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  1. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    Yeah, unfortunately we can't do that - even for some of the guys who have gone in already. There are going to be multiple capacities that get someone into the HOF: Impact on the WWF/E specifically, impact on the professional wrestling industry, etc. Ivory, for instance, wasn't "an all-time great" as far as Women's wrestling is concerned - I could easily name 5 women off the top of my head more deserving of induction just off sheer in-ring quality - but with respect to her time in GLOW, she helped pioneer women's wrestling into the mainstream industry and with respect to her time in WWF, she was effectively to the women's roster what Taker was to the men's roster, the shot-caller, so to speak, as well as the biggest advocate backstage for the girls in the locker room.
  2. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    As a standalone wrestler? He's probably not (then again, consider that Koko B. Ware is in the HOF). But when you factor in his work as a promoter, as a scout for talent (yes, he had help with that, but he had the sense to trust those opinions, sign those guys, and push them), and let's be real here... if Jeff hadn't established and gotten behind the Knockouts Division when he was still in the head honchos chair in TNA, would we really be seeing the "women's revolution" we've seen? This is also, likely, a roundabout way of honoring Jerry Jarrett and Christine Jarrett as well - and they deserve recognition, as Jerry is definitely HOF worthy as a promoter.
  3. Interesting. I was under the impression this wasn't likely (or rather that the negotiations had been pretty ugly), but far be it from me to not be fooled.
  4. Landry contract getting ugly

    And looks like he's tag-bound.
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Yeah, if you treat it the same way they treat American Ninja Warrior and the show (I forget the title they gave it) that covers Spartan Racing, I think there's a real market for it.
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Yeah, though it was technically different producers, I think. Matt Morgan from TNA was also a Gladiator.As was Tanoai Reed, the Rock's usual stunt-double.
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Have kids some time (I'm not saying do it now... in fact, I'm pretty adamant that you don't do it now). You'll thank His Sweet Holiness Baba Ghanouj for every minute of sleep you can manage to get once you do.
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I had a genius idea over my morning coffee today: Instead of Vince McMahon blowing money on a doomed second-attempt at the XFL, how about he actually brings back a sports-related competition the people actually want? Like Seriously though, with the popularity of mud runs, OCR's, free-running, and Ninja Warrior competitions, there's potential for this to have a real resurgence. And, as has been pointed out numerous times in this thread, you've now got a generation of adults who grew up watching similar kid-themed shows on networks like Nickelodeon like
  9. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    You want him with a finisher he can hit on any guy of any size though, so that limits options right there. I still miss big men doing the Heart Punch as a finishing maneuver, but at this point, Big Show's KO Punch is too close. Thing is, we don't need Stroman doing overly complicated finishers - it goes against his character. And frankly, there are certain finishers that while they'd have incredibly impact and "look cool" for a guy his size, they'd be incredibly dangerous other guys to take from him (e.g. an Alabama Slam). I'd love to see him add something similar to what was Monte Brown's Pounce from back in the early TNA days (pretty sure Moose uses something similar - or at least he did when he was in ROH) or the "Final Cut" spinning headlock elbow drop that Big Show first used when he came to WWF.

