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  1. Draft Discussion Thread

    I dunno. I'm with @StLunatic88 in that I think people are writing Littleton off a little too quickly; I, too, think he'll be used more liberally than a lot of other people are counting on, and it'll be in that same BUCK LB spot that we were playing Barron in last year. I doubt we chuck Barron before we have a replacement and feel comfortable about the depth behind him, I've seen Wade scheme work success with guys taken in the 6th and 7th round way too often before (not superstars, but capable players who aren't liabilities) to think we're absolutely going to have to hold onto Barron or else risk not having depth. There's just no reason (nothing to lose or gain in doing it any sooner than later if we don't have a pressing need to clear up the cap-space) to have to cut him until we're comfortable.
  2. Draft Discussion Thread

    I think the best hope we have is him getting hamstrung by recency bias - i.e. him not having good 2017 tape whereas other guys did. We've seen recency bias push guys (who, in hindsight, should have gone ahead of others) down the board plenty of times before.
  3. Draft Rumors

    I was actually making the argument that I think history shows out that Dorsey takes the safer prospect versus going for the gusto. And in this case, I have to believe that's Darnold - whose reputation has preceded him since last year from what we've heard tell. I don't think that's necessary a bad thing, because while I don't necessarily believe Darnold to be the Second-Coming, he's a standing triple with potential to turn into a homerun (Pro-Bowl-caliber) with a couple breaks going his way. Allen has the potential to be outstanding, but, as I've touched on in other threads, I just don't have a lot of confidence he maximizes that potential (or even really reaches it - he could be looking at a couple decent seasons, but I don't see a high probability of sustaining in him). For once, your owner being too pushy might actually work out in your benefit. But then law of averages said that had to happen sooner or later.
  4. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    Also, Kevin Owens (even though for some reason he blocks me on Twitter) is the hero that kayfabe deserves. Day after he was "fired," he changed his Twitter handle and display name from "@FightOwensFight" and "Kevin Owens" to "@FightSteenFight" and "Kevin Steen". The only drawback is that some turd already swooped in and took the "@FightOwensFight" handle and set the account to private - so that's going to be an interesting recovery (bet the guy tries to ransom the handle for WrestleMania tickets, flight, hotel, etc.).
  5. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    Though it did point out that (and hopefully we can just chalk this up to adrenaline and him being excited), he needs to protect himself better. Because when he landed on his head (on a landing where he didn't have to), I cringed. Those corner dropkicks get a huge pop, but he's got to find a safer way to land them (turn out and hit them in a more traditional sideways style as opposed to seated/basement style), otherwise he is going to give himself another concussion.
  6. Draft Rumors

    Legitimate question though. While yes, we can go back and forth over how execs from the same tree tend to have similar preferences - it's arguable how much influence they had over the particular picks that were made. I mean, Andy Reid was also the QB coach among other things for Green Bay during the Favre tenure, and I'd contend that when Mahomes was drafted that was more a Reid decision than Dorsey - it just seems odd that a team would empower a GM to be making that kind of decision and then "agree to part ways" with him a month later. And while I can say that Mahomes fits the Andy Reid preferred profile of QB, I can't really say that Josh Allen does. Now, if we go back to the QB's we can likely definitely agree were more "Dorsey's decision" - Alex Smith and Josh Allen are nearly diametrically-opposed. Aaron Murray is more of the same. Kevin Hogan? Those all read like far more "safety over flash" types to me... and that ain't Josh Allen.
  7. Rams 2018 offseason

    I never saw it with Wilson, but it's a body! I specifically remember one game where he was filling in for Derek Johnson where he amassed a whopping 6 missed tackles. So at least he knows how to get there... Barry just needs to work with him on finishing the job. Still young, but honestly, probably just more of a depth/placeholder signing in the grande scheme.
  8. Chargers Offseason thread

    Curious as to why you're less high on Noteboom. Is it a tape thing? He has technical stuff he needs to clean up, but the tools are there. There's a lot of similarity to Tevi last year to be honest - you want to see more power but that's going to come as he gets into a pro-level S&C program and gets coached up on his hand-placement and striking (I see a lot of cases where the concerns that people have about his inability to really get push as a move-blocker is because he's not landing a proper first punch or when he does, it's hitting too wide). That said, Toledo's Elijah Nkansah is likely to not get drafted at all or at very least will still be around in the 5th, 6th, or 7th round and has the kind of athleticism (along with better arm length and knowledge of how to use that length) of a lot of the guys that are probably going to go higher. I'd recommend checking him out. I went back and did another look after the 4.5s short-shuttle he put up at his pro day - at 6'5", 315 with 34" arms. Had he gotten a combine invite, he'd have been a Top 10 performer among linemen in 2 of the the more relevant workouts and just outside the Top 15 in another.
  9. Draft Rumors

