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  1. He gave me Kobe. He gets anything he wants lol
  2. Jerry west still doing legend things. Might be another statue of him at staples put up by the clips
  3. Maxwell is freaking legend. I hope i am that cool at his age. Hell even now
  4. Not the most shocking but I was pretty hyped to get Darrel Jackson from the Seahawks. Too bad he hand brick hands.
  5. Wow. 3 guys I wanted all went consecutively. Moore, Williams, Holland.
  6. Yeah, he reminds me a lot of Nick Chubb. Would be great value.
  7. so all these reports that said there was friction and Kyle liked Jones while the scouts liked Lance were pretty much meaningless.
  8. and the work ethic. I try not to get to hung up on that because it's so overused but you have to have a great work ethic to go from being recruited to play a different position to the number 3 pick at the most complicated position in all of sports.
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