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  1. Mike Pouncey signs with the Chargers 2 year deal

    If Jamal Adams hadn't been picked right in front of you guys, he probably would have been picked right after you guys. The Bolles rumor I can buy (though that likely would have meant that one of Lamp or Feeney wouldn't have been selected in the subsequent rounds; so... bullet dodged) because the theme of last year's 1st round for Telesco (and he basically spelled it out in the first presser he gave during Draft Weekend) was improving the team's red-zone performance. Which really does make it ironic that while the team's red zone efficiency in terms of TD's/trip improved, they were undone but for better kicking (which would have really spiked the efficiency score).
  2. BUF WR Zay Jones Arrested in Nude(???) Meltdown

    Let's make sure we keep the discussion to football and how this affects the Bills, will Jones be suspended (he was arrested for felony vandalism, was he not?), etc.
  3. Rams 2018 offseason

    No, I'm not. I'm just pointing out that your supreme confidence (that's me being nice; your delivery has, at times, bordered on arrogance) that you're already waning on (first it was that one of our first three picks while bringing up the names of top guys like Ridley and Sutton - who, I'm sorry, is overrated; now you've already shifted to our first "four" picks...) is naive. Could it happen? Sure. I don't think any of us are saying it couldn't or might not. But it's not such a necessity that the sentiment that it ABSOLUTELY/"I'll bet you money" is going to happen. You're getting more than a tad melodramatic here. FACT: Most rookie WR's struggle to contribute in Year 1. FACT: Most young players tend to develop from Year 1 to Year 2. Sammy Watkins didn't become the route-runner he is now overnight and he certainly wasn't that caliber of route-runner coming out of Clemson; like Reynolds, he was coming out of a gimmicky offense that took advantage of his ability to rip off YAC gains and turn 2-yard passes into 10-12 yard gains. This may seem like a foreign concept, but there's a very good chance that with a year working under Yarber that Reynolds' route-running has improved, particularly given the fact that one of his bigger selling points was his work ethic. What we're saying is that in the role this offense was asking Sammy Watkins to play, Josh Reynolds is capable of filling that same role. We're not saying that there may or may not be a lapse in production initially, but that is the role that Reynolds was brought in to play. He's never projected as the type to play the possession, underneath routes roles that Woods and Kupp play. So while it's not "stupid," it's definitely needlessly impatient to write off a WR you're a year removed from spending a Day 2 pick on by spending another Day 2 pick (I very seriously doubt we're using our 1st on a WR) on a guy to fill the exact same role. We spent good-sized free agent money and 2 draft picks on WR's just last offseason (plus another draft pick on an athletic TE that fits a similar profile to Jordan Reed and whose calling card was his YAC-ability which provides a counter-balance to losing that from the toolbox with Watkins). If they spend another Day 2 pick on a WR4, I'll be very, very surprised.
  4. Rams 2018 offseason

    Some of us ( @jrry32 and I in particular) have said we'd be OK with Ebukam starting this year if it came to it. He had Barwin in front of him last year (if you thought a 4th round rookie was going to start ahead of a vet at 3-4 OLB like Barwin, you're nuts) and when he had to fill in for Barwin, he showed plenty of promise and reason to believe he'll continue to develop this season. However, with Quinn now gone even if Ebukam starts we still need another EDGE. As to Smart, are you just being obtuse in order to be contrary? He's not an NT. What we need is a legitimate 0-Tech - preferably (per Wade's past tendencies) a guy capable of shading to the 1-tech and playing all three downs - that's not Smart. He's a situational pass-rusher (a 3-tech who doesn't have it in him to play the 5-Tech and maybe, in a pinch, could play the 1-tech in a four-man set).
  5. Rams 2018 offseason

    I doubt they take him to Bludsoe's but it's possible. Show him he can actually get good barbecue in LA and that cuts some leverage out from under you guys and Tennessee, too.
  6. Rams 2018 offseason

    Also, NFL Network just had a blurb, that while he's taking his next visit (Raiders), he's still staying in LA tonight to have dinner with McBae and our execs. Could just be a case of making sure he gets every free dinner he can, could be McBae is going to have an opportunity to turn on the charm.
  7. Rams 2018 offseason

