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  1. Williams to Browns Rumor

    I guess, all we can do is hold out hope that Bruce is holding out till the last minute of the trade deadline. Hoping for a late, last minute offer he can't refuse in draft picks &/or players. But then that would take patience, psychological mind games, balls of steel & cunningness to be able to pull that off. None of which, I presume Bruce Allen to have. I would love for him to prove me wrong, though.
  2. Trent Williams to report to Redskins?

    Yep, from reports I've read. He drinks a lot. But Crown is his favorite.
  3. Trent Williams to report to Redskins?

    I could understand if the offer is a 3rd or worse in Dorsey wanting Trent. That could be had in a compensatory draft choice, by letting Trent walk via FA. But if Dorsey is calling & offering a 2020 1st, a 2020 6th, 2021 3rd & 2021 4th, TE Njoku? For Trent Williams & a conditional 5th in 2021 or something bonkers like that. I will want to step out in traffic.
  4. Trent Williams to report to Redskins?

    It's really sad, that us Skins fans have to endure the ineptitude of Bruce Allen/Dan Snyder. If the handling of the Kirk Cousins situation wasn't an indicator of how stupid Bruce Allen is, this Trent Williams situation sure takes the cake. Dorsey has called every day for like 6 weeks, hounding Bruce Allen about Trent Williams. Only to be told that we're not trading Trent. Call back next year & we might do it. Trent is 31, never is coming back & still has 2 years left on his contract. You have a GM in Dorsey salivating at the thought of aquiring Trent for the Browns. Let's not forget either... The Browns are 2-4. They could easily finish the season under .500 possibly netting the Skins a top 10 draft pick in either the 1st or 2nd Rd. The Skins traded away their 2nd rounder in last years draft, to trade up for Montez Sweat. So they could possibly aquire a 2nd rounder back, or better by getting an additional 1st rounder. If you wait till next off season to trade Trent? Well, he's 32 years old. Hasn't played football in a year. The NFL draft looms, so teams start scouting the OT's in the draft. Rumor is, there's some good ones coming out, btw. Not to mention FA OT's who might be cut for salary cap purposes. OT's who could be retained costing zero draft choices, who would make good stopgaps at LT. It really makes zero sense to not trade Trent now & waiting till possibly next off season, if that person has a brain. Unless 1 of 2 things.... 1)You actually think Trent is coming back & calling Trent's bluff. Which is ridiculously risky & stupid. Or 2)Your a vindictive pos, having a pissing contest because a player wants to leave to a different organization. Which is both stupid & unprofessional. Either way, the fans lose & the team loses. I don't think Bruce will change his mind. He's probably as errogant, self-centered & dillusional as a man can be. Not good when he's your GM. Our only hope, is if Dan Snyder wakes up one day on his 200 ft yaht & realizes, that we probably should trade Trent before the trade deadline. Or maybe when he guzzles his favorite drink, which is Crown Royal? He calls Dorsey in a stuper drunk state & offers Trent Williams to the Browns for a condition 7th Rd draft choice in 2024. Either way, we could at least get this distraction away from the team.
  5. Williams to Browns Rumor

    I don't understand Bruce's thought process at all. It's like he wants to screw the team over. Teams (or Browns--Dorsey) are desperate for a LT right now. Trent's value is as high as it will be. He's 31, soon to be 32. Next off season, teams can sign newly released FA OT's, prepare for the draft on LT's. If their pick is top 5, 10 or 15? They're probably would rather hold onto that & draft their own guy....maybe offer their 2nd rounder tops for Trent. But right now? They may offer a bit more. And the Browns are now 2-4. If Skins got their 1st, who's to say that don't finish 5-11 or 6-10? That a borderline top 10 pick. Get it now, while Dorsey is salivating at having Trent Williams. Not next off season when changes his mind. Bruce is the king of idiots. Nobody can be that damn stupid & be an NFL GM. I pray, he's playing possum & then striking at it's hottest tipping point. But the Browns bye, sure seemed like a time to strike, so Trent could get acclimated with his new team. Bruce is an embarrassment to all mankind.
  6. Williams to Browns Rumor

    Bruce is either a true genius & making Dorsey & the Browns wait in angst of desperation to up their offer for Trent in a trade right before the trade deadline..... Or he's the dumbest person alive, on this planet. It's truly that simple.
  7. Gameday Thread: 49ers (5-0) vs. Redskins (1-5)

    Everyone here, is thinking high draft pick. I'm thinking....Skins beat Niners & go to 2-5 Giants lose to Arizona & go to 2-5 Loser if Eagles & Cowboys game goes to 3-4 Winner of game goes to 4-3 -------------------------------------------------------------- Next week? Redskins beat Vikings & go to 3-5 Eagles lose to Bills & are either 3-5 or 4-4 (depending on Cowboys Sunday night game) Giants lose to Lions & go to 2-6 Dallas draws a bye week. Sit at either 3-4 or 4-3 (depending on Sunday night game with eagles) Standings could look like this after next weekend. Cowboys=4-3 or 3-4 Eagles=4-4 or 3-5 Redskins=3-5 Giants=2-6 This is what the Standings could look like after our Vikings game & next weekend Divisional games going our way. And the week before our bye week? And if Skins beat buffalo And bears win at Philly And Giants beat Dallas on Monday Night The Standings could look like this Cowboys=4-4 or 3-5 Redskins=4-5 (Skins would be only 1 game back from Dallas or Philly depending on who wins this coming Sunday Night game. And 1 game up on the loser of that game. Either way, they would be in 2nd place.) Eagles=4-5 or 3-6 Giants=3-6 The Standings could look like this, when we go into our bye week. The point is....there's a lot of football left to be played.
  8. Williams to Browns Rumor

