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  1. If tua comes out for the draft

    He has already shown every he can another year doesn't change anything. This is all a case of will he recover fully or not, if he will then a team will still take him in the first round.
  2. NFL arranges workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

    If you watched Kaep throw he had nothing to hide though so that clearly wasn't the issue.
  3. NFL arranges workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

    This whole thing was a mess when Kaep was only given 4 days notice, you don't hash this out that quickly with what has gone on 3 years previous. The people saying people get rushed in for tryouts every week this is obviously not your usual tryout after what has happened. If the NFL was seriously why give only 4 days notice what were they trying to prove by that.
  4. Official 2020 QB Thread

    No chance.
  5. Official 2020 QB Thread

    Have to seriously question if Tua will hold up in the NFL

    If the Seahawks win this game Wilson is the MVP, the niners are better in every way to the seahawks bar QB
  7. NFL Week 10 GDT

    Miami playing themselves out of a QB in the draft and even chase young eventually.
  8. Official 2020 QB Thread

    Burrow is going to end up being the first QB drafted
  9. Week 2 GDT

    Seahawks offense is terrible Pats carved up the Steelers seahawks can't do move the ball Could barely move the ball against the Bengals and 49ers are going up and down the field.
  10. Week 1 GDT

    Watching the Seahawks play down to opponents for 8 years
  11. Week 1 GDT

    Im watching the god damn Cowboys have creative play calling while seahawks run an offense sid luckman would recognise
  12. Week 1 GDT

    Seahawks the only team in the NFL still playing 1970's offense
  13. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskins

    I remember Cam Newton and Deshaun Watson looking lost in preseason then balling out when the real games started in their rookie years. You can't tell in pre season.
  14. With Brady lets just say Robert Craft has already "invested" in TB12, how much money he has actually invested who knows.