    He was always going to wait and see if someone threw ridiculous money on the table - and the best way to do that is to keep taking those visits and make those teams he's already met with feels more and more like if they want him they have to let him win the game of chicken. The fortunate thing for us is that with Hankins also currently on the market, that's going to keep teams largely in-check in that regard. Washington is the only team I could see possibly making that ill-advised massive money offer (and I'm not sure how much cap space they've really got to play with; talking next 2-3 years as well as this one). If the money's relatively even across the board on offers, I'd say it's probably between us, the Saints, and the Titans; and given that Suh is buddy-buddy with Warren Buffett, we may have a leg-up given that LA offers A LOT more endorsement $$$ opportunities for him than either New Orleans or Nashville - particularly since companies would likely be trying to snag Donald and Suh as a pair.
  8. Rams 2018 offseason

    Perhaps, in case they happen to slip through the cracks to Day 3 and become value picks to us? Also, D.J. Myers isn't going in the 3rd or 4th round. And Pettis is the exact type of WR that tends to take tumbles in the draft order over where people projects him because: - He lacks ideal size/build - His production is streaky as hell (the vast majority of his TD's came against two teams throughout his career) - He lacks great speed - He telegraphs certain routes - He's not very physical (in terms of play or mentality) - He's a clear complementary piece versus someone who can shoulder the load himself if need arises.
  9. Rams 2018 offseason

    Because with what Tavon was being paid, they had to at least try and work him in there - so Reynolds was 1) lower on the pecking order than at least 4 guys (Woods, Kupp, Watkins, Tavon) and 2) was a rookie - and, again, rookie receivers take time to acclimate to the league unless they're Mike Evans/OBJ special type of athletes; even someone like Michael Thomas (Saints), who was far less challenged on his depth chart as a rookie, didn't really breakout until late-October. I mean, honestly, I don't mean to be rude, but that's kind of a ridiculous question. "Why didn't a 4th round pick WR see more playing time?" I'm not trying to say that they're comparable players, but for crying out loud, Antonio Brown (also drafted in the 4th round and fairly well-buried on the depth chart he came into) only posted 16 receptions for 167 yards in 10 games in the regular season as a rookie... and that was with 4 receptions for 52 yards coming in the final week of the season. Reynolds wasn't handling any kind of return duties and we all know how strict and competitive Coach Bones is with the special teams spots and who gets those gunner spots.
  10. Rams 2018 offseason

    I find the certainty a little strange. You want another receiver added to the team, I get that, but if the team truly felt the need to have to be 3 deep with "studs" (again, not really the way McVay's offense has ever worked - here or in Washington) they'd have bent over backwards to retain Sammy after trading the 2nd to acquire him. They didn't. They have a plan and I don't see any reason to be certain that plan involves one of our first two picks. If we were struggling to put the ball in the end zone (which was Washington's main issue and why they went out of their way - investing a 1st round pick in Doctson and a prove-it free agent deal in Pryor), I could see the need for prioritizing another target early, but rookie receivers notoriously take a while to adjust (we kind of got spoiled by Kupp, but his biggest selling point was the highest floor at his position in his class and in some time). We're still going to see guys cut from rosters who will be useful to us. And some guys (I suspect Mike Wallace may be one such) there's no real point in prostrating ourselves trying to bring onboard, because they're going to sit tight and wait for training camp injuries to create opportunities for them.
  11. Rams 2018 offseason

    Of the two, I'd prefer Wallace, but it would genuinely be cost-dependent for me. Maclin's done. The injuries finally sapped him and he just hasn't been the same player the last two seasons. Wallace isn't the Wallace of old, but he still knows how to get open (and draw penalties) on the routes we'd be asking him to primarily run.
  12. Rams 2018 offseason

    He's JAG (if he's also now no longer a Jag). I wouldn't complain, but he's not someone I'd prioritize. Honestly, I'd sooner see what we have in Reynolds first, because guys of Hurns' caliber will continue to be released as the offseason and preseason progress.
  13. Jags cut Allen Hurns

    In FF parlance, "sucked" also tends to mean "I had him in fantasy and he never gave me a ROI even though he was supposed to be my 'sleeper' (because he was injured)."
  14. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    I may be one of three people on this forum that get that reference.
  15. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    Well, you're in the minority (not like you'll pretend you're not). It wasn't everything it could have been, but you're exaggerating, per usual, to put over your precious TNA. For the record, Borash produced this, the same as he did with all 3 in Impact.