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  1. david culley died for this
  2. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/423-the-sean-salisbury-show-29630092/episode/ian-rapoport-talks-the-texans-head-92067367/ Rap predicts HC hire by next wed
  3. feels like someone is desperately trying to make Josh McCown happen and even Josh McCown is like 'nah'
  4. If McCown is a smokescreen, then it is the most brilliant smokescreen in history because it shows just how acutely aware the FO is of how totally incompetent and bumbling everyone thinks they are I feel bad for Culley … but then again he’s rich and not chained to this idiot franchise like me. Like, don’t fire culley and get my hopes up. Just let us tank another year
  5. Culley probably needed an extra voice in his ear during games tbh
  6. Why is it a Daft Punk man???? Are Traditional NASA (as in Why the **** Houston uses a space theme in the first place) Astronaut suits not good enough? Visually though, its all too busy of a logo
  7. can we make a thread for general chat? im curious what yall think of the Skeeters rebranding
  8. I’m sad for JJ Watt but… he should have picked a different team…
  9. I’m not all that impressed with Mac Jones. I can’t decide if they are actively scheming to reduce his impact on the game because he’s a rookie or because of the lack of talent at WR. I had him in Superflex so I paid attention to a lot of his games and I’m not getting a killer instinct from him. Also I read a comment from him mid season: “we know the formula to win games”, always kind of bothered me a little because “the formula” is good defense and pounding the ball. All well and good until you you’re forced outside your comfort zone. Anyways. It’ll be interesting to see what guys they bring i
  10. At least this means it’s near 0% chance it’s McDaniels, right? Good Guy Dolphins PR trying to make themselves look better by slandering Flores could help us speed up negotiations by reducing competition. Thanks Miami!
  11. I feel like the plan was to have him more than one year. Its a head coaching job, not a Make A Wish. I'm not saying he's been great but spending for and then cutting guys is bothersome to me
  12. I just hope Cesario is as good at picking coaches as his players, because I cant help but feel like Culley is a Casserole Special: signing a guy and cutting him the minute things look bad I do feel like if you can get a quality Coach, you might as well cut bait though.
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