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  1. Backup QB search: Mark Sanchez signed

    I really didn't want Butt Fumble...lol OMG! So I sat in my recliner & thought, which signing would have been worse? And the name Sam Bradford came over me & I immediately felt better.
  2. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    This UPS make shift line happened last season as well. Then, this team fell apart. Does anyone remember that? But we didn't have a HOF RB starting & we didn't have Alex Smith @QB. Both are winners! I'm predicting us to lose as well because of the injuries & we're really not playing well @home. But I'm certainly not going to bet against this team, neither. Their Defense has played pretty special & made huge impactful plays all year. I'm hoping for a win & believe they can pull it off. We'll just have to wait & see.... Texans are a good football team. This will be a true test for the Redskins & they'll have to dig deep inside, if they want to win this one.
  3. Alex Smith

    How many times did Cousins beat the Cowboys, as Skins starting QB? I think we lose that game. So there's 5-4, instead of 6-3. I also think we lose the Carolina Game with Cousins. Another close game Kirk chokes in. I'd say, we are 4-5 right now with Cousins. We probably play better vs the Colts, than we did. But that's a wash since Cousins couldn't win Season openers, who happen to have been Arizona. Who is pretty bad right now. I'm 100% certain, we would not have been 6-3 or better with Cousins this year. I'm so certain, that I'll guarantee with anyone on the board that Cousins will do no better than 8-7-1 with the Vikings this year & no playoff appearance. My point? Cousins is awesome, if you're playing Fantasy Football. But not if you want to win Championships in real life football.
  4. Alex Smith

    You guys REALLY think Alex was brought in to improve the offense? That's silly talk. He was brought in cause he wins. He was brought in cause he doesn't choke under pressure. He was brought in cause he's a leader and well respected around the league. He was brought in cause he's a team player & stats mean nothing to him with the exception to turnovers. He's goes to his coach when he has problems, not his agent. See, Alex don't care if "you like that"! His teammates like that & that's what matters to him. Winning!! So when some of you are still complaining about the QB position during your Thanksgiving turkey? I'll be thinking to myself how we can have the Division wrapped up, by beating Philly that following Mon. Night game & possibly home field advantage if the Rams & Saints lose a couple more games for us. Then, I'll be grinning ear-to-ear as Cousins probably hits 5000 yards passing & everyone is mystified why the Vikings missed out on the Playoffs after such a pro bowl type year & a championship type roster. And if the price to not sign Cousins & be hamstrung to a 100M dollar contract & 5 more years of mediocracy & no Playoff football in our future, was Fuller & a 3rd rd pick? For a game manager who simply only cares about winning & provides it? I'll take that every day of the week & twice on Sunday.😎
  5. So, Who Has a Good Defense This Year?

    Very true. And I totally get what your saying. And if the Redskins had a Saints Offense & were averaging 30 pts a game? Up 3 TD's all the time? Then the no lead change stat would be unimpressive. But the Skins Offense is ranked in the low 20's I believe. I think they're averaging maybe 20 pts a game, if not less. So to be up 3 or 7 with Qtr or more to play & to be able to maintain that lead without giving it up? Is very impressive, imo. Specially, in today's passing extravaganza Offense in the NFL. It's almost unheard of. No doubt that the Bears have a stellar Defense. But they can also put pts up on the Board, too. The Redskins have scored 30 or more pts 1 time this season. It was against the Packers (31).
  6. So, Who Has a Good Defense This Year?

