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  1. If Sweat is anything in real life, like the way he is in Madden 20……? We won't need an Offense. I've not seen a player as good as him in any video game since LT & BO in Tecmo Bowl. And this includes Sean Taylor who was awesome. I've played 10 full games & 7 minute Qtrs in Madden 20. I've never finish a game with less than 3 sacks with Sweat. It's rediculous.
  2. Sheff has just reported that Trent's value is at least a 1st. He's about as credible as you get. I'm thinking if traded it will be highly valued player & a 2nd or 3rd, or an outright 1st Rd pick. ....if he's traded at all.
  3. What table are you sitting at?

    Table 4 If I'm drunk? Table 10
  4. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    Everybody knows the 3rd preseason game is the best of indicators. For preseason anyways. It's the dress rehearsal game. And even then, most starters play no more than 3 Qtrs. If Haskins sucks in that one? Which will be vs the falcons for us. Then & only then...will I be 25% more concerned about Haskins, than I am right now. Which now is at 0%.
  5. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    What did you guys expect from Haskins this game vs Browns? He was throwing passes to Fred Flintstone & Harry potter, instead of Jordan Reed & Vernon Davis. His RB's were pee wee Herman & Gomer Pyle instead of Peterson & Guice. His Offensive line never had a starter except (Chase R. OC) Same with all defense. Honestly, the fact he exited the game without a career ending injury was a miracle, imo. Let's see what the kid can do, when there's at least 2nd stringers on the field. Holy Moly...
  6. 3 Ups, 3 Downs - Preseason Game 1 vs Browns

    No, the meltdown will be when he gets put on our Practice squad. Then the Patriots sign him to their active roster & he becomes a HOFer.
  7. Over Under 5.5 Games

  8. So what kind of value does Trent Williams have in a trade?

    I've heard from many Giants fans, that he was the one good player, on their sucky defense last year.
  9. So what kind of value does Trent Williams have in a trade?

    Nobody here should be upset at who we've signed this yr, with the exception to Flowers. Which was stupid...he sucks & costs us a comp pick. All the others...?DRC, Collins, etc. We'll not only be huge contributors to our team? But will probably be the difference of this team making the playoffs vs another mediocre season. Let me just say this....without our new additions from both FA & the draft this year? I don't predict 11-5.
  10. Redskins Pro Bowl LT is on the trade block as reported. He's 31 years of age, but holding out with 2 years left on his contract. Redskins signed OT Donald Penn for a 1-yr deal. Both are good friends & Penn wanted to go where he "would" start. This was before it was reported that the Patriots & several other teams were interested. (With the exception to the Denver Broncos, who were not) So, have at it! Who do you think trades for Trent Williams? I'm predicting the Bengals They lost 1st Round pick Jonah Williams for the season & we'll have an opportunity to plug that in with not only a pro bowler. But someone who can teach Jonah the ropes at tackle in the NFL & be a mentor.
  11. Trade Trent Williams to Bengals for Rookie OT (IR) Jonah Williams & WR John Ross....speed...damn it....we want more speed....👍🤩😎 Then dump Josh Doctson off at the next 7-11.
  12. So what kind of value does Trent Williams have in a trade?

    If I were Redskins Brass, I would offer Trent Williams straight up... For Alabama (OT) Jonah Williams--1st Rd pick--Bengals. (Who tore his ACL in training camp) They need Trent Now We need Jonah next year...(cause we have Donald Penn) Everybody's happy.👍 Although, I know this won't happen, but who knows?
  13. So what kind of value does Trent Williams have in a trade?

    I wouldn't take less than a 2nd! We'd get a 3rd if Trent left via/free agency. Why not hold on to him & let him rot via/Marcus Allen? Which is why we'll net at least a 2nd, if not more. It's being reported that several teams are interested, including Patriots. Denver Broncos are not, however.
  14. I think we found a gem in McLaurin. His footwork is crazy.