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  1. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Ready to Rumble ~~\\~~

    I think it also helps that Finn (because the move was used by a number of guys on the indies, and in particular by several guys in Europe) knows how to sell it extremely well. It's why I don't think you can have Seth always use it. Once he's a singles wrestler again, so long as he stays babyface, the Phoenix Splash should probably be his primary finisher (it's kind of why I'd like to see him on a different brand from Finn because they both use similar methods to set up similar - in that they're both off the top turnbuckle - finishers). Save the Curb Stomp as a big feud blowoff finisher/high spot or for mega-hyped matches against other strong workers. If you try getting guys like Braun, Mojo, Titus, Axel, etc. to sell the move you're going to at worst get guys putting themselves in danger of injury (not the least of which could be Seth because if someone lands it wrong it can cause him to roll/tweak his knee or ankle) and at best you end up with a match finish that looks similar to Donald Trump selling a Stone Cold Stunner.
  2. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Ready to Rumble ~~\\~~

    Further extrapolating on that, Hogan turned heel at a time when he could barely pay people to put him in movies. His movie roles were made-for-TV stuff that Ted Turner was funding and that Hulk himself was a producer or minimum EP on. Cena, on the other hand, is still way, waaaay more marketable from a Hollywood perspective (not Rock level, but the fact that he's able to do animated movies along with comedies in more than just bit parts means he's sought after for the value of his name) and it's simply not in his best interest to portray a bad guy on TV (in wrestling) while trying to sell himself as a B-level Mark Wahlberg in Hollywood.
  3. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Ready to Rumble ~~\\~~

    Well... the way Seth delivers it is original. The move itself isn't. Super Dragon had been using the Curb Stomp as a finisher since the early 2000's.
  4. Ken Norton Jr. - Seahawks DC

    Welcome to my hell. I feel like I need to get and wear a sig that says, "Hey kids! When I was your age I was a Rams fan... and now I'm one again."
  5. Ken Norton Jr. - Seahawks DC

    And I remember the Rams being who I was before that. I think people think I'm younger than I am.
  6. Ken Norton Jr. - Seahawks DC

    Nepotism is an ugly ho.
  7. Ken Norton Jr. - Seahawks DC

    So, one of either the Raiders or the Seahawks is going to end up with egg on their face a year from now... and either way I WIN!
  8. 2018 NFL Coaching Carousel Thread

    He's carrying the endorsements of a number of former execs that I respect. And his resource Rolodex pool to draw a staff from is better than most of the current available candidates. He could have bombed, it's possible; it could also be beat reporters willing to carry water for the club to maintain their level of access (which we've seen before around the league) and pushing the narrative the team wants so that fans/season-ticket-buyers and players aren't unsettled by the once-leading candidate not being the one to get the hire.
  9. Boondock Saints Mafia

    Also, a cat named Skippy needs to be blown all to hell in one of the write-ups... it just does.
  10. Seahawks expected to hire Brian Schottenheimer as OC

    So, random thought... this could create a link for Justin Pugh as a free agent - though I was fairly sure the Hawks' interior line situation was largely sorted, it's the tackles that needed substantial improvement. This is a hire that I suppose makes sense but feels very meh to me given the state of the Giants' OL the last several seasons outside of Pugh and Richburg (when healthy).
  11. Raiders hire Tom Cable as new OL coach.

    I mean, I appreciate your guys' unfettered honesty, at least. And not just because I've been dying to use the word "unfettered" in a sentence all day.
  12. Ravens promote Don Martindale to DC

    Is that what they call loyalty in France? (just busting your balls...)
  13. Tennessee and Mike Mularkey mutually part ways

    Probably. Could also be the media trying to make a story where there isn't one. Have we even seen (I'm asking because I haven't really been on Twitter a ton today) anything credible that actually has the Titans expressing interest in McDeezy or just speculation based around Jon Robinson having come from the Pats organization and an attempt at drawing a line? Reality is that nothing can be made official until the Patriots season is finished, so either after this next weekend or pretty much February if they win this weekend. It can be announced that there's an agreement in place that's just waiting out availability to sign the new contract (since he can't be contracted to two franchises at the same time) as has been done with Shurmur and presumably Patricia. This could be any number of things: McDaniels' agent trying to squeeze some extra concessions (monetary or otherwise) out of the Colts, legitimate preferred interest in Tennessee over Indy (from an offensive-minded coaches perspective it's not just Mariota vs Luck/Brissett, it's also the Titans' far-superior OL versus Indy's block of Swiss cheese), or just the media trying to create buzz around a non-story for sake of scraping out some extra clicks.
  14. 2018 NFL Coaching Carousel Thread

    Somehow I feel like the Colts and Titans are going to fall over themselves trying to bring in McDaniels (who I have some minor confidence in to actually get his act right the second go-round) and the other (because I don't know why Arizona isn't actively just trying to get this done) is probably going to end up lucking into Flip.
  15. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Ready to Rumble ~~\\~~

    Serena Deeb re-signed with WWE. Also, Molly Holly has been confirmed for the Women's Rumble and Michelle McCool is said to be booked as well, but that hasn't been confirmed.