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  1. 2017 Cornerback Review Part 5: Marcus Peters

    Particularly when you consider the position. Certain positions, it just is what it is, you come to expect (if not outright excuse) guys being slightly different cats by comparison to the expected norm, personality-wise. In a sense, it's almost like professional fighters - you tend to find a trend of those more "brash" personalities among the guys who truly make their mark at certain positions, it just kind of comes with the territory.
  2. 2017 Cornerback Review Part 5: Marcus Peters

    Seriously, is this kind of condescension necessary? This isn't going to gain you some sort of credibility because you talk down to someone doing an admirable (and clearly-researched) job of trying to drive discussion.
  3. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    On an aside, I do wonder how much fantasy football has affected the perception of how people view "Top __" at a position. There are a number of players, receiving position players in particular, who consistently end seasons with star-status bulk stats but are very much streaky from week-to-week. Some of that is not necessarily their fault for a number of reasons (some of these players play in tougher divisions than others, some play for coaches who are far more cerebral in their game plans, etc.). Even Julio Jones has been a victim of this kind of streakiness (one could actually make a case that, injuries aside, someone like AJ Green has been more consistent in a week-to-week production basis). We really haven't seen the kind of prototypical (he's going to "get his" every week) Moss-type receiver since Megatron retired, the closest thing being Antonio Brown and Jordy Nelson for a span of about 2-3 years in particular, and after that it's probably Nuk Hopkins. If Josh Gordon could have kept his nose/urine clean, I thought he could have been that guy, but sadly, thus far, for naught. There are a lot of guys, like Cooks, like Doug Baldwin, like Keenan Allen, like Tyreek Hill (albeit a smaller sample size than the previous three) who give you extremely good production on the season but who week-to-week can be very much boom-or-bust.
  4. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    They never are. I think it's largely a case of people allowing fantasy stats to obscure (mostly because I think that's largely where a lot of folks these days end up paying attention to raw stats) their view. The Pats run the ball a ton, they just do so over a committee of 2-4 guys where any one or two can be the chosen calves of the particular day - they really haven't had a "feature back" since Corey Dillon and even then Kevin Faulk was getting his fair share of touches.
  5. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Where he barely had a single credible (non-dirty) win and the only opponent (other than AJ who ended up being the one to take the strap off him) with any kind of legit bonafidas that suggested he shouldn't be able to just hang with them was Orton. And don't try to bring Nakamura to the table on this because he hadn't been built as anything huge on the main roster. The Jinder situation isn't even remotely close to putting someone who has never held a single title over Brock freakin' Lesnar and all he's been built up to be for (at least as it's billed) the tippy-top title in the company. Nowhere near close. Seriously, what's the most impressive win of Elias' term on the main roster? And he doesn't even have the NXT cachet to fall back on, yet we're supposed to buy the Brock wouldn't run through him in 5 minutes? Genuinely, Miz would have a better case. Hell, Kofi would have a better case. Elias isn't world championship material yet. No one is going to pay to see him main event a major card - and that's how you have to look at every world champion. (and yes, there were international crowds that would and gladly did pay to see Jinder as a world champion - the "America vs the Outsider" storyline tends to play the opposite way outside of continental America) I'd also, honestly, say that Elias is a gimmick change or tweak away from being world champion material - akin to Cena when he was the Doctor of Thuganomics, which (again, being honest) while entertaining was not a world champion gimmick. I'd wage dollars to donuts that Drew McIntyre is a world champion before Elias is, particularly if the two remain on the same brand and are two options to be chosen between.
  6. All Things Wrestling Thread

    It's why I would have actually preferred they have given Lashley a brief run in NXT - you don't even need to have give him a run with the belt just a couple marquee feuds (would have been a great opportunity to let Dain and Lars work an experienced "bigger guy" versus just each other before Sanity went up), so he could get the nostalgia bit out of the way and allow him to come back to the main roster as a heel. Babyface Lashley is the embodiment of paint drying.
  7. All Things Wrestling Thread

    It wouldn't be awesome. And it wouldn't be believable in the slightest. Elias has gotten beaten from pillar to post by pretty much every big opponent he's faced, save for when he busted a guitar on Braun. Rollins may be smaller, if not the same size, but he's gone over on big guys before, so there's precedent there. Without putting Elias over the likes of Roman, Lashley, and Braun in succession leading into Summer Slam, it's not believable that he'd be able to stand with, much less defeat, a guy who put down Roman, Goldberg, Joe, and Braun in the last 18 mos.
  8. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    Sorry, but I have to call out lazy logic when I see it. He's earning a similar AAV to Hopkins, but it's not the same extension because Hopkins' extension was one made last year whereas Cooks' was done this year in the context of a year of adjusted inflation further down the line. If Hopkins were up for extension this year, he'd almost certainly be getting more money than what Cooks has and what he did last year - and he'd probably be holding out to see what kind of AAV Julio and OBJ pull down because he would have that kind of leverage. Reality is that given the time that exists between the two similar-figured contracts being signed, the one that was signed first (Hopkins) was the bigger win for the player.
  9. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    It's been my nickname for him since he was the one spoiling picks during the draft on NFLN. Not sure who I got it from, but I'm like 80% sure I ripped it off from someone else.
  10. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Aaand... TakeOver: War Games tickets purchased!!!!
  11. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    It's Peaches LaCanfora, so grain of salt and all but...
  12. All Things Wrestling Thread

