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  1. No point having Ruggs when Carr won't throw more than 10 yards down the field.
  2. He must not have that much faith in Daniel Jones if he turned down the giants for the panthers who don't have a QB
  3. This has been some bad coaching by both head coaches
  4. Fields with a healthy knee would have run on those red zone trips and i think they score a couple instead of field goals. That was the difference imo.
  5. Yes we had a ton of injuries but it's so frustrating watching other offenses in the NFL then watch the Seahawks still running something out of 1995.
  6. What do i have to do to get pete carroll to install a modern offense
  7. We could easily be 8-6 right now maybe worse.
  8. Seattle are the worst 11-3 team in the history of the NFL
  9. Lynch was helped by Wilson just as much as Wilson was helped by Lynch
  10. He has already shown every he can another year doesn't change anything. This is all a case of will he recover fully or not, if he will then a team will still take him in the first round.
  11. If you watched Kaep throw he had nothing to hide though so that clearly wasn't the issue.
  12. This whole thing was a mess when Kaep was only given 4 days notice, you don't hash this out that quickly with what has gone on 3 years previous. The people saying people get rushed in for tryouts every week this is obviously not your usual tryout after what has happened. If the NFL was seriously why give only 4 days notice what were they trying to prove by that.
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