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  1. Aceinthehouse's one & only 1st rd mock:

    I don't think we'll see any threat of Wentz becoming MVP. He was & isn't the same player after his ACL tear. What made him so dangerous was his elusiveness & ability to throw on the run & escapability. That's gone now. He's basically a little better version of a passer RG3 style after his ACL injury. Simply put, the Eagles should have traded him for what they could get & signed Foles long term. Could have got decent draft picks from Wentz, I believe. Foles won you guys a SB. We don't even know how a non injured & healthy Wentz would do in the Playoffs. Let alone a SB. He could be like Kirk Cousins in huge games. We know what Foles can do. Eagles screwed up, imo.
  2. Aceinthehouse's one & only 1st rd mock:

    We'll, I'm thankful the Eagles traded Foles & kept Wentz.
  3. Aceinthehouse's one & only 1st rd mock:

    We'll, Gruden & Mayock just sent their Scouts home & not because it's the Holidays. Apparently, there's frustration on the scouting process going on with the team. Who knows why? You can hate it all you want, but anything can & will happen come draft day.
  4. Redskins 2019 Schedule

    I see no reason why this team can't be 3-0 or 2-1 after the first 3 games. Which are huge early games. Will Carson Wentz have his feet under him in wk-1. Dudes been hurt the last 2 seasons & has not played near as well as he did before getting his ACL torn. We'll actually be healthy, on both sides of the ball. Then in wk-2, we get Dallas at home. Pumped up from our first win against Philly to open the season, we lay the smackdown on Dallas & shut down Zeke & company. Just like we did last season Come wk-3, we get to play a gritty Bears team also at home. Unfortunately, it's on primetime where we tend to struggle. But probably the easiest of the first 3 games. Is it really unfathomable to go into N.Y. @3-0 to face a Giants team with no OBJ & Eli another year older? We usually struggle there, but probably the easiest opponent of the first 4 games. If we can stay healthy, no reason we can't be 4-0 going home to play Brady & the Pat's for an East Coast showdown. This schedule is not as daunting, as many make it out to be. If we start off hot & finish strong? We're in the Playoffs. Simple as that! Health will determine our season, imo. Not overmatched or undermatched opponents. This team can compete with anyone, when healthy.
  5. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I'm hoping for OG Jonah Williams or Cody Ford, if we don't land a QB in the First Rd. Honestly guys, I'm more concerned with our LG situation than an edge rusher. It appears the Skins are looking hard at QB's, WR's & OG's from the graph above. As they should be.
  6. Redskins 2019 Schedule

    Add Add in Landon Collins & R. Foster. 2 potentially All-pros Not to mention possibly a Defensively blue Chip prospect in the first Rd. Add in Josh Rosen potentially Better WR core with speed & Guice coming back healthy. This schedule doesn't scare me.
  7. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I think you misunderstood me, Woz. If we have Rosen, by the time the draft begins? Teams behind us will know we aren't going QB there. So if your Philly or Pitt & want Byron Murphy, maybe you trade up with Miami at 13? Thus, possibly either forcing a team to either ask for a trade with us? Or moving ahead of us & a certain player Redskins want, dropping in their lap when they select.
  8. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I'm starting to hope we get Rosen more & more. With our 2nd rounder or less, of course. It would allow us to trade down if necessary & recoup picks. Which is what I think we should do, anyways. It would also possibly make teams behind us panic a little more, if our QB is already in house. And we were targeting other Non-QB's in the first Rd. I'm hopeful, this is what goes down
  9. Redskins 2019 Schedule

    I agree 2 primetime games Gruden spinning tires in mud, early in season. As usual, it will come down to health. If our starters stay healthy? We can play with almost anyone.
  10. Matt Ioannidis Extended (3 year, $21.75M)

    Our Defense is gonna be legit. If we can be at least average on Offense, we're gonna be a tough outing.
  11. Redskins 2019 Schedule

    Last 6 games Most important part of the schedule. 12 vs DET 13@ CAR 14 @GB 15 vs PHI 16 vs NYG 17 @DAL Go into the Bye week with 5 wins or more? We'll have a fighting chance at the Playoffs.
  12. Aceinthehouse's one & only 1st rd mock:

