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  1. I think 6 wins is the magic number to win the East. I think Dallas on Thanksgiving is winnable. I think Carolina is a winnable game. And Philly in the finale, is also winnable. I think the 49ers game is possible... I think Pittsburgh & Seattle are tough tasks, even if we play well. So looking at the rest of the schedule, it looks like 7-9 is the best possible outcome. Either way, at least we have something to play for over the holidays. It's been a while since we've been able to say that. But beat Dallas & we'll finally have our 1st back-to-back win of the season. Confidence is something that can do wonders with this team. If the Giants can do it, so can we.
  2. Thought I would add a post originally from the Reaper. Winning the division in year one of a team rebranding would be a good story. Winning it with a historically bad record would make it a unique footnote that will be remembered for the rest of NFL history. No one's going to remember the Open 10 years from now, who won, who lost..but they'll remember your 12 Roy! My, God, it was...well, it's immortal! Talk about building from the ground up? Can't be more "ground floor" than the lowest record in NFL history to earn a playoff berth. I actually think its a cool story. Playing Dallas for first place in the division on Thanksgiving is the best anyone can hope for from a football season. The dumpster fire of 2020 and the entire NFC East, our head coach beating cancer, our Montgomery Burns team owner reaching outlandish new lows, all just add to the crazy storyline. This is the most excited and interested I've been all season. These are the types of footnotes and oddball memories that fans remember for years to come. Screw the record, screw the tank, and enjoy the once in a lifetime season were having. Edited 3 hours ago by Reaper Skins
  3. And we win! 😁 Beat Dallas Thursday & we'll be in 1st place. 😎
  4. Only if/when Washington is mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, should we want to lose out for highest draft pick possible. We're a 1 1/2 games back from being the division leader, with 7 games remaining. If we beat Cinci this Sunday & Philly loses to the browns? We'll be 1/2 a game out of 1st place. With the Dallas game coming up on, Thanksgiving Day.
  5. We've won just 1 out of the last 4 games. The Dallas destruction being that one. The 3 games we lost of those 4. We lost by a total of 7 points combined in all 3 games. Were due for some things to roll out way.
  6. I've got to try something. Maybe this thread will catapult our Washington Team Football to start playing well, getting the ball to bounce their way lucky, or our coach to unite a team resilience to finish games with a victory. I don't care how they do it. I simply want this team to make the playoffs. So the time starts RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW! Time for us to go on a run & make history. I personally write this OP, to start a winning campaign for the WFT in the 2020 NFL Season. Now it begins! 🔥
  7. I'm not gonna lie... It's getting close to tank mode, even for me. We truly need to beat the Bengals.
  8. I agree with the OP. But I also see this team fighting & trying to win. In other years we would lose by 20+ after giving up midway through the 3rd qtr.. Yes, this team is making rookie mistakes. Yes, this team is finding new ways to lose. Yes, this team seems to always be playing from behind. Outside, looking in...it's the same ole', same ole, crap we've been watching for 3 decades. However, this IS youngest team top to bottom in the NFL. We haven't been able to say that in forever. We were always signing past their prime vets, underachieving FA's looking for a payday. Now, we are building hopefully a new culture & we are still not ready to compete with the big boys yet. We were down 24-3 & almost came back to win. Think about that...on the road. This season is NOT over This Division is still up for grabs... But they are running out of time, if they want to finish this season fighting for the division. Which is still up for grabs. Believe it or not...? 🤓 Giants beating philly actually helped us, more than the Giants themselves. It kept philly from gaining any ground in the NFC East. Philly=3-5-1 Giants=3-7 Washington=2-7 Dallas=2-7 I've said before & I'll say it again. All we have to do, is string together back-to-back wins? And we will be fighting for the division until the end. We can do this. Alex is playing well. He's finding his groove. It's not yet, gentleman. Hang in there...
  9. I'm not sure this team could beat Georgia, Woz. But I want to see my favorite team play in the post season.
  10. As long as we are in the playoff race, I will continue to hope we win the Division. We are 2 games back on Philly, with 8 more games to play. If we win the Division at 6-10? So be it...Anything can happen in the Playoffs. We have a good chance to do it, also. I believe we have the easiest schedule remaining, of the 4 teams in the East. If this team can somehow string together 2 wins in a row from somewhere on the schedule? I believe we will be in the thick of things come week 17. It could come down to that Philly/Washington game in wk-17. And if that's the case? No way in hell, am I going to hope we lose that game because Trey Lance might be available when we pick in the draft Vs Playing as an underdog at home in the 1st Rd of the playoffs vs a team with a better record than us. It's just that simple for me... I'll worry about our QB situation, when the season is over & how we can go about getting one.
  11. So now we see what Alex Smith can do the rest of the season. The Division is still up for grabs, but we're definitely going to have to find a way to string multiple wins together. Something we haven't done in a very long time. At least we got the Giants out of the way early. Maybe we'll have better luck vs other opponents? Detroit is up next...
  12. We had 5 turnovers this game. Giants had zero. That's why we lost & turnovers are usually a coaching issue. And we lost by 3 pts.
  13. If we beat the Giants Sunday? I truly believe we will go on to win the Division Problem is, Daniel Jones is 3-0 vs Washington. 4-20 something overall in his career. Kinda ridiculous, really. I say this because Dallas is looking @ 2-7 vs Pittsburgh if they lose. Giants is looking @ 1-8, if they lose to us. We would be sitting @ 3-5 overall & 3-1 inside division. To me, it's pretty simple. I think Dallas & Giants are finished. I believe we're the only team that can challenge the Eagles for the Division. It's starts this weekend, folks!
  14. I don't believe he's allowed to play this Sunday, but I'm not 100% sure of that either.
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