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  1. Who are "your guys" this fantasy season?

    Yeah, I just uptick Sanders slightly (not above Goodwin, but still) because Keenum is a gun-slinger and Sanders - at least until Courtland Sutton carves his permanent place in that lineup - is the deep-threat. At this stage in his career, Manny is a welfare-man's Stefan Diggs, but Demaryius has visibly lost some of his freak athleticism and appears to be transitioning more into a possession receiver role. If Sanders stays healthy (not a given considering last season), there's a decent shot he outproduces Thomas in standard leagues, but I don't like him as much in PPR leagues where Thomas is the better WR in that offense to have.
  2. "Your guys" are the guys that you, for whatever reason (gut instinct, based on your research, favorable scheme/personnel changes, etc.) you just "have a feeling about" this fantasy season, so much that you're willing to make a reasonable reach against value and ADP in order to make sure they're on your roster. There are scenarios (particularly if you're stuck picking on the turn in a 12-or-more team league) where you're just going to have to accept that if you want "your guy" you're going to have to reach for him, if you're bullish about getting him versus the other similarly-rated guys around him. So who are yours this season (and preferably why)?
  3. Who are "your guys" this fantasy season?

    Cobb, Goodwin, Sanders in PPR. If your league gives bonuses for TD's of 40 yards or more (some do), swap Goodwin and Cobb. Also, I have Cobb and Goodwin much closer together than I do Goodwin and Sanders, and I like Sanders.
  4. Njoku or Trey Burton? (PPR)

    Low-ankle sprain, but they're still evaluating and it's the sort of thing that's going to make him questionable for Week 1, possibly a little longer and if Trubisky and Burton continue building on their chemistry, again the money is going to dictate Burton gets every opportunity to lose the touches/targets to Shaheen before he actually does.
  5. Njoku or Trey Burton? (PPR)

    This. With Shaheen injured there's no obstruction for targets for Burton in an offensive scheme that notorious features the move TE and he's been on the field for something like 90+ percent of the first-team snaps this preseason. Also, follow the money - teams don't pay guys the kind of scratch they paid Burton (this isn't some one-year deal) if they don't plan to feature them. Yes, Trubisky isn't blowing anyone's skirt up, but we've seen equivalent or worse QB's get athletic TE's to fantasy success. Njoku, to me, is TD-dependent in a PPR league for consistent week-to-week contributions whereas I think Burton can still get you a serviceable scoreline even if he doesn't happen to snag a score in a given week.
  6. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Also, just rewatching the IC match again from last night and I have to ask... is there anyone who gets done dirty by wardrobe more consistently the past year or so that Seth? From the Stripper Kane tights to last night's... I don't know what they hell that walkout gear was...
  7. All Things Wrestling Thread

    To be fair, the only guys thus far to put Brock on skates at the beginning of a match in the manner Roman did have been Goldberg (beat him) and Taker. Cena didn't do it. Hunter didn't do it. Braun came close but it turned quickly IIRC (I need to rewatch that match). Joe didn't. There were brownie points gained by Roman in that respect last night, just not as many as could have been because, as you said, there was a need because of the situation to give Braun some shine as well. Even if Braun is the one to put away Brock unassisted, that gives Braun something to hold over Roman's head down the line, since Roman holds several clean wins over Braun (even if at least one is in a gimmick match and kinda murky).
  8. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Thing is, in Vince's mind Roman was cemented as "the guy" two years ago, at least. And at the same time, he has enough sense (whether people want to give him credit for it or not) to realize that just finally going over Lesnar was not going to cement him as "the guy" to the fans. Doesn't mean he won't get treated like he is, but just the way the took the show off-air quickly during the "Roman must pose" moment and didn't do any crowd shots during that moment shows that they're aware the state of things. What that ending last night did achieve is it sure as hell is getting people to tune in for RAW - which God knows they needed to do with two weeks left until MNF kicks off. Also, if we're using logic and not just trying to feed an anti-Roman narrative, Lesnar was the device of his own undoing. He made the decision to go outside the ring and try to take out Braun, Braun didn't mess with him. It was heel hubris and numerous top guys have gone over on that account.
  9. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I'll put it this way, if it pushes the storyline that if you push Ronda too far then Smiley McGree disappears and out comes badass Ronda who used to run through women in Strikeforce/UFC (lest we forget, she went on a two-year streak in those promotions where no one made it out of the first round with her and often didn't even last 2 minutes before getting tapped), then I'm cool with the way things went down. Alexa's character has never been one that's going to step into the line of fire against someone that outclasses her as a fighter (even if she'll say she will) - it's one of the reasons I didn't like having her and Carmella as simultaneous champions because their heel strategies are redundant (granted Alexa does it better, but the point remains). The only thing I really didn't like about it was Ronda talking to her the majority of the way, because it felt like a heel move - but you can kind of chalk that up to Ronda still being green enough to not grasp that bit of ring psychology. This match was what it needed to be which was a rehash of KO/Goldberg from the Rumble last year. I just hope (though I don't see this being paid off) they get Ronda a mouthpiece or minimize what she says because her promos still don't feel natural save for when she doesn't say anything and just emotes. Becky turning was logical and it's fresh; the main roster hasn't seen her as a heel but it was her heel work in NXT that got her brought up in the first place. So honestly, I don't feel like Hunter's shaking his head unless it's with a smile on his face at the same time (in a sort of, "I told you you were discounting her, Vince" sort of way). Also, I don't feel like you turn Ambrose there because it would have taken steam away from Becky's turn later in the night and, even though most of us know it's never coming, it would have taken the suspense away from any other potential turns (the elephant in the room being Roman) later in the night because you're not getting 3 alignment turns (particularly 3 heel turns) on the same card. Dolph's going to get his return match, Ambrose will/should stick with Seth through that to ensure the belt stays with Seth and then you turn Ambrose on Seth, so that Ambrose is then able to challenge for the title. And I don't even expect that to happen for another couple weeks at least - you're crazy if you don't think they're going to milk a couple Shield vs. ____ matches on RAW out of this before any of them get turned. The Revival are dead at this point - as much as I love them, their credibility has been shot to hell. I feel like the only way you're going to revive them is if they get traded to Smackdown because otherwise they're just treading water until the next Superstar Shakeup and that's basically till post-Mania season. Only other thing I can think of is that you slowburn face-turn them - which could work - as it could at least give them a storyline to work with. I don't like them losing two title matches in the span of a week, but I can handle it, because they are capable of recovering with time and opportunity, if this point of building up the B-Team and making them lovable sympathetics is to have AOP utterly destroy them - and I mean, not a quick squash match but still a one-sided match where the commentators and the fans are calling for them to "just end it" because Bo and Axel have just been obliterated and there's nothing left of them to fight back. Because AOP aren't strong enough on the mic without Ellering to survive 50/50 booking.
  10. Injuries Thread: What do you Know?

