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  1. Don't see where anything other than confirmation bias would lead someone to believe this is ego-driven. The guy has battled injuries, particularly as of recent. What exactly is supposed to be his motivation to sign to a team to jump onboard behind a second string OL (if we safely assume there will be some, if abbreviated version, of a preseason) and risk even further injury if he doesn't have a clear path to starting? "Won't sign to be a backup" doesn't mean he's demanding a starting job, necessarily. I'm sure the people that love to pile on top of Cam (for their various reasons) will want to make that assumption because it fits their narrative, but that would be naive at best. The smartest business move he can make is to sit and wait for a regular starter to get injured - which, again, with a likely abbreviated preseason, is at minimum incrementally more likely to happen than in a normal year.
  2. Pretty sure Lynn said in the post-draft presser that they're going to run out of Pistol a good amount this year, which wasn't something they could do with Rivers considering Phil was... you know... not exactly mobile.
  3. I actually think he's got a chance to make a push for reps as a sub-package receiver too. It because as little easier to see in his senior season versus his junior season because as a sophomore and junior he was saddled with a QB who just consistently underthrew a ton of balls (it's part of what led Maine to incorporating those WR Throws into the red zone package), but he's really got a knack for tracking the deep ball, gearing down to make the reception, and then double-clutching to hole-shot with his burst for YAC almost instantaneously. Dude's just got some dog in him too. That highlight reel only had one such play in it, but I've seen him get scrappy when making contested catches and wrestling balls away from defenders. He had one in the Colgate game that was on that reel where he gets his hands on the ball, adjusts his body in mid-air to try to rip it away, and in such a way that he ended up coming down butt-first (and with most of his weight) right on the chest and torso of the corner. Clearly wrapped up, but he turned himself a solid 150 degrees while off his feet to wall off the defender from being able to get a second hand near the ball.
  4. You're right, we clearly should have gone into the same lab they used to clone the Scottish sheep and done that to Henderson.
  5. We don't even know what our base formation on defense is going to be under Staley. So I don't see how anyone can definitively state what is a starter and what isn't.
  6. So far other UDFA are: Brown DL (from Canada) Michael Hoecht San Jose State QB Josh Love USF EDGE Greg Reaves Kansas State RB James Gilbert Minnesota DT Sam Renner BYU DB Dayan Ghanwoloku
  7. We signed Maine WR Earnest Edwards who is a YAC monster. I'd DM jrry about him several weeks ago. One of the best returners in the nation. 4.3 speed (and it shows on tape). Poor man's Henry Ruggs type.
  8. Like legitimately, the best thing I can come up with about Fuller is that Sinbad is his uncle by marriage.
  9. I don't get the Fuller pick. I'm not convinced he's got the traits to make the roster.
  10. I wouldn't hate on a Terrance Steele pick either. He kind of fits that tackles who got knocked for slower feet that we've taken a shine to in recent years.
  11. I'd just as soon take a flier on Deandre Francois as a PFA.
  12. Evan Weaver and Markus Bailey too. The word on Prince is that there's red flags around at least one of his knees.
  13. Oh great, the kicker the Pats drafted is a 3%-er... way to do that background check, Kraft.
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