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  1. If they evaluate Fields and Wilson and think they are clearly better they should.
  2. I repeat Miami needs to think about it. And yes i know the receiving talent isn't great on the dolphins right now.
  3. Miami have to seriously think about QB at pick 3
  4. Where do you think Lawrence would have rather gone Jets or Jags? I actually think the Jets as bad as they are.
  5. Don't think Giannis was ever going there but these deals kill it dead. probably rules out getting any other big star.
  6. Lakers roster looking a little light atm especially at guard after Bradley and Rondo leaving.
  7. No point having Ruggs when Carr won't throw more than 10 yards down the field.
  8. He must not have that much faith in Daniel Jones if he turned down the giants for the panthers who don't have a QB
  9. This has been some bad coaching by both head coaches
  10. Fields with a healthy knee would have run on those red zone trips and i think they score a couple instead of field goals. That was the difference imo.
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