    Yep. https://sleeper.app/
  11. Rate my Mock Draft Thread

  12. Injuries Thread: What do you Know?

    Recommendation for folks. Download the Sleeper (formerly Sleeper Bot) app. They source all over the place on the AP, but I've rarely seen them wrong and they're typically among the first to report injuries (it's on Sleeper as soon as it's on Twitter). And they do update stories as quick as those updates come available.
  13. How do you Evaluate QB/TE In-Draft?

    Unless I'm getting stellar value (2 rounds past ADP), I'm not even considering a TE until my last 3 picks. You can typically find a serviceable streamer that late just based on the player's situation (QB who has a history of targeting the TE - particularly in the red zone, rookie QB who is going to use a safety blanket a lot, etc.) and then I wait for people to get impatient with the guys they've got or for injury to create an opportunity for someone off the waiver wire. I loved Jimmy Graham's potential this year, but I hated his ADP because it basically required him to put up mid-level or better WR2 numbers on a consistent basis and I'm not sure he's going to do that. QB's (save for in the league I'm in that has a move-cap) I'm actually perfectly fine streaming (you just have to be on the ball and plan ahead) and if I happen to pick up someone who breaks out along the way (happened to me last year with Alex Smith), I'm good to go sticking with them. Usually, you'll find me streaming at least one of QB's or defenses in any given league. As to how I scout guys for it, it really comes down to tiering your targets and projecting their stats (or finding a source you're confident in their ability to stat them out and trusting those numbers). At that point, you basically turn drafting into blackjack but with a bit of scarcity factored in. There are always going to be point differentials, but you want to compare the magnitude of the difference between the guy you can get at one position in this round versus the point projection for the guys at the same position who will still be around next round. More often that not, I've found that once you get outside the Top 2 or 3 QB's, who are going to cost you shots at the top tier WR2's, the mid-tier RB2's, the difference in projected production between QB's 4-12 isn't nearly as expansive as the difference between the mid-tier RB2's and the RB3's or the top tier WR2's and the lower-tier RB2's and the top-tier WR3's. This, of course, goes out the window in 2 QB leagues, but I've never gotten down with that BS to begin with.
  14. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    Well, word just hit my phone that the diagnosis on Jaylen Watkins is a torn ACL. I suppose at least the injury bug is hitting the depth guys this time (other than Henry).
  15. All Things Wrestling Thread

    And Braun will come out and interfere in Brock's return match... and he'll get away with it because he's Braun and he's a monster. As much as people wanted a Braun cash-in because they didn't want Reigns to be champion, Braun cashing in on Roman - even if he calls his shot - doesn't fit the same logic that people ding WWE all the time for ignoring. Braun's got unfinished business with Brock. So unless Brock is coming back to work Mania and face down Braun (not likely considering UFC wants to promote this title match against Cormier and there's at least a chance Brock beats him - or that the fight is around the same time as Mania), you've got to wrap that up before Braun goes after (and presumably wins) the title.
  16. All Things Wrestling Thread

