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  1. 2019 Pro Bowl Rosters announced

    He missed. He doesn't deserve the Pro Bowl. When your Justin Tucker you're held to a higher standard, and when you fail to meet that standard, you deserve to be treated accordingly.
  2. Mock Offseason 1

    Not going to speak for Rich, but just from my perspective, he did really only project about the top 2 or so tiers of the free agents at each position. Now you guys do have a track record of managing to finagle a free agent at a surprisingly low(er) price each offseason it seems, but just looking at the crop of free agents out there, this is one of those pools where it doesn't really play to the type of free agents you guys pursue - and I mean that as a complement, because I've really never seen you as a team that bites hard on single-season or contract-year hype and ends up overpaying free agents as a result. In short, I wouldn't expect you guys to not sign an FA DL, I'd just probably expect it to be more in the vein of how the Adrian Clayborn signing went down where you got a guy who was like a post-hype sleeper in that he'd underachieved well below what his previous hype had been, but then got into position where he was used more appropriately by you guys and hit a boom. That said, I also think Rich went a little overboard with the cuts/releases here. So I'm not really convinced you're losing Beasley.
  3. Was this the worst call in NFL history?

    It helps if your links actually work. Also, aside from the one (I can only assume because you didn't post anything that actually works) with Brees in it, what do any of those have to do with the part of my post you quoted? Seriously, dude. Some of your arguments come across like you you actually take Joe Buck as a credible commentator.
  4. CW21's 2019 NFL Draft Thread (Bring On Questions)

    Personally, on the Johnson front, I want/need to know if he's willing to drop some of that weight to get back down to where he was earlier in his tenure with Miami when he was balls-out frightening off the edge. This past season it felt like the weight had really sapped his athleticism and with it some of his allure/scheme-versatility.
  5. CW21's 2019 NFL Draft Thread (Bring On Questions)

    You know I have to ask this - if for no other reason than to give you stick for a prospect you loved who crashed like the Hindenburg - but with the hindsight you have now, how do you compare those Haskins through Lock tiers to Jake Locker... and what do you think that says about how much of a factor intangibles maybe ought to be? Not trying to bust your balls, but you've got at least one, possibly two guys in there that you can certain make the case that intangibles may make up some of the slack created by lack of other prototypical traits. Mostly just trying to spur convo.
  6. Well, I'll put it this way. If we don't hold him below 28, barring some sort of redux of our game against the Chiefs this season (which I can't see happening against the Pats in the Super Bowl), our offense isn't going to carry us past that except maybe with regard to game-script (gonna be tricky, we legitimately need to utilize the same game-script against them they just used against the Chiefs lol). The real trick for our defense is going to be limiting the points garnered off of our turnover(s); Goff's going to be good for one.
  7. Worth noting. Did Wade's Broncos "stop" Brady or did they slow him down enough for the Broncos to get the W? 2015, I suppose you can make an argument for a stop considering the timing of the two interceptions of Brady - particularly the one on the two-point conversion that would have tied the game. 2016 is a bit more debatable. Yes, they held the Pats under 20 in Mile High, but one the Pats singular TD drive, Brady moved the ball pretty effectively, per norm, in the intermediate passing game en route to the Blount punch-in. Game-script had a decent amount to do with that game because the Broncos offense couldn't muster a damn thing (only 4 drives that didn't result in a 3-and-out, including the opening drive of the game and one of the last ones which ended up resulting in a fumble). We aren't going to "stop" Brady, but we've got a shot at slowing him down enough for the offense to get the job done on their end a la that 2015 AFCCG.
  8. All Things Wrestling Thread

    There's a weird part of me that feels like we're either getting the result that's going to piss everyone and their mother off: He comes out as the Demon on next-to-nothing build and the Demon gets beaten. or I could actually see them putting him over Brock just for the sheer shock value. Brock losing to someone utterly tiny (this would basically be akin to when Rey beat Orton/Angle for his first World Title) very easily allows Brock to save face in any UFC build-up or promotions at Heavyweight because it's clear as day to anyone watching that losing to Finn would be a work. It also allows them to book a likely show-stealer in Finn/Rollins at Mania that doesn't have to be the Main Event (people will complain but if Seth gets into the match via a different method than winning the Rumble, it's easily doable - and clears the way for either the Women's 3-Way to main event or for - brace yourselves but I can definitely see it happening - a Cena/Bryan match with Cena breaking Flair's record to close the show.
  9. All Things Wrestling Thread

    That would genuinely undermine the lone point of doing the whole Mixed Match Challenge that they promoted TO DEATH on live broadcasts. As much as I want to say, "That sounds exactly like Vince," I just can't see it happening.
  10. All Things Wrestling Thread

    My wife racks up soooo many Frequent Flyer Miles and points thanks to travel for her job.
  11. All Things Wrestling Thread

    2019 Royal Rumble @The LBC @PARROTHEAD @DawgX @Ketchup @twslhs20 @SimsZilla @Fresh Prince
  12. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Yeah. I'll get a list going. Edit: Also, taking #1.
  13. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Taking R-Truth from the get-go. Bold strategy, Cotton.
  14. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Or Iron Sheik and Duggan - which I always found odd because I thought that was back in the days when they (even Vince) were still really strictly enforcing kayfabe even outside the venues (face hotels and heel hotels, faces could be seen out drinking with heels at bars, etc.).
  15. Super Bowl LIII - Rams vs Patriots

    Is it too late to sign Bernard Pollard? Asking for a friend.