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  1. I think they should put Terry and Curtis on the same side and put Dyami on the TE side.With McKissic coming out of the back field.They have to play the entire field
  2. Looks like christmas is over and all the presents have been opened
  3. I dont think anyone not named McLaurin,Samuels or Humphries should get too comfortable lol
  4. Well shoot had to inspect a home so what did I miss?
  5. Can Cox or Browning make it to the 4th round pick?
  6. Every year you guys bash the picks and warm up to them later lol
  7. You know I dont gif,I dont even have an avatar lol
  8. I could live with that,would rather get a tackle
  9. No one mentions Little from Stanford,is the knee that bad now
  10. #52 is a good number for a MLB.It was exactly who I wanted them to pick.We need a great run defense as well as the pass rush.
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