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  1. Packers have placed Isaiah McDuffie on the non-football injury list and Josiah Deguara on the PUP list today.
  2. I have no **** in this fight, just adding Andrew Brandt's comment on the firing. "There will be lawyers.."
  3. On Madden I get keep everyone because I put Russ Ball in charge.
  4. Well it is great that it is here and we will have some actual football activities to talk about starting today, instead of the juvenile drama of Erin is thinking about breaking up with Mark and gave him back his class ring. A couple of thoughts, I expect that we will hear today that the Packers sign 3rd round draft pick Amari Rodgers and wrap up the draft class. Also they have works lined up with DT Sterling Johnson, CB Rashard Robinson and QB/TE Tommy Stevens in the next few days. Could see a player or two added and one or two released this weekend. We will probably hear a list o
  5. The Portis domino is the first thing to watch for and is actually kind of important. He is under contract for 3.8M for one year if he opts in, but he is probably looking to capitalize on a multiple year deal after shooting 47% from 3 this past season. If he opts out, probably the only way the Bucks can re-sign him is to use their 5.8M mid-level exception and would not be surprised if that is what his agent is eyeballing. The problem for the Bucks in that scenario is that they lose the 5.8M exception to sign an outside player to add a veteran to strengthen their bench play. As others have
  6. I hope he opts in. The Bucks won't need to wait long to find out because the Portis decision needs to be made by him by August 1st, so maybe the Championship hangover works in the Bucks favor here.
  7. I would think that there is a good chance that Portis opts out and Forbes opts in. If Portis opts out the Bucks may not be able to re-sign him. The Bucks have a mid-level exception and the 31st pick in the draft, that might be the only changes to the 2021-2022 roster. IMO
  8. Don't know what the world would do without Leaders hourly updates on COVID. William Hill Sportsbook just set the line on if Golfman and Leader were the same person at +120.
  9. Schefter is going to forever look like a douchebag over this one.
  10. Thank you for confirming what I thought, you have nothing.
  11. Do you ever bring anything of substance to the table or is mental development maxed out at the level of a 11 year old.
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