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    Kind of depends. If they structure it similarly to how they did the drafts at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, then there will be "free" spots available to fans, but it's going to be like trying to get into panels at Comic Con, you're going to have to be standing in a line that will start forming 6+ hours in advance of the doors opening and unless you're in that first 500 people, there will be no guarantee you'll actually get in. If/when they do it in LA, if I can't get a press pass through one of several friends who work in the media, I'm probably going to end up spending to get a hotel room in Inglewood near to the venue and trying to go sleep sometime in the afternoon the day before so I can be up and in-line as early as possible. Postmates or Uber Eats is also going to make a killing off me that day.
  2. Into the Offseason - 2019

    This tended to be more the interior combo that I recall Bradley running with in both Seattle (when one of them actually was Mebane - which I have to think is part of the reason he was such a priority to retain) and Jacksonville. In Seattle he had the Mebane/Clinton McDonald/Alan Branch trio; in Jacksonville it was Roy Miller/SenDerrick Marks and then throughout the years one of Ziggy Hood, Jared Odrick, and Malik Jackson. Jones fits that McDonald (DT/sub-package-DE) mold. Philon didn't fit either. Honestly, the team may wait to see how the draft falls to them. It's possible, if he passes inspection, they look to someone like Dexter Lawrence to play the Branch role as a rookie and shift into the Mebane role in the future. If someone of better value like a Wilkins falls, they could opt to look for the Mebane replacement either later in this draft (someone like, say, Greg Gaines) or in 2020.
  3. Miami Dolphins Tanking Plan

    Yes and no. Cap space is all well and good, but there also have to be the free agents for it to matter. Now, it's possible that someone like La'el Collins gets lost in the folds while Dallas is out extending the likes of Dak and Cooper (or that they end up having to pick between him and D-Law), but by-and-large they have taken care of each one of their OL guys when the time has come due. We'll be able to judge more appropriately after this next draft and see whether or not they draft someone else who can play the position. Baltimore does have a habit of letting most of their UFA's hit the market, but there have been some limited exceptions and a franchise LT who they spent a Top 10 pick on strikes me as one such exception; so that likely rules Ronnie Stanley out. That leaves a bunch of guys who certainly could elect to leave in FA, but they're also, IMHO, just as likely to either retire or if they do leave to go ring-chase versus just go after the one last big cash-in (unless they can get absurd guaranteed money), and who will all be on the downside of their careers at 32+ years of age. It's do-able in the sense that it's not impossible. But it's in no way easy even with a lot of cash to spend.
  4. Cardinals sign DT Darius Philon (2 years, $10M)

    An English teacher (we capitalize the names of languages ) whose smart phone is fond of double-speak.
  5. Cardinals sign DT Darius Philon (2 years, $10M)

  6. Miami Dolphins Tanking Plan

    That's a shade easier to cover up when you're on a 5-game losing streak and hadn't won in the entire month of December. I'm sure this will probably ruffle the feathers of some in here, but I'd wager if the NFL felt they could definitively prove one of its teams was actively tanking - particularly in a year where we're nearing the negotiation of another media contract - that we'd see some sort of punishment levied under the "protecting the Shield" statute.
  7. Miami Dolphins Tanking Plan

    And they invested in assembling one hell of an effective OL via mid-round picks (Bitonio, Corbett) and free agency (Tretter, Hubbard, *shudder* G-Rob - also can we cool some of this "Browns offense is going to be the best in the NFL" after appreciating that right now, I believe, they're projected to start Greg Robinson at LT). I bring this up because, Miami's been pretty hit-and-miss in terms of drafting OL in recent memory. Even if the Dolphins do manage to tank their way to a 2020 #1 pick, they're looking right now that whatever QB they would draft with that pick would be going into a David Carr-like situation. And I'm not sure that can be shored-up against in 2 drafts (one of which you'd already be removing the 1st round pick from because it would be used to select said QB)and 1 more free agency period. The "Suck for Luck" Colts are/were an exception, not the rule.
  8. Cardinals sign DT Darius Philon (2 years, $10M)

    Positive. "Two to tango" came first and was reconstructed some 75+ years later into "two to tangle" as the name for a children's game that was released in the 90's.
  9. Cardinals sign DT Darius Philon (2 years, $10M)

    The expression is "it takes two to tango."
  10. The direction of the Broncos in the near future.

