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  1. Especially if we add another piece or two on defense. I think we edge them out for second in the division. I dont expect it to be huge, but look for a sophomore slump from Herbert.
  2. It's so weird seeing a team at 4 with so many defendable options at the selection. Someone is gonna offer a boatload for it at some point. Patience is Atlanta's friend.
  3. Yes it is without trades. I will be doing one closer to the draft with a trade and if I was ATL I'd move back too. It seems like the smartest option and teams want up there at 4. Everyone knows that Ryan's contract now means you're at least riding him this year...why not get future capital?
  4. I took a few days to process the big CAR-NYJ move before I decided to write up a mock. I really think the trade was value for both teams, and if Darnold shows that he can tap into why he was drafted so high by the Jets, Carolina will be pleased with their pre-draft decision to snag their QB going forward. I won't have as much analysis in this mock as the last, as I'm saving some thoughts and ideas for my final mock a week before the draft. Stay tuned and thanks for reading! 1. Jacksonville Jaguars- Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson Unless everything that anyone has ever
  5. I've seen a lot of different options for Raider Nation recently and I'm split between some good options given the talent that is in this draft. Reaching out to Raider (and any one else who wants to play Mike Mayock) fans to see what YOU'D do in the hot seat at 17. Thanks for voting and reading, check out my blog at https://realisticraiderfan.blogspot.com/ and on twitter @HBRRaiderFan JUST WIN BABY!
  6. @RoninhoI guess I meanmeant the consistency of where Del Rio and McKenzie managed personnel. The records certainly aren't consistent but you're right about the draft. If we haul like 2014, we can make a big wave. Huge issue though is John getting talent in the draft. Our 02 SB team he built was talented but very niche too, I'm curious to see what Gruden thinks is out need in Round one.
  7. Should the Raiders Draft a CB at 17, 48? As the draft inches closer, I've spent my time looking at the trees in the forest, and not my favorite leaf as closely as I'd like. I'm all over the board with our recent moves in free agency, and with all the first round talent, I'd be okay with drafting a lot of different positions. With the offensive line movement being a concern I could see us grabbing a Darrisaw, Slater, or Sewell, provided the latter two fall. Moerig is an option if Mayock and Gruden are smitten with a FS...but another need is corner. Not as glaring as other pla
  8. Very appreciative for the kind words! I'm gonna keep posting stuff to this forum as I finish more pieces for my blog, and also as I apply to write for other sites as well. Davis may not ever want to fire Gruden, and if that abusive nature keeps up, we could all call for divorce and it wouldn't help. I'm hoping we don't end up like the Bengals with Marvin Lewis....but then again, he didn't make 100 mil and have stake in the team....sigh.
  9. Sadly I completely agree. It doesn't seem like a huge increase in production from JDR at all. At least him and Reggie were consistent.
  10. Harley Burton April, 6th, 2021 Jon Gruden, Las Vegas Raiders: Is the Marriage Stale? Three and half year ago, a defeated Jack Del Rio exits a Raiders front office following a 20 point loss to the Chargers in the 2017 season finale. A frantic Mark Davis pulls out his phone, starts scrolling through and almost endless list of contacts until he sees one “Jon Gruden” on the screen. Beaming from ear to ear at his plan, he hits dial, they exchange supplies and demands, and Gruden accepts Davis’ offer at a steep price of 100 million doll
  11. I've been hard at work scouting prospects in the draft and working on mocks so much lately that I figured it'd be a good time to shift gears and talk about the free agents that moved and shook the NFL up over the past few months. I'm hopeful for a lot, Fitz and Football Team, the rebuilt New England Patriots, and of course Yannick coming to Vegas to give us a pass rush, or the illusion of one. This list will not include the people I'm excited for, rather it will have the people that I'm just a bit unsure of in some way. Whether it be where they relocated or being overpaid for their services, l
  12. I almost had Elijah Moore here instead which fits that mold more, but that Packer Front Office seems tough to understand. The Raiders felt that way with Reggie McKenzie after he left GB but at least he drafted well for us.
  13. I apologize to the forum for posting links before, I was trying to copy the whole selection and it wouldn't paste, but I figured it out, and hopefully this works better. Thank you guys for helping me out and here's to more mocking! (properly) After a weekend full of thinking and hearing about the biggest pre-draft trade shake up I've ever witnessed in my lifetime, I've gathered my intel and I'm ready to pump out a new mock draft that is sure to shake things up. Kyle Shanahan wants his new guy, the Phins hopped and skipped with some picks, and the Eagles were just
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