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  1. I think we will end up getting him & here's why.. Seattle is ready now. You're right about that. They are better at this time. But so are the other teams in that division. Niners were just in the SB. The Rams before that. If he truly wants a chance at his team winning the Division title? Does he go to Seattle, where the Competition is strong? Does he go to Buffalo, to try to help beat the Patriots who have owned that Division for 20 years? Or does he go to a team with his former Coaches, good talent on both sides of the ball, a franchise QB & inside a Division that is not only up for grabs, but watching 3 of the 4 teams in a transition period with new Head coaches. Not to mention the need for TE here. But other Offensive pieces, so as to not have to be the only good piece. But imo, if he comes here? It won't necessarily be because of the dribble I mentioned above. It will be because he wants to be part of this Culture Change with Rivera.
  2. Haskins will improve. How much will depend on how we address the Offense via draft & free agency. Signing TE Olsen would be a nice start. We should probably add another considering Olsen's age. Getting a #2 WR would be big for Haskins. Paul Richardson was supposed to fill that role & disappointed. He's now been released. McLaurin is a stud & our forseeable #1 WR. Our OL is probably the biggest ??? Do we keep LT Pro Bowler Trent Williams? Do we sign OG Pro Bowler Brandon Sherff to an extension? Do we retain OG Erick Flowers who did very well at transitioning from T to G? What do we do with RT Morgan Moses? Lots of questions regarding our OL. Our strongest offensive unit at the moment is probably our RB's. A. Peterson still under contract. D. Guice is a stud, but needs to stay healthy. Bryce Love is a heck of a player, but redshirted his rookie season as a Redskin. He will make his debut this 2020 season. And we still have Chris Thompson. A very talented player, who has also had injury issues. 4 very talented RB's. If Rivera can add the right pieces for the Offense, there's no reason why Haskins can't progress this season & be successful. But they need to be able to protect him.
  3. 2020 Draft thread

    I think Tua is too big a risk & will slip out of the top 10. And I don't think Burrow is a slam dunk to be this great QB either. He was on a great team. In fact, didn't Haskins beat him out at Ohio St. Before Burrow transfered to LSU. If I were Mike Brown, I would draft Chase Young @#1, then see which QB drops to the late 1st. I mean, not everyone is drafting a QB in the 1st rd, right? What if Tua dropped to the 20's, because of his injuries? What if Hebert drops for some reason? I think Burrow is the only guarantee to go top 5, because of the year he had. Hopefully for us, he goes #1. Bengals have the top pick in the 2nd Rd. They could wait to see who slips down to the late 1st, then pounce on their QB on a trade up. Heck, Jake Fromm will probably be there...Jordan Love as well. Nobody knows how good Burrow will be. Nothing is guaranteed. If it was, A. Rodgers wouldn't have been sitting in the Green room all night waiting to be selected. But let's HOPE, Mike Brown is not thinking like me. Let's hope he takes Burrow #1. 😎👍
  4. Draft game 2020 it is well past time LOL

    Your score is: 41415 (GRADE: A) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 11 (NYJ): Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia (A+) Round 1 Pick 14 (T.B.): Isaiah Simmons, OLB/ILB, Clemson (A) Round 4 Pick 21 (PHI): Larrell Murchison, DT, NC State (A+) Round 4 Pick 30 (G.B.): Jake Breeland, TE, Oregon (A+) Round 4 Pick 31 (DEN): KJ Hill, WR, Ohio State (A+) Round 6 Pick 31 (S.F.): AJ Green, CB, Oklahoma State (A+) Round 6 Pick 33 (SEA): K'Von Wallace, FS/SS, Clemson (A+) Round 7 Pick 2: Steven Gonzalez, OG, Penn State (A+) Round 7 Pick 6 (LAC): Daelin Hayes, DE/OLB, Notre Dame (A+) Round 7 Pick 15: Joshua Kelley, RB, UCLA (A+) Round 7 Pick 27 (SEA): Jared Rice, TE, Fresno State (A+) Round 7 Pick 31 (S.F.): Benito Jones, DT, Mississippi (A+)
  5. Redskins should try a MEGA trade offer, for the #1 pick!

