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  1. My personal take on the 2019 Redskins schedule

    If our Dline and Oline is healthy,RBs carry the offense,Dline carries the defense.There is not a single game I look at and say we definately lose.Keenum?Haskins?Im ok either way really.Bad coaching is the only reason we dont post a winning record.11 or 12 wins?who knows,we dont know now, what will be going on then.We can only project.It is not out of the realm of possibilty to make the playoffs this season with that schedule.
  2. Definately all of the above.Think you could have added a couple others lol,NFL didnt want such ineptness on televion.They were only wanting to show the Raiders because they move to Vegas at the end of the season.
  3. Anyone really expect a playoff run this season?Unless the stars all align in the skins favor,Haskins has a ROY type of season,3 WRs step up,A complete lack of injuries on the online.The front 7 plays like demons and the DBs dont get exposed.I really want to root for this but 30 years of this has made me slightly pessimistic .Trade him to anyone who will give us high pick.
  4. Your Starting LG --->

    Williams to practice squadder,please start Keenum.
  5. What to do about the S&C team? Fire them?

    I would have shopped him at the draft,were plenty solid tackles available.Injury prone most of his tenure.We need an upgrade.
  6. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

  7. They should start him over Norman and trade Norman to who ever gets a CB injury in TC/preason.
  8. OTAs

    They seem to be last every year
  9. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    I am going to drink the kool aid one last time and jump on Aceinthehouse's bandwagon.Everything I read and see on Haskins makes me smile.First,he is not a run first QB but rather a passer with accuracy.He studies film religiously.Second,he is mad and wants to prove he should have been #1 pick.He dont give a darn about Jones except for playing the giants twice every year.He thinks he should of been #1 and he intends on going out to prove it.Not with his mouth or his smile but through hard work,film study and preparation.Third,he has a decent stable of RBs to lean on.It doesnt have to be as drastic as the Steelers were with Ben in his first 2 seasons but he wont have to carry the load.Sure we are in need of talent at WR but I think at least a couple guys will step up.My candidates are Quinn,Doctson and McLauren.We havent seen what Quin can do yet,He did have noodle are checkdown charlie for a QB until he was injured.I think with a real QB and playing for a payday Doctson will have a good year.The 2 collage teammates should have little trouble with timing.McLaurin's speed will make him a threat.Oline got two new editions Martin is going to start,it is written on the walls.He will be pretty solid in a run heavy offense.Piershbacher is great depth at OG/C.I think we will avg a few more points a game this season .Defense just got better.Sweat,Kerrigan on the outside,Allen,Payne,Ioanidis on the inside.Our DBs will not have to cover as long each play.If we can just get solid play at ILB our defense will be fun to watch for a change.I say we are going 13-3 ,Lose to the Bears,Patriots and the Cowboys week 17 because they are resting starters.Come on guys,have some kool aid with me TK out
  10. Put a name to it!!!

    Doctson,FA season playing for a contract.
  11. Agreed,If Guice can not win the starting RB job he isnt top 20 either
  12. If Foster is one of our top 20 then we lose 13 games.
  13. 11-5 here we come baby!

    Almost just like the pair turtle wears,different kind of homer though.He keeps the faith even when confronted with cold hard facts.
  14. Redskins' 2019 Draft Class, CFA Signings Assigned Numbers https://www.redskins.com/news/redskins-2019-draft-class-cfa-signings-assigned-numbers
  15. Doctson - Not Picking up the Option

    I did want Thomas over Doctson that draft.I hoped for better from Doctson but he fails to be consistent.