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  1. i dont get people who think we should just cut him. Like, why reward him for this behavior???
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/11/deshaun-watson-massage-therapist-tries-to-explain-text-messages-that-could-hurt-watsons-case/amp/?__twitter_impression=true this person who spoke up in defense of Watson doesn’t give me confidence that he wasn’t doing weird stuff during sessions
  3. i went to texadelphia in galveston and i dont like cheesesteaks, but that place was a revolution
  4. i think i saw somewhere that he gets paid if he's on the commissioner exempt list as opposed to not getting paid if he sits out, so maybe he starts showing up now that his endorsements are dropping
  5. lol i was just thinking that Watson's team is saying they dont have anything to work with bc the names and situations are anonymous so like.. did they send messages to every single masseuse watson has worked with? thinking that 18 responded, and process of elimination they maybe know who's who but they dont want to accidentally give buzbee ammo by listing incidents with women that maybe havent actually come forward yet makes me wonder just how many massage ladies he was in contact with, like sheesh you know this is probably not including women who simply didnt respond or refused to
  6. the list is for game purposes... i think. so probably late july or august
  7. yeah idk. im just really pessimistic about the situation when it comes to punishment for this. at the end of the day its a he said she said situation, and historically watson's been as pristine as it gets when it comes to behavioral baggage. he'll get some kind of benefit of a doubt
  8. his lawyers will probably dirty it up some by saying it was consensual, they're lying for money, etc etc. Just build enough doubt that enough people wont see it as an admittance of guilt or whatever
  9. i doubt he's out of the league, im sure he'll settle and maybe miss some games
  10. i bet deshaun watson is even more unhappy now
  11. tab

    FFMD 2021

    i think you're doing great!
  12. Buzbee isn’t littlefinger he’s Tywin Lannister
  13. someone compiled a timeline of events Re: watson Lawsuits. they detail what they say in the suits so it is NSFW reading https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/md9av6/deshaun_watson_allegations_a_detailed/ Idk I can delete this if its not good for here what interests me: -Watson requested requested further appts with some of them and they declined/didnt respond. Why not do follow ups if the first time was supposedly a normal appt? There's probably evidence that he wanted follow ups, right? -Watson supposedly referred 2 other NFL players to one of them -Watson
  14. i had heard some rumbling about him thinking about retiring earlier this year, so maybe one more shot at $ and then hanging i up
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