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  1. So, people have probably heard me talk up how one of the strategies I tend to use in Fantasy to a fair amount of success is to stream one of either QB, TE, or DEF from week to week, thereby being able to spend the premium draft capital I might have otherwise spent on the position (ok, not defense) on having better quality depth at the skill positions. I'll update this weekly with my recommended streams for each week (and guys to keep tabs on for the following week - this becomes essential once byes kick in if your in a league where the majority of the teams are only rostering 1 player at that particular position) - so that if you have the luxury of locking up the next week's streamer, you're able to do it. First let me set a couple parameters. I'm going to be dealing only with players owned 50% or less (I'm going to try to hold myself to 35% or less, but I know things change for some folks' leagues) on the major fantasy platforms (Yahoo, ESPN, CBS), if you see someone available out there that is higher-percentage owned and like the matchup they have, go for it or feel free to ask here about them; I'm happy to give my take. When identifying these streamers, I tend to lean on favorable matchups (i.e. matching up against a bad defense, matching up against a team with a dominant offense wherein sheer volume of throws is likely to create stats, and putting preference on the player playing at home - which always tends to favor offensive production). ------------------------------------------------------- Week 2 (below) Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 (skipped) Week 9 ------------------------------------------------------ Week 2: QB: Case Keenum (vs. Oakland) - 26% owned in Yahoo, 13% owned in ESPN - I'm actually streaming him this week as my Wentz insurance. Look, to call the Raiders' pass-rush underwhelming is probably an understatement; they'll probably get better as the season goes on, but right now, going on the road on a short week, I'm not counting on much change from what we saw last night to what we'll see on Sunday. Meanwhile, Keenum threw for over 300 yards and 3 TD's on Sunday. Yes, you're going to have to worry about INT's, but when I guy can toss 3 in a game and still put up 18+ points, I'm not really sweating the turnovers. Playing at home, with receiving options that have shown that while older they're still effective (along with a Danny Woodhead like receiving back in Phillip Lindsay), against a team that has struggled to pressure the QB - I'll take that all day. Other options: Tyrod Taylor @ NO (Tyrod is always a sneaky high-floor streamer because he's going to get you rushing yards, and normally he'd be my go-to streamer, but I don't believe the Saints defense is as bad as they played in Tampa and they'll be playing in their home opener with an offense of their own that WILL show out), Joe Flacco @ CIN (Flacco could actually be this season's Alex Smith; that said, while I wouldn't mind streaming him, I shy away because of on the road team in a Thursday matchup) TE: Austin Sefarian-Jenkins (vs NE) - 34% owned in Yahoo, 23% owned in ESPN - I'll preface by saying that I purposely held off recommending Jared Cook here because he's going to be a hot waiver wire pickup this week with all the TE injuries that happened over the weekend (Walker, Olsen). If you are able to get hold of him, he's a worthwhile start against a Denver defense that still looks like they haven't figured out how to defend the TE and as Cook appears to be a favorite of Derek Carr - though I will mention that 1) Denver's going to bring the heat more from the edge versus up the middle compared to the Rams so Cook could be kept in to block more often and Cook has a nasty history of being a Week 1 Wonder and fading. So on to ASJ. Dude should have converted one of those two TD opportunities against the Giants, and with Fournette, at minimum hobbled (hamstrings are typically 2-4 week injuries, even minor tweaks), that's one less red-zone option for the Jags. Other options: Eric Ebron @ WAS (I don't like the road matchup and I really don't like the Colts line against that Washington front, but Ebron is clearly the preferred red-zone guy for Luck over Jack Doyle - and Doyle's fumble isn't going to endear him to the new coaching staff; and with their defense, the Colts are going to be throwing all season long). Ricky Seals-Jones @ LAR (Hanging your hat on Sam Bradford after how he performed on Sunday seems like a recipe for disaster, but he's still a TE-happy QB and the Rams defense did just give up 100-yard game to a TE... and Fitz tends to have lesser fantasy stats on the road, so usually there's someone that has to pick up the slack). DEF: Washington (vs IND) - 3% owned in Yahoo, 10% owned in ESPN - This is sort of a coin-flip situation for me between this matchup and the Niners' defense against the Lions (who I expect to rebound, but the Niners' run defense is underrated) that I gave the nod to the Skins because they're playing at home. I expect them to give up points, but I also expect them to create turnovers and harass Luck all day long. That gives you a solid floor with a better-than-most chance for a turnover that leads to a defensive TD, which is typically the universal salve to a quality week from a fantasy defense. Other options: As mentioned San Francisco @ DET (is a streamable option. I expect Stafford to rebound, but the Niners have the ability to make the Lions one dimensional on offense, and while they San Fran DB's can definitely be passed against, that Detroit OL still looks shaky and Stafford looks hobbled). New York Giants @ DAL (I like the Giants offensive players better this weekend, but... Dak looks miserable and the Cowboys wideouts on the perimeters just aren't able to get separation; I don't expect that to change against Janoris Jenkins and Co. Zeke is going to eat - and so should SaQuads - but that's just the thing, I don't see the Cowboys scoring a ton of points unless Eli gifts them defensive scores and those aren't going to count against the Giants' D in fantasy. It's a safe-floor play.) Chicago vs SEA (Left off as the pick similarly to Cook because they're a hot waiver wire pickup this week and already at 40+% owned in ESPN and 50% in Yahoo. Seattle gave up 6 sacks to the Broncos and Khalil Mack has hit the ground running for Chicago; that's a recipe for disaster for Russ)
  2. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Go to bed Rammy. You're clearly drunk.
  3. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Thank you!
  4. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Not to be picky Wentz, but can you at least hit the 350 yards mark at least, so that I can win my fantasy matchup by 90 points this week?
  5. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Those were people who don't get that 60% of a truly complete LB is instincts and no matter how athletic a LB is, if his instincts are sub-standard that player is always going to be capped on what they can be. LVE has + instincts and very good athleticism. He's basically Kuechly plus size (with marginally-lesser athleticism - just maybe needed a bit more polish than Kuechly did coming out).
  6. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Getting rid of Garrett doesn't suddenly make Dak an accurate QB with even average pocket presence.
  7. Cowboys @ Eagles

