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  1. 2018-2019 Playoffs: 5 In - 5 Out

    IN: Broncos, Raiders, Redskins, Packers, Seahawks OUT: Jaguars, Chiefs, Eagles, Vikings, Rams
  2. I believe the passing game will be good, because our running game will awesome. Guice & Thompson will command attention and this will set up play action passes. This is something Alex is very good at. I think Alex will have less yards passing than what we have seen with Cousins. I also think our run game will be dangerous & our red zone scoring will be very efficient.
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Vikings & Broncos fair this year. For a few reasons... Can the Vikings continue their success with Cousins? Can the Vikings hold off a healthy Rodgers & an improved Green Bay Packers team? I don't think so, but its not like that Division is stacked with greatness or anything. For the Broncos, can Keenum do there what he did for Minnesota? Can they hold off a Chiefs team with lots of talent, but Mahomes @QB? I believe the answer is yes, but we'll have to wait & see.
  4. I figured we should have our own, since the Giants managed to have a page on NFL.com. Feel free to create your own on this thread. 5) Depth=I feel we have improved our depth along the roster. Maybe not for every position, but for others that could hold us up for a run to the Playoffs. Injuries were brutal to us last season & we didn't have near the depth that I believe will carry us this year. We still managed a 7-9 season & I believe this will play a role in our successful up & coming season. 4) Overall team speed=Speed kills & it specially kills if you don't have any. I feel we have been borderline slow as a team for quite some time. Sure, we have had Jordan Reed & DeSean Jackson for Offensive weapons. However, once injuries came about, we didn't have the overall depth or team speed to replace them. Signing Paul Richardson might be the biggest underrated addition we made this off season. Defensively, I felt we lacked the speed to put pressure on Offenses. I feel Allen's quickness & Payne's burst off the line should at least help up front. Brown has been a pleasant addition as well & a huge re-signing for this element alone. QB & RB are huge upgrades for us in this area & will be another reason we make the playoffs this season. 3) Manusky=I feel he is gonna have a huge year as our D-Coordinator. He was kicking butt, up until about week 5 when all our dudes became a MASH unit. We've added some toys & I love the mentality he instills into our Defense. We seem much more aggressive in attacking, rather than sitting back & absorbing the blows like before. Manusky will be a huge reason, this Redskins team makes the Playoffs. 2) Playing well in big games for 1000, Alex!= I can't tell you enough how important it is to not just play well in huge games, but to WIN them. I feel very strongly, that we have upgraded in that department alone at the QB position. Who goes to Foxboro opening day & beats Patriots? I can tell you wouldn't & who did. Well, Alex Smith didn't just win, but lit them up! I feel we will see a huge difference in QB from that perspective. I'm not talking about stats here. It may not always even be pretty. I'm talking about perseverance. The ability to hold tough & stay strong against another playoff team or a team that's riding hot. The ability to take that building pressure of uncertainty & come out on top as a winner. We didn't have that before...I promise! We do now! And this is why we will make the Playoffs. 1) Our Running game= You may not have known it before, but we actually did carry RB's on the roster the last few years. Chris Thompson is a great player, who's best suited as a 3rd down back or a passing option for the QB. He gives Defenses headaches because of his versatility, hands & quickness. We had nothing else behind him...Nothing. Now we've added a RB who's also quite quick himself, has good hands that were under utilized in college & will run you over with his fearless running style. He simply runs....angry. He, unlike Thompson can be a 3 down back if necessary. Having both of these guys is going to be a nightmare for teams. It's going to feel like we have Bobby Mitchell & Joe Washington in the same backfield. It's also my #1 reason we're making the Playoffs this year.
  5. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    All 3 Super Bowls that we won were savvy veterans in their 30's. It's what we do. I personally don't care if the trade for Alex, saves Bruce's job or not. It was the best move the Redskins could have made, given the choices available. And the best move we could have made to win #4, imo.
  6. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    In my view, we basically traded K. Fuller straight up for Alex Smith. Considering we traded down in the 2nd, netted a 3rd & still got D. Guice.
  7. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    The only thing more exciting seeing Alex Smith celebrate td's & victories with the team this season? Will be the dazed look on Cousins face, after every late game deciding interception that costs the Vikings the game. I actually do feel sorry for the fans. I think they'll regret letting C. Keenum go. Will Bruce Allen get credit, for not giving in to Kirk & that contract. He should & he will! Either way, it all will be forgotten. Alex Smith will help make that happen in Washington. He's a winner!
  8. Should we sign LG Ritchie Incognito?

