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  1. The unkept stud RB's in this league end up going at around 70-80 (I'm not kidding, the guys that have none get into bidding wars with the mindset that "they have to have one!"). So, realistically, if I scrap Zeke and go with the cheaper option on DJ/Thomas, my best bet to do another high-splurge is to go after another elite WR. Something occurred to me too that's probably going to play some into how I strategize. This league is one where here are two guys who often target the same "sleeper" and "breakout" candidates that I do, so who/what positions they end up keeping on their rosters is going to influence my strategy because I don't want to be getting into golden-stream matches with these guys on breakout guys at positions that all of us are trying to fill versus it being a lot more preferable to have to face down one of them for the WR's and the other for the RB's (of which I'm a lot less confident in the depth of the "breakout" guys this year and I'm probably going to opt for a strategy of loading up on (easily dumpable in the event a better option on the waiver wire comes available) passing-down backs who can contribute via the 1/2pt PPR format and who I can play the matchups with.
  2. All Things Wrestling Thread

    If Extreme Rules weren't the PPV right before Summer Slam, I'd say it'd be the perfect time to write him out for a month or two. But they're going to want him for Extreme Rules because he and Sami are the ones willing to take the craziest bumps on the main card - and when KO does it, it's more awe inspiring because of his girth. And it just wouldn't be Summer Slam without KO. There's been some rumblings that they may try to turn Elias face, but for the moment - just reading the recent tea leaves - that strikes me as newzzzz versus anything actually vetted or worthwhile. If you want to turn a guy babyface you don't book him against the hottest babyface on his respective brand and in the course of that feud have him wreck said hottest babyface with a weapon. I wouldn't be opposed to it, and Elias' gimmick can work as a babyface, I just am not seeing the signs of a turn right now. Which is a shame because THEY... NEED... TO...TURN... LASHLEY... HEEL. Do whatever is necessary to compensate the balance, but they have two guys with big-time potential right now that are floundering in Roode and Lashley because they're so utterly forgettable (or in Lashley's case, you wish you could forget him) as babyfaces right now. What's sad is there really aren't many credible faces to really work with outside of Braun, Seth, Finn, and Roman (yeah, yeah, I know...). You could bring Mike Kanellis back as a babyface, repackaged, but Vince isn't going to give much of a push to that. I almost think they need to take the tag titles off Bray and Hardy and have them available as singles guys again, both faces. And what irritates me is this probably means that they're going to bring Ambrose back as a babyface - which isn't necessarily bad, but Dean tends to fall into complacency with his character far more easily when he's a babyface versus a heel. I realize he just (like just after Payback) has knee surgery, but when Orton comes back, I think I'd be legitimately tempted to transfer him to RAW as a babyface and let Angle claim he made a "blockbuster trade."
  3. All Things Wrestling Thread

    But Rusev was being buried by being booked in a casket match against Taker at GRRE...
  4. All Things Wrestling Thread

    This. Honestly, this reads to me like he was led to believe that he was in line for a major push coming off his injury (which may or may not have been him carrying over being told he was going to get a major singles push pre-injury... and then other guys stepped into that spot while he was out injured) and then when it didn't materialize, he asked for his release. I could see him interpreting being put in a feud with Daniel Bryan (and where he was going to be matching up against Samoa Joe in a TV main event prior/during that) as being an indicator that he was going to be elevated to main event (or thereabouts) level and then he was informed that after Bryan went over at MITB, they didn't know what they had next for him and he was going to be used similarly to how Smackdown was previously using Corbin (can't deny that he'd basically been given the same "I'm a big guy, picking on little guys"/bully gimmick as Corbin had). Ultimately, it's probably for the best in the long run. (At some point, because g'damn it's been almost two months since the draft) Sanity is coming up which means Killian Dain is coming up to be the new "big man that catches Vince's eye." Joe has stepped into the (well-deserved) spotlight and is a vastly superior heel to Cass in every aspect. Rusev Day is over as hell, but I don't see Vince consenting to booking him as an out-and-out babyface anytime soon (the "acts heel, gets cheered by the crowd" type heel is probably how he's going to stay booked for a while), and I'd sooner see Rusev pushed than Cass. Andrade (particularly given the heater that he has in Vega) is a better heel at this point than Cass is - and can work on a higher level with more people across the board than Cass can. Sheamus and Cesaro are still heels - and, for all we know, could be repackaged as singles guys again soon (they've been off TV for a while, last I'd checked). So what on the upper-mid-card was there really for Cass? There's next to no interest in an AJ/Cass feud. Nor a Hardy/Cass feud (Jeff can carry some guys, but at his age he doesn't really carry big men well anymore and especially if it came on the heels of DB getting one of Cass' best matches ever out of him, that's not really a good look). The most sensible feud for him wouldn't happen because of the aforementioned "Vince ain't gonna turn Rusev babyface" bit. So if Cass wasn't willing to spend the summer torching enhancement talent to be built up as a legitimate big man, peace out.
  5. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Never like to see anyone lose their job, but... I'm not exactly going to miss him.
  6. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Well, if nothing else, signing a goalkeeper whose name is pronounced "burned" will make for proper banter.
  7. All Things Wrestling Thread

    He's the new Corporate Kane. Literally... shaved head, wrestling in business attire. It's all there. Also, can Coachman make up his damn mind if he's a face or a heel commentator, because he literally jumps from one extreme to the other on a whim and it just makes him come off like a d-bag.
  8. Natinals to Aquire Kelvin Herrera

    That's what I'm assuming. Maurer just came back up from Triple-A, but he was miserable (putting it mildly) before he was demoted. Might have thought Keller, but he's stretched out and pitching as a back-end starter now, isn't he?
  9. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Not if he's going to be a champion it doesn't. Lovable, humorous giant works. Lovable, humorous, but stupid enough to be taken advantage of by a girl the size of an ant to him? That makes your babyface champion look weak which is the absolute last thing you want with a giant. Plus, unless you hook Braun up with someone else, how exactly does she get her comeuppance since there's no way in hell she's going to "get the hands"?
  10. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Still a heel tactic and not how you want to have someone win his first world title if he's being booked as a babyface (or babyface-leaning tweener/juggernaut as is the case with Braun). Honestly, I'm expecting to see Heyman start insisting on behalf of his client that Braun has to be booked on every single card that Lesnar is to ensure that he's not able to just sit fresh. If they don't do Braun vs Brock at SummerSlam, they pretty much have to do Brock vs Roman and have Braun cash in a la Rollins, but do so at the start of the match - like, legitimately, let the fans start to crap on the match like you know they will and just as the introductions are finishing up... "BRAUUUUUUUUUN!" Crowd will go nuclear.
  11. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I'm fine with that, aside from the fact that Alexa's a heel and he's a face (and he's like... almost 10 years her senior, IIRC). I was mostly on the whole, don't call a duo a stable bit.
  12. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I don't see anyway they don't severely weaken the character if they have him lose. Honestly, the best way to strengthen the character - unless they're going to flip him back heel (and I don't think try as the might have recently that that's going to work), it's also the way that makes the most sense - they have to have Strowman pull and RVD and call his shot and get the payoff.
  13. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Two people does not a stable make and those two are a great dynamic as a duo. I could be down for a stable or two (the amount to which people fawn for them is out of hand though - you never need more than at most 3 running at any given time), but you'd have to add at least one other person to Little Big to make it an actual stable and that would wreck the dynamic.
  14. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Team Little Big with the sweep!
  15. All Things Wrestling Thread

    As long as they want it to. But if people would bother to look at the queue, the Hardyz's 24 isn't even scheduled to air until 10:30PM EST. There's plenty of time left on this PPV.