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  1. I’m from Houston and I will say the food is pretty good there, but currently living in Austin the food is really really good here. Austin > San Antonio > Houston > Dallas san Antonio has so much interesting things to do but I haven’t been there in a decade
  2. 3rd overall but it was superflex so it went cmc/mahomes/zeke/saquon. Wish I had taken kamara or cooks but I though zeke was a boring safe option
  3. Zeke got me tilting in fantasy, WHY ARE YOU SO BAD
  4. Watson just got the highest career passer rating according to Reddit
  5. I know I said to get rid of one of them but fuller and cooks together are deadly
  6. Coutee is looking really good out finally out of BOBs doghouse like seeing warring out there even if he isn’t really doing anything
  7. you can tell how angry tom is by how small his mouth gets in those shots of him making a poo face on the bench
  8. Bengals should lose out and go ham in the draft on OL. Lots of nice pieces in place already, I have no doubt he'll come back and kick butt
  9. back to back wins against NE, love to see it
  10. I kind of want to see Trubisky go somewhere and be like, a 'juiced' up version of Taysom Hill
  11. i've been collecting WRs this year and now i dont know who to start lol. I have Taysom in my Flex because YOLO but i still need to pick 2 WRs and maybe a 3rd if i chicken out. .5 ppr pick 2, match up is projected to be close but going against Watson and Dalvin Cook Calvin Ridley - vs Saints. Coming off Injury? Can I trust him? Lattimore might be out? Tyler Boyd - vs Washington.. nervous Jacobi Meyers - vs Houston. I like him as my WR2 this week, his floor seems to be good Cooper Kupp - Monday night vs TB. I hate him right now. My last choice. Pretend he isnt listed here Justin Jefferson- vs Dallas. Love the match up but he's 3rd in the feeding order in Min and could get game scripted out if they take the lead quickly
  12. tab

    SNF BAL @ NE

    my gut tells me NE gonna get bullied and Im here for it if it happens
  13. if i were running a team, i would pay money to keep good players on that team, but what do i freakin know, im just a dumb idiot
  14. I can't believe cal McNair was so stupid to believe Bill Obrien about trading away Hopkins
  15. I hate bill obrien I hate cal mcnair
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