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  1. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Duke's been fairly hot lately and the Bengals defense is, IMO, weaker than the Jets' is. I want to see how usage shakes out with Michel because they're in the process of bringing Burkhead back from IR and he could usurp some of that goal-line detail.
  2. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    And NOTE WHAT I JUST SAID ABOVE, people!!! Mitchell Trubisky is doubtful to play tomorrow and he's in the early game. Chase Daniel is likely to be the starting QB for the Bears, so adjust you expectations accordingly as to how you view Daniel. I know that I, for one, benched Allen Robinson in favor of Larry Fitzgerald (may yet pivot to MVS depending on if I need ceiling or floor play) but I'm sticking with Trey Burton (largely because the TE pickings are slim and I do feel like Daniel playing is going to benefit one of him or Shaheen - it's just a matter of which one).
  3. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    I'd lean Carson and Duke for sure and then it's a matter of what you need as far as roster construction (i.e. homerun or floor) in picking between Breida and Boyd. Sounds like Trubisky is doubtful for tomorrow, which means Chase Daniel quarterbacks the Bears, so Howard could definitely see more use, but he's difficult to trust as far as floor goes. If Carson's healthy (which he appears to be), Seattle's shown us they'll run the crap out of him. The Bengals D is trash and, honestly, Duke is the leading receiver on the Browns now under Saunders. Dallas' run defense is good and AP just has a limited ceiling (if he tops 10 points in a non-PPR league, I'll be shocked).
  4. OJ Howard to IR

    You posted Figgins being Witchy-with-a-B Figgins (I'm married... I've been subjected to Glee more than it's healthy for a person to have been so). And yes, gifs are appropriately judged by the tone of said gif.
  5. Ok so why does the Rams defense suck?

    Kind of having to because we really don't have the traditional EDGE presence that most teams function with. The game against KC seemed like a breakout for Samson Ebukam, but ultimately the guy is much more complementary EDGE (think Brooks Reed/Connor Barwin/Shaun Phillips) than someone who is really going to force a DC to have pause about whether to gameplan around him. We just got Okoronkwo back from IR, but he's a rookie who wasn't expected to be an every-down player this season. And then you consider we're starting Mark Barron at ILB alongside Corey Littleton - we lack a thumper and it shows BIG TIME, but I'd argue just as much that we lack the onfield chessmaster/"green dot" player (which in Wade's defenses has typically been an ILB) who reads and adjusts the defense from within it. Micah Kiser evidently hasn't shown enough in practices to merit additional playing time (plus you have to figure Barron's contract is dictating him being on the field until someone forcibly takes his spot from him with superior play). Beyond that, and with regard to the secondary, Marcus Peters is not and was never a Revis/Sherman style shutdown corner, but rather more (particularly in context of a Phillips-Burroughs defense) an Antonio Cromartie type corner who preys upon QB's having to throw at him while he's on their second read (go back and watch how he abused Rivers when he was on the Chiefs and bare in mind that Rivers' primary read - out of habit - has almost always been either his TE or his RB, and often times his second read is a quick check to see if the deep-route busted coverage); but paramount to that is having a capable boundary corner on the opposite side who can at least slow down the other side. When Talib went down part of that equation was non-functional.
  6. OJ Howard to IR

    Because I'm a nice and considerate individual. It balances out the other times I'm a callous and overtly-acerbic Richard. Always seek balance in life.
  7. A Crazy Round 1

    I realize people are going to look at Suh likely leaving and think that the Rams are going to absolutely prioritize DT, so I can see the line of thinking on Lawrence, but given the use he's gotten and the anticipated increase in reps moving forward, the team is high on John-Franklin Myers and I could really see ILB being prioritized because it's been one of those areas that's been one of the biggest contributors to opposing rushing attacks being able to put us through the ringer. Corey Littleton has earned his stripes this season and is likely going to be counted on at one ILB spot moving forward, but depending on how they evaluate Micah Kiser moving forward, someone like TJ Edwards (I know you have him earmarked for your own team...) offers a lot of really good fit. I can definitely see other Rams fans disagreeing with me, but a high-ceiling CB wouldn't surprise me either (Diggs might be too much value to pass on) even if Peters is extended, given that Talib will only have one year remaining on his contract in 2019, same with NRC, and Troy Hill simply isn't a boundary guy.
  8. OJ Howard to IR

