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  1. How many teams right now can actually trade for Rodgers & take on his cap hit? That's the question everybody should be asking. Sure, teams can cut players, sign extensions, etc. to alleviate the cost. But how many can actually do it right now, without crunching numbers? My guess without researching, is probably a handful & not destinations Rodgers wants to go.
  2. If a Washington & Green Bay trade happened? I would imagine that DL Matt Ionitus, OG Brandon Scherff & Ryan Fitzpatrick would be obvious possibilities in any trade including Aaron Rodgers. Plus multiple 1 &/or 2nd round drafts as well. I do not believe under any circumstances that Chase Young or Montez Sweat would be included. I'd be shocked if big Deron Payne was... The only one that would be possible is Johnathon Allen. And even then, I don't see that happening. Matt Ionitus & Scherff are not only immediate starters, but Pro Bowl &/or All-Pro
  3. I'm totally bias because if my prediction thread, but I see it like this. Yes, Washington is on the East Coast & not the West Coast rumored to be Rodgers preferred destination. And that could be a deal breaker, perhaps. But aside from that? Rodgers would be going to a team with a well respected Coach & coaching staff. A division that would be much easier in winning than the AFC West, NFC South or NFC West. A team with a top 5 Defense, a good Offensive Line & an Offense that has some very good weapons. And a team that can actually afford Cap Wise,
  4. Yea, you nailed it with Fitzmagic. And the draft game...🥂😆 You are on your game!
  5. I think I will bump this, while Rodgers is still possibly traded. As for now, we've only heard 49ers, Broncos & Raiders as teams he's ok with or possible destinations. Now that the draft is OVER, things just got a bit interesting. Because many teams who needed a QB, just drafted one. So how many teams can & will trade for Rodgers? It's really anybody's guess at the moment. Maybe Rodgers & Packers make amends? Anyways, we signed Fitzpatrick to a 1 yr-10 million dollar deal. It also felt like Rivera was going to ride with him going into the season. So co
  6. Wouldn't that be crazy if the trade happened, but just a little later than I projected? Obviously, the teams mentioned for Rodgers were Denver, 49ers & Raiders. Gonna be interesting how this all plays out.
  7. Jamin Davis was the #1 Defensive player on Washington's draft board. And we got him.
  8. So who are the best overall players on the board now, guys? Give me a top 5...
  9. Maybe I'll be right after all & we trade our pick for Aaron Rodgers. Lol🥂😆🤓 Wouldn't that be some funny ****...lol
  10. Got to be honest... I appreciate the patience this team now has under Rivera. It's why we win now & didn't before. Be patient, people. We're gonna get a good player.
  11. Should we take Mac Jones, if he's there at 19? Would you?
  12. What are the odds of a commercial break or delay, when Washington makes their selection. "And here we are at 19 & Washington is now on the clock"... "But First, here's a word from our local sponsor" Or "Washington has made their pick, guys...Mel is in total shock...WOW!" "So let's take you to the huge 60 Minutes story for Sunday & how The FBI raided Rudolph Julianni" (10 minute commercial)
  13. I'm not so sure about that, MKnight. Top 3 are QB's Atlanta could take Pitts, sure. But they could take one of the QB's still there @4. Be it Mac Jones, Trey Lance or Fields. and what about one of the big 3 WR's? Julio is getting older & there's rumors of him being shipped as well. Sure, they still got Calvin Ridley. But do they plan ahead for Julio's eventual & possible departure? and what about LT Sewell to Atlanta @4…? I Think Atlanta could go QB, WR or LT along with TE Pitts. and if Pitts slips past Atlanta? Anything is possible.
  14. I so hope it's for Kyle Pitts or Sewell. Not just because I will have nailed my prediction...lol...🤓 But because it would be the right move & arguably nailing the draft again by getting the best "player" in the draft. Sewell is more of a need pick for us, but many scouts have said he is HOFer in the making. Pitts is off the charts in everything. Can you imagine having Kyle Pitts & Logan Thomas at TE? Kyle Pitts can play WR as well. Can you imagine the weapons at Scott Turner's disposal? How do you stop Scary Terry, Curtis Samuels, Kyle Pitts, Logan T
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