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  1. You can read from this article, that what I'm saying regarding trading dead cap in a trade, is legit. https://overthecap.com/trading-dead-money-nfl-expiring-contract/ Trading Dead Money & The NFL Expiring Contract
  2. A team trading for a certain player can eat some/all of that dead cap as part of compensation in a trade. So basically, a team like Washington could trade for Rodgers & let's say hypothetically.... eat 20 million of that dead cap in a trade for Rodgers. So this in turn, would create cap space for Green Bay as part of the trade for Rodgers. Which in turn would help Washington in draft resources as far as making that trade. So what would usually cost 3 firsts, a 2nd, a 4th, etc for a hof, nfl pro bowl MVP player like Rodgers in a trade? Might not cost as much as some
  3. March 12th-to-March 19th to be exact. We should at minimum, hear rumors of Washington & Rodgers linked together.
  4. Rodgers= 4 yr deal--85 million #19, 3rd, 2022 1st & Matt Ionitus That's what he'll cost
  5. Maybe not a Free Agent, but there are vets that can make us a Superbowl contender if we deal draft picks for. Which is better than trading all those picks by trading up & hoping Fields doesn't suck like Haskins. That's the point I'm trying to make.
  6. I would agree with you turtle, if we didn't already have a playoff/Superbowl caliber defense already. If we sucked on both sides of the ball, then yea.... Trade up for Fields or Wilson. Cause you know by the time Fields or Wilson are ready, we can put together a good enough defense/offense to win with. Right now, we are a #2 wr, 1 more OL-men, 1 or 2 LBers away from being a 11-5 or 12-4 football team. A (good) vet QB gives us an immediate impact, that can pay dividends this next season. We don't need to be chasing a QB at the top of the draft board, when we don't need
  7. I so hope we don't trade up to get a QB. It's going to cost multiple draft resources to do so. Not when we can use the same concept & trade for a veteran QB who you know is good & will probably cost the same. Plus, make us a competitor right away. It takes rookie QB's time to develop & get used to the competitive nature of the NFL. Then you got to hope, they actually belong in the NFL. So count me in on throwing darts on a QB vet dartboard as our starter, rather than hoping our 1st Rd pick rookie QB isn't Heath Shuler or D. Haskins. I would much rather
  8. Should start to hear rumblings of Rodgers being traded very soon. In about 2 weeks. Remember, The 2021 NFL free-agency period, which officially begins at 4 p.m. ET on March 17. I've got March 12th-to-March 19th on when a Rodgers to Washington will at least be rumored to happen, if not happen during that timeframe as well. So keep your hats on, cause this ride is gonna get crazy. Hopefully, we hear of these rumors beforehand. Gonna be an exciting free agency period. I can't wait!
  9. Golden State Warriors it is, then. 😜 Warriors is not bad. Not my favorite, but I can live with it. So song we as do "In The City" by Joe Walsh for every introduction? I would be pleased. 😉
  10. I'm hoping 1 of the big 3 WR's are there when we pick in Smith, Chase or Waddle. Or TE Kyle Pitts. I think Waddle has the best chance cause of his injury. But he could be the best of the bunch. I would not mind Patrick Surtain jr. Either. There will be a big name on the board, when we pick. #nototradingup
  11. It's because they want Rodgers.... 🙏 Please trade for Rodgers 🙏
  12. Which is why I don't want to trade up for a QB. For what it would cost to move up for a QB, we could trade same amount of compensation for a already HOF QB. Instead of for a guy we hope isn't Heath Shuler. As much as I like WR's D. Smith, Waddle & Chase? The same applies to them. Why trade up for them, when Allen Robinson, Godwin, etc. Could be available in FA. I advocate sitting tight at 19 & let the draft come to us. Not chase players up the board...
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