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  1. To me it seems that given Barry’s history of coaching the position he likely has done a better job setting the ILBs up for success.
  2. @winitall that was a roller coaster, now watch Moss fumble twice and get benched.
  3. Not gonna lie it’s pretty amazing it was this close to begin with. Good game dude.
  4. IMO the issues are more with Russ Ball and Murphy; almost all of those guys were from before Gute took over.
  5. After last season I identified three issues: WR depth, third RB, backup QB. With the 1.01 pick and elite starters already at RB, WR, and TE I figured I had a lot of flexibility to move down and attack these areas. I did two trades involving 22 picks - trading my 22 first to move up for 1.07 and moving down for a 22 second to help mitigate that loss. I also identified three players who fell drastically down the board in favor of vets and made two trades to get the picks to select them. Given my roster construction all I want to see from my fourth rounders this year is a reason to keep them. Bes
  6. Crap, I looked 3 times. Should’ve looked 4. Broncos D/ST @sammymvpknight otc
  7. Might be the best RB in NE by the end of the year, hoping he makes keeper decisions tough next season.
  8. After the trades this round Wilson, Deebo, and Montgomery are the only players on my roster from when I took it over last season. Really hoping all of this roster churn is worth it, but I think I’m about one year out from competing for a championship
  9. 4.08 Pat Freiermuth, TE, Penn State 4.09 Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, Oklahoma @SaveOurSonics otc
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