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  1. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Summerslam Weekend BAY BAY! ~~\\~~

    Technically it was 2. The Cena-Shnoz-Killer Flying Knee is considered one of Rollins' finishers now.
  2. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Summerslam Weekend BAY BAY! ~~\\~~

    Engh. There was a certain irony in him "Cena'ing" Cena. That said, prepare yourselves for a Shield reunion. It's almost certainly happening now. We'll end up getting Shield versus either Mizterage or some other triumvirate at TLC, likely in a TLC match.
  3. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Summerslam Weekend BAY BAY! ~~\\~~

    Nah. But he'll take a break and stay there until Survivor Series or the Rumble. Most logical feud for him right now is Joe who is still on the shelf with that knee injury.
  4. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Summerslam Weekend BAY BAY! ~~\\~~

    I'm calling Heyman turning on Brock for the Strowman win. Brock's still a draw as a special attraction so I don't really see them having him put over Strowman clean before a high-tier babyface. And if it gives him someone like Heyman to be his hype man, Stroman isn't hurt in the slightest by his first title win having a "distracted" Brock involved in it. Edit: Other booking option (I'd more favor this, tbh) would be to have Brock eek out a win like he did against Joe then have Strowman beat the everloving crap out of him after the match and kayfabe an injury that "forces" Brock to relinquish the title. This allows you to pull Brock off TV to save his dates, bring him back as a surprise RR entrant (and the roof will blow off the place if he comes out and Strowman is already in the ring) and can give you the option of doing the rematch at Mania without having to worry about the title being involved (it sells itself and it gives Strowman a massive Mania moment). Meanwhile, you can actually fill 3 hours of programming on RAW by having a bigger-than-8-guys tournament for the Universal Championship that crowns a winner either at Survivor Series or the RAW after. Gives you a chance to do some fresh match-ups without having to manufacture a storyline or feud for them or worry about babyface vs heel dynamic. Also, depending on where Joe is at in his recovery with his knee injury, you can actually push him hard as "shock" heel winner which gives you someone you can book around that easily carries you through the winter.
  5. Week 3 GDT

    BroncoSojia, this is a warning for personally attacking another member and using inappropriate language (circumventing the filter by using symbols instead of the actual word counts the same by our rules). You've been around here long enough to know what flies and what doesn't.
  6. Week 3 GDT

    It's a preview of Raiders games once they get to Vegas too. Easy to fly in and out of LA on commuter flights to make a weekend of it. Plus you've got Long Beach airport that's actually closer to Carson than LAX is and is a Jet Blue hub. Also doesn't help that the Spanos family suck at community outreach (yet, they're convinced they're amazing at it) and don't have the faintest idea how to run a grassroots campaign to generate fan interest.
  7. Week 3 GDT

    That ain't happening.
  8. Week 3 GDT

    They're the anti-Chargers.
  9. Week 3 GDT

    Stafford legit is in the race for MVP at this point.
  10. Week 3 GDT

    I'm not sure shut out does it justice. They've been outright gelded.
  11. Week 3 GDT

    Wentz using Torrey Smith like Flacco did. The ol' Smith-deep-for-PI play.
  12. Week 3 GDT

    Jay Cutler is even terrible against Prevent. SMH
  13. Week 3 GDT

    Queue Teddy KGB talking about Hanging around, hanging a-round.
  14. Week 3 GDT

    It's become one of my new favorite memes.
  15. Week 3 GDT

    You're not alone.
  16. Week 3 GDT

  17. Week 3 GDT

    At the rate this day is going, Amari Cooper is going to catch every ball thrown his way and the Seahawks OL is going to look somewhat serviceable.
  18. Week 3 GDT

    Texans still haven't learned to just give up on Lamar Miller yet?
  19. Week 3 GDT

    OK, whether he wants to give it up or not. Someone needs to take the play-sheet away from McAdoo while he still has a job.
  20. Week 3 GDT

    It's like Eli's actively trying to throw INT's.
  21. Week 3 GDT

    This Dolphins/Jets game seems destined to end in a 3-3 tie.
  22. Week 3 GDT

    Apparently Jeff Fisher was even managing to hold back... Case Keenum? Like that's some next-level stuff right there.
  23. Week 3 GDT

    Aim big. (really, i'm just trying to shrug off this jinxness)
  24. Week 3 GDT

    I am just full of the jinx today, aren't I? OK, let's try this out. I really hope something bad doesn't happen to Brady's knee.
  25. Week 3 GDT

    I won't be disappointed if the Jets actually jump out to a lead for once.