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  1. Football's Future Power Rankings || Week 3 go-go!

    GB & Skins game is a big wk 3 game. If Skins win, they go from being a bottom 10 team, to a top 10 team @2-1. 2 conference wins & a meaningless loss to colts. While GB goes to 1-1-1 flat lining for a wk with an injured Rodgers. If Skins lose, they go into the bye with a lot to fix & straighten out @ 1-2, while Green Bay leads the "pack" @ 2-0-1 or at least top 5 in the NFL. This is a top 3 game this week end, imo.
  2. Star Control: Origins

    Reviews Windows Central - 4.5/5 “Well worth the wait. Star Control: Origins offers a vast amount of hours of entertainment.” GamingTrend - 9.5/10 “The perfect balance of serious and silly while making an engaging universe that’s fun to explore.” Gamewatcher - 9/10 “I had more fun with Star Control: Origins than I’ve had fun with any other game in recent memory.”
  3. Star Control: Origins

    You bet! You're welcome. Apparently, its the #1 PC game in the world right now. https://forums.starcontrol.com/491075/star-control-is-1 Man, can't wait for it on ps4.
  4. Star Control: Origins

    Star Control Origins: Releases today for PC download. PS4 & Xbox versions release sometime later. Which is what I'm waiting for. But if you guys Want to play the greatest Adventure RPG game ever made? It's available now. Just thought I would let you know.
  5. Week 2 Overreations

    Redskins 101...play great week 1, lay a turd 💩 for week 2. Doesn't matter who we play, that's Snyder Redskins football apparently. Now apparently, Alex Smith sucks to the world. Well guess what? Redskins beat Packers next week in week 3 & lose to the bye in week 4. It's how we roll.
  6. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    I'm not bothered. AFC game, least important type, non conference loss. beat G.B next wk & we'll all be talking SB again. most important stretch of games start after bye, anyways. 6 straight conference &/or division games. these next 7 will determine season, imo. with GB included. Were tied for 1st. Lighten up people.
  7. Adopt-A-Redskin ( ADOPTION OPEN!!) Update - Pg4

    3 pts on Jordan reed
  8. Adopt-A-Redskin ( ADOPTION OPEN!!) Update - Pg4

    No idea how this works! Lol Give me Ioanidis, Dunbar & Vernon Davis. If I can only have 1, give me Ioanidis. Dude is a playmaker & criminally underrated.
  9. Alex Smith is what you call "late bloomer". I'll admit, dude was horrible his rookie season & a few years after. He was the #1 pick in the draft & you expect a better return for that early on. But as of late, or the last 6 years? Dude has been excellent! Gave Chiefs dbl digit wins 4 of the 5 years he was there. Managed to win a season opener for the Skins. Something they haven't done since 2011. If he helps climb the Redskins out of the abyss, we have endured for 25+ years? And gives us consistent play &/or a SB appearance or win, in his short stint with us? He'll go right on the mantle with Doug Williams, Mark Rypien & Joe Theisman. And his connection to this thread, will be non-applicable. I think it is already. Sam Bradford is the poster boy for this thread.
  10. Football's Future Power Rankings || Week 3 go-go!

    He'll get about 4,200, if he stays healthy. But he wont eclipse no more, than 9 wins. I predict 8-8. I would have Minnesota middle of the pack. Somewhere between 13--18. Team is better than this, but Cousins will hold them back, I believe.
  11. Football's Future Power Rankings || Week 3 go-go!

    Don't buy into Minnesota. I promise you, Cousins will let ya down. All it takes is a little pressure & tight game & he will fold like a tent. sell your Vikings stock while its high. The team is great! Don't get me wrong. But Cousins is a loser, when the chips are on the table. He gets nervous & out of his comfort zone when the game is on his back. And when that happens, his game changes to crap. But props to him, for taking down 49ers.
  12. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    I see a pick 6 or ST's TD from us this game. I think we hit about 30 & keep Colts under 10. Which will be tough to do, as much as they throw. The crushin continues this week, me thinks.
  13. Week 1: Arizona Cardinals GDT

    Well, I predicted an 18 pt win & got it. Unfortunately, I was off on the score. Great win & a huge win that will pay dividends later in the year when or if tie breakers come in to play for playoff seedings.
  14. Sam Bradford should more than qualify. His picture should be tagged to this thread. Didn't the Vikings trade a 1st rounder for this turd after myself & many others already knew Bradford sucked? I've been bashing Bradford for like 5 years. can't win 8 games for a team....always hurt....paid ridiculous money, etc. I'm sure glad we faced him over Rosen. That's for sure. Not to mention, we always struggle against rookie QB's. Almost always... Thank you, Cards!
  15. Week 1: Arizona Cardinals GDT

    I foresee a Redskins explosion! I had us going 12-4 with Guice & 8-8 when he got hurt. I will bump their record to 10-6, with the addition of Peterson. Cousins can't win openers, but I believe Gruden can & will. He has his QB, finally! Peterson & D.J. know this team well & it will pay off. Oh....and Bradford sucks.... Redskins crush Arizona 37-9 in a slaughter. AP for 150 yards rushing 2 TD's Alex 289 yards 2 TD's Hopkins 3/4 FG's (misses a 56 yarder) 7 sacks as a team! Or more.... IF Rosen starts this game We lose! We can't beat rookie QB's for some reason