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  1. Not debating anything. You commented that 'he isn't one now', yet he was in line to start Sunday. So I believe he is one now is all I was pointing out.
  2. What am I missing? Hundley was scheduled to start for the Colts this past week if Carson Wentz couldn't go.
  3. Tyler Lancaster was a stud last night and the Packers probably do not win that game without him.
  4. You have allowed imaginary boogie men to invade your mind.
  5. Is it legal to purchase what you are smoking? Sorry, couldn't help myself. Just seemed tee'd up for me. Appreciate the positivity, keep it coming.
  6. Actually surprised you said that. I know zero about the guy, but in the pre draft stuff by Chris Simms on Safeties, he claimed he was one of the best Safeties in the draft. Clearly he is not, but maybe some untapped potential is there. Can't hurt to kick tires I guess.
  7. The Packers have added EDGE RJ McIntosh and S Shawn Davis to the PS and released Abdullah Anderson and Jacob Capra from the PS. McIntosh is a very good add and probably will replace Rivers or Hamilton fairly soon on the 53. @Norm should be able to give us the scouting report on Davis.
  8. The key is anal bleaching, my sources tell me that whole defense was anal bleached at halftime and the result was zero points given up in the second half.
  9. Guessing you don't understand how that system works.
  10. Wouldn't be surprised to see Sternberger end up on the Packers PS.
  11. Some Packers fans favorite pastime, obsess about missed draft picks. If only Gutes would do his job and select a Pro Bowler with every pick.
  12. That is not relevant to MLF's team.
  13. Not that it means a great deal, but the defense did pitch a shutout in the second half against the Lions. The same Lions team that put up 33 points against the 49er's in week one. Some will want to spin it like Detroit is St. Mary's school for the blind, but they are an NFL team and under NFL rules it is hard to shut any team down.
  14. Note to MLF, it took your starters 6 quarters to get into sinc. Play them in the preseason and they won't look like **** to start the season.
  15. From the historical side of things. Something that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere is that last nights win over the Lions was the 103rd regular season win for the Packers over them. That is now the most regular season wins by one NFL team over another in NFL history. Moving ahead of the Bears 102 wins over the Lions.
  16. Yet you know there are a few that will lose their minds over that comment.
  17. The Packers will start fast tonight, hit a bit of a wall in the 2nd quarter, but the offense will get a group anal bleaching at halftime and play the second half like their ***** are on fire. Winning going away in the end.
  18. Reading your posts it is easy to see why you would be jealous. Thank you for the complement.
  19. Does spice things up when the resident, hero worshipping apologist is always triggered.
  20. Would be interesting to see his score as a Edge/OLB, his size grade would be much different and the bench score would probably be higher also.
  21. Funny stuff. Don't have a stroke, it is just not that serious.
  22. In Kentucky the roads are just layered with road kill, mostly opossum.
  23. @Rodjahs12 logs on. 3.....2.....
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