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  1. Tyrod Time in LA?

  2. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    Schadenfreude really is a lovely thing when it isn't happening to your club (and I'll be the first to admit my club is in the midst of it's own schadenfreude currently, but misery loves company, damnit!), isn't it?
  3. If tua comes out for the draft

    I agree, but also consider that Josh Rosen (who lacked the ceiling - which tends to be the universal balm were QB's are concerned - that Tua does; and this is coming from someone who before this injury felt like Tu'a had a good chance to get nitpick-dinged out of #1 overall by scouts when he was healthy) still went Top 10 despite legitimate concerns that "one more concussion (something you pretty much have to assume a QB's going to suffer over the span of his pro career) could be his last." Till given reason to believe otherwise, I'll hedge on the side of NFL GM's to continue recent trends over deciding to establish new paradoxes that buck said trends. I'll be honest, part of this is because I have little faith in Tom Telesco to effectively draft OL (or to trade up marginally if a target OL gets within reach to avoid someone else snatching said guy ahead of him... as has happened multiple times now), the Chargers are likely Tu'a floor is LA stays picking in the Top 13 picks. They have Tyrod under contract for another season and would have the bridge in place - and Tyrod would get to play place-holding sacrificial lamb behind a sub-par OL for the second time in 5 years.
  4. Tyrod Time in LA?

    Rolling the pocket makes sense when your interior line is getting whooped. The Chargers are presently starting backups (both rookies) at both OT spots. You roll the pocket and you're rolling right into the oncoming edge rushers. If the ultimate goal (in some peoples' minds) is replacing Rivers then trying to win games shouldn't be the goal. The team is currently fighting with the Broncos for who gets to be the caboose of the division and is on the losing end of tiebreakers to both divisional teams ahead of them... and competing in the conference for a wild card spot is hardly worth discussing.
  5. Tyrod Time in LA?

    Agreed. Typical "grass is always greener because I can't see it, but I think it should be" FF logic being applied by some folks quick to kneejerk reactions, probably spurred by getting burned by him in what they believed with smash matchups in fantasy football.
  6. Tyrod Time in LA?

    And, perhaps most importantly, you can't accomplish that with the piecemeal OL the Chargers are rocking right now due in large part to injuries. We've seen what Tyrod Taylor can do behind shoddy OL's and it isn't any prettier than what Rivers is doing right now.
  7. Who killed you this week?

    Pittsburgh, collectively, hurt me this week (Their defense managing a whopping 1 sack and 2 points' output in total in one of my leagues and Conner getting reinjured on his 1st carry in my other league), but that would have been salvageable if Brian Hill could have done ANYTHING against a team that was religiously giving up 100-yard rushing game to opponents. In one league though, I ultimately have myself to blame because I made a last minute change and started the Jets' defense in place of the Ravens' (fortunately still on my roster going forward) which cost me the exact point-differential that I lost by.
  8. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Ian Eagle is trying as hard to make "Lamarkable" a thing as Colinsworth did last year to make "Showtime" a thing for Mahomes.
  9. NFL Week 11 GDT

    He's still Will Grier?
  10. NFL Week 11 GDT

    He's Snyder's ride or die. That guy's ironclad.
  11. NFL Week 11 GDT

    It's also a lot easier for him since he can basically play the Antonio Cromartie role, where Humphrey is the one matched up on the WR1 and Peters is allowed freedom to freelance against the WR2 while still having safety help over the top.
  12. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Ouch! That's a potential HAS for Watson once the adrenaline settles and swelling's give nthe opportunity to set in.
  13. NFL Week 11 GDT

    They're saving the eventual reversal to benefit youknowwho in the playoffs...
  14. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    I don't really see a lot of people claiming he's blameless. I do see a lot of people who can't seem to grasp that being a victim and being blameless aren't mutually exclusive. I've also seen a lot of people over the past couple days try to justify or at least "qualify" Garrett's reaction because he was intentionally struck in the crotch. I'll make people a deal, go strap on a football helmet and let someone the size and strength of Myles Garrett ****** you up by the facemask of said helmet while it's still strapped to your head and see if you don't flail pretty dang wildly. and lashing out with whatever limbs you've got free to try and get away.
  15. The Myles Garrett incident

    I'd qualify it slightly in the sense that his "charge" was like that of the cartoon little yapping dog who knows he has the comfort/protection of a man bigger than himself holding back the bigger-than-himself guy he's yelling at. No one of Garrett's size or persona would be able to make a credible argument that he "felt threatened" by Rudolph (not saying you are, but the choice language I've seen some folks use on here and especially on other mediums could easily be mistaken for suggesting as much), unless Rudolph himself was carrying a weapon. This is where I feel like the "don't start none won't be none" argument starts losing its water. This was why I made the contention last night that if Garrett had done the equivalent of the Mister Miyagi honk on Rudolph by slow-mo "booping" him on the head with the helmet, I don't know that we find too many people outside the most outrageous of homers that aren't actually siding with Myles and laughing heartily at Mason.