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  1. It was a word choice because I figured that saying he should be the kill would be misread as intent beyond humor by some folks in here who haven't played with me before.
  2. I was just giving him some credit. Probably credit he doesn't deserve, considering I can't remember the last time ET made it to the end of a game.
  3. It's been 2 whole minutes and ET has already blown his most appropriate "I am Batman" response of the game... and should therefore be designated a loser whether he survives or not.
  4. A simple Google search showed it's some kind of coded language (I don't know the cipher) that Swag and a couple others used in The Burbs mafia game. I'm not sure if Touch is actually in on the code or if he's just poking fun at Swag for it.
  5. Maybe he's channeling Ling from Kung Pow: Enter the Fist?
  6. Yeah, I caught that too... eventually. Role is had. And it's very... literal? And no, I'm not Batman. It does make me find this particular post, although helpful, a little too helpful maybe, especially since he wasn't one of the people who had to PM to get his role according to rackcs' post above: Nothing huge right now, but worth pinning.
  7. Aha! Though, something more in a moment. I want my role first.
  8. I'd be tempted to humor you, but again... I have no way of fact-checking myself because I've gotten NO FREAKIN' PM WITH MY ROLE.
  9. If for nothing else, he's too much of a stickler for consistency. I can't recall an instance off-hand but I know Matts as a player well enough to know that he'd recognize not at least making an attempt at a LOLclear or a half-arsed attempt would be picked up on as a scum tell to experienced players who played with him multiple times over.
  10. Then where the F is my role, you bastige?!