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  1. Predator "And I wasn't even invisible"
  2. All weeks & bets on 1 page found here: Week 2 bet Washington @ Arizona I bet you all that 1 of the 3 players below for Washington will get 3 sacks or more vs Arizona. It will either be Chase Young, Montez Sweat or Ryan Kerrigan. If I'm Wrong? I will change my avatar to Albert Haynesworth for the rest of the NFL season. Maybe add a fish flopping around or something. Lol If I'm Right? I will change my avatar to the said player who accomplishes the bet successfully for the rest of the NFL Season. Would you accept this bet?
  3. Surprised we haven't pulled an Eagles & signed WR Hakeem Butler to get some inside info on Cardinals. Not to mention he's probably an upgrade over some we have on the roster. Having him & AGG at 6'5" would give Haskins some nice red zone targets.
  4. I think a 3rd & a later pick could do it. I'd like to keep our 1st & 2nd, if at all possible.
  5. I'd sign Hakeem Butler & try to trade for either Odell or Allen Robinson. We need weapons badly on offense. But that's just me...
  6. Not sure if we win this one. Going to be tough game for sure. Cardinals have a lot of talent on the Offensive side of the ball & a QB that could be a problem if he's able to roam free without anyone in his face all game. If we can slow their running game down & make them 1-dimensional, we might have a chance. Turnovers could be the difference in this game. Our offense needs to step up this game. Be it running, passing, or both.
  7. Favorite Team: Washington Football TeamWeek 2 Pick: Tampa Bay BuccaneersI have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits".
  8. Good coaching is more important, than a good QB.
  9. Washington Generals is the name I'm advocating for. Our line of Defense is what will win this war. We may not have the best tanks, or airplanes or battleships. But we will have the best trained soldiers & we can thank our Generals for that. For their command & strategy, is what will produce the bravery our good men.
  10. I'm just happy with out draft pick Reggie Young. 😁
  11. Very happy the Cowboys lost... The OPi was a bad call, but in live motion? Ramsey sold it good & Gallop did have his arm extended. Is that why they lost? Nope... You always kick the FG to tie & extend the game on 4th & 3 down 20-17. MM lost that game, imo. Don't get me wrong...I love a coach who's aggressive. That's a good thing... But you NEVER take away points in that situation, with a chance to tie and extend the game. Football is about momentum & their balloon deflated, after failing that 4th down play.
  12. I'm just happy we won! So pumped... That defense is legit. Remember, no preseason. We're only going to get better. I'll post a new bet, after all games are played...HTTWFT
  13. Each bet, or game/week will have more on the line as we go. I needed something very minimal as a bet for week 1. Which is why I went with...I win & the post thread stays up for the season. I lose & you mods can choose to delete it. I'm hoping it becomes fun, as the season progresses. Specially, if I'm successful in my predictions. Not to mention, it will probably result in a successful season.
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