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  1. Love that holding call Gary drew that erased a long gain.
  2. Wow first time someone said AG was overly valuing players.
  3. Like your average NFL lineman.
  4. What a bad thread. Every year I think we see peak Packer fan entitlement and I guess this year is the same.
  5. While ultimately a turnover literally lost the game, we only gave up like 6 points off of turnovers but scored TDs on both of their turnovers.
  6. IMO it’s a trash take by a poster who has had an agenda against Gute all year. No single player would’ve made a difference yesterday. It was coaching plain and simple. We’ve got a good HC, a mediocre DC and yesterday when it mattered the Colts’ coaches made better decisions.
  7. We scored 31 against the best defense in the league..
  8. I think we lost the turnover battle but still beat them in points scored after turnovers, 14-6? Defense definitely stepped up sometimes. Seems if our edge is getting work done then our defense as a whole is better. Probably a dumb statement but 🤷‍♂️
  9. Sucks to lose but happy to see we should’ve beaten one of the best teams in the league. Hope we fire Pettine this week.
  10. I may be losing every week but at least I’m #5 in points scored..
  11. New revenue stream idea - have fans donate cash to teams to directly raise their teams cap.
  12. Why didn’t Gute and Ball foresee a global pandemic driving revenue down for the first time in however long?
  13. I feel like Capers called a better run defense.
  14. Usually I’m pretty optimistic, I legit believe there’s a path to the Super Bowl most years. It’s very hard to believe the path doesn’t involve firing Pettine before the seasons over this year.
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