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  1. Engh. With him getting the NA Title last night, I'm willing to bet they keep him out of the Rumble. If I'm betting on who get the nods, I'd earmark Ciampa, Walter (they're going to bring in someone from NXT UK and odds are best it's either Walter or Kassius Ohno), Balor, and one of Killian Dain or Damian Priest. Riddle's another possibility, but I feel like they may hold off unless they really want to tease some early Riddle/Lesnar stuff (which may be, flatly, too logical for Vince). I'm fairly convinced right now that Shayna wins the Women's Rumble.
  2. I actually wonder how much some of those personalities might have kept AB in check and once they were gone we really saw him run rampant. Say what you will about narcissists, but at some point self-preservation kicks in (at the most base psychological and physical levels - it's innate instinct). Harrison, for instance, people had legitimate reason to fear because the guy didn't seem to give a youknowwhat.
  3. All 32 Starting QB's Next Season

    I'm no longer a Chargers fan. In fact, now that Rivers has (likely) separated himself from the team, I don't even really support them anymore. I'll still talk them plenty because I've got a strong familiarity with the team, but Rivers was really the only reason I was invested once the Rams moved home because I grew up an LA Rams fan. Spanos would have screwed up generating home fan support in a move to Vegas just as well as he did the move to LA; his arrogance is palpable and it's patently clear his rich NorCal grasp on the very superficial understanding of how to garner support/popularity in the LA market (i.e. "our presence should be enough... and what it's not enough for, I can just buy them off with things."). A more self-aware (or just plain more business savvy) owner could have pretty easily generated a good amount of support for the team in the first year, even in a competitive market, had they undergone the sort of grassroots campaign (and put in the legwork) the way LAFC did - and LAFC entered the market at the exact same time with a (compared to the NFL) less-marketable sport.
  4. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Also, Dak's situation and Bell's situation are not the least bit comparable. Bell had prior disciplinary issues, played the position that is deemed among one of the most replaceable in league circles, and had players behind him who - largely due to opportunities provided by those suspensions Bell had to serve - while not quite on his level were serviceable. Dak has a squeaky clean record, plays the position that is deemed the hardest to replace, and has Cooper Rush and a guy on a futures contract on the roster behind him (and Rush would have to be tendered and sign said tender as a restricted free agent before he would actually be on the roster).
  5. I'm a bit more bummed (not that I don't love Pete Dunne) that we didn't get a renewal of the Matt Riddle/Keith Lee tag team from EVOLVE in the Dusty Classic. Those guys have such unusual but unique chemistry. Keith Lee may be the best thing that's happened to Velveteen Dream though. We should probably get a Dream/Lee feud once Dream is back in action, and I'm hopeful that the potential from that and what it can do for Dream (he's really yet to work with a "big man" and Lee has the kind of athleticism to hang with VD) keeps Lee in NXT through the summer (makes sense if they hold off doing another draft until September of this year). Dream needs Vince preoccupied with the XFL enough to not be meticulously crafting everything the writing staff is putting out, otherwise he's going to be stuck doing comedy bits like Otis, like Revival were, like Gallows and Anderson were, because he'll make Vince laugh and Vince will interpret that as "let's make him a comedy act, pal!" And unfortunately, while Dream has burgeoning Rock charisma, he doesn't have Rock's family legacy and locker room connections to fall back on - except maybe Hunter (who will cowtow to Vince), because all the trainers from Tough Enough are rarely around (Booker is the most regular and that's like maybe once a month for pre-shows), the PC trainers aren't around the main roster regularly, his best hope for a backstage advocate (and even he seems to jump back and forth between producer on the main roster and ad hoc producer for NXT/NXT UK and special events) is Steve Corino, who apparently LOVES him.
  6. I think the issue with Tenille is that she's, allegedly, not a great backstage presence (i.e. more trouble than she's worth) - part of the reason why Impact and ROH parted ways with her. And if Impact doesn't want you that's a pretty bad indictment. I figure Jordynne is eventually going to end up in AEW because of her friendship with Jericho. We may see her make a couple of one-off appearances in things like battle royals and co-branded things like the Jericho cruise, due to Jericho's close ties with Don Callis. Though that does bring to mind another question regarding Tenille, since she's a Storm Wrestling Academy graduate and Lance, Don, and Jericho are all close. The whole booking of the women with actual name value who could also be good working hands at Double or Nothing was, realistically, the final straw for me with regard to Kenny's booking. Tenille, Ivelisse, etc. all got like one token moment of shine each and then were quickly brushed aside. It genuinely comes across like he doesn't want them there because they'd outshine/(inadvertently-bury) his ear-marked chosens - at which point, how does that make him any more defensible that Vince with his boners for Corbin, Lashley, and to a lesser extent Roman?
  7. Eli Manning is retiring