    You guys should be thanking me. 🥂 Rivera saw this thread & immediately cut Norman.
  6. This should be interesting to observe & I'm curious what the overall consensus is on Chase Young (Ohio St) as a project is. Obviously, there will be some obvious NO's regarding my thread in question. (Like Chiefs, Patriots, Seahawks, etc) But this will be telling in 2 different ways. A) How good you think Chase Young will be? & B)How expendable you believe your QB is for your favorite team? I mean, we are talking about 2 of THE most important positions in football. They are also paid as such. In case you want me to start out? Haskins is my boy! In no way do I want us to go the Arizona route or give up on Haskins this early. I believe the talent is their. Not sure if his head is, though. I hope so... But would I trade Haskins straight up for DE Chase Young? Hell yeah, I would. Hopefully, we won't have too. If he's our Target. What say you? Would you trade your Teams QB for him? Straight up?
  7. Redskins should try a MEGA trade offer, for the #1 pick!

    If you go by the value chart. Our 1st rounder next year, would be worth 1/2-half-1/2 of what is now. 1,300 pts for our 2021 1st rounder (worth 2600 this yr, but we keep it) 260 pts for 3rd rounder in 2020 84 pts for 4th rounder 35.5 pts for other 4th rounder 32.2 pts for 5th rounder 5 pts for 7th rounder 1 pt for other 7th rounder ________ =1717.7 Bengals #1 overall is worth 3000 =1282.3 we owe them in value. That's the value of the 10th or 11th overall pick in the 2020 draft. (That we would still owe them, with all the picks we already traded them) So the question is... Is Trent Williams, Ryan Kerrigan & Adrian Peterson all 3 worth the 10th overall pick in the 2020 draft combined? Interesting thing is....the Browns hold the 10th pick in the draft. The same team who was willing to trade their 1st round pick JUST for Trent Williams.
  8. Redskins should try a MEGA trade offer, for the #1 pick!

    Plenty of sugar & creamer...lol I guess I'm feeling a little over zealous this morning.
  9. While KEEPING the #2 overall pick. Heck, the Bears are trying, right? So we offer Trent Williams, Ryan Kerrigan & Adrian Peterson in trade. (All 3 players on 1 yr deals) The Bengals have 57M in cap space to absorb it, plus any cuts they want to make. We're going in a new direction as well. (We could even dangle Jordan Reed & Paul Richardson if necessary) who are not in our plans as well. We offer them our whole draft.... Round 3 Pick 2 Round 4 Pick 2 Round 4 Pick 38 (COMP) Round 5 Pick 2 Round 7 Pick 2 Round 7 Pick 15 + 1st round pick in 2021 + Williams, Kerrigan & Peterson. A complete purge of our roster, but all 3 older pro bowl players. They're not scrubs. But also, not in our future plans. So we're left with the #1 & #2 overall pick in 2020 draft & nothing else, right? So what do we do? Easy... We draft Chase Young #1 overall. So there we are holding our original #2 overall pick, up for ransom. With Burrow, Tua or whomever else on the board that some team covets. And we elevator trade down, accumulating all our draft picks back using our #2 overall as leverage. Possibly even getting back our 2021 1st rounder we just traded away to the Bengals in this scenario. We dump a bunch of salary in players not in future plans, while getting the player we wanted in Young. And we probably end up with more picks than we started in the draft and future drafts. The Bengals get a plethora of our original draft picks 3rd Rd & beyond in 2020, 3 pro bowl players on 1 yr deals they can negotiate with at their discretion + our original 2021 1st rounder. The Bengals can still target a QB with the 1st pick in the 2nd Rd or a QB in Free Agency like Brady, Stafford, Rivers or whomever is available that they want. I'm Sure there will be a few this off season. Will this happen? Probably not But Mike Brown is the owner. Maybe it's worth a shot. You never know, till you try. So what do you say? Should we try this Riverboat ripple trade? Would you like to see something creative or aggressive from this new Front Office? I sure would! I want to see us take an aggressive approach this off season. I want to know they're serious about winning & changing things.
  10. Way too early 2020 predictions