    It's a Dak thing too. The later just isn't going anywhere so long as the former is there.
  8. Cowboys @ Eagles

    They're stuck with Dak for at least one more year anyway. This next QB draft class is booty.
  9. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Um... dude was leading the league in rushing yards per attempt at more than one point this season.
  10. Cowboys @ Eagles

    What are we calling what they were the first 3 quarters so far if not a clearly-rotting jack-o-lantern?
  11. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Michael Crabtree didn't warn him?
  12. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Especially when you consider Zeke's averaging 10 YPC. 10!
  13. Cowboys @ Eagles

  14. Cowboys @ Eagles

    I am genuinely questioning whether Brandon Weeden wouldn't be better. And I'm fully aware how "it's a massive complement to call him mediocre" Brandon Weeden is.
  15. Cowboys @ Eagles

    I'm genuinely starting to believe that a trained ape could run a more effective offense than Dak with the same weapons.
  16. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Kellen Moore is Dak's QB coach? This explains so much... so, so much.
  17. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Norv actually wouldn't be terrible either (albeit probably still ultimately held back by Dak's glaring limitations). They have the OL for his incessant 7-step drops. He'd bell-cow Zeke (and the thought of Zeke with an actual FB is a scary thought). The Cowboys don't have a TE to speak of, but that's the sort of thing that could be addressed.
  18. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Lienhan's garbage, but I have full confidence that Jason Garrett would be shoving the "we gotta get Dak over" narrative through the game-script regardless of who the OC is, because that's what Jerruh wants.
  19. Cowboys @ Eagles

    3 downs and goal-to-go, you have Zeke Elliott who just got you into the damn scoring position you're in, and you have him block on the only two rushing attempts you make? The Ol' Yeller treatment is too good for Linehan and Red; someone needs to introduce them to the Children of the Corn or something.
  20. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Dis is what Dak do, doe.
  21. Cowboys @ Eagles

    So what does Linehan/Dak do? Call Dak's number on a rush on the next play and make Zeke run-block for Dak to take the score that should have been Zeke's. That's low.
  22. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Zeke deserved pay-dirt on that play.
  23. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Your best bet may be Tampa for that and if they give up on Jameis and end up looking for another QB, who knows what the heck they'll do?
  24. Week 10 GDT

    I think he's athletically-comparable (or close enough if you factor in the kind of BMI he's trotting around compared to the other two), but he's a different type of player than those two. Honestly, I think he's far more comparable to a bigger (arguably more athletic) Polamalu.
  25. Week 10 GDT

    Which media is that? Because the media out this way (FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS... I hardly count ESPN as media anymore) have done little more where the AFC is concerned than slobber over the Chiefs and, particularly after last week, the Pats.