    I do. What nobody really cares about is people feeling the need to whine and make a scene any time someone brings up their fantasy team. It's effectively ingrained into popular football culture now, people; time to put on your big boy pants and stop being so bitter about it. Don't like the comments about it, don't read the comments. It's not that difficult.
  9. Fair or Foul: Tanking the last week

    Yeah, I don't see an issue with that. It's akin to punting a week - which was a strategy I used for a while before it just became too much of a hassle to try and account for during draft time to merit passing on better talent (where I'd try, if possible, to have the majority of my team all on bye on the same week and just punt it).
  10. Fair or Foul: Tanking the last week

    Tanking in the form of benching players who could capably start and not starting anyone in their place (or not replacing someone in your starting lineup who is on bye with someone from you bench who is active) is wrong in my book. You made the commitment to your league with the unspoken understanding they'd do the same that you'd field a full lineup - when possible - each week. Presumably, you'll be playing with these same people in future seasons and ask yourself, "Is getting a better playoff matchup this season really worth burning a bridge and making an enemy in future seasons?" If you're not hunting a playoff spot (i.e. already have clinched a berth) I don't feel you're under obligation to drop players from your roster to fill/replace players on bye in a given week, but if you have players capable of filling those spots, you should play them. And benching your entire team (which I've seen done before by someone tanking a game) is a Richard move.
  11. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams NOT IN Mexico City

    How so considering Gurley actually did get rolled up on and looked hobbled? You're projecting a narrative that is predicated on assumptions from multiple games. I'm going off of what was visible with my eyes of things that actually occurred on the field.
  12. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams NOT IN Mexico City

    I'd agree with this. I don't believe either sides was favored more than the other by the officials tonight, but (on a sidenote, how in the hell any "all star" officiating crew can be headed by Clete Blakeman is a farce in and of itself) the officiating in this game definitely lended itself to the narrative that the league wants these shootouts to occur often, particularly on primetime. I lost count of the number of false-starts on both sides that went uncalled. Same with holding on both sides. Rub routes? Yep, those too.
  13. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams NOT IN Mexico City

    Or you're making a rush to judgment in assuming that all injuries are created the same. As was already established, by @Broncofan who has an athletic training background, depending on the particular injury there really isn't as much risk to further aggravating the particular injury by remaining on the field if the prognosis is one of several injuries. Really, dude, this feels like your desire to push a narrative you want to believe exists.
  14. The real possibility

    In order of likelihood guys get sat (most likely being first): 1) Rams 2) Chiefs 3) Saints I don't think Payton sits his guys even if they lock up the #1 seed ahead of Week 17. That said, with Carolina still twice and the Steelers (though that's in the dome, so I'm definitely favoring the Saints vs Road Ben) to come on the schedule, including in Week 17, I'm not sure they're going to have that luxury unless the Rams gift it to them. Chiefs are probably the most likely to be in the scenario to bench guys, if the Steelers drop another two games in this upcoming slate of Broncos/Chargers/Patriots/Saints; outcome of the Patriots/Steelers game will go a lot to determining this, but the Pats' home stretch schedule likely makes it that KC may have to defend that home field advantage throughout all the way through Week 17. If Andy gets the chance to rest guys, I think he will, but I don't know that he gets the opportunity. If McVay gets the chance to rest guys he's already shown he absolutely will. And if it looks like the Rams end up entrenched in the #2 seed without a shot at the #1 seed, I'd expect the Rams to do just that especially since we're at home against the Niners (so it will be in the later kickoff set of games being that it's on the west coast) and the Saints/Panthers and Bears/Vikings games will both be in the early slate of games. Problem being - it could well be a case of you not knowing until after the results of those early slate of games come in (which is all but 6 teams in league).
  15. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams NOT IN Mexico City

    What are you basing your thought on, though? Your gut? Because there were a number of folks, including former players, live tweeting the game who all noted multiple times that they were pretty certain Gurley had gotten nicked up early on and that was accounting for his lack of use.