that just went from cool spot to "this is stupid and you should feel stupid for marking out to it." Omega, and I'm a fan of his, has a habit of overselling worse than Dolph or HBK. This feud with Jericho, I'm hoping, helps him learn from one of the GOAT how to bring things a bit more into the realm of the real. Cody's, arguably, been better since the joining the BC because he's found a character he can really embrace - and I think he genuinely enjoys playing the heel. But, honestly, this incarnation of the Club is largely weak for me and nowhere near what it was when you had Finn or AJ at the helm and Gallows/Anderson in the mix as two of the main heavies.
  2. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    I'm thinking (and it's entirely possible I'm giving them too much credit) they're starting to plan ahead some for the Rumble match and order. And by that I mean, they realize that nowadays the entrances are as much a part of the Rumble as anything because this isn't even the 2000's anymore where a guy's music goes off and he actually runs to the ring. So Roode will be in the Rumble match and - more than likely - they're going to give him some kind of build within the match which likely means a stretch of 30-45 minutes. Not sure they want to put him in another 15 minute match on the card unless it's a show-opener. Speaking to the Rumble match, I won't be surprised - and I actually think it would be smart and kind of cool - if Batista is one of the one-off throwback entrants. For one, he'll actually get a face-pop in Philly this time, like they'd wanted him to the first time. For another, it'd be a nice nod to the last time the Rumble was in Philly.
  3. 2017/18 EPL Thread

    I was picking a forward who fouls people. Giroud and Lacazette don't do that much. Alexis commits overzealous fouls on the regular.
  4. "Bank" in terms of what exactly? His net worth is in the low $800 millions and his annual earnings (I believe for last year, but Forbes could be projecting the remainder of 2017 and using this year as the cite) is $130 million. LIS above, it would take a 30% stake in a $2 billion cost to even get a seat at the table (so we're talking 3/4 of his net worth), and that assumes the owners are even keen on having a consortium ownership come into their fold (again, ownership has to vote to approve any sale, this isn't just a "you make the highest bid, you get the purchase" type scenario).
  5. 2017/18 EPL Thread

    Yup. Had that been Alexis Sanchez and Granit Xhaka making those tackles as opposed to Kane and Alli, those are not only booked and sent off but probably coming with death sentences from the FA. What I have to ask is at what point does Poch finally start getting criticism from the media for his side's lack of discipline (particularly when they're definitively losing in matches) after they've been so quick to laud praise on him the past year?
  6. Why? If you think Jerruh and Irsay are sideshows, Vince would be even more so. Except that he'd probably be trying to propose ridiculous rules (to "spice things up" and "make everything more entertaining") at a higher rate than Snyder does.
  7. On the real though, I highly doubt Vince would buy or is interested in owning an NFL team as anything more than just a way to drive attention to his product. The guy is a flat out workaholic and contrary to what a lot of people think, NFL owners actually do do a decent amount of team-related work. Vince, on the other hand, is constantly on the road with WWE - he's backstage at every live televised event in a very hands-on capacity, he's rarely not working, and the occasions in which he's not working, he's working out himself. He's also a notorious control freak whose likely to die at the helm of the WWE ship (people have been waiting on him to turn over the company to his son/daughter/son-in-law for years and he's simply not going to let go while he's still ticking). He's not someone who is going to have the time to commit to "NFL business" the way other owners are - and I don't see someone like that getting the necessary votes to gain approval from the other 31 owners to be allowed to purchase a franchise and enter into their Hellfire Club.
  8. Actually, Robert Smith of Vista Equity (I'm just spitballing here, but he's got the net worth to pull it off - $3.3 billion) could be a very viable candidate if he had the interest. He's a former Goldman-Sachs guy which would give him an in-road with owners like Kraft and the like who love to push Goldman onto their peers or onto metro-areas as a "preferred financier" for stadium funding loans. He's a Cornell and Columbia Business grad with high-level corporate business experience, which could actually make him a more viable owner than Richardson really was when it comes to negotiations with the upcoming CBA extension. And he increases diversity.
  9. This is true. And ultimately, I agree with his premise. I just don't think he's the best candidate for the position. I mean, I hate to say it, but I'd sooner see Oprah as an owner.
  10. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

    Even if they did that, there would have to be some concession (which means more rules and situations for referees to foul up with interpretation) as far as immediate clock stoppage at the moment the foul was committed (resetting the clock if necessary) and not starting again until the ball is snapped by a lined-up offense, because otherwise you'll see DB's just immediately grab any receiver further than 15 yards down the field during two-minute drills, figuring to just use up the clock by only allowing the offense to advance in 15-yard increments.
  11. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

    I think part of the reason it makes sense too harks back to the Holy Roller incident. They don't want offenses gaining an advantage (or being able to advance the ball) from fumbling because that may encourage them to try it intentionally so as to abuse the rule. It's sort of in the same vein as not wanting to reward intentional grounding, too.
  12. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

    I'm pretty sure I lost count at 5 or 6 times (I was trying to cook and follow the WWE PPV at the same time) where Carr appeared to clearly audible away from a called-run play (Dak had more than that in the 1st half alone, but his are a bit more sketchy to judge because I'm pretty sure they give him a fair amount of RPO's and he just calls his own number way too often). Granted, Downing's scheme - if you can call it that - looks like he's just pulling random plays out of a paper bag or hitting "random" on Madden, but between he and Carr they managed to output a pretty illogical gamescript from what was showing to work and, on paper, should have worked.
  13. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    It's a transitional PPV heading into a Major-4 PPV, why in the hell would you be expecting swerves? It's all about progressing storylines to allow for blow-offs to occur at RR or giving proper blow-offs to feuds (which is what they did with AJ/Jinder; Charlotte/Nattie) so that new ones can begin to form at RR heading into Mania season and Mania.
  14. Not to mention that even if Diddy tried to buy as a primary holder in a consortium (we're talking owning a 30% stake here), that means he's responsible for putting up 30% of what's likely a $2 billion sum (yeah, he could take out a loan - but this assumes there's a bank willing to fund a loan or that the league owners are willing to sign off on a primary holder in said consortium needing a loan to afford his stake. Because, so far as I'm aware, Diddy doesn't have $600 million to just up and burn on a whim. But the later part is what's more important - league owners have to vote to approve any new owner... somehow I don't see Diddy passing muster there.
  15. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

    Me losing good money because selfish QB's either didn't have a sensible gamescript or refused to follow the one they were given and kept calling their own number.