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  1. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Rams Front Office

    Since other GM's in the draft thread refuse to consistently post overall draft pick numbers, it's next to impossible for me to figure out where we are in the timing/picking order. Seeing Tyler Johnson go, I know, is a blow the jrry. I do still have one other receiver with a R2 grade on him and there are also guys like VJ and Duvernay who fit well into our offensive scheme. I don't know that we have pressing needs at this point (outside of ST's: kicker, returner), so much as opportunities for guy to push/outshine some of the current roster. Maybe a versatile safety to replace Christian. Value (though with us not having a 5th, I don't know that I'd advocate for doing it in the 4th) would make a case to grab at a QB2 here as someone who McVay's system would fit and make look better than he probably is (thus either giving us a highly dependable backup or a viable future trade-chip). I also wouldn't be afraid to try and push Troy Hill or, at minimum, any of our potential CB4's (none of which were drafted by this FO originally) for their spots. I've got a couple CB's that, IMO fit the scheme really well that I've got R4 grades on and a couple guys that I have graded a R3/4 types. All still on the board.
  2. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Typically that's the way kidnapping works.
  3. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Don't lie. No one actually wants to see @fretgod99 by choice.
  4. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    So a really crappy football player. Or is this all part of the ultra-long game NE is playing. Watch out for the Pats to return to prominence in 2045.
  5. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Rams Front Office

    Just on a pure value standpoint, I've got one R2-rated guy still on the board. And quite a few R3-rated, including one that plugs a pressing need (already spoken to that).
  6. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Rams Front Office

    @jrry32 @Counselor not that I'd be advocating him at this next pick (hell, since I'm not even sure I've seen him mentioned but a few scant occasions by the FF draft community, he could likely easily be had on Day 3, but have either of you done any scouting on the Temple ILB, not Chapelle Russell, I'm talking about Shaun Bradley. I actually like Russell too, but he's considerably more of a project because of some burrs in his pass-defending range (though he's the guy among Temple's LBs with the more preferable size).
  7. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    We can't break out the G's?
  8. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Draft Tua then start trading away OL...
  9. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Ideal fit for the Rams' blocking system too. I think people tend to forget that Hennessy was in that last batch of OL recruited by Matt Rhule at Temple and Rhule is, at his heart, an OL coach.
  10. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Rams Front Office

    I can't be depended on to be online. As is, I've been holding a toddler in two of the last four Zoom conferences I've had to be in. During at least one of the other two, it's probably a good thing I had the laptop up on the kitchen table counter because the boy was running around in only a diaper and Wellies.. and still dancing to the music on the TV even though it was muted.
  11. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Rams Front Office

    Had this been Biadasz, who would have been who I advocated for had he not been snatched up just a couple picks ago, I know @jrry32 would have been absolutely on board because this is where he's had us taking him in his most recent mock. He has Hennessy right behind TB though, so I don't think he'll mind this.
  12. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Rams Front Office

    That doesn't feel like enough value coming back our way. it's from Baltimore, I presume?
  13. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Rams Front Office

    Either Hennessey or ADG. Ideally we'd like both, but it's probably a case which one is less likely to make it to the comp 3rd. Probably Hennessey based off scarcity and based off that he's a pretty ideal blocking scheme fit for us. Value's good on either pick here too. Feel like receiver is still deep enough and not so-pressing for us that we can sit and wait there. Davis-Gaither is the more immediate need and a guy the Rams visited with IRL. I'm torn.
  14. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Having never been to Ohio and going to Vegas roughly 3-4x per year, I can confirm this. Your living there was even necessary. I mean, dude, it's Ohio...