    Honestly, I get a major Michael Jordan as "the guy" in Charlotte when the current Hornets were still the Bobcats. His talent eval is good in some areas, horrendous in others (which, to me, reads that the teams has some exceptional scouts when it comes to particular positions more than that this is some place where Elway himself is stupendous). It's why Top Guys (i.e. players who were among the greatest of their era at their position) rarely tend to make great execs unless they're from "grinder" type positions; it's a mentality thing, rather than constantly expecting to be in win-now mode, but also guys who realized that despite their own inherent talent, they were only as good as the talent they surrounded themselves with. Similarly, whereas QB's have tended to have desirable traits in terms of leadership, delegating, and being the tip of the spear as head coaches, guys who were more in the trenches (OL, LB, TE, DL) have, off the top of my head, tended to have those qualities that lend itself more to the GM/Player Personnel positions. And, similarly to Jordan in Charlotte, Elway has such a status in Denver as a market that he's likely to be there until he decides he doesn't want to be. And, I've spoken (albeit briefly) with John in the past, he's not what you'd call the most self-aware person and certainly not lacking in self-belief. If he's not careful, he's going to turn the Broncos into another 90's/00's Redskins, if they're not already there (the odd 9-win season when all the scheduling, injuries, luck stars align, but otherwise mired in mediocrity).
  11. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Depends on how much faith you have in your OL coach and a particular prospects ability to clean up some technical flaws while learning on the job. Rookie tackles - by-and-large - are going to make mistakes, that's just the way it is, particularly with the fact the way a majority of college offenses have trended in terms of the blocking schemes used, as well as the fact that OL are the position above just about any other that need as many hands-on, contact reps as you can get, and the NFLPA has sought to limit those reps (believing it will curtail injuries) in each of the last two CBA bargaining sessions. There are guys with tools who need some polish and can likely learn on the job, but are going to have some hiccups along the way like Tytus Howard, Bobby Evans (clean up his handwork and he's a starting LT in the league, I'm pretty confident in that assessment), and Dennis Daley. And there are guys who aren't quite as toolsy, but can get the job done and have enough tools (in comparison to others starting in the league) to project well at RT and project to at least have a chance to play LT (even if it's as a stop-gap until a more suitable/higher-ceiling guy can be acquired) like the two Wisconsin boys (Dieter and Edwards) and Tyree St. Louis
  12. Free Agency News & Rumors

    I mean, don't you guys have enough RB's already? If you guys want to give up on Kerryon, by all means send him our way. Sadly, this is likely the replacement for either Abdullah, Riddick, or both.
  13. Rams & Clay Matthews agree to 2 year deal

    This is positive for Okoronkwo's development and for us being in a position where we don't have the flexibility outside of using future picks to make the move necessary to get an EDGE-of-the-future if one comes within striking distance in the 1st round. At this point, I'd wager that barring Devin Bush falling in the 1st, all linebackers are likely Day 2 or later additions for us (which I'm not totally sad about since the depth of this LB class really isn't great). DL, IOL, or CB (depending on the value that falls) are likely what's in play at #31 if we don't trade back. TE may actually be a possibility too if one of Fant or Hoeckenson fall, but I feel like buying on them at #31 is doing so expecting them to be Kittle... and neither of them is Kittle.
  14. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    We've gone from #MOBsquad to the cast of The Crew.
  15. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Risner - he's not a straight comp to him, but it's close enough - is this year's Forrest Lamp. He can likely play 3-4 OL spots; he's not an ideal fit for all of them, but he can play them and likely at a high level at any of them if he gets adequate reps to get acclimated. If the FO and coaching staff were fans of Lamp (I'd say that's pretty clearly a "yes") as a prospect, then they're going to similarly like Risner. The real question becomes whether Risner is redundant of Lamp. Two lines of thinking would suggest that shouldn't make a big difference even if true, because Lamp has already burned multiple seasons without getting onto the field and versatility is versatility, just because two players are similar doesn't mean they can't play together - particularly if one of their shared similarities is versatility.