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  1. After a promising and great day 1 in draft I‘m coming down to ground after SF pick. There were so much more promising talents on the board...

    SF could get Asante Samuel, T. Moehrig, Rondale Moore, all were on the board. I don‘t understand the move we did! It is too much positional pick in my opinion.

    And why Banks? I would have prefer Trey Smith, Josh Myers, Humphrey... all can play G and Myers and Humphrey even are able to take C in future when Mack is gone.

    i hope Shanahan and Lynch are right with their pick.

  2. A second suggestion from my site... maybe it looks strange to some of you, but I think this scenario may fit as well:

    3 - Justin Fields QB

    43 - Bobby Brown NT - Jones and Kerr only have 1 yr contracts. And from my perspective Kinlaw DT struggled last year (I think he will be much better this year). NT for the future is an idea that I like. He can learn one year - time you may need as Kinlaw indicated.

    102 - Spencer Brown - another unsuspected pick for several of you for sure. Spencer Brown is an unbelievable athlete. From my perspective the best athlete of all OTs and that with 6082 and 311 Ibs and an arm length of 34,75. McGlinchey struggled last year. I guess Brown can compete for RT or maybe RG in first year.

    117 -  Elerson Smith EDGE - it is questionable if Dee Ford is fit in 2021. And it remains uncertain if he is still competetive after that long injury history. Smith is extremely explosive and I expect him as a good man who can replace him - if not in 2021 then in the following years.

    155 - Jaelon Darden - Slot WR 
    SF needs a WR3. Jaelon Darden has everything a good WR needs. So take him!

    172 - Marco Wilson CB

    I like Wilson. So he can give the depth in CB position in the roster.

    180 - Buddy Johnson LB

    Johnson can even compete with Al-Shaair for the starting job! Extreme good athlete who had 85 tackles in 10 games, 3 sacks, 3 passes defended and that in SEC division. Perfect fit!

    194 - Jake Funk RB

    yeah, we need another RB! 10‘ time 1.50s, VJ 38.0, BJ 122, 3-C 6.71s, Shuttle 4.12s. Wow! So he is athletic! 5 games in 2020, 102 yds in avg., 8.5 yds/att - and he can perform! A great Big Ten draft prospect for us!

    230 - simply take the best available one. Maybe there is a chance to get Jacob Harris TE/WR in rd 7. Another option may be Dicaprio Bootle or Nate Hobbs as slot CB perspectives...


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  3. best case scenario for me:

    3. Justin Fields QB

    43. Elijah Moore WR

    102. Chazz Surratt LB

    117. Ben Cleveland OG

    155. Robert Rochell CB

    172. Marco Wilson CB

    180. Elijah Mitchell RB

    194. Jacob Harris TE/WR

    230. Maximilian Roberts EDGE

    It was very difficult to analyze how Lynch or Kyle are thinking about the roster. I think the roster is good to compete for a Super Bowl run, but there are some spots that needs to be improved. I really would love to see Pitts with the Niners! That would be so incredible and this move would help Kittle. Samuel, Aiyuk, Pitts and Kittle - OMG. Pitts is so a rare player type. But I can‘t believe the 49ers traded up for a TE/WR for that price.

    So, in 2nd rd it is likely that SF picks a WR3 (Moore or Toney, I hope). Another spot that need improvement is LB. Greenlaw and Warner are good but a real good 3rd man I don‘t see in the roster. So I go with a LB in rd. 3. Surratt would be amazing in the 49ers dress. An alternative is Browning. Jamin Davis would be awesome but I don’t believe he can fall in round 3. The OL is ok, but a strong man can help, also to increase strong competition for Brunskill. I think Cleveland can be available in rd 4... maybe. He is a beast and heavy guy and I think he is an upgrade next year at the latest. The starting CBs are in place, but the depth is not so good at this position. Rochell showed great athletics during pro day. Wilson was even better. I guess both should be targeted in rd 5. Currently there are only 4 RBs in the roster. So a man who can compete for RB3 spot and a dual weapon (good hands) would be nice. Mitchell was incredible at pro day. He is quick and agile and I like RBs who didn’t run for 300 times per season in college. Mitchell is a perfect fit for SF.

    I like my thought that a second TE. A guy like Kittle will be in the roster. As the 2021 draft is not deep in TEs who can compete for a TE job in NFL from my perspective Jacob Harris as a WR/TE combi might fit.

    An EDGE is always great. Actually I also thought that an EDGE might be targeted by the 49ers in rd 2, especially if a Phillips or Oweh should be available with our pick there. In rd 7 there is a good option to select Maximilian Roberts (maybe already in rd6!?). Good physics, athletics and performance - he might be a man for the future.

    just thoughts that I share 😉.

  4. It will be very likely Mac Jones! GM and Head Coach did not visit Trey Lances Pro day nor Justin Fields Pro Day. As both said: they feel very well with THREE Quarterbacks. And which Pro Days did both visit? Right... Zach Wilson and Mac Jones! 

    Maybe there is a little chance to get Zach Wilson. I can imagine that they had contact with Saleh during Zach Wilsons Pro Day. Maybe he told who they want to draft. It is at least curious that just a few hours after the Pro Day of Zach Wilson the trade of the picks was fixed with Miami...

    I can imagine that the surprising athletic results of Mac Jones maybe lead to this move! Plus the excellent completion percentage in college which is very close to the stats by Joe Burrow! I like Mac Jones and from my perspective it is an understandable move.

    Do you go all-in for a guy who played just 18 games in FCS? Don‘t misunderstand it, please - I like Lance! But I can‘t imagine such a move for him! And I also don‘t see this worth for Justin Field as well.


    So I give the following chances:

    90% Mac Jones - 7% Zach Wilson - 2% Justin Fields - 1% Trey Lance.

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  5. I guess that a linebacker will be selected in 2nd round. SF needs depth and talent there especially after trading Kwon Alexander.
    Actually I also thought SF maybe speculated on Micah Parsons with pick 12 - Greenlaw, Warner, Parsons would be amazing and they have a person who could fill the gap in case Warners contract can‘t be extended.

    If they don‘t take a linebacker I guess they will select a WR3 or the best Safety. For cornerback depth a guy in round 4 or 5 seems sufficient to me.

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