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  1. We have come full circle again. Some fans are back to the pre season mindset that the Packers are so good that the other team will just laydown in defeat at the sight of them . Easy win. Hopefully the players memories are not that short.
  2. Win or lose there always needs to be someone to hate on for some.
  3. The Packers are publicly owned. The Bears are privately owned......by Aaron Rodgers.
  4. Tom Silverstein @TomSilverstein ยท 10m #Packers full inactives: CB Kevin King S Vernon Scott LB Isaiah McDuffie OL Dennis Kelly DL Jack Heflin
  5. Maybe some will now begin to understand what MVS does for the Packers offense.
  6. This is the comment of someone who doesn't understand the salary cap.
  7. Everybody knows he is the reason the defense ranks 19th in points allowed.
  8. Their is a cause and effect in play there.
  9. It is amazing when you think about it, the Packers were 23 down in the win column to the Bears when Wolf took over the reins. Never thought I would see them on the plus side in my lifetime.
  10. Taking Woodruff out in the 8th was a dumb move, he had thrown a total of 12 pitches and was due up at the top of the 9th. Strange move.
  11. Well they already signed Dunbar to the PS so that isn't a very bold prediction.
  12. Well it is not true, it is yet to be determined if it was a good pick, bad pick or or somewhere in between. Most draft picks take time to be seasoned professionals and for anyone to declare a late 3rd round pick a terrible pick after he has played 6 games in his career is a moronic statement.
  13. Yes terrible pick, 3rd rounder at 94th overall last year. He should of been a 10 time Pro Bowler by now. Fire everyone now.
  14. The guy that is brought up from the PS to fill in because of injuries is what you are going to ***** about? Life ain't that bad, the Packers are 4-1 and ESB is already back on the PS. So who the next inconsequential player everyone needs to lose sleep over?
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