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  1. 5th Down Depreciation Thread

    Weren’t you complaining about SIS stats earlier in the offseason?
  2. 2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

    Read a comparison to Riggins, watched some highlights, and I can see it.
  3. 2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

    His calf in that picture is scary.
  4. 2020 Packers Defensive Backs

    I think King has a chance to be a sneaky extension before training camp, IE Lowry last year.
  5. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    We came away with TDs 64% of the time, good for #8 in the league. Our rushing was great but I don’t believe the passing was that bad.
  6. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    Not saying the above is indicative of everything, but I wouldn’t take that Eagles play as representative.
  7. 2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

    He hops good.
  8. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    If you look at win probability we only had three wins last year that were less than 60% for us within the last five minutes. While we won a lot of close games, we didn’t exactly get lucky. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/not-all-close-nfl-wins-were-actually-close/
  9. Random Packer News & Notes

    Sternberger’s got some feet.
  10. NFL News & Notes

    As opposed to what we have now? I don’t know if I disagree with you but somethings got to give.
  11. 2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

    Waldman does a good breakdown of his feet here.
  12. 3.94 - Josiah Deguara [TE; Cincinnati]

    How exactly is his post doing that?
  13. 3.94 - Josiah Deguara [TE; Cincinnati]

    Always good for one leap over a defender too.
  14. Random Packer News & Notes

    My B I thought he was 260 or something. Probably a good sign that they didn’t ask him to lose weight though.