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  1. My bad, gentleman. I'll keep my opinions to myself.
  2. As far as my top choices, depending on genre? WASHINGTON..... Military Name= Generals (my Jr. High football team name.--Pershing Generals) Animal Name= Redhogs (Perfect transition name from Redskins) Movie Name= Bravehearts (The name I sent in by email) Superhero Name= Ironman or Flash (Their colors match ours & it would be pretty cool...not gonna lie)
  3. What it should be= Redhogs This is the closest name that mirrors Redskins, without NA imagery. You basically replace "skins" with the whole hog name and whalla? A modified version of the name. It also pays homage to the early days of our Offensive line with Jeff Bostic, Joe Jocoby, Mark May, Russ Grimm, Mark Schlereth, Jim Lachey, etc. Even Riggins was included as a Hog. So keeping history, a loyal fanbase & adding a modified logo & uniform. Imo, this should be the name. It's perfect! What I want it to be=Bravehearts This is the name that I personally emailed to Washingt
  4. I honestly don't know how I'll react, when the new name is revealed. I've been a "Redskins" fan since I was 5 years old. I've lived in Springfield, Missouri all my life & have never been to Washington D.C. or ever have seen the Redskins play live. I've only ever seen 1 NFL game my entire life & that was when I was on vacation with friends in Ohio. I saw the Chiefs vs Browns (friend was Browns fan & another friend was a Chiefs fan) But we were there, because we toured the Pro Football Hall OF Fame in Canton. This was in the mid 90's. Anyways, Washington Foot
  5. I'll be more surprised if we're NOT Redtails, than if we're the Washington Lumberjacks. I have no problem honoring the black players of the Washington Redskins past, however. Why can't we be the Washington Posse…? Or the Washington Fun Bunch? At least these have direct ties to the history of our team. I would be a 100% cool with that & totally on board. I'm pissed already & it's not even Feb. 2nd yet.
  6. I agree with you 100%< turtle. It makes me sick to my stomach. It truly does... Redtails fits the criteria in everything they're looking for in a name. 1)It has Red in it. So they can go "look see" we wanted to keep our history & appeal to our older generation of fans. It works for nastalga... 2)It fits the military theme that Rivera wants. Redtails was a fighter squadron made up of blacks only. 3)It fits in to the equality equation of BLM. It specifically honors black people in a time of war. Not to mention Washington D.C. is like 80% black. It's sad real
  7. It's looking like Deadpulse, ThatJaxxenguy, or titanrick are gonna be right! or gonna be close...
  8. It makes sense with the release date on "groundHOG day" Question is? Is it just Hogs? Or Redhogs, Warthogs, Warhogs, Groundhogs or another hogs as a suffix. I hope this isn't another misdirection....
  9. I didn't vote cause I don't think our name is on this list. Btw, didn't Dan Snyder own the rights to the name Warriors? And if so, why hasn't this name been mentioned at all? It would also explain all the Helmet logo's with the big "W" on it. (If they're even legit)
  10. Washington should try to trade for Watson, imo. There's probably no QB in the draft as good as Watson. He's a proven stud. I would do this for a number of reasons, actually. A) We don't even know if we can get the QB we are targeting at #11 anyways. Trading up to get said QB would cost as much, if not more than it would be to just trade for Watson. B) You say the Giants & Eagles have multiple 1st Rd picks & we cannot compete vs them considering the ammo they have to trade for Watson? Good!! Make them pony up more than they normally would, with us in a bidding war fo
  11. Don't bet everything you have.... FWIW--Lurch on the Junkies: "I've heard from someone who is close with someone on the team that the new name is Hogs." — Jay (@RedskinsCult) January 12, 2022 Take it for what it's worth. Just rumors Updated
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