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  1. Indianapolis Colts aren't SB Contenders

    i came into this thread hoping to see some good old fashioned Colts bashing and everybody talking about the chiefs smh
  2. Houston Astros Thread (2017 World Champions)

    i havent really been a baseball fan in my life until recently. When they got good, i was too afraid to really watch the games in case I jinxed them... but after 2017 ive been watching more and it feels like maybe the curse has been lifted?
  3. Texans 2019 Depth Charts

    saw this on reddit, had to share
  4. Clowney gets Franchise Tag

    i legitimately had a nightmare last night that Clowney had been traded to the Titans for some linebacker and a pick and it was like.. some horrific gameshow setting and Clowney was in a chair that mechanically moved him over to the Titans area. He was doing that thing where he was saying he was excited to get to work and i was just imagining having to play against him twice every single year from now on absolute nightmare edit: but possible with this FO i think
  5. Houston Astros Thread (2017 World Champions)

    football? whats football? im a baseball fan only now
  6. Texans 2019 Depth Charts

    im already depressed and its not even june
  7. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread V.2

    dabo sweeny
  8. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread V.2

    totally OFF TOPIC and NOT related to the topic at all :: eyes emoji ::
  9. Offensive line

    i feel like out of all the positions, i can predict the least about the OL lol. I just feel too burned by guys that I thought would produce for awhile now
  10. GURLEY?!?!?

    Same question here, should I keep Gurley or maybe Chubb? Its also a 2QB league and I'd like to keep Luck
  11. i hope someone picks him up when we release him
  12. Round 7, Pick 220: FB Cullen Gillaspa

    rooting for this guy
  13. Round 3, Pick 86: TE Kahale Warring

    the more i think about it, this is probably my favorite pick in the draft so far
  14. Draft Discussion 2019

    had this pic saved on my comp all year, just thought id share