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  1. The Myles Garrett incident

    browns have a huge locker room problem lol, zero discipline
  2. Trade Help

    Was offered Russell Wilson for my David Montgomery. Me being thin at RB is the only reason I didn't immediately hit accept. my QB: Aaron Rodgers my RBs: Cook, Montgomery, Sanders, Hunt think I might be able to flip Rodgers for a lower end RB2 if I had to maybe, but I just don't trust him at all right now
  3. Around the NFL 2019

    still made the playoffs that year
  4. Around the NFL 2019

    finally pulled myself together after a terrible hangover to turn on the tv and catch the end of the Dolphins/Colts game and I Could Not Believe My Eyes
  5. How bad are the Miami Dolphins?

    dolphins have a billion first round picks, i think they'll be okay if they win a few, especially if they win in a way that helps us
  6. TNF GDT - Chargers (4-5) @ Raiders (4-4)

    I wish Renfrow was a Texan
  7. Watt out for season

    this season feels over. Like its going to take some real magic to make a deep playoff run
  8. Week 7 Texans vs Colts

    Felt like a lot of bad luck this game. On to next week 😑
  9. ALCS: Yankees vs Astros

    in the 9th with one out, I took the risk to like this tweet and immediately the universe punished me for my hubris and tied the game up. It was the worst 20 minutes of my life
  10. Deshaun Watson - MY QB

    i love that he's hanging out with Verlander, and I'm glad they talked about him playing chess on the sidelines
  11. Is the NFL rigged?

    Did Flowers make these same kinds of grabs on the Patriots? If yes, then I dont know how you can say the NFL doesnt have favoritism.
  12. MNF: Lions at Packers

    Why do they have Watson in the college playoff commercial
  13. Bigger disappointment: Winston or Mariota

    Mariota probably. I was laughing at Winston bone headed mistakes since college
  14. What are some good talk shows based on your (or any) team? I listen to a lot of podcasts at work and am looking for some new ones. State of The Texans is a good one for the Texans but i like to listen to Hamp and OB Show with Kaz for Bears talk, and Thats Good Broncos for Denver/General NFL. Specifically would like to know if a good Browns podcast exists
  15. Are the Chiefs and Rams in trouble?

    everyone is going to rightfully blame the chief's D but there's something stinky going on in the offense. who knows whats going on with the Rams. Apparently Gurley must have carried the Offense much more than I thought