    The Real Rocknrolla was a phenomenal gimmick for him, but WWE (and honestly even in this I fault HHH too, but he was probably seeing something he thought would be an easy sell to Vince) had to go and push this "Demon" business and then give up on it entirely. I also do think that Balor is a casualty of the war (it feels wrong to call it that) between Vince and the Bucks. The more The Bucks have pushed back, particularly with regard to making a shirt and then making money off of shining the Cease and Desist order, the more Vince - who is petty as hell and we all know it - felt the need to get one over on them and really push the Balor Club (as opposed to Bullet Club) stuff and then to have them make more use of the "Too Sweet" and basically getting ride of the Demon entirely. I've seen this version of Finn (and you could too) in the days in New Japan before he formed Bullet Club - when he was tagging with Apollo 55; technically fine but ultimately boring because he felt cookie cutter as all get out. Finn can get over as a babyface (I've seen him do it), but he's a much more effective heel. The problem is that it's like pulling teeth to get Vince to sign off on a diminutive guy as a heel - which is kind of ironic because that's a complete 180 from where he was in the post-Hogan/Warrior 90's and early 2000's. He dragged his heels on turning Shawn babyface.
  13. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Ambrose is weird and i think it is totally a case of his (out of character) personality and quirkiness. He manages to be both ends of the spectrum. I'm not sure I've seen a guy capable of doing exactly what you're describing while also capable of more than holding his own and stepping up his game when he's in there with a high-end worker (i.e. when he's in there with skilled hands, he's not getting carried - quite the opposite - but when he's in there with guys who would do better to be carried he goes vanilla in a hurry and looks flat out bored), except maybe Cena. In a way, it kind of reminds me of WWE Vader (he had some awesome matches when he was in there with Shawn and other high-end workers and was definitely not being carried in those matches, but many of the big guys Vince loved that he got paired with wouldn't/couldn't work Vader's kind of match and Leon wasn't really allowed to force the issue). Dolph's great at selling and putting the other guy over, I'm still not convinced he really all that great at getting himself over in his matches and, when he's not a heel, he really didn't do well getting (positive) heat in-ring as a babyface aside from when he was getting shined. Harper is a massively underrated worker; it's hard not to compare him to what Kane was during the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras when he could work anyone and everyone. He's never going to be a main eventer, but Xavier Woods is another underrated worker (even though I think he'd benefit from getting a little trimmer). Shinsuke needs to work strong style and Vince (I don't know if he doesn't get it or just doesn't like it) isn't going to let him do that on the regular; similarly, it's one of the same things hurting Asuka right now. Charlotte is definitely up there. And, it's just been in very short glimpses because they just haven't been given the opportunity to show it but in very short glimpses due to injuries derailing pushes (which it looks like they may finally be in line for another one to close out this summer), The Revival are outstanding workers (especially Dawson - no surprise since he's also a coach). Also, are we including the Cruiserweights? Because Mustafa Ali is a nuts worker, especially for a light heavyweight; dude is probably one of the best sell artists on the entire roster (NXT guys included). Hes doing the kind of selling that I wish and want Gargano to learn to do, because it would push Gargano's already great game up another rung.
  14. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I cringe every time I hear Pentagon and Fenix called "The Lucha Bros" though (and Impact's not the only promotion that does it, they're the tag champs in MLW under the same name). Also, if guys are going to take bookings on multiple televised promotions there's a responsibility (both of the wrestler and the bookers in said promotions) to present a consistent character. That's, honestly, the thing that's the absolute best about Callihan - he's a heel wherever he goes. Now, when we're talking Shane Strickland under his own name, with the Swerve character, that's different that when he's under the mask as Killshot (a different character). Same with Jeff Cobb under his own name versus under the mask as Matanza Cueto (though Cobb seems to be moving in full-blown heel on all bases with these NJPW bookings; and his babyface Chosen Bros tag team with Matt Riddle isn't really used in any promotion that have TV deal). Pentagon, like I get it, he's not really a heel much anymore in LU, he's a mega-popular tweener who uses heel tactics (the arm-breaking) but is pretty evenhanded in his doing so against both face and heel targets. Fenix as a heel (that's on MLW) while he's presented as a damn near white-meat babyface on both LU and Impact is stupid.
  15. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    I mean, if you really want, Davy No-Neck (Ospina) is available for purchase.