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  1. Most complete back in NFL history

    The only reason there are other names coming up in this conversation is that youngsters only think of Sweetness on the ‘84-‘86 Bears. They don’t realise that he played on some of the most one dimensional offenses in history prior to ‘83 with 11 defensive players aiming themselves at him alone. Nobody comes close.
  2. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Eagles Up)

    Again, we didn't pay two 2nds for Miller, only one - next year's 2nd. We didn't have a 2nd round pick when we made the trade so NE only received next year's 2nd (plus a 4th this year) in return for their 2nd this year. People seem to be confused about what was paid for this pick. We paid a 4th rounder for the privilege of making a 2nd round pick a year early.
  3. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Eagles Up)

    Fair enough. It's obvious that you haven't watched the Bears for the last 3 years enough to know the issues so I've got no problem with revisiting this next year with you. For the record, I didn't say there would definitely be a similar 2 year bump for Trubisky vs Goff. I suggested we'd come out ahead in the trade if we were picking anywhere around the 19th pick or later. There doesn't need to be as Trubisky was better this past year than Goff was his first year, and the Bears picked later than the Rams did in '17 so a smaller bump will get us to that level. The Rams went from pick 5 to pick 23 (18 picks) while the Bears would only need to go from 8 to 19 (11 picks), all with Trubisky starting from a better base than Goff after his first year.
  4. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Eagles Up)

    You're comparing Goff and Big Ben's QBRs last year with stacked offensive weapons and serviceable coaching with Trubisky's rookie year with no weapons and Foxball. If you're just looking at stats, the year before, Goff had a QBR of 63.6 and the Bears have had an offseason comparable to the Rams last year in terms of giving support to Trubisky. Trubisky, within the constraints of Fox / Loggains, played much better than his misleading 77.5 QBR and miles better than Goff's 2016 performance.
  5. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Eagles Up)

    You don’t think an average of 1448 yards and 16 TDs per season is an impact player? Many people have him as the best wideout in this draft. If he gives us half of that production this year, it’s better to have him than a pick of unknown value next year.
  6. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Eagles Up)

    I take a bit of issue with this part, and it may just be the way it's written (or misunderstood by me): We didn't give up a '19 2nd rounder at all but merely took the pick a year early. It wasn't the usual trade situation where you swap picks and give up a future pick since we didn't have another 2nd this year at the time of the trade. All we gave up was one of this year's 4th rounders (received in a trade last year) for the privilege of taking the pick a year early and, given that trade value for a future pick is considered a round lower, it's extremely good value. Ultimately, if we are picking at or after the 19th pick next year, we come out well ahead. If Miller produces even half of his college production then it's an absolute steal. Edit: I should have read to the end of the thread before posting what @Superman(DH23) said practically verbatim
  7. I thought Shazier was talking about playing again and I assumed he was in much better condition than that.
  8. Wow. That is a tonne to give up for Davenport.
  9. Yo, it doesn't count as correctly guessing the pick when it's written down in front of you, Mike.
  10. Sweet move, Pace. Best player available, no overthinking.
  11. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    People will criticise, just like people had a go at Ryan Pace for giving up a couple of 3rd rounders to move up to 2 for Trubisky, but it's the price of doing business. If you have close to identical grades on 3 QBs, why not stick at 3. Pace had Trubisky way out ahead so did whatever he could to get his guy.
  12. 49ers Agree to contract with Jimmy G

    The joke’s on you San Fran, Glennon only cost us about $22m.
  13. Josh McDaniels Decides to Stay with New England

    He certainly learned from the master