    Oh yeah, almost forgot. Redskins send 2019 2nd Rd pick & 2020 3rd Rd selection for QB Josh Rosen & a 2019 4th Rd selection. (#1)
  13. I actually have this in Redskins forum for game we have underway. Thought I would post mine here, with basic explaination. The only trades I have are focused on Redskins & team trading with them , as well as Rosen trade. Nonetheless, maybe you'll see a draft selection you have or haven't seen your team make in any mocks? Anyways, without further ado. ______________________________________ 1)Arizona=QB- Kyler Murray I think it's pretty obvious. We'll know for sure, soon. 2)49ers=DE- Nick Bosa Arguably, best player in draft who can make immediate impact. 3)Jets=Edge- Montez Sweat My first surprise pick. I think 3 is too high for any OL in this draft, which they could use for Darnold. I think Sweat's ridiculous combine, will convince the brass, that he's a special player who has an untapped ceiling. 4)Raiders=WR- DK Metcalf Most may say this is crazy, but I believe it happens. They stay with Carr for now & find Cooper's replacement. I realize it's a huge risk with his weird off lateral movement, but his speed & TO/David Boston frame will become too tempting for Oakland to let go. He will immediately start day 1. 5)TRADE: Denver (Bucs)=QB- Drew Lock It's no secret Elway loves Drew Lock, as others probably do as well. Is he Mahommes part 2, or is he fools Gold? Well, combine fools gold & Denver Blue & you get Orange Crush. I think Denver is all over Drew Lock. So much, they trade up to get him. If he's Mahommes part 2, do you blame them? 6)Giants=OG- Jonah Williams Most have Giants going QB here. Not me....They fired their Coach who took them for an 11-5 ride, before benching Eli Manning & getting fired for it. Their riding Eli till he retires. What they will do is get that OL to protect Eli & roadgrade for Barkley. Jonah is the most versatile O-lineman in the draft. 7)Jaguars=OT- Jawaan Taylor Need to protect Foles & this is a good start. Dude doesn't even have to move. This may be the easiest pick in the draft. 8)Lions=Edge- Josh Allen Maybe surprising to some, but Lions needs some QB defensive pressure. With Rodgers, Cousins & the Biscuit slingin that ball around? They got to create turnovers & get that defense off the field. Allen will give them that EDGE (pun intended) that they need to challenge the North. 9)Bills=OT- Andre Dillard How do protect QB Josh Allen? Get him a Tackle. Ok, maybe this is the easiest pick in the draft. Either way, they need to take whomever is on the board between Dillard, Jonah or Taylor here. Keep your QB safe. One of them at least will be here. I wouldn't trade down for nothing, unless offered some ridiculous trade. 10)Bucs(Trade w/Denver)=DT- Q. Williams The Steal of the draft? Maybe. Oh...you think I'm crazy for having him at 10? Where did the Skins draft Payne & Allen in the First Rd? What was their projection that draft? Ok, maybe ace isn't so crazy...lol 11)Bengals=QB- D. Haskins This is a tough call for me! I know they have greater needs than QB, even though Dalton is nothing special, but not bad either. But new Coach coming in? Rumors swirling? Hmmmm won't be surprised if I'm wrong here, but I won't surprised if I'm right, either. This is the shocking pick, that's becoming less shocking everyday we read mocks. 12)Packers=TE- T.J. Hockinson A true weapon that the pack can definitely use for Rodgers. I'm betting the Patriots want this guy, but too far for them to go get. T.J. lands in Packers lap. 13)Miami=DE- Rashan Gary I see Miami going defense here. I know QB is highly likely, but I'm betting they look for one on Day 2. Gary gives them some toughness up front, they sorely need. 14)Atlanta=DT- Ed Oliver Shooting up the draft board is ole' ED. He will give them some run stuffing ability needed vs Saints, Panthers & Bucs. His ceiling is very high. 15)TRADE: Raiders(Redskins)=Edge- Brian Burns Raiders look for QB pressure & find it in Burns at 15. Some Skins fans revolt, but a trade down happens because of the Rosen trade. Raiders may not replace Cooper & Mack, but they're gonna try & at a cheaper cost. 16)Panthers=LB- Devin White All around stud falls to Carolina & makes that defense MUCH better. They will probably look for Corner, but can't pass on a prospect such is White. 17)Giants=DE- Clelin Ferrell Again, no QB here for reasons explained earlier. Giants defense needs an upgrade, as AP feels like a young rookie playing these guys. Clelin will easily start for this group & make an impact. 