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  1. Teddy Bridgewater @NO or Minshew Mania @LAC? Yes, my options are that dire.
  2. It's Texas, they can have their cousins anyway. That's called Thursday night.
  3. Well, unless you're playing Gregg Williams. Fuller and Cooks are basically the same player save for the fact that Fuller gets injured below the equator versus Cooks above. Against Gregg "Kill the Head, the Body will Follow" Williams, Fuller probably misses 3-4 weeks with a knee or hamstring pull when his body keeps moving after his lights have been put out. With Cooks, he very well might not be getting back up... at all... for any further career.
  4. Diontae, no. His target-share when healthy was worth holding onto (I think that's what James Washington has been benefiting huge from, especially in the game against Cleveland). Juju has name-value so I'd probably try to trade him first, even if it was as a throw-in on a package deal to try to let that name-value make the guy you're trading with feel like they're really getting the great deal (because they'll figure Juju has to rebound). But if push came to shove, I'd drop Juju for Diontae if the later was cleared to play for this weekend and I needed a starter this weekend. I'd also want Higgins over Green (that's a drop I made two weeks ago and haven't looked back) especially in PPR formats. Maybe, maybe AJ's fantasy value gets salvaged if the Bengals opt to go the Larry Fitz route with him and utilize him more as a possession receiver (though that would come at the expense of Boyd's touches, likely). ROS, I think when it comes to the Cincy receivers, you have to look at Burrow's tendencies going back to LSU where - someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong - he had a distinct favorability for throwing to the TE (Moss) and the slot (Jefferson)... and, of course, JaMarr Chase (but with Green not looking like his former physically-dominant self and not able to fill that role, Higgins has appeared to step more into a combination of that role as well as some of the TE role, given that Cincy also lacks anyone of Moss' capability). AJ Green is something really close to Top 5 in the league in downfield targets... and has 1(1) downfield reception. He's been awful downfield this season; so unless his role is adjusted, which it looks like it was this past week, he's a trip-wire moving forward. ROS, I'd rank them Diontae, Higgins, Green, Juju (that seems low for Juju, but that's also because he'll be next to impossible to identify the weeks he'll actually go off and yet you'll still feel it necessary if you're rostering him to start him almost weekly; but the team seems clearly to be preparing for a future where they're not going to be extending him in 2021 and aren't going to gameplan heavy touches his way).
  5. I'm in a weird predicament. In my 1/2pt PPR league, my team that looked like it should steamroll the competition just got only its second win of the season thanks to the combination of Michael Thomas and Nick Chubb's injuries hamstringing me mightily. They also resulted in me having to cobble together waiver wire adds to be competitive; so well, in fact, that with me now hitting where byes are really starting to hit me, I'm actually sitting on guys I'm reluctant to drop (but also going to have to with one of them because it's not like I'm not going to start a QB this week). I've already made the decision that I'm dropping Fulgham because he's likely got a limited shelf-life (I think his touches survive Alshon's return from injury, but Goedert's and eventually Reagor's have me more concerned - plus, I'm not inclined to trust Wentz this season) for the QB-pickup instead of Higgins, Ruggs, or Claypool. Just an odd position to be in. And crappy because with the format, trading off WR's in this league is extremely difficult unless they're players where people are biting more on the big name and past production. This leads me to the other part of the predicament I've also largely figured out, but reassure me so I don't feel so eww about it. So damn many teams in this 14-team league are rostering multiple QB's - and it's ticking me off. To the point where my bye week fill options for Lamar are Bridgewater, Mayfield, Jones, and Foles. I have my highest FAAB priority on Teddy right now, largely hedging on the additional floor coming from his legs, even if he is facing the New Orleans defense in New Orleans. Baker's got the Bengals for the second time and put up a modest total against them the 1st time, but he's more banged up than lasted, without Chubb, and coming off getting his arse handed to him. Don't even know why I mentioned DJ because he's likely in line to turn the ball over enough times against the WFT that he's starting with a handicap. And Foles is mostly only there because I expect fate to want to bite me in the butt in one way or another if I start a QB playing against my own team in primetime at home (i.e. I'd do it and Foles would go off against the Rams in LA by some freak occurrence because LBC is only allowed to have a certain number of nice things, and no more).
