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  1. I’m ok with the loss as long as it’s not an embarrassing one. That’s kind of my whole vibe right now lol
  2. i think it will come down to the Browns being able to run the ball, and we wont. Clowney Revenge Game vs Tyrod Revenge Game
  3. I was just talking to someone about this on reddit but this is the most prepared I've seen us play for the first week of the season ... maybe ever? granted it was the Jaguars Defense but both sides of our team had pretty nice plays.
  4. Actually kind of sad I couldn’t go to this game bc of a previous engagement
  5. Ingram will have a better season than Bell edit: to clarify, I think Ingram has more in the tank than Bell and would also be a better fit for Baltimore. they probably didnt want to lose any trade capital though for an RB2-3
  6. hey NFL teams, we're having a garage sale. come and get em
  7. yeah if watson wanted to be traded and play this season and not waste a year of his prime, maybe he shouldnt have been creeping on instagram women. thats not on us
  8. my only issue with this is that Watson thanked Easterby by name after he signed his new contract in September wtf happened in 4 months that made houston that bad of a place to be? that said, i still think easterby is a snake and i want him out of the org
  9. I kind of want to try and get Travis Fulgham
  10. doesnt want to play also no risk of injury i guess
  11. I guess we ended up with an extra 6 Feeling whelmed
  12. Eh. I think I don’t feel either way when it comes to QB. I’m fine easing Mills in. If Nico really has potential, it’d probably be better to start Tyrod for a while anyway
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