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  1. Its OKAY to lose guys.

    We are just a few breaks away from being better than everyone thinks.We didnt play AP or DG,just that slug Perine.So they showed nothing of the running game.Are they selling a pass happy attack with a new QB and weak WR group?Because if Gruden doesnt lean on the run game this year he needs to be fired fast.Solid defense and run game is the formula.Waiting for week 1
  2. Remember how many interceptions Peyton Manning threw his rookie season?I think we all know how that turned out.Unless you are expecting to compete for the SB with Keenum,Let the rookie play
  3. Well situation normal here
  4. Nobody talking about the players who did show up.Only the one who didnt.Thris thread should have a different title
  5. Guess final division record!

    You can drink his scotch
  6. Because nothing but my Washington Redskins and San Francisco Giants can make me happier.And of course miserable as well.Hard to quit a life long habit
  7. Predict QB Haskins

    I will go with Warren Moon,If he can throw it like WM the Redskins will be entertaining at least
  8. Guess final division record!

    Washington 13-3 Philadelphia 9-7 Dallas 7-9 New York 3-13
  9. Predict QB Haskins

    Yes a mediocre streaky QB named Doug Williams got hot in the right game at the right time and became legendary.I certainly hope that Haskins developes into a more consistent QB.
  10. OTAs

    Honestly I do not understand why anyone would want to take anyone off the field for Anderson.I understand that certain people needed a new guy to beat the gong of hopelessness for once Lauvo was not resigned.But he is career backup material.Bring him in on obvious running downs maybe.We have better options than him for rushing the QB
  11. My personal take on the 2019 Redskins schedule

    If our Dline and Oline is healthy,RBs carry the offense,Dline carries the defense.There is not a single game I look at and say we definately lose.Keenum?Haskins?Im ok either way really.Bad coaching is the only reason we dont post a winning record.11 or 12 wins?who knows,we dont know now, what will be going on then.We can only project.It is not out of the realm of possibilty to make the playoffs this season with that schedule.
  12. Definately all of the above.Think you could have added a couple others lol,NFL didnt want such ineptness on televion.They were only wanting to show the Raiders because they move to Vegas at the end of the season.
  13. Anyone really expect a playoff run this season?Unless the stars all align in the skins favor,Haskins has a ROY type of season,3 WRs step up,A complete lack of injuries on the online.The front 7 plays like demons and the DBs dont get exposed.I really want to root for this but 30 years of this has made me slightly pessimistic .Trade him to anyone who will give us high pick.
  14. Your Starting LG --->

    Williams to practice squadder,please start Keenum.
  15. What to do about the S&C team? Fire them?

    I would have shopped him at the draft,were plenty solid tackles available.Injury prone most of his tenure.We need an upgrade.