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  1. First thing, I'm not advocating against Barmore in any way. Would be happy if that was the pick, just bringing up the point that he may not be at the top of their list is all. The Packers success strike rate with DL has not been as good as other positions, but it is not just the Packers that have struggled to locate good DL help. It is a difficult position to find success with when not picking in the top half of the 1st round. Clark/Daniels/Raji/Jolly/Corey Williams all would be viewed as successful picks I would think, even Guy and Neal ground out fairly good careers. So not all is
  2. If history tells us anything, it is if Pauline leaks that the Packers are interested in a certain player the last week before the draft, the Packers have no interest in that player. Total smokescreen.
  3. Christian Barmore - 6' 04.1" - 310, 40/4.98, 10 yard split 1.76, 4.75 short shuttle, 7.81 3-cone, RAS 8.22 Montravius Adams - 6' 03.5" - 304, 40/4.87, 10 yard split 1.71, 4.89 short shuttle, 7.62 3-cone, RAS 7.89 I would think most of the fanbase would be happy with Barmore in the 1st round and personally will be surprised if he was there at 29 for the Packers. Now this is where I will need to take shelter, I would not be surprised to find out that Barmore is not the #1 DT on the Packers board. He might be, but his profile isn't a strong match to the Packers historical drafting of D
  4. From PFF, Kamal Martin led all off the ball LBs last season with a 1.4 yards avg. depth of tackle on run plays.
  5. Someone may forgive Ball for his past, but in the world we currently live in I doubt if any GM's want to face the BS that would come their way for drafting him.
  6. Jenkins would do the job at any OL position he was ask to play, but to say he would excel at T is based off of nothing. His combine 3-cone was 7.77, hardly elite T feet on that drill. He is a proven elite IOL player, don't understand the thinking to mess with that. I'm not sure what else to tell you.
  7. The Packers drafted three 6th round IOL last year and cut Hanson, that is what you are basing moving a Pro Bowl caliber player for? What are you basing this thinking he could be a damn good RT off of? A handful of snaps there last season? Lane Taylor one time played a whole game at LT in a win against the Cowboys and was great, that didn't mean he would be a damn good full time LT.
  8. Sorry I disagree. Not sure why fans want to take a Pro bowl caliber IOL and turn him into just another Tackle. To each their own.
  9. Center is were he probably can be the greatest asset to the Packers.
  10. I'm not claiming that is Gutes top 23, just 23 players I thought there was a very strong likelihood of being gone and some of those 23 the Packers interest is probably very low with.
  11. If the Packers draft a Personal Chef or a Massage Therapist for Rodgers individual needs, than they selecting to win now with Rodgers. All other selections are for Love.
  12. At first I thought you were taking about the OT from Oklahoma State in the draft named Jenkins. Elgton Jenkins future is probably at LG or C, he is an elite IOL and there is not need to make him an average to slightly better Tackle. Also don't think there is a gaping hole anywhere.
  13. I posted a very similar posting last week on page 75 of the 2021 NFL Draft thread, only I had 23 likely gone. I believe Bateman, Jenkins and Newsome have a strong likelihood of being gone by 29.
  14. The Packers seem to be flirting with adding that type of play this year. The 64K question is, how much draft capital are they willing to spend on such a player. There seems to be a high volume of that type in this draft, is Gutes willing to spend a mid round pick for Ihmir Smith-Marsette? I'm still a big fan of Avery Williams from Boise State for that roll and he should come cheap, but the Packers have not publicly shown any interest in him as of yet.
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