    Go get you that DSRL championship you deserve, Eli. So much for my closeted hope he'd end up as the Chargers' starting QB to close his career instead of to begin his career. The circle would have been complete.
  8. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    I could see something akin to doing away with the exclusive rights franchise tender entirely and, possibly, reducing/changing the mandatory compensation due on the non-exclusive right tender. Basically, even if a player is tagged, he'd still have the opportunity to negotiate/field offers from other franchises, however if he signs an offer sheet his tendering team retains right of first refusal and right to receive mandatory compensation (possibly a current year 1st and maybe a 2nd that has to be conveyed within the first 2 years; I'm spitballing here, I think the ultimate aim would be to loosening the channels to allow the player to get traded to where he could get paid his big deal). In addition to trying to protect small markets, I think the intent will also be to try to protect as much parity as possible, which would mean preventing (beyond just the cap-management protections) perennial playoff teams from just signing a different franchised player to an offer sheet every other season because their 1st is so low they wouldn't be able to get anyone near that caliber of player with it naturally.
  9. Senior Bowl visits

    I haven't seen anyone outside of the TDN guys projecting Queen as a first 2 round guy. And even then, I think the TDN guys have him more as a guy they've got rated higher on their actual rankings (which heavily factor in ceiling put a premium on 3-down-versatility) than on their predicted draft ranking (how they predict the players to come off the board).
  10. That entire second paragraph can be summed up as "Marks will be marks." (even if they're not smart enough to realize that they're marks)
  11. The main event segments are in the 9'o'clock hour not the 10'o'clock one anymore. By main event, I mean the segments they spend the bulk of the show building up. It's a clear criticism that they should, and even recognize it, just go to two-hour programming for RAW, but (story of WWE these days - and it isn't just Vince, it's the whole family) they're greedy so they've not going to turn down the opportunity to sell more ad space and charge USA for an additional hour. I realize that all wrestling is cyclical and rehashing of its own past, but I can't help but feel like anyone who is heaping praise on AEW for its "innovative writing" has never seen the Crockett Promotions days of WCW - they're literally rebooking stuff almost shot for shot from that era (not surprising, it's basically Dusty booking and it's pretty clear that Cody's got the book for this stuff - likely with input from JR and Arn). You've got three different story arcs that Dusty himself into and worked going on right now with different AEW characters. I'm only being fair here, not looking to grind an ax. The titles meaning less than nothing argument is very debatable. They don't have to be defended weekly or even monthly in order for them to have meaning; conversely, there's an argument to be made that "getting a shot at the title" means more because they happen less often for the tippy-top titles. Should Brock be the title-holder? I'd say no, but considering they've yet to build an attraction comparable to him, it shouldn't surprise anyone that a business is positioning themselves to put their biggest attraction in a marquee placement for their biggest spectacle of the year (Mania).
  12. Yup. Britt is still green and it's pretty obvious. That said, it's criminal that they haven't followed through on some of the reach-out that they had in the past to the veteran female workers who could (for lack of a more appropriate word) carry her and make her look better than she is while she continues to learn. I was truly shocked to see Mercedes Martinez show up in the NXT women's battle royal because I could swear she'd signed with AEW and was exactly the kind of hand that Britt needed to call matches against her and help build her up. I honestly feel like they tried to throw Kenny a bone with the women's division because "he wanted to feel on the same level" and was insistent that he knew what he was doing... and he doesn't. And, to be honest, he's been over in Japan for so long, I don't know that he actually has the connections to the hands on the domestic independent circuit to know who would be good to try to get in and who wouldn't, so he just keeps grasping at Japanese women who struggle to get over with American audiences. Going out and getting someone like a Cheerleader Melissa (get her to work a different gimmick, maybe under her shoot name) or Tenille Dashwood (Emma), because barring them getting in a finished all-around product like Tessa, they're likely going to need to pin their hopes to whenever they manage to get hold of and bring in Jordynne Grace - and based off what I've seen of Kenny's booking, she'll end up a luke-warm attraction when she could be much more.
  13. Senior Bowl visits

    He's inexperienced. The guy has yet to be a full-time player and, honestly, shouldn't have come out. But that doesn't mean I'm above grabbing a traits guy who has starter upside if you iron out his creases. For what his Bama tape lacks, his Clemson tape shines. I just plain love his ability to scrape; his COD ability is plain nuts. Realistically, the dude is going to start his career, and maybe stay there for a while, as a "first to the ball and stalemate the runner waiting on the rally," but in a Fangio-styled offense, that works.
  14. General Season Talk

    Outside of guys predicted to go in the Top 20, I don't think you can fit rounds to where seniors are likely to go at this time with any remote accuracy. We see guys fall way further than we think the have business doing so all the time nowadays because of the amount of underclassmen that crowd the pool. I mean, remember last year when David Edwards was being bandied about as a late 1st to mid-2nd round pick... and we got him what? The 5th round. We're doing due diligence right now.
  15. Senior Bowl visits

    He has LT athletic traits, but dude is still pretty raw. I typically like to see a bit more mean streak from tackles, but he fits the mold of the type the Kromer tends to like at the position. Cam Brown gives you the ideal of the kind of ILB we're likely looking at; maybe he's a shade on the taller pole, but ultimately that rangy, capable zone defender who also excels at attacking the football and is always looking to knock the ball out is right on type. He won't be at the Senior Bowl, and he's probably on the shorter pole, but I'll be anxious to see how much contact we have with Patrick Queen (he needs to add some weight, but I see some similarity prospect-to-prospect between him and Navorro Bowman - though he may be more Will Witherspoon, who ultimately would have excelled in a Fangio scheme as well).