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  1. 2019 Fantasy "MY GUYS"

    I'll probably amend this some here and there as we get further into the actual preseason, but I figured we ought to start up a thread making cases for our "My Guys" (the guys you're probably going to own a lot of shares in this season and are willing to make reasonable - or greater - reaches to ensure having on your squad because you're expecting premium fantasy returns). For me: Dalvin Cook - I'm more than fine taking him anywhere in the 2nd round, and I'm value-protecting (similar to price-protecting in auction drafts) him in snake drafts, because I'd be scared as hell if a team that's able to land one of the elite RB1's with the first 4-5 picks in R1 is able to land him as their RB2 because they'll be juggernauts. Will he play the full season is the operative question? But in the 2nd, I'm willing to take that shot given that in Kubiak's scheme he has Top 3-5 RB upside. Carson Wentz - You'll probably notice a theme starting to develop. I'm close to projecting Wentz to lead the league in passing yards this season, but if he plays 15 games, I'm confident he finishes Top 5 in that respect either way. And for where I can get him (typically as about the 8th-10th QB off the board), I'm really confident I'm going to end up with either him or Cam as the starter on almost all my fantasy teams this year. Chris Carson - Depending on value, but I feel the same way about him that I felt about Marshawn Lynch last year (and, not to toot my own horn, but up until Marshawn went out with the injury to end his season, he was utterly steamrolling in fantasy relative to his ADP). His ADP is going to be higher than where Marshawn's was last year, but I'm more than comfortable having him as my strong-floor RB2 because I'm confident in the touches being there. Curtis Samuel - He's constantly been someone that I always end up in the late-middle rounds seeing on the board and feeling justified in make what "expert rankings" suggest is a round-early reach. He already showed established chemistry with Cam, and yes, I know, DJ Moore, but for fantasy purposes, I like Samuel as the better option to consistently meet a WR3 floor week-to-week than I do Moore right now because of what I know of Norv's scheme and play-calling. And that's what I'm looking for at this point in drafts. Moore will probably give you the better Best Ball option, but I'll err on the side of Samuel's week to week safety especially in PPR formats.
  2. Granted, it's also because he fits my "rule of thumb for me" (basically, whatever QB I draft in one particular fantasy league the last 4 years has ended up missing significant time for injury, but then the following year ends up blowing up and finishing as a Top 3 fantasy QB, so I'm not leaning in), but I'm openly targeting Wentz as my fantasy QB this season because I'm expecting him to have a season that makes a legit case for MVP this year. At this point his question mark is not his talent or ability to produce when healthy, it's the ability to stay healthy and play a full season. But from a fantasy perspective (especially where I'm able to get him - as like the 8th-10th QB off the board in re-draft formats), even if he only gives me 8-10 games of Top 5 positional production before ending up injured, that's still likely to put me in a stronger position to be sitting pretty for a locked-up playoff spot and I've always been comfortable streaming QB's, but if I've got an inside road to a playoff berth, I'll have plenty of time to mine (or trade) for a rest-of-season QB.
  3. The biggest things that tend to lead to these swings (they're actually a bit predictable, it's just not all of the teams that check the boxes necessarily pull off the swing) are solid-to-above-average OL (or an OL that overachieves relative to it's projected quality), efficient QB play (i.e. ability to limit turnovers and - the less predictable aspect - to end up with turnovers in situations where they're consequences are less impactful), and the ability to flip the opposition's game script back on top of them (this can occur on either side of the ball, but Chicago's defenses ability to absolutely smother opposition last year is one such example of this, the Chiefs offense's ability to force teams into shootouts regardless of the quality of said team's defense is another on the opposite side of the ball).
  4. They're scoring some wins in some places, but until the fix the commentary stuff (sorry, but they're literally at a point where JR can't save them and I have to put the show on mute - and watching wrestling without commentary isn't right), they're automatically second-rate to me. The "legitimate sports broadcaster/journalist" they have is flat out awful and Excalibur is doing a half-arsed Mauro Ranallo impersonation - which doesn't help when the other company has the actual Mauro (even if he only gets used for NXT and specials).
  5. I'm still not actually sold that's not a work. Were it coming from different entities in the industry, I wouldn't have any doubts it was legit. Pluck someone from the indies who is actually known and has a history with Punk and, at least for the scenario I'm suggesting, they're interchangeable with Colt. If I'm being honest, I don't think Punk comes back to work in anything other than a 1-off (when he feels like it) type scenario barring maybe a crap-ton of money being thrown at him down the line when/if Vince has stroked out and is incapable of running the day-to-day, for a "Goldberg-esque" you never thought he'd be back short part-time run in WWE. But realistically, if he really wanted to come back (and was willing to sacrifice the creature comforts - specifically hockey and baseball seasons - he's grown accustom to now), he'd have been in Japan by now because Gedo would have let him do what he wanted to do. I won't be surprised if Punk's career from here on out pretty much mimics Vampiro's.
  6. They have in the past. The guys have been best friends since they both came up under Ace Steel. The later (MJF) is more what I'm expecting to happen.
  7. Masked, but still pretty obvious it's him. And you keep him under the mask until they debut on TV. And even then, I'd probably make a serious run at getting Colt Cabana too, and make it look like a bait and switch, where a heel faction or pair finally corners or gets the drop on "Punk" (masked, with a hooded sweatshirt on, where you just think it's him because of the taped fists and the boots/kickpads, they yank the mask off to reveal it's actually Colt underneath and then the camera pans to show Punk has come out of the crowd from behind the heels to get the drop on them. It's an homage to Luger on the first Nitro, but done better.
  8. I wouldn't call it petty. It's him being his trolly self. Don't think for a second that the McMahon's writing in this whole "Best in the World" stuff for Shane isn't an intentional shot across Punk's bow. Dude's great at getting himself talked about without having to do much of anything. He's probably just getting his name out and around again because he and AJ are going to be running around Comic Con this weekend.
  9. Arsenal, Pt. X: Boom-Xhaka-Laca!

