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  1. the shots of Jerry just staring out the window all solemn like, like he was contemplating firing everyone, were great
  2. what a fun post season. i didn't have any expectations at all going in, just happy to be there, and it was a joyride the entire way
  3. With playoffs out of the picture, maybe that makes it easier to trade away some pieces. Maybe we can get a 2 or some 3s from someone
  4. Straight garbage call on the Brown TD
  5. Bienemy- been with the Chiefs since 2013, with Reid before that in Philly, helped win a Superbowl Kelly- you call one good game against the Jags and suddenly you're in HC conversation? He's been around OB for too long for me to trust him EDIT: I just really dont want a Freddie Kitchens situation
  6. what are the odds of Josh McDaniels new Falcons coach?
  7. i was listening to the GM Shuffle podcast today and hoping he'd elaborate on it, but he only said it was like.. a political move? He didnt really talk more about it @ 7:52 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/week-5-recap-dan-quinn-fired-dak-prescott-injury/id1458884463?i=1000494469904
  8. i was just thinking about how, if we had fired BOB after the KC loss, we could have hired Bieniemy last offseason and had him now and also maybe also kept hopkins. You dont think we'll have to fight the Falcons hard for him, do you?
  9. so good to see the offense twitching back to life
  10. jacob martin for clowney was worth it lol
  11. worst run defense in the league and on 4-1 you get cute
  12. what about one of belichick's kids?
  13. i think we win this week edit: oh there's a second page lol
  14. If he was involved in that Caserio incident at all, I'd ship him out immediately after the season ended
  15. yeah but a good team in our division gets an L
  16. its all other GMs doing the exploiting
  17. im drinking and enjoying a football game, how yall doin this be-autiful evening
  18. i wonder if it had to do with Earl Thomas? the players were adamant against bringing him in apparently, and it did feel like a desperation move from BoB
  19. i'd feel so much happier if i knew Hopkins was on the roster. it just feels like irreparable damage has been done to this team
  20. i guess the rumblings were true lol
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