    The Redskins are 4th in points allowed. It would probably be #1, if not for Drew Brees Day & the Falcons stinker. But it is, what it is. We are also very opportunistic in causing turnovers. But the 9 games play with no lead changes, is truly baffling. I don't think I've ever seen that & I've been watching football for a long time. Basically, if the Redskins score 1st? They win. If the opposing team scores 1st? They win. The irony of it all is, we don't have an explosive offense. And if that's the case? Then we must have a pretty good defense. At least....when it matters. Lol
  7. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    We could win the Division in 3 weeks, if everything went right. Well, it worked last wk, so ill do it again.lol Texans 31 Redskins 16
  8. It would be monumental, if we beat Texans & Eagles /Cowboys lose their games to Saints/Falcons. We would have at least a 3 game lead over both, going into Dallas on Thanksgiving. Win that one & you end Dallas's season.
  9. Norman: Feels like our true fans are on the road

    Get to the Playoffs & anything can happen. Throw records, schemes, matchups & even injuries out the window. It's about momentum & luck. That's why I don't care if we have the easiest schedule remaining in the NFL. That our Offense is ranked 75th out of 32 teams. Lol That Kevin James is our LT, Adam Sandler is our LG & Rob Schneider is our RG. We still have D-Block, AP, a new addition in Ha-Ha & a cat name Bibbs. A very opportunistic Defense that somehow makes plays, when they need to. Hey, if Nick Foles can win a SB then lets be serious. Anything CAN happen!
  10. How Gruden earned this teams respect

    Some of you believe were winning, in spite of Alex Smith. I think were winning, because of him. It's all those intangibles I talked about, when we traded for him. He's a winner, he's a leader, he doesn't crack under pressure, he's smart, he's mobile, he understands the importance of NOT turning the ball over, etc. Those are things you can't teach & those are the things Alex has, that Cousins doesn't. And that is a BIG reason why were 6-3. You may think your watching Blake Bortles out there. But what you're realm watching, is a QB that understands the game & plays unselfishly & not for stats. He wins!
  11. How Gruden earned this teams respect

    When did Cousins get us to 6-3?
  12. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    Sometimes the ball just bounces your way to a Championship. I know the Eagles had that same fortune last yr, including injuries. I did NOT expect us to win, but we did. I'll take anyway I can. I deserve it & so do the rest of you. 6-3 baby!
  13. Are the Redskins criminally underrated?

    A)I don't think Dan Snyder is evil. I believe he's a fan like me, who just so happens to be a Billionaire. He wants to win & bring back the glory days. Unfortunately, he's let his fandom of the team mix with football decisions that should have been left with those more qualified to do so. B)I won my pool tourny at Billiards a few weeks ago. I think more people care about that, than the Caps winning the Stanley Cup. Which I actually didn't know about, until you posted it just now.
  14. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this. We have the defending SB Champions Eagles @4-4 right now & a team we have not even played yet. Also, perhaps the most talented team(& QB) in the Division who has had a rough start, but it starting to get their legs underneath them & go on a roll. Then we have the struggling Cowboys who sit @3-5 & were just upset by the Titans, as well as a team we've already played once & beaten. Now, the most common responses I've heard is that we want Dallas to win so both can be at 4-5 & we can have at least a 1 game lead over both teams. 2 game lead if we get past the Bucs on Sunday. But I'm not so sure about that! For one, if we were to lose to the Bucs? It would be 3 team race to the finish line with us at 5-4 & Eagles/Cowboys at 4-5. Not to mention giving Dallas hope, is a sickening feeling should they beat the Eagles. However, should the Eagles beat Dallas? It would almost bury the Cowboys to a 3-6 record.Thus, putting them on life support. Yes, the Eagles would be 5-4 & possibly tied with us, should we lose to the Bucs. But it would basically put our season on the line, with how we play the Eagles for the Division title. Not to mention, The Eagles still play the Saints & the Rams. I believe their schedule is brutal down the stretch, actually. Plus, we also have to factor in Wildcards for the playoff picture. Carolina losing was big for us, as we own the head-to-head tiebreaker there. Wouldn't we want Dallas completely out of the picture in this scenario? Obviously, we need to keep winning. But just something to think about my fellow Skins fans. I guess what I'm saying is....I wouldn't do cartwheels & jumping jacks just yet, if Dallas beats Philly Sunday Night. It might be better to have 1 team to battle it out for the Division, instead of 2. HTTR!
  15. Are the Redskins criminally underrated?

    Yea, were not gonna out duel anybody in scoring points. That's for sure. We're gonna have to score first, then morph our defense into the '85 Bears. That's our only chance.