    Josh Kroenke, at least, has already issued a response to the petition that had started up yesterday and hit 50K signees by noon PST. It wasn't an outstanding response, but it wasn't a bad one either. Likely not going to move the needle one way or the other, but it might put a temporary stem on the bleeding that ultimately will only be stopped by a signing or two. Will be interesting to see. In a couple hours I'm going to an Arsenal-partner event the club is hosting (Arsenal America members were able to reserve a spot on the guest list) at the Ritz in Marina Del Ray, where there's supposed to be some form of Q&A so we'll see what turns up and who all is actually there to answer questions.
  10. These posts are aging well. Brock's not doing MMA anymore and he's probably not holding the title past August (November at the latest, so that's 4 months max). They weren't going to make Seth's final payoff of beating Lesnar, even with it being at Mania (in the opening match) be via a non-clear win. And after months of feuding with Baron the Boring, Seth needs a more momentous win if he's going to be the guy to carry RAW through the death season (when football comes back). There's a very real part of me that feels like they're going to push Roman towards the WWE title eventually, in time for him to be the guy challenging for (and likely the first guy winning) it when Smackdown goes onto FOX. Vince's ego will want the title with his company's name on it as the premier title on network TV and honestly it makes the most sense if their aim is to recapture lost audiences (you have to figure people that just up and left 5+ years ago will, at minimum, give the first couple weeks a view when it's on FOX and those folks aren't going to have a clue what a Universal Championship is). They've been low-key (via Wood's Kofi intros) re-establishing the WWE Title as the "WWE World Heavyweight Championship" that sounds more like an actual fight sports championship, which is what I have to imagine FOX is going to prefer. I get that they wanted relatively equal RAW and Smackdown representation in the BR, but if they were going to take the tag titles off DB, you'd think they would have put Bryan in the match. That said, with him not being in there, I wouldn't be shocked to see Kofi/DB 2 at Summer Slam (it's either that of Kofi/Orton, IMO), given that that was supposed to be the come-out from Mania except that DB was injured (so they turned Owens and inserted him in). Even with Heyman "in charge" of RAW, Vince is still going to be the one with final stroke, and Heyman was rarely ever one to book heel vs heel (which is what the Drew vs Brock match would be). Smart booking would say put Drew against either Taker or Orton at Summer Slam and let him go over. He needs a heel build akin to Orton's Legend Killer build during the Ruthless Aggression era... and, especially with Orton, that could be a really good feud with no need of a belt on the line. And there's still a venerable Murderer's Row of heels for Seth to go against on RAW through the fall in Drew, Joe, realistically Sami could be elevated for a mid-tier PPV because you know you're going to get a great match out of him and Seth together, AJ with the Club on his side (I've kind of got a feeling though that AJ is either the RR opponent if Seth still has the belt or - if he can actually get the crowd to boo him and the stable - he wins the Rumble and challenges at Mania. At first, I was a bit hesitant about Finn being Bray's first feud back, because Bray has to absolutely wreck his first couple feuds to establish this character. But The Fiend actually being the first to conquer The Demon could actually help Finn in one of several ways. One, as it stands right now, everyone expects Finn to win every time he comes out as the Demon, but the Fiend is something billed as similarly supernatural so it's more acceptable it could stand up to it. And then you're left with two paths that Finn can work (or honestly both if they really wanted to): Either the Fiend corrupts the Demon and Finn has a 4-6 month heel run where he really doesn't talk much but he's more like feral Wolverine, as the Demon being sent out to do the Fiend's bidding and it has to be Finn Balor (not the Demon) that rebels and eventually bests the Fiend. Or Finn goes through a sort of Bruce Banner trying to coax the Hulk into coming back after Hulk (Demon) gets his butt whipped by Thanos (Fiend/Bray) and eventually Finn finds a way to achieve "Professor Hulk" status by being more edgy and sharing existence with the Demon (which would help him come across as less of Grin Balor, happy, smiley, often-times-quite-gooberish white meat baby).
  11. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Err... Villa just paid 20M (25M w/ add-ons) for Tyrone Mings who played all of what? < 20 matches in 4 years for Bournemouth before injuring his knee and 1 of those was the match where he picked up a 5-match ban for stamping on Zlatan. So that probably answers that question for you.
  12. Clowney Franchise Tag

    You better be including his stats under his pseudonym "Cheeseburger Eddie" too.
  13. Favorite cover songs

    Also, I can dig it up and upload it if need-be, but Bastille's cover of "Locked Out of Heaven" is probably on YouTube still and it's better than Bruno Mars' original IMO.
  14. Favorite cover songs

    And on a totally different note, but 8 years later and they still do some of the best covers. Skeye's cover of Exit Music for a Film (Radiohead) is still iconic because Thom Yorke's voice is just something that no one is going to be able to replicate in a cover, you have to find a way to put your own spin on it and make it your own, Lindsey definitely does that.
  15. Favorite cover songs

    Sure he's no Zach de la Rocha (who is?), but Denzel Curry's cover of Bulls of Parade seriously rips!