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  1. If Rodgers doesn’t show for training camp, they’d be dumb to trade him. The longer his holdout lasts the less public opinion is on his side. If he’s traded at all this season GB loses bc the price of an MVP QB is invaluable. The price of a holdout QB with MVP upside is the best they can hope for - bc at that point public perception would be on their side.
  2. 1.01 is on the block, as well as Juju/Moss/Deebo. QB - Wilson RB - Chubb, Montgomery, Moss, Mattison WR - Lamb, Juju, Slayton, Samuel, Edwards TE - Hockenson, Gesicki
  3. I understand; I think it would compliment an additional SF starting spot as We R Lions pointed out and may as well vote on it!
  4. I appreciate what you all are doing! Next off season I would suggest a vote on superflex in conjunction with increasing the number of keepers to 15. I would also suggest a vote on eliminating k/def.
  5. https://pff.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=62 For anyone looking at being a data analyst dor PFF.
  6. None of those players deserve to be in either. Currently in the NFL there’s Rodgers, Brady; maybe Wilson if he can get an MVP, and maybe Mahomes if he can maintain this level of play.
  7. If you’re never a top five QB in your career you should not be in the HOF.
  8. I’m not mad, just disappointed in you.
  9. Posted earlier in the form of her statement.
  10. Think this conversation has run it’s course but I will say that there’s evidence to support Osaka has depression and anxiety. There is no evidence to suggest her actions are because she is annoyed.
  11. So you just don’t believe she suffers from depression or social anxiety? That she’s merely annoyed by work. Ok.
  12. I don’t want to do this can mean a lot of things and can be a completely reasonable response. If doing something means someone, for example, will receive a third degree burn it’s totally reasonable for them to say I don’t want to do this. And as we are learning about mental health certain situations can be just as damaging to a person. In which case them saying I don’t want to do this is totally reasonable.
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