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  1. I agree with you that it's easy for people to say until they look at the actual fiscal amount that 25% is. But, and this might be less a case for us given that Staley's just been hired away from us, playing devil's advocate a bit here: Like you said, most players are going to get 1 big contract, and the way you maximize that contract is putting yourself in the best position where you'll be able to see it through. The team that offers you the most money (even the most guaranteed money) is always going to be the one with which you can maximize your take-home over the span of those contract
  2. Less a Reich protege and more a Todd Haley guy that Reich was able to get hold of, after Andy Reid opted not to keep him on staff when he was hired in KC, following Haley/Crennel.
  3. Past that, I'd point out that if you're going to do a true analysis (and look at where the statistics have relevance), coaches who sustained and returned to the playoffs over-and-over should be weighted more heavily than coaches who happened to make it a year or a couple of years before getting replaced. Mike McCoy and Anthony Lynn making the playoffs a combined, what...? 3 times? Those two shouldn't be afforded nearly the same weight in a statistical analysis as, say, Pete Carroll who - even if we leave out the Super Bowls - has taken his team to the playoffs 9 times in 10 seasons.
  4. I mean the hashtag/marketing campaign the Bengals are running with for these new uni's is #NewStripes. I mean, I for one am hoping for some 80's hair metal styled stuff here.
  5. They have a tiger stripe motif available to them and you're asking this question seriously? We could get some Tiger King level, Tony the Tiger striped orange jerseys that look straight out of the first incarnation of the XFL.
  6. But... at least if that's the case, he'll return comp picks because he's a POC. (And we all know how Les loves him some comp picks.) That said, I wouldn't be shocked either if, even if he is really good, we get to keep him for more than 1 season. The trend (I need to do another review of it, but I'm going largely off memory) is usually a 2-3:1 ratio on offensive head coaching hires to defensive hires per annum, sometimes even per bi-annum.
  7. When he was in Tampa he was running a Tampa-2 variant - as he came up as a DB coach and intern under Monte Kiffin. In Atlanta, he looked like he was able to make adaptations to Dan Quinn 4-3 Over to get things better (not great, but Atlanta still lack a legit pass-rushing presence outside of Grady Jarrett). Really can't be certain as to what kind of scheme he'd bring in; I'd be hopeful of a hybrid.
  8. No no, he can take Bonamego with him. Really, he can.
  9. One name, not that I've seen any links connecting him us or even that he may get released (I was just looking at contract structures the other day and 2021 is his built-in out-year and his team may well be looking forward past him, and won't want to carry a ~$14m backup QB)... I wouldn't hate, if he's released, giving Alex Smith a spot as the guy behind Goff. Two-parter here, because I've thought since he was a draft prospect (because that draft was when I really when I started getting into draft stuffs so I did impassioned deep dives on guys) that there was a future coach in Smith. So y
  10. Donald Parham to turn into the next Darren Waller... BOOK IT! [/sarcasm]
  11. Yeah, I was searching for a parallel for Staley and those two came to mind. I also was prepared to draw a parallel to Brian Flores, but had been trying to find another because I figured Typical FF wouldn't be able to look past the BB assistant narrative to consider where there actually were similarities between Staley and Flores.
  12. Please, please do this, Pete. Signed, The Rest of the NFC West Also, just plain me, because it would be hilarious to see Jamal Adams and Gase reunited.
  13. So because of your lack of diversity in reading, it was a rushed hire. Staley's name had been bandied about in the Detroit, Houston circles. Did you hear about buzz around Joe Judge and Brian Flores? Those have turned out to be, at worst, solid hires so far. You're falling into that hyperbole trend that FF has become notorious for, and it's not making your point appear any more valid.
  14. Losing Staley won't net us comp picks like losing Holmes will. Staley wasn't a minority candidate. The compensatory picks, in this case, are rewarded as an expansion of the Rooney Rule to encourage the developing of minority head coaching and head of front office personnel.
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