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  1. If Hieneken is our QB after this season it wont matter what the new name is,
  2. +1 I will never buy anything that says football team
  3. Just let them continue to build the team.We dont need old cast offs.Rather give those spots to young guys who might turn into something.The only trade I want to see is when we finally go get the future QB.Then do what it takes.
  4. TKellion


    They are droppin like flies
  5. TKellion


    I would rather watch a year of Fitz than waste a pick on Mond.Im sure no one was happier when we didnt draft him.
  6. They let it be known he could be had for a song got no takers and released him.Give him plenty of time to catch on in a new place.We may not agree with the process but things have needed to change in that building for many years.Let us just hope it leads to wins and a happier future compared to our recent past.
  7. What about Tyler Shough, QB, Oregon ?He certainly has the size you like,Can he throw?
  8. Well not sure he is an improvement but plenty of safety competition
  9. Yeah that ship already crossed the ocean lol,Might as well Get all Aceinthehouse on you and predict a 12-5 record and division title.We play a bunch of teams that did well last season.They all have issues.Im not going to get outragious and predict undefeated but ouside the Bills and Chiefs,I dont see any other games we are a real underdog in.12 or 13 wins is very possible with great defense adequate offense.And with Fitzpanic throwing to Terris ,Curtis,Dyami,Logon and JD on third down we should be ok
  10. I think they should put Terry and Curtis on the same side and put Dyami on the TE side.With McKissic coming out of the back field.They have to play the entire field
  11. Looks like christmas is over and all the presents have been opened
  12. I dont think anyone not named McLaurin,Samuels or Humphries should get too comfortable lol
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