    He may be, but ultimately, if we believe that Dorsey is the one pulling the strings and that Hue has ceded the majority of his stroke, Allen is more the Hue-prototype, Dorsey (who has a lot more history of taking the "safer" pick available) is someone I'd consider more likely to take Darnold. All this may be moot, considering Jimmy Haslam definitely has not ceded his stroke (and correct me if I'm wrong, he was the one who made it clear he wanted a QB out of this draft) and he was sitting in the stands at USC's Pro Day chatting it up with Darnold's parents. Now, maybe he's done similarly for Rosen or Allen, but I certainly hadn't heard about it if that was the case.
  10. Rams 2018 offseason

    Deal. Literally all I needed to read to never take you seriously again.
  11. Rams 2018 offseason

    Because the LB, who doesn't fit the scheme, can free up as much as $7M in cap space this season whereas Tavon, if he were cut now after agreeing to restructure his deal (literally, eliminated all the remaining years on his contract after this year and allowed the team to make $3M of the $8M he was due incentive-based) would have major good-faith bargaining blowback with our other players we're trying to re-sign or in future contract restructuring talks we have with players on the roster. Tavon may yet still be cut, but they're going to give him the preseason to earn his spot - that was the transaction both sides agreed to.
  12. Rams 2018 offseason

    Dude, you love to be self-important, don't you? You love your hyperbolic words ("obsessed," "guarantee," "take it to the bank," "lost your panties"). Get over yourself. There is your original post in this thread about your "confident prediction." No mention of Suh - so stop pretending. You may have intended to say it, but you didn't. You then walked it back from "1 of our 2 first picks" to 1 of our first 3 then to one of our first 4 and when challenged that you'd walked it back you doubled-down on 1 of the first three. That's not cherry-picking, that's holding you accountable to the statements you make. So for clarification, one of us read what you wrote, and it's fairly clear it wasn't you. Maybe you should go back and re-read what you actually wrote in the Draft Discussion thread where "if we sign Suh" was mentioned... it was about taking Ridley at #26 if he was there. Again, you may have intended to draw a parallel between that post and where you made your hot take in here, but you didn't - that's not on a failure of the reader, it's because if you intended to connect those dots, you didn't do so coherently.
  13. Rams 2018 offseason

    You're desperately clinging to this and it's not a good look. Stop qualifying your statements (you never said "if Suh gets signed" in your original statement, don't try and amend it in now to make your take look less unreasonable) and what exactly is the point in tagging me in this? Also, as NVR already pointed out, we re-did this year in Tavon's contract already. So regardless of what the Arizona sports guy (yes, I know who Jurecki is, but I've never known him to be any kind of authority on the Rams comings and goings), we already freed whatever money we plan on from Tavon's contract and the fact that we did all but ensures he's going to be on the roster this season (that's the wrong kind of shot to fire across the bow of your lockerroom if you get a guy to take a pay-cut then cut him for negligible gain barely a week later).
  14. Chargers Offseason thread

    Depends on how far Orlando Brown falls due to the poor combine (for whatever it's worth, he put up numbers a lot closer to what people were expecting from him at OU's pro day). If he's there in the 4th similar to Keenan falling to the 3rd, I could see Telesco pulling the trigger. But I've been genuinely confused by the people projecting an early OT to the Chargers; I don't see them integrating what's realistically 3 (since Lamp never even got any actual game time last year) new OL into the starting lineup in one offseason. As folks recall, Feeney had "a shot" to earn a starting spot, but he was always fighting the inside track held by both Pulley and Slauson. Brown could represent that and he's been mentored, has a very similar play-style to a guy that Pat Mayer's old direct-boss Aaron Kromer used to coach in New Orleans, Jammal Brown. Probably more important, if you've read or heard any of the interviews he's given, he's checks all the personality/demeanor boxes that the Chargers front office tends to look for - it's just a matter of how comfortable they feel about his ability to shed about 15 pounds and improve the flexibility in his knees when he plays. Duffman and I were talking on Twitter and it seems a lot of people just plain want to crap on Barksdale for no other reason than he's Barksdale. It seems like they're incapable of moving on past the 2016 outings where he was a false-start magnet and struggled while playing through injury. He's not fantastic, but his play improved with the tweaks and the greater emphasis to (less predictable) runs last season.
  15. Draft Discussion Thread

    My figuring is that Barron was always going to be a post-June-1st cut. Saves us an extra $2M this year and carrying $2M over to next year's ledger when we have pushing on $100M in space (and when carried-over space from this year may just end up washing out this delayed dead-money hit anyway). But having that extra space available to maneuver this season could be useful.