    He's a pro bowl guard. He's also getting older & has slid 5 spots each of the past 3 seasons. But even if he follows the same pattern on a 2 yr deal over the next 2 yrs? 2015= #2 2016= #7 2017= #12 2018= #17 2019= #22 That would still be better, than Laveao
  9. Should we sign LG Ritchie Incognito?

    Here it is... For the record, @PFF has had @68INCOGNITO as the highest-rated Buffalo OL in each of the last three years: 2015: 2nd among guards 2016: 7th 2017: 12th. — Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) April 10, 2018
  10. Should we sign LG Ritchie Incognito?

    plus I read somewhere he was the 12th best Guard last season. @35 yrs old. He would be the perfect stopgap for a 1 or 2 yr deal, until we draft his replacement. I would only do a 1 or 2 yr deal, though.
  11. Should we sign LG Ritchie Incognito?

    We DEFINITELY should! He's mean & we need a LG. 2 yr deal pay him what he's worth be careful on guaranteed money & cap hits with his contract though. He could up & decide to retire. Don't want that messing with our dead cap space. We should have enough cap, to offer him a deal.
  12. Turtle’s 2018 Redskins stat predictions

    Alex Smith= 3,269 yards, 23 TD's & 9 Int's Derrius Guice= 2,104 yards rushing, 21 TD's Jordan Reed= 68 catches, 805 receiving, 10 TD's. Paul Richardson= 53 catches, 726 receiving, 5 TD's Johnathan Allen=12 Sacks DaRon Payne=6 Sacks Ryan Kerrigan=10 Sacks Josh Norman=5 Int's Noteworthy guarantees from Ace! Redskins will not finish below top 15 in Defense in 2018. Redskins will be #1 in rushing in the entire NFL season in 2018. Redskins will win at least 10 games this year. All 3 will happen presumably the Redskins are relatively healthy for the 2018 season.
  13. Redskins Ceiling and Floor for 2018

    I think our ceiling is 12-4. I say that cause cause Alex won dbl digit games in KC in 4 of his 5 years there. Their record the yr before he arrived? 3-13 I also don't see the Giants nor Cowboys as threats. Wouldn't be surprised if we swept them this yr. Philly of course, is the team we will be fighting to win our division. We could go 5-1 in our division alone & that wouldn't shock me. Maybe 4-2... Our floor is 6-10, but not worse team in the east. That will belong to Giants or Cowboys. but 6-10 can happen if we get hit with injuries & never recover. Specially with an early bye week in week 4. but I think we are talented enough to avoid anything worse than 6 wins. McCoy isn't great, but even he could manage a few wins against some struggling teams. Vernon Davis is still a pretty good TE for us and is a back up. I think we probably end up anywhere between 9-7 and 11-5 is my guess. But 12-4 is a possibility. If everything goes right. Anything better & I think we all would be on cloud 9.
  14. When I think about what our Offense has looked over the last few seasons & then imagine what it is now. I can't help, but be excited that we will be faster @QB, RB & WR. Something this team need.....BADLY. When we traded for Alex Smith, the first thing I thought was not his game management skills, or his ability to read defenses, or even his play action passing success. It was his mobility. His ability to escape a pass rush. His knack for rolling left or right on the move & hitting targets or running himself. Basically! Keeping the play alive! I can't tell you how important this is, but I would hope you already know this. Hmmm, we didn't have that before. Then we added WR Paul Richardson. He ran a 4.40 at the combine. This dude can stretch the field. Yes, I know he doesn't have the experience or even DeSean Jackson ridiculous afterburners, but he will definitely get open & demand attention from a defensive coordinators scheme. Basically! He will open up the field! Then there's my boy Derrius Guice. His speed is pretty darn good & his running angry style will be be nice combination to go with it. Sure, we may need to see more from him in the passing game, before calling him a complete back. But if this guy was doing the damage he was with 8 men in box, what is he going to do against Nickel Defenses? Basically! His presence on field will open up the passing game, as well as play action passes! Which happens to be something Alex is very good at & Richardson will eat up in those situations. And lets not forget...when Jordan Reed is healthy & on the field, he seems to ALWAYS get open. And that guy Jamison Crowder isn't too bad, either. They both seem to have a nose for the end zone. So just remember that, when doing your Redskins 4-12 predictions! 😎