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  1. You strong like bull, smart like tractor.
  2. What were the Packers thinking when they passed on Maxx Crosby? Should have traded Rodgers for that pick. #FireGutes
  3. The Packers declared 2,891,923. in unused cap space to be rolled over.
  4. Yet Rodgers is 0-3 in the playoffs against the 49ers.
  5. The Packers have played the 49ers, Giants and Cowboys each 8 times in the playoffs. This year the 49ers will break the tie with their 9th contest. The playoff series is currently tied at 4 wins a piece with all the games coming since the 1995 season. The Packers won the first 3, 49ers have won the last 3.
  6. Where the whole Packer fans sphere has gone when talking QB's. If you ain't first you're last Will Ferell as Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights - YouTube
  7. I see a lot of this recently but win it all and watch these same people completely change the narrative.
  8. Right, the Packers FO is walking around the parking lot picking up pennies and some fans want them to handout a 750K unearned bonus. Packers are so tight against the cap that a few times this season they ran with less than a 53-man roster to save paying the extra 10-12K of gameday check to an elevated PS player, yet they should handout a 750K bonus a player didn't make. OK.
  9. So. They didn't draft him to run the ball.
  10. Simulated with GB being the home team, home-field advantage is factored in.
  11. You will need to ask Jeff Sagarin that question, it's his model not mine.
  12. Yes all models are wrong, but they are better than walking around in the dark with no direction. Your link to Jeff Sagarin suggests the same caution as the numbers I shared, Sagarin thinks the Packers are the 6th best team in the NFL. The numbers I shared were to shed light on how tight these games may be head-to-head for GB, that was all I was attempting to point out.
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