18)Vikings=OG- Cody Ford Vikings need to upgrade that line & Ford will be a huge get for them. Yes, it won't stop Cousins from choking in huge games, but maybe give him an extra second to throw the ball out of bounds, instead of that game crucial sack or int. Cody Ford is a good pick here. 19)Titans=DT- Dexter Lawrence They see that South & how the running game has emerged from the Colts, Jags & Houston. If they ever want to keep this in check, they better get them a run stuffing machine to help eliviate any weaknesses. Dexter will certainly help provide that. 20)Steelers=CB- DeAndre Baker I think everyone knows the Steelers need corners. So...here you go! I got a hunch, they like Baker here. I know they could go a number of ways, but Baker can actually tackle unlike other CB's. And if you want to play for Pitt, you better be able to tackle. 21)Seahawks=LB- Devin Bush I think Seattle goes Defense here. Bush is a good pick at this spot & will throw some youth in that rebuilding Defense under Pete. 22)Ravens=WR- Marquise Brown Good spot here to get Lamar Jackson some weapons. Hollywood Brown will definitely make his presence know & help give Jackson some deadly targets. 23)Houston=DT- Jeffery Simmons Similar to what I said for Tennessee also applies here. Teams know they need to be able to stop the run because Luck, Foles, Watson & Mariota will emphasize the run game to set up pass options. Well, a big meaty DT will help make said teams 1-diminsional. 24)TRADE: Patriots(via Rai-via-Wsh)=TE- Noah Fant Patriots find a TE they can get too. Gronk retiring is an epidimic for the Patriots & one they want to cure quickly. Getting Brady more deadly targets will only prolong his career. I realize Belicheat is defensive minded, but even he knows you got to have guys that can get separation & make plays. Fant can do exactly that. Oh yeah...Skins trade down again to 32. 25)Eagles=CB- Byron Murphy Their Corners are weak & they know it. I actually hope I'm wrong here, cause getting Murphy here would be scary. 26)Colts=WR- A.J. Brown There was speculation on them trading T.Y. Hilton. I see them grabbing Brown here to give them that option, or having more dangerous weapons for Luck. 27)Oakland=OT- Kaleb McGary A player climbing up the boards & one the Raiders take advantage of. Someone to help protect Carr as well as being part of a Gruden rebuilt line. 28)Chargers=CB- Rock Ya-sin Chargers take a player also shooting up the draft boards. Wether he busts or not, you gotta love the name. Either way, the AFC West is about to become air raid central with Broncos landing Drew, Raider landing DK & the Chiefs just being who they are. Might not be a bad idea to beef up that secondary. They're gonna need it! 29)Chiefs=S- Taylor Rapp Hard to replace an Eric Berry, but they're gonna try. Rapp can probably play either FS or SS, which will give the Chiefs some options. He's a very talented player that is definitely getting overlooked as a sure 1st Rd prospect. I think he belongs & will go to K.C. 30)Packers=DT- Christian Wilkins After getting their TE, they take advantage of a meat stuffer still on the board. He will definitely help them up front. 31)Rams=WR- Nkeal Harry Offense, more Offense, more offense...that is the plan. Outscore everyone! Harry will be utilized in that Offense to help Goff even more. Take some pressure off of Gurly I would imagine. Not a bad idea. 32)Redskins(via Rai/via Pat's)=CB- Greedy Williams Josh Norman's replacement? Who knows, maybe? What I do know is this guy doesn't tackle. But...from what I read about him? He doesn't need too. Lol oh well either way, he will certainly help in a backfield that has struggled to get off the field on 3rd down. He's a playmaker & will be a welcomed addition back there with CB Josh Norman & now SS Landon Collins. Redskins receive 2nd Rd selection (#3) from Raiders from moving from #15 to #24. Redskins also receive 3rd Rd selection (#9) from Patriots from moving from #24 to #32
  14. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    We're taking a QB in RD 1 or Rd 2 at minimum. Gruden has to know his time is running out. Watching Alex & Colt drop like they did from injury, will compel him to take one very early. It could actually save his job. But if he wants to get fired & move on to the Raiders immediately after the 2019 season? I have a 5 step program for him to follow. Step 1: don't draft a QB till, after RD 5. Step 2: don't trade down & take edge rusher @15, even though there's probably 3 or 4 of them when you select. Step 3: completely avoid the WR position this draft. Step 4: Completely avoid the LG position & just pretend Flowers will lock her down. Step 5: Avoid any players from Alabama.Try something new, just to see what happens. I promise...follow these 5 steps & it will guarantee not only a 6-10 season or worse, but your termination. So any of you Skins fans who want Jay & Bruce gone? A top 10 pick in the 2020 draft? This 5 step program would definitely be a success in making that happen. I promise!
  15. Lock @15 or trade down is what I'm hopeful for.