  6. Also, playing the percentages without doing a deep-dive into a myriad of other contributing factors (the absolute least of which would would have relevance if we're going back to the likes of the Peyton, Bledsoe, Marino, and Elway as proof-positive examples would be QB's who were early-declares vs college/graduating seniors when they were drafted). There's a reason why Parcells - who was very much a "play the percentages" kind of coach before it was trendy - weighted that factor in his franchise QB checklist when considering draft prospects. Notice the trend, that as we've progressed more into the era where early-declares were more prominently/highly drafted, the success rate of those (where we're talking actual sustained high-end production during the life of their rookie contract, not just "he started and didn't get himself benched/replaced") appears very much tied to sitting a good chunk of that first-year. We also can't dismiss the fact that the "young QB's need to be afforded the chance to sit a year" narrative was largely discarded for the "you don't draft a guy that early to sit him early" narrative in near simultaneity with the installation of the rookie wage scale and the 5th-year-option. Like I said, and like I think you're seeing as well, while people want to go for the quick and easy clip-bit, full context shows there are more factors to be considered than the easy clip-bit wants to acknowledge.
  7. I see. We're invoking certainty for only those things that fit your argument and not those that might go against it. Gotcha! Tua has two weeks of preparation. Good for Tua. The offense is more than just the QB, particularly when you're talking switching to a left-handed QB. Again, this ISN'T Madden. Two weeks to flip an offense that had been playing well to accomodate a left-handed QB (meaning your X- and Z-receivers are running their routes/plays from the opposite side they've just been doing so for the last 6 weeks, your OL is making those same inversions where - the center aside - your LOT may have the easiest transition of any of them if he stays as a blindside protector, if not, your ROT's job just became immensely more difficult). I get it, you want Tua to succeed. So do I. I even get why the Dolphins feel the need to do this because Fitz is on a 1-year deal and you'd rather have him as the guy in your young QB's earhole during said guy's first half-season under center. But don't fall into the trap that too many people on this site and on the internet in general do of crapping on the current grass just to further a "grass is greener on the other side of the fence" argument. The Trevor Lawrence supposition is a pure strawman. Trevor Lawrence isn't 11 months removed from taking a football hit (without a preseason), from having to process (potentially faster) in-game play speed. There's also the message to the rest of the team that has to be considered - that I realize fans either don't consider or want to discount (probably because most fans never played the game past the peewee level) - either way this is a negative narrative you're sending to your players who have been busting their butts to get you to the level of success you've enjoyed so far this season (2nd in the division, legitimately able to be considered in the playoff hunt albeit early - evidently the decision that the QB swap was going to happen regardless of how well they did in those first 6 weeks isn't a great message for the culture). It very much possible for this to be the right decision for the long-term but simultaneously be a badly-timed decision and have negative aspects to it. This isn't a zero-sum game and shades of gray exist.
  8. This X100000 You mean the bad performance game that 80% of starting quarterbacks have at least 1x per season? Yeah, that's really bucking the maths there. Tua only has to produce like Mahomes (except without the 15 games of sitting as the QB2 in the offense scheme/system behind the veteran QB1 part, I mean) in order to proof that theorem. Nothing major. Just that. No, no. Throw him in against the reigning two-time DPOY. That's so backward-thinking it has to work!
  9. So... they call the hold on Edwards to take away Henderson's TD run, but the Niners RT does the exact same thing on the last play and gets away with it?
  10. Sadly, I didn't. A couple folks from FF who listen to the same fantasy football podcast I do will recognize where I got it from.
  11. I don't like you when you take the high road. Stop it.
  12. Yeah, even Rich Gannon pushes the envelop in both where he was drafted (4th round) and play style. Best recent comp might be pre-injury Alex Smith.
  13. Am I missing something or did the Broncos suddenly learn how to pass-protect?
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