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  1. The Washington Football Team that shall not be named
  2. In this world of political correctness this was inevitable.I am 49 years a fan of this team.I will continue because what is a name.This is my team for better or worse.Kinda like Griffins. What about Red Griffins?
  3. The sad part is we could have had Thomas and McLaurin.
  4. I think we could but everything needs to go our way.Good teams taking us lightly,playing clean disciplined football on both sides.Players playing well in the new schemes.That is a big hope after 2 decades of BS football under Snyder.Even Gibbs 2.0 was not impressive.I just hope for the best and expect the worst.Keeps me grounded
  5. Partial to the all white unis Gibbs used during winning streak in 2005?
  6. OFFENSE: QB: Haskins, Allen RB: Peterson, Guice, Love, Gibson LT: Lucas, Charles LG: Schweitzer, Piershbacher C: Roullier, Ismael RG: Scherff, Martin RT: Moses, Christian TE: Rogers, Thomas,Moss WR: McClaurin,Hall,Wright WR: Harmon, AGG SWR: Sims, Gibson 26 DEFENSE: RDE: Young, Sweat UT: Ioannidis, Allen,Brantley NT: Payne, Settle LDE:Kerrigan,Williams SLB: Bostic,Anderson MLB: Holcomb, SDH WLB: T.Davis, Clemons RCB: Fuller, Moreland, Stroman LCB: Moreau,Darby SS: Collins, Everett FS: S. Davis, Apke 24 SPECIAL TEAMS: K: Hopkins P: Way LS: Sundberg
  7. Gonna have to do a lot to surpass Dave Butz as best ever Redskin DT.And Sean Gilbert was a beast when he played.
  8. That is my list as well
  9. Cole Holcomb,He has a chance to take the MLB job with all the uncertainty around Foster.Good tackler learning to cover.He could be the x factor in our run defense if not all facets of the defense.He breaks out at MLB then I think we have a top ten defense.
  10. Let us look at it clearly.If RR and JDR are half the defensive coaches they are built up to be then our defense is worth 4 wins.Can our offense win a few games?
  11. Have you looked into kodi?I watch every game there free
  12. Weapons at RB and WR,just missing a starting caliber TE to have the whole bag of tricks eh Felix?
  13. last season they can finnish 8-8,make it so #1
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