    Gonna be a lot of crow to eat come playoff time next yr for many of you. I can understand not having Redskins as a playoff team. Heck, I can even understand having them at or just below .500 as they will need to prove they are better than they were in 2019. But to just cough up the same 3-13 identical record as 2019 is just pure laziness or lack of knowledge. Possibly both? I can't say for sure how good Haskins will evolve under Rivera, but the talent is there. There are weapons on Offense & with a couple of key additions could make them pretty "scary" good. (No pun intended) The Defense has a chance to be historically good under Jack Del Rio. If by some chance we draft Chase Young @#2 overall? Our D-Line front will have this in it's rotation Chase Young=1st rd DeRon Payne=1st rd Johnathon Allen=1st rd Montez Sweat=1st rd Matt Ionitus Ryan Kerrigan=1st rd Tim Settle Now with Manusky, that might not mean much cause he was an idiot. But Jack Del Rio? And Rivera? Did you like the 49ers Defense this year? Well...this one will be better. I have no doubt...now that we have good coaching in the building. And we're back to running a 43 defense. So Haskins doesn't have to play great. If he can just be coached to manage a game? The Redskins will win. 3-13 is just laziness, imo. I'm thinking just with the coaching additions & changes on both sides of the ball & talent on the team. 6-10 should be the Worst, anyone has us right now. And that's if your a hater... I've got us at 8-8 until I see what we do in the draft & free agency. Just with what I know now! 🏈 This team is better than most think they are. I hope to be proven right this next season.
  11. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Only 2 reasons we should trade down. 1)If Chase Young goes #1 to the Bengals Or 2)We're offered a package that would be ridiculous to pass up. Example: Jacksonville's #9 & #20 overall in 2020. 2nd, 4th & 5th round pick in 2020 1st & 2nd round pick in 2021 & WR Terry Godwin
  12. Haskins also just played 1 yr of college. How many years did Lock play at Missouri? Anyways, Jay Gruden had no interest in playing him. Let alone starting him. Got no 1st team practice reps at all. Haskins is in good hands now... Besides, with the way our Defense is gonna look next season returning to the 43 Defense with Del Rio? Our offense only needs to be as good as San Fran. Cause our Defense is gonna be crazy good! 💯👍😎
  13. Sorry... My mind was racing. Lol Basically, a top pro bowl vet WR that we could add to this team for 3 or 4 yrs. AJ Green, Julio Jones, E Sanders, S Watkins, etc. type player.
  14. Most of the talk in Redskins land has been about adding or targeting a TE. Which I obviously agree... But not as much talk about pairing McLaurin with another stud WR. Obviously, we want Haskins to succeed. I think adding another 'elite WR will do wonders for Haskins progression. Many have said we should add or draft a WR, because of how deep the WR class is rumored to be. Can't disagree, because I think we should definitely at least take a flyer on one as well. I can understand this sentiment because of how much less expensive a draft pick is towards the cap, rather than a vet FA. But WR's take time to develop. McLaurin is a rare breed if I may say. Usually, you don't see their impact till a couple years down the road. If at all as we saw with Doctson & many others. Having said that, I could easily see the FO looking to pair McLaurin up with a talented pro bowl caliber WR. Amari Cooper will probably stay in Dallas, but if not? He would command big money & is still quite young. Then there is Bengals WR A.J. Green who could be available as well. Older & was dinged up, but would be a solid addition for a couple seasons. Anyways, I not only want this to happen, but believe Rivera will look to do the same thing. This will not only take some pressure off of McLaurin, but also any new TE addition we do make for the team. Not to mention possibly opening up our running game more, with the fear teams will have of having to face not only Scary Terry? But another very capable WR across from him. And we have plenty of cap to do so...and btw. I'm not talking a risky signing like Paul Richardson or someone with a small resume before signing. I'm talking an A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Emmanuel Sanders caliber player. Someone YOU KNOW will get it done.
  15. Off Topic: The DC Defenders/XFL Thread

    Nice play! Nice TD! R. Ross