  17. Rate my Mock Draft Thread

    Yeah, what's weird was everyone was talking how they were targeting Caff but then I took him. I was sitting there like, "I legit was running pro's and con's in my head of Adams versus Caff and how likely it was that a WR1 I felt secure in would make it back to my pick in Rd 3 versus a RB I was secure with (I figured McKinnon and Caff would be gone and I'd be looking at Alex Collins or Royce Freeman... they were both there). And that's why I was cool with making a 5th round "semi-reach" on Burkhead (at least ahead of his ADP... I was going to be picking between him and Marshawn, but went with the guy with higher upside - Top 5 fantasy RB's tend to come on Top 5 fantasy offenses and the Raiders aren't going to be that). I wanted 3 RB's that I felt were bulletproof every week they were available, because that let me be more aggressive later on.
  18. Rate my Mock Draft Thread

    Davante actually lasted till the 19th pick (2nd round), I was actually picking between him and Keenan Allen and opted for Adams because this league scores TD's heavy and while I expect some TD regression from last season for both, I expect the Packers to throw for more TD's on the whole than the Chargers do this season.
  19. Who are "your guys" this fantasy season?

    Reporting back in. As of the draft for my big money league yesterday afternoon, I got 2 of "my guys at RB" (C-Mac at value too... he dropped to the 5th pick of the 3rd round in a 12-team draft) in McCaffrey and Burkhead. I ended up passing on Corey Davis, but that was because Josh Gordon fell the 6th round as one of my two regular flexes, and RB's (I wanted a 4th because of the limited bench space in this league) were at a premium, so I passed on Davis to draft Sony MIchel (since I have Burkhead, I'm cuffing, but also it's New England and I closed the season in this least last year capably starting both Burkhead and Lewis every week). Made up for not getting Davis in the next round by snagging Goodwin. Also... don't ask me the logic of the people in my league, I managed to get Wentz in the 10th round... as the 12th QB off the board (behind the likes of Mariota, Jimmy G, Goff, Ryan, Rivers, and Big Ben).
  20. Who are "your guys" this fantasy season?

    Yeah, he's kind of the new Fred Taylor or what everyone was expecting of Isaiah Crowell last year before he got injured and that derailed his ascension: The undervalued, forgotten man who is still going to get enough consistent touches to return value, particularly on how late you're able to get him.
  21. Rate my Mock Draft Thread

    12-team, standard scoring out of the #5-spot, (6-point TD's across the board; i.e. passing TD's too) - only 1 auto-drafter (I know because I was in the same room drafting live as the majority of the teams) and 1 kind of crazy drafter: QB: Carson Wentz (in the 2nd to last round as the last QB taken) RB: Zeke Elliott RB: Christian McCaffrey WR: Devante Adams WR: Allen Robinson TE: Ricky Seals-Jones WR/RB: Rex Burkhead WR/TE: Josh Gordon DEF: Baltimore K: Matt Bryant BN: Sony MIchel BN: Marquis Goodwin BN: Kelvin Benjamin
  22. Patriots OT Isaiah Wynn out for the season

    I was just going by what was being said by the commentators on the Pats local affiliate broadcast that NFLN was simulcasting last night.
  23. Patriots OT Isaiah Wynn out for the season

    They'd moved him to the right side to push Marcus Cannon, so it was certainly possible. Scar will out. Pats' line will be fine. I can't talk trash on the man, I have only respect for 70-year-old men willing to rock sleeveless shirts.
  24. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    I'd echo this. If you absolutely need the guy you draft to have notable impact this year, I might switch up Michel and Johnson, but while Burkhead is pretty safe to view as the RB1 in New England, they run the ball enough that both he and Dion Lewis were able to finish as Top 20 RB's last season and if Burkhead misses any time for injury this season, the Pats do have an out in his contract after this year, so that means Michel's role could stand to increase then. With regard to Johnson, I pay attention when teams trade up to get a guy (specifically a RB) - it means that guy was on a shortlist of prospects that fit a specific type they wanted or even that they specifically wanted him - because it means that they have a role very much in mind for him to factor into immediately. Ameer Abdullah's contract is up after this season (and I still think there's a decent chance they try to flip him for a conditional pick before the season starts) and Theo Riddick's also only got one more year after this one and he'll be 29 when it runs up, so Kerryon's definitely got a role increase coming his way.
  25. All Things Wrestling Thread

    You should see him work under his real name (Shane Strickland) in MLW. In the midst of a feud with Low Ki right now and just had a wicked match with him a couple weeks ago where he sold the crap out of a knee injury. Also, he comes out to an instrumental version of the theme from Breakin', so you've gotta love anyone that does that.