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  1. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    People on reddit were speculating that coach said something he shouldn't have i imagine things have gotten toxic between them
  2. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    did this get posted? from yesterdays game
  3. Jax didn't really deserve to win this either on the other hand so I'll take this W and not look back
  4. Fells was a good pick up this offseason
  5. Minshew is going to Foles Foles
  6. Not reading the thread up to this point but Rivera is absolutely done this season I think
  7. Darnold to miss multiple weeks with Mono

    man I feel bad for DT
  8. Trade Help

    nnng Ok I'm the Cook owner in my league and I want to trade for Mattison, the handcuff. Thinking of offering one of the following: Gio Bernard RB James Washington WR Malcolm Brown RB Mecole Hardman WR I originally thought to deal Gio since I dont really have strong feelings for the guy but Idk if that might be too much or too little Or should I play chicken for a few weeks and hope he gets dropped? My RBs: Cook, Montgomery, Sanders, Gio, Brown
  9. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    Sometimes you want to make things work with a person, even platonically speaking, that you'll forgive certain things and realize later that you probably shouldn't have Sort of like [insert NFL team here] putting up with wack job AB antics because he football good
  10. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    NE really thinking they were going to avoid a circus with AB
  11. Aaron Colvin released

    I predict he goes back to the jags, so prepare to be angry about that