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  1. 2-0 but don't trust them.

    I think Jimmy is Azor Ahai in reverse. His "sword" burns because he thrust it into the "heart" of a woman who had known the love of many men. I feel like we'd have better odds of Rodgers getting Danica to mow down Giselle in one of her stock cars, thus completely removing Brady's source of power (or at least forcing him to stay home and take care of his wife on hand-and-knee while she recovers in a full body cast... which means he'd go back to drinking beer cuz... beer. At which point, Brady becomes mortal again... cuz beer).
  2. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Call me crazy, but if I were him, I'd seriously consider packaging Ertz and Juju and at minimum dangling them in front of one of the owners of the elite WR1's who haven't lost their starting QB's. Chances are there's one or two of them that didn't invest in a premier TE and might be willing to see if Juju comes around if it means they can upgrade their TE. It's a mitigating risk move, so I've probably only do it if I was getting Julio, Nuk, Davante, or OBJ back. Other option would be to dangle one of those TE's in front of the OJ Howard owner since they likely invested early in OJ and are feeling burned. If you've got another current productive guy like Andrews or Ertz on the roster and you're getting back a WR or RB upgrade on what you've got, you can afford to sit and wait on Howard to get his shiz together.
  3. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Team 1: I lean Lockett, if only because I think Bradberry, fresh off limiting Mike Evans to a mediocre-at-best fantasy output, is going to be shadowing Larry most of the day. I've got Lockett too, but I'm largely just hopeful he hits his floor this week, because I think DK goes off against PJ Williams and Eli Apple. Team 2: McLaurin probably on the case of volume and because it's PPR and Washington's likely going to be chasing. Williams is still nursing that knee injury and so he's going to be TD dependent and Rivers is still targeting Keenan Allen like it's going out of style with Henry now injured. Team 3: Ross
  4. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I'd say it's kind of 6 of 1, half-dozen of another with all three, but I'd make a case on match-up for Robinson over Fournette on target-share alone. Golladay is going to draw Rasul Douglas more than likely, who - 1 play aside - did a resolute job against a similarly (albeit more athletic) attributed (in terms of how they win) Julio Jones last week. Gut instinct too, I think this is the week Fletcher Cox makes his presence known. As to Robinson, Washington's secondary is kind of a mess since letting Josh Norman walk. Their defense has given up 30+ points each week so far and it's been the deep threat that's hurt them each of those weeks - that's Robinson. Obviously, the caveat is Trubisky...
  5. Add/Drop thread

    If it's a re-draft league, I'm largely writing off Singletary for the majority of this season due to the nature of the injury (keeper/dynasty leagues I'm holding, but less issue there since those leagues tend to have an IR spot). Sanders has looked good when given the chance to get in a rhythm. The issue is Dougie and his refusal to not deploy a committee. I'm curious now that the Eagles don't have the luxury of walking the division, and the NFC is arguably more competitive this year than last, if Pederson isn't forced at some point into adjusting his approach and gameplans in pursuit of a playoff spot - which ultimately may come down to how they split the two games with Dallas.
  6. Cowboys release DE Taco Charlton

    This would have been such a better story if it had come out on Tuesday.
  7. Add/Drop thread

    Yeah, but Singletary's injury is a hamstring one; those linger and you can almost always count on them to have a carry-on effect for 5-6 weeks.
  8. Add/Drop thread

    They'll be more prone to being tired out more quickly if the offense as a whole doesn't figure out how to sustain drives long enough to give them a breather. But, while I don't expect Teddy to replicate anywhere close to Brees' production (the Michael Thomas keeper owner in me is masochistically giving itself papercuts and pouring lemon juice into them), I do expect Payton - with a week to prep with Teddy as the starter - can have that offense at least average-ish given the talent they've got in it, provided their OL stays intact. Have to remember too that NO is without Rankins and one other DT right now. Losing Anzalone for the season will have its impact, but this was a defensive unit that was statistically extremely hard to run on last season and hasn't seen much personnel change once they get Rankins back.
  9. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Now they want to remake Princess Bride? Sorry, but someone's going to need to blow up Sony Pictures Studios before they commit sacrilege.
  10. Add/Drop thread

    I'd add Agholor to the WR list. DJax is battling both groin and abdominal issues expected to keep him out 2 weeks. Alshon has a calf injury which could possibly keep him out 2 weeks (they said 2 games in 10 days is asking a lot of him; the later being a Thursday night game in Lambeau, whereas this Sunday they're at home against the Lions), so they'll likely not rush him back. Agholor and Ertz should be target monsters.
  11. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    *cough* Redskins *cough* Dan Snyder
  12. Who killed you this week?

    So far I've got a burgeoning Chubby.
  13. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    They'll play an Nfl caliber team after next week, it'll just be handicapped by Josh Allen. That said, the Bills always seem to play the Pats close.
  14. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    This is always the interesting lart about QB's facing their team's old DC. People always assume they have total familiarity with the scheme, but really they're studying to beat upcoming opponents' defenses and running against the scout team. Whereas the DC often has some pretty solid reads on the QB's tendencies/bad habits/weaknesses.
  15. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Also, if Ficken is "the savior" at kicker for the Jets, they have horribly low standards.