    jrry, beat me to it. You have a lot of guys whose experience in a 3-4 is in a 2-gapping scheme, that's not Wade's scheme (1-gap) and the assignments given to the LB's are drastically different between 1-gap and 2-gap 3-4's. Same goes with Paea. Poe hasn't ever been asked to 1-gap (even Atlanta's scheme lined him up more as a 1T than a 0-Tech), but likely could. Paul Worrilow could be an alright stop-gap at ILB for us (he was in Atlanta, Detroit asked him to play a different role and he didn't do as well), but he's still one of those "you're always looking at him like you can upgrade upon him" types. Speaking as someone who still keeps tabs on the Chargers, Korey Toomer can be a good stop-gap thumper as well. Quinton Dial is a purely rotational guy, but as a 0-Tech run-stuff who can also play in some 5-Tech in sub-packages, he's someone who is solid against the run. Aaron Colvin should be on the CB list. He's likely the best candidate for this year's version of Webster (primarily been stuck in the slot because he 1) does very well there, but also because 2) he's bounded by two higher-investment CB's in Ramsey and Bouye). If NRC gets out of your price-range, I'd take a long look at Brandon Boykin; he's the kind of guy our coaches seem to really value (sound in the slot and a standout on ST's). Davon House isn't great (but he's had a better track record of staying healthy than Amukamara has), but he has starting experience in a man-heavy scheme. Also, if the market stays low-key for TJ Carrie, he's another one that has almost played exclusive slot (albeit man-coverage out of the slot) and been quite productive-if-sometimes-inconsistent; and he has the size/length to play the boundary.
  11. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I've been advocating extending naptime to all ages in school for probably 5 years now. My students could use it and I definitely can.
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    If they cost you 98 cents, do they even count as sandals? They're basically shower shoes or more specifically thongs (I'm dating myself but my grandmother referred to flipflops as this for years).
  13. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I'm actually kind of bitter we've never gotten a good film that actually delves into her - at least none that were English language (I think there is a European film or two). Stay Alive butchered her. The second Hostel movie kind of paid homage to her with one scene. But it's the sort of thing that could make for a legitimately dark and scary dramatic film.
  14. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Well and consider that the Kochs have significant interest in fossil fuels; so it's in their interest to attempt to minimize or disprove the negative (long-term) effects of fossil fuels on the environment because such stands a chance to pose a threat to their earning potential.
  15. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I wouldn't call it fake (and I hate when people want to write something off entirely - as there's useful information even if it's "how this set of people want you to think or believe" to be gleaned from most stuff) - but it heavily biased to benefit some or all of the Kochs' more lucrative business endeavors.
  16. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Male equivalent of Countess Elizabeth Bathory? Yeah, you've got the gist of it.
  17. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    It seems like every year we're going to get an induction into the "We Paid for Your Rehab" wing of the HOF.
  18. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    I've tried... I've never made it through a full episode. Maybe once it's had enough time for Cyrus and DiAmore to have made wholesale changes I'll check back, but the halves of episodes I was seeing were constantly one step forward, three steps back. They were dead set on running at a full sprint before they could really walk well - and it ended up driving away a vast amount of their most marketable talent. And now that they've driven Borash away (who I think is going to end up being a big get for WWE), I think they're really going to struggle because while Cyrus has a fair booking mind, I fear we're looking at something that's going to be akin to the dying days of ECW where they're trying to be something they're just not capable of anymore because they're left with (barring a few) pushing guys that not a lot of people take seriously.
  19. Chargers Offseason thread

    Doubtful. If he's there in the 2nd I could see it; I could actually even see TT trading up within the 2nd for him, but I feel like the only QB's they consider spending a 1st on (I'm presuming that Rosen and Darnold are long gone) are Allen (ack!) and Mayfield.
  20. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    Richards has slipped in recent years. Honestly, his own tag team partner has probably surpassed him at this point. But prime ROH Champion Davey had very, very few peers.
  21. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    "Goddamnit! Seven is an odd number. How are we supposed to book the Elimination Chamber guys in matches against each other for our go-home RAW?" "Maybe we put them all in some kind of gimmick match?" "We'll do a GAUNTLET MATCH!" "But, Vince, the way we've booked Braun and Roman, one of them will have to come in last and the other has to come in first and destroy everyone else which makes 5 of the superstars look weak..." "GAAAAAAAAUUUNTLET MATCH!"
  22. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    And she pays well... really well.
  23. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Having nearly 23% to put down from when we sold my condo (that we owed less than $100k on) definitely helped. Plus, I make about $70k annual, my wife pulls in a little below $90k as an HR Manager for a staffing firm.
  24. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    What makes you think I don't already own 6? (Just not in red...)
  25. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Also, I need the twins to plateau on their growth long enough that I can justify buying them matching Adidas track suits and they'll get at least a year-plus' wear out of them.