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  1. I'm okay with this to be honest, I'd rather stack our home games towards the end of the season anyway. When the games matter most the Packers will be at home in the cold, and hopefully full capacity of fans.
  2. My goodness, I can hardly stomach the look of 13-4. I really am not a fan of the changing to 17 games. Completely unnecessary, but I get it is all about money.
  3. I just don't see the direct comparison to any of these. Brady didn't win an MVP the year before leaving NE and he didn't have the number 1 offense in the league with a top 5 WR. Peyton Manning also didn't choose to leave, the Colts moved on from him after his neck surgery, mainly because with him gone, they were the worst team in the league and had the benefit of the first pick in the draft. Rodgers just came off his best statistical season of his career while having a lot of good/great pieces around him. He likes his head coach and he said that he felt much more comfortable in the new syst
  4. Sad to see. He just had a special run with him last season with Jay Glazer about his turn around.
  5. They're already on a contending team. Two straight 13-3 seasons advancing all the way to the NFC Championship Game each year. You're suggesting that there is a better option than the Packers? I don't buy that.
  6. If he is suggesting that the Packers don't appreciate Aaron Rodgers, he's lost his mind. That's absolutely absurd.
  7. Not really a fan of any of these speculative trade proposals, to be honest. Especially not from Denver. The only one that seems like it might be okay is Derek Carr, but I'm not sure I'd do that. I would stand pat and force Rodgers to play as a Packer or to retire before doing any of these moves. That's just my opinion though.
  8. That's just petty. It's not his job to decide who stays on the roster and who doesn't. lol.
  9. Yeah, I agree with this. I'm with you on not understanding what his actual issue is. This team has went 13-3 the last two seasons, and he just won MVP and was a couple plays away from going to the Super Bowl. Why wouldn't you want to come back to a team that was mostly kept intact to give it another shot in 2021. If he's truly upset about the Love pick, then frankly I think he just needs to get over it, and play. He's 38, not 28.
  10. I actually think that he either plays or retires at this point. I think it's more likely that he ends up working things out and plays, but it is conceivable that he ends up retiring. I'd probably lean more like 70-30 or him playing versus him retiring.
  11. Hi everyone. I actually just found this site today. It's been a long while since I found an NFL forum that I felt worth joining. Look forward to talking about the Packers with you all. Username: bjenks Age: 34 State you were born in: Wisconsin State you live in now: Missouri Something Unique: I am a follower of Jesus Christ. When did you start following the Packers: 1992 What made you become a fan: My dad raised me on Packers football. I posted 1992 because that's the farthest back I can remember of me watching the Packers with him. Favorite current Packers: Aaron Rodgers, Aaron
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