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  1. I'm throwing dung against the wall & haven't reviewed or rewatched the game. But I bet the reason our back 7 is getting torched is, because Landon Collins is playing & because Cam Curl isn't playing. I just find it strange that when Collins was out last yr due to injury & Cam Curl started? Our 7th Rd pick played great & our defense improved overall. Just from that 1 switch. Now, Cam plays limited action & Landon starts. If it were me.... I'd have Landon Collins on the trade block & get Cam in the game. He simply just makes plays. (And can cover
  2. Our team played bad. We should all let it go & get ready for Giants. We allowed 14, 3rd down conversions. The fact we lost by 4 is a blessing. It should have been an *** stomping, the way we played. It actually sets up perfectly. We're gonna be all over the Giants come Thursday. Now, if we repeat this performance Thursday? Then I'll be concerned.
  3. I'm not too worried. Lose to a AFC Conference team at home. This was just an extension to a preseason game to me. Thursday is the game to win. Win the important games & we'll be fine. IMO, Dallas losing to Tampa was a win this week. Everything else was just gravy. Not to mention, the tail end of our schedule is the season anyway. 5 Divisional games in 6 weeks I believe.
  4. Not worried...I'll repeat We score 30+ Win by at least 10 Gibson gets a 100 you'll see...
  5. Those of you who create threads & respond to why NFC East get more primetime coverage, than they should. You have your answer. Ratings
  6. I like the Browns & Titans this yr in the AFC. The Browns are simply loaded with talent all across the board. I also think they finally found their QB. The Titans were a playoff team before the addition of Julio Jones. Now, they are dangerous. I'll be shocked if both these teams are not in the Playoffs this yr. I believe the Rams & WFT will be the 2 surprises coming out of the NFC. Gonna be a fun season!!
  7. It will probably be Redwolves, which will be cool & stand the test of time. But I like Redhogs even more. I have no problem keeping "Red" for a prefix of our name. One thing I do know for sure. Wolves are badass both in realism & mythology. They will have no problem selling jerseys & other memorabilia with a wolf.
  8. Gibson gets 100+ rushing & 1 td Very good RB Our Defense gets 3 turnovers this game. We win by at least 10 pts
  9. Week 3 should be fun. WFT @Bills. Interesting...notices his prediction thread got locked
  10. Oh, I beg to differ Dome. This will be my best work.
  11. That's right! I'm calling it. 🤪 Not 11-6....Not 13-4----but 17-0 in the regular season. Then , eventually 20-0 after Divisional, Championship & Superbowl wins. I swung & missed hard on the Aaron Rodgers trade to Washington prediction thread in March. So I needed to make a prediction that was so crazy, so absurd, so ridiculous. That if I nailed it? I would get redemption. But before you think I've lost my mind? Check out what Greeny says about WFT in this clip. Our schedule is very difficult. Hell, the Chargers scare me as th
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