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  1. Walker makes linebacker less of a need for browns, still a need though, but I’d rather seen them work on the DLine. That is suppose to be our strength, but we are wasting Garrett if he is getting doubled all day and no one is taking advantage. that being said I would be happy with the Bolton pick
  2. Solid picks for the browns. I would really feel bad for Broncos fans if they trade up to 4, with fields on the board and draft Mac Jones. Taking him at 11 would be bad enough
  3. Agreed this was rushed and sloppy. Next one will be better.
  4. They definitely need more consistency at receiver outside of Hill and Kelce. But yeah not necessarily a first round need. So if this is how draft goes who would you want at that pick?
  5. I didn’t necessarily said the signing were bad. Just uncharacteristic. I see your point but I don’t think Lance is as much of a project as people think. I think but his off-season shows that if bill likes a player he’s gonna go get him. And saying bill is desperate isn’t the same as saying he is all in in this next year. But he knows he isn’t winning championships with cam. He need to get the next guy in there. We shall see what happens.
  6. I think he would for ok coming off the edge in a 4-3
  7. This is my first mock, I am really curious of people reactions, please don’t comment “bad pick” instead give suggestions of better options at the pick. There definitely gonna be some controversial picks here. I am also projecting a deshaun Watson to San Fransisco trade prior to the draft. Jags Trevor Lawerence Pretty obvious choice here. It’s all but official. Jets Kyle Pitts This is the first big surprise. And I know I’ll get some hate for it, but I think Darnold been stuck in a bad position with a bad coaching staff. I feel like Saleh will be open t
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