    Going to interesting what the Redskins get in return, if they do in fact trade him. The margin of compensation seems to really vary, depending on who you ask. Some think multiple first rounders, like the Tunsil trade. Some believe we'll be lucky to get a 4th or 5th rounder. I believe it's somewhere in the middle. I've come down from a 1st rounder, which I originally thought. I think it will be a package of picks & players for both teams. For example: Like Redskins get 2020 2nd rounder, 4th rounder, 2021 2nd rounder & 5th rounder & Njoku Browns get Trent Williams, 2020 3rd rounder & 2021 4th rounder, 7th rounder & WR Paul Richardson. Something like this.... I do think the Redskins want to get back a 2020 2nd rounder, that they traded away to move up for Sweat. Browns may not have to sacrifice their 1st rounder, but I'd be shocked if they keep their 2nd.
  9. Trent Williams anyone???

    I would jump off a bridge in defeat, if that happened.
  10. Williams to Browns Rumor

    Cause that's what a lot of Skins fans do, apparently. (Not me, btw) I've read it here, ES & many other sites. If we were trading Scary Terry? He would all of a sudden go from being the best rookie WR we've had since Monk.... To... Being a poor man's Josh Doctson. Trent Williams apparently needs a Snickers bar. Cause all my fellow Skins fans, think he's Ethan Albright. That we would be lucky to get a bag of gummy bears in a trade. He went from being an elite HOF LT, to that revolving door at your local Macy's. His work ethic rivals, Albert Haynesworth. He's smokes more pot, than Willie Nelson. And will have more suspensions, than Vontaze Burfict. When I need a laugh, I go to my fellow Skin fans sites. It's comedy gold!
  11. All I know, is Bruce has till 4pm, Oct. 29th to decide to trade Trent, or not. That's 12 days from now. After that, we'll have to wait till next off season to move him. He could come back after the bye week, to acrue a season.
  12. Williams to Browns Rumor

    Nap, if Trent Williams was a Guard or a Center? I'd be nodding my head yes, in agreement with you. But OT (specially LT) is one of the 3 most important positions in football. Some say #1 over QB & Pass Rushers. It's why Tunsil cost what he cost. Let's say everything you have mentioned about Trent is true. Often injured, hasn't played a full season in quite some time, not the top 100 player he used to be, a risk of being suspended, etc. Trent is, was, used to be the top 3 OT in the whole wide league. Some say he WAS the best. Tunsil will NEVER, EVER be as good as Trent Williams. He might be decent. Solid player, but not on that level. Is there risk in trading FOR Trent Williams? Absolutely... It's why I agree with you in that we will NOT get a Tunsil type haul plus his age, etc. But is Trent worth a 2nd Rd pick, when Baker Mayfield is eating grass everytime he drops back. Absolutely.... Why is why, if.... Big if But if, Trent Williams is traded? It will cost that team at least a 2nd Rd pick, but probably more. If I had $50,000 in cash. I would lay that down on the table & not blink.
  13. Williams to Browns Rumor

    Yes, trading Trent for a conditional 3rd would be pretty dumb. Specially considering we could get a compensatory 3rd, just for letting him walk via FA. I wouldn't take less than a 2nd. But would try for more.
  14. Williams to Browns Rumor

    Imo, I think good offers have come in. Probably from multiple teams. I just think Bruce is so stubborn & adament about not trading him, that he's passed on offers he'll never see again if he waits till next off season to trade Trent. Now, maybe they weren't Tunsil offers, but I'd bet they were for a 1st + in compensation. It DOES take 2 to tango & if the other party isn't willing to listen? There's not much any team can do about it. It's got to a point, that Dan Snyder might actually have to step in & make the trade himself. But that's assuming that Snyder is not fully supporting Bruce on this issue. And that unfortunately, none of us truly know. But I think at worst, we could net a 2nd rounder + a player before the trade deadline. If we wait till next off season? I'm not so sure. Bruce needs to get his head out of his *** & make this happen.
  15. Williams to Browns Rumor

    It's a done deal! The Redskins have traded LT Trent Williams to the Cleveland Browns. Compensation Browns get Williams, 2020 4th Rd pick, 2021 4th Rd pick Redskins get 1st Rd pick in 2020, 3rd Rd pick in 2020, 2nd Rd pick in 2021, 6th Rd pick in 2021, Odel Beckam jr. , Kareem Hunt, Marion Motley, Kevin Mack, Jim Brown, Bernie Kosar, Ozzie Newsome, Joe Thomas & FirstEnergy Stadium. 💩👻🙉👽 This post is a joke, btw.